Ten websites demand Tedros Adhnom to retract fabrication

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Editors voted to label him “top Pinocchio” for blatant lies

Editors of ten leading Ethiopian websites have joined forces to demanded Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom to retract his outlandish, outrageous and blatant lies that he recently told the public using Facebook and state-run media outlets. The editors also unanimously voted to name the Foreign Minister the “Top Ethiopian Pinocchio” after he failed to retract and publicly apologize for an outrageous fabrication he told about a school girl whom he promoted as winner of a nonexistent multimillion-dollar international award.

Editors of Abugida, Addis Voice,ECADForum, Ethioforum, Ethiofreedom, Ethiomedia, Ethiopian Review, Quatero, Satenaw and Zehabesha took the unprecedented step to hold the minister to account to his reckless and harmful propaganda stunt after he told the the public that 14-year old Beritu Jaleta, an Ethiopian-Australian schoolgirl from Melbourne, won 20 million Australian dollars in an international school competition and came back to partner with the regime.

In a joint press conference he held two weeks ago in his office with the teenager, the minister misled the public that she came back to Ethiopia to partner with the government to build a school after winning the jackpot. He called her an exemplary philanthropist among the Ethiopian Diaspora contrary to the reality. The story has been dismissed by the Baden Powell College, which was said to have organized the 8th grade competition, and the alleged funders of the prize, Rotary Foundation and the Government of Australia.

“It is high time the Foreign Minister took full responsibility for his reckless behaviour not only to retract it in the same way as he told it but also unreservedly apologize to the people of Ethiopia,” the editors said.

The editors noted that as the fabrications have been totally discredited and exposed as a big lie, the Foreign Minister must take full responsibility for the blatant fabrication instead of blaming it on a teenager who has been paraded TV to promote the propaganda stunt.

Dr. Adhanom blamed the girl indirectly in a Facebook post last Saturday. He said he would rather trust children and make mistakes without offering any responsibility for the scandal. “Because the Foreign Minister tried to tell such an outlandish and blatant lie to the people of Ethiopia, he has earned the honor ‘Top Ethiopian Pinocchio’ in appreciation of his effort,” the editors said.
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  1. Ancient-Yeha.eu
    | #1

    The only salvation, back to areas Adi Girat – Adi Keyeh as a ድረሰር!! ኣይበልና እንዶ ከምዝብሃሎ, ኣነማ ከብ መጀመርትኡ’ውን ኢለ ነይረ!

  2. Kaledidan
    | #2

    6 years ago Dr.Berhanu Nega sold heroic certificate for $500 and announced to defeat woyane with in 6 month so why not ask him as BIG lier.

  3. Dawi
    | #3

    To: The ten websites

    None of us are completely honest nor completely dishonest.

    When I notice that somebody is not being completely straight with me I try to take responsibility and ask myself how I can change in order to help the other person be more honest with me.

    I find it more helpful than blaming the other guy. Off course, I am just such a wonderful person to say that and I know it. :-)

    May be we should stop our zero sum games and try that before ganging up on one hard working new generation EPRDF without an armed struggle baggage. He is also one of the most accomplished by any standard.

  4. jamama
    | #4

    True, Tedros Adhanom must retract the lies he broadcasted to the world. But he is not a man to be given a second chance on account of his many illegal activities that he had done to harm many citizens of all walks of life. On his going to lying spree he was jumping from one lie to another blatant lies not having considered the harm he would have induced into the life of the schoolgirl, and the consequence of him violating the child’s right of living without Tedros Adhanom’s interference. On the course of his lies whether knowingly or unknowingly he was able to transform himself from a petty liar into a pathological liar resulting in getting entangled the 14 year-old girl into an atmosphere of confusion and veering her into unwanted circumstances. Obviously, Tedros Adhanom, whether he likes it or not, or hates it or love, there is one and only one choice left; that is to give up himself to the police in Australia.

  5. Hagos Hudru
    | #5

    It is shameful Tedros is an embarrassment to TPLF and, his Eritrean mother. It is time for TPLF to replace him by someone who is a little more credible Tigryan than the handsome “Teddy” who is a butt of jock, when he tries to blame a teenage. Get rid of him before this “election”.

