Tecola and his crocodile tears. By Yilma Bekele

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Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false, insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief. That is what it felt like reading the gentleman’s article after watching the video ‘US Policy: Ethiopia A failed state.’ I was impressed by the powerful presentation. It is logically arranged with supporting evidence clearly identified for the viewer to investigate the assertions. Beyond being informative it also came with suggestions on how to go about demanding the US government stop the ethnic based regimes’ crime against the rest of the population.

I was surprised to read Ato Tecola Haogs’s article on our independent web sites with his harsh criticism of the video in question and his evocation of patriotism to support his argument. Furthermore I really felt insulted by his dismissal of the crimes against the rest of Ethiopians by the Tigrai ethnic group in power.

I am not trying to incite ethnic hatred between the children of Ethiopia. I will leave that to our government. But there are a few things that we have to be frank with each other when we talk about our country. The road to recovery is paved with admission of the problem as the first step. As far as I know TPLF is an exclusively ‘Tigrai’ ethnic group based organization and all the important political, economic, military positions are held by the Tigrai ethnic group.
Deputy PM –Debretsion Gebremariam (Tigrai), Defense- General Samora Yunis (Tigrai), National Bank – Newaye Christos Gebreab (Tigrai), Security – Getachew Assefa (Tigrai), EFFORT – Berhane Kidane Mariam Yihdego (Tigrai), Ethiopian Airlines – Tewelde Gebremariam (Tigrai) Federal Affairs Minster – Abbay Tsehaye (Tigrai), Orthodox Church Patriarch – Abune Matias (Tigrai)
All decisions affecting our country is made by the TPLF Politburo and persons like the puppet PM Hailemariam Desalegene, the Parliament and the rest of the bureaucracy is there to implement their wishes. As Chairman Mao wrote a while back ‘power flows from the barrel of a gun’ and the TPLF Party holds the gun and purse. The last twenty two years they have been exercising that power ruthlessly.
My esteemed friend Ato Tecola does not fight fair. It is one thing to disagree with the content of the video but one should refute specifics that are not in accord with reality and tell us what exactly the facts are and let the reader or viewer be the judge. I am afraid he does not have any supporting argument thus decided to engage in low level insults and question the integrity of the video creators. Instead of the message he decided to attack the messenger. What’s more just by watching it he concluded the video to have been produced by a ‘white person.’ I wonder what clued him to such deep insight of the highest order.
What the writer is doing is using fear as a weapon to scare us about perceived consequences for any action to change in the status quo. The video is advocating civic actions based on peaceful means to force the regime to back down and accept the rule of law. Even that is felt by the author to be unnecessary and harmful to the Ethiopian people. This what he wrote:
“Even if we are not wise enough or courageous enough to challenge the current tyrannical and treasonous leaders in power in Ethiopia, at the very least we should be wise enough to know our appalling limitations and allow nature to take its own toll, as was the case with Meles Zenawi’s death.” That is totally false and insulting. He is telling us to shut up and enjoy the abuse. Our people are kept ignorant and terrorized by their own regime. That has not stopped them from trying to be free. That is exactly the reason why there is ethnic conflict in some part of the country every day of the year. We have been challenging the regime but what is lacking is a united effort. We are in the process of building that. What do you think of Eskinder, Reyot, Wubshet, Bekele, Abubeker, Abraha, Zone 9 bloogers, Andualem, Andargachew and thousands of unnamed others that are languishing in jail like ordinary criminals? They are the reason we their family feel emboldened to continue the struggle. What is more he wants to tell us the death of the evil tyrant ushered a different story. We love fiction, please continue. You wrote:
I did not see much of any constructive purpose in a video purely aimed to saw seeds of hate against an ethnic group in Ethiopia that is as much a victim of other ethnic groups of ethnic cleansing and brutal suppression by the current brutal Government of Ethiopia.
Where and when have any Ethiopian ethnic group victimized the Tigrai people? To throw around such charge demeans the hurt felt by the Amhara people in Gurafereda, Beneshangul/Gumuzl and other locations. What is shown on the video is true but sad. To say the Tigreans are victims of ethnic cleansing is wishing ill towards our own people. Like it or not ethnic cleansing was introduced by TPLF when they created Kilil and encouraged internal deportation.
What do you think of the following statement “I believe, this video is the work of the enemies of Ethiopia not just the regime in power.” It makes one pause don’t it? Why would the regime in power make a video about one of its members and especially the one with the guns?
The video offers eight point ‘action plan’ to bring the ethnic regime to its knees.
1 Western powers to stop financial aid
2 Investigate the charges of ethnic cleansing.
3 Investigate genocide policy against the Amhara, Ogaden and Gambella regions.
4 Release all political prisoners and journalists unfairly imprisoned. Allow free media
5 Stop interfering religious matters and recognize the plight of Ethiopian refugees
6 Stop land giveaways and investigate the crimes
7 Make the military a reflection of Ethiopia not one ethnic group (Tigrai)
8 Create independent judiciary.

