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In a couple of weeks, Ethiopia’s national election is upon us in the middle of a year full of unprecedented cruelty and barbarism against defenseless Ethiopian migrants in Libya and South Africa. We have individually and collectively suffered the barbarism of some Arabs in Libya and the savagery of some Zulus in South Africa. This is only the tip of the iceberg, for things will turn out even worse unless we make some fundamental and profound changes in the leadership of the Ethiopian Government and in each of us Citizens of Ethiopia.

Elections are supposed to be periods of excitement of precious moments for people to evaluate their political leaders and either affirm or dismiss them from elected offices. Under all that fanfare the process is as old as mankind. I am quite sure if the caveman of tens of thousands of years ago is somehow relocated to our “modern” era, he will understand our political game perfectly, and might even want to get involved in the process stone-axe and antelope horn tipped spear and all. In other words, elections need not be mystified, but be observed as a political process ever manipulated and corrupted even under the best of circumstances. There can be neither a pure form nor incorruptible processes of elections. It is simply a matter of degrees and intensity.

The Government We Deserve?

The current Ethiopian national election has all the signs of highly manipulated and micro-managed set-up of a single-party getting its way to national power. Despite such clear sham of an election, I think of the process as a learning experience, and I insist that Ethiopians must participate. At the very least, it is an acknowledgement that the votes of the Ethiopian people are legitimizing necessities. This acceptance of the right to vote even if corrupted is just a step behind a process of a legitimate democratic election. Now with full awareness of the organic defectiveness of the election process, we can still ask about the critical issues whether we get the government we deserve or the government we aspire for. There is a famous saying: “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle merite.” It is often rendered in translation as “Every nation has the government it deserves.”

The statement I quoted above is, in fact, attributed to Joseph-Marie, comte de Maistre (1753 – 1821), a cynical worn-out Sardinian subject and a Sardinian Government functionary from the Nineteenth Century, living soon after the devastating Napoleonic war that engulfed France and the rest of Europe. Let us note that the statement by de Maistre was made within a striking distance, fresh in memory, of the atrocities committed in the name of the French people’s revolution by absolutely depraved individuals like Georges Cauthon, Jean-Fran ois Delacroix, Maximilien de Robespierre, Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just, and Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles et cetera, whose equivalents we find also in our time and in our two revolutions. Thus, de Maistre’s cynicism and his ultra-conservative outlook is very understandable. However, I question how such broad-stroke political brush-work is binding on every generation that comes after, and how the outcome of any election and the reality of any government is fateful and invariant.

I challenge emphatically the notions of inevitability, fatefulness and defeatist state of mind that accept our existential reality as the one and only single incident that is invariant and permanent. Nothing is invariant, for the future is determined by the individual moment by moment without the confine or dictate of the past. Neither the past nor the future is real, what is eternal is the present. Even more so in human affaires that it is impossible to show the single causal nexus of events in any situation that involves thinking and rationality as is the case with almost all actions involving human beings. We did not deserve Emperor Haile Selassie; we did not deserve Mengistu Haile Mariam; we did not deserve Meles Zenawi; we did not deserve Hailemariam Desalegn either. Those characters are simply incidents of history. They just happened. There is nothing inevitable about any one of them ruling in Ethiopia. If we look into how they started out their individual lives, assuming for argument sake the reality of causal nexus, none of them was a likely candidate to become a leader. So much for epistemology and metaphysics.

Solution requiring courage and fortitude.

The recent “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference” was an experiment in futilities where I heard on video some “drum beating and saber rattling” by ageing scholars who could hardly swing their table knives. It is absolutely irresponsible to stock the fire of violence in Ethiopia while living at safe distance in the Good Old USA. I am not criticizing those individuals for ideas of taking action, but for their unrealistic fantasies. I wish they have learned a thing or two from ancient wisdom about “right” and “wrong” actions. There is this recently posted wonderful article of great wisdom that I wish people would read before making statements about belling the cat: Read
“ኢትዮጵያ የአይበገሬዎችና የቆራጥ ልጆቿ እናት ነች ኢትዮጵያውያን ከጀግንነት ውጭ የፈሪነት ታሪክ የላቸውም!” posted in Ethiomedia, 14 May 2015.

