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The brutal murder of thirty Ethiopians in Libya and the savage attack and burning of Ethiopian Brothers in barbaric “Zululand” in South Africa in the last two weeks reminded me once again that we live among savages and subhuman creatures around the World. I cannot find appropriate words to use in identifying the savages that committed such heinous crimes against absolutely innocent and defenseless peaceful Ethiopians in Libya or in South Africa. These groups of individuals along with their leaders showed behavior no better than primitive wild animals. I cannot consider them as part of the human race of Homo Sapiens Sapiens in light of their criminal deeds. In either case they are a cowardly group of individuals that slaughtered innocent people, and their so called governments did nothing more than lip service to protect peaceful law abiding Ethiopians and other Africans from several countries. The South African Government has violated the Genocide Convention that is jus cogens may be even obligatio erga Omnes.

On Tuesday 28 April 2015, the South African Government has deployed military personnel to round up undocumented immigrants in areas where most of the crimes of murdering and looting of immigrants had taken place. The Government of South Africa is now getting ready to violate the human rights of African immigrants and is setting another purging to satisfy the demented desire of primitive criminals that do not even know who is stripping them of the wealth they aspire for. No matter how immigrants entered South Africa legally or illegally, they have their unalienable human rights and must not be abused, tortured, or murdered by anyone in South Africa. The South African Government and/or its Citizens are not above the Charter of the United Nations and numerous Conventions and Resolutions of the United Nations. The South African Government has signed and ratified such international instruments. It has the utmost duty and international obligation to protect every human being however his/her status might be within its territory from assaults, abuses, torture, and murders.

South Africa is a Member Party to the Genocide Convention by its act of accession of 1998. Ethiopia, of course, is the original signatory of 1948 and ratifying the Convention in 1949, thanks to the legacy of Emperor Haile Selassie I. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948. It has now a membership of 146 Sovereign States. Many jurists and legal scholars believe the Genocide Convention has become part of the customary international law and norms and it needs not be limited in its reach only to the Membership of the Convention. A considerable number of legal experts including the ICJ in a noted case hold the Convention as jusc cogens may be also obligato erga omnes. [See Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro, Judgment, I.C.J. Reports 2007, p. 43. The existence of a jus cogens in genocide cases is also affirmed by the June 2013 decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in the Stichting Mothers of Srebrenica and Others v. The Netherlands case. In that case the dispositive issue was on the question of immunity of United Nations authorized peace keeping forces in cases of allegations of genocide for failing to prevent the massacre of Muslims in Srebrenica. In a dictum the court has asserted that the Genocide Convention is indeed a jus cogens principle in international law and norms.]

I have hereunder extracted relevant provisions from the Genocide Convention of 1948 and also relevant provisions on the human rights and human dignity of all persons in South Africa from the Constitution of South Africa as Amended. Take not the fact that King Goodwill Zwelithini is a criminal violator of both the Genocide Convention (Articles 2 and 3) and the Constitution of South Africa (Chapter 2: Bill of Rights in its entirety), so are several political leaders and individuals in the South African Government.

The Genocide Convention
Article 1
The Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish.
Article 2
In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
• (a) Killing members of the group;
• (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
• (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
• (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
• (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Article 3
The following acts shall be punishable:
• (a) Genocide;
• (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
• (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
• (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
• (e) Complicity in genocide.
Article 4
Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.
Article 5
The Contracting Parties undertake to enact, in accordance with their respective Constitutions, the necessary legislation to give effect to the provisions of the present Convention and, in particular, to provide effective penalties for persons guilty of genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3.
Article 6
Persons charged with genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be tried by a competent tribunal of the State in the territory of which the act was committed, or by such international penal tribunal as may have jurisdiction with respect to those Contracting Parties which shall have accepted its jurisdiction.
Article 7
Genocide and the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall not be considered as political crimes for the purpose of extradition.
The Contracting Parties pledge themselves in such cases to grant extradition in accordance with their laws and treaties in force.
Article 8
Any Contracting Party may call upon the competent organs of the United Nations to take such action under the Charter of the United Nations as they consider appropriate for the prevention and suppression of acts of genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3.
Article 9
Disputes between the Contracting Parties relating to the interpretation, application or fulfilment of the present Convention, including those relating to the responsibility of a State for genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3, shall be submitted to the International Court of Justice at the request of any of the parties to the dispute.

The South African Constitution
Now consider the Constitution of South Africa as Amended in its aspect directly dealing with human rights issues and the responsibilities of the South African Government to protect the lives and well-being of people living in South Africa irrespective of their legal status as legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, or Citizens:
Preamble: We, the people of South Africa, Recognise the injustices of our past; Honour those who suffered for justice and freedom in our land; Respect those who have worked to build and develop our country; and Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. We therefore, through our freely elected representatives, adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic so as to – Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights; Lay the foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law; Improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person; and Build a united and democratic South Africa able to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in the family of nations. May God protect our people.

Chapter 2: Bill of Rights
7. Rights
(1) This Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of democracy in South Africa. It enshrines the rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom.
(2) The state must respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights.
(3) The rights in the Bill of Rights are subject to the limitations contained or referred to in section 36, or elsewhere in the Bill.
8. Application
(1) The Bill of Rights applies to all law, and binds the legislature, the executive, the judiciary and all organs of state.
(2) A provision of the Bill of Rights binds a natural or a juristic person if, and to the extent that, it is applicable, taking into account the nature of the right and the nature of any duty imposed by the right.
(3) When applying a provision of the Bill of Rights to a natural or juristic person in terms of subsection (2), a court – (a) in order to give effect to a right in the Bill, must apply, or if necessary develop, the common law to the extent that legislation does not give effect to that right; and
(b) may develop rules of the common law to limit the right, provided that the limitation is in accordance with section 36 (1).
(4) A juristic person is entitled to the rights in the Bill of Rights to the extent required by the nature of the rights and the nature of that juristic person.
9. Equality
(1) Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law.
(2) Equality includes the full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms. To promote the achievement of equality, legislative and other measures designed to protect or advance persons, or categories of persons, disadvantaged by unfair discrimination may be taken.
(3) The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.
(4) No person may unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds in terms of subsection (3). National legislation must be enacted to prevent or prohibit unfair discrimination.
(5) Discrimination on one or more of the grounds listed in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that the discrimination is fair.
10. Human dignity
Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.
11. Life
Everyone has the right to life.
12. Freedom and security of the person
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom and security of the person, which includes the right -
(a) not to be deprived of freedom arbitrarily or without just cause;
(b) not to be detained without trial;
(c) to be free from all forms of violence from either public or private sources;
(d) not to be tortured in any way; and
(e) not to be treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way.
(2) Everyone has the right to bodily and psychological integrity, which includes the right -
(a) to make decisions concerning reproduction;
(b) to security in and control over their body; and
(c) not to be subjected to medical or scientific experiments without their informed consent.

The Zulu Factor: Afrophobia not Xenophobia
In a series of articles Zackie Achmat and several other prominent scholars have exposed the disruptive activities and collaboration of Zulu leaders with the White rulers of South Africa throughout the struggle against the Apartheid system of Government. “The late colonial and apartheid state in South Africa was always White dominated but supported ‘tribal’ leaders in the homelands or Bantustans and a minority of Coloured and Indian collaborators.” Achmat further named Gatsha Buthelezi, Kaizer Matanzima, Lennox Sebe, Cedric Mphephu, Alan Hendrickse, Armichand Rajbansi, Lucas Mangope and many others who collaborated with the apartheid state. Everyone of these chiefs were based in the old homelands: Lebowa (North Sotho, also referred to as Pedi), QwaQwa (South Sotho), Bophuthatswana (Tswana), KwaZulu (Zulu), KaNgwane (Swazi), Transkei and Ciskei (Xhosa), Gazankulu (Tsonga), Venda (Venda) and KwaNdebele (Ndebele). [See Zachie Achmat, “Was apartheid only white rule: Bantustans, collabor ators and traditional leaders,” July 24, 2010]

The brutal and savage attack of immigrants (from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malawi, Somalia and other Southern Africa countries) was not Xenophopic but Afrophopic aimed at Black African immigrants. The main culprit of that heinous crimes are some subhuman Zulus upfront doing the gruesome deeds in the main, but the real criminals instigating the primitive Zulu thugs are the “Coloured” and Indian small business owners who are behind the scene. Those are the same groups who have a long history of collaboration with Boers, Afrikaners and the White rulers and in case of the Zulus had even attacked and murdered freedom fighters of the ANC. Achmat opined further, “Now is the time to re-examine the role of ‘traditional’ leaders and collaborators under apartheid. They did not go away, they entered the ANC to continue plundering the state as they plundered the Bantustans and the stooge Coloured and Indian Parliaments.”

