Residents of Addis Ababa protested against Woyane today. Several beaten and wounded by the ruling junta.

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ተከብረሽ የኖርሽው በአባቶቻችን ደም

እናት ኢትዮጲያ ያስደፈረሽ ይውደም

  1. Ethiopian
    | #1



    Just like EGYPT, the Ethiopian government should defend Ethiopia by striking the heart of the terrorists by air bombing the terrorist camps within Eritrea border. As we all knows there are few well known international terrorists get trained in Eritreas terrorist training camps, some of these terrorist get their training in Eritrea were AL SHABAB,GINBOT7 and YEMENE SHIIATE ISLAMIST terrorists.
    We all knows what happened in Kenya last week, hundreds of innocent christian children were massacred in their own schools by AL SHABAB and their crime is for being Christians (AL SHABAB is trained by Eritrean dictatorial government in order to retaliate against Kenya and Ethiopia).
    And I have no doubt Ethiopia will be the next. unless Ethiopia air strike these terrorists where ever they are included their terrorists training camps within Eritrea.

    | #2

    It is so disgusting to see even at times like this the coward Ethiopians such as those by ESAT are not speaking the right words.
    These ESAT guys are somehow twisted and misleading Ethiopians in the interest of USA.
    They had broadcast a gathering of “artists” where these “artists” said few words. The message ESAT is sending is twisted and some of the “artists” were even offensive like a guy who said “igzerin min adirgenew yihon” or something like that, that is justifying the crimes of the arab barbarians, and it is a scandal that ESAT spread such offensive remark. No word about the cause that made the victims refugees, no word about USA’s responsibility.
    Do ESAT guys receive bribes from the USA ?
    Read this quote:

    “… Forget the bought politicians. Just imagine the hundreds of thousands of non-elected, unaccountable bureaucrats in all of the governments (as distinct from the people of nations) who exist to support America’s hegemony in their own countries.

    And then imagine the purge that will take place in many of those same countries when American hegemony stops supporting and protecting those bureaucrats. That’s what I want to live to see.”

  3. OneEthio
    | #3

    It is funny to here about terrorism from terrorist organization TPLF. Woyane tigrays are # 1 terrorist orgazation in Ethiopia. Woyane tigrays are # enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Woyane tigrays are cancer to Ethiopia must surgically removed from our Ethiopia. Ante fesam what air force are u talking about? Ye anbeta? Woyane tigrays are neither human nor Ethiopians. Banda woyane! Arbegnoch G7 are the hope and aspiration to Ethiopians. Mot le woyane tigrays!

  4. Tazabi
    | #4

    WOW!As always these typicaL Woyanes point their stinking blood socked fingers at their own cousin Isayas that trained them to hate Ethiopians. Ethiopians won’t be manipulated no more. We know the ones that are killing our fellow Ethiopians and looting our motherland. TPLF = ISIS.

  5. HAILE
    | #5

    Ethiopian Airforce should BOMB the Woyane Rullers who are our real enemy

  6. samuel
    | #6

    ይሄን ያህል የሃገራችን ህዝብ በአሰቃቂ ሁኔታ እያለቀ የሃዘን መግለጫ፡የማይሰጥ፡መንግስት መሪ (መሪ፡እንኳን አይደለም ማናጀር ማለት ነው። እሱንም ከኋላው ሆነው የሚዘውሩት ሰዎች አሉ) ምን ማለት ይቻላል? …….
    ሰዎች አትሞኙ፡ሆን ተብሎ የተደረገ ሴራ ነው።፡ቀኝ ገዥዎች ሃገራችንን ለማተራመስና ለማበጣበጥ የሚያደርጉት ሴራ ነው። በብሄር በኩል አልተሳካም በሃይማኖት በኩል መጡ፡፡መስሎአቸው ነው እንጂ አይሳካላቸውም። አይ ሲ ሲ ን የሚመሩት የእስልምናም የክርስትናም ተከታዮች አይደሉም።አብዛኞቹ ስማቸውን እየቀያየሩ ከሩቅ ምስራቅ ኤሲያ በገንዘብ የሚያገለግሉ ቅጥረኛ፡ወንበዴዎች ናቸው። በትክክል ተገንዝባችሁ ከሆነ 16ቱን በረሃ ውስጥ፡ሲገድሉ 12ቱን ባህር አጠገብ፡አረድዋቸው።፡ቁጥሩ12 ነው 13ትም 10ም አይደል ጠርጥሩ! ይመስከኛል፡ለሚያምኑበት ሰይጣን ጣኦት ነው። እነዚህ አይ ሲ ሲ የነማንን ፖለቲካ ነው የሚያራምዱት? ይሄ ዌብ ሳይት ለየት ያለ ይርፖለቲካ ትንተና ይሰጣል; የሚገርመው ነገር ዩ ቱዩብ ደግሞ የሚናገረውን አዳምጡት፤

