Ethiopia-visions of the final battle. By Yilma Bekele

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We all should thank the Central Committee of Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front for making things a little clearer in our country. When election season is close the TPLF removes all pretenses and makes itself visible to the citizen of Ethiopia. The picture is not pretty. Their latest bold move to delete and erase Andenet is no matter how you look at it a most daring act worthy of the late visionary dictator. It was illegal, some would say irrational but vintage TPLF.

If you really want to know TPLF just used the military doctrine of ‘shock and awe’ on a civilian population. The doctrine as developed by National Defense University of the US is based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness and maneuvers, and spectacular display of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battle field and destroy its will to fight.

The imprisonment of Zone 9 Bloggers, the jailing of Editor Temesgene the kidnapping of Andargachew is all part of the ongoing war the Party has declared to win the election ‘by any way necessary.’ The banning of Andenet is ‘shock and awe’ in its glory. TPLF used the Election Board, the Judiciary and the security apparatus to paralyze the opposition and sap its will to fight. The banning of a political party by a rival is the mafia version of politics.

The regime has spoken. How the people affected by such action respond is what history is all about. Unless we refuse to see it the clear choice is between accepting a single ethnic rule or saying no thank you and doing what is necessary to be free.

Andenet is one of the Independent political parties in Ethiopia. Since its inception it has struggled mightily to stay alive. The first chairperson of Andenet was the charismatic and able leader Judge Bertukan Mideksa. She was seen as a threat to the 2007 General Elections and charged with laughable offense against her ‘Pardon’ by the them PM Meles Zenawi and languished in jail for two years until she was exiled out of her homeland. Secretary Andualem Arage is still in Kaliti charged with terrorism to make the 99.6% 2011 election victory possible.

In our country Ethiopia there is no fine line between the ruling party and the state. The TPLF is the main Party in the coalition called EPDRF where all the junior partners were formed and financed by TPLF. It still is TPLF that directs the elections in each of the organizations that are set up on tribal basis. There are three major players in the Ethiopian context. The State, EFFORT and MEDROC. TPLF controls two out of three and have substantial interest on the third.

The TPLF has been waging war against Andenet since it was born. It is due to hard work and dedication of the leaders and members it has survived this long. Andenet is a party where the TPLF using the heavy hand of the State has made it impossible to print its newspaper, unable to find willing Hotel and convention halls to rent for its meetings, frozen out of the media except to poke fun of and its elected leaders find themselves in and out of Woyane controlled court and prison day in and out.

Today Andenet is faced again with another existential threat. Andenet like its parent Kinijit is looking at the barrel of a gun. We Ethiopians paid for the gun but the trigger is controlled by Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front.

The Ethiopian people are faced with a fork on the road. One way leads to further continuation of rule by a few self-appointed leaders while the other starts a long journey towards national salvation. It is a choice the TPLF party is forcing on each one of us.

The TPLF Party has drawn a line in the sand. They are saying I will use all my might to deny you a choice. They are using their exclusively drawn Constitution to enforce their law using their handpicked judges to decide for the rest of us. That is what is called indirect rule.

This question has been posed to so many people throughout times. How they responded has determined the fate of their ancestors. We are told the current Americans escaped religious, economic and other prosecutions and settled in a new land and started fresh. War for independence is a central theme in human history. Untold numbers have died fighting injustice so their off spring would live free if not themselves.

History has left us with vast knowledge base with techniques and ways others have used to win freedom and independence. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. Martin Luther King is our best source for the current situation. I will tell you what Martin achieved and let you be the judge. I have picked two instances to illustrate.

I] Montgomery Bus Boycott of December 1955, USA.

In 1955 USA segregation of the races was the law. Thus in Alabama Whites board the Bus from the front and Black boarded from the back. When the two sides meet and a white passenger enters the black has to vacate his spot. Rosa Parks a black female passenger refused to move. The young Martin Luther King Jr. stood beside her and they changed history. How did they win besides having a just cause?
They boycotted the Transit system. They walked, rode the bike or took a cab but refused to ride the bus. They won because they stood as one and said no. When the victims took action others joined them because it is natural to support the cause of freedom.

II] Selma to Montgomery March, 1965, USA.

The Civil Right Act was passed in 1964. That did not stop Blacks from being disenfranchised. Thus A march was organized from Selma to Montgomery the Capital. On March 7, 1965 600 civil rights marchers were stopped after only six blocks on Edmond Pettus Bridge. State and local low enforcers used tear gas, clubs and dogs to deny them their right to petition their government. The third successful march led by Martin Luther King took place on March 21 and lasted three days. The resolve of the activists and their just cause forced the passage of The Voting Rights Act in August 1965 possible.

