Save me from the kindness of my friends. By Yilma Bekele

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We all have a few issues. Some are real while a few are due to ignorance but somewhere in between there are some topics raised by some folks that stops you on your track. All one can do is stand back, raise an eyebrow, take a breath and exclaim ‘what is that all about?’

That was exactly my reaction after listening to a discussion about the liberation of my country. It seems to me we have developed this nasty habit of choosing who can free us from serfdom even before the real job starts. The theoretical discussion have some folks getting twisted out of shape making one wonder what would happen when we actually have a few liberated territories to administer.

The interview was bundled into a two hour forty four minutes and thirty two seconds audio clip distributed by our friends from Ethiomedia. It was titled Eritrea: A friend or foe for a democratic change in Ethiopia? The question posed is very provocative and adds unnecessary layer to our struggle. If Eritrea is considered to be a foe we will be faced with two fronts to fight in order to be free.

Most Ethiopians are not into making the job harder and heavier. It is considered good policy to make friends with others of the same interest to lighten the load. One front at a time is a good and prudent policy to follow. Some folks just try to make their issue our issue. I have no way of knowing how much editing was done before distribution.

The original program was aired by ‘Addis Dimtz Radio from Washington D.C. Calling it a discussion is a little misleading. All three guests held the same opinion and were piling on each other to see who can go out on a limb.

The guests were German-based Leul Qesqis Ethiopian Patriotic Front (Guard), Journalist Senai Gebremedhin of Australia and Journalist Kinfu Assefa of The Netherlands.
The recent interview of President Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea by ESAT was what they were assembled to discuss. The host Ato Abebe Belew gave the panelists more than enough time to present one cohesive argument why they were opposed to the idea of accepting Eritrea’s generous offer to look the other way while we use their territory.

I watched the interview on ESAT. The Eritrean President presented a very interesting interpretation of history. It is always good to know what others think and how they process information. Most Ethiopians are familiar with President Isaias Afewerki. He is not a loved figure in Ethiopia. His image has been tarnished by over fifty years of propaganda by successive regimes all to their own end and mostly in a futile attempt to save a dying system.

Two have met their demise and the third one is attempting the same feat. May God save us all! Anyway Ato Isaias Afewerki has been viewed mostly as an evil figure. He has been seen as a friend only once for a brief period of time. It is a subject Woyanes’ would rather not talk about.

I have grown up listening and reading about him and this is the first time I have sat to closely follow and see how he carries himself. His desk, his cloth, his hat and the beige background all reflected the simplified life he advocated and seems to live. I was most surprised by the absence of a big flag of Eritrea flying in the background engulfing the speaker with naked show of patriotism. I am impressed he did not need such props. It shows modesty as well as confidence.
I enjoyed his fast reply to difficult questions and the cunning way he managed to avoid the ones he did not want to answer. I am grateful to the two Journalists for raising tough questions that need to be asked and steering the conversation in a smart manner

I did not focus much on what he has to say about the past and his opinion of Woyane. I would rather pay attention on what he has to say about the future. I am also aware that as a powerful head of state his views are very important and directly affect our country. What I totally agreed with him is the belief that a non-democratic, ethnically divided Ethiopia to be a hindrance to the development of both countries. The Woyane regime in order to hold on to power incites hatred and intolerance among people and nations of the region. The Woyane regime in Ethiopia is the cause of instability in the Horn of Africa. That fits our description of the current Ethiopian regime.

It is the same regime that deleted Andenet by using their Kangaroo court and that also denied Semayawi Party’s participation in the election process by using the Election Board to give it legality. The question becomes what exactly is wrong with Ethiopian Democratic Forces using Eritrean territory to train and prepare to topple this mafia regime? It looks like we have a mutual interest with Eritrea in the resolution of this common discomfort. Anything wrong with that?
Many have tried to operate from Eritrea. Today there are a few combatants from Ethiopia located in Eritrea to organize better. It is now two years since the formation of Ginbot7 Popular Forces that have managed to work in a stealth manner and are fine-tuning their ways make the effort match the prize. The Patriotic Front which is one of the oldest and that has faced many obstacles is still operating from Eritrea. The two organizations that is Patriotic Front and Ginbot7 have agreed to a merger. It is a great leap forward. ESAT got access to be present at such historical event due to the good will of the Eritrean Government.

It indeed is a step forward on our journey to see a free Ethiopia and the fact it was recorded by the number one weapon of our people to be free is a proud moment for us all. It was during this trip ESAT was able to secure an interview with the Eritrean head of state. And it is the news and the interview that precipitated the program by Addis Dimtz Radio.

Our panelists did not discuss the Interview. They did not discuss the historical trip by an Independent Ethiopian broadcaster going to Eritrea and witness the monumental occasion of Ethiopian Forces coming together to face the common enemy. They did not dissect the President’s speech and give us a glimpse of his thought regarding our country.

The discussion was solely on the wisdom of cooperating with Eritrea to fight the Warlords in power. The guests were there to explain why they think differently. It would have helped to have assembled folks that have differing views so the listener can hear all sides of the issue.

It is a moot point. No organization has asked for anyone’s permission to set up shop in Eritrea or anywhere. It does not work like that. Just because someone tried and failed does not mean there is no different approach that would succeed. With all due respect it is better to sit down and do an in-depth search of why it did not succeed and find a way to help others avoid failure than to be a naysayer without merit..

The panelists were setting up a warning beacon for all others to move with caution based on their failed encounter. I have no problem with that. What I object to is this idea of undermining others that are working to find their own way. Concentrating on one’s own effort and making it succeed would earn more points and move the ball.

To come on radio and disparage and question the character of others is not a winning formula. For the host to give people free rein to use the air waves to make unsubstantiated and uninformed statements bordering on slander on our struggle is not fair or a good way to make friends.

After all is said the point I got was that the gentlemen were accusing Shabia for the non-activity of some of the organizations residing in Eritrea. I have no idea why. We do not have enough data to show the strength or weakness of each organization making it difficult to answer with certainty. Did they have able leaders, enough recruits, adequate training, enough weapons even for training, enough supplies, health workers, food, drink, mental fitness that is called for? Was funds collected that is enough for an army to survive until the political situation changes and critical mass is achieved?

Organizing, training and leading an army into battle is not a simple proposition. Engaging an organized force like the TPLF army is not a picnic. I am sure it requires painstaking attention to details and a highly motivated and able leaders with troops trained militarily and politically. Why our organizations have not fared well in Eritrea till now is a question they have to answer. I doubt blaming it on Eritrea is such a good idea. That is the cowards’ way out. You mean to tell me in twenty years you failed to find another way if you think that one is a dead end?

If the idea was for Shabia to feed and train Ethiopians to fight Woyane then it was a very naive assumption. To think Shabia would fight for our freedom is way off the mark. You are on your own buddy. Shabia led and fought with TPLF to achieve its goal of liberating Eritrea. They did not fight for TPLF. If Shabia is willing to give us a corridor to fight their old friend Woyane and Patriotic Front /G7 say they are determined to accept the offer and also work with many more others to bring freedom why would one object? We should find that reassuring and the road to empowerment.

Each organization leads its own sovereign existence based on its beliefs and aptitude. I have no question Ato Andargachew laid the best foundation for such life to emerge from his group. Patriotic Front /G7 are a qualitative change in our struggle. We celebrate that while we support all those arrayed against the minority based regime.

The peaceful means is still going strong in Ethiopia. Semayawi and Andenet are exposing the emptiness of the system. Slowly they are teaching their people that we do not submit easy. Their struggle is a hard as any. Their survival is challenged on a daily basis. They have no newspaper, no radio, no text messaging, nothing! They are harassed by government paid goons, their family is threatened and people are forced to stay away from them but perceiver.

Kinijit, Andenet, Semayawi, Ginbot7 and more will come. What comes next should be qualitatively better than the previous one. That happens when we learn from mistakes, build on our success and celebrate our accomplishments. Our weapons should be aimed at the mafia regime not at phantom enemies and close allies. It is important we contemplate before we hold public dialogue without adequate understanding or deeper studies. What I noticed in the west is that when they want to solve a problem they usually invite experts from their think tanks so they would give the listener perspective based on solid knowledge. It usually gets better and superior results benefiting all of society without undue alarm.

  1. Girum
    | #1

    You touched so many subjects – and its all emotional assertions – I was amazed by your remark”… His image has been tarnished by over fifty years of propaganda by successive regimes all to their own end and mostly in a futile attempt to save a dying system..” are you aware that you r talking about an individual that has been working all his life to destroy the foundation of a nation? Is the term tarnished changed its meaning too – because so many things have changed dramatically – like your political views pfffff

  2. Senait
    | #2

    Ato isayas is an evil person who work hard to disintegrate Ethiopia and this is known fact by all Ethiopians except few Ginbot 7 members/supporters like Yilma

  3. Tango
    | #3

    we will never forget his criminal deed for my lovely country Ethiopia. Some may try to make propaganda like the author did for sake of political power or money but in reality President Isayas is cancer for Ethiopia unity

  4. Sam
    | #4

    Yilma wrote “our weapons should be aimed at the mafia regime not at phantom enemies and close allies.” Who would be one among the close allies? You guessed it: the president of Eritrea. From the outset I want to point out I am against armed struggle in any form. I believe it is the process of making the next dictator. I also believe Isayes is a dictator, and this dictator could not be an instrument to create a democratic society in a neighboring country. But Yilma sees anything but a heartfelt willingness in the part of Isayes to see a democratic Ethiopia being real. Well, one could be compelled to ask is this the same president who have lectured us about Ethiopia being created by the West after the Second World War that we are talking about, you may ask? I think he is the same guy. Yilma intentionally chose not to think about it, but if the Eritrean regime chose Eritrea to be used as a means to overthrow the current regime in Ethiopia the very survival of the Eritrean regime would be in question. Isayes has no power to shape Ethiopian politics. The sooner opposition parties realize this glaring fact, the better.

  5. Mulugeta Asres
    | #5

    Ato Yilma.

    This is a pure treason like those of G7 sell out for Shabia. Ethiopia will liberated By Ethiopians!!!! Shame on you. I used to trust you now you defending the undefendable. Shame Shame….

  6. ነስረዲን
    | #6

    አበበ በለው ለምን ውይይት አደረገ ተብሎ እንዲህ ያለ የተቀነባበበረ ዘመቻ ማድረጋቹህ ምንነታችሁን ፍንትው አድርጎ አሳይቶናል:: እናንተ ብሎ ኢትዮጲያዊ የሻቢያን ትራፊ ለምዳቹህ አበበ በለውንና ክንፉን ወያነ ለማለት የዳዳቹህ:: ኢሳትም የግንቦት ሰባት አይንና ጆሮ መሆኑን በግልጽ ያየንበት አጋጥኣሚ ነው :: ሞት ለወያኔና ሻቢያ ! ማፈሪያ ሁላ::

  7. OZZ
    | #7

    isayas is happy to preside over his people without any change to the status quo until his last days, therfore, his so called support for ethiopian opposition to work from eritrea is an empty propaganda. no ethiopian opposition has been able to do any meaningful contribution to advance change in ethiopia; because shaba will make sure it wont. shabia is a failed organisation leading a failed state to no where.

    isayas is happy to stay where he is. why would isayas want a vibrant, democratic and free ethiopia,because this would spell disaster for him. logic would tell you that dictators and fascists do not want any freedom or democracy in their own country or neighbouring countries. you must be naive to think that Isayas afeworki supports democracy and freedom in Ethiopia while he is denying his own people the same freedom.

  8. John Z Baptist
    | #8


    Thousands of young Eritreans abandoning Eritrea every week, and end up as refuge camp in Ethiopia and sudan. Today if you travel to Ethiopia you will find hundreds of thousands of Eritreans begging in the streets of Addis Abeba, and under age young Eritreans working as prostitutes in bars in addis Abeba to help their starving families back in Eritrea.
    Once Eritreans used to walk their heads up, today Eritreans were ashamed to say I am from Eritrea. What is sad is these people were good people and most were hard working but their irrational pride destroyed them.
    I remember, during the independency, Eritreans were told that Eritrea will become the Africa Singapore but here we all are witnessing that Eritrea AFTER 23 YEARS, Eritrea is nothing but produces endless stream of starving refuges.
    Eritreas dream to ride Ethiopias economic hub to its end had shattered when nonage issias bitten the hands that feed him. now Eritrea no where to go but in total economic gridlock and as a result Eritrea is in hopeless despondent state, stranded and confused.
    Eritreans hidden agenda and dream was to landlock Ethiopia and to control Ethiopians economic access and to control Ethiopia’s sociopolitical affair, the funny thing is that these foolish Eritreans never consider Dejibuti,Somale land, Somalia and keneya as Ethiopias alternative. Now Ethiopia and Dejibuti is negotiating with American company to build oil pipeline from Dejibuti to all Ethiopias major cities. Of course Eritreas long dream of controlling Ethiopia is shattered in perpetual terms with this ethioi-dejibuti pipeline agreement.

  9. Buyaya Danqillala
    | #9

    Clearly, Ethiopia broke up the body and shattered the evil soul of Colonialism. As a result, the Commendable Victory of Adwa had been celebrated since then for it had inspired humankind, motivated those of our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, South America, The Caribbean, South Africa, and the oppressed and suppressed people of the neighbouring people who had been genuinely indebted to the contributions of patriots of Ethiopia to the emancipation of those who lived for centuries in the neighbourly countries.

