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Kinijit chairman Hailu Shawel has arrived in Washington DC this afternoon after a few days stay in Minneapolis. (more…)

Kinijit chairman Hailu Shawel has arrived in Washington DC this afternoon after a few days stay in Minneapolis. Close to 1,000 Ethiopians greeted him at the Washington Reagan Airport as he exited the terminal on a wheelchair provided by the airport. The shaleqa group, including Shaleqa Yoseph himself, Dr Taye Woldesemayat, Ato Solomon Bekele, Ato Merchaw Seneshaw and others, accompanied him as he greeted supporters and headed to his car.

Photo By Tewodros Mekebeb

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  1. freedom?.
    | #1

    Welcome Engineer Hailu Shawel!, Chairman of the delegation and CUD of Ethiopia.
    I join thousands of other Ethiopians to wish you a pleasant and productive stay and tour in USA.

    Happy Ethiopian New year and a blessed beginning of the third millinum you and all Ethiopians.

  2. Yoyo
    | #2

    Let the elected members do their job. Please shut your mouth and leave them alone. You are trying to create a problem and trying to divide them. These people are experienced they will not be discouraged by your negative and distructive fantasies. Shame on you. This is not promoting democracy. You don’t know democracy, you are still in a slave mentality.

  3. Mengesha
    | #3

    Among all, I highly welcome Engineer Hailu Shawl, a real Ethiopian hero and a legend to the history of the nation. Welcome!

    Ethiopia is suffering from chronic woyane ethnic disease, lose of its children by assassinations, starvation, disease and also a challenge of worst human catastrophe in the short run would be eminent. Simply the nation is calling her children to save the name “Ethiopia” and the vulnerable population who are under the point of gun by woyane in conjunction with enemies of Ethiopia.

    Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we must persuade ourselves that there were individuals attempting to kill Ethiopia by collaborating with enemies, and currently, there are human elements that are glittering in the public and yet serve as mercenaries of the nation. We do find one in the future too. Nothing surprises us. There are million and million heroes that rescue Ethiopia and keep the nation going forward.

    Any one who is double faced and works for woyane under the cover of Kinjit would be cursed and would face calamities for he or she drinks the blood of the massacred innocent and needy Ethiopians. I tell you, you step on no where. It is time you expose yourself or yourselves, and work for releasing the nation from woyane barricade. If not you goanna go with the out going evil woyane regime. God is great!

  4. gash_Tesfa@ethio
    | #4

    Welcome Ing. Hailu Shawel. We hope you will solve the problem and send a clear message to the dictator and corrupted Weyane leadership and their cronies.Corruption is a big crime. Corrupted elements must be challenged.
    Opposition supporters please weight and see.

  5. Shumet Menywab
    | #5

    Ato Hailu will be remembered as a unifier rather than as a divider if he maintains the chairmanship after the internal problems have been solved. On the other hand, if Ato Hailu Shawel tries to maintain his chairmanship by a split, as some people already concluded that Ato Hailu Shawel is a trouble maker, he will be remembered as a divider.

    As to me, the problem between Kinijit International leadership and the Shaleqa group grew from leadership incompetence allegation to corruption. At the beginning, problems seemed more personal attacks than organizational manners of criticism.

    When this kind of internal problems occur, a problem solving process must have been conducted through full leadership committee’s involvement. But, unfortunately, as the whole leadership of Kinijit was incarcerated by the government of TPLF/EPRDF, the temporary leadership assignees did not manage the problem properly. For instance, the corruption investigation by some supporters of Kinijit did not try to yield the responsibility to the released leadership to take charge.

    If the Chairman did some thing, like some recommended in the past that Ato Hailu Shawel should be given an emergency power, he should be responsible for the problem he may intentionally or unintentionally caused it to occur. If that so, he will solve the problem by directly taking the responsibility and apologized for many to take it to be divided.

    But my concern is that more antagonistic efforts are being put by many. For example, I have a problem on Ethiopian Review’s problem handling like today’s edition by ER, as: “Ethiopian Review has a great deal of respect for Ato Hailu. At one time, we even recommended to Kinijit executive committee to give him an emergency power so that he can make decisions on urgent matters by himself in times of emergencies”) is personal rather than organizational to denounce Ato Hailu’s slowness to take side. When ER likes Ato Hailu to have an emergency power on emergency situations at one time, the same ER does not think Ato Hailu should have an emergency power on another situation like this, assuming Ato Hailu is exercising that same power right now for the sake of buying time for the solution to take process instead of denouncing one group by announcing his side on the other to split the party.

  6. Anberber
    | #6

    anberber beketema

    Eng. (sorry there is no as such a honorable name) take it as Ato hailu you betray your rece oromo and aliened with the hodam amahars now you are paying the price

    Ere Yesew Yaleh Woy Hagere endeh Mekelega honechena Arefechew.

  7. when
    | #7

    Do we need to wait one more century to get our Mandela??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????+

  8. Tigist
    | #8

    Welcome Eng. Hailu! I just hope the pending Kinijit Diaspora issues will be resolved in the days to come.

    | #9



  10. belayqoaraw:
    | #10

    Welcome Engineer Hailu Shawel!, Chairman of the delegation and CUD of Ethiopia.
    Ethiopia is suffering from chronic woyane ethnic disease, lose of its children by assassinations, starvation, disease and also a challenge of worst human catastrophe in the short run would be eminent. Let us fight woyane and his slave(berket,adisu,aba dulla,ledetu,hiwote,ethio babas bateraric,…

  11. | #11

    Welcome Engineer Hailu Shawel!, Chairman of the delegation and CUD of Ethiopia
    please let us fight woyane and and starvation
    poverty to day ethiopia people are very very hard ship in food in evry thing , no work ,no democracy no food simply slave
    mandela en.hailu shawel

  12. Mesfin
    | #12

    I was so relieved when I learned the Eng. Hailu Shawel’s arrival in DC. It is because I believe that the Kinijit’s strength is its unity. If we take a look at each Kinijit leaders individually, all of them have their own quality to contribute to the party. That is why I believe Kinijit become a hope for Ethiopia and most Ethiopians both at home and in Diaspora. I am sure that all the leaders know very well that they need each other to keep pushing the struggle forward to its destination. I hope that we would see some sort of singe in the days to come that all the issues in the Diaspora Kinijit are resolved.
    Remember the Kinijit leaders, your strength and your beauty is your unity.

