The Unfinished Project of Ethiopian modernity By Teodros Kiros

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The recent death of Meles Zenawi, the architect of Ethiopian modernity has

sent-tremors of moral shock to the Ethiopian state and other African states,

engaged-in the murky business of capitalist modernity.

I too am deeply saddened by the sudden death of a brilliant, stubborn
and-intolerant lodestar who died too early, when some of us were expecting him
to-mature in the womb of time and embrace the principles of Maat:
Justice,-tolerance, patience and wisdom.

Professor Andreas Eshete in ETV described him as “extremely knowledgeable and a
very quick study”, to which Susan Rice added the accolades “ World-class mind,
and not just brilliant, but strategic and wise”. (ETV, September 2, 2012)
However the time clock of temporality conflicted with transcendental time, and
as always, transcendental time defeated temporality, and our young leader died
on us and left us with the unfinished project of Ethiopian modernity.

The idea of modernity which began in Europe in the seventeenth century was
anchored on the capitalist form of distributing resources with an ego centered
moral frame, which caters to the whims, interests and passions of the rich and

In contrast, the inadequately organized socialist economy seeks to develop an
alternative form of modernity, which is slowly but steadily penetrating global

Capitalist modernity keeps on growing, leaving a vast moral wasteland, a
wasteland that socialist modernity seeks to combat but with deep grounding in
the people’s public reason and heart. Socialist ideas, however, have yet to
develop grounding institutions.

The strategic Meles attempted to modernize Ethiopia through a market economy,
jettisoning the socialist alternative, which characterized, the earlier project
of revolutionary Ethiopian modernity, which Meles, following the visions of
Chinese thinkers dubbed, the Developmental State.

>From the very beginning, Meles’ Developmental state seeks to give Ethiopian
modernity an original economic form which decouples the idea of development,
the motor of modernity, from any moral limitations and worse, it seeks to
develop bureaucrats whose task is to implement a singular leader’s vision of
building an economic infrastructure that will develop the agricultural center
in the villages and also build roads, highways, universities and business
centers guided by the imperatives of the global market economy, seeking to
develop modernity, using China as a model. The decoupling of morality and
economy, characteristic of capitalist modernity, is in direct contrast to the
blending of morality and economy, which typifies the socialist vision of

Meles Zenawi, betraying his commitment to “revolutionary democracy,’ makes the
strategic decision of securing food for the poors of Ethiopia by any means
necessary. This decision is realized at the expense of aborting the democratic
necessity of allowing citizens to participate in choosing ways of life and
ethics of existence. The unflinching vision of developing Ethiopia came with
shocking results, such as the death of hundreds of university students after
the 2005 elections, and the imprisonments of dissidents.

A recent video in Aiga Forum, presents the young Meles Zenawi, movingly grounded
in the rural cultures of the Ethiopian countryside. There in the vast fields of
the principled Ethiopian peasants, impressive democratic dialogues take place.
The leader is seen teaching and learning, lecturing and being lectured at,
instructing and being instructed, relentlessly attacking bureaucratic
ineptness, praising the natural intelligence of Ethiopian peasants. These
moments were the sites of direct democracy, my life long dream for Ethiopia, to
which I devoted my two most recent books, Philosophical Essays, and Ethiopian
Discourse. (Red Sea Press, 2012) Again, I am profoundly dismayed that he did
not read these two books, in which I fully share his earlier vision of
developing Ethiopia by directly empowering Ethiopian farmers, the back bone of
the unfinished project of Ethiopian modernity.

