Exposed: Prof. Constantinos Berhe has two fake degrees By Abebe Gellaw

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A lengthy Addis Voice investigation can reveal that Dr. Constantinos Berhe, a professor of public policy at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) and a key operative of the ruling TPLF-led regime, obtained two fake degrees from a bogus university. After claiming for many years to have earned an MA degree from Oxford University and a PhD from University of California (?), the “professor” finally admitted to AV that he got a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a PhD from American Century “University” (ACU).

The bogus university, (formerly Century University), which claims to be based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a diploma mill that sells fake degrees online.

In the course of our investigation, this reporter contacted ACU as a prospective graduate student, and was offered MBA and PhD degrees for “graduation” within six weeks with a price tag of $4000. He was also granted a bogus scholarship with a total “value” of $15,225 despite the fact that the degrees and transcripts are worthless.

The offer was made by ACU’s CEO and administrative director, Allen Mirzaei (aka Ali Mirzaei). He also added that work experience was part of the academic deal. The CV I submitted to the university contained factitious institutions and companies such as Yewishet (fake) International University, Con Art Global PLC and Ethiopian Democratic Guarantee Agency. “The faculty adviser reviewed your CV and based on your extensive experience, the University will give credit for 6 courses or 24 semester units,” Mirzaei emailed back.

The Iranian-American diploma mill CEO, further promised that 90 percent of the speedy coursework, which includes “book reports and a dissertation”, would be done by his faculty. “If earning a valid degree from a legitimate American University is important to you, then you must put in some study time (10%), and our faculty will help you with 90% to insure [sic] you have supporting documentation to earn the degree,” he said in an email. Mr. Mirzaei also promised that his degrees would be authenticated by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and the State Department as “legitimate degrees.”

“Our university is able to obtain authentication from New Mexico Higher Education Department and the Department of States of America (Washington DC) for all our degrees offered as a legitimate degree,” he wrote in his email. But Diane Vigil-Hayes, School Administrator and Compliance Officer at New Mexico Higher Education Department, pointed out that the department never accredits universities and colleges as it is not an accrediting agency. The department clearly states that even if it issues licensure permits, based on submitted curriculum to an institution operating in New Mexico, the department does not give an approval or endorsement to an institution’s academic program. “An institution licensed by the Department may not use terms such as “accredited,” “endorsed,” or “recommended” in reference to its approval by the Department,” according to department’s guidelines.

Former FBI special agent and expert on diploma mills, Allen Ezell, and Dr. John Bear, a leading expert on higher education qualifications and academic fraud, noted that the degree scam, which has thrived online by leaps and bounds in the last two decades, has grown into a billion-dollar industry. The business model of the degree mills is based on selling fake university degrees around the world to people willing to pay the price and take the risk, they noted in their book “Degree Mills: The billion-dollar industry that has sold over a million fake diploma .”

No one within the TPLF ruling elite probably wears as many hats as “Professor” Berhe (aka Costantinos Berhe or Costy). A cursory look at his lengthy résumé and Linkedin profile reveals that besides being a professor at AAU’s School of Graduate Studies, College of Business and Economics,he is the chairman and president of various groups and NGOs including Lem Ethiopia, an environmental group, that he co-founded with his longtime friend and ex-President Girma Woldegiorgis over two decades ago. The professor has extensive and privileged connection with high profile businessmen and the international community. Ironically, he even sat on the 2nd African Union Advisory Board on Corruption (2011-2013).

Though his CV says little about his role in the tyrannical TPLF regime, reliable sources say that he plays a key role as a trusted advisor in the security apparatus, having closer ties with TPLF’s top spies and torture czars. “Given his multiple roles, it may not be surprising to find this powerful man of ‘refined’ tastes for good cigars and wine in many places at the same time,” a reliable source said.

It turned out that Dr. Solomon Barnabas, president of the Ethiopian Bar Association, that was set up under the tutelage of the TPLF regime, also obtained an MBA in International Business and PhD in International Relations from the same diploma mill. “After he got his PhD, he thought [sic] various MA and LLM courses at the AAU and Ethiopian Civil Service Universities [sic],” according to his profile on the association’s website.