    Death to the blood robbers!!! Death to Fascist TPLF!!!!!

    The enemy had already attended the last burial of the now dead robber and Satan read the eulogy. No second chance for the enemy because it shall never deserve one. The enemy will dye soon, but there shall never be burial for it for it had never possessed intellectual and moral virtues.

    The enemy did not come into Ethiopia as Enteurpreuners. It came to Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians; although, blinded by hatred and intoxicated with the blood of its victims, as it went through time killing and looting citizens, it was short sighted on it’s mind eyes and recklessly spread deadly diseases and banda culture among the population for the last 24 years. But Ethiopians had already started doing the right thing at the right time, Beginning from the inception of Fascist TPLF. Ethiopians knew well that it would for sure be the clone of Fascist Italians that had come to Ethiopia to smell, taste, and swallow the bitter defeat and consequently would get crushed to its final death, one for fascist Italian, another one for itself, double death.

    From among the neighbouring countries, only two had been aware of the danger of the existence of Fascist Terrorist TPLF, hence began to collaborate with patriotic Ethiopians for the sake peace and tranquility for all to exercise and enjoy the long term stability of the region. Today, the fascist terrorist TPLF is hermetically sealed in what is called grand pressure cooker operated by young Ethiopian patriots. The enemy can never dare come face to face with patriots; rather, madly, might forcefully lure unaware individuals into the battle and make the two inseparable brother fight each other. For sure, this devilish plan of the soon would be perished TPLF will fail. In any circumstances, if indeed, the enemy attempts to recruit schoolboys and girls into its force, things might seem colorful fork the enemy and will jump up and down in elation, but the fact of the matter is the enemy will be sandwiched between bullets an knives thereby would lick its fate from inside the dust that would cover it.

    Only God loves Ethiopians; Fascists don’t, Colonialists don’t, Hoddams don’t, Ashkers don’t, robbers don’t, looters don’t, murderers don’t love Ethiopians.

  10. Garamew Dnta
    | #10

    Is TPLF breathing or gasping? The mafias in TPLF camp are in greater danger of cardiac arrest; definitely, there will be no one by the mafias side to give them CPR because all their followers are in deep panic anticipating being buried by the eminent collapse of the house of mafias. Clearly and frankly speaking, the mafias have been running short of OXYGENE before ascending to their final stop.Without scant a doubt, Ethiopians have picked up arms against the occupation of Ethiopia by invading enemy forces since 1991. Well, now things are well developed into a healthy maturity paving multiple ways to even pre-emptively strike the enemy.

  11. Anonymous
    | #11


    What is your problem , you went too far and confused yourself. We know you love you country and the people but the methodology you try to liberate Ethiopia is not accepted by the majority including me. Please stay away from shabia like elias and the others before it is too late. You may be ending up in a place where there is no turn back. So please turn back.


  12. Mashresha
    | #12

    YILMA. Why Dr Birhanu and his lieutenants are hiding and you and Mesay Mekonnen doing their dirty laundry. Do you know when they are going to join the armed struggle Instead of weekly press release? When will be the G7 army kills a single Woyane Instead of bragging in the cyber world. Still you guys have time, please join Ato Obang and do some thing meaningful.

  13. Abere
    | #13

    ”… His image has been tarnished by over fifty years of propaganda by successive regimes all to their own end and mostly in a futile attempt to save a dying system..” ……Amazing…

    ባንዳነት እንዲህ ይህን ይመስላል! ባንዳነት ሁለት መልክ ኣለው: በአንድ በኩል የወገኑን ክብር ያንቋሽሻል: በሌላው የጌታውን ስም ከፍ ያደርጋል። ዱቼ :ዱቼ ከሚሉት ይህ ሰው በምን ይለያል!

    | #14

    The ስራ ፈቶች፣

    አስፈላጊ በሚሆንበት ጊዜ ከሰባት ሚልዮን ወደ አስራ ሁለት ሚልዮን እንሸጋገራለን የሚለው አባባል እውን እንዲሆን፣ no war no peace አመታት ስላስተካከለው፣ ይልቁንስ የ’DC ቤታችሁን ከማሟሟቅ እንዳትዘናበሉ!

    ከዚያም በላይ ከናኹራው የባሰው ዒራ-ዒሮ የሚባለው ገሃነመ እሳት “ነፃዋ” ኤርትራ በረሃ ውስጥ እንደሚገኝ እንዳትዘነጉ!

    ታላቅዋ አስራ ሁለት ሚልዮን majority ስንሆን ደግሞ የመጀመርያ ተግባራችን ዒራ-ዒሮን ማጥፋት ይሆናል!! ያኔ ለጉብኝት መምጣት ይሻላችኋል!

    ሌሎች ነገሮችን አስመልክቶ ግን ምክራችን ያው እንደተለመደው ቖልዓ ሽረ…………..!!

  15. lol
    | #15

    I just read Woyane bombed two sites in Eritrea. Yilma bekele and the likes cyber warriors are you going to defend your Master Esayas now? Esayas will never think a single second good thing for Ethiopia. He is the one created, trained and fought along with Woyane. Is ESAT going to report the attack? Since ESAT established they never mentioned Asab belong to Ethiopia. Maferia hula!!!

    here is the news.

    Abugida why don’t you publish this news ?

  16. Densa
    | #16

    yelma Bekele, thank you for your untiring effort to inform and enlighten the issues pertaining our country.

    It is amazing some Ethiopians need not go far to figure out why their country is under the hand of an international mercenary clique that call itself LF. These one’s are so perpetually self deceived one’s and no0 amount of information will move them to seek a feasible action oriented solution for the complex problem of that nation. Fortunately many Ethiopians are flexible and are not afraid to adapt multi faceted options for the complex problem brought about by ,our mortal enemies both from abroad and at home, upon our country. And it is to these determined band of people my appreciation and loyalty goes.

    From now on I don’t think the question is whether armed struggle is a feasible strategy for the freedom of the Ethiopian mass; or even whether PIA can be a trusted friend ;provided one is can not see the difference between I.A and weyane ; nor any other seemingly plausible reason or diversionary tactics that may surface from deceived individuals or TPLF ardent supporters can deter the resolve of Ethiopians to secure their God given freedom. The question now is how can Ethiopians rise to the occasion to the task of feeding, arming and supporting this courageous band of people to see the dream come true.

    It is a fact the ESAT interview with I.A must have produced fear in TPLF camp. It happens since the interview of IA by ESAT journalists Abraham belay has been busy posting irrelevant news that purport to Eretria, as well as diversionary news about a Weyane’s Ethiopia. Just to mention some of them .

    1- “Eretria rebels attack government facilities”by Tesfalem Tekle.

    2-“Eritreans flee camps but find they’re in psychological prisons”
    By Ismail Einashe

    3-“Democratizing the Ethiopian State”
    By Daniel Teferra (PhD)

    In any case it is too late now to turn the tide of Ethiopian public dis contentment. The great engine that drives and the force behind the opposition is intense political repression, the grime economic and social problems the people faced. opinion makers, such as Abraha Belay and our friend Tecola Hagos, may choose to speak and publish irrelevant issues as they wish. On the other hand people who are deprived of freedom, and necessities have only one option to fight and win or die fighting. The future is on the side of the Ethiopians, God willing we will prevail because the fight is for a just cause. Away with endless lying and deception that come from weyane and her friends. We are marching to unshackle ourselves from the servitude imposed upon us by weyane and her handlers.

  17. Garamew Dnta
    | #17

    The rising power of the force of patriotic fronts would soon hit THE FASCIST TPLF hard and fast leading to its disintegration. The heroic value of today’s vanguards has risen higher and higher just like the shooting stock market. It is solid, it is robust, it is vivid and observable. On the other hand, the house of Fascist TPLF is crumbling from its base founded on robbery, murder, lie, fraud, corruption.

    When the base is shaken and the roof is giving away, everything becomes in chaotic; the mood of all those followers of the mafia TPLF is in disarray; leaks, cracks, A dose of lousy propaganda, a prescription to head ache and stomach upset, neuroanxiety, all in its bad mix; too bad!!

  18. Wollegaa
    | #18

    —- Yilma Bekele is another Issias’s coolie. —-

    Ginbot7 and ESAT lost their credibility with Ethiopian mass when they sided with Loser Issias. Ginbot7 getting trained in ERITREA by Issias’s secret agents, but that ended when Issias’s main coolie (Tsige Andargachew) captured by Ethiopian force in Yemen and now serving prison sentence in ETHIOPIA.

  19. Boston
    | #19

    @John z Baptist,
    I like your reply, but we would like to know if the pipeline you are talking is finalized on the contract agreement with the American company your talking about ? What is the final cost ? Who is covering the cost, is it partial financing or fully covered by the Ethiopian and Dejibuti government ? If it is what percentage share ? My final question is, do you think that is the main reason that The Eritrean gov recently becoming more irritated and aggressive ?

  20. Jajjimaa
    | #20

    The patriots and Ethiopians are always inseparable and are glued together by a strong natural force thereby, with directional goal aiming at the enemy, indeed, we shall march together along with the patriots and Ethiopians with synergy, sing the song of victory and freedom in unison, and they fight and dye together for the motherland. This is unbreakable promise embedded in being an Ethiopian.

    Our chief goal is to completely eradicate the diseases that the enemy brought along with it into our country and the banda culture it contaminated the citizens with; as we said it in the beginning and say it with promise and commitments, we will completely destroy the enemy. The enemy is not self-correcting and neither it is law abiding; it rather is disordered in its narrow world; hence, we shall transform the enemy from its disordered being into its nothingness by the mighty feast that for sure lands on it.

  21. Fasiledes
    | #21

    Ato Yilma,

    Yehagre Awakkew ye gonder sew sitret endhe yelal,


  22. ግሩም
    | #22

    @Buyaya Danqillala

    You hit nail to the right point.
    Please read carefully my following comment that is written for the article “Celebrating Adwa Victory as the Significant African Victory over World Empire By Mammo Muchie”

    ቅጥረኝነትና የማሙን (mammon) መንፈስ
    የአድዋ ጦርነትና ከበስተጀርባው ያለው መንፈሳዊ አንደምታው
    የታሪካዊት ቅደስት ሀገር ኢትዮጵያ መንፈሳዊ ሀብትና የማሙን(mammon) መንፈስ ፈተና
    የሰው ልጅ ክቡርነትና የአጠቃላዩ ህይወት ክቡርነት መዋረድና መመናመን
    ቅድሚያ ነፃ መውጣት የሚገባን ከማን ወይንም ከምንድን ነው?

    አንድ ሰው እንደዚህ አይነት አስተየቶችን ወይንም ፅሁፎችን ሲጽፍ ነፍስና ስጋው እየተለያየ መንፈሱ እየተጨነቀ ከህሊናው እየተሟገተ አንዳንድ ጊዜም በሌሎች ሰዎች እይታ ሲመዘን እብደት የሚመስል ሁኔታ ውስጥ ወይንም እብደት ውስጥ እየገባ ነው፡፡
    Well some readers some how understand that there are different states/realms/domains/hierarchies of existence/consciousness depending on one’s personal life experience and its accompanying life definition.
    And hence what is deemed as sanity/insanity or sensible/insensible or appropriate/inappropriate right/wrong is sometimes some how a relative perception depending on one’s attachment to those different states/realms/domain/hierarchies of existence/consciousness. And most of the time why we do not agree or understand with others is because of such phenomenon of different states/realms/domains/hierarchies of existence/consciousness depending on one’s personal life experience and its accompanying life definition.So becoming so selfish and desperate to make one self the centre of the universe is a mere tiresome dysfunctional human vocation. I some times agree with the saying that ‘ignorance’ is a bliss. Well I also add to it that ‘ignorance’ be it consciously or unconsciously is not only a bliss but also it is one of nature’s means of survival or adaptation. However there comes a time when such ‘ignorance’ no more serves as a bliss or as a means of survival. Because the ostrich can no longer bury its head in side the sand for so long. And indeed we can no longer stay in our own cocoon of secluded comfort zone forever. And indeed we can not afford the indulgence of this type of ‘ignorance’ and indifference. Any ways I have made my self so audacious to speak out the inside scream of my mind or soul. I consider as If I am so lucky if I happen to get even one or two readers to understand my views and become my soul mate with regard to this lengthy comment. Good reading.