The regime should be given a year and show good effort to resolve the above problems. If the regime does not cooperate levy the following sanctions.
1 Economic sanctions against TPLF officials
2 Freeze assets of TPLF officials.
3 Institute travel bans against TPLF officials’
4 Cut diplomatic ties.
5 Cut off financial aid.

This is what our friend wrote regarding the action plan
“Take note also of the type of solutions offered in the video, it is all aimed to hinder any form of economic help and progress of the Ethiopian people. For sure, we can see that a well-armed regime will not just collapse, but ordinary Ethiopians are the ones that will further suffer the most if economic sanctions and pressure is drastically put on Ethiopia.”
When he wrote ‘we lack courage’ I guess he meant it. The author is advocating for us to cower under because the regime is very powerful. What is advocated we do is not only appalling but downright ugly. His advice is “Thus, I advocated tact, wisdom, even sleaze in working from within to be able to create popular support within the citizens of Ethiopia right there in Ethiopia in handling a powerful and unscrupulous foe.” My question is what kind of change are we going to bring about if we are sleazy like them? You know what the definition of sleaze is – immoral, sordid, and corrupt behavior.
It seems like all his analysis of history is downright distorted. He is going counter to how other societies have achieved freedom and democracy. When he writes “For sure, we can see that a well-armed regime will not just collapse, but ordinary Ethiopians are the ones that will further suffer the most if economic sanctions and pressure is drastically put on Ethiopia” he is denying let alone old history but what most of us have observed in our life time. The white South African regime that was ‘well-armed’ was defeated by the determined will of the people, the East European were no match to the Soviet nuclear arsenal but achieved their independence, Viet Nam cannot equal even one of the American States but persevered and won.
He is telling us denying economic aid would hurt our people and here is Nobel Laureate Albert Lutuli, president of the African National Congress in one of his speeches said:
“The economic boycott of South Africa will entail undoubted hardship for African. We do not doubt that. But if it is a method which shortens the day of bloodshed, the suffering to us will be a price we are willing to pay.”
On Richard Hefner’s ‘open mind’ interview way back in 1957 when asked:
“Do you feel that this aggressiveness, this self-assertiveness will get him more in the long run than going along with contemporary opinion and biding his time, taking it step by step as he goes?”
MLK replied: “I think it’s better to be aggressive at this point. It seems to me that it is both historically and sociologically true that privileged classes do not give up their privileges voluntarily. And they do not give them up without strong resistance. And all of the gains that have been made, that we have received in the area of civil rights, have come about because the Negro stood up courageously for these rights, and he was willing to aggressively press on.”
He speculated that the independent site editors did not seem to have ‘considered the deeper mission of the video of poison’ when they posted it on their sites but failed to point out what exactly he found not to be true. It is only fitting to speculate that the writer was overwhelmed by the evidence that he closed his mind not to see such crime committed by his ethnic group. What kind of person would not be deeply be affected when confronted by the fate of Eskinder and Reyot, the killing of the Anuaks in Gambella, the atrocity against the Somalis in Ogaden and the ethnic cleansing of the Amharas? It all leads to TPLF.
I believe my honorable friend to be disingenuous when he argues about the coming holocaust that might happen due to the criminal activities of the mafia group and uses scare tactics to warn us of the consequences. I totally think the writer is inflicted with that primitive disease commonly known as tribalism and failed to rise up to the challenge as a Tigrai intellectual that could challenge the dangerous policy carried out by his cousins. He is obviously an educated and well-read individual but it seems his affiliation to the tribal mentally seems to have stopped his rational thinking process to rant such nonsenses to the victims. Or it is also possible that he has lost all semblance of respect to the rest of us and feels insulted that we dare raise such an issue instead of keeping quiet and let the ‘golden tribe’ do what is best since they are supposed to be our liberators.
They say you reap what you saw and I am sure the TPLF mafia group would one day face justice. Our wish and our prayer is that the rest of us are spared from the coming conflagration that is sure to take place due to the policies of the ethnic organization. There is no need to scare us of what would happen with the mafia group out of power. It is much better to think out loud with our people, confront the ugly reality and discuss ways to punish the criminals so the next ones will learn by example.
Please watch the video in question and read Tecola’s article and judge it for yourself:




  1. Sharew
    | #1


    Quotation from President Obama,

    ” …… brightest spots the progress we see in Africa. There is no better example than ETHIOPIA, One of the fastest growing economy in the world.”

    Please search this quotation on Google.

  2. Reality Check
    | #2

    Thank you Yilma, you have clearly written a great article. His reaction to the video is not exactly the same to that of TPLF. He is more irritated than the ruling ethnic dictators. His fear is that this video may contribute to the downfall of his cousins.
    Tencolu Hagos insulted us all by claiming he is the only one that knows right from wrong and we should follow his advice. He looked at the video from TPLF point of view and then came up with his article. His message was: “Do not disturb TPLF!” And then when people commented on his article, he went crazy and went further than what TPLF would have replied.
    Here is what I came up with for his reply:
    No matter how colorful he wrote to make us believe that he is a genuine Ethiopian, to embellish his hidden agenda, I have figured it out that he had three messages that stand clear for every Ethiopian to see. It is not the shemma one wears that makes one who she or he is or is not, it is the person inside the shemma that makes one who he or she is or is not. The adjectives and adverbs do not have the message, it is the noun and the verb that have the message clear. The embellishments are just that, embellishment.
    1. He created divisions amongst Ethiopians by distinguishing the percentage of Amara blood each has in their body.
    2. He accused the Amara for all the problems TPLF ( by his remark ETHIOPIA! ) has.
    3. He created a picture where Tigreans are targeted to be massacred.
    Reality Check – It is the Amara right now that is being persecuted by a liberation front that rained from Tigray. Isn’t it? Where did he ever lift a finger as an Ethiopian with drops of Amara blood about the crimes his kin from Tigray are doing to the Amaras? Now he tells us as an “Ethiopian” he are crying foul about what is written about the crimes committed by the liberation front that is from Tigray and the reaction of the “others” to blame the Tigreans.
    His categorization and division of the Ethiopian people by the percentage of their blood content vis a vie his blood content is beyond me. But it clearly shows his motive for doing so from his article and then his reply for the comments made. He exceeded the categorization of TPLF. TPLF only did so with each person as a body and he went further and analyzed the blood content of each Ethiopian! Where are we going next! He is worse than TPLF. “Those late comers”! he wrote. What do you think he is trying to do here? What is he trying to create? A new category TPLF has not discovered yet. For him, he is special and the “others” are late comers! WOW! Which poison is better – the one that labeled Tigreans “golden people” or Tencolu Hagos who labeled all of us “those late comers!”
    Again for everything that went wrong, Tencolu like his kin, accused the Amara. What is the difference between Tencolu and the government he served – TPLF?

  3. Yiinsis
    | #3

    Obviously, Tecola Hagos is deeply disturbed by what people who didn’t know him for years and those who hardly knew him several seconds ago, now had dug out the script written on it HATE that had been buried in his head for several years. This is only the half-life of him.

    Every year, this time is the time where Tecola Hagos is delusional and super-emotional.

  4. Alemu
    | #4



    To be honest, I saw this non sense sham video, the video was nothing but a “junk propaganda” no body with common sense will take such outlandish overly exaggerated propaganda video seriously. Thus, just like all the fabricated propaganda videos before it this one also will be forgotten to dust.
    But if you are serious about defeating EPRDF, then must organize and convince Ethiopias mass with logical and rational socioeconomic policies to sway its mass supporter, if not then be prepared to be ruled by EPRDF for the next 300 years.

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    Yelma said:

    [[..Ato Tecola .... I am afraid he does not have any supporting argument thus decided to engage in low level insults and question the integrity of the video creators. Instead of the message he decided to attack the messenger...]]