The individual responsible for the latest atrocities, where two Ethiopian brothers were burned to death (among several other Black Africans who were murdered and tortured and their property was looted and their homes and businesses vandalized), is the Zulu leader, King Goodwill Zwelithini, who referred to immigrants as “lice” and “ticks” that must be removed. He said, “Let us pop our head lice. We must remove ticks and place them outside in the sun. We ask foreign nationals to pack their belongings and be sent back,” in a speech in Pongola in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, on 20 March 2015. [See Reuters, 20 March 2015]. It is a fact that his father and Grand Father were all collaborators of the White rulers long before the Apartheid system was enforced in 1948. Zwelithini’s ancestoral family member were also responsible in the assassination of Shaka Zulu, the very founder of Zululand. However, after Zwelithini was installed king in 1968, he did support briefly revolt against the White rulers but later ended up against the international sanction against South Africa and become supporter of Inkatha and Buthelezi the famous anti-ANC politician, the black public face that wanted to continue the Apartheid system.

King Goodwill Zwelithini and His International Crime
People in power and those who have sway on groups of people must be careful with their words. I suggest all victims of atrocities and the Ethiopian Government and other governments of the victims’ home-countries should sue King Goodwill Zwelithini in courts in the United States and in courts of countries signatories who have ratified or acceded to the Genocide Convention for crime of genocide and crime against humanity. This criminal court proceeding can be also pursued in the International Criminal Court (ICC). South Africa ratified the Rome Treaty of the ICC in 2000, Ethiopia has not done that to this day. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore a rabid dog going around biting people of any status from any part of the World.

Civil suits should be brought against Zwelithini wherever his assets are to be found and it is very likely to recover in damages in millions of dollars for the murdered victims and those tortured by thugs and looters in the weeks after 13 April 2015 to date. Zwelithini’s later retraction after the fact is simply a face saving device, and also to portray himself free of criminal intent. Even then he had done a shoddy job, for he simply got himself sink deeper in his own filth of hate and bigotry calling for violence against groups he identified as “illegal” foreigners.

The South African Government seems to be reluctant in investigating and arresting the criminals that murdered innocent Ethiopians and other immigrants. The South African Government and the individual officials too can be sued in foreign courts. The Police in South Africa are a joke, they were/are more of collaborators than law enforcers deliberately not protecting defenseless victims. It is absolutely shameful to watch those subhuman creatures attacking and looting in total disregard of the minimum of standards of civilized behavior.

The Greatness of Ethiopians
My identification of Ethiopians as the “greatest” people that ever walked the face of the Earth is not simply a matter of hyperbole and empty rhetoric. In the aftermath of that horrendous crime committed against Ethiopians by IS in the name of Islam in Libya, there was not a single report of any retaliatory violence against Muslims in Ethiopia or by Diaspora Ethiopians in the rest of the World. In a country that one finds brutal and savage Government, how can we explain such civilized behavior by ordinary Ethiopians? To answer this question one must traverse long distances to far ancient times.

It is a fact that We gave birth to all of human civilizations by planting the seed of basic values and organized society when a handful of Us ventured out into the four corners of the World. Who do you think the Sumerians were, who are accredited for planting the seed of civilization for all of mankind? They are the people of highland Ethiopia from the Great Rift Valley mountain escarpments who trekked on foot across the Afar depression crossing over the land-bridge between Africa and Asia through Southern Arabian Peninsula and settled in the swampy delta of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. They took with them their greatest discovery of all time the cultivation of wild highland grass cereal Barley, Oats, and Wheat seeds and domesticated cattle, sheep and goats, donkeys and the forerunners of horses into the well watered plains of Uruk, Lagash et cetera.

We Ethiopians are builders of civilizations and we spread our DNA of highly evolved Homo- sapiens and replenished the Earth. It is only in Ethiopia that you find the prototypes of every race of the World. We are not sedentary and fearful people. We are adventurous and of a highly dynamic stock. We are not afraid of the unknown, for we are superbly confident of our survival skill. When man ventures out into deep space and encounters the first intelligent life form, he/she will be surprised to find out that he/she was beaten to that frontier by no other than an Ethiopian. We are already spread all over the World planting the seeds of the new humanity to come through in a couple of thousand years. The World is ours, and we do not have to apologize for spreading all over the World. Wherever we go we bring to the area great spirituality, morality and organized life. Anywhere in the World if you find a few Ethiopians, you also find that they have a religious center usually a Church, a community center, a soccer team, a restaurant, a local store et cetera.

This phenomena of instant organization, constructive engagement, and the establishment of civil structure is our singular heritage from ancient times. Throughout our tumultuous history, we fought foreign invaders with one hand and built great churches, cathedrals, cities and palaces with the other hand. The great Cathedrals and Churches hewn from solid rocks were constructed at Roha (Lalibela) during a period of recovery and reconstruction of the Ethiopian Empire after a devastating dynastic upheaval that lasted over a century at the end of the first Millennium.

It is not some fairytale when a number of historians even non-Ethiopians at times grudgingly acknowledge that We are the people who had never been subjugated by any outside force in legend and throughout recorded human history. All of our history is that of a people who only know freedom without foreign yoke or masters. With each other we could be harsh even barbaric, but all that are infightings within a family.

Ethiopians, Lift Up Your Heads in Pride!
I have read several narratives and commentaries written by learned scholars and professionals such as Aklog Birara (PhD) [“ከጩኸት ወደ ተግባር። የሚነገድበት የስደት ማእበል ትውልድ ከየት መጣ? ለማቆም እንረባረብ።”], Alemayehu G Mariam (Prof) [“Ethiopia: cry once again, our beloved country”], et cetera. Whereby, those learned scholars focused on the problems leading to the migration of Ethiopians from the Motherland unprotected nor supported when in trouble by the current Ethiopian Government. They wrongly pilled all the problems of Ethiopians on the TPLF/EPRDF. Moreover, along with some of the video presentations of demonstrations and Memorials for those Ethiopians victims of IS in Libya and victims of street thugs in South Africa seem to present us being humiliated by being victimized or for being immigrants. I strongly object to such portrayal of us to be ashamed of being migrant workers, or victims of violence. There is nothing to be ashamed of being migrant workers if we seek our fortune and comfort anywhere in the World. If we migrate from Ethiopia into the rest of the World for any reason, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Who can say that part of the World that we choose to go to is not for us? If some subhuman creature attacks or torture us there is nothing to be ashamed of. But we must fight back.

The real issue is not why a number of young Ethiopians leave Ethiopia, but is our Government protecting us no matter why we leave Ethiopia? Or is the Ethiopian Government equally guilty for our suffering in the hands of subhuman creatures? If we put the question that way, the Ethiopian Government is even more guilty of the suffering of immigrant Ethiopians in Libya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. For the Ethiopian Government has the Constitutional duty to protect the citizens of Ethiopia wherever they maybe. When the Saudis over a year ago were murdering and brutalizing Ethiopians, the Ethiopian Government should have declared war and gone to war too. Because the Ethiopia Government failed to stand against the Saudi Government and others when Ethiopian Citizens are abused and murdered by such governments and their citizens, the rest of the World took notice that it is OK to abuse and murder Ethiopians to the point that now some South Africans whom we helped in time of their distress suffering under the yoke of Apartheid by training fighters of the ANC including Mandela are murdering and torturing Ethiopians.

If a dog bites you, there is no reason to be ashamed of. If a donkey kicks you, there is nothing to be ashamed of that. By the same token if the IS or Arabs or Zulu thugs attack Ethiopians, shame on them not on Us. There is nothing shameful in migrating, traveling in different parts of the world. Under a different time frame, Ethiopians would not have traveled that far without their swords and spears. Time has defanged us, the Lions of Africa, and we have become victims of street thugs and hooded cowardly men who murder unarmed peaceful men. Ethiopian immigrants have committed no crimes that leads to being butchered. My fellow Ethiopians, now hold your heads high, and do not be victimized a second time by humiliating yourself believing you are pariah and have done something wrong. You have not done anything wrong. The World is ours to share.