While some dubious pro-TPLF faculty members like Mr. Berhe find it easy to secure tenure and promotion with fake degrees, critical faculty like Dr. Dagnachew Assefa and Dr. Merera Gudina constantly complain about the university’s discriminatory policies and refusal to renew employment contracts.

Before he admitted that he was a “graduate” of the ACU, Mr. Berhe listed on his Linkedin profile and CVs that he got his graduate degrees from prestigious universities, Oxford University (1975) and University of California (with no specific campus) in resource economics in 1999. When Addis Voice challenged him on his dubious credentials, the professor said it must have been a mistake and blamed the problem on his secretaries.

Since Meles Zenawi fired 42 professors and lecturers from AAU in early 1990s, including six full professors from a total of eleven in the university, it has been permanently haunted by TPLF’s spectre of discrimination. Like most state-run institutions, the Addis Ababa University administration is widely accused of discrimination against staff, students and faculty that do not support the oppressive TPLF regime. Highly experienced academics that are perceived to hold critical views toward the regime face discrimination, job insecurity and in some cases unfair dismissals. Academic freedom remains a far cry.

ACU advertises on its website and other online platforms that it has a main campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and another one in Silicon Valley, San Jose. “All campuses include modern office buildings, parking facilities, computer labs, medical labs, HVAC labs, biotech labs and solar labs, consisting of computers, medial [sic] lab equipments, air conditioning and heating systems as well as solar technology and biotechnology lab equipment for training.”

Our investigative team found no evidence of any campuses or labs but one-room offices at the sites. The university’s San Jose office at 1885 Lundy Avenue (ACU’s Silicon Valley “campus”) was vacated a few weeks ago while the Albuquerque office, staff by just one part-time staff, is mostly closed, our LA based associate Mesfin Hailu reported. turns out that there also other officials and people within the TPLF-led regime who have purchased fake degrees from abroad. We will return on that with more investigative report.

  1. Tumicha
    | #1

    The TPLF leadership has been spending millions of dollars to purchase higher level degrees from the west,particularly the US, UK and the Netherlands. many of its former fighters with elementary and junior secondary school backgrounds now hold masters and doctorates purchased from the west. I know a couple Tigrayan guys who have obtained master and doctorate degrees through this TPLF degree shopping programs.The guys hold key and high positions in the TPLF government and businesses.They hate the Amharas very much but kind to many of us once they discover that one is not an Amhara.I think that their bitter hatred against the Amharas has to do with the anti-Amhara politics and teachings of their late leader ato Meles Zenawi.They worship him and believe in all what he had said and taught.Through discussions with them. one can realise the danger of the TPLF hate and superiority politics in the Tigrayan society.

  2. Dilwenberu
    | #2

    This is part of the campaign the toxic and vocal Amhara Diaspora are conducting against the revolutionary democrats that are building our country.The self appointed investigative journalist Abebe Gellaw, is the leading member of this toxic and vocal Amhara Diaspora.He has lost credibility and nobody in Ethiopia accepts his accusative propaganda against our revolutionary democrats.

