FOCUSSING ON CORE VALUES By a patriotic Ethiopian

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Since the illegal take-over of power by the ethnic-based minority regime, TPLF, about 24 years ago, Ethiopia has been in dangerous turbulence, politically, economically and socially. This experience has been part and parcel of the-day-to-day reality of the majority of the Ethiopian people, despite syndical reports of some politicians, foreign and domestic, who give a rosy picture as if everything under TPLF is well and good. This man-made chaotic situation is further exacerbated by the ever worsening policy and abusive behavior of the regime with the intent of reinforcing its grip on power. Consequently, under TPLF, Ethiopia has entered a new and extraordinary phase of dictatorial rule marinated with ethnic ideology and unpatriotic fervor. A combined effect of these and other factors has lead to the proliferation of human rights abuse, undemocratic practices, ethnic division and animosity, corruption, economic hardship for the majority and social instability.

The unpatriotic nature of the regime has also become a cause for Ethiopia to give away one of its northern provinces and western part of its land mass. Hard-pressed by all these conditions, the Ethiopian people all over the country have waged increased resistance against the regime for a while. However, although the regime is getting more and more isolated from time to time, as yet, no substantial achievement was made a result of the ongoing resistance. This is less related to the level of support the regime gets from the people, but it is rather the consequence of lack of a well coordinated resistance. While the bulk of the resistance against the regime is imposed as isolated events by the opposition, in some cases, the resistance has been inconsistent in its motives and is associated with conflicting messages. The writer proposes that the major cause of failure for the opposition to put its act together against the hated regime is its lack of clarity in universally accepted core principles that should be pursued rigorously and consistently.

The following are relevant core principles that should not be compromised by any means in order to carry out a successful struggle against the evil TPLF regime.
Territorial integrity of the country: For people who have been living together for a long time, ie., beyond the time of recorded history, and developed organic relationships, nationhood and patriotism, issues related to preservation of the integrity of their country are vital. Since it is to the interest of the majority of the citizens to protect their country as inherited from their ancestors, given the right kind of leadership, it is predictable that they can be mobilized more readily to work together in defense of the motherland in the event of any challenges to its territorial integrity. The TPLF regime has violated this core value of the Ethiopian people; however, resistance against this illegal action of the regime has not been fully enforced.

Human rights of citizens and the promotion of democracy: Human rights are privileges we all have simply because we are humans. These rights are inherent to all human beings, irrespective of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other attributes. Universal human rights are guaranteed by law in various forms, and international human rights law require every government or organization to act in certain ways or to abstain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and basic freedoms of individuals or groups. However, although these laws are expected to apply to Ethiopians as part of the international community, they have been repeatedly violated by the regime in power and by some other ethnic political organizations. The fact that human rights continue to be abused in Ethiopia more than in most other countries of the world demonstrates the need for greater effort to be made in fighting it back. If there is the opportunity for appropriate leadership, it is clear that the Ethiopian people can be mobilized more effectively to rally around the idea of resisting the human rights abuses in the country that appear in different forms and shapes. Such an effort can also attract greater attention from the international community with the likelihood of exposing all of those entities involved (irrespective of political affiliations, philosophies and ethnicity) in the abuse of these basic rights of Ethiopians that they just only being humans.

Democracy is the extension of recognition for human rights. It is a component the constitutions of most countries of the world. However, while only a limited number of countries have genuine interest in the practice of democracy many other nations have dismal record in this regard. The violation of democratic rights of one sort or another is a common phenomenon observed in almost parts of the world, but the type and intensity of the violation varies from one country to another. Ethiopia under TPLF is among the worst in the world that consistently disrespects democratic rights of its citizens. As a result, the majority of Ethiopians are suffering from the consequences deprivation of democracy. This reality has been well documented by numerous reputable international and local organizations although there some countries tend to deny this for sheer political reasons. However, as yet, nothing seems to stop or prevent the regime from its current practice of violating the God-given basic rights of the Ethiopian people.

Beyond regimes, talking of democracy, it is also important that the implementation of this right should also be part and parcel of the routines of inner functions of individual political organizations. If this is not the case, it is less likely that members of these organizations will uphold democratic values not only within their own circles but also when interacting with others fellow citizens outside their own circles. To bring about positive changes in a society through the practice of democracy, the transformation has to start from self. This can be made possible through the concerted efforts of members of individual organizations.
For a struggle to become successful, it has to be lead by competent leaders, besides sticking to given core principles that serve as driving forces to do the right thing,. Such a leadership reflects the values of the organization it represents and, by extension, the interest of people it is meant to care for. These are important points that need to be taken seriously and followed consistently as guides in order to get needed support from the people in question and others for positive outcomes in the struggle against the criminal TPLF regime. Therefore, according to this writer the lack of principle-guided struggle strategies and inconsistencies in follow-up actions have been major factors that have contributed to failures of the opposition in Ethiopia. The following are examples of cases in point.

As briefly noted earlier, the ethnic-based minority regime in Ethiopia has been accused by nonsectarian opposition groups of committing a number of serious crimes against citizens and the nation itself, including human rights abuses, deprivation of democratic rights, economic deprivation, ethnic animosity, and the give-away of public land properties to foreign nations and investors at the expenses of needy citizens of the country. However, in an attempt to fight back these heinous crimes, some of the so called prominent members of the opposition, spearheaded by G 7, have formed unholy alias with the Eritrean regime north of Ethiopia and with the ethnic-affiliated secessionist organization, OLF and ONLF, whose criminal records are not better than those of the TPLF bandit itself. If we take the case of Eritrea, the regime under the leadership of the infamous dictator, Issayas Afeworki, is one of the worst human rights violators and suppresser of democracy in the world. Because of this situation in the country, Eritreans are fleeing their country in masses, risking their lives on the way to unknown destinations. Issayas, in addition to being the main architecture for the creation of TPLF about 4 decades ago, he currently supports the above secessionist organizations in Ethiopia who are bent to destroy the country as we know it now. The secessionists, obsessed with ethnic ideology/religion finalism and hate, have also been directly involved in inhuman criminal acts against fellow Ethiopians, including mass killing of innocent Ethiopians (mostly thought to be Amara) simply because of their ethnicity and/or religion. What is even more worrisome is the fact that working with other pro-Ethiopia nonsectarian opposition groups, such as Shengo, (which consists of several political bodies) it is not the priority of the so called nonsectarian oppositions lead by G 7. Now the question many reasonable people may rightly pose is that how come members of the Ethiopian opposition, that include G 7 as a political party, claiming to be nonsectarian and seeking to liberate Ethiopia from the jaws of criminal regime in power, ally themselves with other criminal entities that are not by any account better than the criminal regime itself? Although their true motives are not clear at this time, it is hard to believe these oppositions entities stand for the oppressed people of Ethiopia, as they claim to be standing. In view of this conflicting and contradictory attitude and messages, no wonder why the struggle of the Ethiopian people against the TPLF regime is lagging behind what is expect of.