  7. Memo
    | #7

    It is not about those devel ISIL it is about our future, it is about ending the basic problem for once and forever, it is about the right of Ethiopian peoples, It is about saying NO to the oppression. ISIL does come to us we cross the line to their evil kingdom, they are doing what they stand for and what they believe and right now no one couldn’t exterminate them, not us alone, but what we have ask our selves is who is pushing peoples to migrate? What is the problem behind all of our people to give working and living in Ethiopia? We should know something also in Ethiopia every middle and working class are extremely not happy with their life here, peoples who is migranting in any possible ways are economicaly better than the peoples who are living in, all of us are here because we can’t afford to pay for smugglers. So what do you peoples think the problem is? I will leave the judgment for you, i take my side

  8. Fasiledes
    | #8


    If it is good for America and Canada, why not Ethiopia ?

    It makes what you are saying. If America chase and destroy terrorists, if Canada chase and bomb terrorists, if France chase and bomb terrorists, if Egypt chase and bomb terrorists, then why not the same defence strategy can not be implemented and used by the Ethiopian government to destroy terrorists in Somalia and in their terror training camps in Eritrea ?

  9. Getachew Mekuria
    | #9

    A lot of Typical Eritrean agent in this web site such as above TAZABI,HAILE,OneEthio trying to defend Eritrea and it terrorist camps.
    Be ready, The lions (Ethiopians)coming to make you pay.

  10. Tazabi
    | #10

    The bloodthirsty Woyanes that have spilled the blood of over 500 innocent Gambelans and unknown number of innocent Ethiopians and continue to do so, again, they are looking an excuse to spill the blood of their own Eritrian cousins. It’s obvious that the TPLF mafia are lobbing the leaders of the world to find a way to bomb their own GODFATHER, THE MASTER OF HATE AND DIVISION, ESAYASS, inorder TO BUILD their GREATER TIGRAE… at the cost of unsuspected Ethiopian soldiers and Ethiopian taxpayers. TPLF = ISIS. GOD BLESS PEACE-LOVING ETHIOPIANS!!!

  11. dawit
    | #11

    here is another story of a patriotic ethiopian muslim who sacrificed himself for fellow ethiopians
    God bless Ethiopia

  12. Washington DC
    | #12


    WAW ! did you see all the highways and skyscraper buildings showing in the video ?
    It is amazing, Yes it is in Ethiopians capital Addis Abeba, the country is transformed totally, thanks to EPRDF leadership.

  13. Dagnew
    | #13

    The apartheid and ethnical fascist rule of the TPLF is also responsible for deaths and sufferings of Ethiopians abroad. The TPLF is collecting billions of dollars annually in the name of the poor and diverting part of this begged money into their secret bank accounts abroad. The illicit financial flows amounting to 11.8 billion dollars explain this TPLF theft and robbery from the mouths of the Ethiopian poor. The buildings the TPLF guys own and shoddy insfrastructure being used show cases do not hide the abject poverty and deprivation in Ethiopia. The late TPLF principal ethnic chief Meles Zenawi was among the richest dictators in the world with the estimated and hidden wealth of 3 billion dollars. Ethiopians should trace all the stashed TPLF money and repatriate it.
    It belongs to the Ehtiopian poor.

