Jacky Gosee new video clip for Ethiopian beheaded and shot by ISIS

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  1. Adis
    | #1

    Money goes in Ethiopia .we once victims of Human Trafiking develop our country after reaching our destination through investment then the government officials steal our investment after we worked hard to develop our investment.

    Ethiopian-diasporas send their hard earned money to their family back home some send money so their family start business to generate income.

    For example A man known as Solomon Alemu sent all his savings and even borrowing money so his family back home start an onion farm in Ethiopia. He had been sending as much money as he can from San Francisco , California USA to Adama , Oromia Ethiopia non-stop to modernize the farm. After a decade of developing the farm the Ethiopian federal government confiscated the farm from him. He had a nervous break down and quit his job about a year ago. He later continued to become homeless . His father came from Ethiopia about a month ago trying to get him mental health help but he was heard saying to his Dad “you are not my father anymore, my father would not give up my farm without a fight”. The father Alem Shiferaw was a well known farm developer during Hailesselasie time and Meles Zenawi time. He qworked for Orbis trading during Mengistu Hailemariam time. On Wednesday 29,2015 he was running away from his father and his friends that were trying to get him committed in mental asylum when he stole a car with a baby inside it. He was later caught and put in jail.



  2. Orlando Pace
    | #2

    Jacky, spare us your crocodile tears. You’ve shown your true color when you betrayed Berhanu Tezera in the now national anthem, Wegeney. Your primary goal is to make money and to appease whoever is willing to pay you. Let me tell you that only people who are principled get the appeal Teddy Afro has gotten. የወጋ ቢረሳ የተወጋ አይረሳም

  3. ufandada
    | #3

    We, all Ethiopians have our heart broken on losing our beloved children in the hands of the devil beasts in Libya, and we shall emerge strong and united to battle against the BEASTS AND FASCIST TPLF, not only one enemy crushed, but both turning into their nonexistence. We do the cleaning up beginning from in the homeland; first thing first; our enemy is, obviously, the enemy that has been in our country for 23 years; it is this enemy of ours must first be destroyed and buried inside the belly of the beasts in Libya, and then we shall step onto the next phase of cleaning up the demons and devils that have been contaminated the spirits of the world communities across the globe.

    Our primary focus and objective are precisely directed towards the complete elimination of our hated enemy that has been driving our children into exile and subjecting them to assortments of death, nearly in all corners of the world. For sure, our enemy, the Fascist TPLF knows very well that it meets its fate accordingly as that dead robber, the one who died the death of cowards nearly three years ago. Although, this dead robber is not or will not exempted from standing trial, the robber is dead doesn’t mean the case is closed; no! the living dead blood robbers, the undisputed descendants of the askaris shall meet their own unique and unparalleled fate worse than that dead robber had already met.

    Unending death to the blood robbers!!!

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    This song make me Cry.

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