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In my most recent posting, referring to an article in the Financial Times of December 2, 2014, I wrote about the unusual revelations of the current mafia-like TPLF regime holding power in Ethiopia. The revelations are related to some of the dreadful situations the Ethiopian people have been going through during the past 23 years under the cruel administration the TPLF mafia. Prior to coming to the attention of readers of the Financial Times, these criminal acts were described to have been communicated to potential international investors for risk assessment. Thanks to the Financial Times, skeptics and/or deniers could eventually prove them coming directly from the mouth of the horse itself.

In the document submitted to investors, the regime has unambiguously admitted that during its tenure in power in Ethiopia, it has (1) committed human rights violations, (2) caused escalation of political turmoil, (2) contributed to the widespread prevalence of famine, (3) played a role in the underdevelopment of the country, partly reflected by bottom level index measurements, (4) contributed to greater prevalence of poverty, (5) lead to ever increasing difficulty of using sea outset facilities, (6) caused political and military tensions with neighboring countries, and (7) contributed to the overall flourishing of poor governance across the country and the emergence of many associated problems.

Let alone committing such horrendous criminal acts, with the admission of even lesser offenses against a nation and its people, a regime with some sense of responsibility is normally expected to apologize to the people affected and resign from power as soon as possible. History provides ample examples of such incidences in different parts of the world and the peaceful transfer of power from abusive regimes to the people when mistakes with potential serious adverse consequences are realized to have been committed. Accepting conventional wisdom, with admission of the above stated wrong doings by the regime, it naturally appears reasonable to expect voluntary abdication of power in favor of the choice of the Ethiopian people, who have been fighting relentlessly opposing the regime’s numerous criminal deeds. However, from what has become clearer more recently, the TPLF mafia organization is not ready to change its routines of committing sins against Ethiopia and its people, although it has openly admitted part of them to foreigner benefactors.

After making open admission of its crimes, the regime, being committed to its long-lived routines, has been witnessed taking serious offensive measures against peaceful and lawful demonstrators in Addis Abeba and Bahir Dar, only during the last two weeks. In the process of its savage action, many demonstrators, including young children and elderly citizens, have been killed, wounded, imprisoned and tortured by armed government police forces. Other citizens have also been harassed and threatened indiscriminately in order to cast fear upon them, thereby discourage them from participating in future demonstrations and expressing their God-given rights against the regime. These being the most visible recent events in the country, in the background, the imprisonment, torturing and harassment of dissent journalists and politicians are going on routine basis. Regime-induced factors that contribute to the prevalence of famine, poverty, underdevelopment and political unrest are also fully functional. In a nutshell, there is no any shred of detectable change of heart of the regime after its admission of wrong doings. From mere common sense, one may then ask, why admitting crimes if there is no intention of learning from them and making necessary changes as found appropriate?

These seemingly contradictions of the regime, can, however, be a lesson to others who are not sure of its nature. The regime is organically evil that cannot be changed by any means explainable by a rational human being. The crime admission it has made with no consideration of change of heart shows that it is deliberately carrying the crimes and it is also in belief that nothing will happen to stop this. The regime is made of a group of unusual people with negative and violent experiences during most of their lives, like serial killers who are obsessed of killing people with no good reason. In addition to the aforementioned crimes, these are the people who have also committed treason against the nation of Ethiopia, forced displacement of poor rural communities and ethnic cleansing, particularly the Amara people, among others. The only way to stop this evil regime is to destroy it. If the Ethiopian people are longing for freedom and happiness, they have no choice but to totally replace the regime by a system that they desire. Short of this, freedom and happiness will only remain elusive.

Long live Ethiopia, the birth place of the human race on Planet Earth.

  1. Alemu
    | #1

    We ETHIOPIANS deserve mature rational logical challenge not the propaganda of hatred or insult. Let us be smart and logical by demonstrating constructive logical criticism instead of non sense alleged allegation with no relevance whatsoever.

