CUD Delegation Itinerary — September 16-Oct 27, 2007

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CUD Delegation Itinerary — September 16-Oct 27, 2007 (more…)

CUD Delegation Itinerary — September 16-Oct 27, 2007

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Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee for
Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD)
Leadership Delegation Visit to the United States

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For Immediate Release
September 14, 2007


Note: The preparatory activities for CUD Leadership Delegation’s visit to Canada is being coordinated by the Ag Hoc Committee with the Kinjit Canada Council. A separate itinerary will be finalized and issued in the next few days.

  1. kundi
    | #1

    Waht about a visit to Canada?????

  2. | #2

    Dear Kindu,

    It is not to late to say happy ”Ethiopian MM” and prosperous life. having said this, be ready other CUD delegates will arrive soon for the same mission.


    God bless Ethiopia.

  3. yikerbelen
    | #3

    well done cudp. we hope that cudp will be ethiopia’s and it’s childern the way out from vicious circle. The ethiopia’s ppl are tired of dictatorial, let CUDP opens the first door to democracy.CUDP’s leaders should respect CUDP’s principles, one person one vote and majorities’ vote must be respected. other wise there was need to imprisoned for 20 mothns in qality. KINIJIT must say well come different ideas it’s leaders, but decision must be taken by majority votes. if he or she doesn’t accept the majority’s votes , he or she must be melses. may God bless you our leaders. please respect our innocent and ppor ppl at home.

  4. yikerbelen
    | #4

    Dear kinijit leaders,we need all of you . stand by together. collective leadership and majority vote are the corner stones and the foundation of true democracy in any democracy. Kinijit must put these very important principles with in and show in practics for our dictators.kinijits’ primciples must not undermind by personal cult or interst. The poor ethiopia’s ppl are expecting so much things from kinijit. Kinijit must a chance to diaspora’s supporters to elect their leaders in diaspora. Kinijit’S leaders neve try to assign diaspora’s leaders. we are ready to do our share in the struggle in support of our poor ppl , but we need to elect our leaders, we are tired of money’s snatchers. i hope kinijit will never give a green light to money and power corrupters in diaspora. we are ready to give our bllody for kinijit if necessary for our ppl and country’s cause. kinijit leaders stick together for one big goal, do not give any chance to dividers by giving so many interview by different medias. let kinijit’s publice realtion’s person speak about kinijit., queen Birtukan , we are proud of you. you are every thing.very intellgent, wise, trustfull, sharp and articulated politician , and ofcourse the most beatifull qneen on earth. God bless you . amen

  5. mertolemarim
    | #5

    I am afraid, the Eng. is siding with his family. There is someting fishy, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense the reason he is giving not to attend the meetings…if he comes all the way, whether he was invited or not, he should be there. If you are trying to protect the Shaleka group and the rest, Ethiopia – tefardotalche…Come clean. Do not underestimate the intellignce of the ppl.

  6. Yeruksew
    | #6

    Engineer Hailu,
    What is going in your mind. As a Leader of a Party that the Ethiopian people have given full support, you should show willingness to resolve differences by discussing it among your members of the Leadership. The Leadership should take time to go back and re-read the principles by which KINIJIT is based. Let’s not bring in our individual approaches in the leadeship of KINIJIT.

  7. kundi
    | #7

    Kinjit I am sure has a supreme council on dealing with internal issues. It would be wonderful if the respected Eng Haliu exit with pride and respect. People have a great deal of respect for him. He has to side with the decision of the supreme council, if there is any, not matter what, even if he has to resign. The party should be the top priority, not Shaleqa, not Birtukan, or who ever. Think in the long term. I heared on Tensae radio that Eng Hailu is damm founded. I am sure these leaders are a lot to say, we can tell. But they are beatinig around the bush and not saying much. It is good. We the Diaspora are obssessed with roumors. Please refrain from all speculations. What Shaleqa did is out there. Even if Eng Hailu is with Dr. Taye or Shaleqa, makes no difference. The big issue is that the KINIJIT party should remain vaiable option. We don’t want the Woyanne gets a free ride in two years time. We have lots to do. Lots to discuss. Diaspora needs to react to the policy of the parties not to individuals. We have to stop formulating policies for parties by remote control. Please let them do their work and stop feeding them our own stories. We have different stories and we do not expect that they buy into all stories. I think they are people of priciples and they know all the consequences. Please wait and see.

  8. Chaltu D. U.
    | #8


    What supream council are you talking about is that what Ato Berhane and Ato Anderrgachew has been indoctrinating you with. Kinijit has a 60 elected counncil and a 20 Eecutive Committee- nothing called a supream council. The above plus the members have elected Ato Hailu as the Chairman of the Party.