Pointing out problems is not enough. No matter how clumsy a solution, it is better to act than being paralyzed with fear and trepidations. In the Mahabharata (Bhagavad Gita), on the great battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna, who was hesitant to attack the vast army assembled against him, was advised by his charioteer (actually Krishna in disguise) that positive action is better than non-action. We are mostly at war of some sort throughout our lives and we need to take appropriate actions at such moments. I refer to the Gita because it has the earliest documented statement on the philosophy of “action” in the face of difficulties, with rich text of discussion of the distinctions between the right action and hubris and fantasies like those of our Ethiopian scholars drum beating and saber rattling.

In numerous essays and commentaries, I have expressed my skepticism about any opposition leadership capable of leading Ethiopia intact without leading it into an accelerated disintegration. I still maintain that skepticism especially after watching the participants and hearing some of their speeches. They are exclusively organized and a fringe population in the Diaspora from Addis Ababa and Gondar areas with a few Gurages and even fewer Oromos. It is a disturbing divisive faction that was thus assembled probably financed by Issayas Afeworki. They projected as a whole hate of Tygreans, not just the individuals in Power in Ethiopia, but all people “different” from them by their esoteric measurements. Why should anyone support such polarized group? I would sacrifice such a divisive and polarizing group if they are real treat to the continued existence of Ethiopia, my Motherland that we created from scratch and built and maintained with our blood for thousands of years.

After watching in the video on the “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference” such degree of exclusivity, narrowness of purpose, and association with a known enemy of Ethiopia, and naked unabashed hunger for power, I have now a different perspective in that we, who love Ethiopia warts and all, must rethink our attitude toward the current Ethiopian Government. I am suggesting that we need to approach the Parties in power in order to work with them improve their leadership and correct some of the harms they caused on Ethiopian citizens that we see and read about in the media. Better to correct the defects in the current Ethiopian Government leadership and maintain the integrity and continued existence of Ethiopia than allow to create disastrous conflicts and rebellion by such power hungry fantasy ridden, hateful bunch of over-educated, and over-experienced, deteriorating and ageing politicians represented arrogantly in the “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference.”

In order to preserve Ethiopia from fracturing across Kilil lines and ultimately disintegrate into several ungovernable mini states, I offer here my alternative solution to use the Turkish Government model in changing the Ethiopian government structure and political divisions of the country into administrative small scale regions after the May 2015 National Elections. These forms of structural changes will be provisional systems to get us time to get our house in order.

The first step is to establish by the new Representatives a central independent military command consisting of five senior commanders from the Army, the Air Force, and the Police. Once established the military command becomes a self-perpetuating command board with a Chief-of-Staff as its chairman, revolving every year within the members of the command board. The command is free of all direct civilian oversight and is not directly answerable to the Representatives or the head of State or the head of government, except the scrutiny and auditing of the Ethiopian Auditor General. The command will have as its sole duty the national security of the country against foreign aggression and internal insurrections. The Representatives would choose the national executive leadership, and the national judiciary. They will not have any direct command relationship with the Ethiopian defense and security forces.

The next step is to open all land for ownership by individual farmers to develop with some governmental assistance. And also promote enterprising individuals through liberal loan systems and governmental agencies set up for such promotions. There will be tremendous corruption in such process. The best remedy against such corruption is to have truly free press and publication system. This means the immediate release of imprisoned journalists, such as Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu, the nine Bloggers et cetera.

This model of decoupling the Ethiopian Military from civilian command might remind some of you as a remote model similar to that which exists as a military culture to this day in Turkey. Egypt is also another such nation where the military has played the role of national guardian and stepped in to avert national disaster by civilian rule. I often feel that “I am a weight-lifting Snowman” [I heard that on Shark Tank, (2012)] meaning the more I exert my energy into lifting heavy weights (read Ethiopia’s problems), I melt down by that much too; another way of saying a lighted candle consumes itself too. .