Our cause is no different. We Ethiopians are demanding a fair and just elections where individuals win by the strength of their argument not the power of their gun. The ruling one ethnic dominated regime is no different than the others that have we have come across.

We Ethiopians are used to being abused, kicked around and dominated. Ethiopian history full of conquest by one King or another, submission to one feudal lord or another always having someone decide matters for us. We are used to being told what to do, what to think and what to believe. Freedom to choose does not come easy to us. We exude fear, apathy and double life.

That is the enemy we have to conquer. In this final fight with our oppressors there is no place for doubt. There is no more power to appeal to. They have left us no choice. Either they decide who administers Ethiopia or we together after an open competition elect the ones we believe they will solve the many problems facing our people.

There are two ways people have faced such injustice. The Americans have their war of Independence and Civil War. They also went through a Civil Rights Revolt that tried to fine-tune the system. Our neighbor to the south; the Kenyans had their battle for independence and an internal cleansing campaign four years back that let out a lot of steam. It takes a few tries until you get a fine working system.

Ours is ripe for such change. The fashion the Ethiopian people respond will tell us what the future holds. The activists in the Diaspora are always ready to stand with their people. Every western capita city is familiar with Ethiopians and their relentless cry for freedom and justice for their people. It is said that seventy percent of our people are under thirty five years old. The TPLF proposal to establish a dynasty is posed to the seventy percent. The choice is a bleak future of chasing Bir, drugging to ease the pain, death by drowning or making history and saying no to tyranny.

Anybody talking about going to court appealing to the western enablers and other such nonsense is buying time for Woyane to do something spectacular and confuse the people some more.

There is only one response and the question has been on the table since the election of 2005. The complete dissolution of NEBE or the election board that is the rubber stamp of the TPLF party is the only solution. NEBE has to be removed and an independent board has to be established. NEBE cannot be reformed. NEBE is rotten to the core.

To agree to an election with NEBE in its present state, to think anyone can compete without outside election monitors, to think TPLF would count the ballots behind closed doors and come out with real numbers is an insult to all Ethiopians.

Only the people of Ethiopia can wage this unequal struggle. Only the people of Ethiopia will pay the price to be free. It is only the people of Ethiopia that face the prospect of death and destruction confronting the mafia regime. Only the people of Ethiopia would wake up free and independent after an epic battle or live another twenty years with their heads hanging down and their country in ruins.

Andenet, Semayawi, Medrek and other groups have their work cut out for them. They can stand together against tyranny or they will be cut to pieces one by one and betray the trust of their people.

We in the Diaspora would do what we have always done, follow the example of our people and champion their cause. We are also aware there are plenty amongst us that seem to believe the current situation an opportunity for them to invest and get rich. There are plenty in Ethiopia that collaborate with the ruling class to save themselves and their family. Both turncoats are a small minority. The enemy is a well-armed and financed rogue regime and that is where we concentrate our fire.

We just ask those that have been testing the ‘peaceful struggle for change’ to stay the road and force the regime to show its true color. We also ask those that have been organizing ‘other means’ to show us by hitting the enemy where it matters and practice their own form of ‘Shock and awe.’ This is the final battle.

  1. Fasiledes
    | #1

    “White propaganda” makes more sense when the mass have nothing positive physical to witness or no change takes no place within the country, but in this case the Ethiopian mass is witnessing the total positive transformation of the country, progress and development in every sector of the economy registering positive input in unprecedented pace, more than any country within the continent of Africa, even within global communities economic index measurements. It is premature and absurd to deny facts for the sake of blind bias politics.
    The other day I turned on my PC, I can not believe what I saw, Our capital city now inaugurating light rain train services, to me and to most logically fair minded people it is shocking and exciting to witness such advancement in short period of time. Ethiopia once know for to its endless mass slaughter of civil war and mass starvation, now suddenly become

  2. minnai
    | #2

    tIGRE PEOPLE LIBERATION FRONT vehemently attacks and makes sure that Ethiopian nationalist parties like Andinet do not see the light of day. Tplf at its core is a rotten fascist, ethnicst organisation that attacks the unity of our people. UDJ has been a sore throat for Tigre people lberation front as Andinet, continued to unite the people and build a strong party throughout the country that became a major headache for tplf. Tplf attacks and tries to destroy any organisation that tends to be a unity party, whilst supporting and encouraging ethnic based groups that it manufactures in its own mould.

