The Poison within a Video, “U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State” By Tecola W. Hagos

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An incredibly inciting video “U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State” has been making its rounds in the last two weeks in Ethiopian Websites. I suspect most of the Webmasters and Editors who posted that Video in their respective Websites did not seem to have considered the deeper mission of the video of poison rolled up in a benign looking exterior concern for all the Ethiopians harmed by the current Ethiopian Government of “Tigreans.” The video is deceptively composed to give it the appearance of an official United States Government pronouncement and presentation claiming that Ethiopia is a failed state. One must be in another Universe to think of Ethiopia as a Failed State. In reality it is the work of a certain Miller Hansen. Despite my prompt enquiry no one seems to know such a person. The name itself is Chimera made up of two surnames very unusual name for a person from this part of the World.

Because of the deception involved in such video, I am addressing my note to my Fellow Ethiopians at this distressing time and period of great turmoil and confusion in our Community. I did watch the Video twice very carefully. I did not see much of any constructive purpose in a video purely aimed to saw seeds of hate against an ethnic group in Ethiopia that is as much a victim of other ethnic groups of ethnic cleansing and brutal suppression by the current brutal Government of Ethiopia. The video with pirated official seals of the US Government that one can use in such deceptive manner, does not at all establish any degree of credence as an official act of the Government of the United States. The video has the appearance that it is some documentary that is an official US Government Production. This is no different than the type of ethnic cleansing propaganda used in Rwanda against the Tutsi.

I believe, this video is the work of the enemies of Ethiopia not just the regime in power. I am as concerned as the next Ethiopian when I hear about or see in videos Ethiopians being murdered, tortured, and abused. But I am also aware of the fact that Groups and individuals could use such horrible videos for their own destructive purpose campaigning against the very survival of the whole of Ethiopia. It is obvious to me that the video is meant to destabilize and further fracture Ethiopia and widen the fissures created by the ill-conceived ethnic based federalist state structure. Even if we are not wise enough or courageous enough to challenge the current tyrannical and treasonous leaders in power in Ethiopia, at the very least we should be wise enough to know our appalling limitations and allow nature to take its own toll, as was the case with Meles Zenawi’s death. We should not fall for such type of cheap and sensational piece that seeds hate and violence among ourselves. Mind you, the video piece was produced by a White foreigner obviously seeking fame and fortune as a hired gun and camouflaging his true identity. The political, religious, and economic problems of Ethiopia are far more complex than the graphic incidents of atrocities presented in the video.
Take note also of the type of solutions offered in the video, it is all aimed to hinder any form of economic help and progress of the Ethiopian people. For sure, we can see that a well-armed regime will not just collapse, but ordinary Ethiopians are the ones that will further suffer the most if economic sanctions and pressure is drastically put on Ethiopia. Do not listen to such trash and hired hands whose goals are not to save Ethiopia or Ethiopians but to destroy us through fracturing us. Meles and now his legacy and his group do not care one iota about Tigreans or any other people of Ethiopia, nor care about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. Their interest is simply power and money for themselves as any mercenary type group. Let us be wise and know our enemies for what they are, they come dressed in all forms of political and religious camouflage.
I am a patriotic man, a proud Ethiopian, descended from great heroes who bleed and died for Ethiopia throughout our long history including recent ones, such as the five-year patriotic resistance against the Italian occupiers, against the savagery of Mengistu’s terroristic regime et cetera. There is no way I will fall for such cheap propaganda piece like the video in question. I have no love for the current Ethiopian leaders in power, they are no different than mercenaries, but then in order to free Ethiopia and all of us from the clutches of such leaders, I will not throw away the baby with the bathwater. We must find our own solution without having to destroy our great nation in the process.
Thus, I advocated tact, wisdom, even sleaze in working from within to be able to create popular support within the citizens of Ethiopia right there in Ethiopia in handling a powerful and unscrupulous foe. My writings carry such messages of advocacy tact and strategy, for a long time now. This did not earn me friends from either the Diaspora politicians or the Officials of the Ethiopian Government. But being such a disagreeable person, I hold both groups to see in my writings their own distorted reflections in the reality of Ethiopia.
We must not lose sight of the big picture even when we are focusing on the many wrongs the current Ethiopian Government is committing against the individual rights of Ethiopians and against the unity and solidity of Ethiopia itself. We must never lose sight of the Sovereignty and independent survival of Ethiopia. Nothing is as important as our survival as a nation and a people. The wrongs and inequities of particular governments would be remedied and pass into history in time, but if a nation disintegrates, it might never be put together or would take centuries to put it back together. None of the individuals in power now would I trust to represent the interest of Ethiopians nor to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. On the other hand, we can only live in our individual and communal reality. If we have poor leadership, we have to deal with that reality as best we can.
Some months back I wrote a lengthy article on the art of compromise in order to advance our political and economic vision for an Ethiopia of our future, I do not accept the idea that human beings are helpless in the face of what may be considered as inevitable or predetermined ends. I believe we can always change what might seem to be a horrible inevitable end. At any rate, the future is shielded from us, all we can do is take educated guess what the future might hold for us and do the best we could to live a virtuous life. Ultimately, we each live an individualized life and not a life to be lived by a committee. Thus the need to think individually and responsibly in the best interest of our singular country, Ethiopia.
Long Live Ethiopia.
Tecola W Hagos