  6. Qabzisso
    | #6

    It is real. No matter which angle you view it, Dr. Tedros Adhanom is a big time loser, not the innocent little girl who had been manipulated to his personal use. It was a big derailment for Dr. Tedros Adhanom from the poorly engineered lie that had been resulting in spilling lies onto children. Dr. Tedros Adhanom had suffered big time owing to his reckless behaviour that had pushed him too far and wide in a dirty lake. He can not dust off himself because he is wet and drenched in his own lies.

    Will this lousy liar ever be able to walk to the police head office in Australia and hand over himself to the justice or will he attempt to flee from the justice and seek hiding in the cave once he was in while a wanted robber?

  7. yilmab
    | #7

    Ato Dawi’s response is very interesting and reflects how Woyane views the world. My dear Dawi I have bad news for you, most of us are honest in all our dealings. There is no such thing as a little dishonesty. Such a sickness if tolerated is like cancer. It invades the individuals soul like it has invaded Woyane’s. This is exactly why our leaders are not able to lead by example. They lie, steal, kill and make the whole exercise look natural. This dude that got his position due to ethnic lottery is just stumbling from one idiocy to another. Remember the time Saudi expelled our people and Tedros and declared how he was so ‘depressed!’ in front of the press? All Woyane have a problem with ethical matters.

  8. Dawi
    | #8

    Brother Yelma – Please let us not be holier than the pope here!

    Dr. Tedros doesn’t have the armed struggle baggage just like HD. They are new generation leaders and well accomplished individuals among EPRDFites we know today.

    BTW, what makes you be sure that he was not “depressed” when Ethiopians were expelled from Saudi?

    Further more, why attack these guys with silly stuff such us not being fluent in one of the languages they use among many or happen to be duped by a kid that claimed of winning $20 million lottery? You have no evidence he created the stupid hoax. Do you?

    Say, if they bought their diplomas Abebe would have told us by now :)& would have nailed them like he did to what is his face Prof. Constantinos? but, these guys are legit! I say we shouldn’t waste time attacking such well liked folks in general because it’s counter productive and doesn’t help the politics to move forward.

    Having said that, as long as folks don’t take it too seriously calling politicians liars is harmless; we hear it everyday here in USA but, what worries me is you & others take it more seriously and feel you’re getting some political mileage with it. That is wrong!

    The following was written by Washington post few months ago regarding Clinton and Obama but, most people don’t take it seriously. Do you?

    [[In 1996, the late, great New York Times columnist William Safire published a column, “Blizzard of lies,” in which he laid out a series of falsehoods by Hillary Rodham Clinton and declared “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.”

    Today, Americans of all political stripes are coming to a similar, sad realization about our president. A recent Fox News poll asked Americans “How often does Barack Obama lie to the country on important matters?” Thirty-seven percent said “most of the time,” 24 percent said “some of the time,” and 20 percent said “only now and then.” Just 15% said “never.”

    Think about that: 81 percent of Americans believe that Obama lies to them at least “now and then” on “important matters.” ]]

  9. Senait
    | #9

    Teddy is one of the most popular minister of Ethiopia especially loved by Saudi returnee.please stop hair splitting

  10. dodo
    | #10

    Ethiopia has had some incompetent Foreign Ministers before, but they could escape scrutiny because they can hide behind the word “FOREIGN” But this baby-faced fool went public in the new media of Facebook and Twitter and exposed his ignorance big time. This “baby-doc” was trying to emulate “papa-doc” Sebhat Nega who shoots from the him, no matter what. For the two half Eritreans they rule and have continually ruled – for one quarter of a Century – their RIST and GULT called Ethiopia. Who cares? The world is their oyster.

  11. yilmab
    | #11

    Dawi as usual you manage to bring so much unnecessary explanations and unrelated examples you end up confusing the subject matter we are discussing. We are talking about Tedros Adhanon’s tendency to lie and also put his foot in his mouth on several occasions. He brought a young person to the podium based on manufactured news and it blew in his woyane face, period! We also looked at the past transgressions of the dude and we concluded this follows a pattern. It is not about Obama, not about the rest of us but Tedros lying.
    As for the ‘armed struggle baggage’ as you put it I thought that was the selling point of Woyane, we fought thus we deserve. The puppet HMD and Tedros are probably made to feel useless by their friends, well that is their problem. as far as we are concerned they got their position not due to education and experience but one because he is Tigrai and the other because he is a sycophant and is easy to control.
    The idea of being depressed is laughable, here there are thousands of Ethiopians told to leave Saudi in an instant and the good doctor is depressed, well what do you think of the victims? He made it about himself as usual the selfish woyane is not interested to what happens to us but it is all about him. A Foreign Minster does not get depressed but anticipates a problem and finds a solution before it happens that is if he was the person for the position but we all know he is not. Quit making excuse for the mentally challenged!

