Kinijit Chairman Hailu Shawel will arrive Saturday September 15 at 4:00 p.m. at Reagan National Airport – Terminal “A”

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HailuKinijit Chairman Hailu Shawel will arrive Saturday September 15 at 4:00 p.m. at Reagan National Airport – Terminal “A” (more…)

HailuKinijit Chairman Hailu Shawel will arrive Saturday September 15 at 4:00 p.m. at Reagan National Airport – Terminal “A”

  1. dagem
    | #1

    we say wel come our beloved heroes

  2. honeyban
    | #2

    our leader Eng,hailu shawel will arrive in washgtion,Dc

    When: Saturday,15,2007

    Where:Regan National Airport,Terminal A

    Time: 4:00 ET

    Welcome our eng hailu shawel his a great son of ethiopia.

    | #3

    Ethiopia will shine again with the sucrifise of her beloved children like Engeneer Hailu Shawel ,,, who says no to backing down on their demand in exchange for fullfilling their personal ego and chip popularity !!!! Go Hailu !!!! We Love You ! We Will Prevail !!!!

  4. Admassu Woldehawariat
    | #4

    Welcome the best citzen of our beloved Ethiopia.

  5. Kebede
    | #5

    They have not a concret idea to contribite a developemnet in Ethiopia!!!

  6. fana
    | #6

    So! What happened to the September 22nd Boston meeting posted on this page earlier? I did download the pdf earlier yesterday. Is it no good?Did you come to your senses and decided to wait for the CHAIRMAN? Answer please? If you expect people to know you should not shut us out or are you afraid of EPRDF supporters? If I were you,I will invite them!

  7. No name
    | #7

    A second mistake on the second date of the millenum

    Hailu Shawl will arrive. Yes he will arrive. But Some websites including KNA advertised a reception while websites like Abugida not.
    It appears Ethiopian politics is a group politics. Even you did not consider the enemy of your enemy is your friend. poor ethiopians

    bye bye

  8. Tigist
    | #8

    It is a great news that Eng. Hailu is coming to America to join the rest of the Kinijit leader ship. He needs to be here for all reasons we know very well. After all we all know that he demonstrated strong and steady leadership consistently. We need courageous guys like him who will never bow for evil Weyannes. I just hope that the Kinijit leadership will manage to resolve all the pending issues in the Diaspora before it goes back to Ethiopia. We need to be united and stronger to tackle Weyanne. We have got the time and the opportunity to do it. We got to have that. Otherwise, our weakness will make us to be incapable of resisting Weyanne.

  9. hizki
    | #9

    i have been supporting abugida till last week, but now i have seen a groupy things in abugida in dividing of between our leaders, so abugida i have ashamed on all your blindy activity. you like or not ENG HAILU SHAWEL IS OUR LEADER,and we will welcoming him as much us we did to our other beloved leaders. ERMACHEUN AWETU MEREWOCHACHEN AYEKEFAFELUM!!!

  10. belew
    | #10

    “Hizki” and “No name” ,

    The shame is on you for accusing abugida. Anyway, Hailu Shawel should have been here last week with all our leaders. If he sides with the shaleqa group , he is bringing a disgrace upon him. I cry for you because you bow for individuals than principle.

  11. Mesfin
    | #11

    We all should expect that the Ad Hoc Committee to organize a welcoming ceremony for Eng. Hailu Shawel the same way that it did last week for other Kinijit leaders.

  12. weynedo
    | #12

    Hizki and No name,

    As your name you don,t understand the issue no one is above Kinijit even the Chairman. Abugida website is one of Long time advocate of Kinijit especialy Hailu Shawel it is nonesense to accuse abugida here. Enginer Hailu also Should dis assosiate him self from The SHALEKA gangs.

    Go Abugida.

  13. tazabi
    | #13


    It is a great news indeed if he joins the other Kinijit leaders. The question is :” WILL HE ? ”


    | #14

    Really I apprciate Abogida for your fair Information consider from other medias like ETN. We Ethiopians specialy in deaspora will see the reality about our future.

    Thank you Abogida

  15. dildil
    | #15


    Where the hell did you get the idea that abugida is against “hailu shawel”? They have aired more programs about “hailu shawel” than any Ethiopian media. Were you on some kind of medication when you wrote your junk? One advice to you, never believe in individuals because only fools do that.

  16. TBW
    | #16

    Let the leaders lead. Second guessing and accusing is useless.