Blame the “Devil” foremost, least the Ethiopian Government
I read Graham Peebles’s sanctimonious article “Suppressed at home, neglected abroad: Ethiopian migrants,” (in CounterPunch, 9 May 2015) wherein he heaps all the blames on the Ethiopian Government for not looking after the welfare of Ethiopian citizens migrants in hostile communities with minimal criticism of the atrocity itself. I find ironic that Peebles writes with such passion blaming the Ethiopian Government and yet simply mentioned as an aside-information the vicious Zulu culprits, the devilish perpetuators of the atrocities against innocent Ethiopians. Peebles’s article sounds more like blaming the parents of a young lady for being raped because she is pretty.

Certainly, the Ethiopian Government has the singular duty to protect its Citizens wherever they may be residing legally or illegally. If Ethiopians are illegally residing in a community, they may be properly prosecuted not persecuted for violation of local laws, but never dehumanized and savagely murdered by mobs without proper protection of the local government. I do not see any action by the Ethiopian Leaders pursuing with zeal the criminals who committed such atrocities against Ethiopians. What I learnt from the Ethiopian Government Media was that the Ethiopian Government was rounding up allegedly members of the Blue Party and charging them for some criminal offences for protesting disturbing mourners. What an irony.

It is sad to me to watch the obvious nonchalant attitude of the Ethiopian Government officials in the face of atrocities being committed by foreign governments directly or indirectly against Ethiopian citizens in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, Kenya, et cetera, and in some instances to the point of slamming the doors of Ethiopia’s foreign mission headquarters in the face of Ethiopian citizens who were seeking protection from violent mobs and those fleeing even from individual attackers. We saw it happen in Saudi Arabia. This are matters that can be easily fixed, but because of inefficient Government officials, such problems become major items of criticism in the hands of opposition politicians.


I see no follow-up action of removing Ethiopians from dangerous places. What I witnessed in videos is Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi stepping in and rescuing Ethiopian young men from another barbaric slaughter in Libya. I had long ago written my appreciation of el-Sisi, and now his courageous and generous action saving Ethiopian lives confirms my faith in the leadership of el-Sisi. I have quoted below what I wrote in an article “Declaration of Principles: Ethiopia got a loaf and a half,” 30 March 2015.

“I heard President el-Sisi’s speech addressing the Ethiopian Parliament with great hope and anticipation. I heard him with the simultaneous translation of his speech into Amharic—probably the most authentic before it is reconstructed to reflect the special interests of diverse groups. I am more than satisfied in the content of his speech and even more watching on video his genuine reaction to the way the Ethiopian Parliamentarians received him. I admit that I liked el-Sisi from the day he toppled the terrorist Mohammad Morsi and his fanatical Muslim Brotherhood spread havoc in the short time they were in power. “

The President of Egypt el-Sisi, after having rescued young Ethiopians from a gruesome murder, welcomed them with red-carpet treatment personally receiving them when they disembarked from an Egyptian plan, in a truly moving formal ceremony. By contrast, the Ethiopian President Mulatu and the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam were nowhere in sight when that same group of Ethiopians arrived home. Only the Foreign Minister Tewodros and some Senior Advisors and lower level officials were at Bole Airport to welcome them home.

May be the President and the Prime Minister thought that such battered Ethiopians rescued from the gate of Hell were not valuable enough to be welcomed by them. Forget humanism and kinship, the Ethiopian President and the Ethiopian Prime Minister could not even see the great political mileage they could get out of such gesture. Such are errors that should not stain the political administrative life of the Ethiopian Government.

I suggest that all concerned Ethiopians take a second look at the programs of all opposition groups. Are the programs of such groups doable and their goals achievable? By contrast consider what I am suggesting to be pragmatic and influence in a constructive engagement the current Ethiopian Government to minimize divisiveness, and remove the negative impact of the Kilil system by changing the States and redrawing viable administrative provinces. At all time, we should be acutely aware of the fact that we are living in a rough neighborhood. If we show any degree of weakness or fracture, our neighbors will not hesitate to tear us up into hundreds of strips and transform our Motherland into a place that will be Hell on Earth. .