  12. kinchicha
    | #12

    Disrespecting is worse than dishonesty. what is missing in Tedros Adhanom’s being is SELF-RESPECT. self-respect is the main component that makes a man, a real man to check upon his mind and watch the mouth. All men in fascist TPLF criminal organization are dishonest and do not have self-respect. This is why the robbers just like Tedros Adhanom lack civilization.

    In many ways, Tedros Adhanom has been disrespectful towards a schoolchild. If one takes a poll in Ethiopia, nearly one hundred percent of Ethiopians would be surveyed as saying this, WE WILL NEVER TRUST ANYONE AND ANYBODY IN THE FASCIST TPLF ORGANIZATION. This speaks volume far and wide. Obviously, there are chid psychologies awaiting the school girl to council her due to her coming in contact with one the notorious liars and crooks namely, Tedros Adhanom who currently is one the most wanted criminal in the history of Ethiopia, back home.

    Constantinos Berhe and Tedros Adhanom are wanted for one common charge that has been laid against them: Both wanted men lied to a schoolgirl and university kids. On the grand charge that they have been wanted for is just too much to mention it here.

    The phony professor, Constantinos Berhe and the fake, foreign minster Dr. Tedros Adhanom for sure, some day will share their separate and common stories to each other while serving years and years in a tiny jail. This might sound abstract for the followers of fascist TPLF, but the rest of justice-loving citizens, it is serious and important issue when a child is used and abused by a lawless and the an outlaw with mere purpose to gain advantage and fame by fabricating lies and tell the public as true and worst enough by fooling a schoolgirl into adult world. For this case, Tedros Adhanom shall definitely serve time in a private cell if and only if he confesses other criminal deeds that had occurred in his life time with the robbers in a fascist organization now the world knows it as TPLF.

  13. Fikreab
    | #13

    TPLF is an expert in falsification, forger and fabrication. Adhanom did nothing but fulfilled TPLF’s deeds of fabrication and falsification. Phonies like Tedros Adhanom, HMD and the like are full blown opportunities and mentally sick people who willfully chose to be parasites that scavenge from woyane’s loot. They are dry-eyed shameless opportunists because they knew too well that they would not succeed in life except earning a hand-to-mouth monthly salary from sitting stuck in the office. They did perform projection up to their time of “tureta’ and calculated that they will end up empty handed plus grey hair. Then they fox-walked to woyane house of looting.

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    It is funny some of you are trying to be the judge and the jury without any evidence at hand.

    Be that as it may, let us say Dr. Teodros actually did set up the hoax? As some “analysts” said, the reason might have been to pacify the folks in that part of Ethiopia to come back to Ethiopia’s fold. It was not for anti-Ethiopian action then.

    So why are “opposition” wasting so much time harping on a “Woyane” for helping keep Ethiopian Nationalism? Such actions show your true colors if you ask me. Talking about colors, meaning acting as true part and parcel coalition of a global neo-liberal color revolutions to overthrow nationalist governments.

    For Yelma it goes along with his line of thought associating with Ethiopian enemies such Shaebia as long as they’re against his main enemy Woyane. He even wants us to boycott Ethiopian Air for god’s sake? It is laughable but true. That is his united front in action to get his friends come to power but, I don’t think most Ethiopians buy such nonsense.

  15. Hamilawi
    | #15

    Today, everything and anything that is available above and below the lands in Ethiopia is owned, controlled, and run by the mafias in The Fascist TPLF Terrorist Organization. In 1991, the Fascist Robbers came into Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and kill Ethiopians. They were armed to their teeth, but were void of knowledge and wisdom. No sooner than they had infiltrated into villages, towns, and cities, they began spreading lethal diseases and preaching and practicing banda culture. They then moved into the neighbourhoods, broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Every year this time Fascist Italians celebrate their 119th death wherever they were turned into tenuous dust and transformed into dark soul. Several feet below the grave of the Fascist Italians Masters, mixed in with the dead soul of Fascist Italian Masters, lump, bundled, entangled in the dead soul of Fascist Masters,the Askaris live in death. The second death is coming to engulf Fascist TPLF in every direction; panic is high, anxiety is soaring, fear is warping them into a fold, fate is casing them like a coward mouse to nowhere. Yes, patriots are coming for them.

