TPLF shockingly admits failures in Ethiopia By Admasu Belay

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Since it came to power over 20 years ago, the TPLF regime has always declared its achievements in Ethiopia’s political and economic sectors. Everybody knows the state media ETV and its daily nonstop propaganda of how much better Ethiopia has become over the years. Not only that, TPLF has been telling the international community about how it changed and transformed Ethiopia. So much so, that it had even deceived some Bush and Obama adminstration officials to believe its lies.

But after over 20 years, the London-based Financial Times (FT) reported today that TPLF has finally admitted its massive failures in Ethiopia.

Shockingly, the TPLF admitted its disasterous policy of landlocking Ethiopia and its economic impact as well as the risk of another famine in Ethiopia.
For the last two decades, this “F word,” was banned by Meles and all his TPLF disciples. In the past, If any foreign officials dared to use the words “famine” and “Ethiopia” in the same sentence, the wrath of TPLF’s “ministry of foreign affairs (mfa)” would attack and humiliate them with endless MFA press releases. Meles himself told Ethiopians to forget about famine and promised that even our poorer people “will eat three times a day very soon.” That promise was made in 1994! Ironically today, the TPLF government sent a document to international investors, admitting another ” risk of famine, the high level of poverty” in Ethiopia, according to the Financial Times.

Not only has Ethiopia lost most of its hard currency reserves but the “steadily depreciating exchange rate may adversely affect Ethiopia’s economy ,” according to the TPLF document.

That is not all. TPLF also admitted the chance of “resumption” of the war with Eritrea and more unrest from “political turmoil” as well as bad relations with Djibouti causing the “blocking of the country’s only access to the sea.”

It is about time TPLF accepted its failures!

Out of TPLF’s top five policy changes since it removed Mengistu regime in 1991, it has now admitted four policies have failed already.

1. On Eritrea policy and access to the sea. (ADMITTED FAILURE)

2. Avoiding drought and famine (ADMITTED FAILURE)

3. On Improving Ethiopian economy/fiscal policies (ADMITTED FAILURE)

4. Political reform and democratization (ADMITTED FAILURE)

5. Ethnic federalism (No admission yet)

Regarding the 5th TPLF policy, everybody knows TPLF has failed. Soon it will admit this failure too.

In 1995, TPLF claimed its “ethnic federalism” system will empower tribes without dividing Ethiopians. But today, Ethiopia is the most ethnically divided country in the world. Ethnic hatred, propaganda and tensions today are the highest ever in history. Just like the 1990s Rwanda, tribalism has destroyed Ethiopian nationalism and humanity. Sooner or later, TPLF will be forced to admit its last and final failure.

Regardless, Today will go down in history as the day TPLF admitted that it has achieved almost nothing (other that a few tall buildings) since it removed the DERG regime in 1991.
It has failed Ethiopia in every way possible. The only reason TPLF is still in power is because Ethiopians are peaceful people, unlike the warmongering and hatefilled TPLF.

For all those EPRDF ruling party supporters and TPLF footsoldiers worldwide, this must be the most embarasssing day. One single TPLF document has virtually dismissed over 20 years of ETV propaganda.

  1. Dawi
    | #1

    David said:

    [[..well known writer Professor James Petras has confirmed the following..]]

    He just repeated what The United States-based non-profit research body, Global Financial Integrity(GFI) put out; that is all.

    “Ethiopia, with per-capita income of $365 dollars, is the site of vast pillage by its ruling elite. From 2000 to 2009, over $11.7 billion dollars in illicit financial flow was laundered mostly by US banks. These outflows enriched the Ethiopian and the US 1% and provoked famine for Ethiopia’s 90%.”

    [[ Therefore Dawi please do not confuse us .Just swallow the truth...]]

    I don’t know what you mean but “Famine”? In the 1970′ was famine but, now by what measurement?

    Be that as it may,IFF is unique to Ethiopia; it is a problem that needs to be tackled in Ethiopia, Africa & else where; Did you look at situation for other African states?

    “Using the conservative GFI estimates, Ethiopia AVERAGED for the years 2000-2009 $794 million annually in IFF. Eight countries (Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Libya, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Côte d’Ivoire and Tunisia) had higher average IFF amounts.”

  2. Dawi
    | #2

    Daniel said:

    [[.. professor AL Mariam has rightly described. The same good professor also explained the fascistic and nazi politics of the late Zenawi drawing parallels between Adolf Hiltler and the Tigrayan ethnic chief Zenawi...]]

    Now, read the following quote of Prof. Al’s recent commentary on Human Rights Issue in the US and compare it to how he handles his “cousins” in the Ethiopian Government; He is a prolific writer but his extreme stand on Ethiopia is very troubling to put it mildly.

    [[.. I have not commented much on human rights issues in America. My primary preoccupation over the past eight years has been human rights in Ethiopia and Africa. .... the enemies of liberty have no race, no ethnicity, no gender, no conscience, morality, no country and no nationality. If the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, I will gladly remain in the legal trenches eternally..]]

    See how fair he becomes to the US?

    In the following he tells us contrary to his Woyane “cousins” in Ethiopia the white police officers in the US are not inherently racist or fascist. :-)

    [[..As I have repeatedly indicated in this commentary, I do not believe all white police officers are inherently racist. I also do not believe no African American, Hispanic, Asian police officers engage in police misconduct or abuse of authority. All professions have their bad apples. There are bad lawyers, doctors, engineers and so on. Police departments are microcosms of American society. They reflect the flaws of the broader society. But there are real issue of racial injustice in American law enforcement. Last week, New York Times columnist Nick Kristoff observed: “White Americans may protest that our racial problems are not like South Africa's. No, but the United States incarcerates a higher proportion of blacks than apartheid South Africa did. In America, the black-white wealth gap today is greater than it was in South Africa in 1970 at the peak of apartheid.”

    In over two decades of criminal defense law practice, I have learned that there are some individuals who should never have been allowed to become police officers or join any law enforcement agency. There are some individuals on police forces in the U.S. who not only wear a badge but also carry huge chips on their shoulders. They are angry and hateful individuals who are mad at the entire world. They lack the temperament, maturity and mental stability to become responsible police officers. They view their membership in the police department not as peace officers but as members of a “legal” gang with a license to beat, shoot and kill anyone they want. They regard their badge as a license to kill and abuse citizens with impunity. They hide behind the “blue wall of silence” and commit crimes. They come to believe that they are accountable to no one. They know that if they commit a crime, it is unlikely that they will be indicted by a grand jury or brought to trial. They know they are unlikely to face disciplinary actions before the police boards. They believe they are in fact not officers of the law but officers above the law. They develop a conviction that they can commit any act brutality, harassment, discrimination, false arrest or abuse of power without fear of sanctions or penalty. They become rogue police officers.

    When rogue police officers are immersed in the Manichean culture and mentality of “Us, the good guys” and “Them, the bad guys”, things go awry often for citizens of color. The rogue police officers see themselves as guardian angels and everyone else, especially people of color, as sinister demons. Their little world becomes the grand battleground for good and evil. They must stick together at all costs. They can only trust and rely on each other. If they do wrong, it is covered up. It is swept under the rug of silence...]]

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