Perhaps he did read them in their original forms when I first published them in
the Ethiopian reporter, as a weekly columnist for five years and that I was not
fortunate enough to engage him in a critical dialogue in the spirit of Ethiopian
modernity, a unique blend of culture and enlightenment, tradition and elements
of capitalist modernity.
In these early democratic moments, the Prime Minister, is wise, patient,
tolerant and brilliant. I only wish that he had carried this humility and
organic intelligence to the parliament, where we witness a combative,
intolerant and arrogant leader, belittling some of his critical colleagues, and
ignoring scholarly critics with his substantial intelligence.
While all these moves are underway the fundamental question of democracy, the
venue of freedom is totally neglected, which in turn brought in the menacing
venom of tyranny and the silencing of critical thought.
The recent Meles Zenawi seems to have forgotten his commitment to” revolutionary
democracy,” as a forum for dialogue, free of domination and became a heartless
Whereas capitalist modernity takes great pride in safe guarding enlightenment
for the ruling class as the right to use one’s reason to think, to act and to
choose, the modernity of the Ethiopian state systematically crushes dissent,
ignores the advise of scholars, and undermines the public reason of Ethiopian
Revolutionary democracy is replaced by authoritarian developmentalism. The right
to speak gives way to the obligation to listen, to obey, provided that you are
fed, sheltered and clothed, if and when the material fundaments of modernity
are available to the Ethiopian poors.
The Developmental state is inherently repressive. The developmental projects can
be carried only by silencing dissent, imprisoning the voices of critical reason
and ridiculing alternative ideas to the leader’s blue print.
The net product of this political style is nurturing docile but materially
manipulated bureaucrats and highly cynical, subjugated and discouraged
citizens, who are shackled by the Developmental state.
The fundamentals of the developmental state that Meles has left are impressive
sources of waking the sleeping Ethiopian giant of eighty million people waiting
to be engaged economically and be disburdened from poverty. The repressive
political structure however is at loggerheads with the idea of modernity, the
pillars of which are enlightenment, democratic freedom and tolerance.
In 1982 the continent of Africa was engulfed by the menace of food crisis and
then I proposed remedies in a series of conferences sponsored by the African
Studies association. These conference papers were collected in book form, Moral
Philosophy and Development: The Human condition in Africa. (Ohio University
Press, 1992)
In that book, I proposed that food security for the continent be developed by
African States, which make conscious decisions and adopt two principles of
Justice: (1) The first principle is the recognition of food, Health, Shelter
and clothing as inalienable human rights. African resources must be used in
such a way that they can, with proper scientific aids, be channeled to
eventually (a) eliminate urgent human conditions of poverty and hunger, and (b)
address other attendant consequences of mental and physical health, hopelessness
and under motivation.
(2) The second principle is a demand for the absolutely necessary duty humans
may have in the recognition of the importance of freedom for those who think
and feel that they are unfree. When the basic human needs are met, only then
may the Africans be able to think about nonmaterial human needs, such as art
and religion. (Moral Philosophy and Development: The Human Condition in Africa,
p, 176)
I can only hope that Meles Zenawi, a voracious reader, has read this work of my
youth, and perhaps adopted it to his recent call for Ethiopian food security.
Instead of assuming that he was familiar with the work, I publicly suggest that
the present Deputy Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, consult this work as
he continues implementing Meles Zenawi’s vision of securing food for the
Ethiopian poor, a lifetime work.
I would like to elaborate and revise my present views of using the two
principles of Justice by the Developmental state. With the first formulation, I
treat the two principles of justice separately and give priority of importance
to the first principle and sacrifice freedom by relegating it to the second
position, whereas now, I propose that the Ethiopian Developmental state must
enshrine the two principles of justice as constitutional amendments
The repressive political structure that does not allow the flourishing of the
thinking individual must be checkmated by the second principle of justice that
guarantees freedom for every citizen. That food security and freedom must be
procured for the poors of Ethiopia. The first principle and the second
principle must be realized at the same time. Both are necessary and sufficient
conditions for the vision of a just and efficient modern Ethiopian state.
The existential imperative of food security ought to be mediated by the
democratic right of freedom for every Ethiopian. Meles Zenawi was very much
mistaken when he thought that freedom and food security couldn’t be realized
simultaneously. I think they can.
Development, one of the engines of Ethiopian modernity, requires a democratic
structure. The right of speech, principled assembly, spiritual conscience,
which includes religious sensibilities, fuels the democratic structure and most
potently expresses freedom.
The first principle of justice justifies the idea of development and gives it a
material anchor. This material anchor however, must be buttressed by the full
satisfaction of the second principle of justice that secures the basic freedoms
of speech, assembly and worship. Indeed Ethiopian modernity ought give pride of
place to the fundamental freedoms, as political rights, the inherent features
of democracy.
It is these inherent freedoms, which must be restored, if the idea of
development, the unfinished project of the developmental state is to bear
If these radical changes are not enacted soon, then my call for a peaceful
uprising of the poors of Ethiopia, a central feature of Ethiopian modernity,
must be reignited under the banner of Ethiopianity.
If these radical changes are not enacted soon, then my call for a peaceful
uprising of the poors of Ethiopia, a central feature of Ethiopian modernity,
must be reignited under the banner of Ethiopianity.

Teodros Kiros
Professor of Philosophy and English (Liberal Arts)
Berklee College of Music

  1. Ethio-Tazabi
    | #1

    Adolf Hitler was also a charismatic intellectual man that was highly respected by his supporters, but proved to be a freaking evil. Nothing is more dangerous living in any country under an intllectual leader that has all the power and no regards for human life. One can be a beloved great teacher, but once that teacher raped one of his students; he is nothing, but a criminal. Meles had raped Ethiopia repeatedly, and he will always be a criminal in the eyes of Ethiopians he hated, robbed, incarcerated, tortured and slaughtered. Meles is nothing, but a dead criminal. Thank God for that!!

