ISIL claims massacre of Ethiopian Christians in Libya (Aljezira)

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Video released online shows one group of captives being shot and another group A new video from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) purportedly shows the group killing captured Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

The 29-minute video released online on Sunday shows two groups of dark-skinned captives. It says one group is held by an ISIL affiliate in eastern Libya and the other by an affiliate in the south.

A masked fighter delivers a long statement before the video switches between footage of the captives in the south being shot to death and the captives in the east being beheaded on a beach.

The footage released online shows one group of about 12 men being beheaded by armed men on a beach and another group of at least 16 being shot in the head in a desert area.

It was not immediately clear who the captives were.

The video bore the official logo of the ISIL media arm Al-Furqan and resembled previous videos released by the group.
A text on the screen identifies the men as “followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church”.being beheaded on a beach.

  1. USA Fears Blowback
    | #1

    Caution, Propaganda !

    Dont fall for this kind of propaganda !

    Who could be behind it ? Likely USA or the CIA, maybe also allied arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    The goal is to increase tensions among Ethiopian muslims and christians, just like the same forces are doing in Nigeria using Boko Haram as a tool. We should not allow foreigners to export their extremism and barbarism to highly civilized and noble Ethiopia.

    Also let us not forget that al jazeera is a CIA/Qatar/Saudi tool that should not be trusted.

    They say declining empires are dangerous, the chaos and bloodshed around the world incited and caused by USA confirm the saying.

  2. USA Fears Blowback
    | #2

    The timing of this propaganda could also be linked to the so-called election in Ethiopia few weeks later, it could be to divert attention from the fight against USA puppet and Banda TPLF, it could be to lead the protests against Banda TPLF into a dangerous direction.

    But that definitely shows the USA and company have very sinister agendas in Ethiopia and want chaos and bloodshed to break out all over Ethiopia. They are very destructive forces, and we have to be cautious and vigilant.

  3. Sam
    | #3

    There is nothing new in the news except that the slaughtered innocent being Ethiopian Christians. ISIL have massacred Egyptian Christians before. The leaders of the organization pretty much know such massacre lead them nowhere. I mean you have to be seriously stupid by killing a handful of Christians, you might end up converting others to the Moslem religion. The leaders are not ignorant, but they enjoy the limelight of the moment. But the foot soldiers are really stupid. Some of them might believe. Some having a future which is not promising convinced themselves to be part of something, even if that means killing innocent people. ISIL might have some time to live because the combination is dangerous: leaders who cares for nothing as long as they are the topic of the time, and young men who have no conscious at all as followers.

  4. Abegaz
    | #4

    These coward Ethiopians instead of going to Eritrea and fighting against the TPLF and get their natural right back, they escape out of the country and end up killed. I do not pity although the act is heartbreaking cause they embolden the TPLF as a result of their cowardice actions.

  5. papie
    | #5

    what difference between tplf and ISIL??? no difference:: didn’t tplf slaughtered many many Ethiopians the same way as ISIL did to these young Ethiopians? don’t forget what tplf did in Bedeno and Arsi, they killed our people without mercy. ISIL learned this brutality from the tplf ethnic barbarians. Why Ethiopians are forced to flee their country?? it is either for political or economic reasons. We have to remember the root cause of our problem is the minority home grown terrorist group called tplf. Our task is to remove tplf by any means necessary. tplf killed our country and our people, let all say enough is enough. Let’s join AG7 patriots and let all of us support them and end our misery ASAP….. day by day things are getting worst with tplf, the more we wait the likely scenario would be losing our people and country….. support our patriots.
    May God rest these Ethiopians soul in heaven

  6. wedinakfa
    | #6

    You are simply cruel, heart less similar to ISIS and no humanity on you, I pity you, hope you come to your sense and offer your empathy to the family!!

  7. Solomon
    | #7

    @ Abegaz,
    what an evil eritrean you are for saying what you said. What have the real or fictional g7 fighters from Ethiopia in eritrea achieved so far ? By the way the killed Ethiopians, if the news is true, were killed by libyans or arabs, dont say muslims. The killers are arabs. Are there arabs in Ethiopia ?

  8. Nakfa
    | #8

    How do you know that the Idiot by the nick Abegaz is Eritrean?
    Go to the Eritrean web pages and try to find out, what Eritreans are saying about the Heinous crime committed by Daish on innocent Tewahdo Christians.
    Irrespective of their nationality this is a heinous crime. The anger and sadness is shared by all of us.