  3. ሹመትና ትምህርት አገልግሎትና አርዓያነት
    | #3

    ጸሀፊው ባቀረበው መረጃ ላይ አስትያት ባይኖረኝም
    ሹመትና ትምህርት አገልግሎትና አርዓያነት ባለው ግንኙነት ላይ ያለኝ አስተያየት
    ግርማ ወልደ ጊዮርጊስ በኢትዮ ፓለቲካ የተጨዋቱት ሚና ብዙ ነው ልጃቸውም ብትሆን ኢህአፓ እሳቸው ደርግ/ወያነ ሁነው የምትጫወተው ሚና ጎላ ያለ ነው
    ግርማ ወልደ ጊዮርጊስና ኮንስታንቲን በርሀ በኢትዮ ስካውት ድርጅት ላይ ያላቸው ደረጃ ከፍ ያለ ነው
    እነዚህ ሰዎች በዚህ ድርጅት አማካይነት ስንት ወጣት ለትልልቅ ሃላፊነት መለምለው ይሆናል
    ታዲያ በነዚህ ሰዎች አመራርና ምስክርነት አገሪታ ይህን ተጠቀማለች ሕዝብ እነሱ በሰጡት አገልግሎት ተጠቅማል አልተቀመም ብለን ብንወያይ ምናልባት አርአያነታቸው ምን ያህል ትልቅ ይሁን ጥፋት መረዳት እንችላለን በዚህ መልክ ብትወያዩ ትልቁን ተግባራቸውን ማየት ይቻላል

  4. አለም
    | #4

    የአቶ በርሄ ጉዳይ ሌሎች ጥያቄዎችን ያስነሳል::
    1/ ዩኒቨርሲቲው እንዴት ሳያጣራ ይህን ዓይነት ከባድ ኃላፊነት ሰጠው?
    2/ ለዚህ ተጠያቂዎች እነማናቸው?
    3/ የፖለቲካ ተሿሚው ፕሬዚደንት አድማሱ አቶ በርሄን ለማባረር የሞራል ብቃትና ሥልጣን አላቸው ወይ?
    4/ አቶ በርሄ ስለፈጸሙት ማህበራዊ በደል ምን ህጋዊ እርምጃ ማን ይውሰድ?
    5/ ሌሎችስ ስንቶች ይህን በመሰለ አሳፋሪ ተግባር ተሠማርተዋል? ድርጊታቸውስ አገሪቱንና
    የተገኙበትን ተቋም, የሥራ ባልደረቦቻቸውንና ብቃት ያላቸውን ሥራ ፈላጊዎች አቋም ምን ያህል አናግቷል?
    ካሳውስ ምን ይሁን? በሌላ አነጋገር የበርሄ ጉዳይ በይቅርታና በስንብት ብቻ የሚያበቃ አይደለም;
    6/ በውጭውስ አገር ያለማዕረግ ማዕረግ ጭነው እንደባለሥልጣን ለሚያወናብዱ መፍትሔው ምን ይሁን?
    [በውጭው አገር የትምህርት ተቋማት ውስጥ እየሰሩ እንደ አቶ በርሄ ያለመረጃ የሚንቀሳቀሱና የሚጽፉ
    ቅጣታቸው ሥራቸውን ከማጣት የከበደ ነው;]
    እነዚህ ቀዶ ጥገና እችላለሁ ብሎ ብዙዎችን በገደለው ሜካኒክ ይመሰላሉ ብዬ ነበር! እንደ አቡጊዳ ቁምነገር
    ያዘሉ ድረገጾች ከንግዲህ “ዶ/ር ወይም ፒኤችዲ” በስማቸው ላይ የሚቀጥሉትን ማዕረጉን በምን ዘርፍና ከየትኛው ተቋም እንዳገኙ እንዲገልጹ መጠየቅ ይኖርባቸዋል::
    7/ የትምህርት ተቋማትን በካድሬ ፕሮፌሰሮች ተባባሪነት ለፖለቲካ ዓላማ እያዋሉት ነው:: ተመራማሪ ተማሪዎች ምርምሩ በሚጠይቀው ስነምግባር መሠረት ሳይሆን የህወሓትን በጎነት ለማግነን ይጠቀሙባቸዋል; ለሚተባበሩ ውጭ አገር ዕድል ይከፈትላቸዋል; የሥራ ዕድገት ቅድሚያ ይሰጣቸዋል:: ለምሳሌ, Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development (EIIPD) and the International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI) የተሰኙት ስለ ፍትኅና ስለ ሰላም ግድ ያላቸው ይመስላሉ; የሚያካሄደው ህወሓት ራሱ ነው; የ”ተመራማሪዎቹና የመሪዎቹን” ማንነት ማየት ይበቃል:: ሁለቱም ዓለም አቀፍ መባላቸውስ አይገርምም? ሰሞኑን “Ethiopia’s International Relations: The Foreign Policy Making and Determinants of an Emerging Giant” የተሰኘ ጥናት ለማካሄድ ጥሪ እያቀረበ ነው:: ዋና ዓላማው ግን ህወሓት አገሪቷን እንደ አሜሪካ “ታላቅ” እያደረጋት ነው ለማሰኘት ነው:: [መለስ ዜናዊ እንደ ማሌሽያ ሌላ ጊዜ እንደ ሲንጋፖር ሌላ ጊዜ እንደ ጃፓን ሌላ ጊዜ እንደ ቻይና ሲል አንዱንም ሳያይ ሞተ]::
    8/ የአቶ በርሄንና የጣይቱን ሆቴል መቃጠል ወዘተ ዓይነት ዜናዎችን ተከታትሎ የደረሱበትን ማቅረብ ያስፈልጋል; አለዚያ ትምህርት ሰጭነቱን ያሳንሰዋል::