  2. Ewenetu Tessema
    | #2

    I read your article, and I wanted to write a long comment about the evil person MZ was and How deep was his anti-Ethiopian stance, then again I thought it will be a waste of reader’s time as it would be a repeating what has been said about him over and over again. The one thing I would still like to tell you is that MZ is too arrogant to read your book or any other material that was written by Ethiopian. MZ was the most pretentious person Ethiopia has known, he showed a semblance of intellectual maturity, but he was a shallow person with a lot of personal disorder. He surrounded himself with a lot of deeply disturbed and ignorant people so that to feel good about himself. He was always performing in staged and carefully scripted environment, so that to cheat a people like you. He remind me of Tekle Desta or Debebe Eshetu, everything time I saw them playing a new play in theater, I was able to buy in the character they were playing. They were so good so much so, it did not take me more than a minute to remove the character from the real person. Zenawi was just like them, always performing what he has rehearsed,

  3. Belachew
    | #3

    Ewentu has concisely defined Meles when he said ” MZ is too arrogant to read your book or any other material that was written by Ethiopian”. Yes, Meles was a character, no more, no less. He was a hater of the Amhara ethnic. I am sure his great dream was to see the Amhara spirit crushed. while he knew the Amhara ethinic is generious poor and opressessed, he just hated patriotic feel that Amhra has to ethiopia. That could be psycologically twisted with his own family back ground or something else, I do not know….

  4. B
    | #4

    T. Kiros,

    It is good to know that you clearly sided with a criminal who will be cursed for ever and ever. You should have told Ethiopians your objective of writing fictions about tribal traitors ahead of time instead of meddling among justice seekers. You mentioned the lies of AIGA and Suzan Rice to convince your readers. What a philosopher! Shame on you!The fact is that Melese was a beggar traitor who used “traz-netck words” to impresses his masters (westerners).

    As former supporters of Hitler are loosing their titles, you will loose yours one day for supporting the racist killer of Ethiopians.

    For now, please read this articles if you have not.

    No tears for intellectual prostitutes by George Ayitte

    PhDs, Intellectual Prostitution, Collaboration and Sycophancy – See more at:

  5. channe
    | #5

    The satanic zenawi has his own worshippers. satan has his own ‘church’. It does not change the fact that the dead fascist was hater of Ethiopia AND A RUTHLESS TREASONOUS dictator.

    Tecola mentioned how the satan possesed zenawi was loved and admired by susan rice. what has susan rice to do with us. whether she likes or admires him is a matter between satanic zenawi and herself. why do we have to be told about it. Obviously Tecola considers that , if a zenawi is admired by susan rice then everybody else would take the same view. we do not want susan rice to tell us who or what kind of a man zenawi was.

    Can the man , zenawi, who hates Ethiopia so much be called a ‘moderniser’. Zenawi even struggles with himself to see himself as Ethiopian , how can anybody say this man was a moderniser of Ethiopia.
    Zenawi was a man who incited inter ethnic hatred and violence. He was a man who used phrases like, ‘what has axum to do with shewa’ etc,
    what does it tell us about the mentality of zenawi who told tegaru ‘you are the gold race’
    Zenawi the man who discarded the Ethiopian tri colour as a piece of rag can not surely be praised by anybody for doing any good to Ethiopia.

    what about the treasonous zenawi who made a deal behind close doors to make Ethiopia landlocked, single handedly. is this the man who should be praised ?

    zenawi hated Ethiopia down to the innermost part of his bones.

    Tecola praises him for all of this and is trying to give the satanic zenawi the image he never had. it is disgusting!!!

  6. Ethio-Tazabi
    | #6

    Thank you B for the link. One can have all the PHDs in the world, but at the end of the day, if he/she doesn’t have a bit of respect for human life, he/she is nothing, but an arrogant dangerous criminal waiting to gun down poor women’s children. Besides TPLF/EPRDF mass arrests and killings, they have also abused their power and have shown their disregard to the country by giving and selling Ethiopia’s precious land to the highest binders. Last night 60 minutes had a report about the dangerous alarming water shortages around the world, particularly, in India, Turkey, several Middle Eastern countries and including United States. TPLF prostitutes are selling Ethiopia’s land to Chinese, Turkish, Saudi Arabians, Indians to grow their crops using Ethiopia’s precious water and her fertile soil, while Ethiopian farmers struggle to find adequate food and water to feed their families. Ethiopia has been and still is in extreme danger being run by incompetent unintelectual, money and power hungry TPLF prostitutes that sell anything and everything belongs to Ethiopia for anyone that is offering them the mighty dollar. That is indeed PROSTITUTION!