  1. Aleganesh Demisse
    | #1

    A giraffe is a rabbit beautifully painted by Tecola Hagos.I read him for entertainment so long as it remains a side show. But what is appalling is his sudden craze for self-promotion. One example can serve as an illustration: his failed attempt through Amazon to be intellectually solid and visible. Is he morally “upright” given his political background in all his dealings like the intellectual shenanigans of TPLF?. The answer is the resounding “NO”. Who is he after all teaching about individual morality, ethics and love for a country? I am not saying he is a reduction of a reduction: even though he sounds like it.

    | #2

    ” Meles and now his legacy and his group do not care one iota about Tigreans or any other people of Ethiopia, nor care about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. Their interest is simply power and money for themselves as any mercenary type group. Let us be wise and know our enemies for what they are, they come dressed in all forms of political and religious camouflage.”

    መመንጠር ያለባቸው ምድረ አስካርያን!!

  3. Darewos
    | #3

    I have read opposing and defaming commentaries on the `Ethiopia: A failing state`from only the two Tigrayan intellectuals, Drs. Ghelawdewos Araia
    Tecola Hagos. What has triggered the anger and criticism of these two intellectuals is the exposure of the heinous crimes of the TPLF to the international community. The divide and rule of the ethnical fascit front the TPLF ,is moving Ethiopia fast into the abyss and the country has already joined the club of the partially failed or failing states. If they were really concerned about Ethiopia and Ethiopians as a whole, the two guys would join ranks with Ethiopians and contribute to remove the cause of Ethiopia`s failure as a state and country. The major source of the crises that is taking the country down the drain is the TPLF. Dr.Ghelawdewos Araia is the outspoken supporter of the TPLF and apologist of its late fascist and racist tribal leader Meles Zenawi.

  4. OZZ
    | #4

    Tecola hagos has to experience what it means to be abused,discriminated against, getting evicted and displaced, denied job/business opportunity because one belongs to the ‘wrong’ ethnic group, to be denied the right to organise independently as a political party, not being allowed to have the freedom to speak and write what you like, to be denied the right to publish your own newspaper and to make a living as a journalist…….
    to my mind this s what it means to be a failed state.

    what about tplf ‘winning’ by 99.6% every time there is an election. is this not a total failure of democracy and democratic practices. what is a failed state mean if this can not describe tplf as a failure.

    Failing to deliver democracy, freedom and justice , WE FIND THE INSTITUTIONS TPLF HAS PUT IN PLACE JUST TO DO THAT.
    with its ELECTION BOARD tplf akes sure that no opposition has a chance to be registerd to compete in election let alone win unless it serves as a puppet of tplf. this is a vivid desription of a failed state

    lets take the Tplf kangaroo court which on tramped up charges and false and fabricated has placed 100s of 1000s of citzens into torture chambers.

    a failed state is one which has failed to deliver democracy,freedom and justice to its citizens. tplf is such a state.

  5. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #5

    አቶ ተኮላ (ለአብርሃ በላይ የጻፉትን ደብዳቤ ስላነበብኩ ይህንን title ምናልባት እንደማይወዱት እገምታለሁ:: እኔ ደግሞ ለሰው የሚገባውን ክብር ሳልነፍግ ለofficial የሥራ ጉዳይ ወይም ለpublic address ካልሆነ በቀር በሙያው title ሰውን መጥራት consistency የሌለው (ዶ/ር ፡ ኢንጂነር ፡ በጅሮንድ ? ፡ ግንበኛ ? አላስፈላጊና አጉል ልማድ ነው ብዬ ስለማምን አላደርገውም::)

    To get back to the topic, I too have seen the video twice. I am not going to analyze the contents of the video by segments in detail, which the video does a good job of. You obviously chose to focus on the fact that the video attributes nearly all the blame for all of the harms suffered by Ethiopians under the current regimes to the group/party that purports to represent the Tigrean people.