Our pride in ourselves and our history is not empty but backed with historic triumphs of defeating well-armed Western Armies twice in 1896 and in 1941. No other African nation has done that. As to the Zulus of South Africa, no amount of pretention would erase their vainglorious past, for they were defeated by a handful of Boers and later by the British and subjugated for centuries confined to so called “homelands” and insignificant Kraals. They built nothing of permanence. They were just primitive herders or gatherers for most of their history even after their contact with Western civilization in the 16th Century. Even more shameful is their collaboration with the racist White rulers against ANC freedom fighters up to the last days of the Apartheid System in 1994.

The Ethiopian Government
The current Ethiopian Government has failed completely its own Constitutional duties and responsibilities to protect the human rights and human dignity of the Citizens of Ethiopia residing legally or illegally in several foreign countries, such as Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey and South Africa, in addition to those passing-through territories of countries, such as Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia et cetera. The Ethiopian Leaders failed miserably from taking appropriate action against Saudi Arabia when Ethiopians were murdered, tortured, and brutally treated by the barbaric Saudi Government and its subhuman citizens. That acquiescence in the face of horrendous brutality and murder committed against Ethiopians, paved the way to other nations to brutalize Ethiopians because they realized the Ethiopian Government will not bother to take care of its citizens. In more ways than one that form of lack of concern for citizens is the hallmark of the leadership of the TPLF from its inception to date.

The Ethiopian Government did not even protest to the United Nations about the brutalizing and murder of its citizens by Saudis. Did it do any better with the current Libyan savagery at the United Nations? Have they protested the continued abuse and murder of Ethiopians in South Africa? What do Ethiopian Diplomats do around the United Nations and the European Union and the African Union or elsewhere in the World? Absolutely nothing. They are busy trading in illegal tax free liquor and tax free goods. Ethiopia’s diplomatic mission is a big joke. They serve no one not even the Government they represent let alone the People of Ethiopia. Let me just illustrate my point, I have not heard any report that someone in the Foreign Ministry nor in the Prime Minister’s office suggesting to call a regional Conference of the States whose citizens have been brutalized and murdered in South Africa. That would have been the first act of seasoned diplomats. Ethiopian Diplomats are just a joke wherever you find them and the worst inapt diplomats you find at the United Nations, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, the United States et cetera.

I have written at considerable personal risk and threats suggesting that we should give some chance for the new Ethiopian leader Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and his new Administration, and a time to breath and a chance to fix the monumental problems left behind by the late Prime Minster Meles Zenawi. To my chagrin, Hailemariam Desalegn does not seem to have the type of leadership backbone in order to break away from the straightjacket-politics left behind by Meles. To a depth, I can understand the dilemma faced by Hailemariam Desalegn in a pit of vipers what can he do either play dead, or bare false fangs as the vipers around him. He must have forgotten one important thing he can do: if he is a decent man that he can always resign than be boxed in by the likes of Samora, Abaye, Kassu, and the omnipresent Ghost of Meles Zenwi.

I have patiently shouldered the insults and verbal abuses of some of the vocal Diaspora, for my focus is always on what would happen on the morning after overthrowing the current Ethiopian Government. I cannot in good conscience gamble with the lives of millions of Ethiopians by jumping into a dark pit without knowing what awaits us all in the morning after. I have read all kinds of allegations that I am somehow in cahoots with the current Ethiopian Government and/or the TPLF/EPRDF. If truth be easily swallowed, the fact is that the people in leadership position now in Ethiopia hate and wish ill to no one as much as they do to me. The group that conspired to get me out of the EPRDF/TPLF in 1992 are now in full control without the restraining power of Meles Zenaw. Meles Zenawi was a far more capable politician than those now left behind, who are surviving on his legacy. Meles knew well how to play pitting groups and balancing their influences. In fact, he did not want me to resign and leave the country in 1993.

There is no doubt in my mind that Meles has done some serious harm to the interest of Ethiopia: land locking it, devaluing its currency, selling out its territory to Sudan, forcing local population off their ancestral land and leasing their land to foreigners, degrading the humanity of Ethiopians by killing and incarcerating thousands of Ethiopians during the seventeen years of struggle and during the period of the last twenty years of power and national leadership. In the long run his fate as his legacy will be as dismal as that of Oliver Cromwell. I have articulated the main debacles that Meles left us with. If I were in a position of power, I would deactivate all those political land-mines he left behind. There is no love lost between us. The only item I consider positive in all of his activities is the construction of the GERD, but even that is with reservations, for there are several items about the GERD I would like to know more about. Moreover, it is really pointless to dwell on Meles Zenawi, let him rest wherever, for we have far more pressing needs to solve our complex problems than just lament our lost time and our lost opportunities.

This is a difficult time for us Ethiopians. This is how great people are tested. No one cares what happens in scores of countries around the World let alone hunt their citizens for particularly brutal murder and violence. Such barbaric acts are aimed to great Western nations too. In Ethiopia, we have a great country and people that become targets for cowardly thugs and terrorists. My personal thoughts about such savages and subhuman individuals is not flattering at all. The only terms I find appropriate to describe them and identify them with are Borealopithecus Arabsis for the northern hominid Arabs who brutalized and murdered Ethiopians in Libya (recently) and in Saudi Arabia for years, and Australopithecus Zulusis for the southern hominids Zulus for those who committed the barbaric murders and tortures recently and in 2008 in South Africa.

Although I am digressing from the theme of this essay, nevertheless, I want it to be clearly understood that I am forward looking, I use history and past events as a learning tool to hone up my future plans. Past events must not put us in a box and disable us from being creative and innovative in our dealing with our future. I read also, less now than before, some ignorant narrow minded individuals from some insignificant village from the back woods of Ethiopia trying to define my Ethiopiawnet. I care even for such individuals, for in the final analysis they are part of my Ethiopia the way I know it from its ancient birth to its present precarious existence held between destructive Arabs, South African Zulus, overambitious local politicians in Ethiopia, some Diaspora frustrated immigrants et cetera—a shining example of survival in the face of a deluge threatening our very existence. It is in this understanding of our Ethiopian reality that I am reluctant to dismiss or ignore the huge elephant in the room—the current Ethiopian Government dominated by TPLF.

How does it help if I write declaring the Current Ethiopian Government is dead? The Elephant will still be there the morning after, may be even in a more destructive mood. I do not want to have a power vacuum in Ethiopia. One cannot just use only force to get viable change of governance in Ethiopia. This has nothing to do with my liking or being loyal to the current Leaders in Ethiopia. We need them not because I like them, but because they serve a useful purpose despite the fact of their corruptions, whereby their wives, children, family members, business partners including foreigners, and generals amassing fortune and assets worth millions of dollars. The brutality and violations of human rights by the current Ethiopian Government is no secret. We have to build first some critical mass. Our bickering and amateurish politicking did not take us far to get rid of this deeply entrenched Federalism of ethnicity, if left unattended and reversed will prove to be our undoing. We need to work with existing sources of power. It is not even a question of “must” but of “need,” and you can easily observe the distinction I am making here.

Long live Ethiopia. Lift Up Your Heads Great Ethiopians. .

Tecola W. Hagos
29 April 2015

  1. Lighthouse
    | #1

    Do not allow others to validate your life, it is you who make or break what constitute you to become or not to become.

  2. aha!
    | #2

    If there is any harm done by TPLF/eprdf regime is drafting a constitution with the ideologies of “System of Political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and / or State Capitalism with TPLF as the architect of the constitution and having full control of the the teletafi parties and killil adminstratorators with the help of security forces, federal police and police forces in collaboration with crony capitalism by the TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, Human Traffickers, in addition to the frame work of the constitution serving as a prelude to ethnic secessionism upon ill defined ethnic homelands, a pretext to future boundary conflicts among the major ethnic groups and ethnic cleansing contrary to pursuing the ideology of Ethiopian Nationalism for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item has to do with individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights in order to have democracy, a rule by the people for the people
    and of the people in place instead of the current ethnic minority rule or the near future ethnic majority rule, both of which are not amenable to democracy and individual rights by being mutually exclusive in a democratic government. The “Ethiopian Government and/or TPLF/EPRDF” does not have the attributes of a democratic governments.

