Meles’ Legacy Is Tripping The TPLF Kaleab Tessema

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Let it be known that I never personally met or spoke with Meles, nor did I have the ability to read his mind. What I will say, just like everyone else, I can perceive the character of the man through his actions—the actions of a divider of people, murderer of the innocent, and thief of a nation’s potential.

Thus, after the death of Meles an undisclosed illness, some people were speculating that the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) would take the opportunity to abandon their fascist form of government and intractable “divide and rule” policies. Not only to end this cruel policy, the TPLF became worse than their late capricious prime minister. The TPLF hid Meles’ death from the people for about a month while his political party the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) schemed and plotted to continue his legacy of oppression. Right now, they are brutally beating and harassing the people who disagree with their policies. While Andargachew Tsige was interrogated briefly by the regime’s security apparatus on Woyanne owned TV, we heard people being tortured in the background. The victims were screaming in excruciating pain. It is unprecedented that a government dare to show a shocking and a disturbed voice to the public.

Funny enough, the Woyanne groups are uneducated who do not care about people; they just perpetuate their own interests to buy more time to run the country for another twenty two years by preaching and adulating their late prime minister’s policies. Of course, Hailemariam Desalegne outcries about Meles’ greatness and a visionary leader, that brought a sustainable democracy which embraces all ethnicities in the country. it is quite clear that Meles was the one who picked Hailemariam as his deputy prime minister and if Hailemariam idolizes his late boss, no one would be surprised. In addition to that, Meles knew that Hailemariam is too much to divulge his repugnancy towards Amhara ethnic group which made him very loyal and more close friend to Meles.

I have been scrupulously watching the regime and its supporters on how they disseminate invidious discrimination of propaganda about Amhara by calling ‘NEFTEGNA’ to create an ethnic cleansing with other ethnics in order to stay in power which is dangerously wrong. There is no doubt that Meles and his party had a deep hatred towards Amhara. Even after Meles died, the so-called ruling political coalition, EPRDF junta government, each and everyone has anti-Amhara sentiment. I still do remember when Shabia and Woyanne were in the bush, their core principle of the slogan was first to break the back bone of Amhara. Of course, no one deny that Amaras have been suffered since the TPLF gripped the power.
Sadly enough, the TPLF brutal killing of innocent Amharas peasants in the southern part of the country was not enough; the TPLF tried to inject some sort of sterilizer into Amhara women that would make them unable to conceive. Further, a few years ago a report given to Woyanne parliament about the disappearance of 2.4 million Amharas in the census conducted was an evidence. The TPLF tried any means necessary to reduce the number of Amhara population. These diabolic actions on Amharas, it is not new, it is already in the record.

It is fact that Today’s TPLF and its surrogates control vast areas of wealth in Ethiopia. Of course, whether like it or not, many Tigryans are beneficiary more than any one of the Ethiopian ethnic group under the TPLF rule. For no reason, Amharas have been made the main target of vilification, and demonization by TPLF for the last twenty-two years. I know some of the TPLF’s sympathizers will not agree with the facts that I reveal about the TPLF ethnic junta is doing to the innocent Amharas in the south. At this point of time, the Woyanne propaganda on Amhara they created racial antipathy between other ethnic groups is not a lasting, it is a transient.

What are the Meles’ Legacies?

Since Meles’ passing, the TPLF have had a hard time to replace their late prime minister. The TPLF tried to look for a person whose ethnic origin is Tigryan or Eritrean who has a tendency to prevaricate about Ethiopian history, but they might think they would excoriate for the replacing their own ethnicity, and then the TPLF, after assiduously thinking, artfully and systematically appointed Hailemariam Desalegne as prime minister of Ethiopia whose ethnicity is from Welayita to divert the attention of the people. Funny enough, Hailemariam is a vulnerable prime minister who is not a decision maker where under surveillance of the TPLF. Every one knows in Ethiopia that Hailemariam is a puppet prime minister who takes an order from the TPLF cabal.

Having said that, Meles was a ferocious and a perfidious person who mortified the nation and its people in the eyes of the world in the twenty first century. Let us not forget that, Meles was the one who made Ethiopia landlocked and ninety million people left without port. He also publicly said that “Ethiopian’s history is only 100 years old, and its flag is a piece of rag.” At one time, I was surprised by his flippant remarks about Tewoderos and Menilik that he was comparing himself claiming that Ethiopians for the first time got a peace under his rule.

Surprisingly enough, a despicable and a traitor person comparing himself to those great men and a true sons of Ethiopia who protected Ethiopians from foreign invaders is a bluffing and a gimmick. anyway, that was his usual prating.