    የአድዋ ጦርነት ከውጪ ከፊት ለፊት ሲታይ አካላዊ ጦርነት ቢመስልም ከበስተጀርባው ግን በዋናነት መንፈሳዊ ጦርነትን ጭምር ያካተተ ነበር፡፡ፍልሚያው በጎልያድና በዳዊት መካከል እንደነበረው አይነት ነበር፡፡መንፈሳዊም አካላዊም ፍልሚያ ነበር፡፡አካለዊ ፍልሚያው ቅድሚያ የነበረው የመንፈሳዊ ፍልሚያ ውጪያዊ መገለጫ ነው፡፡በእርግጥ እንደዚህ አይነት ፅሁፎችን የምንፅፈው ፍልሚያው ወይንም ጦርነቱ ቅድሚያ መንፈሳዊ ወይንም ሃሳባዊ እንደሆነ ጠንቅቀን ስለምንረዳ ነው፡፡የትግል ስልቱ ምን ይሁን የሚለው ተቀያያሪ ሁኔታዎች የሚወስኑት ታክቲካዊ አካሄድ እንጂ ያን ያህል በራሱ በውስጡ መርህን ያነገበ ብዙ አካራካሪ ነገር አይደለም፡፡ስለዚህም በሀሰትና በእውነት መካከል ያለው መንፈሳዊና ሃሳባዊ ፍልሚያው በራሱ በቂ ነው አይደለም የሚለው እንዳለ ሆኖ ነገር ግን ይህ ፍልሚያ የማይቀር አስፈላጊ ነገር እንደሆነ ውስጣችን ስለሚያምን እንደዚህ አይነት ፅሁፎችን እንፅፋለን፡፡ጀግኖች አባቶቻችንና እናቶቻችን ለጦርነቱ ቅድሚያ መንፈሳዊ እይታና መንፈሳዊ ብርታት ባይሰንቁ ኖሮ ጦርነቱን በአካላዊ ጥንካሬ ብቻ ሊዋጉትና ሊያሸንፉት ባልቻሉ ነበር፡፡አፄ ምኒልክ ለሀገራቸው ህዝብ ያደረጉት የምታ ነጋሪት ክተት ሰራዊት ጥሪ ንግግርም ይህንን እውነታ የሚያረጋግጥ ነበር፡፡ከአርባ አመት ዝግጅት በኋላ የሁለተኛው ጣሊያን ዳግም ወረራም በኢትዮጵያ በኩል ተገቢው ፖለቲካዊና ወታደራዊ ጥንካሬና አቅም የጎደለው ቢሆንም ቅሉ ግን የበፊቱ የአድዋው አይነትም ሆነ ከዚያ በፊት የነበረው የዶጋሊውና ሌላውም የጀግኖች አባቶቻችንና እናቶቻችን ለጦርነቱ ቅድሚያ መንፈሳዊ እይታና መንፈሳዊ ብርታት ስንቅ የተለየው አልነበረም፡፡ኢትዮጵያ በጣሊያን ዳግም ወረራ በጦርነቱ ለጊዜው ወታደራዊ ሽንፈት የገጠማት ቢሆንም ቅሉ ግን መንፈሳዊ ብርታቱ ስላልተለያት በስተመጨረሻ በጀግኖች አባቶቻችንና እናቶቻችን የአልገዛም ባይነት የአርበኝነት መንፈስና በፈጣሪ እርዳታ ሉአላዊ ነፃነቷን ዳግም ለማስከበር ችላለች፡፡የታሪካዊው ጀግናው የአቡነ ጴጥሮስ ተጋድሎ ይህንን እውነታ ቁልጭ አድርጎ የሚያሳይ ነው፡፡ከጣሊያን ዳግም ወረራና ከኢትዮጵያ ዳግም ሉአላዊ ነፃነቷን ከማስከበር በኋላ የተፈጠረው ነገር ምንድን ነው?በፈጣሪ እርዳታና በህዝቦቿ አልገዛም ባይነት የኢትዮጵያን ለዘመናት ሉአላዊ ነፃነቷን የማስከበርና ለሌሎችም አፍሪካውያንና ጥቁር ህዝቦች የነፃነት ተምሳሌት የመሆንን ክስተት ያልተቀበሉት ባእዳን ቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች ሌላ የበቀል ስልት ቀየሱ፡፡ይኸውም ከቀጥታ የሃይል ወረራ ይልቅ የሀገሩን ሰርዶ በሀገሩ በሬ እንዲሉ ባእዳን ቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች የራሳችንን የውስጥ ልዩነት ክፍተትና ደካማ ጎናችንን በመጠቀም እራሳችንን በራሳችን የማናከስ የማጥቃትና የማዳከም ስልትን በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ መጠቀም ጀመሩ፡፡የመጀመሪያው ስልታቸው በውጪ ወራሪ ሃይል ላለመንበርከክ የጥንካሬያችን ምንጭ ሆነውን መንፈሳዊ ሀብታችንን መስለብና ማዳከም ነበር፡፡የቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች አንዱ የረቀቀና የተቀነባበረ ተንኮል ስዩመ እግዚአብሄር ብሎ በፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄር መንፈስ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ በአንድ መንፈስ በተወሰነ አስማምቶ የሚመራውን የንጉሳዊ አገዛዝ ግብታዊ በሆነ መንገድ ማስወገድና የህዝቡን ታሪካዊ ባህላዊ ሃይማኖታዊ ስነ-ልቦናዊ ሁኔታ ወዳላገናዘበና ፈፅሞ ልንግባባበት ወደማንችለው የባእድ አይዲኦሎጂ እብደት ውስጥ መክተት ነበር፡፡ይህ የባእድ አይዲኦሎጂ እብደት በፈጠረው ድንገተኛ ውዥንብርና ግራ መጋባት የተነሳ ሀገሪቱን ከውጪ ጠላት ጥቃት ሊመክትና ሊታደጋት የሚችለውን ወጣትም ሆነ ጎልማሳ ሀገር ወዳድ ልሂቃን ሁሉ እርስ በርስ ያናከሰና ያስተላለቀ ነበር፡፡የደርግ ስርዓት ሚና የኢትዮጵያን ሀገር ወዳድ ልሂቃን በማዳከምና በማጥፋት ላይ ከፍተኛ ሚና በመጫወት አውቆም ይሁን ሳያውቀው የባእዳን ቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች ያጠመዱት ስውር የተንኮል ወጥመመድ ውስጥ በመግባት መጠቀሚያ ሆነ፡፡ቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች በወቅቱ የውስጥ እርስ በርስ መናከስና እልቂት ብቻ ሳይሆን በስውር ያቀነባበሩብን በሶማሊያ በኩልም የውጪ ወረራም እንዲከፈትብን አድርገው ነበር፡፡እንግዲህ የወያኔና የሻእብያ በነፃነትና በዲሞክራሲ ሽፋን የበግ ለምድ የለበሰ ቀበሯዊ መከሰት የዚህ ረጅም ጉዞ የኮሎኒያሊዝምና ፀረ-ኮሎኒያሊዝም አካላዊና መንፈሳዊ ፍልሚያ አንዱ ዋና አካል ነው፡፡የ17 አመቱ እረጅም ደም አፋሳሽና ንብረት አውዳሚ ጦርነት ሀገሪቷንና ህዝቦቿን ሆነኝ ብሎ እርስ በርስ ደም ለማቃባት ለማናከስና ለማዳከም ተብሎ በባእዳን ቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች የተዘየደ ስልት ነበር፡፡የደርግ ውድቀትና የወያኔ/ሻእብያ ወደ ስልጣን መምጣት ባእዳን ቄሳራውያን ሃይሎች ታሪካዊ ኢትዮጵያን እንደ ቅርጫ ስጋ እንደፈለጋቸው ለመከፋፈልም ሆነ የድሮ ቂማቸውን ለመበቀል የዘመናት ህልማቸውን እውን ማድረግ የጀመሩበትን ምእራፍ የከፈተ ነበር፡፡አዎ ኤርትራ ተገነጠለች ኢትዮጵያም አንገቷ ታንቆና ተቆርጦ በነመለስና ኢሳያስ አይን ያወጣ የክህደት ሻጥር የባህር በር መውጪያ መግቢያ እንድታጣ ተደረገ፡፡አንቀፅ-39 ፀደቀ ኢትዮጵያም ዳግም በጎሳ ፖለቲካ ተጠምቃ ወደ ዘመናዊ ዘመነ መሳፍንት ተመለሰች፡፡በአለም ላይ ታይቶ የማይታወቅ በቋንቋና በጎሳ ላይ የተመሰረተ ፌደራሊዝም ከአንቀፅ-39 ጋር ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ በኢትዮጵያ ተግባራዊ ሆነ፡፡ለዚህም ነው ከዚህ በፊት በተደጋጋሚ እንደየምለው ወያኔ/ሻእብያ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያውያን ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያዊነት አላማ ያነገቡ የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ኒዎ-ሊበራል ኒዎ-ኮሎኒያሊዝም ኢምፔሪያሊስታዊ ፕሮጀከት የሚያስፈፅሙ ቅጠረኛ ዘረኛና ዘራፊ ሃይሎች ናቸው፡፡ለእኔ ይህ አባባል ላለፉት 40 ዓመታት በሀገራችን የተፈጠሩትን ነገሮች በአጭሩ የሚገልፅ ተመራጭ ሃይለ ቃል ነው፡፡ይህ አባባል ለአብዛኛው ምሁርና ፖለቲከኛ በተወሰነ ሊገባ ይሚችል እንደሆነ ይሰማኛል፡፡ነገር ግን ይህ አባባል ብቻውን የሀገራችንንም ሆነ የአለማችንን ታሪካዊ ወቅታዊና የወደፊት ውስብስብ ሁኔታ ሙሉ በሙሉ እንደማይገልፀው ይሰማኛል፡፡በዚህ የተነሳ ነው የማሙን መንፈስ የሚለውን ተጨማሪ መንፈሳዊ እይታ ግምት ውስጥ እንዲገባ የፈለኩት፡፡That is why I said before that the political/economic realm has lost spiritual insight.
    ቅጥረኛ ማለት በሌላ ሰው ወይንም አካል ለአንድ አላማ ወይንም ግብ የተቀጠረና ለሚሰጠው የተስማማበት የቅጥረኝነት አገልግሎት በምላሹ በገንዘብም ሆነ በአይነት ወይንም በሌላ ቁሳዊ ባልሆነ መንገድ ክፍያ/ዋጋ የሚቀበል ማለት ነው፡፡ቅጥረኛ በተስማማው ውል መሰረት የቀጠረውን አካል አላማና ፍላጎት ያስፈፅማል፡፡ቅጥረኝነት በጥሩም ሆነ በመጥፎ ሊተረጎም ወይንም ሊተገበር ይችላል፡፡ቅጥረኝነት በገሃድም ሆነ በድብቅ ሊፈፀም ይችላል፡፡እንደዚሁም ቅጥረኝነት ጊዚያዊ ወይንም ዘለቄታዊ ሊሆን ይችላል፡፡የቅጥረኝነት ውል በአንዱ ወይንም በሁለቱ አካል በስምምነት ወይንም ያለስምምነት ሊቋረጥ ይችላል፡፡የመንግስት ሰራተኛ የመንግስት ቅጥረኛ ነው፡፡የግል ድርጅት ሰራተኛ የግል ድርጅት ተቀጣሪ ነው፡፡ትክክለኛ ህጋዊ ታማኝ ቀናኢ ህዝባዊ መንግስት የሀገሩ የህዝቡ የዜጋው ጠባቂና አገልጋይ ቅጥረኛ ነው፡፡የሰው ልጅ በአምልኮቱ የፈጣሪው ታማኝ አገልጋይ ቅጥረኛ ነው፡፡ገንዘብ ተከፍሎት የሰው ህይወት የሚያጠፋም ወሮበላ ነፍሰ-ገዳይ ቅጥረኛ ነው፡፡ገንዘብ ተከፍሎት በህግ ፊት የሀሰት ምስክርነት የሚሰጥም በጥቅም የተገዛ ጊዚያዊ ቅጥረኛ ነው፡፡በፍትህ ወንበር ላይ ተቀምጦ ከደመወዙ ውጪ ገንዘብ ተከፍሎት ፍትህ የሚያዛባም ሆነ ገንዘብ ሳይከፈለው የመንግስትን የፖለቲካ ውሳኔ በፍትህ ላይ የሚጭን ቅጥረኛ ነው፡፡ወደ ዋናው ነጥቤ ስመጣ በአሁኑ ዘመን በአለማችን ላይ አብዛኞቹ ፖለቲከኞች ምሁራን የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች መንግስታትና የአገዛዝ ስርዓታቸው በተለይም በእንደ እኛ አይነት የአፍሪካና የታዳጊው አለም ውስጥ ያሉት በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ የገንዘብ ወይንም ከፍ ሲል የማሙን (mammon) መንፈስ ቅጥረኛ ሆነዋል፡፡ወያኔ የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ኒዎ-ሊበራል ኒዎ-ኮሎኒያሊዝም ኢምፔሪያሊስታዊ ፕሮጀከት የሚያስፈፅም ቅጥረኛ ነው ሲባል እራሱ ግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም እንደ ስርዓት በተራው በዚህ የማሙን (mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ የሚመራ ቅጥረኛ መሆኑን ልብ ማለት ይጠቅማል፡፡ማሙን (mammon) የሚለው በኢንሳይክሎፔድያ ሲተረጎም የሚከተለው ነው፡፡
    -Personification of wealth: in the Bible, the personification of wealth portrayed as a false god.
    -Wealth as evil influence: wealth and riches considered as an evil and corrupt influence
    በማሙን (mammon) መንፈስ እይታ ሁሉም ነገር ሰውንም ጨምሮ በገንዘብ የሚገዛ ወይንም ለገንዘብ የሚሸጥ ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም ዛሬ ሰው ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ሃይማኖት ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡እውነት ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ዲሞክራሲ ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች አብዛኞቹ ሸቀጦች ናቸው፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ ብሄር ብሄረሰብ የሚባለውም ነገር ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ሀገር ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ባህል እራሱ ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ታሪክ ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡እውቀት(ዲፕሎማ ዲግሪ ዶክትሬት ማስትሬት) ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ማህበራዊ ግንኙነት ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡ጋብቻ ሸቀጥ ነው፡፡የሴቶች መብት ይከበራል በሚባልበት በአሁኑ ዘመን በተቃራኒው ከየትኛውም ዘመን በከፋ ዛሬ ሴቶች ለወሲብ ፍጆታ እንደ ሸቀጥ ይቆጠራሉ፡፡ፍቅርና ወሲብ ሸቀጥ ነው በዚህ የተነሳም ዛሬ እንደምነሰማው ከሆነ የቫለንታይንስ ቀን እየተባለ ኢትዮጵያችን መከበር የጀመረው መጤ ባህል በፍቅር ሽፋን ሰዎች ሸቀጥና ወሲብ የሚለዋወጡበት መድረክ እየሆነ መጥቷል ይባላል፡፡ከሁሉም በላይ ግን በአርአያ ስላሴ የተፈጠረው የሰው ልጅ እራሱ ሸቀጥ ሲሆን እጅጉን ያሳዝናል ያሳፍራል፡፡ንጉስ ዳዊት ለልጁ ለንጉስ ሰለሞን ልጄ ሆይ ሰው ሁን ያለው አባባል ጥልቅና ሰፊ አንደምታ ያለው አባባል ነው፡፡ የማሙን መንፈስ የፈጣሪን ድንቅ ስራ የሆነውን ተፈጥሮን ህይወትንና በተያያዥ ያለውን ስርዓት ሁሉ(God’s created natural order) ድምጥማጡን አጥፍቶ በምትኩ የራሱን ሸቀጥና የአርተፊሻል ፈጠራና ስርዓት መተካት ነው አላማው፡፡ዛሬ አለማችን በዲሞክራሲና በአሸባሪነት ሽፋን በጦርነት እየታመሰች ከፍተኛ የሆነ አለመረጋጋትና ውጥረት ውስጥ የገባችው ወይንም በጠቅላላው እየቃተተች ያለችው በዚህ የተነሳ ነው፡፡መቃተት ትርጉሙ መረበሽ፣መጨነቅ፣አለመረጋጋት ማለት ነው፡፡መቃተት የሚለው ቃል በቅዱስ በፅሀፍ ውስጥ ያነበብኩትን አንድ ውስጤን የነካኝን ነገር አስታወሰኝ፡፡
    የጳውሎስ መልእክት ወደ ሮሜ ሰዎች ምእራፍ ፰ ቁጥር ፲፰ እንዲህ ይላል፡፡