  7. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #7

    Dear Prof T K
    In writing your article to deal with political and economic problem of Ethiopia, is there any reason why you are not taking into considerations:
    1. The borders of Africa and Arab countries are being redrawn by West- eg. Ethiopia (splitted in two), Sudan (splittted into two), Syria (will soon be splitted in two or three, Iraq (will be splitted in two or three soon)
    2. Role of naionalism and religions have no place

    Feelings of naitionalism are discredited and religion have no place as sources of moral guidances to society. For example you can see who is fighting in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and in Somalia. What right do Saudi Arabia has to bomb the hell out of Yemeni people? what peace do the Iran bring to Iraq? Neigbouring countries soldiers fight as mercenaries in the name of brininging peace or in the name of fighting anti-terrisom name.
    I am not sure whose peace they are protecting. For example Ethiopian and Kenya soldiers fight in Somalia. To bring what sort of regime?
    In South Sudan conflict, you see the hands of Uganda, and Ethiopia governments involvment. In Democratic Republic of Congo conflicts you hear the Uganda and Rwanda governments deep involvment. We know the governments of Uganda, Ethiopia or Rwanda do not even have support in their own country leave alone to support their neigbours.
    3. Mass immigration, emigrations, displacments of Africans and Arab people are being witnessed daily.

    The news coverage gives pretext to this destablisations saying they are fleeing war, famine, economic reasons, civil wars but what we witness is the ethnic and religious compositions of African countries populations are being systemtically changed by force. Who is behind it?
    4. Large chunk of land is being sold to foreign companies(so called investors) who is buying it?

    Do you think uprooting the native people in the name of development in such large scale is for the benefits of the country?
    Woynae never represented Ethiopian interest but the interests of foreign countries. Woyane paving way for the the destructions, destabilisations, chaos of East African and in particular Ethiopia.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    As they say in America: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  9. JEMAL
    | #9

    Dr. Tedoros is trying to hold at least a neutral reconciliatory sane position with regard to Meles and TPLF. Your write-up is some how in the direction of truth. It deserves some appreciation. Judgment of leaders and politicians has to be also based on existing realties and circumstances. You can not simply say they are right and they are wrong in absolute terms. There are times and conditions wherein Meles was right and also he was also wrong. But leaders are generally judged by their cumulative deeds and intentions based on the interest of majority citizens and humanity. So for TPLF, Tigreans and Westerners Meles can be the best world class leader while to the Amharas and majority Ethiopians he can be the worst nightmare. Meles was such a good ready- made technocrat and statesman trained and molded by Western powers to specifically advance their own interest. He was just their pawn. He was just the product of Cold-War. His ideology of ethnicity and subliminal anti-Amhara sentiment is in conjunction with foreign powers interest. Foreign power just picked him among Tigrean elites after studying his background of subliminal anti-Amhara and anti-Ethiopiawinet sentiment. Yes Meles was genius for his assigned home-work but was evil genius. Yes he was stubborn to carry out his assignment given by Western powers. He was born for that mission. That makes him the most controversial and unique leader in Ethiopian history. While Western powers assigned him a mission to carry out it was not with out support. They gave him all the necessary logistic including a huge gush of foreign aid and loan. Is Ethiopia growing? Yes Ethiopia is growing in superficial sense of economic growth. Who mainly benefited from this growth? Here comes the essence of justice. Ethiopia sells off all its natural resources for foreign investors and some Tigrean elites and then acquires some showy buildings in Addis and Mekele. And then is it a real development or civilization? It is short-cut modernity which is very dangerous and destructive in the long term. It is known that Addis Ababa is the seat of AU and many other international organization. The showy modernity of Addis Ababa is to cover up the clandestine systemic destruction of the rest Ethiopia. Whenever foreigners come to Ethiopia they believe that Ethiopia is developing. However the reality is different. The capitalist system of Ethiopia is neo-liberal that mainly benefits the very few. It marginalized the majority. Well neo-liberal capitalism is the triumphant system all over the world after cold war. But what makes the Ethiopian case more unique and complicated is the ethnic ideology of TPLF combined with the primary targeted marginalization and genocide of Amhara in contrast to the preferential revival of the Tigre ethnic group over the rest of Ethiopians. When it is said that Ethiopia is developing it is mainly with regard to TPLF,EFFORT and Tigreans. This has become the official truth now days peoples, both the Tigreans and non-Tigreans, are not afraid or ashamed of talking. The Western governments and the rest of African governments familiar to Ethiopia know this truth. And the result of Ethiopian modernity is mainly the result of foreign aid and loan. Who is the major beneficiary from the claimed development? Mainly TPLF and Tigreans.The benefit of the rest majority Ethiopians? They languish in poverty. They emigrate for modern slavery. They become prostitutes and beggars in Addis. They become the victims of satanic ISIS. They pay the foreign debt and loan by selling off the resources of their country. Every preferential benefit of TPLF and Tigreans is at the expense of the misery of the rest of Ethiopians. So the development of Ethiopia is a negative sum gain in the long term when viewed from the perspective of majority Ethiopians. I read one comment in abugida. It says historical Ethiopia is raped by the globalists like a little innocent girl. Then to cover up the heart break of that little innocent girl she is given some fashionable cosmetic as a solace.
    The globalists have allocated a huge some of money under the disguise of aid and loan to rape the virgin and innocent historical Ethiopia. It is because of that money TPLF boasts it is developing. It is really shame. The Derg regime did not allow Ethiopia to be raped like we see it today but unknowingly paved the way for TPLF to do the undertakings. I see Meles’s role in this perspective. Let Ethiopia bleeds until Tigray becomes prosperous.
    Ethiopians view the general situation in Ethiopia like “ትግራይና ትግሬ እስኪለማ ኢትዮጵያ ትድማ” It is time to openly assert the bitter truth. No shame in telling the truth.
    The rest of Ethiopians especially Amharas must organize themselves in any way appropriate to thwart this destruction posed by TPLF cabal relentlessly aided by foreign powers. We have to unite to thwart the unfinished project of destabilizing and disintegrating Ethiopia.