  17. wondu
    | #17

    He changed his mind thousend times. He requested visa 15 days ahead of others. when a could not get it he said he did not want to come to USA b/c he wanted the rest of the Kinijit leaders got realesed. when he have got the visa he flip-flop and arrived to USA a couple days ago. I don’t know what this guy the so called “Koratu mere” are doing.

  18. TBW
    | #18

    TPLFs would love for Hailu Shawel to go down. They are not worried about anyone else.

  19. No name
    | #19

    I listened to Araya and Mideksa on VOA, that coup d’état was done on Shawl (He can join as if he want). He is a chairman and they are a majority what type of democracy are they following. Before they live Ethiopia they should have solved their problems. Their hurry is to get blessing and instruction from USA what Clinton has done to Meless and Moseveni
    We will see who will be the next chairman.Kinijit is lossing transparency and they clearly have hidden gang agenda

  20. No name
    | #20

    Abugidas coverage is low, Shawl’s arrival was not a head news that is true.It is like “Endai amuh”
    This was my worry, if there is a rift within the Kinijit leadership let Shawl arrive low prfile once the minor things are agreed he can leave high profile with a strong mass gathering. But the move seem to be deleberate to divide the diaspora for eaver a call was made I think people may turn low they can not show up every day. It seems the instruction of the Elders is working.

  21. Samirawittt
    | #21

    No name,
    Wake up man!! Try to obey by the principles of kinjit before you blame websites and people about the receiption of Eng. Hailu. It is his flip flop situation that annoyed his followers all oever the world. His deeds has been noticed by every Ethiopian but in these days his attachement with Shaleqa gangs make all his efforts zero. By the way he didn’t even inform for the responsible persons about his arrival so from where they can arrange this programmme. It is up to him to follow kinjit or Shaleqa but we follow only kinjit principles not individuals.
    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  22. Eskinder Degene.
    | #22

    Great news.

    Eng Hail Sawoel it is a great News for all of we love Ethiopia and all Ethiopian heros you are one bel

  23. Eskinder Degene.
    | #23

    Great news.

    Eng Hail Sawoel it is a great News for all of we love Ethiopia and all Ethiopian heros, you are one of those who are in few numbers who are ready to die for for the true democray and equality of human write and nation and nationalities in Ethiopia so it is great news for all of us that you are ok God blöess you and your family and Kinjet members we Ethiopians still egar to see brigt future with sovernity country.

    Agian thankes to GOD.

  24. Moussa
    | #24

    No Name,

    Please come to your sense! Are you related to Shaleqa? If so then I cry for you. The Shaleqa group is dead. I am afraid they are dragging Eng. Hailu Shawel with them too. We will see what he has to say today.

  25. No name
    | #25

    change horses in midstream

  26. kendie
    | #26

    Dear Eng. Hailu, welcome to America, we respect you, we’re loving you. But what I’m hearing about you being associated with these day light hyenas who embezzled people’s money is really troubling. I heard your recent online interview; you seem ready to pardon even the rubber because they hide their evil personality for sometimes. Here the rule of law only should prevail and dictate. Nobody is above the law inside Kinijit.
    That was, this in mind that I assembled the following message to express my vision about Kinijit on the occasion of your release after 2 years in jail.


    The Kinjit to whom many gave up their lives
    And so many suffered

    So what is KINIJIT?
    Many move to ask
    Much rush to answer, just a political party!?
    But, the people thunder, rumble and roar
    The people hail, shout out KINIJIT is us
    The sound from the South meet the one from the East
    The North/West meeting of minds resounds as thunderstorm
    Terrifying the bad sprit to act like a mad dog
    But, I tell you what, KINIJIT is wisdom
    A far, far reaching similar to our Universe
    Its Goal is enveloped well inside of its name
    KINIJIT “YETEKENAJE” is the Good sprit
    Right off born, right off grown
    Civilized, educated, purposeful and democratic
    KINIJIT cry out for kinijit…kinijit
    The over due call for kinijit from beloved Ethiopia
    Initiated by Mesfin and sister B. Mideqsa
    Birhanu, Hailu and Yacob and Wakjira
    Created the rise, the mass population
    For an irreversible phenomena leading to redemption
    This may be delayed can’t never be stopped
    The KINIJIT train halted for maintenance
    Soon will resume its journey
    With its passengers to dream land.

  27. No name
    | #27

    Now the Struggle is wide between Ethiopians and the rest Maoist, future republicans, Future labour.
    I did not Know the investment of Ethiopian Tlevision Network is a joint Woyane and Ethio American Investors. Land is promissed for them in Ethiopia.
    Poor Ethiopia!

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