The Poison within a Video, “U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State” By Tecola W. Hagos

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An incredibly inciting video “U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State” has been making its rounds in the last two weeks in Ethiopian Websites. I suspect most of the Webmasters and Editors who posted that Video in their respective Websites did not seem to have considered the deeper mission of the video of poison rolled up in a benign looking exterior concern for all the Ethiopians harmed by the current Ethiopian Government of “Tigreans.” The video is deceptively composed to give it the appearance of an official United States Government pronouncement and presentation claiming that Ethiopia is a failed state. One must be in another Universe to think of Ethiopia as a Failed State. In reality it is the work of a certain Miller Hansen. Despite my prompt enquiry no one seems to know such a person. The name itself is Chimera made up of two surnames very unusual name for a person from this part of the World.

Because of the deception involved in such video, I am addressing my note to my Fellow Ethiopians at this distressing time and period of great turmoil and confusion in our Community. I did watch the Video twice very carefully. I did not see much of any constructive purpose in a video purely aimed to saw seeds of hate against an ethnic group in Ethiopia that is as much a victim of other ethnic groups of ethnic cleansing and brutal suppression by the current brutal Government of Ethiopia. The video with pirated official seals of the US Government that one can use in such deceptive manner, does not at all establish any degree of credence as an official act of the Government of the United States. The video has the appearance that it is some documentary that is an official US Government Production. This is no different than the type of ethnic cleansing propaganda used in Rwanda against the Tutsi.

I believe, this video is the work of the enemies of Ethiopia not just the regime in power. I am as concerned as the next Ethiopian when I hear about or see in videos Ethiopians being murdered, tortured, and abused. But I am also aware of the fact that Groups and individuals could use such horrible videos for their own destructive purpose campaigning against the very survival of the whole of Ethiopia. It is obvious to me that the video is meant to destabilize and further fracture Ethiopia and widen the fissures created by the ill-conceived ethnic based federalist state structure. Even if we are not wise enough or courageous enough to challenge the current tyrannical and treasonous leaders in power in Ethiopia, at the very least we should be wise enough to know our appalling limitations and allow nature to take its own toll, as was the case with Meles Zenawi’s death. We should not fall for such type of cheap and sensational piece that seeds hate and violence among ourselves. Mind you, the video piece was produced by a White foreigner obviously seeking fame and fortune as a hired gun and camouflaging his true identity. The political, religious, and economic problems of Ethiopia are far more complex than the graphic incidents of atrocities presented in the video.

Take note also of the type of solutions offered in the video, it is all aimed to hinder any form of economic help and progress of the Ethiopian people. For sure, we can see that a well-armed regime will not just collapse, but ordinary Ethiopians are the ones that will further suffer the most if economic sanctions and pressure is drastically put on Ethiopia. Do not listen to such trash and hired hands whose goals are not to save Ethiopia or Ethiopians but to destroy us through fracturing us. Meles and now his legacy and his group do not care one iota about Tigreans or any other people of Ethiopia, nor care about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. Their interest is simply power and money for themselves as any mercenary type group. Let us be wise and know our enemies for what they are, they come dressed in all forms of political and religious camouflage.

I am a patriotic man, a proud Ethiopian, descended from great heroes who bleed and died for Ethiopia throughout our long history including recent ones, such as the five-year patriotic resistance against the Italian occupiers, against the savagery of Mengistu’s terroristic regime et cetera. There is no way I will fall for such cheap propaganda piece like the video in question. I have no love for the current Ethiopian leaders in power, they are no different than mercenaries, but then in order to free Ethiopia and all of us from the clutches of such leaders, I will not throw away the baby with the bathwater. We must find our own solution without having to destroy our great nation in the process.

Thus, I advocated tact, wisdom, even sleaze in working from within to be able to create popular support within the citizens of Ethiopia right there in Ethiopia in handling a powerful and unscrupulous foe. My writings carry such messages of advocacy tact and strategy, for a long time now. This did not earn me friends from either the Diaspora politicians or the Officials of the Ethiopian Government. But being such a disagreeable person, I hold both groups to see in my writings their own distorted reflections in the reality of Ethiopia.

We must not lose sight of the big picture even when we are focusing on the many wrongs the current Ethiopian Government is committing against the individual rights of Ethiopians and against the unity and solidity of Ethiopia itself. We must never lose sight of the Sovereignty and independent survival of Ethiopia. Nothing is as important as our survival as a nation and a people. The wrongs and inequities of particular governments would be remedied and pass into history in time, but if a nation disintegrates, it might never be put together or would take centuries to put it back together. None of the individuals in power now would I trust to represent the interest of Ethiopians nor to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. On the other hand, we can only live in our individual and communal reality. If we have poor leadership, we have to deal with that reality as best we can.

Some months back I wrote a lengthy article on the art of compromise in order to advance our political and economic vision for an Ethiopia of our future, I do not accept the idea that human beings are helpless in the face of what may be considered as inevitable or predetermined ends. I believe we can always change what might seem to be a horrible inevitable end. At any rate, the future is shielded from us, all we can do is take educated guess what the future might hold for us and do the best we could to live a virtuous life. Ultimately, we each live an individualized life and not a life to be lived by a committee. Thus the need to think individually and responsibly in the best interest of our singular country, Ethiopia.

