Congratulations Professor Tecola Hagos By Mekonnen Meshesha,

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Recently, there seems to be an increased and unexpected interest in a book, which Prof Tecola W Hagos wrote in 1999. The book is based on a graduate level seminar-lecture Prof Tecola gave in 1997 at The John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The course focused on understanding the complexity of the interface between contemporary governmental power and economic development in Ethiopia at the emergence of a new republic after a 17 year Communist regime. The title of the book is:

Demystifying Political Thought, Power, and Economic Development: A Guest Lecture at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Khepera, 1999.

As of today (February 12, 2015) as I write this article the book is priced on:

• for a starting price of $2,585.58; (click below
• Barnes & Noble for $787.81, with some seller asking for more. This price has been consistent for the past month.

Sellers in Europe are asking for similar prices as well. The original price of the book back in the early 2000s was $15.00, and perhaps reached a maximum price of $25. The content of this book is full of intellectual insights into the theory of Ethiopia’s power control and dynamics. Prof Tecola writes about the social issues that Ethiopians faced and theories about how to overcome inequalities as a united Ethiopia. To be honest, the book should have never been sold for only $15. The fact is that this short historical document of 193 pages is becoming a sought after book by collectors with the highest price offered for a used book of a living author anywhere is the recognition that Prof Tecola deserves. From what I have read, the modest size of the book is misleading, for the book is a highly sophisticated analysis of the role of the state of power within certain societies. The writing might be compacted, may be even dense often, but no doubt that it is a synthetic work on the “metaphysics” of power in Ethiopia’s past.

It is remarkable that out of tens of thousands of books in print this short historical document mostly known within the Ethiopian Community would end up fetching such exorbitant prices in a global market. A few days ago, I contacted Prof Tecola to invite him to comment about the high price of his book. Surprisingly he had no clue about what was happening because he has not checked the resale value of his book in almost a decade. He simply wrote the material to share his views with a small subset of interested people, mostly individuals interested in Ethiopian politics.
Congratulations Prof. Tecola Hagos, what a remarkable accomplishment! Your book was priced for $2,585.58 – I hope you got to ripe some of these financials benefits.
I’m sure there must have been many times when you wanted to give up, perhaps when individuals stated negative words to some of your articles, but your passion for your work and diligence have certainly paid off. You are a brilliant writer and philosopher, constantly thinking of your people and your country. It looks like your work will be recognized by the International communities now and in the future. The success of your work will keep your legacy alive forever.
I am sure we will be seeing and hearing a great deal more about your achievements in the future. Keep up the good work! God bless you and your family.

Mekonnen Meshesha,
Professor of Strategic Planning, and Advocacy and Policy Analysis
Springfield College School of Human Services, Boston Campus

  1. Alem
    | #1

    The professor of strategic planning, and advocacy and policy analysis apparently has no clue about the book publishing world and is making uninformed advocacy – unless this is a strategic plan to promote the book. In which case, the write-up is the result of bad planning. I am sorry I am the one to spoil the party.

    Hello Professor, a book about a fly is selling for $1.7 million a copy and one about a vampire is going for $1 trillion. Don’t you say $2,585.58 for a book is dirt cheap in comparison?

    In any case, the booksellers have got you talking and forcing you to do a promo for them for FREE! Now that you and your friends are very excited sellers will make sure to bring down the price in the days ahead – and make you believe you got a bargain price. Do you think you can hold your breath for a few more days?

    In other words, the professor is creating wrong perceptions about a book, about himself [you would think he should be able to check his facts], and about the author of the book. I suggest the author to request the removal of the professors piece from Ethiomedia and Abugida.

