Blue Party introduced all over the US

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Some in Ethiopia or even Blue party leaders may not know this. The National Public Radio is the major public radio in the whole United States. We are not talking about local NPR affiliates. We are talking about NPR. I am a frequent, perhaps daily listener of NPR. The last time I have heard NPR talk about Ethiopia was seven years ago during morning edition, once on Mulatu Astatke ethio jazz music and another time on Teddy Afro. prior to that from what I recall it was during the Badme war. It is amazing to see NPR reports about the Blue Party. Congressmen, senators, politicians, think tank groups …all listen to NPR, mostly “All things consider” late afternoons and “Morning Edition” on which this report was broadcasted in the Morning.

What is very funny is that the regime is equating the Blue Party as Nazi. Please listen how absurd , defensive, argumentless TPLFites have become.

NPR Report – Ethiopia’s Blue Party Tries To Reacquaint Nation With Dissent – March 10, 2015

  1. Dawi
    | #1

    I heard it but, wasn’t that excited because it confirmed what EPRDF has been warning all along to the population & the media what “color revolutions” are all about and who sets them up etc. Many are known to be influenced by USA. The movements are developed in the former Soviet Union & the Balkans; we can include the face book”s “Arab spring” in the same talking. Where are the elected Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt today??

    This might be the promotion Alem (aka anti-Tecola)is looking for? but, I consider it a negative promotion that can hurt the Blue by making them look as a run of the mill “color revolution” advocates with no substance.

    The girl talked about her Blue finger nail, scarf and blue geans! C’mon man! – It is just childish if you ask me.

  2. ayeye
    | #2

    dawi= tplf…. Jealously and inferiority is burning them.

  3. ovidwana
    | #3

    Of course, it is not a diploma mill, as this for those who don’t have knowledge, wisdom, integrity, and accountability. It amazing and moving in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians, public listeners, and even in congress and beyond. Blue party has been widely accepted both in the homeland and abroad. Blue party can never be influenced by the negative propaganda media; it rather, has influenced intellectuals, public thinking and social movement of all sorts that eventually takes Ethiopians along with its principle on the road to democracy. What matters most, in the context of democracy and the power of people is what blue party principle itself on matters that affect and influence citizens and the public. For sure, Blue party will continuing to be taken as the natural magnet of good thinkers and wise men and women to its core.

  4. Belay
    | #4


    How is this going to excite you while you stand with criminals? You continue to bark against any justice seekers as you are assigned to do so. But you will never stop the struggle to topple these BANDA tyrants.

  5. Dawi
    | #5

    Belay – Nefse:

    We know the traditional ideology motivating all Color Revolutions is Liberal Democracy, and what it is trying to do is overthrow anti-Liberal Democratic (non-Western) governments. As EPRDF is a developmental state advocate it is a target for it.

    As Blue party is not ready yet to handle the outcome preparation is a must; otherwise if it creates premature civil war in the country by turning violent, it is obvious the result won’t be pretty. It will take the existing democratic movements backward because their foe is much better prepared at this juncture. BTW, that is what Prof. Tecola is trying to tell us all along for those who want listen.

  6. Nathi
    | #6

    Why is that every opposition here believes that change in Ethiopia can only come from the USA or Europe. Are you undermining the Ethiopian people as such that they are incapable to decide for themselves. Who cares what a US senator or congressman thinks about Ethiopia when Ethiopians see which direction their country is going and which party represents their interest best. I have no party affiliation but from what I read from the people here who oppose EPRDF all I see is envy and crocodile tears. I believe on my people more than any thing and they are making unimaginable strides every day and that is one thing to live for.

  7. Daniel
    | #7

    The weyannes and hodams like `Dawi`and `Nathi` panic, shiver and spend sleepless nights when they hear about the orange revolution or Arab spring reaching Ethiopia. This scenario is unsettling to specially the late comers to the TPLF world of pillage because they have not robbed and stashed as much as the senior robbers. The brain-belly ratio of the hodams is very low because their brains are degenrating and bellies are growing bigger and bigger.

  8. Myself
    | #8

    I could’t agree more. u nailed it Bro.


  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    Blue party is another newly created poletical machine to help prolong the life of TPLF, but nothing else.

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