  5. O. J.
    | #5

    Abbay Dam is being built by fake engineers turned qualified politicians.

    We are going to have worst soil erosion in history of the world when this dam breaks.

    Sudan and Egypt will take our fertile soil washed away in the water leaving us dry stone land like Tigray all over Abay area districts.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #6

    This is amazing discovery. So now the question is what became of these graduates of the ‘prestigious’ diploma mill outfit? Well to me these individuals were already qualified for the positions they are holding now long before they ‘graduated’ from ACU. This is not unusual in ethnic priority politics. The ‘head hunter’ came across these two individuals who had met the exclusive ethnic make-up requirement but there was a problem – academic credentials. ACU came to the rescue with freshly printed, hot off the press with ‘honors’ diplomas. It looks that this well researched article has shaken them. The Linkedin profile is nowhere to be found. I just searched Dr. Constantinos Berhe on Linkedin and I could not find one. Poor secretaries; they are being blamed for such gross misrepresentation. The dog ate my homework. For sure, that dog don’t hunt!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  7. abebe
    | #7

    where is my comment?

  8. kdewi
    | #8

    Well, is Constantinos Berhe far ahead of his time?

    Remarkable achievement in the area he has been exceedingly exceptional and excelling others of his kinds in all sorts of cheatings and vandalisms. Well, no matter how many fake Masters and PhDs he purchased from Diploma Mills, there wouldn’t be any quantifiable change in his 2.80 pounds brain.

    Here, Constantinos Berhe, he got a fund for a joint venture from his masters and went out on a shopping spree and spent a few thousands of dollars on fake Masters and PhDs, and came back to the camp of idiots and illiterates as a smell and touch specialist, stink and rough.

    Historically speaking, the robbers never had been trusted by any Ethiopians, as they were criminals of all assortments. They came into Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets, not with knowledge and wisdom.

    They must all be expelled from Ethiopia as soon as possible.

    | #9

    | #8

    “. They came into Ethiopia……..”

    ዳዊ aka DAWI,
    እዙይ’ከ መን ዘዕሰቦ ባንዳ እዩ? ጉዳይ እንትነብረኩም እንተሎማ, ባዕልኹም ብዓርስኹም ብዘድለየኩም መልክዑ ድኣ ቅልቅል በሉ እምበር, ተሓቢዕኹምን ብድሕሪት ክውል ኢልኩም ባንዳታት ኣይትስደዱ! ካብኡ ንላዕሊ ድማ “ምርጫ” ይቀራረብ ስለዘሎስ, በጃኻትኩም ኹለመናዊ ዴሞክራስያዊ ፃውቲ ድኣ ይቕናዕኹም!

  10. Kidane
    | #10

    What do you mean “self-appointed?”
    Do you mean one can only be appointed by “revolutionary democrats” to
    be investigative journalist?

  11. Taazabiw
    | #11


  12. Demeke Alemu
    | #12

    I do not think small time Mediocre journalist (Abebe Gelebaw) is in any form or shape to blackmail and character assassin his superior elit DR. Constantino.