    Tplf uses similar tactic to make crime and corruption “bearable.” We all know billions [16.5 in a decade beginning 2001] have been illicitly transferred to foreign banks [those banks have come out of a disaster and would not want to jeopardize their interests - pun intended; the data is sourced from the World Bank and reported by Global Financial Integrity]. Just last week Tplf reported the figure 16.5 billions was from 1970 to 2008! That statement immediately does two things. First, it temporarily disallows a comparison that such criminal activities have tripled during Tplf tenure. Secondly, it conveys the idea that this is nothing unusual and happens all the time everywhere. So what could we as citizens do in situations like this?

    1/ Check/organize your facts first and compose a concise and clear report and publish it for public consumption in strategic locations.
    2/ Don’t waste your time and energies discussing Professor TesfaTsion’s paper [I know it is important but not urgent; I also believe the professor is a good man earnestly wanting to "resurrect" his beloved Eritrea and perhaps even create a confederation or even a federal arrangement with Ethiopia]; or G7 merging with who knows who in the process claiming Uncle Isaias’s 20-40,000 special mostly Tigrigna-speaking militia or Esat reporting the benevolence of Isais Afewerki who matter-of-factly said he never harbored ill-will toward Ethiopia [don't laugh] or that a separate Oromia will emerge [will never happen]; the idea itself originated with Isaias and Meles; Leenco and Dima made a living out of the “oromia project” leaving my poor Oromo folk holding the bag of misery and growing to hate Amharic language in the process ceding resources to those who could! Let me repeat what I said before; If Olf and affiliates, G7 and its incarnations, etc pull themselves out of the game today Tplf and Isaias will have to immediately create clones of them, first, to remain in power and second, to deceive donors a catastrophe is about to happen and of course get away with millions of taxpayer’s precious money.
    3/ Don’t waste time on Orthodox Church split and Muslim oppression; both institutions are similarly unproductive and hate-driven and run by Tplf; disturbances only enhance Tplf’s importance in the eyes of donors who harbor existential threats coming from “extremists.” War and fears of war are known to be a lucrative business. Tplf is in Somalia, South Sudan, Northern Kenya and of course in Addis. Ethiopians outside the country have no business trying to manage from a distance the struggle in our homeland. There is lack of sense of proportion; they act like a herd or like the hungry kid who piled up his plate only to find he will not be able to eat it all and hence resorted to eating and throwing up [insults and threats and lies] and in the process wasting resources! The best those abroad can do is advocacy, which entails educating donor publics [who have no clue what is going on outside their country or with their tax money or care less about distant cultures - other than perhaps that these groups want to come into their countries illegally] and standing in the gap for the likes of Zone 9 Bloggers, Eskinder, Bekele, Reeyot, etc.

    Please bear with me as I illustrate how unfairly talk of “equality” is being exploited by Tplf? Let me pick gold mining. There are currently three major players in Ethiopia mining gold [remember it was the previous Ethiopian govs which did the prospecting and mapping of gold deposits] – Midroc [owned and run by the Saudi Al Amoudi in Lagga Dambi [Oromia region], Ascom in Benishangul-Gumuz owned and operated by Egypt, and Ezana privately owned and operated by Endowment fund for rehabilitation of Tigray [Effort] in collaboration with the Saudi Al Amoudi. All licenses were granted by Tplf; all are non-disclosure deals [so who gets what cut]. Ezana is owned by Tigray. Ascom is NOT owned by Benishangul-Gumuz but by Egypt and near the hydro-dam. Lagga Dambi is NOT owned by Oromia as it should. Do you now see how “equality” works? Tplf also made new laws that put a stop to selling gold on the market – gold could only be sold to the national bank, at a price set by the bank. And guess what? The banks are run by Tplf [board chairs - and key members - for Commercial and National Banks are, respectively, Bereket and Neway]. You ask who controls the trade in gold in Benishangul-Gumuz and you find it is Tigrayans!