  3. iimmen
    | #3

    we cried when we saw our country men and women being dragged in the streets of saud arabia and their dead body being beaten up. we asked -is there anyone who cares for us.
    why is that our citizens are being torched alive and slaughtered like sheep.
    The people who run the Ethiopian government are expected to stand up and protest when ethiopians suffer in this manner, regardless of which ethnic group they belong or political view they hold.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a government that represents us all. our citizens are forced out of their country not as a matter of choice but out of necessity. it is becoming hard to make any living for the majority. Tplf politbureau members are in competition with each other to be the number one millionaire in ethiopia.

    the land is being sold to arabs and indians, by forcing the local people out. where do they have to go -into poverty or into exile. in the towns only tplf cadres have a chance to get any kind of employment, or you have to join the ranks of the cadres if you want favour. work is handed out not on the basis of merit but on consideration of political views, ethnicity/race or region you come from.

    I do not know of any western government or any other decent government denying its citizens protection in foreign countries simply because those citizens do not have the same political view as the government.
    It is only in africa where the nasties are.

    Let’s all speak the truth as it is. it does not help tplf or the ethiopian people if we simply provide a lip service to appease the oppressors.
    Tecola’s comment in this direction is most welcome.

  4. aha
    | #4

    We need to work with existing sources of power. It is not even a question of “must” but of “need,”……

    I don’t understand this so called professors!! in order to work with tplf, u must think and act like them… if u do that what difference u make??…. “አልሽሹም ዞር አሉ”… this is tplf “SYMPATHIZERS PROPAGANDA”… tplf must go by any means necessary. What is the difference between tplf, IS, Nazi, fascist, alqaeda,alshabab u name it. All are the same, except that tplf for now is controlling Ethiopia under the gun. Imagine if nazi and fascists are not stopped with war what would have been the consequence in the world???!!! Therefore, we need to fight them with whatever means we have. Didn’t we witnessed just few days ago how tplf beat& jails young Ethiopians with cruelty who went out to a tplf called demo to mourn to the fallen brothers?? tplf butchered many Ethiopians before they came to power and after!!!!Can anyone explain to me what is the difference between IS and tplf??? The only difference is IS put up a video in public for the world to see, tplf prevents the murder from being discovered. tplf Concealed all murders and killings inside tplf jail chambers. That is it!!!!!

    God bless Ethiopian patriots, enberta and look forward to unseat the destructive tplf. The almighty God will be around us, because our struggle is based on the truth.

  5. Abebe Temtem
    | #5

    Professor Tecola, thank you for this highly educational and well written article. I learned a lot about the violations of our rights in both Libya and South Africa under the Genocide Convention. I admire your courage and truthful analysis. I admire your tenacity and that you never give up on Ethiopia. What a wonderful Ethiopian you are.

  6. Orlando Pace
    | #6

    Mr. Tecola, you may or may not know Genenew Assefa (former EPRP, currently a Political Advisor to Redwan Hussien) , but he wrote an article, a couple of years back, that elegantly expresses how I felt after reading your article. He wrote it as a reaction to an article written by Messay Kebede, but his comments can directly be translated as a response to your article. Feel free to read it and make sure to replace the name, Messay, with Tecola.


    Orlando Pace, PhD

    | #7

    People in old Rome used to say, “hic Rhodus, hic salta”! So, please walk back to the FUTURE!

  8. Kirubel
    | #8

    Thank you Professor Tecola for the marvelous and well thought out article. Let truth be told in the way it should, where and when it should be despite who has what or what happened to whom. I think the action of the South African thugs one more acid test of the survival of African Unity and of Africans as decent creatures in this world inhabited by all sorts of crazy and stupid creatures. Africa must not be quiet. Africa must unite against xenophobia and fight and fight it to the end. There is an unfinished business; Apartheid is not dead. it has mutated and is now attacking fellow Africans through mindless Africans. I agree with professor Tecola that this barbaric animal, so called Zulu King, must be brought to book by the ICC. I go further , South African president Jakob Zuma is a willing accomplice and should be probed by the ICC for the endless crimes that were committed against foreigners in south Africa throughout his reign as President of South Africa. Since day one of his (Zuma’s) installment as President by the puppet regime, so-called ANC, foreigners have been attacked, burnt, looted, hacked and killed. Against the ordeal of foreigners, the South African regime displayed absolute silence which is a historical shame. The apartheid-driven xenophobia in South Africa is part and parcel of the reclusive- yet religious- desire of the sinful and criminal vestiges of apartheid in South Africa (mainly of White and Asian origins as Professor Tecola evidently out it) to perpetuate the suffering of black Africans. Foreigners were being killed on a daily basis in South Africa and no one in south Africa gave a damn. The silence- and in some cases the bizarrely passionate collaboration of the South African politicians in favor of xenophobia is nothing but a shameful act and an official endorsement of the barbaric killings of the fellow Africans labelled as “foreigners” in South Africa in most barbaric ways. The ANC has been cowed into being a comfortable parasite scavenging on the leftovers of the white and Asian wealth and unfortunately that is how the organization purportedly representing the black majority has been integrated and puppet powered to the mantle of South African politics. No wonder then the south African regime ( i have to call it) with its bogus police force has been an almost total onlooker and in some cases collaborator of the barbaric acts against what they labelled foreigners of its fellow citizens who are still happily drowned into the ghost of apartheid. It is high time Africans take this matter seriously. It is a huge insult to the place that we earned as citizens of sovereign nations in the world and this has not come easily. Of course Ethiopia, as Professor Tecola said, has successfully and proudly resisted colonialism and slavery and in doing so has proudly dictated the course of history of the remembers of the homo sapiens in the direction that it ought to be. The history of Ethiopia the proud history of mankind, not just of Africa. All decent human beings must be proud of what Ethiopia did. The South African beleaguered president Jaocb Zuma still unashamedly blames foreigners for the barbaric xenophobic killings by stating that all the recent troubles were triggered by foreigners killing South Africans or firing them from jobs or foreign investors favoring South Africans over foreigners. I was totally taken aback by his response the open letter of the known well known Mozambican addressed to him in which Zuma instinctively boarded on attacking foreigners instead of condemning the barbaric acts of his citizens. The Zulus have barbaric culture which they ought ot have been ashamed of. Zulus are barbaric in their nature and they have not changed. Apartheid has nurtured this barbaric culture of the Zulus and has been exploiting Zulu barbarism to its devilish desire. Their primitive animal instinct has made them slave to white domination and they still think that the white man is God.It is not surprising that their so-called Zulu king openly and passionately advocated for a day of genocide to his followers against foreigners. Any decent government would have by now chained the Zulu king behind bars. But the ANC has already become another – sort of – Zulu political animal that rubs with all sorts of apartheid remnants for the scavenging of white and Asian leftovers. It is nowhere seen as being responsible to protect foreigners in South African and foreigners were being killed for many years and no one gives a damn. The South Africa regime and its fellow thugs must be brought to charge for the crimes they have been consciously committing against foreigners for long.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    Tecola-where do you place in this context the killings that took place in 2005 in Finfine by Agazi thugs (EPRDF’s mobile killing unit. Ethiopians of good faith should focus now how to get rid of a CIA sponsored leadership of Woyanies once and for good. Tecola is trying to deflect our attention from what is currently going in our beloved country. By now we know all the game and what are you up to and like-minded Tigryans. Thank you, but no thanks you.

  10. Cheru Tadewos
    | #10

    After reading Tecola Hagos’s fake consolation to Ethiopians, I felt extremely sorry for his poor soul. Driving me angry with Tecola this time around is his attempt to find backdoor to the confidence of Ethiopians to use them as his comforter, because he feels isolated. Therefore, this writing is his desperate search for his temporary catharsis (relief).

    Trust me, his way back is very expensive for every Ethiopian. He has been trying this playing one Ethiopian scholar against the other, often pitting activists against each other – in a manner that benefits the tplf. His make believe now aims at mollifying Ethiopians telling them “The main culprit of that heinous crimes [against Ethiopians in South Africa] are some subhuman Zulus.”

    Is he criticizing the crime, or the human persons’ make? If character and action could make the Zulu ‘sub-human creatures,’ Tecola should also be prepared to announce his acceptance of what white racism alleges about blacks being inferior creatures to whites and others because of their low IQ. He also tells Ethiopians, what happened to our fellow citizens in different countries is simply because “we live among savages and subhuman creatures around the World.”

    I thought I was reading from the gospel of the Third Reich, according to Hitler and Goebbels. If Tecola Hagos, the undercover tplf ‘gospeler’, has these as his conviction, I would not hesitate to assume that he possibly has much more to share with the creators of the Reich than with other Ethiopians. In Ethiopia, we see such degeneration only in the tplf action and thinking, with deportation of Amharas, Oromos and massacre of indigenous people being prime example.