Going back to my point, the regime is worshiping of the late dictator to persuade his policy whose actions were anti-Ethiopian that put the country on a dangerous path of the division along ethnic and language line based federalism. At the matter of fact, Meles was a one-man rule who had an absolute power and spun the Woyane for the last twenty one years. Now the regime tries to preach personal cult of a tyrant leader by bemusing the true dictatorial legacy of Meles.

Meles was a capable of dissimulation to stay in power by creating an idea where most people agree with it, like ‘Renaissance Dam’, to divert the issues and muzzling the political dissents. When Meles wants to detain the people who disagree with his policies, he blackmails by creating false documents that involves with terror activities, and when he gets a big criticism from the people, he immediately changes his mind to release those who falsely put in prison. Then after brutally tortured and demeaned, the prisoners were required to sign a letter of apology to Meles Zenawi with preconditions.

Now, the Meles’ legacy is the word of God for Woyanne, which is not working well as worked well for him. Since Meles died, mass killings and incarceration have doubled in the country. As the result, these criminal acts made Ethiopians more united inside and outside against the TPLF than before. For example, recently in Washington D.C., the brave and courageous young people occupied the Woyanne Embassy and brought down the provocative TPLF flag, then hoisted the true colors of the Ethiopian flag. Thus, the dubious policies being made by Meles that put the present brutal regime into a deeper political quagmire. Arresting and torturing the people will not bring any solution for TPLF; rather, it aggravates civil strife and instability in the country.

Finally, I call on opposition forces to stand up and be a voice for defenseless people who have been physically and verbally assaulted by the brutal regime in Ethiopia. It is about time to put aside their differences and to work together at this critical time, otherwise, the TPLF continues to repress the people and dismember the country. I do not have a moral authority to tell the opposition what to do, but I would like to share my humble opinion to the opposition forces that unity is paramount in order to remove the Tigryan ruling oligarchy.

  1. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #1

    This article contains extremely serious accusations particularly the one indicated in the following paragraph:

    “Sadly enough, the TPLF brutal killing of innocent Amharas peasants in the southern part of the country was not enough; the TPLF tried to inject some sort of sterilizer into Amhara women that would make them unable to conceive. Further, a few years ago a report given to Woyanne parliament about the disappearance of 2.4 million Amharas in the census conducted was an evidence. The TPLF tried any means necessary to reduce the number of Amhara population. These diabolic actions on Amharas, it is not new, it is already in the record.”

    If this is all true, what are these numerous lawyers among the Diaspora waiting for? Does this writer have a smoking gun that can be presented at an international court as corroborating evidence? And if this factual, we all can assume that this inhumane practice will not stop at our Amhara sisters. Tomorrow will be Oromo women, then our Somali, Afar and many sisters from other ethnic groups who will be considered clear and present danger to the ruling elite. I am going to reiterate what I wrote above: Does this writer have hard and verifiable evidence? The good editors of this website should ask the same question because if this in true and it was just made up to induce anger from concerned individuals among the Diaspora like me, then it will have damaging effect on the credibility on everyone. Such inhumane practice was carried out by non other than Hitler himself. Hitler did this to the gypsies first then the practice was carried over to the Jews and finally to certain group of Germans themselves. This is not murder but genocide using deadly chemicals which is categorized as weapon of mass destruction. If this is true and factual, I am telling you no Western government will ignore it. They can sniff the life of any regime like the one in Ethiopia overnight.

  2. Senidit
    | #2

    For years, Meles Zenawi studied Fascist Italian and Nazi Germany madmen’s manifestoes, memorised by heart and put them all into practice before and after he came into Ethiopia under assumed name via invasion.

    Just before his awaited death, he checked in the hospital under assumed named name as chief security. For years, this criminal was a fugitive being engulfed with fear that one day he would end up in the hands of Ethiopians either dead or alive.

    His fate confirmed him his inevitable death. Death chased him day and night and finally cornered him against the crime he committed and the sin he mad. Death killed him.

  3. Borsamo
    | #3

    The late Meles Zenawi was an ethnical fascist who declared that he was proud of being born to the golden ethnic group (Tigray). In addition, he had been able to mobilize his followers and supporters by his relentless spreading of the anti-Amhara politics of the TPLF. The TPLF manifesto that is known to be the handwork of Meles Zenawi teaches that the Amharas are the main enemies of the people of Tigray. He had committed crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing targeting the Amhara communities living in the east, south east and southern parts of Ethiopia. He had implemented his manifesto and achievesd his main political objective of massmurdering and displacement of the Amharas.