    You have to ask the wisdom of allowing Egypt near the hydro-dam and why the haggle over who-know-what. You also find Isaias hoping to get cheap hydro-power from Ethiopia. You then ask what actually transpired between the deceased Meles and sickly Mubarak [and Isaias and Boutros Ghali] in the early 1990s and recently with the World Bank/multinationals in the mix? With Ascom [Egypt] near the dam security becomes preeminent. Could Ascom engineers be members of Egyptian Intelligence? Tplf has already prepared to handle that scenario: move in busloads of Tigrayans. I will tell you this; in 5-10 years time Benishangul-Gumuz will largely be populated by Tigrayans. So what, you may ask. So you see that Tigrayans could own and run businesses anywhere and the rest have to remain in their playgrounds [fighting over trivialities and/or show-off their cultural dances totally oblivious to the fact that a pickpocket has made off with your life's savings]. And those who moved to Benishangul are buying up property – offering obscene money to drive competitors out of the market. Tigrayans have already laid claims to area near the dam and in fact have hired locals to clear the shrubs in preparation for fish and oil seed farms, etc. Did you know the legislation has not been made public yet? When the laws finally come out guess who is there already. Is that fair? Is that equality? Is it fair that one group could start business less 15% VAT and the other 15% VAT added? Is it fair that who gets a business or property is already determined before the bidding even started?

    Should not Oromo populations be prime beneficiaries and NOT the Saudi Al Amoudi [aka Tplf]? Go check Al Amoudi’s share over the years of engaging in the extremely lucrative gold trade and those by Ethiopian gov. Should Benishangul locals be standing by as someone all the way from Tigray and Egypt come to reap the benefits that rightly belonged to them? Interesting also is the fact that Tigrayans controlling the economies in outlying regions [Gambella, Gumuz, etc] mostly invest in Tigray and in Addis and NOT locally. Am I into race-baiting? I don’t believe so. All I am saying is what is going on is NOT fair. Tigrayans are Ethiopians like the rest of us and that there must be proportionality in how resources are shared.

    So what needs to happen? All who are in a position of privilege to access credible info should engage in proper documentation and dissemination both to Ethiopians and to donor publics. My advise? Do NOT engage in hate and lies when sharing such info.

  2. Girum
    | #2

    I checked the price on Amazon – what I learnt is that some private book collector adevertised to sell the book at that price. Is there any one intersted to buy it? No – on ebay or amazon you can advertise to sell you dirty T shirt for a million dollar. That doesn’t mean that Amazon has a pile of Tekola’s book to sell it. This add is a cheap way of promoting a book written by a confused writer and confused Mekonen – if you have the ability to review a book show us the relevance of this book. Never got tired of shameful piece of news -

  3. Long live Ethiopia
    | #3

    This kind of intellect integrity is a requirement to address the debilitating affect of ethnic politics. most of Africa is being affected by colonial time ethnic stratification and its deadly manifestations has surfaced in recent past both in Rwanda and in Kenya at cost of million lives lost and countless properties destroyed.This colonial stratification was done by colonialist that were more advanced than the locals that were in early stages of agrarian development. Weyanes though they are doing their high way robbery in day light they are by no means that sophisticated to deceive the Ethiopian people at large . When the pendulum of justice gets the upper hand TPLF goons will have to account for the distraction and and division they brought to good people of Ethiopia.

  4. Ye Gonder Jegna
    | #4

    @ Alem,
    What happened to you ? maybe you should search on amazon for some self help book in the psychology section to ease your psychotic trauma.

  5. Aman
    | #5

    What a blabber!!

  6. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #6

    Dear Professor Mekonnen Meshesha, I thank you for your brief but potent comment on the recent interest in my book of 1999. Leaving aside whatever is the cause for such price-hick for the book, your generous testament and truly encouraging words about my effort to see our great Ethiopia recover from the ills visited upon her by generations of Ethiopian leaders and all of us.

    No one is innocent in the harm inflicted on our ancient land of great history. Our problem persists for we are still pointing fingers at each other rather than using our fingers to grasp our reality of poor education and scanty knowledge. We blame others for narrow ethnic based politics, and yet we use ethnic slurs and attacks using ethnic identity as the basis of rights and privileges.