  2. Development with out freedom
    | #2

    As long as TPLF can earn money it is even willing to admit its crimes. But it has also no choice because most of its admissions are the obvious. TPLF can not lie against the investors because they can get correct information from their own embassies or governments.

  3. ahmed
    | #3

    It is true that the crimes of this fascist regime are too many too count
    It is already too much and too long.There is no other way than to fight them to the last drop of blood This is the only language they understand .

  4. Bekele
    | #4

    Very commendable comment,THANK YOU.

    I have no doubt EPRDF will be reelected again and again for decades to come, since there is no smart ready political opposition that challenge EPRDF in meaningful ways. And that is why the Ethiopian mass is pro EPRDF.

  5. milawzaw
    | #5

    Ethiopians, what should this criminal group who held millions of citizens hostage under the guns and the bullet that they brought into our country and murdered and looted millions of Ethiopians deserve?

    The crimes that this a handful of robbers committed is so huge and incalculable, shouldn’t they deserve unending punishment?

  6. Tamagne Melaku Tefera
    | #6

    Ethiopia issued 10 years bond at interest rate around 6% for 1billion usd and obtained samed amount in less than a week.Even the demand was 2.5 billion USD.This clearly shows the probability of occurring the above information such as political turmoil,famine is too law and Ethiopia is in the right direction

  7. Freedom
    | #7


    Alemu is actually asking for us to be logical, but what you wrote in your comment goes contrary to logic. You profess about EPRDF (TPLF) being “elected” again and again for decades to come as if the Ethiopian people really like this mafia organization. You also said ” … the Ethiopian mass is pro EPRDF”. Listen, the fact that you yourself like and benefit from this thuggish government doesn’t mean the rest of us are also pro EPRDF. Under normal circumstances if free election is to be conducted in Ethiopia, your EPRDF will be swept out of all offices at the national and local levels.

    We are tired of “yewushet mircha” and I can’t wait for Ethiopians to elect their political leaders freely instead of the current rigged way.

  8. Aba Dagnew
    | #8

    To:Alemu and Bekele
    Who is out there to listen to your none sense?There are none except your kinds.For your information the TPLF and likes shall be destroyed,concord beyond repair and shall be dumped in to eternal grave as enemies of Ethiopia and it’s people.When that day comes let alone you,a bunch of sellouts who are supporting the TPLF over the Ethiopian people for your selfish zombie interest,even it’s foreign backers won’t save it from what is coming to wipe it out.
    The patriotic Ethiopians shall prevail!
    Long live Ethiopia!
    Down with TPLF!

  9. Worku tesfaye
    | #9

    Why we Ethiopian always criticizing one’s productive role?
    My opinion is zat instead of struggle against government step down,it is better to held discution and make epdrf administration become what majority need.
    Many change and infrastructures done.which mega projects on going.
    When we against government,things run to dispute and time wasted un necessary.
    Epdrf members are not from ozers country.zy are our own peoples.a.i think,if every body can indicate ze problem positively,zy accept it.
    Eagering for power is nothing.
    i hv best policy razer zan epdrf and nvr applicable till down of xxxx meant no solution current