  4. Redone
    | #4

    It is Menilik who landlocked Ethiopia; Eritrea and Djibouti were lost by Menilik, Haile Silassie and Mengistu – and definitely not by Meles.
    Menilik had recognized Eritrea as an Italian colony, and he had given Djibouti to France on a lease contract.
    -After the II World War Ethiopia and Eritrea formed a confederation, but this arrangement was violeted by Hailesilassie’s unlawful annexation of Eritrea which started the 30 years long civil war.
    -After the 99 years of lease Djibouti could have been be reclaimed by Ethiopia (China reclaimed Hong Kong by same token). But the butcher Mengistu was quite busy slaying young Ethiopians and forfeited our last chance of having a securing a port.
    Meles has commited several major political blunders, but he did not make Ethiopia landlocked.

    | #5

    አንድ እጅ ብቻውን አያጨበጭብም:: የኢትዮጵያን ምዝበራ አስመልክቶ ስለ ጭንጋፉ መለስ ከላይ የሰፈሩት የKaleab Tessema ቃላት እንዲያው በበቂም ባይገለፁ ግን አንዳንድ የጥፋታችን ነጥቦችን ያዝላሉ:: ዘላለሙን ኢትዮጵያን ወደ ጭሰኝነት ሊገለብጣት የሚያልመው ስደተኛው አንኮበራዊው የሩቅ ግትር ፉከራም በኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ላይ ሁለተኛው የመለሱ አጨብጫቢው እጅ ነው:: ኢትዮጵያውያን የስደተኛው አንኮበር ከበሮን በሚሰሙበት ጊዜ, 1890 ዓ.ም. ላይ ኮሎኒያሊስት ጣልያን መረብ ላይ ሆና ኢትዮጵያን በምትወርበት ጊዜ, “የጣልያን ጠላቶች የኛም ጠላቶች ናቸው”, ቆየት ብሎም that ትግሬን ማድቀቅ ነው ከሚለው አራዊትነት የስልጣን ስግብግብነት በመነሳት, የትግራይ ህዝብ በርሃብ ሲረግፍ ፈረንጅ እንኳን አዝኖለት የላከለትን እህል እንዲደርሰው ከማድረግ ይልቅ, አሰብ ወደብ ላይ ማስነቀዝ, እንዲሁም አዲስ አበባችን ሊከበብ አካባቢ, that ከሁለት ወፍጮ በስተቀር ምንም የላቸውም, አዲስ አበባችን ከተያዘች በኋላም ወደ ደብረብርሃን ብቅ ተብሎ that ይሄ ትላንት እቤትህ መጥቶ ሲለምን የነበረው ዛሬ ታጥቆ መጣብህ የሚለውን እያሰበ, ከማያውቁት የስደተኛው አንኮበር የደሞክራሲ ማታለያ ከበሮ መልአክት ይልቅ, የሚያውቁት ማሌሊታዊ እብሪት ሰይጣንነት ይሻላል ብሎ, በመጀመርያ የአንኮበርን ፖለቲካዊ ውድመትን እየጠበቀ ነው:: አማራ የሚለውን ቃል ትተን አንኮበር የሚለውን መጠቀም አለብን:: አንኮበሮች የትም ይሁን የትም ሆነው ከሌላው ኢትዮጵያዊ ጋራ በእኩልነት አብረው ለመኖር እስከሚማሩ ጊዜ ድረስ:: ተራ የጎንደር ወይንም የጎጃም አማራ ግን ምናልባት በሆነ መንገድ ማኒፑለቲድ ሆኖ ካልሆነ በስተቀር በምን አቅሙ ነው ለመበደልም ላለመበደልም የሚደርሰው??oligarchyው ውስጥ ደግሞ ስንቱ ምንቲሴውም መኖሩን አለመርሳት ነው:: መጀመርያ እናንተ ራሳችሁን አስተካክላችሁ “የራሳችሁዎችንም” ታገልዋቸውና, እኛ “የኛዎቹን” በውስጣችን ተሰግስገው የሚገኙትን ባንዳ-ማንዳ “Tigryan ruling oligarchy”ን እንዋደቃቸዋለን:: እናንተ እስከነ ጠቅላላው ምናምኖቻችሁ ሳትስተካከሉ ግን ……. የቀን ጅብ ቀለብ ልንሆን አይደለም:: በተለይም ደግሞ በሆነ የውጭ ሀይል ደጋፊነትና ህገ ወጥነት ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ጭሰኝነትን መልሰን እንመሰርታለን ብላችሁ ማለሙን ተዉት:: እምቢ ካላችሁ ያው እንግዲህ እናንተም ያው እዚያው በየ ሲአይኤው ቤት በር ማንኳኳትና በየኤምባሲውም አካባቢው ታረጃላችሁ, እነሱም በየGalapagos ነው ደረጃዬ ካድሬዎቻቸው ያሰለቿዋችኋል:: ለዚህ ተግባር የሚሽቀዳደሙ ከማንኛውም የኢትዮጵያ ክልሎች አሉበት:: ባለፉት አመታት ግን, ራያም እኮ ያው ኦሮሞ ነው እስካልተባለ ጊዜ ድረስ, ቢያንስ እኔ ባለሁበት አካባቢ እንደርታ/ራያና እንዲሁም ከዋንኛዎቹ ኦሮሞዎች ብዛት አላቸው::ይሄ ሁሉ ጦጣ ግንባሮችና ሊስትሮዎቻቸውም መዳከም በሚያሳዩበት ዘመናት ላይ:: እኛም የጎን አይሆንለት ታታሬ ብቻ ሆነን ነግቶ ይመሽብናል ያለነው:: ከአንድ ሃያ አመታት በፊት DDR ውስጥ የተካሄደውን ያስታውሰኛል:: ግንቡ ከመፍረሱ በፊት ሚልዮኖች “Wir sind das Volk!” እያሉ ያካሄዱትን የነፃነት ጥም ትግል, ትግሉ ውጤት አግኝቶ ግንቡ በፈረሰ በነጋታው ዝቃጩ-Mobb መድረኩን ይይዝና ለዘመናት ለነፃነት የታገለውን የህብረተሰቡ አካልን አሳዶ ከመድረኩ ካባረር በኋላ, ጥያቄውንም ይቆነፅለውና በማስፈራራት መልክ: “Die D-Mark kommt oder wir kommen” ብሎ በዚያን ጊዜ የነበረውን ጠቅላላውን ምእራብ ጀርመንን “ሊወር” እንደሚችል በማስፈራራት ነገሩን ሁሉ በD-Mark ብቻ ቆንፅሎት እርፍ :: ከዚያም ተገልቢጡኒ እንዲለው ትግራዋይ, ጭራሹኑ በብዙ አመታት ትግል ግንቡን ያፈረሰውን የህብረተሰብ ክፍልን በየአደባባዩ እያሳደደ በመደብደብ አደባባይ ላይ እንዳይታይ ማስጨነቅ, የዛሬዎቹ የኛ አይንና ጥርሳቸውን ያገጠጡና ያፈጠጡ ስግብግቦች ደግሞ “ምን አገባን ስለ ነፃነት ወይንም የሰው ልጅነት, ብቻ እኛ የድል አጥቢያ ተጠቃሚ እንሁን እንጂ ባዮች Galapagos እድገታቸው ወገፃቸው, ቆልዓ ትግራይ ለሃያ አመታት ያካሄደውን የነፃነት ትግል ግብግብን ወደ የክትፎ ጥያቄ አውርደዉት እርፍ! HA….HA….