    It is amazing to me to read some of the silly digs and absurd comments by individuals with a fraction of your stellar education and professional experience. As I stated earlier, thank you for your generosity in recognizing my years of labor of love of country and my suffering the insults of cowards throwing darts at me from their hiding in darkest holes using false names and identities in the cyber-world. No wonder they are hiding their identities, for they are mostly former red terrorists, the savage brute Mengistu former collaborators and supporters and/or their spawns, infiltrators from outdated and primitive liberation movements still fighting the shadow of long gone Monarchy et cetera.

    Thank you immensely, my generous and honorable friend Professor Mekonnen, and all those who have been good to me.

    Tecola W. Hagos

  7. tewbel
    | #7

    what was the 0.58 cents for?

  8. Alem
    | #8

    Dear Aman,
    I don’t know which part of my comment is causing you grief.
    Assuming it could be selling price of Tecola’s book
    I will go ahead and give you a clue;
    Amazon has it at $2,585.58 and
    B&N at $787.81
    Do you think Amazon is so stupid as
    to believe anyone would buy their ware
    when it is cheaper at B&N?
    Think of algorithmic madness.
    Please dear Aman,
    Do NOT take for a moment my comments
    are about the contents of the book
    authored by Tecola.
    Be good. Your friend,
    The Blabber.
    ps: Could you tell Ye Gonder Jegna
    the self-help book he recommended
    is rare and listed at a price
    that caused my heart to skip two beats;
    a third would have been fatal.
    Since he is one able to
    diagnose such maladies without ever
    seeing the patient could he also
    write a prescription?
    One for me and one for
    the “professor” would be just

  9. Abere
    | #9


    For a change it would be good to read the book in question.. You seems to be full of yourself..Sorry.

  10. Girum
    | #10

    Tekola – you are suspecting everyone from the past – how about the current ethnocentric terrorists; the ones that you have been upholding ever since they came to power? The killers in every city, town and village… You love them, ehhh? You advice us to accept their will by participating in their sham election… you have no political integrity, one wonders if you know what integrity means.

  11. papie
    | #11

    @Tecola W. Hagos
    lol…. how about TPLF???? is TPLF better than derg?? no way. TPLF is the most notorious fascistic regime in the world in the 21st century. TPLF is not only killing people but killing the country Ethiopia. Shame on those who support or sympathetic towards TPLF. TPLF is the only barbaric regime on this earth right now. Alas, TPLF has to be removed by all means necessary from Ethiopia.
    God bless Ethiopia and patriotic ethiopians, not bandas

  12. Alem
    | #12

    I think we are taking this discussion off the tracks by making it personal.
    If I remember well the issue was that Professor Mekonnen came out with a congratulatory not to Tecola on his Demystifying book.
    The emphasis was on the high price [suggesting it must be both desirable and highly scholarly]. I started us off cautioning that the price is unrealistic and
    aberrant [I said nothing about the content of the book because that was not on the table. All Professor Mekonnen and others had to do was check out if my comments were indeed correct and report their findings.

    What we end up doing was for Jegna psychologist recommending that I buy a book from Amazon to help me with my "trauma." Aman called me a "blabber." Just so the reader understands that none of them addressed the dreamy price quoted by Prof. Mekonnen. Tecola enters thanking Prof. Mekonnen for his "brief but potent comment on the recent interest in my book of 1999." Tecola also says we need to "leave aside whatever is the cause for such price-hick [sic] for the book.” Should we really set aside the price hike since that is the reason for the discussion to begin with? Tecola then goes on to earn mileage out of the erroneous article by insinuating “generous testament and truly encouraging words about my effort to see our great Ethiopia recover from the ills visited upon her by generations of Ethiopian leaders and all of us.” Read again Tecola’s comments as he goes out of his way to excoriate any who challenged the professor’s uninformed statements [not him personally]; please observe these words/phrases: “… poor education and scanty knowledge … ethnic slurs and attacks … silly digs and absurd comments …individuals with a fraction of your stellar education and professional experience … my suffering the insults of cowards throwing darts at me from their hiding in darkest holes using false names and identities in the cyber-world …they are mostly former red terrorists, the savage brute Mengistu former collaborators and supporters and/or their spawns, infiltrators from outdated and primitive liberation movements still fighting the shadow of long gone Monarchy et cetera.” Don’t you say such statements are uncalled for under the circumstances? Should not the responder stick to facts and not sidetrack us by suggesting someone is hiding in a hole intent on creating havoc? Hello Jegna, could you help?