Long Live Ethiopia.
Tecola W Hagos

  1. Girum
    | #1

    I see a bit of progress in Tekola’s views as compared to his other articles in recent past. Eventhough you look confused on what others may say about your political position, keep on your good work – One thing that bothers me is that recently I watched aljezira’s panel discussion on press freedom. A woyane rep from London argues that journalists are in jail because they are ‘…engaged in ethnic hatred’. This article of yours echo that claim. My question is who created (political organization of ethnic block), cultivated and promoted (ing) them? What could be the prime mission of an ethnic political organization in a muti ethnic nation other than defending the division and hatred against others? And who is then systematically creating and promting the animocity – ?? All ethnic based organiztions are standing for one end – using the ethnicity for their selfish end. That has to be tackled headon – I see the video in that persepective and it reflects the bitter truth.

  2. Alem
    | #2

    We should be talking about upcoming elections and preparing appropriate responses following it. We should be standing in for our brothers and sisters who are in constant danger from Tplf [aka Eprdf] onslaught on their person and rights. Tecola and his admiring friend Dr. Teodros want to convince us of their patriotism and claim they are being victimized as Tigrayans. No one should fall for that.

    As I have been saying, do not waste time or energy talking about Isaias’s new found love for Ethiopia and his plan to help Ginbot 7 to come to our rescue. Do you believe that? nor about resuscitating Eritrea. Or even about Oromiya [creation of Tplf and Eritrea] breaking away [will never happen]. Educate, educate, educate donor countries about realities in Ethiopia. Tplf’s talking point is “peace, stability, fast growth.” Do you believe that? Why will you not use glaring facts sitting in neat bundles for you? Don’t you have access to a laptop? can’t you collaborate with a friend? How about raising a banner for Zone 9 Bloggers [Al Jazeera is doing it; why can't you do it for your own people?]

    Why do you think we are being distracted by book prices and ethnic slurs? Do you observe how many real issues get sidelined? The fact of the matter is you as an individual could do something. Well, Do Something.

  3. Reality Check
    | #3

    Girum has hinted and I am going to take it a bit further.
    Tecola has never weaved from his defense of the system one bit. He might have thrown insults at Meles and his company here and there but, he always defended the system.
    Hello! it is the system not who the person Meles is or members of his group are. It is the political philosophy and the administration policy of TPLF that is the problem in Ethiopia. Here you are telling us not to call for boycott. Really? Here you go again. Why do you tell us that? Let me guess, it is because you are a patriotic Ethiopian. TPLF has done a lot of damage to Ethiopia and is still engaged in doing so right now.
    You are coming out as a patriotic Ethiopian by calling the sovereignty of the country as your shield. You are threatening us the country will fall apart! What a wise person! Don’t you think we know TPLF is doing that day and night or are you considering the rest of Ethiopians as naïve?
    Dear Tecola, there is no middle ground. You are either on the side TPLF or on the side of the Ethiopian people. You want to criticize both and come out on top. WOW! you are an angle. Ethiopians will win. TPLF will be destroyed.

  4. dodo
    | #4

    Tecola is twisting in the wind again. Everyone (except for a very few) can attest to the gallantry of their ancestors. But as they say it is often the case of የእሳት ልጅ አመድ. He has made sufficient declarations so far to earn his keep. His next step might as well be to return officially to his TPLF gangster friends.

  5. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #5

    አቶ ተኮላ (ለአብርሃ በላይ የጻፉትን ደብዳቤ ስላነበብኩ ይህንን title ምናልባት እንደማይወዱት እገምታለሁ:: እኔ ደግሞ ለሰው የሚገባውን ክብር ሳልነፍግ ለofficial የሥራ ጉዳይ ወይም ለpublic address ካልሆነ በቀር በሙያው title ሰውን መጥራት consistency የሌለው (ዶ/ር ፡ ኢንጂነር ፡ በጅሮንድ ? ፡ ግንበኛ ? አላስፈላጊና አጉል ልማድ ነው ብዬ ስለማምን አላደርገውም::)

    To get back to the topic, I too have seen the video twice. I am not going to analyze the contents of the video by segments in detail, which the video does a good job of. You obviously chose to focus on the fact that the video attributes nearly all the blame for all of the harms suffered by Ethiopians under the current regimes to the group/party that purports to represent the Tigrean people.

    I agree with them. It is the TPLF that is primarily responsible for the Ethnocracy and its ugly policies: whether in Ethnic-cleansing (giving the orders/green light …)

    suffices to mention Shiferaw Shigute’s admission that he got the orders for the ethnic-cleansing operation of amharas in his region from the PM’s office via telephone calls perhaps to eliminate document trail. But Shiferaw’s subordinates demanded written directives. That is what one of the guys involved in this operation said during an ESAT interview. So, I assume the written evidence is there to substantiate the claim;

    Making major national institutions the domains of TPLF (suffices to mention the composition of the armed forces’ command structure and the national intelligence;

    Amassing wealth and lucrative properties under direct control of the TPLF via EFFORT and/or the TPLF leaders’ families and functionaries (please refer to Ermias Legesse’s book “የመለስ ትሩፋቶች”. All kinds of examples are there.) The fact that TPLF owns the largest company in the country is an open secret. The conglomerate owned by TPLF is even bigger than Midroc, the billionaire’s holdings in the country. That is also substantiated by Woldesilassie Nega’s (Sibihat’s) admission on ESAT interview.