The above described experiences should serve as a lesson for Ethiopians who love freedom, democracy and Mother Ethiopia to conduct their struggle against the evil regime of TPLF more firmly and strongly based on core principles that are universally accepted and protected, without any messages inconsistencies. Such an approach will have broader supports from progressive groups and will result in expected positive results sooner or later.

Long live Ethiopia, the birthplace of the human race.

  1. USA Fears Blowback
    | #1

    Due to their status as guests Ethiopians in the West lack intellectual freedom and therefore it is common that they omit or ignore key points while commenting Ethiopian politics. The role of foreign or ferenji countries like USA is ignored, although theirs is as important or even more important than TPLF’s. After all, TPLF is in power because it was picked by USA. Had the USA picked Commodore Tassew Desta’s EPDA we would have a different situation in Ethiopia today. Particularly USA-based Ethiopians should stop spreading false narratives about developments in Ethiopia to protect and benefit USA.
    For example, the often repeated assumption that TPLF or Meles landlocked Ethiopia while USA as represented by Herman Cohen called to keep the Aseb region with Ethiopia could only be bought by Ethiopians who want to protect USA. For neutral observers it is rather likely that it was a USA policy to make Ethiopia landlocked and then USA told Meles to take responsibility for that. It is like lower ranked officials taking responsibility for the crimes of higher ranked officials. USA based Ethiopians have discredited themselves by telling lies to Ethiopians the last 24 years to benefit USA. They better stop dumbing down Ethiopians in the interest of USA.

    As to TPLF being “unpatriotic” that is correct but more accurate would be to call it anti-patriotic.
    And calling Ethiopia “the birthplace of the human race” sounds rather funny not only because it is untrue. Also the term “human race” is funny, human is not a race. Races are the ones we all know. If the author is trying to spread here a ferenji propaganda he only discredit himself as a patriot.

  2. Aleganesh Demisse
    | #2

    Patriot to whom? Patriot to what cause and to whose freedom? I find it trite and a type of platitude that makes one puke! puke! Puke! As Fidel Castro once said, “Anyone can call himself an eagle without having a single feather on his body”. Ethiopian patriots like Ras Abebe,Dejematch, Abay of Adwa, Dejamatch Gersu Duki,Omar Samatar, among others, took arms against the invader before they brag. One has to respect that while despising Dejamatch Haile Selassie Gugsa, Ras Seyoum Mengesha , the father of Meles Zenawi and the coward colonel Mengistou Hailemariam. These real patriots do not waite vainly for election results
    they simply torn limb by limb the enemy. That is real patriotism should be for this generation. However, my real patriot of modern Ethiopia is the Betwoded Asfaha Wolde Micheal, who died for his conviction. A truly great man.

  3. Sam
    | #3

    Well, I have issue with patriotic Ethiopian from his very first sentence. He wrote “since the illegal take-over of power by ethnic based minority regime, TPLF, about 24 years ago, Ethiopia has been in dangerous turbulence politically, economically, and socially.” There is no “illegal take-over.” True, TPLF as an organization had a good luck. The two important factors that supported TPLF and the other organizations it molded in its form to take power was first the disintegration of USSR. When that happened the military regime lost its only reliable supporter. The second factor that made TPLF to be a state within a state was the 1985 Ethiopian famine. TPLF milked it to what its worth. These two factors more than any other helped the rebels to take over power. I want to remind patriotic Ethiopian we Ethiopians did not know the lexicon free election back then. All who aspired to take power chose armed struggle. Let us say if the other rebels are in power today does the Patriotic Ethiopian still talk about their seizing power illegally? My guess is he probably not, especially if the organization is the one which he is supporting. Those who write should edit their writing before posting. Especially the first sentence should be attention grabber, one which arrests a reader attention. The patriotic Ethiopian opening statement makes you to do the opposite, to run away from the very essay he wants to be read.

  4. Alem
    | #4

    One issue I have been trying to get across is this; the opposition [if in fact there is one] has no sense of balance or set priorities. We talk about everything under the sun and wonder why we are not moving forward or are regressing.

    Elections 2015 is a fait accompli. The State Department and Tplf have reached an early agreement. The US is not even sending observers this time. Carter led one in 2005 and ended strengthening the hand of tyranny. Wendy Sherman already told us in so many words that Tplf is democratic and elections 2015 will be fair. This is the depth of contempt both Tplf and Obama Admin have for Ethiopians.

    Tplf will crackle machine guns and explosives in Addis during this election, followed by mass arrests. This will be the “I told you so” signal for Wendy and prove to Obama Admin that Tplf also knows how to manage “imported” or “home grown” terrorism. The culprit will be Ginbot 7 mainly [whereas the fact is no G7 is to be found within 10,000 miles radius of Addis]. G7 will take it as a compliment and run with it. Tplf should and would also raise the number of opposition MPs by assigning own appointees [currently only 1 opposition MP of 547] to showcase great improvements under its rule [in addition to "fastest economic growth;" except the cover gets blown repeatedly by the tens of thousands jobless and hopeless Ethiopian youths fleeing in every direction].