  13. papie
    | #13

    Abe Gelaw smart and courageous journalist, keep going forward. God bless you and your family.
    God bless all who fight for freedom and democracy

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    Abebe is known to insult our intelligence with his rhetoric about the capacity or lack there of HD. Mind you, HD never claimed he was a genius but, anyone not blinded by prejudice would see that a prime minister of Ethiopia who was “a Gold Medalist graduate of Addis Ababa University Technology Faculty of Addis Ababa University in Civil Engineering”, who worked for years in academia and important government posts as a deputy PM, Foreign Minster before becoming a PM can’t be intellectually or mentally challenged. That was not the case for Abebe.

    Abebe’s & others have criticized HD’s credentials in the past but, their approach is light in substance and heavy in petty politics as usual which makes one’s head spin however, this time he seems to have something that sticks and I congratulate him for that.

    I say, “Professor” Berhe (aka Costantinos Berhe or Costy)” is in deep trouble.

  15. domiza
    | #15

    Unending thanks to Abebe Gellaw for having a well-done job. Ethiopians are also encourage to do identical investigation in other areas where the enemy is sabotaging our country. This struggle that Ethiopians waging against the enemy is both historical and respectful so that it must be taken many steps ahead of the death of the enemy and when the enemy dyes it will definitely be caught by surprise.

  16. Abebe GLW.
    | #16

    You said that prof. Costantinos is in deep trouble.
    is what put Dr. CONTNATINOS in trouble his credentials
    or the erratic politics that has been going on in Ethiopia ?
    If you think the politics that has been going on is still correct
    ok let it be but you can’t have it both ways.
    So understand that you are either for one or the other.

  17. Zarqik
    | #17

    The Blood Robbers:

    The blood robbers began their criminal career by robbing banks, public marketplaces, farming communities, villages, towns, and cities; they then upgraded their banditry activities to full time robbery; and then, in 1991 the robbers came into Ethiopia aided by the historical enemies of Ethiopia, via invasion with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians.
    The blood robbers quickly moved into neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families. Today, everything and anything that is available below and above the lands in our country is owned, controlled, and run by these same robbers, the undisputed descendants of Askaris.
    It was inevitable: Many years ago, there was a man, by virtue of his duality nature, being born here-and there, suffered he mind ills of all sorts and worse enough he was afflicted with identity crisis for which he realized that there was no cure. He died addicted, sinned, and criminal. For years he was a fugitive with zero courage, merely was male by gender but not a man. In that year, that month, that day, that hour, and that minute death pinned him against the sin he made and the crime he committed. The fugitive is now dead. He is now in his last phase of half-life being transformed into tenuous dust and bone-ash has he been kept in a coffin several pound more than the weight he had when he appeared sluggish on CCTV.
    Today, in the regime that the blood robbers established a couple of decades ago all sorts of crimes have been committed by different individuals who have been served this criminal regime in different capacities. The duality nature of askaris cannot change in time. In the world of robbers there are con men, mafias, thieves, gangs, murders, hit men, deceivers, liars, weird characters, phoney men, imposters, and wicked villains. Take for instance, Constantinos Berhe. He did not live in a divine; rather, he lived disguising himself as genuine working individual among the population while in clandestine actively passing information and intelligence down to the TPLF headquarter hopping from one region to another He had been a quack on the campus, he gave himself a phoney name, as one among his likes In. his darkened life he was a spy On the floor with a crowded classroom, he was with a label, professor Constantinos Berhe. The divided line between the before of him and the after of him is simply, a spy and a phoney professor who had ruined the lives of the students.
    We can all agree that there are copies of Constantinos Berhe on the campus as aresult, It is not hard to predict what the future of our children would be.