    Now, we can go on and on over all the segments covered in the video.

    Since the video does a good job of documenting the evidences, veracity is not an issue with the video. Now if the issue is not the veracity of the video, ፈረንጅም ሰራው ሐበሻ then you should not blame the ‘messengers’ for telling the Truth. And, if we are to believe that you are “… as concerned as the next Ethiopian when … Ethiopians being murdered, tortured, and abused”, then instead of preaching to us to participate in the sham elections and to use the farcical TPLF courts to seek ‘justice’ – in effect pleading for extension of their mis-rule, you should take a stand against these “treasonous” bunch and join other Ethiopians who are paying dearly in the struggle to remove the yoke of these thugs from the ‘necks’ of the people.

    To be frank, I have my doubts about your claims that you are “as concerned as …” I have seen your passionate writings about the “savagery” of the Mengistu regime. No, there is not any soft pedaling vis-a-vis the attrocities of the derg regime in your writings. You call the perpetrators genociders. I am not going to argue about that. But for me, the TPLF is no less criminal. Why double standard on your part is beyond me.

    Another thing I have observed over and over in your writings is that you come from a long line of Ethiopian patriots … and that you are patriotic.

    Millions of Ethiopians also descend from unsung heroes who answered the call from many parts of the country to defend the sovereignty of the nation against foreign forces whether it is in the battle of Maqdella (you may not like this one ;-) … ), Metemma, Gur’A, Gundet, Dogali, ሠሃጢ, Adwa, Wlwel Maichew, and in the war of resistance against the Mussolini forces during the 5 years of occupation.

    I have no reason to doubt that you love Ethiopia. That is expected of everyone of us – Ethiopians. Our fathers have paid heavy price not to be subjugated as second-class citizens in their own homeland.

    The Ethiopian people’s desire to live free with liberty and not to be subjugated by TPLF as second-class citizens in their own homeland (anywhere in Ethiopia) should not be viewed as raking the country or “throwing the baby with the bathwater”.

    It is interesting and equally sad that you used the same scaremongering language as the Meles regime when you used the Rwanda card. The Meles regime used the “Interahamwe” language when it was about to be whipped by Kinijit in the ballot box. I am not so sure about your motives.

    The way things look in the country, the ethno-fascism of TPLF has become crystal clear to all. The conduct of the Election Board has demonstrated that the regime can not even pretend to have the semblance of a democratic election. It can only rule by the barrel of the gun. And history has shown that – can not go on for far too long. Though no human knows or can foretell the future with certainty,
    I am confident this generation of Ethiopians including our brethren in Tigray region will not allow the disintegration of the country even if that may be the ultimate desire of the TPLF.

    Despite the scaremongering of inter-ethnic conflicts by the TPLF and the likes of Ato Tekola, I also believe that Ethiopians will not be fooled by such devious tactics to refrain from their struggle to remove the thugs from power. Enough! No! – to the ethno-fascist hegemony of TPLF.

  6. papie
    | #6

    the prof recently in one of his articles said “semayawi” party is confrontational bla bla,they shouldn’t do this and that. The party leaders and members were brutally beaten up by the wicked tplf police until some of them faint when they were trying to go out to the streets for a protest rally from semayawi party office. The prof didn’t even say to his barbarian tplf friends that it is morally and legally wrong to beat peaceful demonstrators. Instead, he accuses that semayawi party is confrontational!!! ALAS so,can you enlighten us how to be freedom??? Don’t tell me to beg tplf??? NO, NO. “TO ME MOST PROFS ARE OPPORTUNIST,THEY GO WITH THE WIND”….Except few like Prof AL Mariam and few others. I love Prof AL’s weekly commentaries. God bless him

    Victory to all Ethiopian patriots

  7. Aba Wookaw
    | #7

    I have read Girum, Alem, and Dawi (the better of the two) all over the Internet World and here. I am amazed to see how naive these individuals are about “political power” and leadership. The only person who has understood what it means to have political power is the good professor Tecola Hagos. I often wonder how great a leader he would have made. He is not petty unlike most of his detractors. He has vision and a sense of greatness for Ethiopia. of the many people that I know of, including those who were and still are in power in Ethiopia, the one person I could trust fully is Tecola for he will never betray, compromize, or sale out Ethiopia for personal gain or for power, or wealth.

    Read him carefully, for he is not for any one particular group, but for a great Ethiopia. Learn form his wealth of knowledge and insight rather than antagonizing him on issues destorted by you to fit your parochial, limited vision of an ethnic identity of “Amharaness.” I am from Ankober, and know your mentality well. Tecola will not compromise Ethiopia’s vital interest for anybody, for he will never backdown, that is the nature of the man. What is so wrong in saying let us first solidify and develop our strength before challenging a very powerful Government and the leaders that run it?

    Thank you Tecola Hagos our great brother. All for Ethiopia.

  8. effqakit
    | #8

    Mr. Techola Hagos is unsympathetic, irrelevant, unrealistic; the history of the FASCIST TPLF IS NOT THE HISTORY OF ETHIOPIANS. Fascist Italians and Fascist TPLF have many things in common, they both committed atrocities and carnage on Ethiopians, the difference is, FASCIS TPLF is still committing crimes on Ethiopians, these crimes are observational facts and the crimes are unforgiving and the victims are unforgettable.