  9. hilmanda
    | #9

    What we witnessed with our tearing eyes is Islamic Fascism on killing spree. Our children are slaughtered and their blood is let mix in with ocean salt, our blood, our children just gone like that!!. Truth is with our side. We can never be the same anymore, it is unfading memory that will trouble our heart and mind to our grave.

    All Ethiopians, keep the faith, keep going the struggle against Fascist TPLF until we are sure enough our children are safe and their future life is as precious as it has been before the Fascist TPLF arrived in Ethiopia. Today, everything and anything that is available below and above the land is owned, controlled, and run by Fascist TPLF. Nothing is left for our children; what is left for us is sorrow and sadness witnessing our children’s life wasted is crushing and unforgiving. In 1991, the enemy entered our country with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians, and had the enemy continued driving our precious children into exile either for slavery or death while the enemy making profits in millions of dollars out of the slavery and death of our children. The enemy is also mocking on us saying on public media it has to first identify the victims are Ethiopians while the fact is displaying to the world indeed, the slaughtered are Ethiopians.

    Death to Fascist TPLF!!!! Death to the blood robbers!!!!

  10. Solomon
    | #10

    @ hilmanda,
    you forgot to mention the elephant in the room. Your narrative is typical for USA based Ethiopians. Banda TPLF is evil, but the elephant in the room is more evil, because it is thanks to the elephant that TPLF is in power in Ethiopia. The elephant not only provided support to Banda TPLF while it was fighting Derg, the elephant also infiltrated Derg itself using bribes and such things and destroyed it from within, allowing Banda TPLF to take control of Addis Abeba and the whole country.
    It is thanks to the elephant that Banda TPLF is still in power and as a result accidents like this one happen.

  11. Solomon
    | #11

    Quite amazing that the USA is not condemned here for this barbarism as the USA is responsible for both the refugee problem in Ethiopia that led to this and other incidents and the ISIL problem.
    USA is the worst evil ever to visit Ethiopia.
    This incident is also not viewed as an attack against Ethiopian communities abroad and in Ethiopia. No one said that this could be a demoralization campaign against Ethiopians by USA and TPLF. It would be no surprise if TPLF ans ISIL, with USA cooperation, planned this whole thing. This might have also something to do with the fake election in Ethiopia in four weeks.

  12. yogadigg
    | #12

    We, Ethiopians shall definitely collaborate with the global community to fight against the beast in Libya and else where and remove them from the planet earth for once and for all. For sure, the beasts in the lands of hell would have no swallowed the lives of our precious children if the Fascist TPLF had not driven them into exile and fed them to the beasts; therefore, in order to starve the beasts in the lands of hell the lives of our children, we have to first attack the problem at the source where our children are subjected to economic deprivation and safety insecurity.

    All Ethiopians, we know, the world, the enemy, Fascist TPLF KNOWS, that we are deeply hurt to the bone when we witnessed the beasts wasted the lives of our loved ones, Ethiopians; we therefore must come together and strengthen our mind and body and fight the Fascist TPLF to death so that when the enemy perishes, it shall disappear from the face of our country and gets rotten in hell to its eternal death. Our loving heart is broken and won’t be easy to repair it; we can mend the broken heart we shall first promise our children that we will fight the enemy, Fascist TPLF tooth and nail and crush it to its complete disintegrations so that it won’t appear in our country alive.

  13. Dawi
    | #13

    Abegaz said:

    [[..These coward Ethiopians instead of going to Eritrea..escape out of the country and end up killed. I do not pity ..their cowardice actions...]]


    It is very rude of you to say that however, it is documented that in apartheid South Africa armed struggle by enlarge was crushed buy the state. Liberation occurred after non-violent struggle became the main mode of the struggle.

    I don’t think you can guarantee a different fate for the young people armed the by the lunatic Isayas. Now who is the coward?