    I agree with them. It is the TPLF that is primarily responsible for the Ethnocracy and its ugly policies: whether in ehnic-cleansing (giving the orders/green light …)

    suffices to mention Shiferaw Shigute’s admission that he got the orders for the ethnic-cleansing operation of amharas in his region from the PM’s office via telephone calls perhaps to eliminate document trail. But Shiferaw’s subordinates demanded written directives. That is what one of the guys involved in this operation said during an ESAT interview. So, I assume the written evidence is there to substantiate the claim;

    Making major national institutions the domains of TPLF (suffices to mention the composition of the armed forces’ command structure and the national intelligence;

    Amassing wealth and lucrative properties under direct control of control of the TPLF via EFFORT or the TPLF leaders’ families and functionaries (please refer to Ermias Legesse’s book “የመለስ ትሩፋቶች”. All kinds of examples are there.) The fact that TPLF owns the largest company in the country is an open secret. The conglomerate owned by TPLF is even bigger than Midroc, the billionaire’s holdings in the country. That is also substantiated by Woldesilassie Nega’s (Sibihat) admission on ESAT interview.

    Now, we can go on and on over all the segments covered in the video.

    Now if the issue is not the veracity of the video, ፈረንጅም ሰራው ሐበቫ then you should not blame the ‘messengers’. If we are to believe that you are “… as concerned as the next Ethiopian when I hear about or see in videos Ethiopians being murdered, tortured, and abused” then instead of preaching to us to particioate in the sham elections and to use the farcical TPLF courts to seek ‘justice’, you should join other Ethiopians who are paying dearly in the struggle to remove the yoke of these thugs from the ‘necks’ of the people.

    To be frank, I have my doubts about your claims that you are “as concerned as …” I have seen your passionate writings about the “savagery” of the Mengistu regime. No, there is not any soft pedaling vis-a-vis the attrocities of the derg regime in your writings. You call the perpetrators genociders. I am not going to argue about that. But for me, the TPLF is no less criminal. Why double standard on your part is beyond me.

    Another thing I have observed over and over in your writings is that you come from a long line of Ethiopian patriots … and that you are patriotic.

    Millions of Ethiopians also descend from unsung heroes who answered the call from many parts of the country to defend the sovereignty of the nation against foreign forces whether it is in the battle of Maqdella (you may not like this one ;-) … ), Metemma, Gur’A, Gundet, Dogali, ሠሃጢ, Adwa, Maichew, and in the war of resistance against the Mussolini forces during the 5 years of occupation.

    I have no reason to doubt that you love Ethiopia. That is expected of everyone of us – Ethiopians. Our fathers paid heavy price not to be subjugated as second-class citizens in their own homeland. The Ethiopian people’s desire to live free with liberty and not to be subjugated by TPLF as second-class citizens in their own homeland (the whole of Ethiopia) should not be viewed as raking the country or “throwing the baby with the bathwater”.

    It is sadly interesting that you used the same scaremongering language as the Meles regime when you wrote the following: “This is no different than the type of ethnic cleansing propaganda used in Rwanda against the Tutsi.” when they were about to be defeated by Kinijit in the ballot box. No one knows the future with certainty. I am confident this generation of Ethiopians including our brethren in Tigray region will not allow the disintegration of the country. But I also believe that Ethiopians will not be fooled by such devious ‘Rwanda case’ tactics to extend the ethno-fascist hegemony of TPLF ad-infinitum.

  6. papie
    | #6

    no poison in the video at all. all in the video is TPLF atrocities……

  7. yigermal
    | #7

    this same guy has been asked to be a guest on ESAT “Ethiopia nege” programme. OMG, he refused. Why didn’t he participate and put forward his ideas in public and discuss what he thinks for the future of Ethiopia with others, if he is really “concerned about Ethiopia”….
    The video is the reality of what is happening in Ethiopia right now… the video no more, no less, compiled facts on the ground. tplf sympathizers and loyalists you have no evidence to disprove the video evidence,cause it is true. You even don’t have the moral ground to dispute…. U evil doers
    You see how the TPLF election board put the 2 opposition parties out of the game. Now TPLF is arresting and jailing members of the “blue” party and the 9 party coalition all over the country. Very soon these parties will be out of the game and tplf will say they won the election by 200% hahah.. some “professors” telling us it is ok to participate in the election, it is better to peacefully struggle for our beloved Ethiopia, we are “patriotic and are very concerned about Ethiopia”…. hell with them!!!!
    What tplf now pushing is force, and eventually this will happen. We need to support and pray for our real patriot courageous Ethiopians on the field.
    God bless them

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