    It was a catchy “infomercial”; a video with a significant amount of perceived attempt to promote hate to viewers. It was exaggerating some truth,hiding important facts like the economic acheivments and Ethiopian renaissance the Meles vision is implementing today. Obama’s praise to such accomplishments of HD government was twisted with no supporting evidence to refute it in what so over.

    It looked like as a nice “paid programming” similar to the typically shown here in US overnight (usually 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.), outside of peak hour; thus Prof. Tecola called it as probably done by some white ad agency was a good guess in my opinion; probably bankrolled by the corrupt Eritrean regime.

    [[..I am not trying to incite ethnic hatred between the children of Ethiopia..]] and you turn around and say…[[..Like it or not ethnic cleansing was introduced by TPLF ........ created Kilil and encouraged internal deportation...]]

    You are not saying anything different from Wallelgne who said the following regarding “Amara” in 1969. And examining what that brought us is what Tecola questioning in the way I see it.

    Walleligne Mekonnen, on November 1969 On “Struggle” – journal of the then student movement said the following:

    [[..What is this fake Nationalism?

    Is it not simply Amhara and to a certain extent Amhara-Tigre supremacy?

    A clear example of economic subjugation would be the Amhara and to a certain extent Tigrai Neftegna system in the South and the Amhara-Tigre Coalition in the urban areas.

    The usual pseudo-refutation of this analysis is the reference to the large Amhara and Tigrai masses wallowing in poverty in the countryside. For that matter during the heydays of British imperialism a large mass of British Workers had to live under inhuman conditions. Another popular counter argument is that there are two or three ministers of non-amhara-Tigre Nationality in the Cabinet, one or two generals in the army, one or two governors and a dozen balabats in the countryside....]]

    TPLF implemented what Walleligne’s invisoned in 1969 to say the least. So you’re not even giving credit where credit is due.

    You said “What is the difference between Tencolu and the government he served – TPLF?” If we ask you a similar question as the following; what are you going to say?

    What is the difference between you and Walleligne Mekonnen??

  6. papie
    | #6

    “reality check”, u nailed it. Thank u so much Ato Yilma too. What really really bothers me from the comment section of his article is the prof (he like to be called prof…lool) said “he has a long line of Ethiopianess, and there are some who assimilated recently”. This to me is disgraceful and an insult to all of us. I didn’t expect from a (prof. ???)to go so low.
    Well what do i expect from tplf???…nothing… “Tedros Adhanom” (Dr.???), did the same disgusting drama last wk about the 20$ million prize to a 14yr old school girl. These ppl has no shame at all. I think they suffer from a disease called inferiority complex, so they try to cover that by bringing one issue after another. They don’t know what they talk or what they write. Therefore, what all of us has do is join hand in hand and support all opposition inside Ethiopia. And also support those who raise arms too. And also support our media “ESAT”. WOYANE MUST GO SOON, THE MORE THEY STAY IN POWER THE DAMAGE IS GOING TO BE HUGE.

  7. Darewos
    | #7

    This wonderful contribution by Yilma Bekele lays bare the futile efforts of the Tegaru intellectuals to deny and cover the atrocities of their TPLF fascist and racist regime. These insensitive, irresponsible and narrow minded Tigrayan intellectuals (Drs. Ghelawdewos and Tecola) have outraged many Ethiopians. Their efforts show the alarming and widespread fascistization of the Tigrayan intellectuals.

  8. Fikreab
    | #8

    Sinetewaweq anntenanq is the famous amhara saying. Professor tecola may swing to the right or left like a pendulum while apparently criticizing the regime in Ethiopia. however, the center of gravity of his support to the woyane regime remains invariant. His criticism is pretty generic and seemed to be directed towards a handful woyane power bearers with whom he does not share awraja (awajawinet). Tecola along with tewodros and Gelawdos are flag bearers of the ideology of tribalism (if it should be called ideology because after all what tribalism offers is nothing more than hating the other tribal neighbor and when it is elongated to the extreme you get the genocide). For Tecola and his likes, blood is thicker than any thing and every thing and hence any thing and every thing is defined on the basis of blood. Right or wrong, love or hate every thing is defined along tribal lines. Such is the monolith of tribalism, a binary political outlook of rights and wrongs defined merely on tribal affiliations. These people are true to their colour. They are back stabbers. we know that they have lines of communication with woyane and are apologists of the regime. Here their mission is to confuse the diaspora, a fifth columnist cliche politics. Even before a word is said we know what Tecola was up to and up against. But the way he plays out tribalism to the extreme he, i am afraid, has already ended up in his own island where the only sound that he hears is that of himself only.