    We have now moved full cirle snce tplf marched to addis abeba in 1991. and our people realise that unity is the only weapon we have to remove these fascist gangsters once and for all. tplf may disband UDJ party, but the spirit of unity, the desire to be free from ethno-fascism is alive and kicking.

  3. Fasiledes
    | #3


    “White propaganda” makes more sense when the mass have nothing positive physical to witness or no change takes no place within the country, but in this case the Ethiopian mass is witnessing the total positive transformation of the country, progress and development in every sector of the economy registering positive input in unprecedented pace, more than any country within the continent of Africa, even within global communities economic index measurements. It is premature and absurd to deny facts for the sake of blind bias politics.
    The other day I turned on my PC, I can not believe what I saw, Our capital city now inaugurating light rain train services, to me and to most logically fair minded people it is shocking and exciting to witness such advancement in short period of time. Ethiopia once know for to its endless mass slaughter of civil war and mass starvation, now ETHIOPIA suddenly become the becon hope for the rest of Africa.
    Today we do not have no civil war or mass starvation in ETHIOPIA but positive future where our next generation posterity would be proud of and would be transform them to enjoy middle class economic status and promising future where ETHIOPIA would claim it’s responsibility and set its position in the world stage as major player.
    Those who are negative and see the glass half empty may not help ETHIOPIA, but those who are positive and see the glass is half full will continue to uplift ETHIOPIA to better position than they had received it.

  4. assif
    | #4


    you have totally missed the point of discussion, deliberately trying to mislead and misinform. what you have to admit is that tigre p liberation front gangsters are recklessly destroying any chance of peaceful transition of power to the people.

    tplf gangsters who marched to Menelik’s palace, in 1991, carrying their guns won’t listen to anything sensible, because they have lost their sensitivity. violence and murder is what they understand and they will be on the receiving end sooner or later. you have to advise them , for your own sake, that time is running out and the patience of the people should not be seen as a weakness

  5. Addisu Ketema
    | #5


    I love what I am witnessing in Ethiopia, I love the speeding light socioeconomic progress and development that is taking root within the country, that kind of proactive economic advancement is more important than useless hollow propaganda that produces nothing hot air.
    It was couple of month ago the leader of the free world (President Obama)had officially in the from of the world from the WEST wing side of the White house had made this comment, I quote –

  6. selamta
    | #6

    The only thing that keeps you and the writer awake all night is that the ETHIOPIA you know or grew up in,is no longer there.I wonder if you will ever wake up and face reality dude.As to the writer ,he has a very limted time on this planet due to age and wants to live ETHIOPIA the way he knows her , i would love for you to go and visit your country then come back and spew your hate towards one ethnicity .

  7. Asefa
    | #7



    May God Bless Ethiopia !!!!

  8. LemmaBeGebeya
    | #8

    This is the most absurd and incoherent article I read in a long time even by the toxic useless Diaspora standards. The historical references presented as evidence didn’t do justice to the gallant civil rights movement which has achieved great relevance in the advancement of civil societies far beyond the united states. The military analogy – if it was one – was just supplanted to show the appearance of sophistication without any merit or relevance to the subject (typical Diaspora). The analysis and conclusion fell flat as does the body of the thesis rather spectacularly. The most sad part of this article is how the writer failed to mention the very fact how this, the dismantling of Andnet, came about. The truth is, Andnet couldn’t bring itself to stay as a united party. The different factions within the party have their squabble as to who the leaders of the party were, which in turn led to the intervention of NEBE as requested per the party itself. This should have been the historical background to fair minded person worth her/his pencil and paper. Furthermore, the Andnet party still exists – may be not with the set of “leaders” the author would like to see, and readying itself for the next election. That is why the Ethiopian people don’t trust the so-called opposition parties – they don’t know how to bring themselves to a united front. If they cannot prove that to the people, how do expect the people to trust them with power? EPRDF may have 99 problems, but disorganization is not one of them. I feel like wasting my time talking to people who have willingly surrendered their commonsense because of hate though.

  9. Hailu
    | #9

    እንደሚታወቀዉ ግንቦት ሰባት ሁሉን አቀፍ ትግል ነው የሚከተለው በአንድ በኩል በኤርትራ መንግስት መሪነት የትጥቅ ትግል እያደረገ በሌላ በኩል አገር ቤት ባሉ እንደ አንጽነት ባሉ ፓርቲዎች በመጠቀም ረብሻ ለማስነሳት እየሰራ ይገኛል የኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ይሄን የሚያከሽፍ የመከላከል ስራ እየሰራ ነው ይሄ ምንድን ነው አጥያቱ፣ስንቱነዉ የአንጽነት አባል ሆኖ ከግንቦት ሰባት ጋር ባለዉ ግኑኝነት አስርቤት ያለዉ

  10. hqiffat
    | #10

    Our approach, strategy, tactics in fighting against THE FASCIST TPLF is historical, modular, and unstoppable; however, this struggle of the millions both inside and outside the motherland shall be culminated in victory, celebration, joy, and then going back to doing the most important tasks, including housekeeping and filling up the pot holes deliberately left by this enemy of the millions.

