Journalist Kifu Asefa, Journalist Senay g.m and EPPf Gard Charmian Leuel Mekonen on Addis Voice Radio March 7, 2015

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Journalist Kifu Asefa, Journalist Senay g.m and EPPf Gard Charmian Leuel Mekonen

  1. Gebru
    | #1

    I have an experience that theTPLF spying is coming on the name of controversial idea.they want transfer the Mission of TPLF.Journalist Senay told us the freedom of Ethiopian through the Eritrea government affected the movement Eritrea opposition in Ethiopia and it lets Esayas to stay on power in other word he doesn’t want the freedom of Ethiopian because he thinks the Ethiopian freedom affects him then how can one get the truth from such someone tell the truth for struggle he doesn’t want excited.we have experience from journalist Dawit Kebede (at)he was in a prison for two years with opposition and as he told us that he did many things for G-7.then after he became on the name of controversial ideas he transfer the mission of TPLF through the radio of Mirchaw and others.finally he exposed him self that his mission of spoiled of G-7 spying of ESAT and to get an information who is sent from where is he?finally I don’t want to see Addis Dimtse radio is a media that the mission of TPLF transfer to the People’s on the name of controversial ideas.Thanks

  2. wechw gud
    | #2

    The eppf guard is a liar. The other thing is there is no eppf now. Eppf and Ginbot 7 have merged for good and the new name is “PATRIOT GINBOT7.Listen to March 14 adis dimtsh radio interview from former Eppf member ato Kassaye who told the truth; don’t be one sided Augida, i know u are always. U don’t even post prof Al Mariam weekly commentaries, u have problem but i don’t what ur problem is. The so called Leul is a liar and power monger. He also uses money collected from Ethiopians for eppf front for his personal use. He is a trader who sold his soul for money. Shame on him and others including Ethiopian review. Now they are trying to use adis dimtsh for their hogwash plan. I hope the host will be smart enough not to involve in this shameful drama of these low thinking greedy people.

  3. kolfafa
    | #3

    We can not emphasise enough the importance of guarding our unity and historical struggle against informants, spies, liquidators, short-sighted individuals and elements who stealthy position themselves as genuine and concerned individuals while masked inside for their sinister and wicked mission against our noble struggle.

    We trust in our dear lord, God and in our solidarity in the fighting against Fascist TPLF and its spies and informants.

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