Must listen: Abebe Belew on Ethiopian Forum For Political Civility Pal Talk room.

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To listen

  1. Shemsu
    | #1

    Abebe Belew is expressing the public opinion in Ethiopia when he blames the TPLF rule for the misery and exodus of the young from the country.I had experience a shocking degree of poverty and destitution during my recent visit to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa). The poor have become scavengers in the city`s garbages and wastes. The unemployed and desperate young are all over the city and the cost of living is migh higher than the European country i live in. In fact the privileged Tigrayans and some Hodams are amassing wealth and building high rise buildings and mansions. These groups are leading the life of the paradise while the country has become the earthly hell for the vast majority. The exclusive Tigrayan area in the city known by Addis residents as “Mekele” is one of the outcomes of the Apartheid politics of the TPLF. I am not sure if the white South Africans had been offered and enjoyed these kinds of privileges during the Apartheid era. I believe the TPLF apartheid system is more discriminating, excluding, marginalising and harsher.

  2. ተፈሪ
    | #2

    Once again people are talking the same stuff they’ve been saying for the last 24 years. Nothing new here. Yeah, woyane is bad. The question is what can we do about it. And I am not talking about in the theoretical sense but rather in the practical sense.

  3. Aba Dagnew
    | #3

    The same talk,as usual,what is the purpose of the talk?it about how to milk the Ethiopian diaspora by this very political hustlers,it’s about smear campaign against the patriotic EPRP(that generation),it’s about to woo for the support of Shabia propaganda machinery so called ESAT led by opportunist anti-Ethiopia selfish individuals who are enriching them selves at the expense of the Ethiopian people.EPRP is everywhere it can never be deterred by all those bunch of sale outs who don’t even know the ABC or the art of real politics who are living in day dream and expect that freedom will come on a silver plater perhaps from western capitals.Freedom shall be achieved in Ethiopia only when the Ethiopian people rise up in unison to defeat our enemy the TPLF while exposing sale outs who used to torture our people and those who are now serving Shabia!Ethiopia and EPRP shall live forever.None of you Bandas shall do anything to stop that!The above remark is my own.

  4. ታዛቢ
    | #4

    አለመታደል ሆኖ የኛ ተቃዋሚዎች ተኮፍሰው ቁጭ ያሉበትን ማማ በመነቅነቅህ ቀፎው እንደተነካ ንብ ሊነድፉህ መሞከራቸው አይቀርም.የተናገርከው እውነት ስለሆነ የማታ የማታ አሸናፊ ነው.
    በርታ .

  5. Aba Dagnew
    | #5

    Tazabiew ; Time and the Ethiopian people will tell as to who is really working hard to liberate the Ethiopian people from the TPLF apartheid while exposing and defeating Derg remnants(keiy shibir actors),servants of Shabia.
    The Ethiopian People shall prevail!

  6. Nationalist
    | #6

    @Aba Dagnew
    ስንት አመት ህዝቡ በሰቆቃ ይጠብቅ ?ወያኔ ሀያ አምስት አመት የቆየው በህዝብ ተቀባይነት አግኝቶ ነው ወይስ የተቀዋሚዎች አለመተባበርና መፍረክረክ ? አንዳንዶቹ መሪነን ባዮች ህዝቡ ‘ተባበሩ ወይ ተሰባበሩ ‘እያለ ነው ተብለው ሲጠየቁ ‘ህዝቡ አላለም ያንድ ተቀዋሚ መሪ ነው ያለው’በማለት ለመተባበር ፍቃደኛ እንዳልሆኑ በግልጽ ተናግረዋል .ታዲያ ስልጣን በወርቅ ሳህን ለርሳቸው ብቻ እስኪመጣላችው ደረስ ቃፊሮቻቸው በለመዱት አሽማቃቂ ቃል የሰውን አፍ ለማስያዝ ይሞክራሉ.ያሳዝናል .
    ለመሆኑ ታሪክ ለማይረሳቸው የቀይ ሽብር ሰለባዎች ተጠያቂው ደርግ ብቻ ነው ?ለነጩ ሽብርስ ?ከሻቢያ ጋርስ እነማን ነበሩ ሲሞዳሞዱ የነበሩት ? እባካችሁ ህዝቡን አትናቁ , ብዙ ያውቃል .

  7. Aba Dagnew
    | #7

    Nationalist,IHAPA is the victim of all anti-Ethiopia groups including Shaabia!We. Know what happened at Assimba!The fact remains that IHAPA is the ANC of Ethiopia!IHAPA loves and cares for all Ethiopians,that including those of Bahirenegash!!!!!!Once a patriot is always a patriot!Let us if you can go to the Ethiopian jungle to free the Ethiopian people and the the political Ethiopia?You won’t do that!You know why!Let us wait and until you and Shaabia liberate Ethiopia!Ke ke ke …..!Cowards and sale outs are nothing but Zombies!Im sorry IHAPA is the one which shall liberate Ethiopia from the TPLF!
    Long live Ethiopia,it’s people and IHAPA!
    Down with sale outs!
    NB:I know who you are!

  8. joffaentoro
    | #8

    The Fascist TPLF apartheid regime has been equally dealt with similar resistance in Ethiopia, as the people of south Africa and the rest of freedom-loving people did to dismantle the white minority regime in south Africa, in the past. This Fascist TPLF apartheid regime since its establishment by in the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, in 1991, although the struggle against the enemy was at infancy, at that time, it nevertheless quickly gained its momentum and reached its strength in 2005 and crushed the Fascist TPLF to its defeat; this happened mainly because of trust that had been built among voters and democratic candidates, and by fully collaboration of the rest of Ethiopians in building a democratic and equally livable Ethiopia for all. Today, the Fascist TPLF is knowingly or unknowingly is sliding into its grave and is ready to become a bad history for the rest its death trip. What is clear to all is that the Fascist TPLF is now gasping for air to prolong its life by committing all sorts of crimes against Ethiopians not knowing its death is inevitable and a done deal already. When is the death of Fascist TPLF is broadcasting is not that a worry for Ethiopia, what is clearly known and would for sure come to happen is that Ethiopians will come out triumphant in their ongoing struggle against Fascist TPLF any time in the very near future.

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