    My original contention was that Prof. Mekonnen failed to do his homework when he wrote up the piece. I still want him to explain his reasoning or apologize for misleading the reader. In such cases, the professor or a discussant would do the required research as to the veracity of the professor’s statements and provide the reader with another evidence. That did not happen; instead we are back to taking sides even when some could not come up with more than calling me “blabber” or in “trauma.” Can you believe this? Do you now see why I transitioned into the issue of why and how perceptions are created and in the absence of someone countering them those perceptions are taken for granted?

    Tplf is busy creating a perception. Ethiopia, in this lore, is “stable, peaceful, and developing fast.” I wish these were all true. Unfortunately, they are deceptively and deliberately exaggerated. Sadly, few care to take positions that matter. Those who are in the know have chosen to sideline themselves; the rest don’t have the time or interest or for lack of leadership engage only in diatribe.

    If you are a regular at Abugida you could have come across my use of the mechanic- dressed-as-a-surgeon metaphor. Obviously the patient is not going to survive. Now think again of a fellow dressed in a doctor’s gown. Would you let me operate on your wife just because he is in a doctor’s garb? Not if you love your wife and have some commonsense. Well, that’s what is plaguing us first and foremost: not separating facts from fiction and “intellectuals” refusing to abide by rules of scholarly engagement and presenting themselves as compulsive liars [about their credentials, about their use of information, etc]!

    Anyone here able to provide counter-arguments about secret and corrupt handling of gold mining deals in our country? Just the facts, please.

  13. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #13

    ምነው መኮንን መሸሻ
    ጽሁፍን አረከው ባዶ መሞካሻ

    ለዚህ ፕሮ መሆን ያስፈልጋል?
    ወይስ መዋሸት በናንተ ያምራል?

    ከመጣፋቸው ትንሽ ጠቀስ አርገው
    እኛንም አቀማምሰው
    ድጋፍ ይሁን ትችት ቢሆን የሰጡት
    ድለላዎን ባልጠላሁት

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    Alem’s concern of fairness and equality and so on is reasonable but in my reading, it is not the norm or the mode of operation of “developmental states”?

    Let us start by knowing why a semi authoritarian state is conducive to fast development first:

    Robert Marsh, conducted a survey of 98 countries for the period 1955-70 and found that: “Political competition/democracy does have a significant effect on later rates of economic development; its influence is to retard the development rate, rather than to facilitate it. …a democratic political system appears to be a luxury which hinders development.”

    And if we read the following quote on China how CPC retains grip of the economics we get the drift of why the Meles/EPRDF vision and its grip through EFFORT and other associates to duplicate similar development endeavors is desired.

    ” Carsten Holz, an economics professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, wrote in the Far Eastern Economic Review that “of the 3,220 Chinese citizens with a personal wealth of 100 million yuan ($13 million) or more, 2,932 are children of high-level cadres. Of the key positions in the five industrial sectors—finance, foreign trade, land development, large-scale engineering, and securities—85 percent to 90 percent are held by children of high-level cadres.”

    There you have it!

  15. Robsim
    | #15

    @ Alem
    You said that “I think we are taking this discussion off the tracks by making it personal. If I remember well the issue was that Professor Mekonnen came out with a congratulatory not to Tecola on his Demystifying book.
    The emphasis was on the high price [suggesting it must be both desirable and highly scholarly]. I started us off cautioning that the price is unrealistic and
    aberrant [I said nothing about the content of the book because that was not on the table. All Professor Mekonnen and others had to do was check out if my comments were indeed correct and report their findings.”