  10. mekkie
    | #10

    Tecola hagos,

    I do not care what suzan rice says about your idol zenawi.
    what do the Ethiopian people think about the murderer zenawi? have you ever cared to ask that question to your self? In your understanding, the views of the Ethiopian people do not matter that much. only what suzan says is important and if she approves zenawi , who are we to criticise him? that is how you want the readers to think.

    you are broken hearted because you lost your idol zenawi. we see it differently. it was for the good, that this cancer was removed from the land.

  11. Alem
    | #11

    Someone questioned Tedros’s standing as an [honest] intellectual. Here he is trying to defend himself and along the way advertise his books. Since he has told us in so many words about “philosophers of Tigrean origin” being left out of Horn of Africa Conference he now presents Meles as ‘the architect of Ethiopian modernity” [i.e., according to him, Andreas and Susan Rice] የአይጥ ምስክር ድንቢጥ Every credible historian begins modern Ethiopia with the reign of Tewodros [Profs. Bahru Zewde and Gebru Tareke, etc]. Now he should direct his readers to a body of work by the “philosophers or Tigrean origin” Tecola, Ghelawdewos, and Gorfu. I will go ahead and say he will not be able to provide evidence. In other words, he is again misinforming the public. One hallmark of a good leader FYI is creating/nurturing trust. No one in his right mind would think of Meles and trust at the same time. Tedros regrets Meles did not get to read his books [or else he could have changed his mind about his development ideas?]. Is this self-serving and vain or what?

  12. The lying liars
    | #12

    If the development of Ethiopia is measured by ignoring the rest of the country, and see only the growth of the Tigrae province and the wealth of TPLF’s, then it’s devloping. But, the real truth is that, the extreme poverty in Ethiopia has been the worst since TPLF have been in control. More and more Ethiopians are struggling to make ends meet. The housing crisis is over the scale, and more people are becoming homeless than ever before. More and more people go hungry and are becoming beggars, or search for food in the city jerm filled trash dump in everyday basis, the education system has become the worst since TPLF/EPRDF taken power… My friends, that’s TPLF/EPRDF’s style of developments. TPLF philosophy: as long as, cheap roads and cheap high rise buildings getting build, who cares if Ethiopians struggle and drop dead.

  13. Ethiopiawinet
    | #13

    Dear Teodros Kiros;

    I don’t think that I should have to waste my time to reply to your nonsense pro Melese and pro Tplf propaganda!I am extremely glad that you have finally unmasked yourself for all of us to know your true colors!I am not sorry to say that you are a psychopath who suffers from a great deal of anexeity due to your fear about the coming demise of the Tplf ethnic apartheid rule in ETHIOPIA!
    The Ethiopian people shall prevail over the grave of the Tplf!Furthermore no one shall save the Tplf!

  14. philosophers???
    | #14

    this artikl has no substans, just empty talk.

  15. Teodros Kiros
    | #15

    Dear 9

    Thanks Jamal for understanding my aim. Your observations are sharp and your criticisms so well taken. There is no insult but analysis.