  9. Abere
    | #9


    Bingo! This is how you get attention, a commodity in demand on your part, it seems! When all else fails dedicate a whole article to attach an individual, describing him as hypocrite and his views “crocodile tears”! BTW, we are still waiting to hear a policy alternative from you to the problems you enjoy magnifying. Good luck to us!

  10. Dawi
    | #10

    Here is another thing written by Walleligne Mekonnen, the Ethiopian Student Movement leader, on November 1969 On “Struggle” – journal of the then student movement said the following:

    [[..I conclude that in Ethiopia there is the Oromo Nation, the Tigrai Nation, the Amhara Nation, the Gurage Nation, the Sidama Nation, the Wellamo [Wolayta] Nation, the Adere [Harari] Nation, and however much you may not like it the Somali Nation. This is the true picture of Ethiopia. There is of course the fake Ethiopian Nationalism advanced by the ruling class and unwillingly accepted and even propagated by innocent fellow travelers…]]

    What Meles and co. did was took such thought to the next level and succeeded in doing that however, there is no denying the thought was invented by ESM before TPLF came into existence.

  11. Dagnew
    | #11

    The egregious crimes of the TPLF regime have been so brutal that they are going beyond any limit. The front has gone to the extent of committing barbaric crimes such as ethnic cleansing directed at the Amharas. This crime,ethnic cleansing by the TPLF is unparalleled in our modern time and likened to the Nazi rule of the previous century. The ethnic cleansing the TPLF is committing in Ethiopia is in line with its tribal politics in which it has defined the Amharas as the foremost enemeis of the people of Tigray. Therefore, there is no wonder that the Tigrayan educated such as Drs. Tecola Hagos and Gelawedewos are the adherents to the TPLF tribal and hate politics and defend and promote it as much as they can. The Nazis also had intellectuals who embraced and executed the genocide committed against the Jews and others. The difference in the TPLF case is that the minority is committing ethnic cleaning against the much larger group (Amhara) in Ethiopia. By defending and justifying this crime against humanity (ethnic cleansing), Drs. Tecola and Gelawedewos are acting as accomplices and bear responsibility.

  12. USA Fears Blowback
    | #12

    @ Dawi,
    i know you are TPLF supporter.
    My question is what makes you sure the quote you wrote and most of the rest of the letter allegedly written by Walleligne Mekonnen was really written by him, and not say by CIA experts, but asked to present it as his own ?
    The late Prof. Aleme Eshete for example doubted that a 1st year student of the AAU and someone of his age could write such a letter. He suspected the key and dangerous parts of the letter were written by people like CIA and given to him.
    We should really do research about the origin of that letter, if CIA formulated it etc.


    “The Nazis of Austro Hungary had already in the 1930′s targeted Ethiopia as a threat against white supremacy, and white colonialism in Africa, the book by the Austrian Nazi, Baron Roman Prochazka’s “Abyssinia the Powder Barrel” (Vienna 1935), translated in all the major Western languages before the Italian invasion in 1936. Baron Roman Prochazka was posted for two years as Austrian Consul in Addis Ababa until his expulsion in February 1934, for activities not compatible with his job of a diplomat. The Italian translation of Prochazka’s book entitled ABISSINIA PERICOLO NERO meaning “Abyssinia the Black Threat or Danger” was published in 1935, which is a year before the Fascist invasion. ”

    … “The final aim of (Abyssinian) policy of antagonism to the white race, in co-operation with Japan, is nothing less than to act as the champions of all the colored peoples of Africa… It is incumbent on the legations of the civilized nations in Abyssinia to warn their governments to take a definite stand before the Abyssinians attack and destroy western culture and civilization in its entirety. There is no such thing as a united Abyssinian people. The greater part of the non-Christian tribes in Abyssinia has no more burning desire than to be freed from the tyranny of the Amharas.
    If they would vote freely they would certainly prefer a European protectorate to universally hated extortionists and slave drivers. This country is cracking at all its joints and has only been kept together up to the present by methods of ruthless coercion.”