  9. geressa
    | #9

    Poison! Yes, poison is deadly. But the venom is the tacit message Ato Tekola tried to convey to the victims that he observed in the video. TPLF criminals can not silence the justice. There is bullet ridden bodies, there is mutilated bodies, there is slaughtered babies, there is murdered citizens; at the end of the day, there is justice. There will be justice.

  10. Abere
    | #10

    Hello fellows
    This following fact is not meant to support or oppose the ruling party but the naked truth. Do you know how TPLF fought and survived- by the blood of Tigreans, by daily contribution of injera from poor peasants by major cooperation of Tigreans in cities. Whatever you say about TPLF don’t say it is few of Tigreans…it is Tigray. This should be true to those who oppose TPLF or are proud of it. Let’s put aside this pretentious political correctness. Modern Tigray has no history without TPLF. The average Tigray may be mad at times by the misdeeds of and supressive nature of TPLF but mad as he would be at the misdeeds of his son. So for politicians this is a fact to be reckoned wether you are fighting or supporting TPLF.

  11. ahmed
    | #11

    Tecola is always a supporter of this Nazi type fascist organization which is currently holding power in Addis.He may change words and phrases to convince us but the truth remains that he is one of the underground member of this wicked and short sighted TPLF group. Respected professor, you need to come to your sense sympathizing with these gangster means you are supporting their Ethnic-cleansing policy.Don’t forget that that once, although for a short time you were working for them.The Ethiopian people are just patient for the time being, but remember they are recording everything and in the day of judgement all will be revealed. The least you can do is to confess as early as possible for we are running of time. The Fascist TPLF will be destroyed once for all and the Ethiopian people will triumph

  12. Dawi
    | #12

    The failed state video tells us that Ethiopia is the 5th largest humanitarian aid recipient for the last 10 years but, it doesn’t tell us that it is just comparing nominal amount of aid by each country.

    A more reasonable comparison is per capita comparison ; the aid divided by the population of the recipient country.

    According per capita comparison:

    ” Ethiopia received US $ 41.6 and $US 41.2 per person in 2012 and in 2013 respectively.”

    ” Ethiopia is placed 32nd in terms of aid it receives per person ($41.2) while Kenya is 13th receiving $ 130.1, Botswana 33rd receiving $ 39.8 and Libya 1st receiving $7440.3.

    Which African countries are highly indebted? Where does Ethiopia rank compared to her peers?

    [[Ethiopia is at 40th place with a an external debt to GDP ratio of 18.3 at 2013]]

    [[Countries with comparable GDP size to Ethiopia such as Kenya (30.5%), Côte d’Ivoire (45.6%), Sudan (63.9%), Tunisia(55.9) and Ghana(29.3); all have higher external debt as a percentage of their GDP.]]

    Are Kenya, Botswana, Ghana failed state as well then?

    When Obama called Ethiopia one of the fastest growing economy in Africa he didn’t just made it up but read the facts.

    The “failed state video” economics is mostly made up.

  13. kaqiff
    | #13

    Sadly, very few survived the genocide that had been committed by perpetrators. Professor Tecola Hagos, you know this man, the man, this man, Abaye Teshaye the beast you dinned with, you sang and enchanted omen and curse; this man, the memory you had about never would be ephemeral; now he is ready to butcher citizens who would place a resistance to save their livelihood that had been based on farming and marketing. You spewed poison out. You don’t see it, you don’t hear it, but the world wants and severs to know about the crime fascist tplf committed on citizens. Many have been eaten alive by hyenas, many more have been thrown into deep gorges either to die or to be eaten by wild dogs, countless were burned alive in their home while asleep. How for example, would you attempt to blind the world community to not see this horrible crime?

  14. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #14

    I agree with the professor regarding the content and intended message. Whoever produced this documentary-wannabe video should be ashamed of coming up with such tale of sheer hatred against a specific ethnic group. They could have picked on the former PM and current leaders of be it TPLF or EPRDF on person-to-person manner but to attack a population of more than 5 million as all wicked men/women is not just right but an outright crime against humanity. It is a despicable and unconscionable act beyond pale. As any group of people anywhere on this good earth, there can be evil individuals among the good folks of Tigray. Was Mengistu from Tigray? Is murderer and jailer of dissidents beyond numbers by the name Isaias a Tigray? Was Saddam a Tigrayan? Were Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Timothy Mcveigh, Pinochet, Al Assad Family, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and Tojo Tigrayans? Demons can be found in any ethnic people. Such good-for-nothing and rather very destructive diatribe should not have been given a platform on any website any where. This is one of the lingering problems I notice from time to time with some of these websites among the Diaspora. It could be because of the main goal is getting more online hits and visits. I have said this many times before. Dear editors of such websites should embrace the culture of self-censorship when it comes to comments and articles full of hatred and vile messages. To me this documentary has all the fingerprints of that demonic individual hailing from Asmara. Someone should log complaints with the Depart of Justice about this video and its producers. I see very little difference between this and any other propaganda pieces being spewed around by extremist groups. The message I am getting from this biased ‘film’ is this: A good Tirgrayan is a dead Tigrayan’. That has sickened me and I am very upset now. One last advice to the dear readers of this comment by me: Any Tigrayan has the right to belong to any political grouping just as any one of us has the right to belong to any political organization. The only time you lose such sacred right is if you decide to join a proven terrorist group such as those Eyal-Al-Souqs Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and other similar religious extremist groups.

