Congratulations Professor Tecola Hagos By Mekonnen Meshesha,

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Recently, there seems to be an increased and unexpected interest in a book, which Prof Tecola W Hagos wrote in 1999. The book is based on a graduate level seminar-lecture Prof Tecola gave in 1997 at The John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The course focused on understanding the complexity of the interface between contemporary governmental power and economic development in Ethiopia at the emergence of a new republic after a 17 year Communist regime. The title of the book is:

Demystifying Political Thought, Power, and Economic Development: A Guest Lecture at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Khepera, 1999.

As of today (February 12, 2015) as I write this article the book is priced on:

• for a starting price of $2,585.58; (click below
• Barnes & Noble for $787.81, with some seller asking for more. This price has been consistent for the past month.

Sellers in Europe are asking for similar prices as well. The original price of the book back in the early 2000s was $15.00, and perhaps reached a maximum price of $25. The content of this book is full of intellectual insights into the theory of Ethiopia’s power control and dynamics. Prof Tecola writes about the social issues that Ethiopians faced and theories about how to overcome inequalities as a united Ethiopia. To be honest, the book should have never been sold for only $15. The fact is that this short historical document of 193 pages is becoming a sought after book by collectors with the highest price offered for a used book of a living author anywhere is the recognition that Prof Tecola deserves. From what I have read, the modest size of the book is misleading, for the book is a highly sophisticated analysis of the role of the state of power within certain societies. The writing might be compacted, may be even dense often, but no doubt that it is a synthetic work on the “metaphysics” of power in Ethiopia’s past.

It is remarkable that out of tens of thousands of books in print this short historical document mostly known within the Ethiopian Community would end up fetching such exorbitant prices in a global market. A few days ago, I contacted Prof Tecola to invite him to comment about the high price of his book. Surprisingly he had no clue about what was happening because he has not checked the resale value of his book in almost a decade. He simply wrote the material to share his views with a small subset of interested people, mostly individuals interested in Ethiopian politics.
Congratulations Prof. Tecola Hagos, what a remarkable accomplishment! Your book was priced for $2,585.58 – I hope you got to ripe some of these financials benefits.
I’m sure there must have been many times when you wanted to give up, perhaps when individuals stated negative words to some of your articles, but your passion for your work and diligence have certainly paid off. You are a brilliant writer and philosopher, constantly thinking of your people and your country. It looks like your work will be recognized by the International communities now and in the future. The success of your work will keep your legacy alive forever.
I am sure we will be seeing and hearing a great deal more about your achievements in the future. Keep up the good work! God bless you and your family.

Mekonnen Meshesha,
Professor of Strategic Planning, and Advocacy and Policy Analysis
Springfield College School of Human Services, Boston Campus

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