    What Tecola and his likes in the tplf do not realize is that Ethiopians are resilient people. This is notwithstanding the deprivations they have suffered and the burden this entails on all individuals across time and governments, including the TPLF’s.

    At the same time, I lack the strength to put the entire blame on his shoulders. I wish his parents taught him more or were tolerant of him, telling him when he was small that there was nothing wrong with being wrong. Instead, by his admission, he suffered humiliating dress-down, beatings and ቁንጥጫ, which he so much hated and have severely affected his personality.

    Underlying all this in Tecola’s character, like all other present and former TPLF members, is the single-minded pursuit of his ambitions, including in his carnal desires, often engaged in uninhibited drive like spring animals.

    He has seasons of irrationality that ticks him and whose pacification is biting others left and right as a mad dog. Lately, he has increasingly been acting as the most intolerant pseudo-intellectual. His problem is that he must always prove he is right by shattering others.

    This is partly because his behavior is a product of his delusional grandeur that tells him how great he is at one time; and at another it drops him like a hot potato; he is obnoxiously malicious, the manifestation of which is his unmeasured attack of others because they have a differing opinion.

    Now he is the sole expert on the Nile: he is the expert on relations with states, although even in the wee hours of the tplf he was adjudged hot air, voluble in mental state and mercurial in his moods. Most importantly, his senior TPLF colleagues saw him as hypocrite and badly confused, because of addiction to something he himself does not know to this day.

    As a former tplf member, he has been trying everything to be taken back into the Front’s confidence after the death of Meles Zenawi. Nevertheless, there is strong distrust of him out there.

    The other problem is that he cannot now touch base even with Amoudi, having exposed his exploitation of Ethiopia through whatever he had known in the period he had learned as TPLF official that turned into personal friendship. He revealed this in Good or Bad Governance in Ethiopia- Perspectives of Business and Politics in Ethiopia: An opinion. True to habit, after biting his share in the form scholarship to Harvard, Tecola began exposing Amoudi only to garner diaspora support throwing this as poof that he was clean and upright.

    What I cannot say is why Tecola is so bothered to do that since, unlike most Ethiopians, he has taken from Amoudi his share per capita of the booty through the paid scholarship.

    The unanswered question to date, however, is what indebted Mr. Amoudi for Tecola to deserve the scholarship payment, especially after his ‘student’ was a parting tplf member, who had lost everyone’s confidence, including the Front’s top leadership and the few inherited professional staff at the Ethiopian foreign ministry.

    The guy hardly learns. He now rabidly attacks everyone left and right. He has the temerity to reduce the attribute of guilty human persons into sub-humans
    - a very, very typical behavior and modus operandi of his original molder in the tplf.

    Such references are not, not even in casual conversations between trusted friends and family members.

    It proves reliability of the ancient yardstick about judging a person. They say some thing. Let me hear you speak so I would know who and what you are!

    | #11

    Kirubel #8,

    ካብያ ብሃሊኡስ ደጋሚኡ ገደደ ከምዝብሃሎ, ኣብ ሊብያ ዝበፅሐ ባርባርዝም ምስ ናይ ደቡብ ኣፍሪቃ angestaute Wut und Frust ዝነፃፀር ኣይመስለንን እሞ, ከም ናይ ዘውዴ ገብረሂይወት(ናይ ሃይለስላሴ አዲስ አበባ ከንቲባ) ንመርካቶ ኣባሪዕኻ ኣነዳድዳ ዓይነት ሓዊ ናብ ዝነደደሉ ቀበሌ ማይ ኣምሲልካስ ቤንዚን ዝመልኣ “ናይ እሳት አደጋ መጥፋእቲ” መኻይን ኣንሸርሽርካ ነቲ ሓዊ ብዝገደደ ንምብራዕ ኣይትቀላጠፍ, ዝሕል በል! መንግስትታትን ዜጋታትን ኣፍሪቃ ክረዳድእሉ ድኣምበር ብዝገደደ ክባራዕ ዘይግብኦ ጉዳይ መሲሉ ይርአየኒ ስለዘሎ ጥራሕ እዳመፀካ ኣለኹሞ, ብትሕትና ምስ ዝኾነ ኣፍሪቃዊ ኣብ ዝኾነ ሸነኻት ናይ ዓለም ድኣ ተረዳዳእ እምበር, don’t be misused by the EGOS! ግን ድማስ ንተበደሉ ኣሓትን ኣሕዋትናን ኣንሕሰበሎም ማለተይ ኣይኮነን! ንዝሞቱ ወገናትና መንግስተ ሰማያት የዋርሶም, ቆሲሎም ብሂይወት ንዝርከቡ ድማ ብተኻእለና መጠን ንትሓባበሮም!

  12. Dawi
    | #12

    Cheru Tadewos said:

    [[.. He has been trying this playing one Ethiopian scholar against the other, often pitting activists against each other – in a manner that benefits the tplf...]]

    He mentioned two “activists”, Aklog Birara (PhD) and Prof. Al Mariam. The two are advocates of Washington Consensus, electoral democracy and plain laissez-faire economics who obviously have bones with TPLF/EPRDF policies that contradicts the neo-liberal Washington Consensus.

    They took advantage of the migration issue to pile up all the faults on the governments. Anyone can see their intentions and Prof. Tecola called the spade a spade therefore,I don’t see him “pitting activists against each other” as you are insinuating.

    The fact is it has been more or less proven that there is no direct link between poverty, economic development, population growth, social and economic change, and international migration. It has its own dynamics and can not be fully blamed to one government. It won’t go away if EPRDF is replaced today. The following data gives us an idea.

    *About 30 percent of all highly educated Ghanaians and Sierra Leoneans live abroad

    *12 percent of Mexico’s population with higher education is in the United States, and 30 percent of its PhDs

    *75 percent of Jamaicans with higher education are in the United States

    *Albania lost one-third of its qualified people in the decade after the fall of communism

    *Half of all foreign students who get PhDs in the United States are still there five years later

    [[.. His make believe now aims at mollifying Ethiopians telling them “The main culprit of that heinous crimes [against Ethiopians in South Africa] are some subhuman Zulus.” ..]]

    You are right in that he should have used politically correct kind of terms; “subhuman”, “primitive wild animals” kind of words distracts readers and you my friend took advantage of it by Making a mountain out of a molehill in an otherwise an educational scholarly article however, when we all go on and read the rest of the substance of the write up it shows/unveils who the thugs are and what actions we should take.

    ” The main culprit of that heinous crimes …..the real criminals instigating the primitive Zulu thugs are the “Coloured” and Indian small business owners who are behind the scene. Those are the same groups who have a long history of collaboration with Boers, Afrikaners and the White rulers and in case of the Zulus had even attacked and murdered freedom fighters of the ANC.”

    It was uplifting to me as the Prof. pointed out that we see NOT ourselves as victims as portrayed by a bunch of sycophants “opposition” depressing stories including now come to think of it, that Jacky’s song on ABUGIDA, that took me weeping through out the night! s***t. For what? We are the “Greatness – Ethiopians”!! We can fight all “Poverty guards” back!! Amen.

    Yes they did:

    “.. wrongly pilled all the problems of Ethiopians on the TPLF/EPRDF. Moreover, along with some of the video presentations of demonstrations and Memorials for those Ethiopians victims of IS in Libya and victims of street thugs in South Africa seem to present us being humiliated by being victimized or for being immigrants. I strongly object to such portrayal of us to be ashamed of being migrant workers, or victims of violence…”

  13. antte
    | #13

    South africa zulu ‘king’ must be brought to book. this barbaric individual who is a leader of satan infested satan worshipping zulu mobs must be hunted down and face justice at ICC. we Ethiopians must push for justice along with other Africans who have suffered in the hands of these fascists.

    Tplf have turned a blind eye to everything, even though, they claim to be in government representing Ethiopia. what have they done so far?

    don’t tplf know that it is a shame and embarassment to them to sit in government and ignore such crimes committed on Ethiopians. surely, any trajedy that befalls on Ethiopians should affect them , if they feel like being Ethiopian, because that is what government means. it is the duty of government to protect citizens. it does not matter which ethnic group or tribal background or political organisation the victims belong.

    what this trajedy reveals is the naked tribalism, ethnic and partisan politics tigre people liberation front is following. its policy of ethnic apartheid is laid naked in front of the international community.