  15. Tecola W Hagos
    | #15

    In direct response to kaqiff @ 13 and all others with false accusations and ethnic hate:

    When I write “my Ethiopia” or “People of Ethiopia” instead of “our Ethiopia” or “Peoples of Ethiopia” respectively it is not any clerical error or error due to hasty writing. It is deliberately meant to teach a valuable lesson those narrow ethnic-chauvinists from some little village in parts of Ethiopia who claim an “Amhara” identity like Mengistu Hailemariam of very recent assimilation of the last two hundred years into the “Amhara” culture in specific areas in central Ethiopia. In Mengistu’s case much shorter than that. Even in that limited area of Amharaness, I have far more substantial and historic Amharaness in my little finger than the entire bodies of such village oriented “Amhara” chauvenists.

    By contrast, the Ethiopia and the people I have roots in are thousands of years old. The irony is that these late comers of the last two hundred years are trying to define my Ethiopian identity and limit my long standing history, as descendant of the people who created Ethiopia and maintained it as a Sovereign nation through their valor and sacrifice for all past thousands of years, to one of limited duration and small corner of Ethiopia. Let me put it this way so that these recently assimilated Ethiopians understand clearly: you are no better or no less of an Ethiopian than those of us who are descended from long lines of great Ethiopians through out our long history of survival and preservation as a distinct People of a nation. Thus, When you think of me, think of me as an Adal-Afar, Adere, Agew, Anwak, Axumit, Amhara-shoa, Dinka, Gojame, Gondere-Amhara, Laste, Gurage, Hamasien, Hadia, Agame-Tigre, Tembien-Tigre, Wollo-Oromo, Wellega-Oromo, Sidama, Somali, Wolita, Gomu, and several other beautiful groups of people of Ethiopia. I make Ethiopia mine, for you try to take Ethiopia away from, deprive me of what constitute me as a person, deny me my heritage paid for in blood. Do not get me wrong, my objection is the fracturing by ethnic lines of my Ethiopia, for my personal sentiment I am very proud of my Tigrean Father and all of my relations from Axum, Tembein, Enderta, and from the historic Adowa Town. I recently read and learned the Bahere Negashs all of whom from either Tembein or Enderta who fought against Ottoman inseructions from the time of Made Tsion the Great, who first Established the Title and the administrative enclave that included as far west to the Sudan Border including Semien.

    I strongly object to the silly statements of # 13, to his/her misrepresentation of facts and slander: I have never met Abaye Tsehaye in my life, let alone dine and sing along with him. You #13 cannot advance whatever cause you have by misrepresentation and lies. First of all have courage, and do not hide and throw insulting darts hiding in your miserable cyber-life.

    I carry Ethiopia in my very soul–I mean all of Ethiopia.
    Tecola W Hagos

  16. Tecola W Hagos
    | #16

    Correction: Please, read Emperor Amde Tsion what is misspelled as “Made Tsion” in the last sentence of the second paragraph. The spelling error of the name of the great Emperor is due to the automatic spelling checker, and I did not go over the piece to edit it. TWH

  17. wey gud
    | #17

    who are amhara chauvinists??? yehe yeferdebt amhara!!!! anyone who opposes the prof idea is “chauvinist amhara”!!!! what a wicked personality;SHAME, SHAME!!!!

  18. wey gud
    | #18

    by the way who are recently assimilated & who are long line Ethiopians??? prof teaching is getting worst by the day????

  19. Dawi
    | #19

    Kaqiff said:

    [[.. Sadly....... this man, Abaye Teshaye the beast he is ready to butcher citizens who would place a resistance to save their livelihood that had been based on farming and marketing..]]

    The broad, sweeping hate you’re peddling is disgusting as many pointed out but, your double talk is amusing here. He may be the “beast” but from what I heard on the audio Abay Teshaye was threatening his fellow narrow minded OPDO cadres who were caught peddling “Oromia just for Oromos” nonsense on the issue of the expansion of Addis and got several folks killed.

    It only shows yours & some opposition true colors when you waste time to oppose anti separatist speech even by a Woyane?

    Don’t you have other things to do? is my question.

  20. Darewos
    | #20

    I am afraid and concerned that professor Tecola Hagos has not recovered from the anti-Amhara illness he has contracted from the TPLF leaders like the late Meles Zenawi. It seems that all the Tigrayan intellectuals have gotten this illness and no recovery is in sight. I will pray for all of them (Tigray intellectuals) to recover from this potentially deadly illness. The anti-Amhara illness (hatred) that has hit the Tigrayan communities is spreading like an epidemics and threatening our common future as a country. The hate virus the TPLF fascists and racists are spreading in Ethiopia does not seem to have any medication or cure at the moment.