    Every potential threats posed by the enemy shall be repelled successfully by all of Ethiopians for they have been well aware of the devilish plan of the enemy to disrupt the existence of our country as the enemy had clearly mentioned in its blue book and manifesto all sorts of action plans to destroy our country and destabilize the lives of citizens so that the enemy would graze on everything and anything that is available above and below the lands of ours.

    Here is what and here is why we tell the enemy: first and foremost Ethiopians shall never be budged for an inch and won’t blink for a fraction of a second, no matter how the enemy tried to intimidate and harass citizens and voters; we, therefore, tell the enemy that it is hurling off our country at a reasonable pace of speed.

  11. Dilwenberu
    | #11

    This is yet another vicious propaganda from the toxic and vocal amhara diapora. The Amhara are the losers and isolated in the modern and democratic Ethiopia under the EPRDF.

  12. Aba Dagnew
    | #12

    The writer of this article doesn’t acknowledge what the AEUP,it’s executives and ordinary members and supporters and likes have to go through by the TPLF.AEUP was found as AAPO by the charismatic and patriotic Ethiopian the Honorable Professor Asrat Woldeyes. What if AEUP and Andinet did form a merger prior to the TPLF crackdown of the opposition ahead of the upcoming election?
    Your article justifies as to where you are standing.Bare in mind that the Ethiopian people want the TPLF and all it’s surrogates gone in their entirety from the Ethiopian political landscape!All patriotic Ethiopians shall fight for the salivation of Ethiopia and all her people from the TPLF ethnic apartheid while at the same time waging all out fight against sellout oppositions.
    Dear writer the Ethiopian people are aware of as to who is who within the opposition.
    Ethiopia shall prevail!
    Patriotic Ethiopians shall prevail!

  13. diaspora
    | #13


    amhara is a nightmare for you. you have no sleep and wont get any sleep until a single amhara is left on earth. amhara is all around you, be afraid. be afraid!

  14. Anonymous
  15. Getaw
    | #15

    አይን አውጣ ወያኔ!! እፍረትም የሚባል አልፈጠረባቸውም!!! ሌላ ምን ይባላል?

  16. Ewunetu Yinager
    | #16

    Yilma’s hate propaganda and dooms day has no end at all. His reckless rehthroric about TPLF and his contempt to the other members of EPRDF is just ridiculous to put it mildly. He has never substantiated and verified his hearsays by any facts what so ever and that makes his writings just a propaganda material aimed at targeting one fellow Ethiopian community. He even does not understand what Woyane stands for and as such how he undermines the gallant struggle of people of Tigray. His lack of respect to EPRDF clearly is his total disrespect to the people of Ethiopia who elected it to lead the nation. The 99.6% vote was that of the people of Ethiopia. He has no proof to disprove it otherwise. How can one so much ridicule and undermine the wisdom of the people Ethiopia? His eyes cannot see what the whole world could see about Ethiopia. True, if one blocks his mind, the eyes cannot do it alone. What is happening in Ethiopia it is not something that one cannot see. You can observe it and verify it with facts. You can touch it. That does not however mean that all is perfect. Nowhere in the world all is perfect. Ethiopia is governed by human beings. All human beings have their limitations and shortcomings. The point it work in progress. Ethiopia is not a hell as he tries to portraying the situation.

  17. jjifique
    | #17

    Well, the end of Fascist TPLF is near as the enemy is folded into a miniature flat card box by the mighty feast of Ethiopians; true, the enemy will be crushed to its defeat; of course, that is how the battle is going to be culminated.

    The course of our historical struggle has been shaped in such a way to have the house of the enemy crumbled on it and get buried under the pile of the debris from hell. Hence by this the life of the enemy will finish.

    The worst soon to happen. The mighty feast of the hands of Ethiopians is tough and rough designed by nature and had been used on Fascist Italians proven deadly, and by the prolonged extension of the accumulation of the mighty force will push the enemy out dead, so that the Fascist TPLF will be plunged to its death and rot to death. This will herald the end of the battle.

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