  16. Ethio-Tazabi
    | #16

    It is beyond me to comprehend, how any human being that is educated can admire a very arrogant heartless person that spilled the blood of countless number of people, that left Ethiopia landlocked, that had given the land of Ethiopia so many millions Ethiopians died for, the very man that evicted and massaccred Ethiopians, and opened the door for foreign billioners to grow even flowers without anykind of restrictions of the type of pesticides and fertilizers they use — that can destroy the soil to grow food in the future, poison the drinking water and the air the locals breath in. Instead of spending billions of dollars on high rise buildings the country can not afford, and selling Ethiopias land to foreign billioners, the money could have been used to grow food to feed the people and even export to African countries, then use the profits to build the country. Ethiopians hated Meles because of his heartlessness, not because he was from Tigrae. He was the most evil subhuman Ethiopians have ever seen. He hated the country and the people. He only loved what he could get out of Ethiopia. Besides the blood he had spilled, the dead tyrant had done irreversible damages to the country. He was a master manipulator and a subhuman that was blinded with unimaginable hate — calling him a visionary is an insult to the true visionaries around the world.

  17. Anonymous
    | #17

    Well said my brother! That dead rat Meles was indeed an evil possessed genious, just an inch away to take Lucifer’s place. The dead dictator was a hateful racist as Hitler was. As long as anyone hated poor Amharas, he/she became his best friend and gets rewarded, case in point, the current TPLF PUPPET, the admirer of the cold-blooded Meles, the gutless, the FAKE Prime Minister HaileMariam Desalegne who is walking with the blood of innocent Ethiopians for closing his eyes, ears and mouth while Ethiopian citizens abused and butchered. The unfortunate thing is that, this man claims to be an Evangelical Born Again Christian! When did JESUS and HATE GO HAND IN HAND? Not that I care, but People like HD gives the wrong impression of what Christianity means.

  18. Anonymous
    | #18

    I have made the same mistake in the past. It doesn’t really matter since they are one and the same, but this one is the other Tecola, called Teodros Kiros. If he was named after Atse Teodros, Atse Teodros must be turning in his grave.
    There would be peace on earth, if people put value on human life, than money, cars, luxurious homes, sky high buildings and skale the countries development on the improvements of the school system and availability, the medical care, and if the magority of Ethiopians don’t go hungry every night and do not live in fear of being locked up, or even killed by the ruthless Woyanes that do not value human life…

  19. Cheru
    | #19

    I am dismayed by the blatant and annoying manner in which Tedreos Kiros and Tecola Hagos are here showing off their tribalism. Who on earth sanitizes the devil accomplice in the name of Meles Zenawi? Meles has no economic doctrine he is petty criminal and thief, a man who literally lived his entire life in a state of war with every non-tigre Ethiopian. Are we dealing here with senseless tribal colonialists in the name of Trecola and Tedros. Most probably so. But We thank them for their naivety in showing us their true colours. Their indifference, arrogance and insults which rub salt on other tribes in Ethiopia are part of the bigger picture…that Tigreans will not live one day in a democratic Ethiopia free of Tplf domination.Tigray is a republic in waiting. The Tigray republic manifesto is burning like an Olympic flame. Tigray is effectively a coloniser waiting to give the republican birth to its manifesto script when the umbilical cord of the plunder and loot is cut, come one day.

  20. Ethio-Tazabi
    | #20

    Abugida, if you have access please post the video. If not, I urge every Ethiopian to visit ECADF and watch the video of a young Ethiopian analysis of the hopelessness and Unemployment and Ethiopian Youths. A must see!

  21. kay
    | #21

    Meles Zenawi is not Lucifer he is the first ethiopian leader who struggle to adress the questions of identity.The ethnic federal is the solution to build an inclusif and new united ethiopia where all nations and nationalities share power.
    To those who are against Meles Policy,you should know that if Ethiopia exist today it is thanks to him.imagine in 1991,if Meles accepted a referundum in the somali region and Oromo region and other region,ethiopia would not exist today as we know it.
    The only mistake today is EPRDF not implementing fully the constitution which is widely supported by the majority of ethiopian.

  22. Anonymous
    | #22

    Mr. Teodros kiros , Your claim that Melese “In his early days openly promoted democratic dialogue among the Tigrian peasants in the rural area” is a deliberate misinformation and a vain pretense at its worst. Contrary to your claim of democratic discourse took place there by Melese ,what took place is in the back woods of Tigray under his leadership and his MLLT is a massive propaganda and agitation to disaffect Tigrians against Amharas. In fact, there is a good reason to believe ,here, you mistook this aspect of Melese’s undertaking for what you said ‘democratic dialogue’. Melese is neither reformist not visionary nor a democrat. In my view he was a coward, opportunist and a mercenary on a pay roll.

  23. Teodros Kiros
    | #23

    Dear Readers;

    I have heeded to Alem’s challenge that it is a historical to argue that Meles as our late leader initiated Ethiopian modernity. I would like to modify that and suggest that Meles as the leader of modern Ethiopia ,is the architect of what I call Revolutionary modernity propelled by revolutionary democracy in the early phases before the project was contaminated by Neo-Liberalism at the expense of the Ethiopian poors.

