The Political and moral Dimensions of our recent tragedy in Libya By Teodros kiros

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In “ The Tragedy of Our Midst” (Abugida April 27, 2015) I wrote that, for the past twenty years I have shed tears of unbearable pain for the Ethiopian and African victims of poverty, of relentless sorrow of the poors of the continent. I am shedding those tears again.

At what one point I was so desperate that I designated famine as the language of African tragedy.

Tragedy has now targeted Ethiopia in the face of terrorism, as if poverty and famine are not enough, and I have to cry with my people again. I have to appeal to the Transcendent to let my people go, to protect my people from the hands of Barbarism.

Dear God: Please speak; please calm the devastated mothers and the traumatized Ethiopian children who have seen savagery on Television. Please God command our people not to hate any body but to pray to you to control their anger, and in unison say, “ Enough is enough. Feed, clothe and shelter our people to stay home and die at home in dignity and the company of their families and participate in constructing a prosperous, safe Ethiopia which could feed, shelter and cloth themselves, so that they do not have to die in search of a better life.

Please God protect the existential rights of Ethiopians to be born, grow and die in historic Ethiopia.

This characterization of our condition is the Transcendental Dimension. I will now augment my philosophical intervention from a moral and political horizon. This concern directly leads me to appeal to the present regime to address this condition through the prisms of resources and political imagination at its direct command.

Regimes are chosen to take care of their citizens needs by any means necessary. The Ethiopian regime is not an exception to this political and moral rule. Infact, it is imperative that a functional regime takes this responsibility as its highest priority. For this reason is a political regime’s reason in concert with the public reason of the citizens. The exercise of this reason is the absolute condition for the existence of any regime in power. Both reasons work in tandem. However, in times of crisis, as the present fact in Ethiopia, the political and moral reason of the regime must prevail. This is an imperative of moral reason, a morality that ought to function as the organizing principle of the regime’s political reason.

The political reason of the Ethiopian regime can draw from the written constitution as Professor Tecola Hagaos has been wisely suggesting and from the policy possibilities that the regime can garner from its seasoned experts by merely asking,

“ What should and can we do to contain the flow of our youth from fleeing to unknown places to encounter early death”. This existential question can be addressed as a policy question in two senses.

The first sense engages the constitution, which articulates the rights of the citizens. One such right is that the regime must house, feed, shelter and procure the health and well being of all its citizens. If the Ethiopian constitution does not promulgate this right, then the time is up for the citizens to peacefully rise and demand this right. This right is both legal and existential.

Once this right is constitutionally guaranteed, then the second sense ensues, and the Ethiopian regime must develop policies, which realize this right and see to it that no Ethiopian is forced to leave her country in search of a better life. All Ethiopian resources must be mobilized and enable all Ethiopians to live, work and die in their own country.

A future article will delve deeply into this thesis, which I have just announced.

  1. haqq
    | #1

    @tedros kiros

    It is no good shedding your crocodile tears now. Ethiopians have been suffering in the hands of ethno fascist Tigre people liberation front for the last 24 years and yet people like you were standing on the side lines applauding Tplf committing unimaginable crimes on innocent Ethiopians.
    Millions of citizens have been uprooted , evicted from the villages and towns they lived, their properties looted, burned down and people were told to go to their ‘country’, the ethnic homeland tplf assigned for them. you took no notice then, now you see the injustice coming from a different direction and you wake up to the fact.

    the fact of the matter is that if you are treated in such degrading manner , murdered and thrown out of your home for being the wrong ethnic group, then it follows that outside your own country others will treat you the same way.

    Zulus are doing what the Tplf looters have been doing for years on Ethiopian citizens in their own country.
    The violence and murder on Ethiopians in saud arabia where we witnessed our citizens being beaten up and left for dead on street corners (thanks to social media), THE SLAUGHTER IN Libya by satanic forces, the brutal treatment of Ethiopians in israel, etc is bound to happen.

    Tplf did not even want to know about our citizens murdered in Libya until aljazeera came up with the story and embarassed the tplf thugs.