    እንዲህም ሆኖ, ክርስቲያን ተስፋውን አይቆርጥም እንዲሁም እስላም እንዲሉት ነውና, ለዘለቄታው Unity in diversity…………………!

  6. Caroline
    | #6

    From what I have observed among diasporas in Europe and America the silent majority is a supporter of the government. That is what the opposition don’t want to hear. One don’t have to be Woyane to like the government, you only have to look at the changes in the country if one is honest with himself. They shout dictatorship and yet you find them visiting their parents once or twice a year. I don’t know any African country where you condemned the government 24/7 and will be allowed to visit your folks. These bad guys don’t even have democracy among themselves. They simply are bullies.

  7. Caroline
    | #7

    Meles is a very cleaver decent person. He is a combination of Mandela, Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln. He has achieved a lot in his short time than all the previous leaders before him could achieve in hundreds of years. History will judge him kindly in the future. No one can construct history the way they want it. He is among the giants of history. May God bless his soul.

  8. Dawi
    | #8 said:

    [[...ማሌሊታዊ እብሪት ሰይጣንነት ይሻላል ብሎ, በመጀመርያ የአንኮበርን ፖለቲካዊ ውድመትን እየጠበቀ ነው::..]]

    For me the most advanced side of Woyane is MLLT; without it that organization would have remained a run of the mill liberation movement limited to Dedebit and its surroundings.

    The theory of Developmental state as it is applicable to Africa and as it being practiced in Ethiopia today was written by no other than the founder of MLLT.

    On the other hand, the politics of “Ankober” vs “Hamasein” IMO, is only relevant to the rivalry of Tigrean/Amhara feudal aristocrats mentality of the past who ruled Abyssinia for centuries and kept it as one of the most backward state in the world but, not to the common people of Ethiopia today.

    Ethiopians have economical issue to tackle to change the past backward political market place to new in the country.

    Let me ask you one thing Ancient Yeha,?

    United Nations report tells us that the police force of Isayas today are known to be “Demhit” TPDM (Tigrai people democratic movement); Where do think they stand in contrast to your issue of “Ankober”?