  5. Alemneh
    | #5

    @ Sam,

    why are you dumbing down and misinforming Ethiopians, are you ferenji or a CIA agent ?

    Three factors that helped the illegal take-over of TPLF in may 1991:

    1. USA or CIA

    2. USA or CIA

    3. USA or CIA

    That is the truth and there should be a common understanding about it now after 24 years.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union would have been no problem if the USA hadn’t supported the anti-Ethiopian TPLF. The TIGRIAN Famine (why you used the term Ethiopian famine, are you Tigrian ?) would have been also easily managed if the USA hadn’t supported a civil war in Ethiopia. The USA might have also manipulated commodity prices such as coffee and grain in order to decrease Ethiopian ability to fight such a problem with her own resources. We now know that the USA manipulates commodity and other prices on a regular basis. So the tigrian famine could have been manufactured by the USA, researchers should study that. Derg was also weakened from within because it was infiltrated by CIA agents. CIA bribed Ethiopian Generals for example during their travel abroad. So to put it short, the USA was the responsible force for TPLF-takeover.

  6. Alemneh
    | #6

    You are right Alem, the words of wEndy sherman are not just her words, but those of the obama administration and are meant also to express their deep seated hatred and utter contempt for Ethiopians. Those words could perhaps be used to accuse USA, with the TPLF, of crimes such as genocides.

  7. Alemneh
    | #7

    Quoting Al Mariam:

    ” Ms. Sherman condemns  Ginbot 7 as a  “terrorist organization” and pledges to support the T-TPLF in its efforts against Ginbot 7.  She said she discussed issues with the Ethiopian “foreign minister” “dealing with the threat in Ethiopia, everything from Al Shabbab to Boko Haram, Daesh, to of course  Al Qaeda and indeed have discussed the reality that here from the Ethiopian perspective as well as concerns about  all of those terrorists groups that Ethiopia considers Ginbot 7 a terrorist group as [as does the United States] well.” ”

    Dont you think USA is now an insane nuclear-armed declining superpower that is bent on turning the whole of Africa into a battlefield ?

  8. Mergia
    | #8

    It is not fitting and proper to describe the TPLF as `unpatriotic` because the TPLF never has had a national Ethiopian cause since its inception. The TPLF leaders have officially dismissed and rejected Ethiopian patriotism as `Amhara chauvinism`and instrument of oppression. Thus, it is not right to accuse the front of unpatriotism, the thing it has officially disavowed,negated and dismissed as an Amhara matter. As a Tigrayan political force, the TPLF caters for the interests and well being of its Tigraway constituency. One can say that the TPLF is a Tigrayan patriotic force as it has been able to mobilize and lead the Tigrayans in its crusade against what it described as Amhara colonization and oppression. The Amharo-phobia and pathological lying in the TPLF are the outcomes of the persistent belief that these negative traits will serve the front to stick to power and amass wealth until it will finally declare the indpendent republic of Tigray.

  9. Sam
    | #9

    Alemneh, Why you think CIA put TPLF in power? Do you think that USA had enormous appetite for Ethiopian resources? Maybe you do believe that. But I help you to get a grip with the truth. USA does not have any financial interest in Ethiopia. As you see now they US government doles out the tax payers money to the regime. When the USSR disintegrated, I heard several US senators saying, they do not have any strategic interest with Africa in general. Now the USSR gone, the only thing we can cooperate with is in giving humanitarian aid. That what the senators believed. Not only was it what they believed, but also it was a fact. As for appointing me as CIA agent, I do not think it is easy to get the job as you think. I hope you get the message.

  10. Mustafa
    | #10

    Ethiopian patriotism is the most scarce commodity in the TPLF and one should not blame them for lacking it. The front does not want to be associated with it at all. The TPLF belongs exclusively to the golden people of Tigray. It has created opportunities to the golden people in every nook and cranny in Ethiopia. The TPLF have effectively crushed the feelings of patriotism in Ethiopia by associating it to their formost enemeies, the Amharas. It has shown this a number of times since it had taken power in Ethiopia. I just wonder why the author of the above commentary has failed to realize this (the TPLF`s rejection of Ethiopian patriotism). Despite the continuing attacks of the TPLF,the Amharas are not becoming courageous enough to hit back or defend themselves against the onslaughts of the TPLF.

  11. Alemneh
    | #11

    @ Mergia,

    you describe a highly confused, highly contradictory, yes crazy TPLF.

    You might be right, but consider that the TPLF elites, most of whom considered Eritrean by tigrians, do not represent tigray. A case in point is the thousands of patriotic (you are tricky and try to link patriotism to tribe, but here is meant as Ethiopian patriotic) tigrians who were killed by the as-Eritrean-considered TPLF leaders such as Sebhat, Abay and Meles. You are also wrong when you claim that as-Eritrean-considered leadership managed to mobilize the tigrians. It was rather so that the tigrians were either tricked or forced to join TPLF and foreign powers like CIA played a huge role in that. Actually it was the foreign powers who did most of the job, upto Addis Abeba. Why do you lie ? Are you CIA ? We all know that the as-Eritrean-considered TPLF leadership doesn’t have the support of the people in tigray. TPLF is in power for so long because of the massive support it gets from the West, not because of support from tigray or tigrians. The West has bribed thousands of Ethiopians of different tribal backgrounds to work for TPLF.

  12. Cheru
    | #12

    Let us address the TPLF patriotism from the 1976 manifesto passionately written by Legesse Zenawi , W/Silassie Nega and Abay Tsehaye with Ambaye Mesfin standing as witness. It calls for the destruction of Ethiopia and Tigray republic to be built on the ashes of ethiopia. Are we ideologically far from that? We need some serious discussion.

  13. Alemneh
    | #13

    @ Sam,

    you are either fool and naive or willfully ignorant.