    Abadula Gamada was lost and found, Tedros Adhanom was caught lying, Constantinos Berhe was ordained with professorship; from Abadula to Constantinos, turn by turn are ready to kick the dust and spin in the music of their fate. As per Tedros Adhanom, although he is still asleep, his fate is tickling him into the road to reality. The police shall soon knock at his door.

  16. lvkee
    | #16

    All what Tedros Adhanom has to do is that he must first tell the teenager that he used her for his personal use; he then has to confess to all young girls and boys, at school, at home, and wherever they are available that he abused their age and wisdom; he then has retract things he said on social media officially. What follows from this point on is that he has make available himself to police.

    This man is morally corrupted on the head and is addicted to lies; he opened his mouth and lies went through the slit; he therefore, be granted NO second chance. Undoubtedly, there will be a grand jury assigned for the case that he would be charged for because he broke the fundamental rules of the law of the land.

  17. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #17

    The whole behavior is repulsive. Some people may say that he is far away and very busy tending to state affairs in Ethiopia that he did not have time to examine the claim. Well…that in itself is a problem. With all these loud mouthed and rabid lackeys he has running around among us every where, he had enough manpower to investigate the claim. These government officials running the country back home have been trying to tell us that they are special breed among humans with almost supernatural power. Right? They tell us they are peaceful and pious people but the rest of us are terrorists or at least sympathizers of terrorists. Obbo Eskinder is an example. They tell us that they don’t and never lie or associate themselves with liars. Right? Then, what do you call this? I applaud these ten websites for submitting their legitimate demands united.

    There is also another issue I wish these same ten websites in unison or individually raise on our behalf. I have mentioned my concern before and I am going to bring it up again. As we all know by now that there are several groups that made their way to Eritrea to launch an armed struggle in Ethiopia to topple the current despotic regime. They are being armed by another despot Isaias Afewerki. It is natural and customary with Al-Toweel Isaias that anyone who seeks arms and training must sign a long term agreement with him. That is his modus operandi. Just ask all the EPRP’s TPLF’s and others who went to his Nakfa joint in the 1970’s seeking military assistance. He had all of them sign ‘treaties’ or ‘communiques’ on his terms. I want to know what the current groups such as the G7, OLF, ONLF and several others who are now going around in circles in the barrens of Eritrea signed with him. They all claim armed to liberate this and that kind of people in Ethiopia. Right? Even including us who live here overseas!!! What are the agreements they have signed with Isaias and his regime? I am asking them to make them public and make them public now, not next week or year but now!!! If some of these website decline the request because they have affinities or are ‘supported’ by any one of these walk-on Asmarites, then I know I have faith in the editors of this website to ask the question on my and millions of our peoples’ behalf. I ask them to prod and nag these groups to make the agreements they have signed with Isaias public now. I have tried to see any agreement signed from those who ramble around in Minnesota and DC. The response I got was insults and being called a Neo-Gobena this and that. The most recent interview of Isaias by ESAT reporters shows he has a grand scheme to start unheard of bloodbaths among our people if he does not get what he wants and he wants everything on a silver platter. And everything on his terms!!!! That means he will be free to fish in the troubled waters and Hurrah!! Hurrah!!! Eritrea has become the Singapore of The Horn or on The Horn!!!!

  18. gouffa
    | #18

    On the first instant when Dr. Liar, Tedros Adhanom, the fake Foreign Minster appeared on camera, he had a lengthy meeting he attended for hours and then gave an impression that he was dizzy and confused. He then, as usual began to entangled his own bloody tongue with lies as thin as a pin.

    Basically, this man is not what he claimed he is. lousy father, and a cheat, all that is what he is and what he will be forever. How could he celebrate his daughter eighth birth day with whisky and cake in her presence?

  19. Challimo
    | #19

    Uh! Dawi is totally a confused person right now as he was before, and there seems to be continue in his present state of mind until he is totally collapsed by the news he would hear of the total ruin of Fascist TPLF. Nobody will ever come to his rescue while a little wiser hodams find ways to run away and save the remain ass, seeing the beast-TPLF is eaten alive. The most who lose the death of TPLF Dawi and a few of his likes. Chow Dawi.

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