  9. Andaregachew
    | #9

    A person with Name Meles came to power and dismantled the old assimilation policy and form new Ethiopia that celebrate unity in diversity. Inaddition Meles brought peace and development to Ethiopia so majority loves him except the old dead regime dreamers

    | #10

    Dawi አንድ in connection with MLLT,

    ቀደም ሲል ከሌላ አርእስት ጋራ በማያያዝ የጠቀስኩትን መፅሓፍ “Dialektik der Aufklärung- Adorno/Horkheimer”ን አንብበህ የተገነዘብክ ዕለት, ወዮው ነብስህን ምን ይውጣት………!!
    ጉድጓደ ሽረ, ደቀን ዝተሰውእወን ኣዶታት ዓድዋ, ደሞም ደመ ኸልቢ ዝኾነ ብዓል ሓየሎም, የራስወርቅ, በርሀ “ሻዕቢያ” እንዲሁም ሌሎች ሺዎች, ከአስመራ ጥርሳቸውን በጉጤት ተነቅሎ ከተባረሩ በኋላ ምናልባትም እስከ አሁን ላስቲክ ስር ውስጥ የሚኖሩት, በየሱዳኑ ሞራል ስላሳዩ ብቻ በተራ ጠራቢዎች ህይወታቸውን ያጡት, ትንሽ ችሎታ አለው ተብሎ የተገመተውን ትግራዋይ ሁሉ ትግራይን ለቆ ወደ አዲስ አበባ እንዲሰደድ ማስደረጉ, ተለምኖ የመጣው እህል ተሽጦ ገንዘቡ የማሌሊቶች ውጭ አገር ባንክ ውስጥ ሲገባ በረሃብ ያለቁት የህዝባችን ብዛት እና ስንቱን ግፍ እዚህ ላይማ ተጠቅሶ:: ይሄንን በሚመለከት ሌሎች ኢትዮጵያውያን እንደነ ቃለአብ, የትግራይ ህዝብ “ወዳጁ” ጌታቸው ራዳ እና ገብረመድህን አርአያን የመሳሰሉትን ባለ ብሶተኞችን ቃላቸውን እንዲያካፍሉን ልንጠይቃቸው እንችላለን ……!! ግን በመጀመርያ መመዘኛ ይኖረን ዘንዳ please, Dialektik der Aufklärungን …………!

    Dawi ሁለት in connection with TPDM,

    ከምዘለኒ ሓበረታታትን ትምኒታዊ እዮታ’ውን ተወሲኽዎ (ማለት’ውን ቅድሚ ሕጂ’ውን ደጋጊመ ከምዝበልክዎ) “Demhit” TPDM (Tigrai people democratic movement)ንግዚኡ ኢሳያስ “ዓጋመነቱ” ካብዝኣመነሉ እዋናት ጀሚሮም ናቱ ሓለውቲ እንትኾኑ, ንወደፊቱ ግና ሩሾ ናይ ዓባይ ትግራይ ደቂ ፅዮን እዮም (ዓባይ ትግራይ ብዘይ ጥቕሲ ምልክት!) ወይድማ ከምቲ ንሶም ባዕሎም ብዝሓለፈ ሰሙናት ዝበልዎ,(ንናይ መንግስቲ ወከልትና ብቓለ ኣኽብሮት ክንዳመፅ ስለዘሎና ጥራሕ that “ንሶም”) ናይ መፃኢ እዋናት ሆንግኮንግ HA…HA…! እንተምዓዱ ንፅዮን ገፁ!! ናይ ድላዩ ፕሮፓጋንዳ ድላዩ ክምህለል ይኽእል እዩ, substantially ግና ምስ አንኮበር ዝራኸብሉ ነጥቢ ኣይርኣየንን……!! መረብ 1890 ትመስክር…………………………….!!

  11. Meko
    | #11

    I do agree with the writer, that Amharas have been victimized for the last 23 years by Melesse and his cronies. Now the extremists start changing the Amharas’ name to “Ankober.” What ever name call to Amhara, Amhara is Amhara. I am wondering why TPLF and other extremists are detested Amhara? They should know better that Amhara is peace loving people. Amhara believes on Ethiopian unite more than anything, and becease their strong stance about the unity, the extremists hate Amhara for no reason. Nothing eles.

  12. Bazijeed
    | #12

    The undisputed descendant of Bandas and the uncontested savage among the beasts, Meles Zenawi for sure, he has the distinct look of his grand-banda grandfather, but he has the minds of both Fascist and Nazis who took bath in blood and drank gallons of blood, human blood!