    I am now working on the Unfinished project of revolutionary democracy and modernity. Please stay tuned.

  24. anon
    | #24

    Mr.Teodros Kiros, I submit to you mistook Mlese’s propaganda and political agitation ,to mobilize and dis affect Tigrains against Amharas, through MMLT for what you said “his democratic discourse with the peasants of that area”. I believe that is what exactly took place and there is evidence. TPLF’s own internal memo ,and an eye witness account such as by G/Medehin Araya,Berhe,Gidaye Zeresion ,the agree with me.

  25. Treaty
    | #25

    For all of you out there when it comes to Ethiopian discourse there is one thing that keeps coming .Irrespective of political differences this phenomena keeps cropping up in our midst frequently.In one word, ours a suspicious ridden culture. And the negative reaction of Tecola and Teodros to the Ethiopian Eritrean conference a result of fear and insecurity that is prevalent within the opposition. That is not to say these men don’t have a right to say. They have that privilege. But Dr. tecola to lash out such statement,

    “The recent “Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Conference was an experiment in futilities where I heard on video some drum beating and saber rattling by ageing scholars who could hardly swing their table knives”. Is an indication of intolerance and personal insecurity. Tecola reads in to the conference something which is not there. Nonetheless, this is not an isolated happenstance; it often occurs in every one’s circle. And it does not help much for Dr. Teodros to follow Tecola’s cue in promoting Melese as reformist and revolutionary democrat either.

    I don’t believe I or any one of us have all the answer for this deep sited collective anxiety and suspiciousness in our society. However, we can not continue to ignore its destructive nature. It is given Ethiopians are fighting for their freedom and to that end are making some stride. Yet, at times we exhibit this prevailing suspiciousness in our midst that we rush to condemn what might have been the good will and intentions of others simply because we don’t have adequate info about the project. Given this fact, there is a good reason to believe many of our people are turned off by such attitude to join political organizations. If this trend continue un addressed it will serve as a self defeating catalyst where regime supporters might use to widen the gap.
    Please, understand I am fully aware that it is impossible to bring all people in one central idea. I am only considering those people who are willing to set a side their personal and petty differences to bring a difference in our people.

    One way I can think of to correct this trend is this. Demand all civil ,and political organizations to conduct a rectification movement within their rank to put in place a democratic ordering principles. That is conducting our organizational affairs in such a way that will increase participation and contribution. Suspiciosness among ourselves can only be remedied when there is openness, tolerance and good will to promote democratic value in DEED and PRACTICE. I believe some one such as Dr. Messay or any able person need to expand in this area in the coming days.

  26. Zuma
    | #26


    Please, post this link for me. We the people of Ethiopia need to be involved and devise a means to remove weyane. we need patriotic gorela movement In Ethiopia now.


  27. Anonymous
    | #27

    Thanks for the link. Woyanes are the curse of Ethiopia/ns. It is unforunate that people that consider themselves highly educated and philosophers seems intentionally, ignore and choose not to notice the brutality and unspeakable crimes and hate Woyanes inflicting on peaceful Ethiopians from East to West and from North to South for the last 24 years. These so called educated individuals want all Ethiopians to ignore the inhumanity, cruelity and jaw-dropping abuse Ethiopians endure in everyday basis, as long as Woyanes climb the ladder of wealth and some roads and buildings are being built mostly in Addis and in Tigrae… regardless Ethiopians struggle to find peace, water, food and a place to sleep.

  28. Dawi
    | #28

    Zuma are you serious? Your #2 link is very embarrassing to look at if you ask me. “gorela movment” against coble stone?? Did you see the comment section of that link? Check it out in the following – It is very hilarious!!

    [[Awo. Kittehin sateterg Engineer athonim. Mejemerya, awo .. ye cobble stone Engineer hoonena .. betekekel seraw. Bechika ager le 3,000 amet norehal. Ahunim menged dar teshenaleh. Esun satareg, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemcal Engineer athonim! Chooche … woyanen mashenef kefelek, mejemerya .. yegbah sefereh yalewoon chika be cobble stone senetef ..enkwan tekefleh, benetsam sera. Degmo defreh, Stadium lemin alteseram telaleh? Awo shame new .. eger kwas tewedaleh yagerehin chkika be cobble stone kemashahal. Ante temarku atebel .. gena neh ..chooche.]]