  14. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #14

    Since I read this horrible story for the first time on the esteemed website, I have been left with excruciating sorrow and raging anger inside. The sorrow that it left is the same as the sorrow and anger I was left with when I heard the news of my own childhood friend who was ruthlessly murdered by the WSLF thugs in the late 1970′s. He was shot and killed just because he was an Amhara and a Christian. Yes he was my dear childhood friend we spent our early childhood years together at a small village in Western Hararghe. He sought refuge with WSLF after escaping a sure death by the bloody thirsty Mengistu regime. Now the remnants of those WSLF thugs are what they call themselves these days the Ogaden this and the Ogaden that. I and all of us want to hear all these religious leaders who belch out sermon this and sermon that at various mosques coming out daringly saying some of those accounts told in the Holy Scripture are to be reviewed since they are prone to be easily misinterpreted and even they are all morally wrong in our times. Our Christian brothers have out-dated and henceforth outlawed certain practices in the Old Testament. Eye for eye and comparable punishments are found morally wrong and outlawed. Those religious teaching religion at mosques should have the courage to say some of the accounts present in the Holy Scripture are now morally wrong and outdated. As long as they don’t do that and come out with a more streamlined set of creed(doctrine) we will continue to hear such despicable acts again and again. Even though I am an engineer by training, I am also a history buff. What was the Pope and the Spanish Emperor thinking when they launched the Inquisition which was responsible for the death of millions? They would tell you that they were going by what was written in the book. They had their own way interpreting the Holy Scriptures. They decapitated, burned people alive at stakes, they buried non believers alive in the name of the Lord. But in the middle of such mayhem there arose courageous religious leaders who questioned the Inquisition and their teachings brought it to its end and it ended forever. It may seem insurmountable now because oil is putting billions of dollars in the pockets of these demonic leaders but with courageous religious leaders it can be done. This scourge will only defeated once and for all when certain accounts in the Holy Book are examined and deemed wrong in our times. In the meantime, such barbaric murderers of ISIL and Al Qaeda with all their partners should not be shown any mercy at all.

  15. Tom
    | #15

    It seems the website is under attack by ISIL. I just were there to read the article about this mass killing and all website is black. It is impossible to read the article and the comments.
    Hopefully the experts of will fix the problem.

    Other than that i want to say this:

    Governments are normally there to protect their citizens, that is their top responsibility.

    What we have observed the last 24 years is however the TPLF doing THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

    Forget all TPLF’s crimes within Ethiopia, just look what it did regarding ethiopian kids and adoption, ethiopian maids and ethiopian refugees.

    The TPLF EXPOSED those Ethiopians to danger, that must have been done intentionally, and their could be a satanic purpose for doing that.
    And TPLF might have behaved that way following the orders of its western enablers.

  16. Alem
    | #16

    In the 1970s and 1980s educated Ethiopians either were silent or supportive of Eritrean movement[s] just because they were opposed to Derg rule. Look what we have now. How many today are voicing Muslim concerns in the hope of fighting Tplf rule? Not carefully thinking through our options continues to be our greatest failure.

    It is sad beyond description what these Islamists did to fellow Ethiopians. What is even more tragic is how Tplf exploited the situation for PR purposes. To declare a 3-day mourning with elections next month is the height of hypocrisy. Think back to a year and a half ago when Tplf Teodros Adhanom was debuting his post on the misery of tens of thousands humiliated Ethiopians defending NOT their rights [and condemning Saudi brutalities] but Tplf’s marvellous handling of returnees. What then happened to returnees? They were dumped in a temporary camp and simply left to rot! Where are they now? Who cares? What about Ethiopians killed in Yemen last month? Adhanom did not show any interest; in fact he was worried more on damage to embassy property [which was hardly worth mentioning].

    Just so you remember a mass grave of Ethiopians was found in Yemen in 2012 and 70 drowned crossing to Yemen in December 2014; 42 bodies were found dumped in a forest in Tanzania in June 2012 [the Tanzanians were surprised Ethiopian gov did not care to respond to the tragedy almost a week after it happened and then did not claim the bodies to send home for decent burial and so all were dumped in a mass grave; compare that with 9 from Tigray killed in Gumuz two years ago, how that was turned into a national tragedy]; and then think of the regular suicides and abuses in the Middle East. Tplf NEVER once showed it cared about its citizens [that are not Tigrayans]. Just the facts friends. If you happen to have a contrary evidence I am willing to be corrected.