Tecola W Hagos
May 14, 2015

  1. Nana
    | #1

    Betam yasazinal. Sew minim metenfes yemayichilbet zemen. Tsehafiw ahun min atefa. Zim bilen enwordbetalen. Gin min endetsafe teredtenal? Woyis yeteshale hasab akaflenal? Zim bilen meleklek qum neger yelewum. Hagerachinen wode teshale huneta mamtat yemichil hasab binsenezir yishalal. Kenante endandu silehonku azinalehu.

  2. Ancient-Yeha.eu
    | #2

    “በወታደራዊ ትግል, Wenn die unteren nicht wollen und die oberen nicht können ደረጃ ላይ እንደርሳቸውና (ግን አንዳንዶቹ ወደ ትግራይ ብረታቸውን ይዘው እንዳይሄዱ ጥንቃቄ ማድረግ አለብን!), በዚህ መንገድ ለውይይት ካበቃናቸው በኋላ በዴሞክራሳዊ ምርጫ እናሸንፋቸዋለን!” Ha..Ha:::!

    ወታደራዊ ትግል?? “ናይ ደርጊ ወትሃደር, ናይ ተከዘ ገበል ከምኡ’ውን ናይ ሶቬት ሄሊኮፕተር ሰቢርና ከምዘመፃእናስ, ኣብ ኣዲስ አበባ ብዓለባ ሳሬት ከሕንኩልና!” ከምዘይበለ ቖልዓ ትግራይ! ናይ ዓቕምኽን እንዶግዳ ሕለማ!

    ሰላም ንመላ ኢትዮጵያውያን!!!!

  3. Tesfa
    | #3

    This manifesto by Tecolawork Hagose and a call for a military coupdetat by a slipping cadre of TPLF and a resident of Washington D.C is very alarming incident awaiting the Ethiopia. Now every thing makes senses that Tecola Hagose has been all along a TPLF’s functionary in Washington D.C. Expect too, after Tecola’s publication of this piece, TPLF will soon call her strategist back to Addis so that he can formally begin to put in place his military government ,and inaugurate a martial law in the country.

  4. Ancient-Yeha.eu
    | #4

    Mustafa #50፣

    ይሁንም አይሁንም ግን ገና ዛሬ አንተን አንድ ቁምነገር ያለህ ህልም ፈቺ አየሁኝ!

    For that you also get the obligatory Ha…Ha…!

    አፈታታትህ ችግር የሚገጥመው፣ አዱሊስና ድባሩዋ ወደ መደበኛ መስተዳደራቸው የተስተካከሉ እለት ብቻ ነው!


  5. cinaxu
    | #5

    Professor Techola Hagos is sort of hit-and-ran himself and is in ER; of course, when he comes out from patient care, he will walk on cane with twisted tongue and skewed mouth through which he threw up garages on individuals who speak of the truth and fact on the situation the Gujilais in a mafia organization, TPLF that they created for the past twenty three years. So far, professor Tecola is on the hide and would not come out in public media from his hideout the dust-storm he agitated and started is settled, he thinks. In any way, he has already lost his credibility in the eyes of the public, and he therefore needs to think clear and sharp and address issues in a good faith in order to earn some initial dignity; otherwise, he would remain drenched in shame and would never be able to see the public eye-to-eye.

  6. Alemneh
    | #6

    Mustafa: “Professor Tecola Hagos has not been comfortable with the Eritrean leadership of the TPLF and is suggesting to get rid of it through a Tigrayan military coup. It means the professor want to liberate the TPLF from its Eritrean leadership and put it fully in the hands of the Tigrayans.”

    Well tecola’s idea of military takeover would have been good if,

    1. as already said if the military was patriotic and not tribalistic
    and if it was not involved in many genocides, crimes, treasons etc in the past 24 years .