  14. Rezene
    | #14

    This is to convey my condolences to the families of our Tegaru brothers who have been brutally murdered by the islamic extremists in Libya. The Tigrway had paid immense sacrifices to liberate the nations, nationalities and peoples in Ethiopia from the oppressive Amhara rules. The Tigraway youth must stay in their own region and build it using the favorable conditions and opportunities the democratic EPRDF government has created. The Tegarus do not need to go abroad and live on the handouts of the west. We the Tegaru must work more to convince those lanning to leave to stay and those abroad to return and build the great Tigray nation.

  15. Yared
    | #15

    “Tazabi” and “Dagnew” were shabia agents, who hate the present Ethiopians economic and social advancement.
    You Eritreans should learn from our Ethiopian government how to grow your economy instead of being jealous and hateful toward Ethiopians.

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    You are disgusting in trying to link your internal problems to Eritrea, instead of trying to find the solution to your problems. It is the Libians who cowardly massacred the Ethiopians in recent weeks, is that now you are scared to say the truth and bomb them in Libia? Egypt has the courage to face the truth and defend its citizens wherever the perpetrators are not some where it is trying to find excuses to bring about another stupid war. Come on now, face the truth.

  17. Bekele from Ohio
    | #17

    Here is why we Ethiopians love of government.

    Ethiopia’s economy growing faster than any country in Africa, and Ethiopia is #12 in the world fast growing economy. This of course miracle by any standard. This unprecedented meteoric economic advancement shows that our country is in the good governance in the good hands.

  18. gantifoud
    | #18

    Of course, we all are wounded and badly hurt by stupendous crime committed against our children by humankind-hated devils in Libya. Like the devils in Libya, there is Fascist in Ethiopia committing all sorts of crime in Ethiopia. The Fascist TPLF has been driving our children and people into exile for profit and vengeance it had clearly inked in its manifesto years and years and it implemented the plan into action immediately the Fascist TPLF entered our country. Today, the enemy is facing resistance in many forms from all Ethiopians both in back home and abroad. As the enemy shortened the lives our children by driving them into the mouth of the beasts, it shall also be crushed into millions of pieces of death by the gallant Ethiopians. We shall not let our common enemy, the Fascist TPLF live gasping for breath; we shall chock the enemy to its eternal death and burry it in the belly of the beast in Libya.

    Death to Fascist TPLF!!!!

    Death to the Blood Robbers death after death, after death!!!!

  19. Tazabi
    | #19

    Getachew Mekuria,
    The entire population of Ethiopia is aware who is their real enemy is, that is dividing them, looting them and locking up and killing their fellow Ethiopians. The ruthless TPLF REGIME can try to hide the unspeakable crimes they have committed on Ethoopians, but it’s impossible to hide the truth. Look the history of Arminians. Esayass is the one that helped you to manupilate Ethiopian people to take power, so he can separate from Ethiopia. You people deliver what he wanted on a platter with a billion dollar and the entire Ethiopian seaport. In so many ways, your racist cousin, who is blinded with hate, is much better than the heartless TPLF. The hatefilled racist, Esayass got he wanted and left. Unlike you, your cousin didn’t stay to abuse his power in every despicable ways under the sun to loot and kill Ethiopians. TPLF HAVE NO SHAME!!!!

  20. qinbibis
    | #20

    What we are facing today is, terror on international and national dimension that has been launching by the enemies whose desires are to causing death and suffering against Ethiopians. Fascist Woyanaetplf, an organized criminals, just a handful of robbers has been committing crimes of all sorts in different forms and shapes in greater magnitude since their arrival in our country. The enemy is thriving in the blood of its victims; the enemy is wild and cruel in its basic characteristic; the enemy, it is what it is.

    May God rain endless calamities upon the cruel enemy of ours!!!!

  21. One Ethio
    | #21

    # 9 What lion are u talking about? All the lions are true Ethiopians all left woyane Tigray Air Force, what left are anbetas only. The idiot like you can give me any name, I know deep down you are not Ethiopian. All Ethiopians know you belong to the Banda tribe.