  21. liekoun
    | #21

    Professor Techola Hagoss, it is only you who for sure knows what is going on in your unsetting mind; no one else. Please come to your sane mind so that you will know well, deep and wide the extent of the crimes that have been committing by TPLF robbers. But, you can not just go out and shop around hopping to find the right mind in the right brain enclosed the plastic skull of a mannequin in a any department stores. You seek it if you want to have a peace of mind.

    | #22

    Tecola W Hagos, #15

    you mean,ከም ከማይ-ከም ከማይ እንተኾነ እታ ዓድና ተኸባቢርና ብሓባር ንንበረላ, የለን ተፀቓቒጥካን ተዘላሊፍካን እምበር ተኸባቢርካ ብሓባር ምንባር ኣይኾነልናን ብሃልቲ እንተኾንኩም ግና, ድሮውንስ ኢትዮጵያን አስመልክቶ “ከእኔ ወድያ ጎራሽ እህል ኣበላሽ” እንተበልኩኹም’ከሞ ክንደይ አእዱግ እየን ክፅዓናሞ, ኮብካቢአንከስ መን እዩ ክኸውን, ነው እያልከን ያለኸውን!!??
    Not bad!

  23. hagos
    | #23

    I find Tecola in some sense with the smart of Weyanes. Those of us who read his work on his now defunct website know without any doubt his animosity to Amaras. To prove us, all he has to do is, release that work and those who are infatuated with your words read it and then make their mind. I have read your work. Also we all know that in 1991 you went to Ethiopia and joined TPLF and were promoted to the central committee of the TPLF. Then you were instrumental in firing 1000s of Amaras from their government jobs. I know some of your victims. Having saying this we all make mistakes. The problem with you is you deny what we know, just like TPLF. It is easy release the material on your website and let Ethiopians make their mind!

  24. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #24

    Ato Tekola, your latest writing/comment is perplexing. Are you saying that we need to have distinction of Ethiopianess? From the way you belittle Ethiopians of mixed ethnic groups, it sure sounds like it.

    Just because you descend from the north side of the country what some call “habesha” (Tigrean/Amhara/ … origin), are you to be given a status of distinction over others that happen to be from the other, non-”habesha” ethnic groups? Where are you going with this?

    Given such an outmoded thinking still around, no wonders some of our brothers question their place in this homeland we call Ethiopia. Thankfully though, such an outlook is an extreme, marginal/fringe; and not a mainstream one.

  25. Die hard G7
    | #25

    Dear Professor:

    Please focus on the topic you yorself brought up. Please tell us whether or not those Genocide, Murders, and incarceration shown on the video were commited by TPLF fascist thugs?

  26. Baemnet
    | #26

    Professor Techola Hagos the disease he has been inflicted with is identical to that of those haters in the Fascist TPLF camp inflicted with for years and years.

    Patients who have been living with cancer and other life threatening maladies are courageously fighting against these illness while those scientist in the medical community do scientific research working hard and smart to find a solution to the problem, others collaborate with fund raising for this good a cause.

    The maladies that professor Techola Hagos has been inflicted with is his own made; it was not caused by virus or bacterial.As partially masked a TPLF,professor Tecola Hagos, he knows who he had been and who he is currently; it is not that professor Techola Hagos would abruptly come out of the closet and would immediately tell citizens about his prime time in the Fascist TPLF CAMP. He must first exhaust the poison that he is spewing out in the open air.

    International Court must take on FASCIST TPLF. victims include, hundreds in a mass grave, mass execution, gross human right violation. Those who were killed, babies, people under 15, the sick and the old, those who were killed twice, domestic animals along with families who were burnt to ground and butchered by FASCIST TPLF. ISIS mass crime; NAZI bodies exhumed from mass grave; FASCIST TPLF gross human right violation.

  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    Dear Professor:

    I am not by what you mean “against Ottoman inseructions”. What is the word “inseructions” mean? Did you mean ‘incursion’ or something else? Please clarify. Thanks a lot.

  28. Tecola W Hagos
    | #28

    Anonymous @27: You are right in pointing out this serious error. I meant “incursion”. If the word I wrote was spelled correctly as “insurrection”, it would have been the wrong use of the word, for it would have meant the Ottoman Turks were revolting against Ethiopia. Thank you for the correction.

  29. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #29

    Dear Pro Tecola

    Can you please answer my questions.

    You dismiss the evidences presented in the video as if they never happened and do not have any constructive purpose. You also believe that a group or individual could use these for destructive purpose.

    In that case, can you differentiate the propaganda from the facts. Start with facts presented in the video by telling us which of it did not happen or happened but it is exaggerated.

    1. Financial corruptions
    Are you saying that roughly 80 billion dollar given in the name of aid to Woyane is not true?
    are you saying the 11 billion dollar which was stolen away form the people of Ethiopia is not true?
    Are you saying the Tigrean endowment fund is the largest corporations in the country?

    2. Genocide
    Are you saying that the story about the genocide in Ogden, Gambela, Amhara and Southern regions did not happen or is untrue?

    3. Terrorism act

    Are you saying that there is no such law?
    Are you saying the journalists now in prison have committed the crimes which they were accused of?
    or are you saying the Journalists are not imprisoned because they are writing about the the corruptions or, criticizing the government
    Are you saying the government did not deny access to people visit the journalists in prison?

    4. Freedom to worship and religion regarding the Orthodox church and muslim religion
    Are you saying a new patriarch who is Tigrean was not installed by Woyane which was against Synods traditions and constitutions?
    Are you saying the government interference in the Muslim religion is right?