  14. ዳኒ
    | #14

    ፕሮፌሰር ምስጋናዬ ይድረስዎት !
    አሁን ባለንበት ሁኔታ የሀገራችን ጉዳይ አንድ የመጭረሻ ጫፍ ላይ መድረሱን ከበቂ በላይ ምልክቶች እየታዩ ነው.ሌላውን ትተን,ይህብረተ ሰቡ 70% በላይ የሆነው ወጣቱ ክፍል ተስፋው እያደር የበለጠ እየጭለመ ለመሄዱ voa,deutche welle ,esat…ወዘተ ሰሞኑን ያደረጉትን ቃለ መጠይቆች መስማት ብቻ ይበቃል.ባለው ሁኔታ ወደ ፊት መግፋት ወደ የማይወእጡት አደጋ ውስጥ ማስገባቱ አይቀሬ ነው.መቼ ለሚለው መልሱ ባይታወቅም ጊዜው ግን እየገሰገሰ ነው .ገዢው ፓርቲ የተቻለውን ለማድረግ ሞክርዋል ,ጥሩ ውጤቶችም በተወሰኑ ክፍሎች አስመዝግቦአል.ሆኖም የእድገቱ(growth) ትሩፋት ግን ፍታዊነት ይጎለዋል.ጥቂቶችን የበለጠ ሲያከብር ብዙሃኑን የበለጠ ደህ አርጎአል.
    ቁም ነገሩ የገዢው ፓርቲ ከህብረተሰቡ በጣም አናሳ የሆነ ውክልና ስላለው ,ብቻውን ለመላው ህዝብ በሚጠቅም መልኩ ለማገልገል ሊሰራና ችግሮችን ሊፈታ እንደማይችል ተፈጥሮው /አወቃቀሩ ሊፈቅድለት አልቻለም.ይህ ክስተት ደግሞ ከመቸውም ጊዜ በላይ አሁን ግልጽ እየሆነ መጥቶአል .
    በሌላ በኩል ተቃዋሚዎች መስራት ያለባችውን የመደራጀት ,የመሰባሰብ በአንድነት ጠንክሮ የመውጣትና የውደፊት ራእያቸውን ግልጽ ሆኖ የማስቀመጥና በተለይም በህዝቡ ዘንድ ተቀባይነት ያለው አንድ መሪ የማውጣት የቤት ስራቸውን ገና አልተውጡትም.
    ስለዚህ አሁን ባለው ተጨባጭ ሁኔታ ገዢው ፓርቲና ተቃዋሚዎች የአንዱን ወገን ድክመት ሌላው በመሸፈን, ለሀገርና ለትውልድ ሲባል ተቀራርበው የጋራ/ጥምር መንግስት መድረክ ባቀረበው ሃሳብ መሰረትም ሆነ ሌላ ቢደራደሩ ሁሉም አሽናፊ ሆነው በመውጣት ሃገሪቱዋን ሊታደጉዋት ይችላሉ.
    የህብረቱ ጊዜ እንደሁኔታ አጭር ወይም ረጅም ሊሆን ይችላል, የተበላሽው የፍትህ ስርአት መስተካከል ,ነጻ ፕሬስ ማበብ ,NGOs, የሞያ ማህበራት,የወጣቶች ,የሴቶች ,other democratic and mass institutions …ወዘተ በነጻንት መደራጅት,የፓለቲካ ድርጅቶች በስሎ እና በተግባር ተፈትኖ መውጣት,የመንግስትና የፓርቲ ስራ መለያት የመሳሰሉት ጊዜውን ሊወስኑት ይችላሉ.
    የማቀራረቡን ተነሳሽነት ለነፍሳቸው ያደሩና የህዝብን አመኔታ ባገኙ የከርስትና እና የሙዝሊሙ ህይማኖት አባቶች ቢወስድ,እንዳስፈላጊነቱ ክህገር ውስጥም ሆነ ከውጭ ሀገር በሚገኙ ሀገር ወዳድ እና ታአማኒ የሆኑ ሽማግሌዎችን አካተው ቢሆን ይመረጣል.እንዳስፈላጊነቱም Professional mediators መቅጠር ይቻላል.
    ጊዜው ሳይጭልም ሀገሩን የሚወድ ሁሉ በዚህ ርእስ ስሜታዊ ሳይኮን ምክንያታዊ በሆነ ስልት ቢወያይ ወንድማዊ ምክሬን አቀርባለሁ .
    እግዛብሄር ኢትዮጵያን ይጠብቅ!

  15. hiddar
    | #15

    we should not expect to be treated well by the zulus when we do not have any dignity or respect in our own country.

    what our people are facing in south africa is not different from what we face inside our own country. Tplf is enforcing ethnic cleansing and forced eviction in Ethiopia, properties belonging to the people who are being evicted is either looted, taken over by local mobs or burned. so what is the difference between what we see in south africa and Ethiopia- exactly the same situation.

    It is easy for Tecola Hagos to come out and condemn zulus in a foreign country. why was he not as vocal, when on the orders of the chief of Tplf, the dead tyrant Meles ordered ethnic cleansing of amharas in the south and so many people , many of whom were innocent children were thrown out on the streets, with no one able to help them. No body knows what the fate of those victims is until the present time.

    In south africa , the zulu king agitates his zulu tribesmen to burn and kill Ethiopians and other africans and loot their property.
    In Ethiopia Tigre people liberation front , evicts , ethnically cleanse towns and villages and loot and burn properties of the victims. Ask shiferaw shigute, the tplf cadre who was one of the main henchmen, responsible for ethnic cleansing of amharas who were told to go to their country, their properties confiscated, looted or burned down. it is exactly the same situation in south africa.

    when you are treated as dirt in your own country, others treat you in the same way. Our problems are in our own country. Until we are free to choose where we want to live in our own country, we are not free.

  16. Alem
    | #16

    Nothing new here.
    We already knew Tplf is bad for the country.
    This is all about Tecola the “scholar”; Tecola the “patriot.”

    Let us move on to other important issues.
    Speaking of “patriot”, Ginbot7 now calls itself
    “Patriotic” G7. By “patriot” they must mean Eritrean patriot!
    G7 leaders have failed time and time again at forming
    “alliances.” And now with Esat in tow they are
    in the conference business. Horn of Africa Conference.
    Trying to interest the US to bite a morsel that is a
    confederation of Horn nations. Similar to
    ghetto formation in the US for black/crime – build
    project houses, wall them in for control and surveillance
    Exactly the kind of “peace” conference that
    Dr. Bereket pulled one over on us in the early 1990s.
    Eritrea is searching for a foothold in Ethiopian affairs;
    G7 is the vehicle or in the words of Hailemariam Desalegn
    the “Trojan Horse.”
    Be warned when you see Sofia and Asmarom in the mix.
    G7 leaders and Esat journalists are stuck with Eritrea.
    Money has done them in.

    Let us go over some Don’t:
    Don’t worry about a separate Oromiya;
    it will never happen; it is part of Tplf/Isaias project;
    Oromo people have no say or interest in it.
    Don’t worry about bringing the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea; forget,
    It is the leadership, NOT the people silliness.

    Record and publish facts about economic racism; Tplf running
    gold mine deals with Al Amoudi, Egypt, and Ezana.
    Resettling Tigrayans near the Abbay Dam in Gumuz and
    buying up land; Tigrayans owning and running business
    in all regions, the rest restricted to own region.

    Are you an economist? a political scientist? a historian,
    a business entrepreneur? a PR consultant? IT guy?
    write something, do something to defend your country and her people, TO EDUCATE

    Here is what the beheading in Libya of our nationals
    and the abuses of tens of thousands of young Ethiopian [women]
    and tens of thousands of migrants tell us.
    Tplf propaganda of “the fastest growing economy” is a cover up
    for a festering corruption and deepening poverty.
    Tplf has hired foreign companies, mercenary scholars, and own cadres to paint
    a prospering and fast moving “giant.”
    Pick any much-heralded project [other than few in Tigray]
    and go back five, ten years, you will find they are either
    hardly operational or never got off the ground.
    Remember the recent news about light rail to resume operation
    end of January? You want to check again?
    Foreign news agencies do not have the time or the budget
    to chase Tplf rabbits and so the news remain in the cyberspace
    as real. It is for us to mine them out and tell the world
    the crimes being perpetrated on our nation.
    Donors want to believe lies that grant them
    a good image. And so you give them pictures of Addis
    filled with skyscrapers. Something physical, visible.
    But down below are tens of thousands [literally]
    young prostitutes, homeless children and EXPANDING jail population [larger than during the fascist Derg regime],
    not to say anything about outmigration.
    And yet Tplf brags about bringing peace and stability.
    It is good we lit candles to commemorate our martyred.
    But it is much more meaningful we tackled why they
    were there to begin with.
    We are told there are over 100 exiled journalists abroad.
    These must be lazy, incompetent ones NOT to have
    taken advantage of their new gained freedoms to strategically
    publish conditions in Ethiopia WITHOUT BEING SWAMPED

  17. Abebe Temtem
    | #17

    Cheru Tadewos @ 10 is another Shabia and TPLF agent or a desperado in the Diaspora. Why don’t you address issues discussed in the article rather than waste our time writing idiotic attacks against the author’s person. No matter what yoou say Prof Tecola is a distinguished fearless scholar. After all some copies of his incrediblly sophisticated book that were offered on amazon and other online booksellers were sold for almost three thousand dollars per copy as a collector item. He has written numerous mind openning essays and three great books. What do you have to show for your achievment than be the faceless errand boy of pervertion and distortion and vulgarity.