  13. tsegaye
    | #13

    We are very worried about which way you are
    following kinjet.
    1 kic poeple are not elected by ethiopian poeple while the excutive body are elected by the ethiopian poeple.
    2.the excutive body are in prison with you in order to tmplment the kinjet polices and pro grams
    3 on the other hand they are the majority

    So the ethiopian poeple are expecting to join with the elected and excutive dody of kinjet which are still ready to impliment the policies programe of kinjet which this programs and policies wish of ethiopian poeple to be practically .

  14. Ewnetun Lingerew
    | #14

    Dear brothers and sisters THIS IS THE TRUTH.Kinjit is not a party of individuals. But It is Ethiopians party and the truth and honest leader of kinijit is Eng. Hailu shawel. He is a man of uinity.Meahid-Meead-kinijit-Ethiopia. This is merdo for our enemies. To the contrary look woyane. Ethiopia-EPRDF-TPLF-a single ethenic group kefafileh Gizaw.

  15. Teshome
    | #15

    All the Kinijit leaders and their followers has paid in pure blood to give root to the democratic process in Ethiopia. Engnerr Hailu Shawl is a leader but he is one of the leaders he paid no more or less that any of the leaders. We appreciate his leader ship and the suffering he went through and history will remember his as one of the leaders who gave focuses to the struggle for democratization. But there seems to be a sickness here in U.S.A and in Europe that some individuals want to contaminate the whole body of Kinjit.
    Hailu Showl is an elected leader. He wasn’t put in the leadership position by force but he is an elected leader. So to make him all knowing, being is a trap. He is a leader and his main focus is and should be the Ethiopian people and those who paying their blood. His strength comes from himself and all kinijet leadership. They also get it from the consent of Ethiopian people. Let us not harm ourselves, the people who we claim we are fighting for , the Ethiopian people.

  16. nahome
    | #16

    Ethiopia – Question for Hailu Shawel

    Tedla Asfaw

    Ato Teferi Kasa, the division of KIC and KIL root we all know goes back to the Kaliti letter few months ago and the so called “Shimagelis” who came to solidify the difference and before today’s interview of Engineer Hailu the Kinijit delegates were not seeing eye to eye with him the only thing all agreed was to come out from prison and join the North America divisive battle which is officially started today September 16, 2007.

    What I have been suggesting is to avoid this battle and that to happen the delegates have to close doors behind them without the Diaspora KIC and KIL warriors and talk on their differences with Engineer Hailu and do something to discharge their responsibilities to the millions who voted for them in Ethiopia.

    If our people in Ethiopia had a right to stage mass rally I will assure you an ultimatum would have been given to their elected representatives, lead us or follow us.

    Have Your Say. Is Kinijit Broken?
    (Chiger Ale Ende?)

    Vote is conditional and if you do work against the constituency that elected you it would be possible to lose your seat in democracy.

    The sad thing is that we the Diaspora who have not voted for the Kinijit delegates became a power broker and engaging on such divisive meeting like today or organizing interview by known divisive and racist radio station is a disservice to our people by the visiting delegates.

    The insult Lidetu Ayalew were throwing against our elderly leaders two years ago is now thrown to the young delegate by our “mirte Lijoch” , the host of Ethiopiawinet who interviewed Engineer Hailu today and
    insulting Judge Birtukan Medekesa.

    This is the day of celebration for TPLF’s victory against the Diaspora and the big blow to the millions of Ethiopians moral who will by default will be thrown in to camps of Hailu Vs others in a country where people are not allowed to meet their elected representatives.

    The Ethiopian people suffering will eventually will take its own course for sure and those who are living abroad some with foreign citizenship in their pocket will be a suspect as equal to as foreign powers who wanted to rule us by exploiting our disagreements and selfishness and who many times tell us that democracy is too complicated for Ethiopians and had picked our leaders and this indeed was true in 2005 and will be
    true in the 2010 so called coming election.

  17. Yeruksew
    | #17

    Welcome, Engineer Shawel!!!!
    The futile attempt by some elements in the KINIJIT suport groups is disturbing. They are there to serve the mission of Woyanne. Members of the Kinijit Leadership are far sighted in that they will reslove their differences behind the closed door. Despite the high sacrifice each one in KINIJIT has paid, some people who are known for their artistic talent seem to be making the gap created because of misunderstanding wider. Please give them time for them to get togehter and resolve the expected misundersatning. Once again, please give them time to discuss and resolve their differences. Ato Elias is aggravating the minor difference created. Ato Elias:Please come to you concious!!! Ethiopia will come out victorious from this very big mess!!!

  18. Elsa
    | #18

    Dear Ethiopians,
    I well come Eng. Hailu to the USA, I hope he will recover and start working on the many isssues that Kinjet is facing at diaspora. We disspora need to calm down and pay attention to the details and think twice before we speak!

  19. Mebratu
    | #19

    Well come our be love leader . true honest and love his country . Unite and love

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