    2. the military was not absolutely corrupt. The best example being samora yunis, who undeservedly holds a general title.

    3. the military was qualified to do the job.

    Let us not forget also that the USA has many agents among the TPLF generals. So a military take-over means the USA will keep its influence in Ethiopia which is a bad thing. For example USA will force such military dictatorship to accept policies harmful to Ethiopia and crimes of the past committed with USA involvement will not be investigated etc.

  7. Cheru
    | #7

    It has been over 15 years since Tecola hagos has been incessantly calling for tribal military coup replace one brand of tribalist tigre with another. He wants to get rid of Hagos and replace him by Woldu. That is what Tecola is shouting 24/7 about. There is nothing in it for us.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Prof. Tecola Hagos @ “We (Ethiopians) Get the government We Deserve?”, because we did not meet the criteria of thinking of ourselves as Ethiopiawinet first and our ethnicity second with due regards to our citizenship to Ethiopia, because of not putting our national interest ahead of ones self interest, because of not being loyal to the silent majority tax payers, who us through the meager tax base and foreign aid programs, than to ones ethnic or national party first and foremost and not coalescing along the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals to save Ethiopia from disintegration first and foremost and to bring about democracy, a rule by the people for the people and of the people by giving precedence to individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights.

    Behind this, Ethiopia has a government structure based on the ideologies of “System of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism that denies individual freedom, free market capitalism at least in terms of private ownership of land as bases for democracy to the silent majority of Ethiopians, while there a prevalent crony capitalism engaged in exploitations, political and economic strangle hold of the country’s resources and employment opportunity of Ethiopians by TPLF political, TPLF/EFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises, in addition to monopoly of land, telecommunication services by the TPLF/eprdf regime, non independent judiciary and non independent Election Board, and absence of Independent Observers and coerced voters, the election process is “anything but democratic”.

    Having said that your argument about “The Horn of Africa Conference” is nothing to be discarded altogether at least from the point of view of Prof. Messay Kebede and Dr. Begashaw point of view to bring about changes in the TPLF/eprdf regime, analyzing and highlighting the path for a peacefull struggle.

    In terms of the election, the “Washington Post Article, underscored, “in the runner up to the May 24 election, it is anything but democratic,” because of the detention, beatings and breaking up peaceful protests and targeting activists and party members for an arrest, that never happens in a democratic society.

    In terms of out migration of Ethiopian youths by means of human trafficking an operation by perhaps TPLF affiliated enterprises to be subjected to slave labor and human rights violation and massacre by Muslim extremists, what the crowed was rallying around the protest that the TPLF/eprdf regime should beat ISIS, instead of beating us”, and express that “we have no Government” to represent us? to fend for us?

    In the face of such premises, you failed to criticize the TPLF/eprdf regime and try to placate the Egyptian President for rescuing Ethiopians, to which I see no logical conclusions to your argumentative positions in terms of the election, the “the horn of African Conference and the massacre of Ethiopian Christians By ISSIS other than to condemn the latter two entities.

    | #9

    @ Alemneh#20
    You are quite right.
    But the full truth is that it is USA+UK+ISRAEL
    Finally it is International Zionism that is the causes of all evil that is behind USA+UK+ISRAEL
    When we say USA it is actually to say Zionists behind USA
    TPLF is also puppet of International Zionism

  10. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #10

    Dear Pro Teodros
    Thanks for explaining your reasons for supporting him and for your respect your readers.
    My problem with his article:

    I understand the feelings of being rejected by the group but the problem is not with the other groups. Prof Tecola suggests military rule because he is angry because the group are not inclusive in his eyes.

    But when he posts his articles on this website there is a purpose:
    To win friends from non-supporters of Woyane by arguing his case/ideas and showing us the consequences of failing to be inclusive.

    Prof Tecola did not do that. Instead:
    1. He assumed all of us(readers) of his article as supporter of the group. so he thought we need to be reminded of collectively being punished by a military rulers because he assumed we are all the same.