    I am sick of Abugidainfo positing personal attacks on individuals whose articles attract and educate readers. I do not have to read this particular idiot who calls himself “Cheru Tadewos” a fake cybername hiding the coward he is, from the public. let us all focus on the serious issues in the article and be gratefull that we have a courageous and distinguished scholar on Ethiopia’s side. Cheru, who ever you are go back to your filthy hole.

  18. dodo
    | #18

    #10 above has said it all.Tecola’s soliloquy is a guilt ridden bravado of a tortured soul. His friend and mentor, Meles Zenawi, is one of the most cruel men that ever existed. Tecola boldly declares that “Meles wanted him to stay!” But the crafty Meles was not as hot-headed as Tecola and wanted to destroy the Amara GRADUALLY. Tecola mentors are the trio: Meles, Paul Henze, and Alamudin. He is their most trusted vassal in the Diaspora. Meles is gone for good. Keep on barking Tecola until your time comes.

  19. Anonymous
    | #19


  20. Aba Dagnew
    | #20

    Tecola :There is a saying in Amarigna”Balebetu yetewowoon amole tebedary ayfeligewoom”,Genociders and savages are TPLF and it’s sale out puppets,those are the ones responsible for Ethiopians to leave their country,further more the TPLF is an apartheid machinery.I believe may knows where and whom you standing with.
    The Ethiopian people shall prevail!

  21. Aba Dagnew
    | #21

    Abugidainfo;Why take to much time to post what I replied to Tecola ?

  22. Geremew Bewnetu
    | #22

    Abugidainfo, I do not see any point in allowing a known Shabia agent and Rottweiler attack dog of Issayas Afeworki to dirty this Website with a legitimate mission. Dodo is a scumbag with no ethical stand on anything except to attack Ethiopians. Dodo, you askari-banda go to your own Website and vomit your hate of Ethiopians and not here at Abugidainfo, the patriotic Ethiopian Website.

  23. nabil
    | #23

    Both the zulu king and tigre king /TPLF dont’t disereve to be called not only as human being but also as animal!

  24. Firew Yimta
    | #24

    Tecola: in the initial part of your writing you were making a lot of sense to me, but you went back to your intellectual tricks to defend the TPLF stances. I do not understand as to why you always go out of your way to defend the TPLF mafia group.

  25. Robele Ababya
    | #25

    Thank you @20.”The Ethiopian People shall prevail!!!” It is Biblical Truth!!!

  26. aha!
    | #26

    I did not post the comment at aha@#4, if at all I make a comment, my approach is based on modular and ideological approach that are supported by other articles, press release or news media about the TPLF/eprdf regime, a conglomerate of ex-liberation fronts, which created a constitution with ideologies built into it directly supported by the two tirs teletafi parties and and implicitly supported by OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre as the main source of confrontation between Ethiopian Nationalism and the ideologies built into the constitution.

    What Prof. Tecola Hagos wrote in terms international norms for genocide genocide perpetrated by the Zulus of ex-apartheid system, knowingly or unknowingly, the TPLF/eprdf regime in terms of genocide and creation of apartheid system of exploitiation, political and economic strangle hold of the natural resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations much like the Dutch Boers of South Africa, which provided a nominaly autonomy to the Zulus and others.

  27. Kaleb
    | #27

    TPLF Is also responsible for whatbis happening in Israel against Ethiopians . If TPLF was not in power, ethiopia would have returned to its height of prosperity and democracy as in the past two regimes

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    Alem said:

    [[.. G7 is the vehicle or in the words of Hailemariam Desalegn
    the “Trojan Horse.”..]]

    TPLF was accused with the same label in the past. Now G7 is saying what was good for the goose is good for the gander. If being labeled a “Trojan Horse” worked for TPLF why not for us is what they are saying?

    Can G7 come out on top when all is said and done as the former did? I doubt it.

    [[..Record and publish facts about economic racism; Tplf running
    gold mine deals with Al Amoudi, Egypt, and Ezana.
    Resettling Tigrayans near the Abbay Dam in Gumuz and
    buying up land; Tigrayans owning and running business
    in all regions, the rest restricted to own region...]]

    I think the “economic racism” you’re talking about is the privilege EPRDF offers to its 5 million members that allows the controlling of unequal share of advantage within the system that includes of acquiring of property; however, such views are eloquently raised by opposition in the election debates. So such issues are being dealt with within the parameter’s of the system and the public is going to deal with it sooner or later. If the public ignores it for now it has to be because the benefit they are getting from the government out ways the loss.

    In my view the pioneering spirit of TPLF/EPRDF followers to go in farming and mining in some regions where the infrastructure is low and the personal safety is non existence is commendable. Honestly, you can’t pay me enough to do such pioneering stuff as we speak. I am sure many of you blubberers won’t step you legs out to Gambela or Gumuz to run a small garden let alone a farm/mining or what have you but, sit and criticize of “land grabbing” this or that and what have you by blindly siding with voyeurs of the privileged west towards “primitive” people of Africa. Isn’t that right?

    You can’t tell me that non Tigrayans were forbidden to lease property or were racially targeted for toxic loans [as African Americans here in the US] when trying to lease or develop land in Gambela/Gumuz for manufacturing or farming?

    As the developmental state does bold investments in infrastructure, education, health care and other public sector areas and if need be pass anti-discriminatory legislations, the economic playing field will open up for the ordinary folks and can take our nation’s history of regional inequality to subside and get a lot better. On the other hand, we must also look to the future by taking personal responsibility by embracing wealth-building strategies that involve budgeting, savings, frugality to be able to invest particularly in the remote areas or our country to contribute in the developmental endeavor. It is difficult/risky now and not all of us can handle it but shall be easier for all down the line. Only by using a combination of both approaches can we finally move into an era of true equality for all.

  29. Tecola W Hagos
    | #29

    To all who doubt, read the following poem that has inspired me for half a century from my teenage years. TWH

    by William Ernest Henley (1849–1903)

    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul

    Published in 1888, William Ernest Henley

    | #30

    ሽቶ ስትሰርቁ ኢትዮጵያውያን, ሽቶን ስትገዙ ግን ኤርትራውያን ለምትሆኑና ድሮውንም ቢሆን ወልዲያንና ሻሸመኔን አርሳችሁ ከጠገባችሁ በኋላ የቀራችሁን ለግብፅ ለማድረስ ወደ ባርካ ትሮጡ የነበራችሁና አሁን ደግሞ የዝነኞች ንጉሶቻችንን ስም እያነገታችሁ ጣታችሁን በጉዳያችን ውስጥ አጥላቂዎች, please በሂይወታችሁ ውስጥ አንድ ቀን እንኻን ሃፍረት ይኑራችሁና ባሁኑ ስዓት ላይ መድትራንያንና እንዲሁም ሲናይ አካባቢ ወገኖቻችሁን የመተባበር ጉዳይ ስለማይሳናችሁ, ወንድሞቻችን ግን ወደ ኢስራኤል የተሽጡት ባብዛኛውን ወደ በፈረንጅ 1984 ዓ.ም መሆኑንና የመጨረሻዎቹ ደግሞ የሞሳዱ ተላላኪ ካሳ ከበደ በተሳፈረበት የመጨረሻዋ አይሮፕላን, ማለትም ባለፈው ስርአት መውደምያ ጊዝያቶች ላይ መሆኑን እንደምንገነዘብ ለእኛው ትታችሁ ምነው በአስማሪኖ በኩል አድርጋችሁ ወንድሞቻችሁን/እህቶቻችሁን on the areas of starting from north of ፀለምቲ until north pole የመከባከብ ተግባራት ላይ ብትሰማሩሳ እንዴት ይመስላችኋል!!??