    You said Tplf should house and feed citizens. what a joker you are! Tplf has been looting what little people have and burning down what is left , totally ruining the lives of the people.

    you also said , regimes are chosen to take care of citizens and so should Tplf. Are you telling me the Ethiopian people chose TIGRE people liberation front to be their leaders. you messed up your self here! You know very well that Tplf marched to Addis abeba carrying their guns , murdering people and seized power simply because they were armed and dangerous. nobody chose them as you said, nobody want them! TO THIS DAY Tigre people liberation front SURVIVE EVERY DAY BY murder, violence and by inciting one ethnic group against the other and by spreading fear, hatred and sucpicion.

    You know, such LIE and fabrication about Tplf wont help Tplf to get out of its satanic activities. Be truthfull and courageous to stand for the truth. other wise you will stay in your shackles for ever praising the devil until the devil itself destroys you for good.

  2. Aba Dagnew
    | #2

    “ What should and can we do to contain the flow of our youth from fleeing to unknown places to encounter early death”. This existential question can be addressed as a policy question in two senses.
    Tecola ,Know this today!Every Ethiopian know as to who you have been,are and will be !The only thing the Ethiopian people have to do and or are about to do is that rise up to get rid of TPLF,not only from Ethiopia but also from the face of the earth!That time Ethiopians shall live freely in our own country!
    Therefore I want you to know that no amount of your blah-blah or likes could do anything to stop that!Because Ethiopia is a country of among others the country of Lalibela and Bilal etc……!So who the hell you think you are to think that you can play anti-Ethiopia game?Get some help about your anxiety!Because you are nothing to think that you can save the TPLF from it’s eternal demise!
    Ethiopia and all Ethiopians shall prevail!

  3. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #3

    Prof Teodros
    Thank you for clearly pointing out that the moral and political responsibilities must be on a regime in power as mentioned too in the constitution. So theoretically and according to written constitution it is clear.
    When a government fails to house, feed, shelter and procure the health and well being of its citizen then it should resign and give up its power to the oppositions. Woyane does not know such thing. they do not know what morality is. Therefore I do not think Woyane will leave power peacefully through election. After all they are bunch of bandits who are paid by UK and USA to overthrow Mengistu. Woyane problem is not only that they are ignorant and lack any basic civil

    Also being in power for over twenty years emboldened Woyane and Woyane’s long held belief- to disrespect Ethiopian and Ethiopiawinet.

    I agree in most of the things you mentioned but I do not think Woyane will leave power by peaceful means- through ballot box. Thanks.

  4. robbery regime
    | #4

    wealth ማህበራዊ ንብረትን የሚፈጥረው ህዝብ ነው :: መንግስትን የሚቀልበው ህዝብ ነው የተገላቢጦሽ አይደለም ::

  5. Yirgu Wolde
    | #5

    The current land policy of the Ethiopian government left 5 million people in Ethiopia to be on food assistance aid donated by international community. .ILCA became ILRI which is now helping individuals get free food for their cattles.. Currently all ILRI is doing is helping the Ethiopian people to live on hand outs while their land is confiscated and been given to the highest bidder from around the world. ILRI is part of the problem not the solution when it comes to Ethiopia’s self sustainablity but for the quick hand out ILRI is the best.

  6. Idris
    | #6

    A concentration camp near Awash Arba Ethiopia is holding thousands young Ethiopian prisoners without their will who are routinely being sodomized by the Agazi Ethiopian military to emasculate them according to sources that defected the force opposing the new wave of rounding up of young Ethiopian people. Most of them who are young men are being rounded up to be sent to emasculation camp at Awash Arba from all parts of the country in the past two weeks

  7. Nationalist
    | #7

    Hey Guys!
    We don’t see any comments .What’s gone on ?

  8. kentu
    | #8

    a friend of me say whate happen in brundi it will repeat in i told him you are leaving in a ilussion world becouse we have differnet background 1 we have different kind to raise our kids that means we raise our kids lord and slave but brund they raise mutual understand betwen pa

  9. kentu
    | #9

    sory i didn,t finish my idea all are the same the government and military like iliea when they are in addis one italia told his friend bekele is not like the other black he is very civized and his friend give him replay ,,nero sempre niro means black are allways black means dam so don,t expect from weyane miltaty

  10. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #10

    Pro Teodros
    Are you supporting a military rule in Ethiopia as Prof Tecola suggested?

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