    | #18

    ዳዊ aka DAWI,
    Gratuliere for ignoring me. ወይንስ ምርጫ እየመጣ እንደመሆኑ መጠን ፊውዳላውያንን ለማቀፍ በማሰብ፣ አንተም እንደሌሎቹ በድሮው ብሄራዊ ቋንቋችን እስካላነጋገርከኝ ጊዜ ድረስ ሰፍቸህ አልፋለሁኝ ነውን ነገሩ? እኔ እኮ ብሄራዊ ቋንቋዎች ወደሚለው የተሸጋገርን መስሎኝ ነበር:: ግን ያው የኦፖርቹኒዝም ነገር ሆኖ የአማርኛ እንዳገላበጡሽ ትገላበጫለሽ አማኝ መሆንህ ነው?
    ይሁን ግድ የለም፣ ግን ከላይ ቁጥር 9 ላይ በእለተ 22.01.2015 ያሰፈርኩትን መልእክትዬ ለአቡጊዳ በላኩኝና ግን ገና ለህዝብ ሳይከፈት እያለ በኢ-ሜል አድራሻዬ በኩል የሚከተለው መልእክት ደርሶኝ ሲያበቃ ሰሞኑን እንቅልፍ አሳጥቶኝ ሰነበተ:: ምናልባት አንተም ሆንክ ሌሎች አንዳች አይነት ሜላ ትሉኝ እንደሆነ ይሄው የደረሰኝ ኢ-ሜል የሚከተለው ነው:

    “Urgent: Need Help……Ghelawdewos Araia Heute 16:54 Uhr
    Von: Ghelawdewos Araia


    I really don’t want to disturb you about this but I had no one else to turn to. I’m in ukraine to see my cousin who lives here. she’s critically ill and needs family support. She is diagnosed with (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) – a type of Blood Cancer in 2005 and she had been undergoing treatment since. The chemotherapy treatment was going fine until last week when the doctor noticed that the disease has relapsed and the only way she can survive is by undergoing a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplantation). My sister whose marrow matched she has agreed to be the donor and she will be undergoing the transplant soon at the Salvator Mundi International Hospital here in Kharkov . The estimate for the transplant is $8,000 USD. I have already spent approx. $5,200 USD towards her treatment. Since the amount is huge, I request you to lend out a helping hand and support me with a loan of $2,800 USD. Since I don’t know your financial status at the moment, any kind of help whatsoever will be deeply appreciated. Your help and support will give her a chance to live a normal life once again. There is nothing called a small help when the heart giving it is big. Any amount will be accepted with gratitude and paid back after the surgery. Please let me know how much you can loan me so that i can provide you with the details to get the money to me and, I will pay back as soon as I return.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ghelawdewos Araia“

    ምን ትላለህ ታድያ?
    በእኔ ጥርጣሬ ልኮት ሊሆን የሚችለው:
    1 Malaga ምንትሴ ስል ያነበበኝ Kaukasus-Ukraine Mafia.
    2 ሌት ተቀን ከጎኔ የማይለውና ያለሁበት አገር ውስጥ ያለው Verfassungsschutz-„Freund und Helfer.“
    3 በዴሞክራሲ ስም የሰው ልጆችን በተዘዋዋሪ ማስቦጨቅ ተግባርዋ የሆነችው MLLT-Mafia. ናቸው ሊሆኑ የሚችሉት::