    You are so confused, off the track, and you can’t have a moral ground to discuss in this article. You know why? You posted your first article either by noting only the professor name(he is from Tigray so that you hate Tigreans) or you did it deliberately to give absurd comments. If you really want give real comment on the price, you really limit your comment on this issue only. Instead, you preferred to commit a fallacy called ad hominem rather than evaluating the soundness and validity of the argument that was presented. If you didn’t know about the contents of the book, why you did shut your mouth.

    All you talked a bunch of crap.

    Above all, professor Tekola is brilliant, diligent, wise …scholar, writer, and philosopher. He is the man who loves his country above anything. He is the who can be a role model for all of us. Please professor don’t feel anything about the negative comments to your articles. All are dirts in general. Keep doing all your contribution, and keep loving your people & country.
    God bless you and your family.

  16. Alem
    | #16

    Abere and his neighbor Robsim assumed I did not read the book. Jegna could diagnose “trauma” without ever seeing the patient. Again Robsim takes it for granted I personally know Prof. Mekonnen is from Tigray [injecting poison into the discussion]. I did try to find Prof. Mekonnen’s address at Springfield College [Boston Campus] to ask for explanation; alas, he is not on the faculty list [could be I looked at the wrong campus].

    I have been explicit before in recognizing Tecola’s brilliance and range of subject matter he addresses himself to. I never questioned his love for Ethiopia [though we may, understandably, differ on the Ethiopia we have in mind]. I did challenge the veracity of his statements to keep him and others accountable; none should be above accountability – esp. those who are much more knowledgeable than most of us. I think that is only fair. Tecola, for instance, argued that Eskinder should be freed on condition that he leave his country; that those who have complaints of inequities should use the court system; that the opposition should go ahead and participate in voting in the upcoming elections, and so on. What do you make of all that? Tecola said we need to bring Mengistu before ICC; I suggested he being the legal scholar and human rights lawyer should compile a dossier to include Meles, Seye, Tsadkan, Seyoum, etc [remember 100,000 died in a meaningless war between Eritrea and Ethiopia over a border that remains un-demarcated; 430 were murdered in Gambella; 197 peaceful demonstrators were murdered on the streets of Addis following the stolen 2005 elections, etc; NONE of these cases were brought before of a court of justice]. And I have yet to hear Tecola’s response.

    BTW, I challenge anyone reading this to find a comment I had made that was disrespectful to Tecola or anyone else. Why do I say that? Let me go back to the metaphor of the mechanic-turned-surgeon. The perception created by the fellow in a physician’s garb is that he/she is an authority in some branch of medicine and thus able to help the trusting patient. Guess what happens if the one in the garb is in fact an auto-mechanic. Let me illustrate; I read scholar A refer to scholar B as “the leading educational theorist” in Ethiopia. I went out of my way to check if that was the case. The label happened to be both misleading and a lie. So what is the big deal about all this? Well, everything, really. You see once you accord such authority to someone you end up making his statements authoritative about education in Ethiopia. The danger is such that scholar B believes and writes education in Ethiopia is doing just fine other than for minor glitches [and that no one should be expecting perfection, etc]; B never discusses, to mention but few, that a separate educational policy [and funding] exists for Tigray and that established universities [such as Alemaya] had to be ripped off foreign funding and faculties to strengthen primarily a university in Tigray. In other words, by allowing B to exercise authority in the areas of education one is running the risk of feeding erroneous material into the stream of data. Lazy foreign reporters/researchers come along and use such material in the process strengthening the hand of tyranny and weakening options for a generation that is on the losing end. That is why I argue Ethiopians with expertise in some area should focus on outing Tplf’s lies that Ethiopia is “stable, peaceful, and growing fast.” If peaceful why thousands upon thousands flee at every opportunity; if growing fast why so much corruption and no accountability and so much suffering and deepening poverty; if stable why talk about terrorism 24/7 or enact new terror laws and jail journalists for mildly critiquing the policies of their own country; and why, in comparison to Derg era, is the jail system expanding at such an alarming rate, etc? If Tplf and supporters are not challenged on every level their word becomes the standard that will ultimately undermine those with an alternative vision for our country.

