Amhara democratic force movement leaders detained by Eritrean government – ADF

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Amhara democratic force movement leaders detained by Eritrean government :-YouTube Preview Image

  1. Gemoraw
    | #1

    It was expected and it happen. Who will be the next detainees?

  2. Asefa Mamo
    | #2

    These old video picture was taken from Mengestu era, the truth is There are only twenty seven Tribalist Amara fighters in ERITREA daydreaming about coup deta against Ethiopias elected government of ETHIOPIA. Of course these dummies bring no meaningful change but daydream as usual.

  3. aha!
    | #3

    TPLF assisted with EPLF invaded the central government along with ex-liberation to craft a constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and or state capitalism assisted by crony capitalism by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, cadres and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land lease, evicting indigenous people from lands, while the economic model denies the silent majority of Ethiopians private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia as one of the means of production in a free market capitalism and political model of ethnic federalism, secessionism denies individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights.

    On the other end of the spectrum are Ethiopians with national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality super cedes ethnic and secessionist rights in order to reestablish a democratic government that rules by the consent of the governed, not ethnic dictatorship minority now and majority in the future. Therefore the confrontation between those with national agenda against those with ethnic agenda including the TPLF/eprdf regime is for political and economic freedom of the individual as the basic unit for democracy a rule by the people and for the people. Where does Ex-EPLF, now Eritrean dictatorship in the context of Ethiopian Nationalism. It might be inferred from previous instances EPLF and TPLF the current Politburo, ruling Ethiopia as TPLF/eprdf regime, where eprdf of ex-liberation fronts embracing the ideology of ethnic federalism and totalitarianism and/ or state capitalism built into the constitution serving to disintegrate Ethiopia into ethnic homelands, a prelude to ethnic secessionism, future boundary conflicts and an ongoing ethnic cleansing.

    Is EX-EPLF is going to march into the central government to bring about economic and political freedom to the silent majority of Ethiopians and reverse the current ideology or serving as safe haven for the armed struggle of ethnic secessionists and/or those with national agenda, rather than confronting those with national agenda. If the TPLF/eprdf regime incarcerates journalists and political leaders reporting and dissenting with the TPLF/eprdf regime, and the EPLF/ Eritrean Dictatorship detains leaders in the armed struggle, it frustrates the effort the non-violent and armed struggle for economic and political freedom of the silent majority of Ethiopians, the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, which not negotiable or reconcilable, but to be achieved in a non-violent uprising to freedom (political and economic) to the silent majority of Ethiopians. It is advisable for Eritrea to serve as a host in the context of “enemy of my enemy is my friend”, even when TPLF/EPLF are the two sides of the same coin.

  4. Mehari Tesfai SF,CA & DC metro
    | #4

    We Eritrean diasporas need to engage in diplomacy efforts to convince the Tigray people here in diaspora to join the Eritrean people in creating one force that will dismantle our common enemy the Amhara. TPLF uses power against Amhara but without our help TPLF is not able to win the fight against Amhara hjust like the TPLF needed us in the fight against DERG.

    For over four decades, the self-styled Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which clings to power by force in Ethiopia today, has been planning and waging a sustained and relentless political, social and cultural war to “de-Ethiopianize” Ethiopia. The TPLF’s de-Ethiopianization program and ideology are built around a set of specific strategies, policies, actions and practices intended to 1) strip Ethiopians of any meaningful consciousness of their national identity and expurgate from their collective social experience any sense of commonly shared values, beliefs and customs, and 2) balkanize, merchandize and dismember the country employing a variety of tactics and schemes. The TPLF’s “de-Ethiopianization” ideology and programs were diabolically conceived, meticulously planned and systematically executed with the ultimate aim of obliterating the historical Ethiopia and replacing it with an “Ethiopia” fabricated from the warped figment of the TPLF’s imagination. The TPLF has officially and openly implemented its de-Ethiopianization program since it seized power in 1991.


    The answer to that question comes with crystal clarity from Gebremedhin Araya, the former treasurer and top leader of the TPLF, who left that organization and distinguished himself as a fearless and uncompromising patriotic Ethiopian truth-teller. In an extraordinary video interview posted on Youtube (with my English translation of the Amharic words below), Gebremedhin explained the TPLF’s four ideological pillars of de-Ethiopianizing Ethiopia by systematically cleansing Ethiopian national identity, history and consciousness:

    1) Eritrea is an Ethiopian colony. Eritrea is a developed country. Eritrea existed before Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country created by (Emperor) Menelik. The name Ethiopia is not known. Ethiopia has no history, nothing.

    2) Tigray is an independent sovereign country which was invaded by (Emperor) Atse Menelik and became an Amhara colony. Tigray is a colonial territory of Amhara. That is what is stated in the woyane (TPLF) Manifesto which is the policy guideline (exhibiting the Manifesto in the video). [To read the original handwritten ‘TPLF Manifesto” in pdf format, click here; for the online version click here] Therefore, we must liberate Tigray from Amhara colonialism and create a Tigray republic.

    3) Amhara are the enemy of the Tigray people. Amhara are not only enemies but also double enemies. Therefore, we must crush Amhara. We have to destroy them. Unless Amhara are destroyed, beaten down, cleansed from the land, Tigray cannot live in freedom. For the government we intend to create, Amhara will be the main obstacle.

    4) Since Ethiopia is a country created by Menelik, created by Menelik’s invasion and sine there are many nations and nationalities invaded by Menelik, these groups (hold and exhibits Manifesto in the video) must gain their freedom from what is now called Ethiopia and establish their own country. The country known as Ethiopia is new and not even 100 years old. This country must be destroyed, zeroes out. Nations and nationalities and we must create our own governments. Eritrea gets her independence; that is the basis of our struggle.