    2. He believes everyone of us (non-tigreans) hate Tigrean people. so we need to be ruled by senior Tigrean commanders to silence us.

    3. Pro Tecola did not mention/comment on the contents of the group’s discussion. So it shows his irrational fear of others.

    So he has forgotten that the group are not representative of all ethnic groups in Ethiopia but they have the right to discuss what they think right for the future of Ethiopia.

    Because of his irrational fear He failed to comment about the content of meetings if he wants to win the arguments.

    Thank you prof again for answering me with respect.

  11. Zewdie
    | #11

    I agree that the point you have raised about Negais valid. By the way I support the basic premises of the need for such a conference between the two people so long all the cross section of our society is a part in it. This is my take about to the point you raised,For any one who watched the rise of Mengistu Halemariam, Melese Zenawi to the center of power will not miss what is in the making before our eyes. Nega is a dictator in the making. In his hear of heart he does not believe his strategy will not work. if he really want me or others to believe his project will work let him rove it by leading his organization on the frontline In Ethiopia. In return. he will be able to see the opposition on the same page backing his plan. I don’t expect his to being such a leader, remember he cut short his EPRP because he does not want to risk his life. His strategy is very simple. Continue to doge important questions about his organization’s vision and at the same time retain his chairmanship post and run his organization from his office in Philadelphia via ESAT propaganda. My hope is this.I do believe there are some good people within G-7.Iexpect these people start to raise important questions such the need the chairman lead his front from home.Or rotate the chairman ship place.

  12. aha!
    | #12

    On second thought I would like to acknowledge to adopting the idea of going back to the original provincial boundaries, with the idea of redrawing a new administrative boundaries?, which has to follow the ratification of the constitution with respect to flag, ethnic federalism, and ethnic /ethnic nationalism to deflect the prelude for ethnic nationalism, future boundary conflict and existing incidences for ethnic cleansing.

    I do not understand where the proposal for military rule/dictatorship, a way of looking back to the Derg Military Dictatorship, when the TPLF/eprdf regime and its constitution is supported directly by the two tires teletafi parties, security and federal police forces, killil administrators directly and the loyalist opposition parties aka as OPDO/EFDF/ Medrek/fdre, implicitly. It neither restores Ethiopian Nationalism nor maintains the current ideologies of “System of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism, nor the current exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources by crony capitalism, nor the monopoly of land resources by TPLF/eprdf regime and foreign corporations.

  13. nabil
    | #13

    Now the tigrean zulu(tplfist) won the so called election in ethiopia. This funny profeser is now very happy that the power of tigrean zulu has not been chalenged by ethiopian people.

  14. biri
  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    Dear !0′

    I always appreciate your honest questions and I answer them accordingly. Thanks for accepting my candid answer.

    My dream is to found a genuinely all Ethiopian people’s party guided by critical intelligence, decency, honesty and a passion for truths and integrity. I hope you join me in seeking and patiently building such a party within Ethiopia.

  16. Anonymous
    | #16

    ባለ እዳው ጎረቤቴ
    መኖሪያችን ሸዋ በሸን ማርያም አጥቢያ
    ከአምባ ሥላሴ አልፎ- ከተራራው ወዲያ
    አንድ ሰው ነበረ
    በችግር የኖረ
    ጥማድ በሬ ቢያጣ- ማሳው ቢያድርበት ጦም
    በጥብቅ ለመነኝ- በድንግል ማርያም ስም
    አልኩት ይህንን ሰው-በሬወቸን ተዋስ
    ወስደህ ጥመዳቸው- ማሳህንም እረስ
    ክረምቱን ይረሱ- ለበጋም በወቅቱ
    ተጠቀምባቸው- ደግሞም ለመውቃቱ

    መጋቢት በቆሎ-ግንቦት ባቄላውን
    ሰኔ ላይ ቦረቦር-ሃምሌ ላይ ደባዩን
    እስከ ቡሄ ድረስ -ዘራራና ጤፉን
    ስንዴውን -ነሃሴ-መስከረም ሽምብራ- ዘራና ምስሩን
    አረሙን አርሞ-ሰብስቦና ወቅቶ
    ልጠይቀው ስሄድ-እርሱ ቤቱን ዘግቶ