    Note, Tplf claims are also its Achilles’ Heel – if those concerned about the welfare of our country know how put it to use. It is PR, PR, PR. Don’t waste your energies on discussing Uncle Isaias or Ginbot 7 and its emerging army or Olf and its disorienting and ageing leadership or how those at the forefront of the struggle in Ethiopia should act. Educate, educate, educate donor communities in North America and Europe; they are ignorant and care less unless someone explains our cause to them in a clear and concise manner [text, video, twitter, blog, etc]. Publish in strategic sites. As things stand the opposition is NO Match for Tplf. Google “Ethiopia” and see for yourself a picture of a sanitized system run by Tplf and one that needs no interference from anyone any time soon. Teodros Adhanom turns Ministry of Health into a hive of corruption by re-organizing it his way, receives commendation from Bush and goes on to lead Foreign Ministry for which he is remotely trained [and now Ministry of Health is back restoring to its pre-Adhanom tenure!!

    In the eyes of donors Tplf's "minor" errors [billions in corruption, sale of babies, sale of young wonen, etc] are forgivable. Could one make a docu on how Bill Gates and Bob Geldof, etc are in fact working for a tyrannical system? Be creative, that’s all! Tplf uses FEAR; fight it with FACTS! Question the credibility of its emissaries!

  17. Haqe Lemizat
    | #17

    Prof Tecola W Hagos is a great writer, with wide ranging talent. He delivers, he is not just talks. I know him well for he was my Professor some years back. I work at the college he teaches.

    Girum is a crude ignorant man trying to sound intelligent. He posts zebaznke without understanding the meaning or significance of terms. He was Mengistu’s Cadre who is now using camouflage hiding his past and pretending to be a human rights advocate and an Ethiopian Patriot.

    Alem is just a hired hand with some degree of sophistication, but a crude racist, ethnocrate, and nuvo elitist to his core. He is no different than the propagandists from Shabia, the OLF, and fringe political groups. What is eating him up is the fact that no matter what he might try to do, he will never reach the recognition and respect Prof Tecola W Hagos has earned from the Ethiopian people through his art, philosophical essays, and political books and numerous commentaries.

  18. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #18

    Dear Prof Tecola
    Meknoned Meshesha did not mention anything from your book except admiring your work or you as a person.
    so he failed you.

  19. Girum
    | #19

    Haqe#17 writes’…I know him (Tekola) well for he was my Professor some years back. I work at the college he teaches….’ – I can see how Tekola cultivated you to be the best at using dirty language in defining others. Bravo Tekola for producing such an intellegent fellow under your guidance. This is another proof of your success. One whose eyes were infected and risk of loosing was advised by a doctor to get a cat’s eye to replace them. Once he got the cat’s eyes in a successful surgery,the doctor asked him ‘what do you see?’; the patient answered ‘I see rats only’… everything visible turns rat – all who disagrees with woyane/Tekola are Mengistu’s cadres. What an inteelegent conclusion. የወያኔ መነፅር የተገጠመለት ሁሉም ነገር መንግስቱ መስሎ ይታየዋል:: አይፈረድብህም ወንድሜ

    | #20


  21. Eunetu
    | #21

    A misunderstanding of book pricing
    (Please read the article wrote by Tamiru Ayele to clear the confusion about the book pricing) It was just another drama as usuall!