    Born here-and-there, a male by gender but not a man, contracted incurable desease through inheritance at birth, deeply suffered from identity crisis throughout his life till, on that day, that hour, that minute and second death strangled him to his eternal death.

    | #13

    the extremist,

    ጎንደር በፍላጎቱ ከንጉሰ ፅዮን ጋራ ጎንደርን ለመከላከል መተማ ዘመተ, ወሎም በፍላጎቱ በክርስትና ልጃችን እየተመራ መተማ ዘመተ, ጎጃምም በመድፍ ተደብድቦ መተማ ዘመተ, አንኮበር ግን ሓላል ዮሃንስን በቀሳውስት አታሎ ቤቱ ቀረ, መተማ ላይ ጦርነቱ እንደተፋፋመ ሲሰማ ግን አንኮበር ወደ ወሎ ዘልቆ ብቻቸውን እቤታቸው የቀሩትን የወሎ እመቤቶችን ደፈራቸው, ከዚያም የሓተላ-ግለት ediቶሮች ኢትዮጵያውያንን ለማናከስ ከአንኮበር እና ከማሌሊት ክፍያ ተቀባዮች ተደቀሉ::ኣይ አስላማይ ኣይ ክርስትያኖችም ማእተብ ወይ ምናምን የላቸው ሆነው ለዘላለማቸውን ቀሩት::በመጨረሻውም አንኮበሮች, መተማ ቆስለን ተመልሰስ እንደገና መረብ ላይ ሌላው ጠላት ሲገጥመንም, ለጠላታችን እኛን ስለወረረን ሶሊዳሪታቸውን አሰሙት, ይሄኑንን ሂደት በመከተል አሁን ቀንደኛ አንኮበሮች ያኔ የደቀልዋቸውን እየላኩ መከራችንን አየን:: ተራ አማራው ግን ከዚህ ወንጀል ጋራ ምንም ግንኙነት የለውም..!!!!! ልዩነቱ እዚህ ላይ ነው:: ከዚያም በላይ እስኪ የአንኮበርን “ሰላም ፈላጊነትን” አስመልክቶ ጦናና አርሲ ይመስክሩ……………………!!

  14. Damtew
    | #14

    Meles Zenawi is nothing but a “BANDA” .
    All those who are involved in shading of innocent Amara blood will pay for it. Ethnic cleansing did not work for Hitler nor to Moussoloni. Rest assured it won’t work for woyane too, they will pay for it double fold. Just a matter of time.

  15. vaziwazzi
    | #15

    Fascist banda-hewahat is moving to its own ruin; when it falls, it will collapse to its utter distraction, in million of pieces.

    Bandas and Askaris have very distinct character of being dual since birth, and are always driven by the life both their predecessor’s, authentically Grand-Bandas fathers and mothers lived and their other masters of their minds, fascists and Nazis. It can not be doubted at all that all criminal fascist bandas and askaris along with their close friends and associates will stand trial either dead or alive.

    Sure enough, death shall not or can not exempt the now dead robber, that is a pinch of tenuous dust for more than two years, quarantined and confined in the casket that he is sprinkled with devil’s ash and dew-tears buried in the pit and of den demons and dark gods, day and night munching on the cursed soul and bone-ash twigs, and barbered bones that the dead askari made out,under watchful eyes of death that pinned the fascist-robber against the sin he made and the crime he committed from, and for a second or millennia how long has been dead, he shall face an stand trial.

  16. Aba Dagnew
    | #16

    To Caroline;

    Your comment justifies that you on the
    one hand you compare Meles with
    Mandela,forgetting that Mandela fought
    against ethnic and racial apartheid where
    as Meles as an architect of ethnic apartheid
    in Ethiopia he imposed ethnic apartheid
    on the shoulder of the Ethiopian people
    under the barrel of gun.

    How dare you compare Abraham Lincholn
    defender of the unity of the the USA and as
    well as the one who abolished slavery.While
    Meles used to and continue to
    systematically destroying Ethiopia and its people.

    So finally you also compare him with Napoleon
    how so?history teaches us that Meles is coward
    while Napoleon was never.

    Perhaps madam Caroline your God,political
    and history teacher must from the outer space
    your are at your liberty to poses such a believe
    about Meles,However the Ethiopian people
    regard and consider him as enemy collectively!
    Because he is.

    The struggle for libration from the TPLF
    is continuing in-spite of how much people like
    you insult and underestimate the power of
    the Ethiopian people!

    Conclusion you are a blatant lier and
    supporter of the the TPLF apartheid
    as such you have no political or moral
    ground to talk about what the Ethiopian
    people want for them selves and for
    their country.If you can stand on our way
    we shall see if would be able to save TPLF
    from what is coming.The coming victory
    would be another “2nd victory of Adwa” by
    the Ethiopian people!Neocolonial agents
    like you,can never deter us from destroying
    the TPLF !

    The Ethiopian people wouldn’t mind to say
    to people like you happy Easter by the
    time when Meles resurrect!

    Long live Ethiopia and its people!
    Down with TPLF and its supporters!
    Ethiopia shall prevail!