    As to your loyalty, you are either ferenji or if Ethiopian your loyalty is to USA. There are many such people of Ethiopian origin.

    What does this “Do you think that USA had enormous appetite for Ethiopian resources?” mean ? Are you a fool or a trickster ?

    And what does this sh*t mean: ” I heard several US senators saying, they do not have any strategic interest with Africa in general. ” ?

    And this: ” Now the USSR gone, the only thing we can cooperate with is in giving humanitarian aid. That what the senators believed. ”

    Those are the most stupid comments ever made by a person, meant to protect USA and confuse people.
    But the truth is out there for all to see.

    If the USA has no interest in Africa why is it begging African countries to be on its side and not on China’s ? Why does it have so many bases in Africa ? Why is it so alarmed by China’s growing influence in Africa ? Why is it so mad about Chinese financed ports on the east coast of Africa ?

    You are a case of “awqo yetegnan biqeseqisut aysemam”.

  14. Alemneh
    | #14

    @ Mustafa,

    your message is the same as Mergia’s, so my response to Mergia is appropriate for you too. And like Mergia you are also a liar. TPLF is not as successful as you and Mergia claimed in destroying Ethiopian nationalism as shown in the 2005 elections. And Ethiopian nationalism is not an Amhara matter, and the term Amhara itself is problematic. The TPLF’s and its ferenji masters tribalism project has failed in Ethiopia, also in Africa, sorry.

  15. Shemsu
    | #15

    Cheru above has brought an important issue. The TPLFin its manifesto of 1976 has clearly laid the rood map to the independent republic of Tigray. The comment by Mergia is based on facts on the ground and can not be denied. Although the leadership of the TPLF is of Eritrean origin or blood, the great majority of Tigrayans specially the intellectuals support and benefit from it. It has been successful in garnering the support and following of the Tigrayans to cling to power. We can not deny that a few Tigrayans are complaining about the Eritreans leading what they embrace as exclusively their (Tigrayan) front. However, these complaints and disagreements are not reducing the loyalty of the Tigrayans to the front. The Tegaru are aware of the fact that the TPLF was created by the Eritreans (EPLF) to serve as its Tigrayan wing in its war against Ethiopia or the so called Amhara colonization. The EPLF has and owned the TPLF. That is why the EPLF had used as a cannon fodder tens of thousands of the Tigryan youth in Eritrea. The current anti-EPLF(Shabia)rhetoricof the Eritrean leadership of the TPLF is mainly meant to appease and satisfy the dissenting Tigray nationalists. It is a genuine politics. The Tigrayans I know are harbour a deep hatred towards the Amharas and will continue to accept and support the Eritrean controlled and led TPLF. Lately, I have read professor Tecola hagos (a Tigrayan) suggesting a military coup. As long as I know the professor is staunchly pro-TPLF but has been bashing the front`s Eritrean leaders such as the late Zenawi and others. He wants the TPLF that is wholly free from the Eritrean leadership and in the hands of the Tigrayans.

  16. Ordofaa
    | #16

    I just received news from my beloved Oromia that no Oromian will cast a vote in this election but everyone has chosen to be very busy preparing for the Big Day coming in July. Oromia is coming!!! Oromia is coming!!!! My Beloved Oromia will become the new Independent Nation in early July. I want every one of you to mark your calendar because all of you are invited to celebrate with us the independence of my Beautiful Oromia!!!! Oromia is coming!!!! Oromia is coming in Early July 2015!!!!!!!!

  17. Alemneh
    | #17

    Oh, it takes days for comments to be published here, longer than usual i think.

    @ Shemsu,
    whatever the TPLF thugs wrote would have been irrelevant if the USA and company had not brought them to power in Ethiopia. Everyone is free to have any fantasy he likes, the TPLF thugs too. And their fantasy would have remained a fantasy if the USA and co. didn’t put them in power. The critical factor then and the critical factor today are the ferenjis, or USA and company.

    @ Ordofaa,
    you sound like the usual shabia cadres.

  18. Kinfe
    | #18

    USA and co. help TPLF to stay in power by recruiting and paying thousands of non-tigrians to work for it.

    “… Just imagine the hundreds of thousands of non-elected, unaccountable bureaucrats in all of the governments (as distinct from the people of nations) who exist to support America’s hegemony in their own countries. 

    And then imagine the purge that will take place in many of those same countries when American hegemony stops supporting and protecting  those bureaucrats.  That’s what I want to live to see.”

    We better stop underestimating the USA role and adopt a black nationalism vs white supremacy strategy against USA Puppet TPLF.

    I think it would be helpful to adopt a Black Nationalism vs White Supremacy Strategy in the struggle against USA Puppet TPLF.

    We equate TPLF with apartheid South Africa. The struggle waged in South Africa then was black nationalism vs white supremacy. You might say TPLF or tigrians are also black like the rest of us. But you have to see TPLF as condoms or slaves or puppets or agents of the white man.

    That is a working formula, maybe the only working formula. In order to succeed such a movement or group must have its headquarter in South Africa (or Zimbabwe), not in the West, as part of the group’s job will be to fight the West.


    For over four decades, the self-styled Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which clings to power by force in Ethiopia today, has been planning and waging a sustained and relentless political, social and cultural war to “de-Ethiopianize” Ethiopia. The TPLF’s de-Ethiopianization program and ideology are built around a set of specific strategies, policies, actions and practices intended to 

    1) strip Ethiopians of any meaningful consciousness of their national identity and expurgate from their collective social experience any sense of commonly shared values, beliefs and customs, and 

    2) balkanize, merchandize and dismember the country employing a variety of tactics and schemes.

    The TPLF’s de-Ethiopianization ideology and programs were diabolically conceived, meticulously planned and systematically executed with the ultimate aim of obliterating the historical Ethiopia and replacing it with an “Ethiopia” fabricated from the warped figment of the TPLF’s imagination. The TPLF has officially and openly implemented its de-Ethiopianization program since it seized power in 1991.