  10. AMEN Merhay Tsion
    | #10

    On Ethiomedia’s campaign for Gebru Asrat and his book.
    1.Why is Gebru Asrat pretending as an insider, who has a grip and can influence the agenda and as a spokesperson for Tigray ?
    All these have already stripped from him and thrown and discarded.
    The real issue and fact is that, while Gebru Asrat was a Governer of
    Tigray with Seye, he only had a preview and small and inadequate information about the Federal level agendas which PIA and PMMZ were
    working on secretly. And they both started to take out the agendas
    and make them public inorder to undermine both governments and both
    leaders and pit them into border clash and war so that they would get
    chance to return to the Federal government from their seats in the state
    government of Tigray.
    Because they got scant information from visiting foreigners about the
    inside and secretly kept agenda of Meles and Issayas in 1992/93 ever
    since then they were working for their own personal gains and political
    profits by totally undermining EPRDF government and its leadership and
    provoking PIA and the Eritrean government to start war prematurely.
    2. So that is to mean that there is absolutely no new information Gebru
    Asrat’s book provides at this juncture and time except for those kept
    in the dark and do not have any idea of Ethiopia and its government.
    3. But since Gebru Asrat has get used to get free starbucks coffee bought
    for him from some people who are addicted and like to hear gossip and rumour he is more than happy to use that style by telling old and out-
    dated stories as new ones to his clients. ( Old wine in a new bottle)
    and helping himself with free coffe and free lunches in US cities from
    poor souls.
    As to me it is always,

    No to self styled scammers and con Artists !

  11. Observer
    | #11

    For those who still support the fascist TPLF regime and deny the current reality in Ethiopia, I quote a statement from a message by Ethiopian Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation in Germany now posted on Ethiomedia.

    “የጥቂት ዘረኛ ቡድኖች ሴራ በተባበረ ሕዝባዊ ተቃውሞ ይከሽፋል!!” From what is brewing underneath, this is inevitable, if one is not blinded by ignorance and greed.

    To make the inevitable change smooth and less destructive, supporters of TPLF should advise the mafia organization to step down from power ASAP. This is good for the country, the Ethiopian people, and even the world, which includes yourself, the supporters… Please have a limit to your selfishness and savage behavior and be a little concerned about your surroundings.

  12. aha!
    | #12

    The TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is the Politburo ruling the country with the teletafi parties serving as a cover with nominal autonomy of the Killil/ethnic homelands in direct support and cover for TPLF and with implicit support by the loyalist parties, which formed OPDO/EUDF/Medrek/fdre has for mainstay in power the constitution of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism along with crony capitalism by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations, much like ex-apartheid South African regime by the Dutch Boers. It is within the context of the framework of the constitution that existing laws are derived, but not under a constitution where individual rights prevails over ethnic and secessionist rights. It is a constitution, that created ethnic homelands as a prelude to secessionism, future boundary conflicts and continued ethnic cleansing, lack of property ownership and individual rights as the basis for democracy, which could only be reversed by ratification of the constitution towards a democratic rule, with individual rights at the center of the constitution to move from an ethnic rule minority now and majority in the future a with strategies to achieve those goals and by resorting to the original provincial boundaries to reinstate Ethiopian Nationalism with goals for unity, territorial integrity sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights.

    If these confrontations are to be resolved voluntarily by the TPLF/eprdf regime, it will have to ratify the constitution with respect to the flag in article 2, ethnic federalism/ethnic homelands in Article 46, a prelude to secessionism, and article 39 (1) with rights to secession up to independence in the same manner as the Eritrean Province and initiate party alignments along the national, than ethnic agenda to reinstate Ethiopian Nationalism as a one nation state with original federated autonomous provinces with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item stipulates, if the individual rights are respected the group rights follow. This mantra serves maintaining the country against foreign invasion as well against internal invasion, imposing ethnic dictatorship in the context of oppression of nations and nationalities by the previous regimes to the point of secessionism.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    Amen Merhay Tision @ #10 TPLF in its current form has evolved by extinction of each other, by eviction now Tigrai Harena, and recently by division within each other and remaining with ethnic agenda ruling the country. Tigrai Herena of which Gebru Asrat is in leadership and one time leader of Medrek, a mirror image of TPLF/eprdf regime has no new ideas to bring about changes from the current set up of the constitution with the ideologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and /or state capitalism that have implications on the instances mentioned above. It is de javu all over again with different personalities with lack of political and economic freedom to the silent majority of Ethiopians, anticipating less domination by the ethnic minority rule or to replace it with ethnic majority rule.

    This comment is to reinforce the commentary at #10.

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