Tragedy in our Midst By Teodros kiros

April 27th, 2015 Print Print Email Email

For the past twenty years I have shed tears of unbearable pain for the Ethiopian and African victims of poverty, of relentless sorrow of the poors of the continent.

I am shedding those tears again.

At what one point I was so desperate that I designated famine as the language of African tragedy.

Tragedy has now targeted Ethiopia in the face of terrorism, as if poverty and famine are not enough, and I have to cry with my people again. I have to appeal to the Transcendent to let my people go, to protect my people from the hands of Barbarism.

Dear God: Please speak; please calm the devastated mothers and the traumatized Ethiopian children who have seen savagery on Television. Please God command our people not to hate any body but to pray to you to control their anger, and in unison say, “ Enough is enough. Feed, clothe and shelter our people to stay home and die at home in dignity and the compony of their families and participate in constructing a prosperous, safe Ethiopia which could feed, shelter and cloth themselves, so that they do not have to die in search of a better life.

Please God protect the existential rights of Ethiopians to be born, grow and die in historic Ethiopia.

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