    ይሄንን ስል, ማሌሊት The እብሪት እናንተን ቀጥራ በእኛ ላይ እንደምታሰልፋችሁ ዘንግቸው አይደለም! ግን እስኪ በወስላታው የውሸቱ አለማችሁ አካባቢ እንኻን በገዛ ራሳችሁ ለመቆም ጥረት አካሂዱ ለማለት ያህል ነው! ኢትዮጵያ ግን ብዙም ባይሆኑ, ግን በመጠኑም ቢሆን የራስዋው የሆኑ a kind of the mosaik and mixture of Lenin and ማህተመ ጋንዲ አሏትና ምንም እንዃን ነገሮች ቢዘገዩም ግን ውለው አድረው በመወስለት ጎዳና ሳይሆን በመግባባት ዜቤ ጉዳያቸውን ያስተካክላሉና!!!

    ከፈለጋችሁ ለዘመናዊው ሻጫችሁ ወዲ ወርቂ ማህፀናችሁ ……., አያችሁት ከሳውዲ ንጉስ ጋራ እጅ-ለእጅ ተያይዞ ሲንሾካሾክ? በሓላዋት የተነፉት ሳውዲዎች ወደ የመን አይሮፕላንን ሊያበሩ ይችላሉ, ግን በበረራ ድብደባው አልበቃ ይመስል, አሁን ደግሞ የመን በእግረኛ ወታደር ልትወረር ስለሆነና የሻዕቢያ ህፃናትና እንዲሁም አልሸባብ ወደ የመን ተሽጦ ይሻገር ዘንዳ ዋጋውን ለመግባባት እና ገንዘቡን ደግሞ በምንና በእንዴት ዜቤ ወድየትስ እንደሚስተላለፍ ለመግባባት ነው እጅ-ለእጅ ተቆላልፎ ሽርሽሩ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ስለሆነም አንሰቤ, ይልቁንስ በሌሎች ጉዳይ እጅን ማጥለቅ ትተህ, ይልቁንስ እዜህና ወዴህ አካባቢ ብታተኩርሳ!?

  31. Alem
    | #31

    Dawi, My comments must have irked you a great deal for you to have come out of your shell and argue Tplf’s economic racism is offered to “5 million of its members.” Denying facts and outright lies are Tplf’s stated policy. No wonder you are trying to defend the indefensible. How about telling us why Tplf [aka Eprdf] could own and run business in all regions and other groups are restricted their respective regions? How about telling us why Tplf [aka Eprdf] could grant mining permit to Al Amoudi, to Egypt, to itself [Ezana] at the expense of the nation while sharing in the booty? Even your mate Tecola agrees to the injustice of Al Amoudi’s business advantage. You may now come back using multiple identities never directly answering issues in question but deflecting and distracting [the pay must be good].

  32. Dawi
    | #32

    Alem said:

    [[..My comments must have irked you a great deal for you to have come out of your shell and argue Tplf’s economic racism is offered to “5 million of its members.”..]]


    I think you are underestimating the power of the general theory of the “developmental state”, how it is shaping views of those like me who are interested in defeating poverty once and for all. That is more than nickels and dimes you assume I get; I repeat, what you call “economic racism” is probably, the privilege EPRDF gives to its 5 million members. CPC gives similar perks to its 70 million members running the 2nd largest economy in the globe.

    What you are not realizing is what Meles tried to build here is a model that is different from the past kleptocrats; more or less tried to make the system immune from coups or to not come unstuck when Western aid dwindles. Case in point is how it worked charmingly during the power transfer to HD when he passed away.

    By offering access to economic perks to members through creaming off rents while at the same time giving hope to the broader population to become content and supportive, because their living standard are leaping ahead, such things as making us the most influential actors on the mighty NILE river through GERD and finally a recognition by all international standard [UN's MDG, IMF] as it did.

    This formula requires hard work and is commendable in my humble opinion but there are hurdles to overcome even though it has proven and worked wonders else where as in the Asian Tigers. Meles designed it to work for Africa and is set in motion in Ethiopia.

    So as you pointed out, the “creaming off rents” are performed by likes of EFFORT, TERET,EZANA,METEC,ALE Gimla and others including joint ventures of all hues; don’t forget Al Amoudi is an Ethiopian origin just like you; EPRDF is on top of it all.

  33. Dawi
    | #33

    Alem cont’d..

    [[ ..other groups are restricted their respective regions?..]]

    I didn’t hear investors complaining of being restricted as such but complain of other factors. Can you show us some documentation on that?

    Businesses that are “developmental” friendly in general thrive in developmental states; that is documented. HD in person has promised to help you get a loan for manufacturing type of investments. I don’t think you’re restricted where to put it. We know corruption exists and EPRDF admits it in its debates and nothing new on that.

    On Al Amoudi..

    My view is we should give credit to him for investing early; most of us would like a guaranteed return on our money. It is our pocket & our own damn business what we do with our own pocket but, unlike today, the risk/benefit was higher then and there were a lot of safer places to park his money instead he chose his mother land. He took high calculated risk & ended up sky rocketing on Forbes list and why are we complaining now? That is what free enterprise is all about. Isn’t it? You & Prof. Tecola embrace that don’t you? :)

  34. aha!
    | #34

    Dawi @328 in response to Alem is missing the entaglment of the silent majority of Ethiopians by the ideologies of “System of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or State capitalism to which one may add crony capitalism, but not “economic racism” by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land lease by evicting the indigenous population, which give it the appearance of ex-apartheid South Africa by the Dutch Boers, where now the Ethiopians are fighting for Ethiopian Nationalism for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers for individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights to form a truly democratic Government by unraveling the current frame of the constitution and crony capitalism.

  35. soud
    | #35

    For all the times that Dawi existed, no single person gave a good enough time and simply ignored outright. This is why Dawi feels abandoned and took it personal and continued to misunderstand himself without having taken time as to what went wrong with him up on his head. Yes, he is totally in chaos and is worrying about the future of the world itself he is now, it a narrow world, dark, hopeless and fruitless world of the TPLF world he has been living below the gentle living ones and above the dead. As most people already looked into the personal life of Dawi and focused on his daily life to decipher the code he is communicating with his masters, it is found nothing valuable but the usual message of his caretakers pushing him further and further to do better in the task he is assigned although it might cost him his fragile health and the ability to cope with life itself, as today, he is nearly close to collapse to his ending as the regime in Ethiopia is. Of course, it won’t be a medicinal prescription to appease his pain and suffering, but it is an advise to help him to focus on the positive side of life and try his best to be counted as a human so that he knows and understand what is like to be a gentleman and earn for a living rather than living on a pittance from his masters.

  36. Anonymous
    | #36

    @Tecola W Hagos

    If you come clean by admitting your hate for amaras as you call them mehal sefaris and then release the many venomous articles from then you explain your role as member of TPLF cc then I will believe you

  37. chachu
    | #37

    It seems to me that the lady madam under the secretary has any clue what is going on in Ethiopia for the last 24 years it is unfortunate to hear what she said.

  38. Fikreab
    | #38

    The leader Meles Zenawi imprisoned , killed and brain washed the best minds of Ethiopia then when noone was left that can challenge his juntas position he faked his death and died. Many people say Haile Gebresselasie who was once contemplating to become the president of Ethiopia was seen fake crying and suffered great mental and physical sickness due to his sadness when he heard the news of the passing of the late Meles Zenawi ,Prime Minster of Ethiopia. The truth is Haile Gebresselasie was not fake crying .
    As much of Ethiopians did, Haile cried because Meles Zenawi died without facing prosecution in the court of law.
    Many Ethiopians were hurt when Meles Zenawi escaped prosecution by possibly suicide or even faking his death for the countless crimes he was accused of during his lifetime including killing Meles , stealing Meles’s identity by switching his name from Legesse to Meles etc…
    If the real Meles was still alive all Ethiopians including Tigrayans and Eritreans would not have been in this lowest time in their history.

  39. Koya
    | #39

    If You have witnessed height of prosperity and democracy under the past regime you must be a member of haile selasse family ,menze or derg. With TPLF we are living with more freedom and equality among nations than ever,

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