    ለእኛም ሊገለጥ ዘንድ ከለው ክብር ጋር ቢመዛዘን የአሁኑ ዘመን ስቃይ(እንደኔ እይታ ከንቱ የሆነውን አለማዊውን ሀብት ስልጣን እውቀትን ይጨምራል) ምንም እንዳይደለ አስባለሁ፡፡የፍጥረት ናፍቆት የእግዚአብሄርን ልጆች መገለጥ ይጠባበቃልና፡፡ፍጥረት ለከንቱነት ተገዝቷልና፥ በተስፋ ስላስገዛው እንጂ በፍቃዱ አይደለም፤ ተስፋውም ፍጥረት እራሱ ደግሞ ከጥፋት ባርነት ነፃነት ወጥቶ ለእግዚአብሄር ልጆች ወደሚሆን ክብር ነፃነት እንዲደርስ ነው፡፡ፍጥረት ሁሉ እስካሁን ድረስ አብሮ በመቃተትና በምጥ መኖሩን እናውቃለንና፡፡እርሱም ብቻ አይደለም ነገር ግን የመንፈስ ብኩራት ያለን እራሳችን ደግሞ የሰውነታችን ቤዛ የሆነውን ልጅነት እየተጠባበቅን እራሳችን በውስጣችን እንቃትታለን፡፡በተስፋ ድነናልና ነገር ግን ተስፋ የሚደረግበቱ ነገር ቢታይ ተስፋ አይደለም የሚያየውንማ ማን ተስፋ ያደርገዋል?የማናየውን ግን ተስፋ ብናደርገው በትእግስት እንጠብቃለን፡፡