    ለምን ጥርጣሬው በነዚህኞቹ ላይ ብለህ ምናልባት ለመጠየቅ ከተነሳህ፣
    የኮምፑይተር መልእክት ጠለፋዎችን አከናውኖ ገና መልእክቶቹ ለህዝብ ይፋ ሳይሆኑ ተመራምሮው እርምጃ የሚወስዱ ሃይሎች ውስጥ እነዚህ ሶስቱ ከላይ የጠቀስኳቸው ሃይሎች አሉበት ከሚለው እምነቴ የተነሳ ነው:: 1 እና 2 ከድሮውኑ የመጥለፍያው መሳርያ አላቸው:: MLLTም ብትሆን ስለገዛችው አላት:: የጀርመኑ የኤኮኖሚ ሚኒስተርና SPD-BOSS እንደዚህ አይነት የስለላ መሳርያዎችን ለዲክታቶር መንግስታት አንሸጥም ሲል ድምፁን አሰምቷል:: እንዲህ ብሎ ከማለቱ በፊት ግን መሳርያው ለኢትዮጵያ ተሽጦላት ነበር:: ስለሆነም ከተሸጠ በኋላ አንሸጥም ማለቱ ዴሞክራት ስላልሆናችሁ መሳርያውን መልሱ ሊል አስቦ ነው፣ ወይንስ የግዴታ የስለላ መሳርያችን በእጃችሁ ገብቷልና ዴሞክራት መሆን አለባችሁ የሚለውን የሞራል ተፅእኖ ለማሳደር አስቦ ይሆንን? ምናልባት እንዲህ ከሆነ አስተሳሰቡስ ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ለመሆኑ ከ1890 ዓ.ም. ፈረንጅ በኋላ እስከ ዛሬ ድረስስ መንግስታዊ የሞራል ህሊና የሚባል ነገር ታይቶ ይታወቃልን?

    ለማንኛውም በስሙ እየተሸቀጠ ላለው ሰውዬ ፃዲቃዊ ሰላምታ ይድረሰው!

  19. Dawi
    | #19

    Abebe said:

    [[.. If you think the politics that has been going on is still correct
    ok let it be but you can’t have it both ways..]]

    What do you mean?

    Here in USA, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reported in the past that “They are safety engineers at nuclear power plants and biological weapons experts. They work at NATO headquarters, at the Pentagon and at nearly every other federal agency…. they’re employees with degrees from phony schools. These degrees aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on, says one insider, who asked CBS News to protect his identity..”.

    You still think the US politics is the same. Don’t you? If you have a different answer let me know.

    On the other hand, you gave substantial evidence that Dr. Constantinos Berhe, a professor of public policy at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) has degrees that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Good job Abebe! The man has to resign and get some appropriate punishment if you ask me.

    And I hope you also stop nit-picking good folks like HD and keep up such kind of good work that adds value to the opposition.

  20. siliqiq
    | #20

    Askaris don’t age in grace. Well, for years,Constantinos Berhe lived in the underworld of Askaris-Robbers as active an informer and a spy. In 1991, he then, came out in the public being camouflaged in dual nature of him and began his distractive activities just like the rest of the fascist hiwhats are. This mafia, Constantinos Berhe like his partners shall definitely n his aching knees lick and kiss the soil and the pavements straight to the public’s court to be having hot, hot slap on his askari’s head and ass, as well.

  21. osissa
    | #21

    We, all are sure about one thing that will definitely take place as soon as the fake professor, Constantinos Berhe is fully under arrest; well, the fate of the fascist TPLF is the fate of his, too; and vise versa, or both will have identical fate at the same time and in the same place.

    Of course, the phony professor Constantionos Berhe may, as usual tries to mask it or hide it, but he is having a knocking headache and frightening nightmare, even while walking and drinking in daytime. Definitely, no one would approach him and tell him, “I told you so.” Rather, every single Ethiopian will approach him and tell him, “A well deserved fate of yours.”

    And then the paranoia came; even if this loser appears on Mesfin Bezu TGTV, nothing would save him from drowning into deep freezing ocean of shame,as Mesfin Bezu himself can not swim, and in fact, he drowned in the same ocean of shame and was thought gone, but a white shark that swallowed him alive got bitter taste on its saliva and spit out deformed.

  22. kalibuba
    | #22

    Over 40 years the fake professor, Constantinos Berhe has been serving the TPLF intelligence service as active spy and informer on our country and people. More than being an gent for the TPLF fascist group his affinity to, this banda has been having a strong family tie to one of the robbers namely, Seyum Mesfin who married to Fatlawork Berhe, the sister of Constantinos Berhe. This is the link these three askaris established.

    Lately, the fake professor, Constantinos Berhe dropped like a junk stock market and rolled over down the hill and settled into the bottom of a stagnant swamp, and then, he drowned to the bottom with frogs stuffed into his nose and mouth.

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