  29. Anonymous
    | #29

    You are like a broken record player. No matter how horrible the crimes of Woayanes are, you are here and there repeating the same thing to defend the known robbers and mass murderers. It is obvious that, you are not very brite for thinking that you can still change the minds of oppressed Ethiopians by denying the facts. You are pathatic! You will never be able to change the facts of Woyanes despicable crimes. Those days are over. Yes, in the past during the other bloodthirsty Mengestu era, the desperate Ethiopians trusted Woyanes in the hopes to get rid off Derg and to bring the badly needed peace. Now, every Ethiopian from all walks of life, are aware the real truths that TPLF are nothing but a bunch of heartless mafia group that are in it to get rich and build GREATER TIGRAE by every means of necessary, including mass murderers. Here is a tip: stop wasting Ethiopians tax payers money, your manipulations and misinformation is not working. Give up defending the known woyane criminals. Do yourself a favour, try to save an ounce of dignity. Ethiopians know the TRUTHS!

  30. Zuma
    | #30

    You quote one of the deranged weyane member comment, who just like many of you TPLFits mistakenly believe perpetual subjection of Ethiopians is possible. Nothing new or surprising for the majority of us ,here, of your estimation of the people of Ethiopia. By the way, you could have saved the comment of your ‘educated’ comrade for your self. You said, ‘It is very hilarious!’ Dawi, your sarcasm about the links, and your ignorance of Ethiopians resolve to liberate themselves from the TPLF ethnic apartheid is a sad commentary. By the way, if you find the link embarrassing why the need for you to post insulting comment?
    That is precisely what I expect from you and company ,anyways.

    I think I have even more humorous stuff for you. Nothing else , not even the passage of time will lead me to believe

    Is capable of sheading its true color and transform itself as civilized polity.Now, back to the issue. What is clear from the clear video is this. TPLF leaders are unworthy of being called government officials to run the nation. The fact of the matter is,contrary to the aspirations of the majority of Ethiopians they have built an ethnic apartheid bureaucracy.

    And they use this convenient tool at their disposal to divert both doners fund and the nation’s wealth to their own account offshore.
    The story of the said stadium to be built in Shewa relates as a case how the French fund was transferred in to the hands 0of TPLF officials.

    Meanwhile, none TPLF Ethiopians have one of the two choices below.

    1-Languish in TPLF dungeons for demanding better opportunity.
    2- Or perish while attempting to seek sanctuary else where, as we are accustomed to witness the sad saga, even though you want us to believe every thing is fine about Ethiopian and Ethiopians.

  31. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #31

    Dear Pro Teodros
    I thank you for your respect to your readers.
    But my fear is that most of you- professors or elites are interpreting the crisis in Ethiopia as issue of neo-liberal or developmental govt and so on.

    I think you have to wake up to the fact Ethiopia is now under foreign forces. You might think Woyane is running the government. That is stupid and foolish thing to make us believe which was sold to us by so called educated people.
    Educated can argue about ideologies and policies among themselves but the truth is Ethiopia alreadry in the hands of foreign powers. You can believe what you like but the truth remains that you have no sayings in Ethiopian affairs in any meaningful way. Because we did not reconise the the problem. So we are thinking Woyane has power. Woyane read what ever is given to them.
    on the other hand so called Edcated read books and tell us about it as if the idea theirs. Educated people have no followers and are not respecting each other.
    World is in political turmoil. Whoever it is they set it in motion to create a new rules, morality, nationality, borders, and so on.
    New political cadres of the new order tell us what they are being taught in the universties of theese of powerful nations
    Thank you professor/

  32. Dawi
    | #32

    Zuma said:

    [[...By the way, if you find the link embarrassing why the need for you to post insulting comment?..]]

    Dear Zuma,

    I did it because that “comment” was appropriate to the kid who devaluates labor [cobblestone] & hard work in general and made a fool of himself; why don’t you go around and see some museums in the US cities and find out thousands buried under the roads, bridges we walk and drive on today while building it. These people are honored and the skilled construction work like the cobblestone is still not an underrated skill.

    Again, that lumpen mentality of the kid is disgusting if you ask me but, I understand you pain because your disrespect for “..SEBARA ENSERA TEGANG ENA TEBEKO LEBASH..” puts you in the same category.

  33. Zuma
    | #33


    You need to know, if you are not by now, I have absolutely nothing in common with you. I believe TPLF is a day light looter of the wealth of our poor nation. You talk about TPLF developmental blabala year year out. In short, TPLF believes and practices in the saying “If you repeat lies through the media eventually it will be believed”. And so you are caught up in this game of your own making. You care for nothing but for yourself and the well being of TPLF. You live for now and here. You care not for your children ,or relatives or for the well being of the nation. One more thing you are not being delusional for believing you will live secured ,with the money stolen form poor Ethiopians, in your banana republic of Tigre. Until that time it is your chief duty to monitor Abugida and other forums to dis inform and deceive. I understand the is stake here for TPLF. That is why Ethiopians must rise in arms against one of the scum vile of the earth that call itself TPLF.

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