    ዛሬ በማሙን መንፈስ የሚመራው የወያኔ ስልጣን እየቃተተ ኢትዮጵያና ኢትዮጵያውያንም አብረን እየቃተትን ያቅማችንንም እየታገለን የሚሆነውን ነገር በትእግስትና በተስፋ እየተጠባበቅን ነው፡፡የእግዚአብሄር ቅዱስ መንፈስ የተለየውና በተቃራኒው ባለ በማሙን እርኩስ መንፈስ የሚመራ የዚህ አለም ሀብት ስልጣን እውቀትና ዝና ሁሉ ዘወትር እንደቃተተ ነው የዚህ አይነቱ ሀብት ስልጣን እውቀትና ዝና ባለቤትም ዘወትር እንደቃተተ ነው የሚኖረው፡፡The mammon evil sprit, that almost possesses the material world as we see it today, aspires and strives to eventually strip off and rip off the invaluable soul of divine humanity and gradually convert humanity to its own evolved version of humanoid/zombie that bows to its ultimate worship. Even though Almighty God is undoubtedly the ultimate winner, the material world as we see it today is being gradually possessed by the mammon evil spirit for its own end-game. And because of this insidious ultimate end-game of the mammon spirit, every God created intrinsic life value and natural value is to be stripped off and then ripped off its intrinsic/DNA divine worth/value and then replaced with another artificially monetized commodity imprinted within/on it another money value tag. Like Life-capital and Natural-Capital the same is true for all common-goods of humanity like Social-capital. The evil sprit of mammon has pervaded across all domains and hierarchies as the underlying both covert and overt meta-governing principle. The main perpetual war, both covertly and overtly, is not as such Dictatorship Vs Democracy or that of ethnic identity as is depicted misleadingly by the majority naïve and gullible Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals. The main underlying perpetual war is rather Divine-Order Vs Mammoth-Order. The overtly observable Dictatorship Vs Democracy or that of ethnic identity mini-war is manipulated and managed under the paradigm setup of the above mentioned main underlying perpetual war. For me the battle of Adwa was the war between the evil Mammon-Sprit and the Good-Sprit of Divine-Freedom/ Divine-Dignity. However some TPLFites take it as a resistance against civilization. But what we call civilization in what sense? We have to remember that Menelik as a farsighted black African leader does not blindly hate/resist technology/civilization of the outside world but rather tried all his best effort to import foreign technology/civilization to Ethiopia. Unlike the barbaric war aggression of Fascist Italia (the main seat of Catholic Christianity) Menelik well treated even those surrendered Italian soldiers according to the teachings and virtues of Christianity. Well now after 100 years under TPLF governance the Mammon evil sprit, under the guise of democracy and free-market euphemism or whatever way, has almost temporarily triumphed over the sprit of Divine-Freedom/Divine-Dignity ingrained within Ethiopiawinet that is vehemently resisting against colonialist expansion. Today the majority of Ethiopians have been dehumanized and degraded to the sub-human level of ethnic identity in order to crush the sprit of Ethiopiawinet that is inherently endowed with the Spirit of Divine-Freedom/Divine-Dignity. That is why Yekatit-11 of TPLF is given more emphasis than Yekatit-23 of the Victory of Adwa. In their spiritual context the two are polar opposites. Sometimes misleadingly presented by TPLFites as if the two different events are manifestations of clash of civilization.However, if we give it proper consciousness and meaning to it፣ one is driven by the insidious spirit of the Mammon (Global Capitalism and its neo-liberal and neo-colonialism imperialistic projects) while the other is driven by the sprit of Ethiopiawinet endowed with the Spirit of Divine-Freedom/Divine-Dignity.And this insidious agenda of crushing the sprit of Ethiopiawinet both covertly and overtly is undertaken through the stooge client-regime of TPLF. Today under TPLF governance of divide and rule ethnicity has evolved to become a mere import/export commercial item and hence TPLF sells off/out and buys off/out ethnicity for the sake of its dirty political and economical end-games. Ethiopia, Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopians have in general lost their intrinsic and historical value. Because TPLF, as a stooge client-regime of global-Capitalism is also ruled by the mammoth evil sprit. ወያኔ የግሎባል-ካፒታሊዝም ቅጥረኛ ነው ሲባል ወያኔ የዚህ የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ቅጥረኛ ነው ማለት ነው፡፡ Poverty reduction under TPLF Ethiopia means dehumanizing the poor and then stripping off their intrinsic life value and then discarding them as a use and throw garbage in the day today life process.ወያኔ ለአብዛኞቹ ኢትዮጵያውያን ህይወት ተገቢውን የሰብአዊነት ፍቅርና ክብር የማይሰጠው የዚህ የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ቅጥረኛ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡ የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ለገንዘብና ለሰው ሰራሽ ሸቀጥ እንጂ ፈጣሪ ለሰራው ክቡር የሰው ልጅ ህይወትና ለሌላውም ህይወት ተገቢውን ፍቅርና አክብሮት አይሰጥም፡፡ወያኔዎች የወጡበትን ኢትዮጵያዊ ማህበረሰብ በንቀትና በጥላቻ እንዲመለከቱ ያደረጋቸው የዚህ የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ስለሚመሩ ነው፡፡የተከበረውን መንፈሳዊ ቦታ ዋልድባን ለስኳር ፋብሪካ ተብሎ ያለአግባብ እንዲደፈር ያደረገው ይህ ነው፡፡ጋንቤላዎች አኙዋኮች አማራዎች ሌሎችም አፈር ገፊ ገበሬዎች በግፍ እየተገፉ ከመሬታቸው እንዲፈናቀሉና እንዲሰደዱ ያደረገው የዚህ እርኩስ መንፈስ ውጤት ነው፡፡ልማት እድገትና ስልጣኔ ለብዙሃኑ የሰው ልጅ ክቡርነትና የተሻለ ህይወት የሚያመጣ ካልሆነ ትርጉሙ ምን ላይ ነው?የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ትልቁ አሳ ትንሹን አሳ እንደሚውጠው ሁሉ ጥቂቶች ብዙሃኑን እየዋጡ የሚደልቡበት ስርዓት ነው፡፡ወያኔዎች የኢትዮጵያን ገበሬ እያፈናቀሉና የኢትዮጵያን ለም መሬት ሁሉ ለባእዳን እየቸበቸቡ ብዙሃኑን ወደ ድህነት አረንቋ እየገፈተሩ በምትኩ ከተማ ውስጥ ፎቅ እየገነቡ ውድ መኪኖችን እያሽከረክሩ የቅንጦት ህይወት የሚመሩት የታገሉለት አላማ የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡የማሙን(Mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ከብዙሃኑ አንድ ሺህ ድሃዎች ህይወት ይልቅ ለአንድ ሃብታም ህይወት ወይንም እርሱ ለሚነዳው ውድ አውቶሞቢል የበለጠ ፍቅርና ክብር ይሰጣል፡፡ ታዋቂው አርቲስት ዶ/ር ጥላሁን ገሰሰ እያለህ ካልሆነ ከሌለህ የለህም የሚለው ዘፈኑ ጥላሁን ምን ታይቶት ነው ያስብላል፡፡በዘመነ ደርግ/ኢህአፓ ኢትዮጵያውያን ከውጭ በመጣ የአይዲኦሎጂ እርኩስ መንፈስ ተለክፈን ከሰው ልጅ ህይወት ይልቅ በቅጡ ላልገባን ለጭፍን አይዲኦሎጂ የበለጠ ፍቅርና ክብር በመስጠታችን የዚህችን ታሪካዊ ሀገር ውድቀት የሚመኙ ባእዳን ሃይሎች ባጠመዱልን ወጥመድ ውስጥ ገብተን እርስ በርሳችን ተጨፋጨፍን፡፡በዚህ የተነሳ ኢትዮጵያዊ ንብ ቀስ በቀስ እየተዳከመ አውራ የሌለው ንብ እንዲሆን ተደረገ፡፡ደርግ አውራ አውራውን አጥፍቶ ሲያበቃ በሩን ለወያኔ/ሻእብያ ወለል አድርጎ አመቻቸ፡፡ዛሬ ወያኔ የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም(የማሙን መንፈስ) አራማጅ ሆኖ ተራውን ንብ ኢትዮጵያዊ ቀስ በቀስ በሂደት ወደ ተራ ዝንብነት እየቀየረው ነው፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ ደግሞ ከሰው ልጅ ህይወት ይልቅ ገንዘብና ገንዘብ ብቻ ያለው የበለጠ ክብር ያለው እንዲሆን ተደረገ፡፡ማንኛውንም አይነት ህገ-ወጥና ኢ-ሞራላዊ መንገድ ወይንም ወንጀል ተጠቅሞ ገንዘብና ሃብት ማከማቸት በማህበረሰቡ ዘንድ ተአማኒና የተከበረ ያደርጋል፡፡ሙስና የስርዓቱ ዋና መለያ ባህሪ ሆኖ መሪዎቻችን በአደባባይ መስረቅን እንደ ጉብዝና ያስተዋወቁበትና ማህበረሰባችን ከፍተኛ የሆነ አጠቃላይ የትውልድ-ዝቅጠት(Generational Systemic/Social /Moral-Crisis) ውስጥ የገባበት ታሪካዊ ወቅት ቢኖር ይህ የዘመነ ወያኔ የማሙን መንፈስ ዘመን ነው፡፡የማሙን መንፈስ የሰውን ልጅ የፈጣሪ ክቡር ፍጡር መሆኑን አምኖና ተቀብሎ በሰውነቱ ብቻ ተገቢው ፍቅርና ክብር አይሰጠውም፡፡እያለህ ካልሆነ ከሌለህ የለህም የተባለውም ለዚህ ነው፡፡አዲስ አበባ ውስጥ የሚገነቡት ትላልቅ ዘመናዊ ፎቆች አብዛኞቹ እውስጣቸው ለሚሰሩት አብዛኞቹ ሰራተኞች እንኳን የሚበላ ምግብ በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ ለማቅረብ የማይችሉ እንደሆኑ ይነገራል ወይንም ይታወቃል፡፡በዚህ የተነሳ ተቀጣሪ ሰራተኞች ምግብ የሚመገቡት ወይንም ሻይ ቡና የሚገለገሉት የሚመጥናቸው ሌሎች ደከም ያሉ ቦታዎች እየሄዱ ነው ፡፡እነዚህ በየትላልቆቹ ፎቆች አቅራቢያ ምግብ በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ የሚያስተናግዱት ደከም ያሉት ቦታዎች እየፈረሱ በትላልቅ ፎቆች ከተተኩ ወደፊት ሰዎች እንደአቅማቸው ምግብ የሚመገቡት የት እየሄዱ ይሆን?እውን ለም መሬታችንን ለባእዳን አሳልፈን እየሸጥን በምትኩ ከተማ ውስጥ የምንገነባው የመስታወት ፎቅ ወይንም የምንነዳው ውድ መኪና ህይወታችንን ያኖርልን ይሆን?በዘመነ ወያኔ የሀገሪቱንና የድሃውን ህዝብ ካፒታል ጊዜ ጉልበት እንደ መዥገር እየመጠጡ የተገነቡት እነዚህ ትላልቅ ፎቆች በተራቸው ህይወትን ለመደገፍና ለማቆየት የሚችል (Life-Support System) ምግብ ወይንም ሌላ ነገር በተመጣጣኝ ዋጋ ለማህበረሰቡ ለማቅረብ አለመቻላቸው በራሱ እንቆቅልሽ ነው፡፡አንዳንድ ጊዜ በጣም ግራ የሚያጋባው ነገር በዘመነ ወያኔ ያለው እድገትና ልማት ለአብዛኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ ዜጋ የሚያገለግል ሳይሆን ለሌላ ሀገር ዜጋ የሚለማና የሚያገለግል ነው የሚመስለው፡፡በማሙን(mammon) መንፈስ እየተመራ ያለው ካፒታሊዝም የራሱን መቃብር ጉድጓድ ይቆፍራል ሲባል በእርግጥ ቅድሚያ የድሃውን ህዝብ የመቃብር ጉድጓድ ቆፍሮና ድሃውን ህዝብ ቀስ በቀስ በሂደት ቀብሮ ሲያበቃ ነው፡፡The system, mainly driven by the evil mammoth sprit, is very dysfunctional because it is characterized by very high degree of entropy/disorder against nature in its life-support mechanisms and eventually can not sustain itself because it has abused, exploited and devoured all possible input resources but in return provides no out-put that serves as a feedback for the next input cycle. The current system of unbalanced (poor Vs rich) and its consequential unbridled consumerism (substance abuse) in all its forms, mainly driven by the money sequencing and accumulation process/cycle and its underlying governing evil mammon spirit, can not sustain itself because nature can not support it this way. This economic and natural injustice needs political and spiritual justice.So there is not such a thing as utopian free-market economy with out restraint or order and hence sooner or later a fair and just command economy covertly or overtly is inevitable. Like there is no order without freedom then there is no freedom without order. However since the mammon evil sprit is against divine-order/natural-order it just aspires and strives to maintain the status-quo and fight against any possible/potential economic, political and spiritual insight and justice. The ultimate end-game of the mammon spirit is to pervert and/or eradicate all divine-virtues and its creation order and then replace it with its own version of reinvented order. And due to this reason the system, in order to perpetually consolidate and sustain itself, gradually has to evolve to become a secluded closed-system, that marginalizes and disfranchise the majority humanity and only serves the secluded very few affluent(knowingly or unknowingly serving the mammon spirit) and its self-serving low-order affiliates. Why ethnicity is inculcated in Africa and 3rd world-nations especially in today’s TPLF era? Because it is due to the inherent nature of the system, insidiously driven by the mammon evil sprit, in order to screen out, marginalize and disfranchise the majority humanity from the underlying life-support system. In order to perpetually sustain the system, even the life-expectancy of the majority human individual has to be reduced by using different mechanisms like war, malnutrition, disease, forced vaccination and other eugenics mechanisms.በዚህ የተነሳም ከበስተጀርባው በዚህ የማሙን መንፈስ የሚመራው ግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም በተፈጥሮው ግለኛ ጦረኛና ተስፋፊ ነው፡፡በቅዱስ መፅሀፍ ምልክቱ የሌለባቸው ሰዎች አይሸጡም አይገዙም አይለውጡም እንደሚለው በዘመነ-ወያኔም የወያኔ አባል ያልሆነና ለወያኔ የማይሰግድ ወይንም ወያኔን የማይደግፍ ወይንም የሚቃወም በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ መገለልና አድሎ እየተፈፀመበት ከብዙ ነገር እንዲገለልና ተጠቃሚ እንዳይሆን ይደረጋል ሲከፋም አሸባሪ እየተባለ ዘብጥያ ይወረወራል፡፡የመለስ አምልኮ ቅኔው ይህ ነው፡፡የመለስ አምልኮ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ ከመለስ ጀርባ ካለው የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ጋር የተያያዘ ነው፡፡ከግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ጀርባ ደግሞ የማሙን(mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ነው ያለው፡፡ወያኔ በባእዳን ሃይሎች ወይንም በግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም እርዳታና ብድር የቆመ ቅጥረኛ ዘረኛና ዘራፊ አገዛዝ ነው፡፡ወያኔን አለቆቹ ይህንን ካላደረክ ይህንን እንከለክልሃለን እያሉ abuse እንደሚያደርጉት ሁሉ ወያኔም በተራው ከስሩ ያለውን ሁሉ ይህንን ካለደረክ ይህንን እከለክልሃለሁ ይላል ይህንን ካደረክ ይህንን አደርግልሃለሁ እያለ abuse ያደርጋል፡፡የወያኔ ስልጣንና ጥቅማጥቅም የዛፍ ላይ እንቅልፍ ነው የሚባለው ለዚህ ነው፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ ስልጣኑ ሀብቱ ደስታና እርካታ መረጋጋት የማይሰጠው አኬልዳማ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡የእግዚአብሄር ቅዱስ መንፈስ አንዷ ዋና ማደሪያ የሆነችውን ታሪካዊት ቅድሰት ሀገረ ኢትዮጵያን እንደ ይሁዳ ለማሙን(mammon)መንፈስ በ30 ዲናር አሳልፎ ሸጦ በእርዳታና በብድር የሚገኘው ልማት ገንዘብና ጥቅም ሁሉ ሂሳቡ ለዘለቄታ በአግባቡ ሲወራረድ ከጥቅሙ ይልቅ ጉዳቱ የሚያመዝን አኬልዳማ ነው፡፡ለሰው ልጅ ህይወት መሻሻልና ለሰው ልጅ ህይወት ክቡርነት የሚውል እውነተኛ ልማት ስልጣኔ ቴክኖሎጂ አስፈላጊና ጠቃሚ ነው፡፡ለምሳሌ ሃሳባችንን በዚህ በዘመኑ ኢንተርኔት እየተለዋዋወጥን ይህንን ቴክኖሎጂ ለመልካም ነገር እየተጠቀምንበት ነው፡፡ለመጥፎም ልንጠቀምበት እንችላለን፡፡