    It is important to note that neither the TPLF as an organization nor its leaders in power, marginalized from power or retired from power have ever jointly or severally disavowed the authenticity of the document known as the “TPLF Manifesto” nor repudiated any of its contents. The “Manifesto” remains to this day the guidepost and ideological underpinning of the TPLF.

    In 2000, after a two-year war with Eritrea and the deaths of some 80 thousands Ethiopian soldiers, the late Meles signed the Algiers Agreement formally ending the Ethiopian-Eritrean War. That Agreement established a boundary and claims commissions to resolve outstanding issues. What is incredible and inexcusable about that Agreement is the fact that after the Eritreans invaded Badme in northern Ethiopia in 1998 and were decisively defeated, Meles promptly converted Ethiopia’s battlefield victory into total diplomatic defeat by agreeing to deliver Badme to the invaders in arbitration. This marks the first time in modern world history where a nation that successfully repelled an invasion of its territory at great cost of human lives promptly turned around and delivered that same territory to the enemy on a silver platter in binding international arbitration.

  5. Hagos Araya
    | #5

    we Tigrayanes were not colonised by Amhara. Amhara and Tigray ppl both of the were victim of thier on Kings Such as Atse Yohannes AtseMenelik Hileslassie Derg. only feew Amhara were in power but the 99.9% Amharas were under poverty and both Amhara Tigray were Defending thier Mouther Land Ethiopia aginest italians Egyptians Turky etc. infact Eritreans were a house Negga for the enemies while Ethiopians were fighting them so my message to the comment above is go and United with your Egyptian masters and leave Tigray Alone okay? we are a Proud Ethiopian than any body so don’t try to devid Tigray Amhara. there are onley feew Amhara Power Mongers and Few Tigrayan Power mongers buth the rest they 100% Beleive in one country Motherland Ethiopia.Period GOD Bless Ethiopia

  6. aha!
    | #6

    Mehari @#4, thank you for bringing up the TPLF manifesto as the background justification, followed by the frame work of the constitution as a blue print towards the disintegration of Ethiopia into ethnic homelands as a prelude to ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism, and future boundary conflicts and ethnic cleansing with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism supported by crony capitalism, engaged in exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians. In addition to the manifesto you stated, TPLF as a ruling Politburro has evolved by extinction, eviction of those that have now gathered under Tigrai Harena, with ethnic agenda, and now by division, yet remains as a ruling party as TPLF/eprdf, supported by the teletafi parties and implicetely by the loyalist opposition parties, the security forces, Federal Police Forces and Kilil administrators.

    Having said that the confrontations in Ethiopia is between Ethiopian Nationalism with the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals and those parties with ethnic agenda with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism for the economic model and political models to save Ethiopia from disintegration. While the background justification you provided reinforces the struggle for Ethiopian Nationalism, the strategies you suggested does not achieve the reinstatement of Ethiopian Nationalism, unless the opposition parties coalesce under the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual rights exceeds ethnic and secessionist rights to draft a constitution with the individual rights as the center piece of the constitution as a basis for democratic rule.

    Using the continued propaganda against the Amhara, even it has been subject to genocide, marginalization, demonization, ethnic cleansing for your to create a new force under Eritrean Diaspora initiative and leadership with another alternative offensive against the current TPLF, is a repeat of what Gebremedhin Araya commented about the relationship between TPLF and EPLF with Eritreans living in Ethiopia after independence: “leboch siserku yismamalu : sikafelu gin yitalalu”, in the inability to exploit Ethiopia together.

  7. Hagos
    | #7

    where is my comment Abugida?

  8. tekea
    | #8

    Bravo Mehari, I agree with you and we have to start the action here in the U.S,and taking it to home, once we eliminate the Amharas, disroying the Oromo people must take in the 2nd phase. We Eritreans have to work hard to convince the Tigreans and in some cases present ourselves as Tigreans. The elimination of the Amharas speeds up by allying with the Oromos especially in southern and central Ethiopia in the 1st phase. The 2nd phase of the mission must be not the eradication of the entire Oromos, it is downgrading the size, since we need them as farmers moreover, the OromosOromos are submissive people.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    Mehari @ #4, & tekea @ #8, yeait misikirua dimbit indilu, even if you consider the Minilik II, colonizer,which is false, rather than the Italian colonizer, which restricted you to fourth grade education and to serve as mercenaries during the Italian occupation of Ethiopia and lately as counterparts to TPLF in the invasion of the central government of Ethiopia in 1991, after the defeat of the Ethiopian Army, which fought to maintain the unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Are you guys trying to recreate the same scenario based on the propaganda against the Amahara, which thinks and believes of its Ethiopiawinet first and its ethnicity second, in maintaining Ethiopian nationalism embracing the national agenda, against foreign and internal invaders, maintaining ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism that does not lend itself to individual rights nor democracy which is based on individual rights. What do you gain by annihilating the Amahara and/or the Oromo ethnic group, which exist as the root, or the stem, and the other ethnic group as the bigger and smaller branches of a tree operating in harmony within an organism, not colonial masters strategy of divide and rule, scenario you are trying to impose on the Diaspora and at home. I am responding to it for the liberation fronts to rethink their stance for ethnic secessionism, with support of Ex-EPLF and TPLF Supporters in the Diaspora is a repeat of the 1991 with the supporters of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism as response to ANDEM as a national movement towards freedom and democracy of the silent majority of Ethiopians.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    i support anyone to get rid of brutal weyane regime. no one likes them except tigrays

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