Ethiopia: Clashes at rally to mourn Christians killed by ISIL in Libya

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Clashes erupted as tens of thousands of Ethiopians gathered to denounce the mass murder of compatriots by ISIL extremists.

Wednesday’s government-organised rally in the capital came amid three days of national mourning for some 30 Ethiopian Christians beheaded or shot, on video, by militants in Libya.

“We will not bow down to terrorism!” one placard carried by a young boy said. Another read: “The world must be united against terrorism.”

But many demonstrators in Addis Ababa were also angry that the jobless feel they must travel to places like Libya in the hope of reaching Europe.

“Ethiopians migrate because we want a better life,” said one protester, Daniel Dawit, who knew some of the victims.

“There are Ethiopian people who have degrees and diplomas but can’t find work here. Ethiopians don’t want to migrate. The situation forces them to.”

Security was tight but frustration at poverty and unemployment erupted among the crowd and riot police lashed out with batons. At least 100 people were reported arrested.

Accused of clamping down on free speech, Ethiopia’s government dismisses accusations from rights groups that it stifles critics and opponents.

  1. Tazabi
    | #1

    How unforunate and heartbreaking that Ethiopians can’t even grieve in peace. Once again, the ruthless TPLF regime, added more grieves on Ethiopians. TPLF are scared of their own shadows, due to the horrific crimes they have committed on Ethiopi and Ethiopians for the last 24 yrs. Everytime, Ethiopians gather peacefully, TPLF start to sweat and wet their pants.

  2. Habesh
    | #2

    Here is another story of ethiopian hero killed by ISIS

  3. kentu
    | #3

    You look like your father,not only your physical appearance,but you act like your father.look all those who smuggled illegal immigrants are from Shania and weyane kids.look their age they are in 20 .i remember on derg regime the kids they raise with dignity and respect.even the government control the human trafficking activity even he has big duty war for unity.I personal ask my friend about the situation and he gave me satisfy answer.a good proverb,,don’t expect a honey from flies’,,all this tegadelti were unemployment,thief,human trafficking,prostituted,gangs,even homosexual so we need to pray before the worst comes

  4. kentu
    | #4

    I got opportune from un security council to interview the leadership of Shania and weyane. Specially the leadership to check their biographies all of them they don’t have biological father they born and raise in steer of Asmara and addis but physical and mentally they are strong because they feed viarty Vietnam and proteins they know were is weddings to eat leafy food from guests,,peggers.they don’t have shame respect about don’t expect any good stuff from those guys expect only bud.even after 24 years high government officials and generals’ they have nick name ,,wedi hads,wedi northern they have a good cultural if someone call your by your Mather it a great assault,,only donkeys calls by their mother great shame for our country to lead by street boys.good luck

  5. kentu
    | #5

    This is the first part of ugly nature of Shania and weyane.please follow next 45 pages in next edition ,,expose the evil nature of those ruthless flies but prepare readers don’t shack 18 years is not allowed.

  6. kentu
    | #6

    be advised to watch meles zenawi father interview with ethio TV judge your self go to YouTube and watch it even you don’t speak you can understand it act buity berbera waman.i start by head father next follow who is next?

  7. yaksso
    | #7

    May our dear lord, God bring unending calamities upon the Fascist TPLF!!

    Like the beast in Libya, like the devil in Saudi, like the monster in Yemen, there is Fascist TPLF in Ethiopia; all Ethiopians, keep the faith, keep going this historical struggle against Fascist TPLF until this enemy of our children, our country, our people is completely destroyed and the system it built is fully disintegrated to millions of pieces.

    Death to the blood robbers!!!!

    In 1991, the blood robbers entered Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians, and along with them they brought in our country diseases and banda culture and sickened communities. They then dispatched themselves into villages, towns, communities, cities and crossed neighbourhoods, broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Eternal Death To The Blood Robbers!!!!!!

    Today, everything and anything that is available above and below the lands in Ethiopia is owned, controlled, and run by a handful of descendants of the askakris and their bloods. And subsequently the blood robbers created two economic system, one for themselves and another one for the rest of the population and got their bloody hands in billions of dollars wealth accumulation while depriving the rest of the population any chance of living humanely. When that cruel and coward robber died, he left 5 billion dollars stolen from public for his widow and three children while the children of citizens left with little or no income to sustain their lives leading to being forced into exiled and swallowed by all sorts of beasts in Libya and else where.

    All Ethiopians, since the slaughtering of our sons and rapping of our daughter in the hands of the devils is a threat to our wellbeing and an extreme danger to the current and future generation, we shall collaborate with international communities in the fight against the devil-sent beasts leading to their complete banishment from this planet, Earth. We must first do first thing: We trust in God and in our collective solidarity in carrying on this promised historical struggle against the Fascist TPLF that has been depriving of life and driving our children into exile either to slaveries or to death; we must crush the Fascist TPLF to its complete defeat and burry it under the pile of its ruins.

    Death to Fascist TPLF!!!!!!

  8. Mohamed Siraj
    | #8

    It looks like Muslim equated to Wahhabis, one step away from being Wasp at best, Caucasian at the worst. Where do I fit a grape-dark,African earnest Mu’minua, who does not speak Fusha Arabic in this scheme of things laid by Arabs and exclusively for Arabs? I have nothing to relate with these dreadful people, what they did to Shia, Christians, Assyrians, Darfur, Chad, Libya not to mention the crucial role they played during slavery and inhumanity in general. One does not know what to make out of these people.

  9. Dilwenberu
    | #9

    I have come to learn in the past few weeks that Abugida is applying censorship and blocking free flow of opinions and views. The opposition is accusing the EPRDF government of muzzling freedom of expression and banning the free media. But Abugida is practising the same and stopped posting my comments. This double standard does not promote freedom of expression and free media.

  10. Wodajo
    | #10

    The barking dogs of the fascist and racist organization TPLF such as Dilwenberu and Dawi should also enjoy the universal rights of freedom of expression and association.These are the rights their fascist regime is denying Ethiopians in Ethiopia.

  11. Murad
    | #11

    Hi Wodajo,
    The Weyanne or pro-weyanne guys you mentioned in your comments(Dilwenberu and Dawi)are not doing anything different. They are the disciples of their late supreme weyanne leader Meles Zenawi and bashing the Amharas as they have been indoctrinated. The anti-Amhara politics is the central part of the teachings of the late supreme weyanne leader Meles Zenawi. That is why the huntings,killings and displacements of the Amharas are still going on unabated after the death of the supreme weyanne leader. The figure head PM HD has vowed to pursue the politics of his late master ( anti-Amhara measures)to the end as a tribute to the latter.

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