  17. awishal
    | #17

    Fascist TPLF is rolling over on the path of humiliation then the inevitable death that would mark a complete disappearance of everything of itself. Zenawi, one can say about his perishing from the land he terrorized is lucky; well, he is lucky in a sense that he is died twice then no more death will visit him; that is not quite true because simply because this askari is soundly sleep in his grave doesn’t mean he is exempted from standing trial; the truth is, he shall stand trial dead or alive.

    The living dead Askaris of all ages are the ones who will die multiple times either individually or collectively; this they know it very well.

    If devil takes them away prematurely before they stand trial, well, well, as the dead robber shall not or can not be exempted from standing trial, so shall the rest of either the dead or the living dead robbers shall stand trial. Period and simple.

  18. Caroline
    | #18

    @ Aba Dagnew,

    People like you are the problem in todays Ethiopia than the government you hate. I believe it will be the end of Ethiopia if you people come to power. There is no more undemocratic people as the opposition in the diaspora. What you wrote above is a perfect example, it has nothing in it except Dergue slogans of long live this and long live that. First you have to realise that people like you are the smallest minority who ashamedly are calling themselves as true Ethiopian, true Ethiopians and so on. Ethiopia is not only Addis Abeba but the whole of Ethiopia from up north to the deep south. If you want democracy then you have to be democrat yourself and respect the majority. Yes, of course, I have said Meles is a mixture of Mandela, Lincoln and Napoleon and forgot one and that is Jesus Christ. He like Jesus have given his life to the betterment of others.

  19. Aba Dagnew
    | #19

    To Carolin

    There shall be no one who will come to power than the Ethiopian people.
    For your information its TPLF’s time that will end and not Ethiopia’s because
    Ethiopia and all its people shall keep on conquering their internal and external
    adversaries and continue to live life on earth until the end of time.

    Speaking of small minority,in the world we live
    there isn’t a minority that rules the majority than TPLF in Ethiopia.
    Further more Im a democrat who aspires to see the establishment
    of constitutional democracy in Ethiopia where and when all
    Ethiopians could live freely enjoying their Godly given human

    I would like to conclude by reminding you that Ethiopia and its people
    are being ruled by sellout cliques with banda ancestry.So if you think
    of Ethiopia,majority rule,democracy and rule of law and etc,shall
    materialize on the eternal grave of TPLF.

    Until such time,learn about the art of politics.Other than that let alone
    you but the inner circle of TPLF can never save itself from what is
    coming.Long live Ethiopia has always been a slogan of true and patriotic Ethiopians
    for millenniums.

    What I support is the cause of Ethiopia and its people.But I can never support
    nothing else including dergu and TPLF.When one want to feel about the Ethiopian
    people one has to know about 50years of imperial rule,17years of military junta rule
    now 23years of ethnic apartheid.That is to much to endure.

  20. Retta
    | #20

    Why don’t you tell to TPLF minority rule to respect the majority. Don’t you understand that the majority of the people are opposing the TPLF. You guys, came to power by force. You are trying to tell us that Melese is ‘a mixture of Mandela, Lincoln and Napoleon.’ These people were fought for the betterment of their people and for the country, but the guys you try to compare with the aforementioned people was a treacherous who divided the people and ceded the fertile land to Sudan. You got a nerve to say Melese was a Mandela. It is an insulting for Mandela to compare with a dictator. You wish!!

  21. illifif
    | #21

    Before Fascist Italians set their feet on the majestic lands of the blessed, Fascist Italians smelled their own death. But the Askaris having come out of their hide-outs climbed mountains and stood on the apex, then threw their arms in the air and waved their both hands to their sure would be masters, to come up to them and conquer every piece of their hearts. Time past quickly and both Askaris and Fascist Italians perished together. There wasn’t anything that the Askaris did to please their masters and to harm the lands and the people. They cooked and boiled lentils and potatoes, they cleaned up guns and cookware, they cut hair and shined shoes, they abate and assisted in murdering citizens, they spied on citizens and resistance forces, they dug graves and became grave-keepers, they sang songs, they bowed to the dead and kissed wounded and made promises to Fascist Italian Masters to remain loyal to cosmic eternity. But both Askaris and Fascist Italian were cursed jointly and were hurled to their dark death one on top of the other for which both sank into the burning hell.

  22. Damtew
    | #22

    Aba Dagnew,
    It sad and shameful comparing facist traitor with these great men. Meles is a criminal lucky he escaped justice. Jesus Christ? Don’t even go there, stop your blasphemy.
    Long live Ethiopia!!!