    TPLF = BANDA Group

    The opposition should intensify attacking woyanes as ferenji slaves, bandas, ferenji agents, traitors, uncle toms etc

    Below you read a Quote from
    Obviously a UK official is talking with an official of the TPLF regime.

    “Don’t worry about you. Just ignore whichever international organization critisize you about human rights. That is part of PR for us to have a moral high ground. Your job is rather to keep these nationalists under control. We know them. They are very rough for us to deal with them. It is the method we used which worked. Same people by its own people, we call it here in Britain self destruction. We had enough problem instigated by Ethiopian nationalists before. The crises in the Southern Africa we face today is the result of them. Hit them on the head so that it works for all of us.” 

  19. Sam
    | #19

    Alemneh, you seem to need some information about me. I will give it to you. I am an Ethiopian. You questioned my loyalty to Ethiopia. The question is weird, but if you meant that I love my country, you bet I do. But I am not only love Ethiopia, but also love Ethiopians. I do not waste a second, leave alone every waking minute of my life as some do, hating other Ethiopians because they entertain political philosophy different than mine. Let me now turn to the real question you raised. Why the USA “begging” African countries to be in USA side, not China, you ask. I do not know about the begging, but I do know USA believes Africa’s potential is untapped, and in the future if democracy and a rule of law prevails, the continent might be attractive to business. Pay attention here. American businesses do not engage in business where the rule of law is not paramount. Why I say the previous statement which contradicts what the senators said twenty-five years ago? Alemneh, a quarter of a century is a long time, add another quarter of a century Africa might become a good place to do business. Why does USA so many bases in Africa? Well, when the USSR gone, a new political players filled the void: those who kill in the name of religion. It happens to be the bad guys live close to Africa, and some of them even in Africa. well, my friend to win a fight, you take the war where the enemy lives.

  20. Koya
    | #20

    Mr Patriotic ethiopian ,

    DO you mean Haile selasse take over of power was legal? He was god elected is intit?
    Mr Patriotic you don’t know today ethiopia.Kilil is deeply rooted and dismantle kilil means no ethiopia..
    So anti kilil are not patriotic. This is walelegn ethiopia.

  21. Tsionawi
    | #21

    It finally seems that after a long trying journey Ethiopian leaders
    have come close to hit the bulls eye target with superb leadership
    and excellence. Because Ethiopians can clearly see it now the missed
    ingredients are added and in the right place finding the right chemistry
    of the solution. I was lost of EPRDF somewhere recently after closely
    following Ethiopian political transformation for almost a decade but
    here I find it right and true again.
    And would like to say Thank you
    to the Ethiopian leadership in General.