    5 Refugees
    Seeing thousands of Ethiopian leaving their country Ethiopia, are you saying it has nothing to do with the government policy?

    6. Land grabbing
    What is untrue in the video that you are against regarding diplacement? Help us to understand your side of story.
    Are you saying it did not happen? Are you saying it is exaggerated?
    are you saying it is waste land which was given to foreigners?
    Are you saying the people were given compensations?
    are you saying there is no illegal displacements?

    7 Army and judiciary system is not representative of Ethiopia
    Are you saying the 95 percent of the leadership of military and police force is held by Tigreans?

    are you saying the judiciary system is not weak or not appendage of the government?

    8. Video presented requests USA government

    What is wrong if USA citizen asks the USA policy makers to democratize the country or cut financial aid?
    it is their citizens money what the problem?

    Thank you professor.

  30. Abere
    | #30

    Yes, I challenge #13 kaqiff:
    to come out of the hiding and declare his real name, if you have what it takes to challenge Prof. Tekola! Anything less is not serious enough to warrant our attention.

  31. Aba Wookaw
    | #31

    Beamnet @26 and others: Read what Professor Tecola wrote not what is your own racesist baise against people who are not from your corner of Ethiopia. Read the following from Tecola’s comment above: “Thus, When you think of me, think of me as an Adal-Afar, Adere, Agew, Anwak, Axumit, Amhara-shoa, Dinka, Gojame, Gondere-Amhara, Laste, Gurage, Hamasien, Hadia, Agame-Tigre, Tembien-Tigre, Wollo-Oromo, Wellega-Oromo, Sidama, Somali, Wolita, Gomu, and several other beautiful groups of people of Ethiopia. I make Ethiopia mine, for you try to take Ethiopia away from [me], deprive me of what constitute me as a person, deny me my heritage paid for in blood.”

    Do such statements sound written by a man who has ethnic baise or racist attitude? Professor Tecola is a role model for all patriotic Ethiopians who do not leak the feet of Shabia and sell the sovereignty of Ethiopia as some so called oppositions groups do.

  32. Gugsa
    | #32

    Dr. Tecola knows very well about the atrocities committed by TPLF , to the various sectors of our society, both during the days of the movement and after it seized power. Surly he knows about this reports, for they have been documented and reported in various media sits including rights group. What then is the benefit with the cry.

    “This did not earn me friends from either the Diaspora politicians or the Officials of the Ethiopian Government… I hold both groups to see in my writings their own distorted reflections in the reality of Ethiopia.” You are making contradictory statements”. Please worry not about what diaspora politicians say about you. Just be concerned about what you write. No matter how you see it you have no any write to criticize or to fabricate this video is the work of what you said “enemy”. Where is the evidence for that. The narrator there said because of the ongoing humanitarian issue the U.S need to hold pressure for democratization or else U.S will risk loss of Ethiopian public.

    Sir, It is the TPLF/EPRDF that holds our people at a gun point. Not allowing our people even to hold peaceful gatherings for ADWA celebration. Considering such level of repression and atrocities taking place in the country, what have you done to avert this? Other than to promote how patriotic you are and much more.
    you are the one who is out layer in your political view. And use much of your time and energy of blame the diaspora. You know well too the ills of the country has not been committed by diaspora. How ever your main concern has been and remained to be blame the diaspora.It is for this reason I lost hope in you, because you refuse to be reformed. You come across as a polarizing figure. I prefer the likes of Dr.Aregawi Berhe who is improving by the year.

  33. Geressu
    | #33

    To the weyanne or hodam using the cyber name Dawi,
    Your racist and corrupt weyanne regime is the leading recipient of aid and food hjelp in the world. This regime does not continue to exist without foreign aid which has been like its life support machine. Per capita or per head calculation will not change any thing. If you divide the annual aid the regime gets from abroad by the number of people living in its priority or home region Tigray, the per capita aid will be the highest in the world. That is why your racist late ethnic leader, Meles Zenawi was known as Africa`s beggar in chief.

  34. Aba Wookaw
    | #34

    Gugsa @ 32, there is wisdom in silence, rather than blabering in things you do not know. Aregawi Berhe has blood all over his hand, the blood of young freedom fighters he was involved in murdering because they wanted to go home lured in a diabolical schem. Tecola Hagos never killed or tortured anyone anywhere. He was not even in Ethiopia since 1974 untill he returned in 1991. He wrote about it and posted it in his own Website and many othersd, and I am sure of that because I have confiormed the facts one hundred percent. He opposes the diaspora because you all support G& a group that is getting fund from Shabia. and they talk about it in the open. I know old EPRP agitatores are involved in such campaign to smear the name of the only true son of Ethiopia with great talent and abilities. So just shut up.

  35. Reality Check
    | #35

    Please correct my first sentence to be:
    No matter how colorful you write to embellish your hidden agenda, I have figured it out that you put three messages that stand clear for every Ethiopian to see.

  36. Die hard G7
    | #36

    Dear Professor Tecola:

    Please respond to # 29 if you will, He raised many important questions regarding your complain on the failed states video; your crocodile tears is no different than the empty phrase ” we are concerned ” by the west who until now sponsoring the fascist tribal mafia groups.
    እንግሊዘኛ አማርኛ

  37. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #37

    Dear Prof Tecola
    Please answer my questions to understand the facts from the fictions in the video.
    thank u in advance.