    ወደ ኢትዮጵያና ኢትዮጵያዊነት መንፈሳዊ ሀብትና ክብር ነፃነት ስንመጣ እነ አቡነ ጴጥሮስ በጣሊያኖች ሀገርህን ለማሙን(mammon)መንፈስ አሳልፈህ ሽጥ ሲባል እንቢኝ አሻፈረኝ ያሉት ከፋሺስቱ ጣልያን ለመደለያ የሚሰጣቸውን አለማዊ ስልጣንና የተንደላቀቀ ኑሮ ጠልተው አይደለም፡፡በእርግጥ እንደ አቡነ ጴጥሮስ ያለ መንፈሳዊና ሞራላዊ ሀብት ያለው ሰው ለእንደዚህ አይነት ተራ አለማዊ ጥቅም በሆዱ አይሸነፍም፡፡ክርስቶስም በመዋእለ ስጋዌው አርባ ቀን አርባ ሌሊት ሲፆም በሰይጣን የተፈተነበት ምስጢር ይህ ነው፡፡ይህንን ድንጋይ ዳቦ አድርግ ሲባል የሰው ልጅ በእህልና በውሃ ብቻ ሳይሆን የሚኖረው ከእግዚአብሄር በሚወጣው ቃል ጭምር ነው የሚኖረው ብሎ መልስ ሰጠው፡፡በመጨረሻም ለእኔ ብትሰግድልኝ ይህ የአለም ስልጣንና ሀብት ሁሉ የእኔ ስለሆነ ለአንተ እሰጥሃለሁ ሲለው ዘወር በል አንተ ሰይጣን ለአንድ ለአምላክህ ብቻ ስገድ እሱንም ብቻ አምልክ ነው የተባለው ብሎ ሰይጣንን አባረረው ይላል ቅዱስ መፅሀፍ፡፡የእራሴን ፈቃድ ሳይሆን የላከኝን የአባቴን ፈቃድ ልፈፅም ነው የመጣሁት ያለው እየሱስ ክርስቶስ የህያው የእግዚአብሄር ልጅ በመሆኑ የሰማያዊ አባቱ እውነተኛ ቅጥረኛ ስለሆነ የሰይጣን ቅጥረኛ ለመሆን አይችልምም አይፈልግምም፡፡አለማዊ ስልጣንና ቁሳዊ ሀብት ወይንም አለማዊ ስልጣኔና ቴክኖሎጂ በራሱ መጥፎ ነው ወይንም ጥሩ ነው ለማለት ሳይሆን ነገር ግን መንፈስን ሁሉ መርምሩ እንደሚለው ቅዱስ መጽሀፍ ከአለማዊ ስልጣንና ቁሳዊ ሀብት ጀርባ ወይንም ከአለማዊ ስልጣኔና ቴክኖሎጂ ጀርባ ያለውን መንፈስ መጨረሻው ከጥሩ ወይንም ከመጥፎ እንደሆነ መርምሮ መረዳት ግን እጅግ አስፈላጊና ጠቃሚ ነው፡፡ፖለቲካውና ኢኮኖሚው የሚመራበት የህይወትና የፖለቲካ ፍልስፍና ምንድን ነው ? ሲባል ፖለቲካውና ኢኮኖሚው ከጀርባ የሚመራበት መንፈስ ምንድን ነው? የሚል ጥያቄ ጭምር ነው፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ ነገሮችን በነጭና በጥቁር በመሳል ለራሱ መሰሪ አገዛዝ እንዲመቸው ወያኔ ሃይማኖትና ፖለቲካ/ኢኮኖሚ አይገናኙም የሚለን ቅኔው ይህንን እንዳንመረምርና እንዳንረዳ ለመከላከል የተዘየደ መሰሪ ተንኮል ነው፡፡ይህ መሰሪ ተንኮል የሰውን ልጅ መንፈሳዊ ሀብቱን ገፎ ሲከፋ በስጋ ፈቃድ ብቻ ወደሚመራ እንስሳነት የሚቀይር ወይንም ሻል ሲል ቁሳቁስን እንደ ጣኦት የሚያመልክ ተራ ቁሳቁስ ተጠቃሚ ነፍስ የተለየው ዞምቢ(Soul-less Consumerist Zombie ) ለማድረግ የታሰበ ይመስላል፡፡ዋናው ጠላታችን ድህነት ነው የሚለውን አባባል እንደወረደ በጥሬው አልቀበለውም፡፡ቢያንስ ምን አይነት ድህነት የሚለውን መጠየቅና መመርመር ይገባል፡፡የቁሳቁስ ድህነት? የእውቀት ድህነት? መንፈሳዊ ድህነት? ምን አይነት ድህነት? አባባሉ ከዘመኑ እይታ አንፃር ሲታይ የቁሳቁስ ድህነትን ለማለት ይመስላል፡፡በእርግጥ ዋናው ጠላታችን ድንቁርና ነው፡፡የአለማዊና የመንፈሳዊ እውቀት ድህነት::የመሰረታዊ እሴቶች ድህነት፡፡ከፍ ሲልም የመንፈሳዊ ፀጋ ድህነት፡፡ዋናው ጠላታችን ድህነት ነው የሚለውን በጥሬው ከወሰድነው ስለዚህ ድህነትን ለማጥፋትና ቁሳዊ ሀብት ለማግኘት ሲባል ዝረፍ፣ስረቅ፣ዋሽ፣አጭበርብር፣ወንጀል ስራ፣ ሰው ግደል፣የጋራ እሴቶችን አጥፋ፣ሃይማኖት ቀይር፣ፖለቲካ ፓርቲ በስምህ አቋቁም፣ሀገር ሽጥ …… ወዘተ አይነት መጥፎ አካሄድ ሁሉ መጠቀም ይቻላል ማለት ነው፡፡ምናለ በዘመነ ወያኔ እንደሆነ ዲግሪም ዲፕሎማም ማስተርስም ዶክትሬትም በገንዘብ ይገዛል፡፡ትልቁ ችግር ግን እውነተኛ የሆነ አለማዊና መንፈሳዊ እውቀትን ወይንም መንፈሳዊ ሀብትን ግን ፈፅሞ በገንዘብ ለመግዛት አለመቻሉ ነው፡፡እንዲያው ሞራልን፣ስነ-ምግባርን፣እሴትን፣መንፈሳዊ ሀብትን አጥፍቶ ነፍስ እንደተለየው ዞምቢ ያለገደብ ቁሳቁስ ብቻ ማግበስበስ ብቻ (የቁሳቁስ ድህነት ያለበትን አብዛኛውን ኢትዮጵያዊ ወይንም አቅሙ እያለውም ቢሆን ያለገደብ ቁሳቁስ ለማግበስበስ የማይፈልገውን አይመለክትም)በራሱ ስልጣኔ ነው ያለው ማነው? በማሙን(mammon) መንፈስ እየተመራን ለመሆኑ ወደየት እያመራን ነው?የገና ወይንም የክርቶስ ልደት በአል በቤተልሄም በበረት ውስጥ የተወለደው የቤት አልባው የእየሱስ ክርስቶስ በአል መሆኑ ቀርቶ በውጪውም ሆነ በሀገራችን በአሉ የገና አባት ሳንታ ክላውስ ሸቀጣ ሸቀጥ መለዋወጫ ተራ ፌስቲቫል ወደመሆንነት እየተቀየረ ነው፡፡የማሙን መንፈስ ሁሉንም ነገር ሰውንም ጨምሮ በገንዘብ ወደሚተመን ተራ ሸቀጥነት እየቀየረው ነው ማለት ነው፡፡ኢትዮጵያም ብኩርናውን ለምስር ወጥ እንደሸጠው ኤሳው ለዘመናት የኖረ መንፈሳዊ ሃብቷን በዘመነ ወያኔ በእርዳታና በብድር ሽፋን ለማሙን መንፈስ አሳልፋ እየሰጠች ነው፡፡በእርግጥ ይህ የማሙን መንፈስ ከተራ የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች ምሁራን እንደዚሁም ከራሱ ከወያኔ አቅምም ሆነ እውቅና በላይ እንደሆነ ይሰማኛል፡፡ምክንያቱም አብዛኞቹ አውቀውትም ይሁን ሳያውቁት ወደውም ሆነ ተገደው የዚህ የማሙን መንፈስ ቅጥረኛና ባርያ ሆነዋል፡፡ስለዚህም ለሁላችንም የሚበጅ እውነተኛ ነፃነት እንዲመጣ ከተፈለገ ቅድሚያ የነፃነት ትግሉ በዋናነት ከዚህ ጭምር ነው መጀመር ያለበት፡፡እኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን በአሁኑ ወቅት በመጥፎ መንገድ ላይ እየተጓዝን ነው፡፡ምክንያቱም ወይ ከሰለጠነው አለም እውነተኛውን ጠቃሚ ስልጣኔያቸውን በደንብ ገብቶን(አጠቃላይ ታሪካቸውን አጥንተን) ሁሉን አቀፍ በሆነ መንገድ በደንብ አልኮረጅንም ወይንም ደግሞ የራሳችንን ኢትዮጵያዊ የሆነ ታሪካዊ ባህላዊና መንፈሳዊ ሀብታችንን ጠብቀን አልያዝንም፡፡በዚህ የተነሳም በዚህች ሀገር ውስጥ ይህ ነው የማይባል ትርጉም የለሽ ግራ የገባው የተዘበራረቀና የተዝረከረከ ማህበረሰብ እየተፈጠረ ነው ያለው፡፡አብዛኞቹ ጥራዝ-ነጠቅ ፖለቲከኞቻችንና ምሁራኖቻችን የኢትዮጵያን አጠቃላይ ስር የሰደደና የተስፋፋ ታሪካዊና ወቅታዊ ችግራችንን ሻል ተብለዋል የሚባሉት በምእራቡ አለም የዲሞክራሲና የነፃ-ገበያ ጠባብ መነፅር ብቻ እያዬ የባሰባቸው ደግሞ በጎሳ ፖለቲካ ጠባብ መነጽር እያዩ በእንደዚህ አይነቶች ጫፍና ጫፍ በረገጡ እይታዎች ለማስረዳትና መፍትሄ ለመስጠት ነው የሚፈልጉት፡፡ይህ ትርጉም የለሽ ግራ የገባው የተዘበራረቀና የተዝረከረከ ማህበረሰብ እየተፈጠረ
    ለመሆኑ ደግሞ በሀገራችን እያበበ ነው የሚባለው ዲሞክራሲው ነጻ-ገበያው አካዳሚው ይህንን ቁልጭ አድርጎ የሚያሳይ ነው፡፡ሁሉም በማሙን መንፈስ የሚመራ እየሆነ ነው፡፡ወያኔ እራሱ በህዝቡ ጫንቃ ላይ ለዘላለም ለመግዛትና ለመዝረፍ የምችለው ማህበረሰቡን በማንኛውም አቅጣጫ ግራ በማጋባት(confuse) በማበላሸት(Corrupt or spoil) በማኮላሸት(emasculate) እርስ በርስ በመከፋፈል በማናከስ (divide and rule) በማዳከም ነው የሚል ድብቅ አጀንዳ ነው እያራመደ ያለው፡፡የእኩያን ሃይሎች ቅጥረኛ ወይንም አባል የሆነው ጁሰፔ ማዚኒ “We corrupt society in order to conquer and rule” የሚለውን መርህ ጭምር ነው እየተጠቀመ ያለው፡፡ That is why I said before that the political realm (indeed including the economy) has lost spiritual insight. Yes because the political realm has lost spiritual insight then it has been doomed to be hijacked by the mammon evil spirit.ሃይማኖትና ፖለቲካ/ኢኮኖሚ አይገናኙም ማለት እራስን ማታለል ነው፡፡ሃይማኖትና ፖለቲካ/ኢኮኖሚ እንደየሁኔታው ይገናኛልም አይገናኝምም፡፡የሚገናኝበት ላይ ይገናኛል የማይገናኝበት ላይ አይገናኝም፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ የማሙን(mammon) መንፈስ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ ኔትወርኩን ዘርግቶ የኢትዮጵያውያንን የእለት ተእለት ህይወት እየተቆጣጠረ ነው፡፡አብዛኞቹ የሀገራችን ጥራዝ ነጠቅ ፖለቲከኞችና ምሁራን ዲሞክራሲ አምባገነን ከሚለው ቁንፅል ፅንሰ-ሀሳብ ውጪ ለማሰብ ባለመቻላቸው የዚህች ሀገር ጉዳይ ትዝ የሚላቸው በየአምስት አመቱ የምርጫ/የስልጣን ዲሞክራሲ ሲመጣ ብቻ ነው፡፡በተቃራኒው ግን የማሙን መንፈስ 24 ሰዓት እንቅልፍ አይተኛም በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ በሁሉም አቅጣጫዎች የጥፋት ስራውን እየሰራ ነው፡ It is so insidiously subtle and tactically resilient but strategically so stubborn and steadfast.የማሙን መንፈስ እንደ አብዛኞቹ የሀገራችን ጥራዝ ነጠቅ ፖለቲከኞችና ምሁራን ዲሞክራሲ አምባገነን እያለ በአደባባይ በየስብሰባ አዳራሹ አዋጅ አያውጅም ነገር ግን የጥፋት ስራውን በዘረጋው ሰፊ ኔትወርክ እየተጠቀመ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ በድራማው በፊልሙ በሚዲያው በአጠቃላይ በእለት ተእለት ህይወታችን ውስጥ ስውር የጥፋት ስራውን እየሰራ ነው፡፡በዚህ የተነሳም ስነ-ምግባር፣ፍቅር፣መተማመን፣ የሰው ልጅ ክቡርነትና ፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄር እና ሌሎችም የኢትዮጵየዊነትና የሰብዓዊነት መልካም እሴቶች እንደ ዳይኖሰር ቀሰ በቀስ እየተዳከሙና እየጠፉ ናቸው ያሉት፡፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ እውነተኛ የእውቀት ሀብት የእሴት ሀብትና መንፈሳዊ ሃብት ቦታ የላቸውም፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ የተንሰራፋው የማሙን መንፈስ ከፍተኛ እውቀት ያላቸውን እንደ ዶ/ር ዳኛቸው አሰፋ አይነቶቹን የዩኒቨርስቲ ምሁራንን በፖለቲካ አመለካከታቸው ብቻ ለቤተሰባቸውና ለራሳቸው ህይወት የገቢ ምንጭ ከሚያገኙበትና ሙያቸውን ከሚያዳብሩበት የስራ ገበታቸው እንደማይጠቅሙ ውዳቂ ሰዎች በመቁጠር በብጫቂ ወረቀት እንዲባረሩ ያደርጋል፡፡የወያኔ ልማት ሰው-ሰው ወይንም ኢትዮጵያዊ-ኢትዮጵያዊ የማይሸተው ለዚህ ነው፡፡የወያኔ ልማት እራሱን ሰውን የሚያከብር ሳይሆን ሰውን የሚያዋርድ ነው፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ ቁሳዊ ሀብትና ገንዘብ ሰውን የሚያገለግል ሳይሆን በሰው ላይ ሰልጥኖና የበላ ሆኖ በራሱ በሰው የሚገለገል ነው፡፡በዘመነ ወያኔ በአብዛኛው ሀብት ለማፍራት ወይንም ስልጣን ለመያዝ የሰውነት ክብርህን ማጣት አለብህ፡፡ለምን ብለን ከጠየቅን ከሀብቱና ከስልጣኑ ጀርባ የቅዱስ መንፈስ ሳይሆን የማሙን እርኩስ መንፈስ ስላለበት ነው፡፡ወደ ቅጥረኝነት ነጥብ ስንመለስ ወያኔ/ሻእብያ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያውያን ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያዊነት አላማ ያነገቡ የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ኒዎ-ሊበራል ኒዎ-ኮሎኒያሊዝም ኢምፔሪያሊስታዊ ፕሮጀከት የሚያስፈፅሙ ቅጠረኛ ዘረኛና ዘራፊ ሃይሎች ናቸው ብያለሁኝ፡፡ብዙዎቻችን የቅኝ ግዛትን ታሪክና የግሎባል ካፒታሊዝምን ታሪክ እየነጣጠልን እንደማይገናኙ ነገሮች አድርገን ነው የምንመለከተው፡፡ግሎባል ካታሊዝም በተፈጥሮው ግለኛ ጦረኛና ተስፋፊ ነው የሚባለው ለዚህ ነው፡፡ለወያኔ ቅጥረኝነት ዋና ማሳያው ደግሞ በዘመነ ወያኔ በእርዳታና በብድር የሚሰራው ልማቱ ለዘለቄታው በዋናነት ኢትዮጵያውያንን እንዲያገለግል ተደርጎ የተዋቀረ አይደለም፡፡በአንድ በኩል አብዛኞቹ የልማት ፕሮጀክቶች ኢፈርት ከሚባለው በዘረኝነት ላይ ከተዋቀረ የወያኔ የንግድ ኢምፓየር ጋር በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ የተሳሰረ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም ፕሮጀክቶቹ ወይ የጥራት ደረጃ የጎደላቸው እና/ወይንም እጅግ በተጋነነ በውድ ዋጋ የሚሰሩ ናቸው፡፡ሌላው አብዛኞቹ ፕሮጀክቶች ወይንም ልማት የሚባለው የኢኮኖሚው ነገር ዘላቂና አስተማማኝ ሳይንስና ቴክኖሎጂን ስልጣኔን በሀገር ውስጥ ለማዳበርና በሀገር ውስጥ በተወሰነ ደረጃ እርስ በርሱ የተሳሰረና የተመጋገበ እራስ መር እራስን ቻይ የኢኮኖሚ ስርዓት ለመዘርጋት የታሰቡ ሳይሆኑ በተራ የቢዝነስ እይታ ብቻ እየተመራ የጥሬ ሀብት ወደ ውጪ በርካሽ ኤክስፖርት ለማድረግና ሸቀጥ ከውጪ በማግበስበስ ላይ ተመስርቶ ትርፍና ሀብት ለጥቂቶች በአቋራጭና በፍጥነት ለማከማቸት የሚረዳና ሀገሪቱንም ሙሉ በሙሉ የውጪ ጥገኛ ለማድረግ የታቀዱ ናቸው፡፡ይህም ብቻ ሳይሆን የኢኮኖሚ ስርዓቱ የገጠሩና የክፍልሀገሩ ህዝብ በአካባቢው የተሻለና የተከበረ ህይወት ለመምራት የማያስችል(ይህንን ማድረግ ይቻል ነበር) በመሆኑ የተነሳ ወደ ከተማ ለስራ ፍለጋና ለሌላም ዘላቂነት ለሌላቸው አማላይ ብልጭልጭ ነገሮች ሲል ወደ ዋና ከተማዎች እንዲፈልስ የሚያደርግና ከተማዎች ስርዓት በጎደለው መንገድ እንዲጨናነቁና እንዲዝረከረኩ የሚያደርግ ነው፡፡በዘረኝነት ላይ የመሰረተው ፖለቲካው/ኢኮኖሚው ገበሬውም ሆነ ከተሜው ለዘለቄታው ህይወቱን ተረጋግቶ ሊመራ ወደሚችልበት ወደፈለገው ቦታ ተዘዋውሮ እንዳይሰራ ያደረገ ነው፡፡ትላልቅ ከተማዎች ካላቸው አጠቃላይ መሰረተ-ልማት ውስንነትም ሆነ ከሌላ ስነ-ልቦናዊና ማህበራዊ መሰረትን ባላገናዘበ መንገድ ሊሸከሙት ከሚችሉት በላይ ህዝብ ማስተናገድ ሲጀምሩ በዚያ ሀገር ከፍተኛ ፖለቲካዊ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ማህበራዊና ስነ-ልቦናዊ አለመረጋጋት ወይንም ችግር መኖሩን ያሳያል፡፡በአጠቃላይ ወያኔ የኒዎ-ሊበራል ግሎባል ካፒታሊዝም ቅጥረኛ ስለሆነ ኢኮኖሚው ጤነኛ አይደለም፡፡እራሳቸው የአለም ባንክ ባለሙያዎች በዘረኝት ላይ የተመሰረተው የኢትዮጵያ የኢኮኖሚ ሁኔታ በጥሩውም ሆነ በመጥፎ ጎኑ አሁን ባለው ሁኔታ ለዘለቄታው ለመቀጠል እንደማይችል ያውቃሉ፡፡ሌላው ስለቅጥረኝነት ሲነሳ ነፍሳቸውን ይማረውና አቶ መለስ አሸባሪነትን ለመዋጋት ብለው የምእራቡ አለም መንግስታት ቅጥረኛ ሆነው ሶማሊያ ውስጥ የውክልና ጦርነት ውስጥ የገቡት የምእራቡ አለም መንግስታት ቅጥረኛ ስለሆኑ ነበር፡፡ታዲያ አቶ መለስ በሶማሊያ ጦርነት ስለሞቱት ኢትዮጵያውያን ወታደሮች ቁጥር በፓርላማቸው በታቃዋሚዎች ሲጠየቁ የመለሱት መልስ የሚገርም ነበር፡፡የመለሱት መልስ ይህ ጉዳይ ለፓርላማው ምንም አይሰራለትም ነበር ያሉት፡፡የህጋዊነት ሽፋን እንዲኖረው አስበው ሶማሊያ ጦር ሲያዘምቱ ግን ፓርላማውን ለይስሙላ ያስፈቀዱት መለስ ስለሞተው ወታደር ሲጠየቁ ግን ፓርላማው እንደማያገባው አድርገው መልስ መስጠታቸው ግን የሚገርም ነበር፡፡የመለስ መልስ ውስጠ ወይራ ትርጉሙ ጥንቱንም ሲጀመር እኔ ቅጥረኝነቴና ተጠሪነቴ ለምእራቡ አለም መንግስታት እንጂ ለኢትዮጵያ ፓርላማ ወይንም ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ አይደለም የሚል አጠቃላይ አንደምታ ያለው ነው፡፡ችግሩ ግን የማሙን መንፈስ ዘለቄታዊ ጥቅም እንጂ ዘለቄታዊ ወዳጅነት የሚባል ነገር የለም በሚል የጭካኔ መርህ የሚመራ በመሆኑ በመለስና በማሙን መንፈስ በሚመሩት አለቆቻቸው መካከል ያለው ወዳጅነታቸው መጨረሻው በቀብራቸው እለት ታይቷል፡፡The beast(Mammon) does not have long term friends outside of its governing principles/interets. The beast does not know long term compromise or coexistence, though it may change its tactical moves as appeasement ,but its strategic objective has always been the same which is total conquest and domination which has been witnessed on the end of Ghadafi. The fall of Ghadafi has been the beginning of new era of Neo-colonization of Africa. It is not the beginning of new era of Democracy, as so many naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians depict it, but rather it is another new phase of Scramble for Africa. It is another new phase for the absolute conquest and domination of Africa by the mammon sprit.
    በዲሞክራሲ ሽፋን ላለፉት 24 ዓመታት ሲያምታታ የኖረውና በማሙን መንፈስ የሚመራው ወያኔ አሁን አሁን በሂደት ይለይላችሁ ብሎ የምርጫ ዲሞክራሲው አሁን እያየነው ወዳለበት አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ ሁኔታ አድርሶታል፡፡በአጭሩ ስልጣን ላይ የወጣሁት በምርጫ አይደለም ስልጣን ላይ ለመቆየትም የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ይሁንታ አያስፈልገኝም የሚል ምን ታመጣላችሁ አይነት የንቀት ወይንም የእብሪት አጠቃላይ አንደምታ ያለው ነው፡፡አማራጭ የሌለው ምርጫ የሚለውን አባባል ሰፋና ጠለቅ አድርጎ ለማየት የሚችል ሰው ካለ አንድ የሚረዳው ትልቅ ነገር አለ፡፡ይኸውም የምርጫ ዲሞክራሲው አማራጭ የሌለው ምርጫ የሆነበት ዋና ምክንያት ፖለቲካውና ኢኮኖሚው ምናልባትም አብዛኛው በሃይማኖት ሽፋን የሚያጭበረብረው ጭምር ከበስተጀርባ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ የሚመራው በማሙን(mammon) እርኩስ መንፈስ ስለሆነ ነው፡፡አብዛኞቹ ፖለቲከኞችና መምሁራን ልሂቃን አውቀውትም ይሁን ሳያውቁት ወደውም ይሁን ተገደው በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ የሚመሩት በዚህ የማሙን መንፈስ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም አብዛኞቹ የዚህ የማሙን መንፈስ ቅጥረኞች ሆነዋል፡፡በዚህ የተነሳ በአሁኑ ዘመን አብዛኞቹ መንግስታት ከፊት ለፊት ለህዝብ የቆሙ ቢምስሉም ቅሉ ግን ወደውም ሆነ ተገደው አውቀውትም ይሁን ሳያውቁት ተጠሪነታቸውና ታማኝነታቸው ለሀገራቸውና ለህዝባቸው መሆኑ ቀርቶ ከበስተጀርባ በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ ሉአላዊነታቸውን በግሎባላይዜሽን ሽፋን ለዚህ የማሙን መንፈስ አሳልፈው ሰጥተዋል ለማለት ያስደፍራል፡፡በዚህ የተነሳ ሀገራችን ብቻም ሳትሆን አፍሪካ ታዳጊው አለምና መላው አለም በአሁኑ ወቅት እንኳንስ ዲሞክራሲ የሰፈነበት ሊሆን ቀርቶ ከፍተኛ የሆነ ውጥረትና አለመረጋጋት ውስጥ ነው ያለው፡፡The material world has been gradually dispossessed and dispirited from the patrol or protection of the Spirit of almighty God and instead it has been possessed and controlled by the mammon evil spirit. And that is why the world as we see it today is so chaotic and unstable. Stereotypical political approach bereft of spiritual insight can take us no where. As I said it before the political realm is in very need of spiritual insight. We need to reclaim and achieve our spiritual insight. We need to say NO NO NO……… to the locally and globally prevailing evil mammon spirit and then reclaim our divinely assigned position and accordingly carry out our divinely assigned human purpose and mission.
    “All that it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Edmund Burk
    “No army can stop an event whose time has already arrived”
    Victor Hugo