  22. Ethiopianism
    | #22

    By Hama Tuma
    Michelle Obama aside, Barack Obama has a penchant for very bad women. Wendy Sherman, the windbag of Foggy Bottom, and Gayle Smith, the new USAID chief who loves dictators, and the notorious Susan Rice are cases in point. Smith has been around more time to do more damage and to contribute to the putrefaction of the Clinton–Obama policy on Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.
    Gayle Smith first let her white face get burnt by the Sudanese sun in 1984 when she came over to fulfill her role in the destabilization of the pro soviet regime in Addis Abeba. She was a correspondent in Cairo and conveniently made her way to the Sudan and as a journalist and aid activist leeched herself on the then rebel fronts called the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and its then puppet the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front, the same one that is now in power in Addis Abeba and is being praised by Susan Rice and Wendy Sherman . Gayle even went to the so called liberated areas, became the lover of one of the top TPLF leaders (Yemane Jamaica–an EPLF fighter seconded to supervise the TPLF), learned some Tigrigna, advised TPLF women to set up a union and wrote fan articles on the two fronts and other secessionist groups not forgetting to attack and belittle the pan Ethiopian organizations like the EPRP. She had fellow travelers in Dan Connell, James Firebrace, Paul Henze, Alex de Wall, Oxfam, World Vision, UNICEF. the Norwegian Council of Churches and many other dubious groups and fellows with more suspicious connections and motives. As some observer had written, Gayle Smith was the connection between the CIA and the Tigrean front and behind the diversion of aid for the famine victims to the TPLF coffers to buy arms from China and favors from the Sudanese regime.
    Bono calls Gayle a force of nature though he does not mean gale, catastrophe, hurricane, and total disaster– all of which she was for Ethiopia’s future. Bob Geldof, on his part, has refused to admit that he was either duped or persuaded to be part of the food aid swindle, and will likely refuse to admit the nefarious role of Gayle Smith. But, she was a disasterindeed. When the pro soviet regime fell she ended her “journalistic” cover and moved on to become the chief of staff of USAID and later the special assistant to Clinton and head of the African affairs in the National Security Council. In both these positions, she gave aid and advice to the now dead dictator called Meles Zenawi, the boss of her lover Yemane. According to one reporter, as an NSC serious member ” she rose early every morning to help prepare the National Security Estimate, the report given to the President first thing every morning at the start of the Presidential work day. Every morning, rain or shine, she was in the White House ready to brief President Clinton and answer any questions he may have about the various activities of the CIA et al in Africa”. Gayle Smith remained so smitten by the Ethiopian dictator that she backed him on his war with Eritrea, his election rigging and tyrannical rule. So much so that Obama sent her along with Susan Rice to the dictator’s funeral to heap eulogy on the enemy of Ethiopians thereby sprinkling salt on the open wounds of our people. Worse still, Gayle Smith had a hand in bringing forward Susan Rice, the Madeline Albright disciple, to the attention of her boss Anthony Lake.
    Wendy Sherman is, on the other hand, the fourth ranking official of the US State Department where she serves as undersecretary for political affairs. A feather weight by Smith’s standards. this social worker was, during the Clinton Administration, a Counselor of the United States Department of State and Special Advisor to the President and Secretary of State specially on North Korea Policy. Recently, she reared her head in Addis Abeba to stamp the repressive regime as democratic and the coming May general election as fair and just. Statement that must have shocked the regime itself as it knows like everybody that the coming election is as rigged as the earlier ones. Sherman appeared as a windbag with little or no knowledge of the Ethiopian reality. The Washington Post politely called her comments “irresponsible” but Ethiopians are not obliged to be polite towards her. A dog does bark for the master who feeds it. Sherman is a “Riceist” and if this word rhymes with another she may also be one. Her wanton and more than irresponsible words echo that of Susan Rice, the darling of African dictators who are pro American unlike Beshir and Mugabe. It will be a waste of time on my part to explain to Sherman why her words shame her to the core but she knows the situation no less than most. She knows of the repressive laws against NGOs and the Press, how the so called anti terror law is used to stifle dissent, how the regime is the predator of the free press, how the election board and the election laws serve the regime, how the regime holds more than forty thousand political prisoners, the torture in jails and ghost prisons, the sale of children and young women unto modern slavery, the massive corruption, the ethnic discrimination and so on and on. She knows the regime is ethno-centrist, if not fascistic, and outright authoritarian with a visible Stalinist nostalgia–totalitarian– but as a good diplomat she lies and sleeps with the enemy of democracy (figuratively for her and literally for Gayle Smith).On top of all this is Obama, the big time disappointment for Africa, with Samantha Power at the UN (heaven forbid!) and the inept Kelly as the foreign minister (he popped into Somalia recently and declared to the world things are turning around for the better!). We await his never to come apology. Obama promised a lot to Africans but failed to respect any of his words. He cuddles and supports dictators and, under the cover of an anti terror war, has unleashed destruction in the Horn, to Libya in North Africa and Yemen across the Red Sea. The instability in the region brings to the fore the primary responsibility of the misguided (Rice, Smith, Sherman, Vicki Huddleston and co. ) American foreign policy with Obama playing the drone master. However, to be fair to the conceited Americans, I must reveal to them that those in power in Addis Abeba have had a long experience in duping visitors and making wide eyed fans out of them. They were trained by none other than the likes of Gayle Smith. The visits to the so called liberated areas were organized like the visit of the Potemkin villages, women farming the land, guerrillas being welcomed by ululating village women, prepared fighters acting world savvy and asking prepared political questions on the international situation and the visitors leave mesmerized, some comparing their experience to utopia being built amidst war and penury, Worthwhile to read the reports and articles by Smith and her likes during the eighties. The arrogant Geldof was “robbed” in broad daylight but I am inclined to believe that he was an accomplice to or in his own fate. and he is refusing to admit his bad actions because he can’t accept he was outwitted by thieving guerrillas in plastic sandals.
    Gayle Smith as chief of staff of USAID gave the TPLF $30 million in food aid for Tigrai. She is expected to use the agency to give more help to the brutal regime. Nothing new is expected from Rice and Sherman. Nothing new from Obama too whose confused and war mongering policies will continue to wreak havoc all over the world. And if at all Hilary wins, the Rice and Smith band may have it even better than now. After all, Hilary and her daughter danced in the street of Asmara, Eritrea , and together with her husband called the ruler there (along with Meles, Museveini and Kagame) “one of the new democratic leaders”. Just think where this praise took all of them! At the end of the day, what is going on is crude and cruel real politics. Obama and his bad women (and men) serve, as they should, America’s interest. They hobnob with and help tyrants because the tyrants are their own blood soaked SOB s. Donald Yamamoto was not yet ambassador to Ethiopia when opposition figures went to meet him at the State Department to complainabout the rigging, stealing of votes and killings during the 1997 general election. He replied to their complaints and said (not verbatim); we know more people than your number (193) have been killed. We have photos of snipers on rooftops indiscriminately shooting and killing protesters. We know but we cannot touch Meles. America needs him. End of speech. America’s policy has been anti African from time immemorial, it has worked against nationalist African leaders. It was behind the murder of Lumumba and the installment of the dictator Mobutu, it helped to foil the coup against Haile Sellasie, it overthrew Nkrumah, it fully backed Apartheid and categorized the ANC and Mandela as terrorist, and more. What is odd is for Africans to expect a pro African stance from Washington, London or Paris.
    America needs Rice, Gayle Smith and other surreal windbags like Wendy Sherman to defend and foreword its national interests that are still imperialist by all standards. Its allied are retrograde monarchies like that of Saudi Arabia or repressive regimes like the one in Ethiopia praised by Rice, Gayle and Sherman, Sleeping with dictators has for long been the pleasure of America whose rhetoric otherwise sounds hollow to the core. Sadly also, America needed Obama himself, alas, and we console ourselves by saying the darkness of night will not prevent the morning from coming.
    what we know is that the USA does everything to suit it’s national interest as China does,the fact remain that the TPLF is a political prostitute which thinks to sleep around with the USA(the lone supper power)and China the emerging supper power.So Ethiopia isn’t the only battle field almost the whole world.
    We are all going either for a final countdown of WW||| or liberation,protection and democratization of all countries including Ethiopia.
    Russia+China vs NATO reference points Ukraine,USA+NATO vs China +Russia reference points,North and South Korea,Japan,Philippines,Vietnam,Uruguay,Djibouti,Somalia,….etc.God help us all because nothing indicate that the Earth and Humanity including all living things will be safe from the coming distraction of WW|||.
    NB;The rest of the emerging powers and weaker nations will be joining either one(USA or China)when it’s certain to ignite WW|||.I play chase I have been and continue to witness how every pond,Night,Bishop,and Castle are positioned.For those who can see though their inner self everything is clear to see.God help and protect us all from what is coming!

  23. USA Fears Blowback
    | #23

    It seems a lot of people need to stop telling lies or being silent and start telling the truth about USA.
    That is the beginning of liberation.

    For example there is this phenomenon where the USA attacks non-European countries and starts a process that could be called a predatory chain reaction.

    In the last 20 years or so the USA attacked non-European countries either directly as in the case of Afghanistan and Libya or indirectly through proxies as in the case of Ethiopia and started a predatory chain reaction that could be likened to a lion that attacks and kills a zebra. And then the lion is followed by hyenas, wild dogs, foxes, vultures etc who eat the remains of the killed zebra.

