4/22 Candle Vigil for the Death of Ethiopian Christians

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Please join us as we mourn the death of 30 Ethiopian Christian who were killed by IS and let us lift up prayers for them and everyone affected by this horrific tragedy.

On Sunday, the Libyan branch of IS released a video showing one group of men being beheaded on a beach and another group being shot in a desert. The victims were Ethiopian migrant workers of Christian faith.

These are words from the organizer of this vigil, Martha Basazienw Kassa (HLS LLM ’15):

“As some of you might have heard IS just released a video showing the killings of 30 Ethiopian Christians. I am beyond devastated.

My news feed here on Facebook is full of agony and pain and I have no one to share it with. I want to hold a campus wide vigil for my brothers and sisters who have perished. Think about their very last moments and how they must have felt. I could imagine that they were thinking about their families, God and the certain death that they are about to face.

I know people die every day and we have somehow become desensitized to all this pointless deaths. This is my first time away from home and it is the most difficult day I have had in Harvard. Ethiopia is home to a variety of people and religions… But one thing I am sure of is how Christianity is linked to the very essence of being Ethiopian. I not only lost brothers and sisters… My sense of self and identity have been attacked.

I want to implore each and every one of you guys… Just how much you made me feel special during the Ethiopian New Years and made Harvard a home for me to come together once more and hold a campus wide candle light vigil for them on Wednesday.

I know we are all incredibly busy with the end of classes approaching but please join me in prayer.”

Please show up and spread the word.
WHEN: Wednesday, April 22, 8-9 p.m.
WHERE: In front of the Griswold Hall, at the back of the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church (1555 Massachusetts Ave)

You can also read about the tragic event at:



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