  23. Caroline
    | #23

    Aba Dagnew and Retta,

    I have a feeling that you hate the government for where they come from than their policies. Since they came to power they have done a decent job. To mention but few: We had ONE university and NOW we have over thirty, the whole country is asphalted and they are still building more, they are trying to connect the country by rail. The economy is growing but not as much as to eradicate poverty from it roots but it is better than what it was, we only had ONE stadium but now they are building in every province, thousands of schools were built and farmers are doing better etc etc. Nearly all Ethiopians in the diaspora are travelling to visit their parents yearly. What kind of dictatorship in Africa would allow people who insult it 24/7 to visit their country as it happens in Ethiopia? I don’t understand what you mean by Ethiopians? Do you mean all those millions who are in the EPRDF are not Ethiopians? You see to take power you have to organise, organise a viable opposition party, be democratic and patient with eachother, mobilise to have million members, then you can demand power. Where in the world have you ever seen an opposition party running for office promising the people that if they win power they will imprison those in power who has allowed them to run in the first place. That means you have to be civilised than what you are now. Threatening the government as if they will be scared of you is laughable. You can’t even tolerate a simple decent in the diaspora Ethiopian restaurant politics. I know it because I was one of you. But now I admire the government than any childish thug calling himself opposition. I have come to the conclusion that you can’t have more democracy than you have under the EPRDF. The population is not educated for more democracy yet. I am against some of the things the government does and when I say it to people in Addis they are not angry with me but could I decent in diasporas meetings? No way, you people are dictators. Claiming to be against dictatorship doesn’t make you democrats. You have to show it in practice. I know I can never convince you on the government nor on its farsighted leader Meles the great but I wrote you two back to show you that there are also people who don’t think like you. Get used to it.

  24. Retta
    | #24

    Mr. or Ms Caroline,
    You seem you missed my point. You are infatuated with Melese who destroyed the country. I should let you know that the majority of the EPDRF in high ranks are not Ethiopians, they are Eritreans. Do you think Abadulla Gemeda represents the vast majority Oromos as well Bereket Simon does represent the vast majority Amaras? obviously, they are mercenaries who are killing the innocent Oromos and Amaras on behave of TPLF. There is always a rumor about Abadulla that he is an Eritrean who was a prisoner of war during the fight between Derg and Shabia/TPLF. For your information, your late Prime Minster had more respect for Eritreans than Ethiopians. You should know that the TPLF is an occupied force who is running the country ruthlessly. Do not forget that the true Ethiopians were king Yohanes and Alula Aba Nega. It is true that the land was given to Sudan by Melese where Yohanes fought and died with Dirbush-Sudanese not to give the land. Caroline, history still stands for Yohanes not for Melese. If I were you, I would not compare Melese with Mandela. Mandela was a great person who was in prison for about 27 years against apartheid where Melese had killed many Ethiopians.
    You are trying to show us that your loyalty for Melese.

  25. Aba Dagnew
    | #25

    To Caroline;
    You can keep on with yourself deception.In Ethiopia,if there is constitutional democracy,
    we all would have been free,however since there isn’t Ethiopia and her children have been
    under TPLF siege,since May 28/1991,like as if Ethiopia is a soul property of the Adwa bandas.

    Further more TPLF doesn’t represent the Tigray people let alone the rest of the Ethiopians.
    There is a saying in Amharic “Jib belto sitegib ahyan mebilat hatiat new”alle,this proverb entirely
    defines people like you,so don’t you dare think for a second that we will be taken for a fool by
    TPLF! Gus what TPLF is on a brink of collapse so we hope people like you don’t suffer
    a central nerves breakdown.

    TPLF is not only an apartheid but genocidal too!
    Like Jews we shall defend ourselves from the TPLF genocidal massacre.That is certain.

    Long live Ethiopia and its People!
    Down with TPLF and its surrogates!

  26. Seyfu
    | #26

    It is meaningless to have any debate with your types because ,though you know facts you deliberately ignore those facts that makes TPLF fascist. It is to be noticed we are in the 21 century, and the past 24 years is judged according to our era. We are tired of those who want to compare what happened fifty years ago with what is taking place now in Ethiopia. I have no time to criticize your position point by point.
    1- you say nothing about why TPLF kills, jails and displaces innocent Ethiopians from different regions.
    2- You said the population is not ready for Democracy. What a laughable idea ? You mean to tell me the peasant army that arrived Addis 23 years ago are the only ones who are capable of administering Ethiopian. Beside what objective measurement you used to arrive that is in deed the case?

    3-You tell us the opposition needs to organize and compete. Do you really think this is the problem ? Where in TPLF Ethiopia is such a play field? Do you mean the OPPOstio0n in Ethiopia can move from place to place without being thrown in jail. Do you remember what happened to Amdualem, Habtamu and the many who are languishing in jail?

    4- You say nothing about the millions of dollars being stolen by TPLF officials. Do you think the $11 Billion the has lost the nation is healthy for the country. Do you see if there is a just government in the country it is these leaders who are blundered the country that could have been in jail and not the journalists and peaceful democratic leaders. Dear to be honest with you are out of touch with reality.

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