    The whole process is a catastrophic situation for the affected peoples of the countries.

  24. Isaac Kifle
    | #24

    The people changed their attitude towards the ruling party because Ethiopia’s economy has been one of the fastest growing in Africa and beyond recently. The World Bank forecasts growth of 10.5 percent in the year starting in July.In 2000 Ethiopia had one of the highest
    poverty rates in the world, with 56 percent of the
    population living on less than United States (U.S.) $1.25
    purchasing power parity (PPP) a day. Ethiopian households
    experienced a decade of remarkable progress in wellbeing
    since then and by the start of this decade less than 30
    percent of the population was counted living on less than United States (U.S.) $1.25
    purchasing power parity (PPP) a day. . This poverty
    assessment documents the nature of Ethiopia s success and
    examines its drivers. Agricultural growth drove reductions
    in poverty, bolstered by pro-poor spending on basic
    services, and effective rural safety nets. However, although
    there is some evidence of manufacturing growth starting to
    reduce poverty in urban centers at the end of the decade,
    structural change has been remarkably absent from Ethiopia s
    story of progress. The poverty assessment looks forward
    asking what will be needed to end extreme poverty in
    Ethiopia. In addition to the current successful recipe of
    agricultural growth and pro-poor spending, the role of the
    non-farm rural sector, migration, urban poverty reduction,
    and agricultural productivity gains for women are considered.

  25. USA Fears Blowback
    | #25

    Good piece by Hama Tuma.
    But why not clearly call the too pale-skinned Smith a CIA agent ? He should have also called USA an enemy of Ethiopia, because that country must be an enemy if it landlocked (the narrative it was Meles and not USA is not credible) Ethiopia and imposed tribalism and bantustanism.
    The country could also be behind what is known as the “Ethiopian revolution”. Very likely that the country started covert operations against Ethiopia and Haile Selassie in the late 1950s to early 1960s in response to Haile Selassies’s “anti-western” or pro-African liberation movements and pro-Panafricanism policies. Also in response to HIM’s role in the UN voting about China in October 1971. The country is protector and furtherer of white and western interests, such as western culture, protestantism and english, and is now in decline and impoverishing. If China is a superpower in its 20s or 30s USA is a graying superpower in its 80s whose best days are gone long long time ago.

  26. Cheru
    | #26

    The political soap opera of Jane is really crazy. I am a bit amazed at the political paradox that the she-devil, westerner, offered her stinky device to a Marxian combatant. But that may be a fair deal at least on the face of it. After all there is no saint Mary of a mercenary journalist. But the bigger picture of USA’a grandiose design to throttle Africa is amazing. Liberation is still not a dead word as far as Africa is concerned. USA has never (i repeat never) been Africa’s friend in the true sense (forget about the opportunism and marriage of convenience). The track record of USA on Africa starting from the era of slave trade and culmination in the reclusive bio-warfare including AIDS is simply staggering.USA is a country run by big headed bigots and Ku Klax Klan white supremacists.

  27. USA Fears Blowback
    | #27

    You are right Cheru.

    USA was never a friend of Africa and since 1945 it adopted policies to prevent industrialization in Africa and keep the continent poor and weak. The country’s policy in Ethiopia is part of that Africa policy. We all remember how Britain dismantled Italian built factories in Ethiopia and transported them out of the country shortly after liberation, that USA excluded Ethiopia as the only allied country from USA financed reconstruction programs after WW 2 and that according to Ethiopian witnesses an American General, maybe member of the joint chiefs of staff who are responsible for covert operations, said referring to Ethiopia: “no second Japan in Africa, we Americans don’t make the same mistake twice.”

    Here is also a report that tells the country used popular culture as a CIA cold war weapon:

    Films like ” Rambo” and “Terminator” and songs like “oh nikita you will never know” and “Mr. Krushchev said we will bury you” and “we are the world” were no doubt CIA films and songs.

