Kinijit Leaders – Welcome To Oakland

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  1. Tazabi
    | #1

    Please send your leggetimate invitation to all leaders, do not separate from one another.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  2. chanyalew
    | #2

    leba sisarqi ayitalam si kafafal iniji.

  3. chanyalew
    | #3

    Ato Hayilu shawul shi alaqa yosef wodegoni bamaworoworachew mikiniyat akorafu tabale.inde wosixi awaqiwochi ababal kahone ina Hayilu shawol ka OLF gar minim ayinati gininyunati ayifaligumi yibalali.

  4. chanyalew
    | #4

    bada bukkoota biyya abbaa qabdu irratti ummata oromoo gabroomfachuuf wol loluun keessan dhiiratu isin hin qunnamin.Gaaf-tokko akka dhiiraan wolitti dhuftan garuu hin dagatinaa.nuti oromootni isin hidda nafxanyootaa oromiyaa keessaa hanga buqqifnuttiqabsoon hadhooftuun yoomillee wol irraa hin cittu.soba gantootni shanee gumii amaaraan woliigalle jettu kana dhugaa hin seeyinaa.ummatni oromoo diina isaa kan kaleessa harkaa fi harma isa muraa ture yoomiiyyuu sammuu ittiin dagatu hin qabu.

  5. mira
    | #5

    kinjit without hailu is nothing for me because i know everybody knows he is 100% free from woyane and CIA.

  6. ayle
    | #6

    what do you mean 100% free , who said he is 90% free i don’t know which calcullate you talken about , any way damn you are the same as those who belive / depend on one person like without meles/ be smart we have more people to lead our country , if we teach you and your kind of damn they think we can’t go without a single person i know Eng. Hailu is a great man but always we have to follow the rule of law and the party procedure otherwise why we against meles and Megistu if you say one man he can decide whhat ever he want that is totaly wrong, listen kinjet is a party not a private property. did you understand i kow you don’t understand b/c you been almost fourty years with this dreams , plaese weak up Mira

  7. dawit
    | #7

    enough is enough this is the time to take action against those dogs and shlqa employee taye before they destroy more, pray for Eng. Hailu

  8. gigi
    | #8

    why he is crying like a baby?Eng.Hailu he is a 70 year old man we have a lot to do instaed of complaining.

  9. | #9

    who is Eng,hail he is 70 yers old he is friend of derge commuit or one of dectatr ideologe.why he sailent when vice chureman give to hem to make corraction he did mestak.
    please do not lisen.the following people or party.
    1,ehapa 20 years ago all ehapa menber destroed one genaration in1967 to 1795, that is not enhife.
    2. dr …….ehapa
    3. saleq,,,,,,old dectater esepa

  10. kendie
    | #10

    what about the Eng. being a victim of blackmailing, like his longtime friend the crooked shaleka saying if you join them “I will talk” just one probability, money talk. Anyway it is very sad that Eng. Hailu let his contribution being hijacked by these ruthless money and power hungry individual.

  11. wollo
    | #11

    who is 2000 Ethiopian year dectater?
    1, Eng hailu sah
    2,dr berhanu
    3.Enge halu aray
    4,wz bertucan
    if you want the answer see in the derge regems. who was who who is speking for people or who was derge

  12. Olbemo
    | #12

    If I remember, The VP Birtukan has begged Ato Hailu to join them. What is the fuss now. If he wants to form and lead the rotten anarchist EPRP be it. History repeats itself, the anarchist are on the move. Grandpa Yosef, Father Eyasu alias Hamma tuma or Grandpa Fsasik Belete alias Aimiro Belete never stop from blackmailing. They are adicted to it. They want power at the expense of others. These Lumpon and group of moron anarchist must be exposed. Enough is enough Stinky EPRPs.

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