TPLF has become in my view the Graziani regime – GK

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The TPLF technically banned the UDJ. They formed their own “UDJ” and basically made the UDJ an “illegal” party. The UDJ cannot now rent hall for meetings, run in the elections, field candidates, call demonstration ….

What would become of the members and supporters of UDJ ? These are brave and courageous Ethiopians. I have a deep love, admiration and huge respect. Whatever they decide I will always stand by their side. I am confident, they will not flinch away from their struggle to bring change in Ethiopia and continue moving forward with all they can do.

Honestly they need to be said “CONGRATULATION AND GOOD JOB”. I believe they have won. They were not armed; but they shook the regime to its core and exposed it naked. They INVALIDATED the 2007 election 4 months before it is held. Their leaders were arrested; but they kept going. Their newspapers were closed; they bought their own printing machine and generator and started publishing newspapers. The UDJ was asked to hold a general assembly in 4 days; the UDJ was able to do that. All sort of obstacles were placed; the UDJ overcame it. The TPLF tried to infiltrate their cadres; the UDJ with its democratic and transparent mode of operation, filtered them out.
Finally TPLF used its ultimate power; showed arrogance and complete disregard to the people and banned the UDJ, something that it has never done in the years it have been in power.
Now the regime has to deal with the people !!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE DECLARED WAR ON THE PEOPLE. By alienating moderate and civilized oppositions groups like the UDJ, the party of Girma Seifu, who even took heat by some for being part of the delegation of officials to Egypt , they have basically opened the door for violence and war. As Abraha Desta said it ” as the door of peace are closed the door of violence will happen. From sources violence and war has already started, mostly in the amhara region.
It has been my prayer and wish that the 2007 election would be an opportunity for us Ethiopians to come together, reconcile our differences, and move together hand in hand to build our country. We had so many big projects ahead of us, the Nile Dam, the big trains projects .. Unfortunately the regime has closed all doors for peace and peaceful democratic transition. Instead of louring Ethiopians to noble developmental causes, it has decided to multiple its enemies.
If the UDJ officials are not allowed to legally operate now, what would be their course of actions ? What tools do they have in their possessions ? Yes, they can go to court and exhaust all possible options. Other than that, I think there may not be much they can do. ኢt is going to be up to the people to demand its right. The people must come out in full force and once and for all put an end to TPLF. The TPLF must now be considered as the Graziani Regime, a regime that must be resisted and defeated; a regime that is the Enemy of the people.

  1. balujima
    | #1

    We, Ethiopians never had begged the previous enemies for our nature given priceless freedom; Our fathers and mothers fought the enemies and crushed them to their eternal death; so shall the current enemy.

    All Ethiopians, keep the faith, keep going the historical struggle against the enemy until is defeated to its complete crush as the likes of the enemies were defeated. Yes, this enemy that we all Ethiopians have fighting against before and after it came into Ethiopia is quite different and distinct from the once that we, Ethiopians defeated them.

    The world and the global community is watching the progress that we made in the struggle against the fascist regime, and listening to the cry of Fascist TPLF, and are very closely following the situation in Ethiopia since the arrival the fascist robbers in Ethiopia via invasion. But, the world community is quite cognizant of Ethiopians’ success in defeated all the known enemies that attempted to invade Ethiopia, all say this in unison:- Why then Ethiopians has taken them this long to defeat this one, the enemy that is currently looting and killing Ethiopians? Of course, first and fore most, we Ethiopians will or shall never fail our motherland and our people; yes, this enemy is quite different from the previous aggressors, but the mighty Ethiopians shall eventually defeat the fascist robbers to their complete crush.

    Death to Bandas! Death to Askaris! Death to the blood robbers!

    Victory to all Ethiopians both inside and outside the motherland!!!

  2. Ethiopian from Minnesota
    | #2

    What does this mindless regime want from the people of Ethiopia if it does not respect the right of the people to assemble, organize, and form a political party? When will be the end of cloning illigitimate political parties by the regime in Ethiopia? Is there an ambition by this TPLF-EPRDF government to have the ruling legacy similar to that of North Korea? I know that the Children of the members of this ruling class have no chance to jump on the throne of power replacing their corrupt Dads or Moms. But the dream is to keep this rogue and criminal party in power for generations to come. If that happens, it will be an insult to the courage of the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia. I do not advocate armed struggle. Peaceful non-violent popular struggle is necessary. It is easy for me and my likes to advocate for struggle from the comfort of our home in diaspora. But what is the alternative? If this regime does not see and realize its dictatorial and oppressive actions, the people will be left with no other choice rather than revolt. When the majority of the people are left in destitute economical condition and handful members of the Party and their cohorts enjoy the good life sending their children to foreign countries for education grooming them to be the torch bearers of this corrupt regime, the TPLF-EPRDF is doomed to the fate of Derg. TPLF-EPRDF may think and believe that it is untouchable because it controls the military. Let us not forget the fate of the fate of the so called strong men in power around the world. We know how were some of the so-called strong men found disgraced in sewer tubes and ground holes like rats? When the rage of people bursts out, it will swallow all the almighty military power and bury it like Tsunami. It is amazing how the people in power undermine the patience of the people. To TPLF-EPRDF operatives: what goes around comes around. As Ethiopians say, “Besefeut Kouna Mesefer Aykerim.” If History repeats itself, remember the fate of Haile Sellasie, and Derg. Oppression and Injustice on your own People is inexcusable crime. You can take the money but give the people Democracy!!!

  3. Girma Feyisa
    | #3

    Please be assured Italian fascist & German nazi were not anti their own countries /peoples like Ethiopian woyane . Woyane can only be compared with Devil.

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