  28. ሽማግሌዎች
    | #28

    አንዳንዴ የኢትዮጵያ ጥራዝ ነጠቅ ፖለቲከኞች ጉዳይ ግርም ይለኛል፡፡
    ላለፉት 24 ዓመታት ስለ ዲሞክራሲ ከልክ በላይ ሲያራግቡ ኖረዋል፡፡
    ነገሩ ግን የቆጡን አወርድ ብላ የብብቷን ጣለች ነው፡፡የወያኔንና የእነዚህን ፖለቲከኞች ጉዳይ ሳስብ አንድ የድሮ ቀልድ ያስታውሰኛል፡፡
    ሁለት ጓደኛሞች አውላላ ሜዳ ላይ በድንኳን ውስጥ ይኖራሉ፡፡ከእለታት አንድ ቀን ሌሊት ላይ ድብን ያለ እንቅልፍ ላይ ሳሉ ድንኳናቸው በሌባ ይሰረቃል፡፡ታዲያ አንደኛው ቀድሞ ከእንቅልፉ ሲነቃ መሰረቁን ያይና ጓደኛውን ቀስቅሶ አንድ ጥያቄ ይጠይቀዋል፡፡ ስማ ሰማይ ላይ ስትመለከት ምን ይታይሃል ብሎ ይጠይቀዋል፡፡ተጠያቂውም ቶሎ ብሎ አቤት እንዴት የሚያማምሩ ከዋክብት ይታያሉ ብሎ በአድናቆት መለሰለት፡፡ቀጠለና ጠያቂውም ተናዶ ይህ ብቻ ነው የሚታይህ አንተ ደደብ ጅል ድንኳናችን እኮ ተሰርቋል ብሎ አረዳው፡፡አትኩሮቱን ከሰማይ ላይ ከዋክብቶች ወደ ድንኳናቸው ሲያደርግ እውነትም ለካ ድንኳናቸው ተሰርቋል፡፡ደነገጠ፡፡ወያኔ በ1983 ስልጣን ላይ ሲወጣ ብዙዎቹ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሀገራቸውን በዘዴ መሰረቃቸውን አልተረዱም ነበር፡፡ብዙዎቹ ምሁራን አትኮሮታቸው ስለሚያማምሩት የሰማይ ላይ ኮከቦች(ዲሞክራሲ) እንጂ በሌባው(ወያኔ) ስለተሰረቀው ድንኳናቸው(ሀገራቸው) አልነበረም፡፡ከ24 ዓመታት በኋላ ግን አሁን ድንኳናቸው(ሀገራቸው) መሰረቁን ከእንቅልፋቸው ትንሽ የነቁ ይመስላል፡፡
    ህፃናት የሚያብለጨልጭ ነገር ደስ ስለሚላቸው በቀላሉ ይታለላሉ፡፡ኢትዮጵያውያንም በሚያብለጨልጩ ከዋክብት(ዲሞክራሲ) እየተዝናኑ ነው፡፡ምን መዝናናት ይባላል እያነቡ እስክስታ ለምዷል ትከሻዬ ነው ነገሩ፡፡ሀገር ሳይኖር ስለዲሞክራሲ ማውራት አይቻልም፡፡ሀገራችንን ደግሞ ወያኔ ከውጪ ሃይሎች ጋር ተመሳጥሮ በዘዴ አታሎ ሰርቆናል፡፡ምድረ ልበ-ቢስ ደንቆሮ ሁሉ ወያኔ ድምፃችንን ሰረቀን እያላችሁ አትለፍልፉ፡፡አስቀድሞ የሰረቀን ሀገራችንን ነው፡፡እውነቱ ይኸው ነው፡፡እኛ ሽማግሌዎች የሌሎች የሽማግሌዎች ተንኮል ቶሎ ይገባናልና ለህፃናት ልጆቻችን በተረት ተረት ማስተማር ይገባናል፡፡አንድ ተረት ልጨምርና ይብቃኝ፡፡ድሮ ሶስት ኮርማ በሬዎች አብረው ይኖሩ ነበር አሉ፡፡አንደኛው ቀይ ሁለተኛው ጥቁር ሶስተኛው ነጭ በሬ ነው፡፡ከለታት አንድ ቀን ጅብ ይመጣና ሊበላቸው ሲል ሶስቱ ቂጣቸውን በአንድነት አጋጥመው በቀንዳቸው እየወጉ መፈናፈኛ አሳጡትና አሸንፈው መለሱት፡፡በሌላ ቀን አያ ጅቦ አንድ ዘዴ አሰበ፡፡የምፈልገው አንደኛውን ብቻ ነው ብዬ አታልዬ ለምን በየተራ አልበላቸውም አለ፡፡ከዚያም በሚቀጥለው ቀን ድጋሚ ሲመጣ እኔ የምፈልገው ጥቁሩን በሬ እንጂ ሌሎቻችሁን አይደለም አላቸው፡፡በዚህ ተታለው ሁለቱ ጥቁሩን በሬ አሳልፈው ሰጡት፡፡እርሱን ቁርጥም አድርጎ በላ፡፡በሚቀጥለው ሲመጣ ደግሞ እኔ የምፈልገው ቀዩን በሬ እንጂ አንተን ነጩን አይደለም ሲለው ነጩ በሬ ቀዩን አሳልፎ ሰጠው፡፡በሚቀጥለው ነጩ በሬ ለብቻው ቀረና እርሱን ቁርጥምጥም አድርጎ በላው፡፡ነገሩ መቋእለ መሆኑ ነው፡፡ተረቴን መልሱ አፌን በዳቦ አብሱ፡፡ወያኔ ሀ-ብሎ ወታደሩን ሲበትን በሂደት የሌላውን እያንዳንዱን ቤት እንደሚያንኳኳ ልብ ያለ ማን ነበር?እናንተ የወያኔና የባእዳን ሃይሎች ተንኮል ያልገባችሁ ህፃናት ኢትዮጵያውያን ሆይ እስኪ “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” የሚለውን አንብቡት፡፡የሽማግሌ ምክር መስማት መቼም ጥሩ ነው፡፡በወያኔና በባእዳን ሃይሎች በኢትዮጵያ ላይ የተጠነሰሰው ተንኮልና ሴራ እንኳንስ ለህፃናት አእምሮ ለጎልማሳና ለሽማግሌም የሚከብድ ነው፡፡የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ ይህንን የጉግማንጉግ ዘመን በቸርነቱ በቃ ይበለን፡፡

  29. USA Fears Blowback
    | #29

    If people are serious about “patriotism” they pay attention to the threats the country faces today like TPLF, the thousands of Ethiopian or Ethiopian origin USA and other ferenji countries’ agents at home and abroad, the western cultural subversion now taking place in Ethiopia thanks to TPLF, growing miscegenation with non-Ethiopians encouraged by TPLF, abuse of Ethiopians at home and abroad and anti-Ethiopian propaganda waged by ferenjis and TPLF.

    One can do a lot even while TPLF is in power. For example one can raise people’s awareness of the ferenji and western threats and discourage miscegenation.

  30. Ethiopiawinet
    | #30

    The Ethiopian people shall rise up to conquer the Tplf!And take back Ethiopia!After all Ethiopia is for Ethiopians,so save your breath for what has been happening to the black Jews!No amount of your appreciation shall save the Tplf(Ethnic apartheid machinery in Ethiopia)from its defeat by the Ethiopian people!

  31. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #31

    I read your comments and theirs as well. How do you justify what your statments
    You are saying USA is in Africa to do business but China and others are not. and USA has a responisbility to lead the world but others are thugs.

    Please give more informations and justify your claims with evidences

  32. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #32

    Sam you said:

    ‘…American businesses do not engage in business where the rule of law is not paramount..’

    Saudi Arabia, Kuwet, Iraq,….Chile are countries where American businesse.

    Please prove me wrong if American businesses not enaged in business in these countries.

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