    You do know what Ethiopias are, we are down to earth, God fearing, patient people. You people are backward, uneducated, vicious animals. Never call me by other name but Ethiopian. Proud Ethiopian!

  22. jajaluma
    | #22

    Unending death to Fascist TPLF!!!!!!

    May our dear lord, God rain unending calamities upon the enemy, Fascist TPLF!!!!

    May God let crush and rot the Fascist TPLF in the belly of the devil in Libya!!!!

    We shall trust in God and in our collective solidary in the crushing of our enemy to its death and celebrate victory triumphantly over the dead body of the enemy.

  23. Ye Gonder Jegna
    | #23


    A lot of Shabia agents invaded this website, with cover Ethiopian names in order to divorce and divide Ethiopians from Ethiopians and Ethiopians from their government. Do not trust anything thing you read here.

  24. Tazabi
    | #24

    #15, Yared,
    You are morally blind to chose not to see and hear THE DEAFENING CRIES and the agony of Ethiopian victims at the hands of TPLF. You are simlply pathetic to think that everyone that criticizes the ruthless, bloodthirsty, mass murderers TPLF regime is an Eritrian. You can not be more wrong!!! If it weren’t for your bloodsucker racist cousin, Isayass, Ethiopia wouldn’t have fallen at the hands of TPLF dictators that are brainwashed, godless, remorsless looters and killers. The SHOCKING CRIMES OF TPLF IS ENDLESS JUST LIKE WHAT HITLER DID TO JEWS, AND WHAT TURKEY DID TO ARMINIANS.

  25. Abere
    | #25

    ..”አትመጣም ወይ፥ መንጌ አትመጣም ወይ፥” አሉ የሰማያዊ ልጆች፥፥

    ግን ያልገባኝ: ሰማያዊዎች የደርግ ልጆች ናችው ወይ?!

  26. Derbabaw
    | #26

    As usual with the exception of some souls the majority of comments above reflect partisan politics. These are very disturbing times we live in. And those who are self confident and think that they need not worry about such things to affect them I feel sorry for your types. These moments forces the sincere one’s to take self responsibility. There is nothing new abut the TPLF leaders. Time and again they have said they will rule by force till they are ousted. This much is clear about them.

    One must ask then why do the rest of Ethiopians make it a habit by adopting a do nothing attitude and when tragic happened rush to blame the regime. If we are honest all of us are guilty in some way ,say for instance, of failing to do something constructive. It is clear to me beside lack of economic opportunity ,and bad governance people also migrate because they are victims of un reliable information about life oversees. That means their own country men lie to them. In other words they hear about rose pictures of life and not about challenges. Some are among us tell lies. We dislike TPLF because it is based on lie and fraud. Then why do we allow lies when it is done by diasporas who habit to call home and boast and encourage others to leave their home.

    Here is then a failed responsibility that needed to be assumed by some among us. Not only individuals lie among us but ESAT news media is presenting exaggerated news. First, I like to commend ESAT for the good public service. For instance I like to commend it lately the gusts in ESAT have been from diverse parts of our people. I like this trend to continue and see members from diverse political parties being invited as opposed from one party. I also have highest regards for Sisay Agena and Fasil. However, there is one reporter that I don’t want to reveal his name I have problem with his reporting.
    Lately I noticed his radio reporting has become more of propaganda, and extending the truth. He seems to me he has developed a relish for exaggeration. Just listen to the language infliction he uses to make his point; he need to scale back on this. Telling the truth at all times is a must if ESAT wants respect. He need to consider the wide range of audience he is serving. I believe he can learn from Abebe Gelaw a whole lot. Abebe is a practical journalist who tell the truth in the face or investigate hard evidence and expose lies. That is the type of journalism I want to see. ESAT need not to duplicate the type of TPLF news. Such as the one we saw in a video clip purporting the bombing of an Ertrian site.

  27. Dejene
    | #27

    You nailed it Brother! Eritreans were unhappy with themselves and with their country (Economically gridlocked Eritrea),and they are jealous of Ethiopians harmony,advancement and peace, that is why they are here 24/7 to fomenting hatred and trying to break Ethiopians peace and harmony by using different masks and different names, i.e, Tazabi and Dagnew.
    By the way Did you know that Eritreans daydream of SINGAPORIZATION of Eritrea is had shattered by economic reality, and Eritrea ended up SINGAPOOOOR. Thousands of Eritreans coming back to Ethiopia everyday as starving beggars (refugees).