    The real question is why Ethiopians are running away from their homeland? Tplf is claiming enormous growth and skyscrapers to show for it. The answer is too obvious unless you are a Tplf. No employment, no future. Better to face the horror of abuses at the hands of smugglers in the pursuit of a dream than to die without trying. Consider these:
    Saudi has deported 163,000 since November 2013;
    400 licenses were handed out to recruiters who are busy rounding up Ethiopians [mainly young women] for Arab lands [could someone report who the license holders are or how much money goes to who?];
    Merkato has at present the largest brothel per capita on the continent of Africa; some of the prostitutes as young as 8 years old [none daughters of Tplf leaders]
    Ethiopia is hub for human trafficking and drugs;
    There are over a million Ethiopians in the Middle East;

    Tplf policy is clear and simple. Don’t challenge me or else you will end up in prison. You will be out of prison on condition that you leave your own country. That is Tplf for you; that is Tecola for you [Eskinder could be freed if he would leave his own country].
    To declare mourning days is not change of heart at all. It is another tactic to grab the headlines and come out as victim of Islamism [and thus be on similar ground with donors [see Ethiomedia for Tplf reaction to Charlie Hebdo tragedy]. How cruel is that?

    Do you know what only 10 committed exiled journalists could do to counter the PR war being wages by Tplf? If I am not mistaken there are over 100 exiled journalists. I don’t know what kind of journalism they practice but certainly it is not the kind that understands the power of information to change public perception. All those journalists do is fan old stories, use the media to cast blood and gore and make pennies.

    Do you have a laptop? Do you have facts? Find a way to deliver those facts to the media. Do you understand politics, economics, technology, medicine, etc. enter public arena to stand in the gap for Ethiopians whose voice is blocked and condition is misunderstood.

  17. Dawi
    | #17

    Tom said:

    [[..Forget all TPLF’s crimes within Ethiopia, just look what it did regarding ethiopian kids and adoption, ethiopian maids and ethiopian refugees…]]

    If we want to be honest to ourselves, what is happening to us is the result of “Crime of Poverty”.

    Folks are victims of the crime for which others and perhaps they too are responsible therefore, we need to resolve to work even harder to escape from the hell of poverty.

  18. Dawi
    | #18

    To add more in the opposition to Abegaz’s & others view, “..These coward Ethiopians instead of going to Eritrea..”

    I said, ..don’t think you can guarantee a different fate for the young people armed by the lunatic Isayas..

    Just saw a program ESAT presented on the “kids of Enargachew” & the larger TPDM, the “journey to Eritrea”; a lot of young people are shown and looks very impressive.

    Considering the opinion of others who have been there and done that, it seems to me these young people are set up to be used as a buffer zone to Shaebia’s Army. We already know that Isayas has moved arms way to Massawa from Asmara.

    These young fighters chance of penetrating the 5×1 cells of EPRDF and doing a significant harm to it with a gorilla warfare is unlikely. That means they only ends up becoming a sitting duck buffer and a target of EPRDF air force, US drones & missiles when the time comes. The US has just included G7 as a terrorist clearing the way for such actions?

  19. rumqaa
    | #19

    Ethiopians, remember! The enemy, it is what it is, and it will continue to be the way it is. The only way we can guarantee safety and peace to our children is chiefly by completely destroy Fascist TPLF and the system it had built and chocked the lives of our children. Just like the beast that swallowed our children slaughtered in Libya, this one, this enemy of ours, the Fascist TPLF had been wasted the lives of our children over and over, again and again for the last twenty four years and made millions dollars in profits out of the suffering of our children.

    Endless Death to Fascist TPLF!!!

    Eternal Death to Blood Robbers!!!

    They are just a dozen of robbers, the undisputed descendants of Askaris who have been creating havoc on the lives of our children. If we were to look very closely at these blood robbers either individually or collectively they all are thirsty of blood and money. In 1991, the blood robbers entered Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and kill Ethiopians; they were deficient of knowledge and wisdom; they were inflicted with self-disrespect; they were not urban, they were out of the context of humankind. No sooner than the blood robbers had come into Ethiopia, they dispatched themselves into villages, towns, and cities and then moved into the neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families. Our exiled children then became an easy target for the beasts in Libya, the barbaric in Saudi Arabia, the demons in Yemen and else where.

    Like the devils in Libya, the Satan in Saudi Arabia,the demons in Yemen; there is the enemy, Fascist TPLF in Ethiopia. We shall burry Fascist TPLF alive in the beast’s belly.

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