    አላየሁም አለኝ- ደግሞስ የምን በሬ
    “እንደ እኔ ዓይነት ጀግና- ታታሪ ገበሬ
    በሬወቹን ወስደህ-በምን ላርስልህ ነው
    አስር ቤተሰቤን ምን ላበላልህ ነው
    ዳኛ ይለየናል- ፍርድ ቤት ተሟግተን
    ይለኝ እንደሆነ- በተሰቤን በትን”

    ደግሜ አስለመንኩት- በወገን በባዳ
    ዛሬ መልስ ላከ- እንዳለብኝ እዳ
    “አበድሬው ነበር- እጥፍ ድርብ ንብረት
    ባለፈው ዓመት ላይ-መመለስ ያለበት
    እኔ ስላልጠየኩ- አምጣ ስላላልኩት
    እዳውን የተውኩት- ምነው የመሰልኩት”
    ብሎ ነገራቸው ለሽማግሌወች- ለእነአባ ብላታ
    ለካ እኔ የማላወቀው “አለብኝ” ውለታ።

    እንግዲህ ከሻትኩኝ -ሁለቱን በሬወች
    ይካካሱ ሊል ነው- ተመልከቱ ሰወች
    ምንድን ነው ንብረቱ-ያበደርከኝ ብለው
    “ባለወርቀ ዘቦ- ስድስት ክንፍ ያለው
    በአልማዝና በ እንቁ- ክፍክፉ የደራ
    በ እውቅ ባለሙያ- ሰሜን የተስራ
    አልማዙ ሃምሳ ኪሎ- እንቁው ሰባ እሚሆን
    ከሰሜን የመጣ-በአፄ ናዖድ ዘመን
    ከግራኝ አህመድ- ከዮዲት ቃጠሎ
    ከዛግዌ ግዛት- ከነጭ ተሰውሮ
    እንግሊዝ ሳይጭነው-ጣሊያንም ሳይዘርፈው
    መንግስቱ ሳይወርሰው- ለዘር ዘር የቆየው
    ትልቅ ንብረቴ ነው
    አለና መለሰ
    መቸም ዛሬ ጉድ ነው
    ምንድን ነው ስያሜው- የሃብትህ ዝርዝሩ
    ብለው ሸምጋዮቹ- ብዙ ቢሞክሩ
    መልስ አልነበረውም- እርሱም አያውቀውም
    የ እኔን ሃብት መካዱን ፍፁም ባያቆምም
    ሚስቱ እምታቦካው- ዱቄት ያልነበራት
    ልጆቹ የሌላቸው- ቁርስ ምሳና እራት
    እንዲህ ያለ ንብረት-በ እጁ ያልነበረው
    የሰውን ውለታ ቆፍሮ ቀበረው
    እንዲህ ያለው ዋሾ- የዲያብሎስ ፈረስ
    በጣም አስቸገረ- አንዱ ለአንዱ እንዳይደርስ።

  17. Teodros Kiros
    | #17

    Dear Number 10

    Thanks as usual for your honest question, which I will answer equally honestly. I stand for the founding of a yet another party, which I would like to call the Ethiopian people’s party by a new moral economy, on which I have written extensively, which you can google and critically analyze.

    That this party will be organized by individuals who value intelligence, decency, honesty and integrity. Please join me in the founding of this party in Ethiopia itself. This project will demand time and patience, both of which are scarce commodities.

  18. Teodros Kiros
    | #18

    Thanks as usual for your honest question, which I will answer equally honestly. I stand for the founding of a yet another party, which I would like to call the Ethiopian people’s party guideded by a new moral economy, on which I have written extensively, and which you can google and critically analyze.
    That this party will be organized by individuals who value intelligence, decency, honesty and integrity. Please join me in the founding of this party in Ethiopia itself. This project will demand time and patience, both of which are scarce commodities.

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