    እግዚአብሄር ኢትዮጵያንና መላውን አለም ይባርክ ይጠብቅ !!!

  23. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #23

    Gashe Yilma,
    I often hold your thoughtful articles in a high esteem. Many reflective writings of yours that I read were filled with love and benevolence of your people and your country. Despite many of your beautiful deep thoughts, I beg to disagree with you on this one and want to say a word or two. Let us say, here In US, a country where we reside, you are paying your mortgage or credits of any kind for a decade and after that if you fail to pay somehow for a month or two, the borrower/ institutions act like you were not there paying regularly for the last ten or so years. Zero tolerance for defaulting. At the same token, you are stonewalling the honorable name Yilma Bekele by siding with the worst dictator of the world who is hell bent to destroy your beloved country. When I say the worst, he is an equivalent of a devil to his “liberated” people.
    Ato Yilma, You may say, the end justifies the means or the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but the nameless brute dictator that you are defending and supporting to promote your struggle refutes these approaches. He looks a normal reasonable guy as cute as a cat and deep inside as venomous as a deadly poisonous snake as time is not in his favor and all things that he planned seems to go south and when he fights for his survival he might look a nice friendly chap for few people like you and an organization like ESAT and G7. There are many people who still think that Andargachew Tsige was used as a bargaining chip to woyane by this monster who does not hesitate for a second to kill his own brothers. የዋህ መሆን ያስበላል ብዙ ግዜ ያታለለህና የዋሸህን ሰው ምንም የጋራ ጥቅም ቢሆን እንዴት እንደገና ለማመን ራስህን ታዘጋጃለህ ? እንደገና እንደማይያታልልህስ ዋስትናው ምንድነው? መለስና ኢሳያስ የተካኑበት ሞያና የሚያመሳስላቸው ሰውን አስገድለው ለቋሚው የመጀመርያ አዛኝ ተቆርቋሪ ሆነው መታየትና ወደቤታቸው ሲመለሱ የተገደለበትን ያስተዛዘኑትን ሰው እንዴት እንዳሞኙት ከት ብለው የሚስቁ ፍጡሮች ናቸው:: ወደደቡብ ያለነው ደግሞ እንዲህ አይነት ሸፍጥ ከነመኖሩ የምንጠራጠር መውደድ መውደድ መጥላትም መጥላት እንጂ እየጠሉ የወደዱ መምሰል ወይም ሊያጠፉት የሚያስቡትን መቅረብና ማሳሳቅ ማታለል ስለማናውቅ ኢሳያስ ከመቶ ግዜ በላይ እንዲያታልለን ራሳችንን እያመቻቸን ነው። Let me conclude by William Shakespeare’s quotation, “Tis time to fear when the tyrant seems to kiss” BEWARE….

  24. Wondafrash Bedemu
    | #24

    Prof Yima, you really should not mix your politics with your professional abilities. As apolitician you are absolutly useless siding with the sworn enemy of Ethiopia, Isayas Afeworki. What you wrote is unforgivable. Do you know how he murdered the tens of thousands of Ethiopian soldiers who surrendered in order to bring about peacful solutions to the problem of the conflict, who otherwise would have leveled Asmara and every city in Eritrea to a heep of rubble? You are a disgrace to Ethiopians. I really do not think that you sare even an Ethiopian. You insult also decent, patriotic Ethiopians no less well educated like you but with far superior political instinct and knoweledge. Do not write such garbage and undermine our Ethiopian patriotism.

  25. warsay
    | #25


  26. Serrawi
    | #26

    One of the main obstacle or problem to the democratic struggle
    is that the woyanes and their supporters completely lost their
    self worth, Ethiopian patriotism and their self confidence which
    almost affected us the true patriots and self reliant and with
    high self confidence and the noble Ethiopian patriotism and values.
    I think the woyanes and their supporters thrive only on a corrupted
    and destitute political atmosphere ? How come one who aspires to lead
    our great country Ethiopia goes to such a low point. Woyane and its
    followers must be something no clue about about Ethiopia and its history.
    But some people are right and know a lot about them and their ways.
    They say that “even from the start and the beginning woyane and self
    confidence do not know each other….they only pretend as if they have
    one……they regulary change their positions depending who has the
    power……they only try to position themselves to the side of the
    powerful or winner……….and they often lead erratic politics that
    they get themselves caught in the trap all the time….and disasterous
    journey all the time…..etcccc….” AND I have found this to be 99% true
    and a fact.
    I wish I knew them from the beginning like those people. I wouldn’t fall
    myself to their low trying to help one who is lying or ignorant and hard

  27. until victory
    | #27

    I agree with Yelma article. Those who oppose are tplf supporters and those few “DO NOTHING” people who call themselves Ethiopian, but in deed they are mercenaries (bandas). Most Ethiopians support the Patriot G7 movement. the DO NOTHING just sit down and talk. Instead of commenting on the article you started to bash and insult the writer. Sad you are low minded people. Ethiopia will be free with the courageous and brave few Ethiopians not by the “DO NOTHING”. The DO NOTHING sit down and talk, talk….. Long live the brave Ethiopian patriots. We support them till Ethiopia is free. You “DO NOTHING” are opportunist. We know you will come when the struggle is close to a victory, because u are pretenders and viscous. If you are not in it, u tend to destroy everything. If someone is found better than u, u become vexed and want to destroy and destruct. You need to see a psychiatrist how your state of mind is, i can imagine how you are burning with jealously. ESAT will continue to be the eye and the mouth of Ethiopian people. በናንተ ግን አፈርኩ:: የናት ሆድ እውነትም ዝንጉርጉር ነው..
    Ethiopia will be free by the true sons and daughters of Ethiopian, “do nothing, bands and tplf SHAME ON YOU.
    God bless Ethiopia