    “With all the talk of the “right of self determination” in the 1930′s the CIA’s Ethiopia policy of the right of self-determination and nations and nationalities could has been copied word for word from the Nazi Baron Roman Prochazka, for the tribal dismemberment of Ethiopia. ”

  13. ayeye
    | #13

    the sixties student(20th century) movement was a confused communist movement. The movement was confused the ppl who lead the movement were confused. Now we are in the 21st century, Communism is dead and buried some 24 yrs ago never to come back. That is why the communist tplf is a dead regime, that is why they lie and lie 24 hrs. Look @ all tplf dead zombie leaders, adhanom, samora, bereket, etc and their sympathizer profs. Before they eat up Ethiopia, let us buy a coffin and bury the tplf communist system.
    God bless Ethiopian patriots inside Eth. and diaspora

  14. Biru
    | #14

    Is it not Tecola hagos who said the Foreign ministry is crowded by Amhara and expelled nearly all ot them?

  15. Dawi
    | #15

    USA said:

    [[..the letter allegedly written by Walleligne Mekonnen was really written by him, and not say by CIA experts…]]

    C’mon now! Stalin’s “national question” came in little red books then so you don’t need to be a senior of AA University or a genius to adapt it to another monarchy state such as Ethiopia.

    [[..“With all the talk of the “right of self determination” in the 1930′s the CIA’s Ethiopia policy of the right of self-determination and nations ..]]

    You must be insane to think that. You don’t need a CIA to tell you the inequality of nationalities in the feudal kingdom of Ethiopia.

    Ayeye said:

    [[..the sixties student(20th century) movement was a confused communist movement…]]

    You have a good point there however; later on TPLF used Marxism-Leninism not as a dogma but a rigorous method for assembling evidence and argument, to be bent to the realities of armed struggle and development. Listen to the latest General Tsadqan interview on how MLLT used Marxism to solve problems.

    [[..Look @ all tplf dead zombie leaders, adhanom, samora, bereket, etc and their sympathizer profs. Before they eat up Ethiopia, let us buy a coffin and bury the tplf communist system…]]

    What “communist system” are you talking about?

    As you’re attacking individuals, former minister Ermias told as Bereket was one of the few who didn’t grab land in Addis, he earned my respect for that. Save Samora (the one who goes around with broken tooth?) because of the nature of his profession but, what is wrong with Adhanom? I think he is a hard working guy.

    Be that as it may, EPRDF former leader Meles was a known Developmental State theoretician. We have a long way to go but EPRDF ideology is not exactly “communism”. :)

    Meles pronounced that Developmental states could come in several forms, provided that they maintained the hegemony of value creation, were autonomous from the private sector, stamped out rent seeking and patronage, and maintained policy continuity for sufficiently long to succeed. A developmental state could be authoritarian, but in Africa’s ethnically diverse societies, democratic legitimacy was a sine qua non.

  16. USA Fears Blowback
    | #16

    @ Diwi,

    you may be in your 40s, 50s or older but your mind is still that of a 3 years old infant, and you are irrational.
    Your Banda TPLF’s “ethnic federalism” system has no future in Ethiopia because Ethiopians reject it.
    Unfortunately your Banda TPLF is full of mental infants and irrational people like you, so you guys must learn the hard way.

    By the way was the above a response to this: “@ Sima,
    you sound personally attacked and mad. Could you perhaps be the crooked Askari Tewodros Adhanom ?
    And this: “You are the biggest scam in the existence of humankind” only shows that you are a highly emotional, irrational, childish and ignorant person who doesn’t know what he is talking about. It is like a 3 old kid who, when he saw Meles Zenawi, says: “oh gashe Meles, you are the tallest person in the world”. ” ?

  17. Wondafrash Belew
    | #17

    I read Yilma Bekele from most of his writings as a bigot who is covering his own fascistic Mengistu supporter background by attacking an individual who simply wrote to defend the interest of Ethiopia. Prof Tecola is reliable and patriotic on the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. Tecola correctly identified the Video as the work of the enemies of Ethiopia. Yilma Bekele quotes famous people from historical records and from his scanty readings out of context. He is all over the place except where it matters–legitimate discussion on the future of Ethiopia.

    I examined what Prof Tecola wrote and what Yilma Bekele wrote, and there is no single item that Yilma identified as an error in Tecola’s writing, just name calling and unrelated accusations to the article written by Tecola. The video is already discredited and thrown out as garbage by the Ethiopian Community. Let us stand for the future of Ethiopia and ignore the likes of Yilma Bekele.

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