Members of AEUP being detained – ESAT

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In a manner that looks to be precautionary act before the upcoming national election, the All Ethiopians Unity Party (AEUP) has stated that its members are being detained in the Eastern and Western parts of Gojjam, North Central Ethiopia.

Similarly, Mamo Gemo, chairman of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) in the Wolayeta Zone and Weno Bedasa, Organisational Affairs Head of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) party, have been savagely beaten by the Town’s police head, who screamed at them saying “you oppose us when we lead a country.”

While Mamo is under the surveillance of local police, Weno has not yet recovered after he was taken to hospital by an ambulance.

UDJ’s voice, Finote Netsanet Newspaper, reported that after the Police Head saw Weno’s condition, he has now put Mamo under surveillance so that he does not speak to any media about what happened

  1. Sidamo
    | #1

    There are hundreds of opposition political figures in Ethiopia openly active, then how come only these two individuals got arrested ? ?
    We most Ethiopians do not trust ESAT. ESAT is more like tabloid not real journalism. Beside, 99% of ESAT’s cast memebers and crew memebership is totally dominated by single Neftekgna Amharas, thus does not represent Ethiopia or fairness but Amhara tribalism.

  2. mosad
    | #2

    AEUP members are also being detained en mass in DireDawa , Assosa , Bahir Dar and Dessie regions according to the latest Finote Nesanet report.
    Hailu IJETTA, Muro Nebissu, Kindu Teffera, Alem tsehai etc

    It is not good news for AEUP, but a lot more bad news for the gun totting Tplf thugs.

  3. ObserVer
    | #3

    You know you can not defeat the ruling party (EPRDF) by manufacturing lies and self deceiving propaganda, if you are serious about defeating EPRDF, then the opposition should rise up beyond lies and hollow propaganda, do good work in ETHIOPIA in order to convince and connect with the mass, if not EPRDF will continue to be reflected for years to come.

  4. mosad
    | #4


    Do you care to read Finote netsanet. this is the problem for the woyane supporters; bury your head in the sand and think that all is well. arrest,massacre, kidnap , looting inciting ethnic inter ethnic violence is the whole mark of woyane fascists , this is happening every minute, every hour and second of the day.

    wake up and see the observe the blatant violation of peoples rights and urge your masters to do something about it instead of telling them how good they are to earn your pay from them.

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