  28. Malede
    | #28

    Advancing the views of Esayas and painting his image in a very strange way at this time of history by very people who claim to be Ethiopians is a paradox thats hard to grasp. Why are you mixing Ginbot 7/ESAT with Esayas? I believe Ginbot 7 is not the first organization (ESAT 1st ‘independent’ media) to stand for a liberation movement. Shabia should give one important lesson to GINBOT 7. When Shabia secured support from The Sudan, it never bothered to tell the Eritrean people anything about the profile or opinion of Elnimeri or AlBashir, nor about Mubarak of Egypt nor Gadafi of Libya. If Ginbot 7 mean a trojan horse of Shabia, then the course of history shall take a different path. I’m not woyane as ‘#27 calls everyone by that name. But why is this that most people are irate and use insulting terms to reflect their views. Where is reason? Where is logic – to hell with Shabia and Woyane -

  29. Awash
    | #29

    ኢሳይያስ በራሱ የሚተማመን ፣ በፈፀማቸው ተግባራት የሚኮራ ግለሰብ ከሆነ ኢትዮጵያ ጉዳይ ውስጥ በመፈትፈት ጊዜውን ለምን ያባክናል? ወጣቱ ኤርትራዊ በገፍ አገሩን ጥሎ ሲሸሽ ቆም ብሎ ምን እያደረኩ ነው የሚለውን ጥያቄ ቢያሰላስል አይሻለውም። ፍዳ አስቆጣሪ በሆኑ እስር ቤቶች ያላንዳች ፍርድ ቤት ብይን የሚማቅቁትን ኤርትራውያን ለምን ቢያንስ ሰብአዊ በሆነ አያያዝ አይዛቸውም? ወደ ሌላ የፖለቲካ ፍልስፍና እና የታሪክ መዛባት ዝርዝር ገብተን ከርሱ ጋር መጃጃል ያለብን አይመስለኝም። እሱ ሁልጊዜም እሱ ነው – እኛም ራሳችንን እንሁን – የነገሮችን አካሄድ ለመረዳት ብዙ መመራመር የሚጠይቅ አይመስለኝም – ባጭሩ ግን ኤርትራውያን ‘ነፃ’ ወጥተዋል ስለዚህ መቀመጥ ያለባቸው ከነኮተታቸው ነው። ወያኔ በ ኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ እምቢተኝነት ይወገዳል – የጊዜ ጥያቄ ነው። አሁን በኔ ዕድሜ ለምን አልተወገደም ብዬ ግን ኢሳይያስ ጫማ ስር አልነጠፍም። ያውም ኢሳይያስ ጫማ ስር!!

  30. louffa
    | #30

    Of course, Ethiopia will be free. The most obvious reality is the enemy will be defeated to its nonexistence, and then the ruin of the enemy will be pilled up and burnt in eternal flame; when the enemy is transformed into ash, it will then be kept in an urn, then will the ash be thrown into devils den, in the deep ocean.

    Ashkers and Hoddams, don’t have the thought of moral liberation and free live; for them, life is living on handout and pittance thrown onto and given to them from the house of robbers. They don’t have self-knowledge and self-respect just like their own masters who are about their lives to end. Right now, at this moment, these hodams and ashkers are in a panic mode saying and doing things in a rush to save their masters from a humiliating downfall. They have no choice except worshiping their own death.

  31. Die hard G7
    | #31

    Our fianl Destination will be Arat-Kilo. Just wait and watch. one fascist soldier at a time; we are on our way. As Yilma said it, go ahead Keep defending the dying fascist regime.

  32. Nakfa
    | #32

    I beg to differ with most of you who are saying that Iseyas wants to disintegrate Ethiopia.
    For reasons beyond me the idiot believes a strong and united Ethiopia could be a friendly neighbor to Eritrea. However, I and lot’s of other Eritreans don’t believe in this pipe dream. Ethiopia strong or weak will not stop dreaming of sea and dropping bombs on our country. this has been the case for the last 54 years and will remain the same for the future.
    Is there a better example than Weyane.
    By the way, whether Ethiopia remains united or not can not be imposed from the outside or one ethnic group. It is up to all Ethiopians. so stop looking for scape goats somewhere else.
    If you aspire to make political changes peaceful or otherwise, please don’t put outsiders (e.g. Eritreans) in the equation. What ever their contribution maybe it is only secondary.

  33. Threaty
    | #33

    I completely dis agree with those of the comments who are making empty noises regarding yelma’s article. I challenge you if you are really asked to describe in two paragraph what TPLF stands for you have no clue what you will include and leave out in your list. Therefore, before any thing else first please liberate your mind form do nothing chat room preoccupation. There is a far cry between one who comes to this forums to chat endlessly,and those who have resolved to bring change by paying the needed sacrifice. In this category one thinks of the our freelance writer Girum who pores his mind with his, untested theory. I don’t claim to know much ,but I can certainly say I know who TPLF is. And I am resolved ,not for self interest in any form, but with pure motivation and the high regard I hold for the millions suffering Ethiopians. I will do my best to bear my share of sacrifice for the liberty of our people. That is why I am not dis appointed about the feeble minded amongst us. Un trust worthy ness is not a new phenomena that happens to Ethiopia.It was there during the Italian invasion. It has Been there during the 1974 civil war; we saw it in the war EPRP verses meson. What we see in this forum is just that. History is reserved only for heroes and the brave. Such being the case before us chat room politico belongs only for the seal out, and the business of liberating Ethiopia belongs to her the real heroes.


    You wrote,

    “For reasons beyond me the idiot believes a strong and united Ethiopia could be a friendly neighbor to Eritrea. However, I and lot’s of other Eritreans don’t believe in this pipe dream.Ethiopia strong or weak will not stop dreaming of sea and dropping bombs on our country.”

    I too like to differ with your view.
    Why do we tend to hold irrational idea say for instance war as lasting solution amongst us? Consider this just on the basis of sociel relationship,
    I don’t believe no Ethiopian or Eritrean in his right mind will pass a stranded fellow habesha with out stopping to help. This is a truth many have repeatedly witnessed. Then why do feel our differences must always be handled by military means. I think this reasoning heavily weighs on factors of past history than taking developments and the on going relationship between the two people. Beside, to draw a parallel between TPLF leaders and the Ethiopian public is un fortunate comparison. I like to believe many citizens from both sides will like to see a peaceful relationship amongst the two people. I like to think the prevailing view is that of peaceful co existence than any other arrangement. It is for this reason I don’t believe PIA’s is wrong in expressing his view that a peaceful next door Ethiopia is preferable than a nation in strife. let me share my personal experience on this. I myself remember during the 2000 TPLF Shabia war I remember many Ethiopians including myself expressing our views in these ter4ms. We said we need not another war. We don’t need to see a security break down in Asmara or Ethiopia.My friend I like to see our differences handled through negotiation than through means of war.

  34. Nakfa
    | #34

    Hi Threaty,
    I am not talking about the people here. I am talking about the political entities Eritrea and Ethiopia.
    As you correctly said I will help a Habesha in want and expect likewise from other Habeshas. That is why there is no deep animosity between the two people despite all the bloodshed.

    However, my experience with political entity Ethiopia rather its governments is negative.

    By the way, Sha’abia is only a front we Eritreans setup to defend ourselves. You can afford to distance yourself from Weyane (Tigray not Ethiopian popular liberation front) but I can’t distance myself from Sha’abia.
    Iseyas was negotiating even with Dergue and cooperated with Weyane and EPRP. You know the outcome. Suffering and still more suffering.
    The only positive thing about the current government in Ethiopia is their endeavor to make the Eritrean sea ports unnecessary for Ethiopia. This might help widen the distance between the two countries and minimize the conflict potential in the future.

    | #35

    ተገዳሲ ኤርትራዊ እየ ብሃላይ ኣብዛምድሪ እንተድኣ ሃሊዩ ኾይኑ ብመጀመርታ ብዛዕባ ጉዳዩ ምስቲኦም “ጥራሕ ድኣ ኣምላኸይ ካብ ኤርትራ ኣውፅኣኒ እምበር፣ ናብ ድላካስ ደብርየኒ” ኢልካ ምምህላል፣ ካብ ማይ ፀብሪ ክሳብ ላፓስ(north pole) ከም ሓሰኻ ሰነ ዝንቀሳቐሱ ዘለዉ 5.000.000 (ሓሙሽተ ሚልዮን) “ኤርትራውያን” ክረዳዳእ ኣለዎ:: ከምዙይ ክንብል እንተሎና ቁፅሪ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ካብቶም ብቅድሚ 50 ዓመታት ንኤርትራ ገዲፈምዋ ዝወፅኡ ጀሚርካ ክሳብ እቲኦም ገና ሎሚ ምሸት ኣብ ዓዲ ቁንፂ ክውለዱ ዝኾኑ ማማያት’ውን ወሲኽካ 4,5 (ኣርባዕተ ሚልዮንን ፈረቓን) ከምዝኾኑ እንዳተረዳእና ኢና:: እቲኦም ካልኦት ፍርቂ ምልየን ካብ ዓድኻን ገዛኻን ፈንቀልትን፣ ምስ ፈንቀሉኻ ድማ ከም ቁርዲድ ጠቢቖምኻ በብዝኸድካዮ ሓቢሮምኻ እንዳተኸታተሉ ገንዘብካ ዘሕድጉኻ ተፃፋዕቲ ደቂ ዓዲ ኢሳያስ እዮም::

    ለዚህ ሁሉ መነሻው አፍን ለመሰብሰብ አለማቻል ጠባዬ SLAVE MENTALITY’ነት ነው:: ለወደፊቱም አመዛዝኖና በለዘብተኝነት ድምፅን ማሰማት ያዋጣል::

    ብቻ ደግሞ ሰምተውን (አንብበውን) የፍንደቃ ከበሮአቸውን እንዳያስተጋቡ እንጂ፣ ህወሓቶች ከሻዕብያዎች ጋራ ሲነፃፀሩ በማንኛውም መልኩ(በተለይም ከጭንጋፉ ህልፈት በኋላ) የሰማይና የምድርን ያህል ልዩነት አላቸው:: ሰማይ ማለት ህወሓት፣ ከምድር በታች-the ገሃነመ እሳትን ለሻዕብያ እየመሰከርን እንደሆነ ተገንዘቡልን:: ህወሓት ግን ይሄን ያህል የበላይነት ያላት ከሻዕብያ ጋራ ስትወዳደር ብቻ መሆኑንም ተገንዘብሉን::

    | #36

    ተገዳሲ ኤርትራዊ እየ ብሃላይ ኣብዛምድሪ እንተድኣ ሃሊዩ ኾይኑ ብመጀመርታ ብዛዕባ ጉዳዩ ምስቲኦም “ጥራሕ ድኣ ኣምላኸይ ካብ ኤርትራ ኣውፅኣኒ እምበር፣ ናብ ድላካስ ደብርየኒ” ኢልካ ምምህላል፣ ካብ ማይ ፀብሪ ክሳብ ላፕላንድ(north pole) ከም ሓሰኻ ሰነ ዝንቀሳቐሱ ዘለዉ 5.000.000 (ሓሙሽተ ሚልዮን) “ኤርትራውያን” ክረዳዳእ ኣለዎ:: ከምዙይ ክንብል እንተሎና ቁፅሪ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ካብቶም ብቅድሚ 50 ዓመታት ንኤርትራ ገዲፈምዋ ዝወፅኡ ጀሚርካ ክሳብ እቲኦም ገና ሎሚ ምሸት ኣብ ዓዲ ቁንፂ ክውለዱ ዝኾኑ ማማያት’ውን ወሲኽካ 4,5 (ኣርባዕተ ሚልዮንን ፈረቓን) ከምዝኾኑ እንዳተረዳእና ኢና:: እቲኦም ካልኦት ፍርቂ ምልየን ካብ ዓድኻን ገዛኻን ፈንቀልትን፣ ምስ ፈንቀሉኻ ድማ ከም ቁርዲድ ጠቢቖምኻ በብዝኸድካዮ ሓቢሮምኻ እንዳተኸታተሉ ገንዘብካ ዘሕድጉኻ ተፃፋዕቲ ደቂ ዓዲ ኢሳያስ እዮም::

    ለዚህ ሁሉ መነሻው አፍን ለመሰብሰብ አለመቻል ጠባዬ SLAVE MENTALITY’ነት ነው:: ለወደፊቱም አመዛዝኖና በለዘብተኝነት ድምፅን ማሰማት ያዋጣል::

    ብቻ ደግሞ ሰምተውን (አንብበውን) የፍንደቃ ከበሮአቸውን እንዳያስተጋቡ እንጂ፣ ህወሓቶች ከሻዕብያዎች ጋራ ሲነፃፀሩ በማንኛውም መልኩ(በተለይም ከጭንጋፉ ህልፈት በኋላ) የሰማይና የምድርን ያህል ልዩነት አላቸው:: ሰማይ ማለት ህወሓት፣ ከምድር በታች-the ገሃነመ እሳትን ለሻዕብያ እየመሰከርን እንደሆነ ተገንዘቡልን:: ህወሓት ግን ይሄን ያህል የበላይነት ያላት ከሻዕብያ ጋራ ስትወዳደር ብቻ መሆኑንም ተገንዘብሉን::

  37. Nahome Debela
    | #37

    Read it “Party is the madness of many for the gain of few” please get your facts,and then you can distort the things as you please.we have to gain our freedom
    through fighting Apartheid TPLF by any means,otherwise we are slave for ever. stop fighting each other on the website. go to the war field if you are hero.we are going to fight the brutal and killer TPLF. you will see the near future.

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