  38. Tecola W Hagos
    | #38

    Die hard G7#36, woyane…at #37 and all others with similar questions: I do not want to open dialogue with ghosts, with individuals hiding in cyber space. Before trying to save anyone anywhere save yourselves from fear. This once I let me respond by stating that I am convinced from reading comments from the likes of you that the video is the work of G7, ESAT, and Shabia in concert. And I hold all Websites that posted such fake and malicious video responsible in furthering the destructive intents of the enemies of Ethiopia.

    I cannot deal with traitors and cowards and hired-hands in a civilized discourse. I stand by what I wrote a thousand percent. I stand for my Ethiopia and for all its PEOPLE, reread it again, ONE PEOPLE under one God and one NATION INDIVISIBLE AND ETERNAL. I do not accept your postmodern deconstructionist approach of ethnic baiting, fracturing by nationalities, breaking down a sovereign nation as if it is a piece of private chattel.

    President Barak Obama never addressed issues that the video depicts by positing his picture as the face of the author of the video. Shame on you. What is this form of misrepresentation for, if you have authentic representations?

    One could address poor governance, failed judicial processes, police brutality, et cetera without grafting horror scenes from unknown sources. I am not defending the current Ethiopian Government or any of the Officials. What I am objecting to is that the divisive and crude depiction of images and associating it with Ethiopians (Tigrians) when the images of putting corpses in a ditch seem to be all Somalis, a result of fighting other Somalis of Alshebab terrorists.

    About journalists imprisoned in Ethiopia, I have written several articles condemning their imprisonment and about their release. I even suggested to free them and exile them outside of the country for it is a million times better than to let them suffer in an Ethiopian prison. No day pass for me without thinking about them. For I know the horror of being imprisoned as a victim of the Derg my self.

    I still believe it is a serious political error to arrest and imprison journalists and reporters under such polarized situation. And the Ethiopian Government does not seem to know how to present to the public the many great things it is doing in the economic field. I do not believe the type of confrontational urging from a safe distance poor Ethiopians into facing a well armed and motivated Government is a wise approach.

    But freedom and prosperity for Ethiopians is not the ultimate goal of the powers behind the idiotic leaders of the many opposition groups and their cyber surrogates that are being manipulated as marionettes by their puppet masters. The many enemies of Ethiopia including neighboring countries want to see a fractured and incapacitated weak Ethiopia as they plainly stated in the video “a failed state.” You could shout all you want, it will not happen. Soon you will know that I will start organizing my Immortals to defend and preserve Ethiopia from vultures and hyenas from abroad and/or locally minted.

    Long live my wonderful Ethiopia.

    Tecola W. Hagos

    | #39

    Aba Wookaw,

    “the only true son of Ethiopia” ?

    ሃላፊነት ለብቻው እንዳይበዛበት, It is better to say, one of the true sons of ምድረ ፅዮን! ይሄኛው አባባል ከሌሎች ጋራም አብሮ ለመኖር ፈቃደኛ እንደሆነም ያስመለክታልና!

    ተጋሩ ክንብሃል እንተለናማ, ስግብግብ ከይኮንናስ ዝኾነ ነገር ምስ ካልኦት ተኻፊልና ክንነብር እንደልን እንኽእልን ንምኻና ኹሉ ግዜ ክንሕብር ይግብኣና!!


  40. Die hard G7
    | #40

    Dear Professor;

    You have yet to answer all the questions presented to you by #37. Accusing some members of this forum as ghosts or supporters of Esat bla bla.. will not cut it. Your show of love of a country make me puke to death;it is just look too superficial to say the least. Your intellect in the absence of truth telling and comparable wisdom, start to backfire on your inner working goals with this fascistic government.

  41. vizuamd
    | #41

    Professor Tecola Hagos, it is not a new year’s resolution you may or may not commit to do something because we are nearly halfway through the 2015. First and foremost, in order to respect others regardless of age, creed, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnic background, you must first respect yourself. Then, you must make unbreakable promises to yourself by first control your emotion, then to not mix in emotion with judgment. Then only you will direct your thought and make reasonable conclusion based on addition premises that are observably factual. Look professor Tecola, if you don`t directly participate with good faith and humble beginning, you can not be considered yourself an observer of your emotion; if you can not identify or locate the sources of that charged emotion which many a time veered you to a ditch, you would always feel being abandoned or rejected. You can not scare the justice which we all await to come to the aid of the victims of fascist tplf.

  42. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #42

    Dear Prof Tecola
    1. I want to thank for trying to answer one or two of my questions and admitting that there is poor governance and unlawful imprisonment of journalists.
    2. All I asked you was to demonstrate the facts from the fictions.
    But you are accusing me of being a traitor for questioning your comments regarding the video. I am not sure how you equate questioning your article relates to being traitor of my country Ethiopia.
    I leave that to your own conscious. One thing I can say is you jumped before being pushed.
    3. you related the woyane govt with Tigre domination

    For me Wyane is political organisation but nothing else. so
    I have the right to oppose, challenge and campaign against it because it does not represent me. I am not Tigrean and I do not like its policy.
    I do not see why you relate opposing Woyane as threat to Tigreans ethnic.

    Please we are all Ethiopians so no one has special right to rule or tell me otherwise.

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