  22. Tecola W. Hagos
    | #22

    Eunetu @21 and others:
    I read Mr. Tamiru Ayele’s brief article “A Misunderstanding on Tecola’s book price,” posted in your Website on 19 February 2015. The brief article is full of demeaning and accusatory statements. Before accusing Prof Mekonnen for missing “the small print and some details,” Tamiru Ayele himself should have checked his odious misrepresentation about me writing the said book while I was an official of the “TPLF-led regime,” despite the fact Prof Mekonnen stated that the book is based on a seminar-lecture I conducted at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 1997.

    Tamiru Ayele wrote, “If Dr. Mekonnen had done more research, he would also have found one important fact that rare books, which the author wrote when he was an official of the TPLF-led regime, pricing is arbitrary. In fact, the book in question can illustrate this reality.” [emphasis mine]

    The fact of the matter is that I resigned from the Ethiopian Government in 1993 having worked as a senior advisor for a little over a year and a half, and I left Ethiopia in 1993. I was a fellow at Harvard University Law School for almost two academic years 1993 to 1995. Starting from 1998 to date, for the last seventeen years, I have been teaching Philosophy and Composition Courses at a local college in Maryland. As an aside, let Tamiru Ayele and all others know that you are not heaping some special honor on me if you address me as “Prof Tecola W. Hagos,” which is how even the President of the college addresses me.

    Although I appreciate the role as Editors of websites, they should not have wasted space and time for such sophomoric writing that adds nothing to the mystery of the pricing of books of any kind. The Price is still high, almost the same price only less by fifty dollars. I demand a public apology for misrepresentation and the innuendo from Tamiru Ayele and a solemn promise that he will not write about me or in reference to me ever again without first checking his facts.
    Tecola W. Hagos

  23. Getaw
    | #23

    I am surprised why Dr. Tekola Hagos and Dr. Mekonnen did not bother to correct the misinformation whoever circulated it. That is what genuine academician would have done the moment they find the mistakes. That makes me suspect that there is something fishy going on, even Dr Tekola might be part of the plan. Let’s see official explanation of the truth.

  24. Getaw
    | #24

    Alem, Alem, Alem we need thousands of you. They have no sahme robbing resources left and right. I also think that TPLF hired foreign writers to boost up its meaningless mantra into internet world.

  25. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #25

    Alem thanks for exposing the two Prof Techola Hagos and Mekonen Meshesa. I did not know they are supporting Woyane because they are Tigreans. It is a shame!!!!!

  26. Temtim
    | #26

    We are discussing the fantastic high price of a book written by a gifted writer and sophisticated political theorist Prof Tecola W Hagos,in 1999 now fetching over $2500 on the used book market The book is highly critical of the EPRDF and other liberation movements. Very nationalistic and fabulous writing with great insights. Do not write such idiotic statments without having read the book or any part of it. You should be happy that an Ethiopian intelectual’s work is valued so highly by the Used Books Market of collectors, rather than trying to ddegrade a world-value given to a book.

  27. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #27

    Temtim @26
    ጠምጥም ዙሪያ ጥምጥም
    ፍየል እዚህ እዛ ቅዝምዝም

    ባዶ ማሞካሻ
    ቢጽፍ መሸሻ
    ክጽሁፋቸው ሳያቃምሰን
    ቢለን አድንቁልን
    ድንቅ ድንቅ ለምን? እንዲያው ምን ቢጽፉልን?
    አልኩት አቅምስን!!!
    እኛም ልንል ድንቅ ድንቅ
    ግን ባዶ ማሞካሻ
    የጻፈው መሸሻ
    ቃል የለው ለቅምሻ

    በጨበጣ አድንቁልን ነው ለካ
    ካንድ ቀዬ ካንድ ሰበካ
    መምጣት ነው ለካ
    የዚህ ሁሉ ጋጋታ ሰበካ

    እኔ ባጭሩ የምጠይቅህ መሸሻ ስለጽሁፉ የተናገረው ነገር አላየሁም
    ካለ አርመኝ
    ክሌለ ተወኝ

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