Blue Party introduced all over the US

March 10th, 2015 Print Print Email Email

Some in Ethiopia or even Blue party leaders may not know this. The National Public Radio is the major public radio in the whole United States. We are not talking about local NPR affiliates. We are talking about NPR. I am a frequent, perhaps daily listener of NPR. The last time I have heard NPR talk about Ethiopia was seven years ago during morning edition, once on Mulatu Astatke ethio jazz music and another time on Teddy Afro. prior to that from what I recall it was during the Badme war. It is amazing to see NPR reports about the Blue Party. Congressmen, senators, politicians, think tank groups …all listen to NPR, mostly “All things consider” late afternoons and “Morning Edition” on which this report was broadcasted in the Morning.

What is very funny is that the regime is equating the Blue Party as Nazi. Please listen how absurd , defensive, argumentless TPLFites have become.

NPR Report – Ethiopia’s Blue Party Tries To Reacquaint Nation With Dissent – March 10, 2015

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