  28. Anonymous
    | #28

    keep talking

  29. yezanfindle
    | #29

    What is still worrying us, we Ethiopians is that the lives of the remaining children of ours in Libya. We must redouble our brave act to save the lives of our children. Others of our owns are also in unfriendly and unfavourable circumstances in Saudi, Yemen, Lebanon, and else where in the middle east and as well as in the Arab world. Since the 1991 invasion our country by the blood robbers, they immediately launched looting, murder, and forced thousands and thousands of the children of Ethiopia into exile either to slavery or to death. For the blood robbers in the Fascist TPLF organization what matters most for them is making millions of dollar in profit out of the suffering of our children who had been living under the fascist regime of TPLF since the arrival of these, the very cruel enemy of ours, in Ethiopia and since then their being exiled in a similar cruel world that is identical to the world of Fascist TPLF dark world where suffering has been exhibited in the lives of Ethiopians for the last 24 dark years.

    Although we have been hurt deeply by the loss of our children to the devils, we must keep focusing on the distraction of the enemy that caused tremendous untold suffering in social, economic and political life on millions of Ethiopians; we must reach our collective goal of making free both our country and people from the enemy so that we can provide our children the opportunity of living in peace an live the life of fulfilment.

  30. chachu
    | #30


  31. tifiqfik
    | #31

    One way the other, the grave of the blood robbers will definitely be in the belly of the beasts, in Libya.

    May God rain eternal calamities upon the Fascist blood robbers, TPLF!!!

    Ethiopians never had trusted the blood robbers with their children, people, and country, and never will today and tomorrow. Today, everything and anything that is available below and above the lands in Ethiopia is owned, controlled, and run by the blood robbers. When the blood robbers entered in Ethiopia, they were void of knowledge and wisdom, but they had a lot of guns and bullets kill Ethiopians and loot the resources of the country and along with them brought in diseases that ill citizens and banda culture that soil and stain households, neighbourhoods,communities, villages, towns, and cities. Moreover, the level of murder, imprisonment, torture, looting, fraud, black market, and corruption has reached to the point that citizens were forced to flee their country and exiled into foreign lands either to slavery or death. We are deeply wounded on our heart and sickened to the bone on account of our children had been pried the predators, the beasts in Libya and else where. Like beasts in Libya, like devils in Saudi Arabia, like monsters in Yemen, like xenophobes in South Africa, there Fascist TPLF in Ethiopia. We, Ethiopians trust in our dearest lord, God and in our collective solidarity in defeating the enemy, Fascist TPLF to its utter disintegration and in a complete demolition of the band system the blood robbers established to suppress and oppress Ethiopians and make the current and the future generation of our children a lifetime slaves to them. This explains why we, Ethiopians must constantly keep an eye on the enemy, TPLF and its distractive activities that are being carried either in the open or behind the back of our children, country, and people, and must act rapidly with hard and fast blow on the enemy’s head so that the enemy won’t survive even a short life. No sooner than the enemy, the blood robbers entered in Ethiopia, they began to build two economic system, one for themselves and another one for the rest of Ethiopians; today, the blood robbers are extraordinarily rich on the resources and public funds that they stole from our children and citizens and has each blood robber and his or her family owns several assets and cash in overseas bank in millions and millions of dollar while little or nothing left for our children. Young men and women, girls and boys, farmlands,and babies have been sold to buyers and marketers in the middle east and else where,since 1991. We, Ethiopians have been burdened by stupendous cost in terms of the lost generation and its long term consequences on the health of families, children, neighbourhoods, and communities, and on the security of our country, as well as on the value of our culture and tradition. But, no doubt about it, the enemy, the Fascist TPLF and its partners in crime shall pay the dearest and the lengthy price whether they are alive or dead.

    Death after death, after death, after death on the enemy, Fascist TPLF!

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