    The council has been over taken by a self made Prioners Committee that is calling itself the collective leadership. If that is not undemocratic I do not know what is. We are being told that they are the ones who rule the party because they were inprisoned that is warrped and poor, infact cheap politics. They are holding us hostage and playing the victim role mia culpa! Sorry this may sound cold. But if you cannot take the heat do not play the game. Ethiopia’s interest will not be compromised by rhetoric – Reconcilation based on What Wzt. Bertukan, you have nothing to negotiate with, you can only reconcile with a someone who aknowldges you and is willing to deal with you on an equal base. What happend to the struggle, have you sold it down the river. Has prison boogied you out. Wow

  9. kundi
    | #9

    Chaltu …
    The supreme council I meant is the top leadership team, what ever you want to call it. I care less about Berhane or Andargachew. But it sounded like that they had some kind of collective decisions. If there is no KINIJI per se what is KINJIT leader is going to do. The Woyanne “CUD”s are the KINIJIT, I think. Anyway they are individuals, and we need to stop worshipping individuals and work on getting the priniples of party policy and leadership in place. I will die for party policy not for individuals, unless you try to be phlosophical on me here and say collective is the larger set of individuals, then I am lost. People should come in and fit into this policies, not other way round. Ato Bedru’s plea is a gesture Ethiopian style and he is talking about the pre-merge KINIJIT unsloved issues, Kestedamena did this and that. We cannot keep on providing leap service and get into the world of democratic style of government. I am sure the democrats from the south are much different from the once in the north even in the US and KINJIT has to learn for the longterm and entertain differences. Of course, just due to being new to this culture people and ego might get hurt in the process. I don’t think there is any hiden dealings among the prisoners leadership team. It is just the determination and changing of strategy and agreeing on priorities and they also went to prison before they even got a chance to clean up the last minutes dealings in their work. When Colin Powell left the foreign secretary position, he did not say a single bad thing about the Republican.
    Look what Lidetu did. Lideu should have stayed with KINIJIT and gear the party to his direction and save the party. Of course, he was not party loyal in the first place and he was an agent and left with all his mischieves. There is no KINIJIT per se in Ethiopia. They need to rebuild from ground up again for the next election with the KINIJIT spirit in mind. Somehow they need to sit down and workout and maintain the spirit. We know the Ethiopian people need them and you should check what is going on now in the rural area. The hope of the poor was dashed when the woyanne penalized the poor and now they are saying no more KINIJIT at least for now.
    On the contrary, I have never seen as such unanimity among the volcal diaspora in a long time as we have seen around KINIJIT. It is just unifying regardless of our usual hiccups.
    My point is that they should sit down in a resort some where in DC area figure out the whole thing before getting into diaspora meetings. Cancel the itnerary. I can wait another month or two to see them. We all want to see them united or reach concensus and keep the Dispora quite. This is very important to the Dispora and seeing them united is more important than showing their face with nothing to show for into the future. They should have said something in DC last Sunday: why there was no Ato Hailu. The unforgiving disspora loves rumour they should now this. The team has made some mistakes: not welcoming Ato Hailu, not inviting him to the meeting, no matter what; addressing the status of KINIJIT in EThiopian legal system etc was improtant. They still have time and I am not bitter aganist anyone. They did more than I could have imagined. I am not for/aganist any of the groups by the way. There are hundreds like me and they should be doing better than this in the coming weeks and months.

  10. ewnetu
    | #10

    Ethiopian at home want a strong and united Kinijit. These type of internal affairs shouldn’t be a problem for our struglle for democracy. We should solve it democratically. You know how TPLF was spying our kinjit through ene lidetu. Do you think division will make us strong? It will open a wide door to woyane and above all it darkeness the dream of Ethiopians towards democracy.

    Let God save our Kinjit and give each other understanding among our leaders and supporters

  11. | #11

    My brothers and sisters,

    Bret kalgale maresha aywtawem yeblal. If an iron is not hot, can not be used as plawshare. Therefore, it is important we see each personalities. Then, we can judge to our satisfaction who is for his country and who is for his soul. From the way I see it, it is either luck of respect for our leader or have petty personal gain at the expense of the Party, kinijit. Each leader can be tested in the eyes of the public on what they do and not what they said. Action speaks louder that words. I believe Hailu Shawel is a well tested and molded gold in my eyes and I believe in Most Ethiopian eyes of my generation. He is honest. No doubt about it.

    The Ad Hoc Coordinating Committee lost its credibility in my eyes, when they did not go to the Air port to meet Hailu. They should have taken the delegates to the Regan Air port and meet their leader, Hailu Shawel. It may have saved us from speculating on divisions. They have created fest for Woyane sympatizers and for divider. May be the delegates were tired, that would have been acceptabl. That should have been dealt with quickly. Then, (be inkrt lie joro degif), to have a big meeting without the leader, using his photo as a collection basket is shameful and it is criminal in this country, You can be prosecuted for identity theft, and can get you behand bars, even in this wonderful country, if someone bring suit against you.

    Now change this Itinerary to accomodate all Kinijit Leaders including Chairman Hailu Shawel. Let us be united. Let us be strong and be one.

    God bles Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Peoplel. Long live Kinijit Party.

  12. selam
    | #12

    Hello Everbody,
    I wish i was Dc. When i think of Dc it remendes me ethiopia.I can’t wait to see the leader of knijit. Do any one knows where the place will be when they come to Chicago. I think most of chicago people don’t know where it will be b/c as much as i know there is no Coordinating Committee for CUD(kinjit)in chicago, if there is can u please tell us b/c we want join it.

  13. selam
    | #13

    Hello Everbody,
    I wish i was Dc. When i think of Dc it remendes me ethiopia.I can’t wait to see the leader of knijit. Do any one knows where the place will be when they come to Chicago. I think most of chicago people don’t know where it will be b/c as much as i know there is no Coordinating Committee for CUD(kinjit)in chicago, if there is can u please tell us b/c we want join it.
    Go kinjit
    God bles Ethiopia

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