Making Sense of an Electoral Score of 100 Percent By Messay Kebede

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According to the National Election Board of Ethiopia, the result of last week’s national election is that the EPRDF has achieved a complete victory by grabbing all the parliamentary seats. The same board and the Woyanne government qualified the result as a triumph of democracy, which leads one to assume that in today’s Ethiopia the progress of democracy is measured by the size of exclusion of opposition parties from parliamentary participation. In 1995, the process granted 75 seats to various opposition parties, then it evolved to one representative in 2010, until it reaches the present stage of advanced democracy with zero representative from the opposition. Bravo to the EPRDF! Be it noted that this novel interpretation of democracy seems to be endorsed by the American government through the authoritative voice of Wendy Sherman, the Under Secretary for Political Affairs. The only step remaining to achieve the apex of democracy is the banning of opposition parties, obvious as it is that they have become obsolete.

On a serious note, last week’s election appears very enigmatic to many observers. For one thing, in view of the creeping discontent in the country, which is even expressed outwardly here and there, in view also of the paranoia of the regime showing an unprecedented level of mobilization of its repressive forces to intimidate voters and stifle dissenting voices, a complete parliamentary victory strikes by its utter impossibility. There is only one possible conclusion: not only the election was not free and fair, but it was also subjected to fraudulent practices, such as stealing or eliminating votes supporting the opposition.

The question that comes to mind is the following: if neither the people and opposition parties give an iota of credibility to the official result, nor for that matter the officials and the cadres of the ruling party themselves––since they used all repressive and fraudulent means to eliminate the opposition––in a word, if nobody lends any credibility to the official outcome, why is the ruling party going through such a costly, time-consuming, and utterly useless exercise? What is the expected gain?

Can we say that the election serves the purpose of renewing legitimacy? But how can a government renew legitimacy by claiming an unbelievable victory? Who falls for a score of 100 percent? What about the international community? Perhaps, but again provided that you come up with something believable, and 100 percent is not believable. Accordingly, such a score defeats its purpose, if it is legitimacy.

This is what is most perplexing: a lesser score (say, for example, of 80 percent) would gain some credibility without, however, endangering the hegemony of the ruling party. Indeed, why not leave some seats to the opposition? So long as the ruling party retains an overwhelming majority, the opposition does not present any risk. What is more, the presence of the opposition, however negligible it may be, would give some sense to the voting process in the parliament.

There is more: in turning the election into a process of elimination of the opposition by all means necessary, the government and the ruling party are loudly telling the Ethiopian people that any hope of change through peaceful means is just an illusion. This is none other than forcing the people to seek other means, namely, violent forms of struggle, such as uprisings and armed struggle. It is hard to understand the reason why a government would push its own people to violent methods.

If, instead of renewing legitimacy, a score of 100 percent only succeeds in cornering people to violent means, why on earth would a government adopt such a detrimental policy? We only saw negative sides. Where is the gain? The huge enigma here is that, unlike most dictatorial states, the regime in Ethiopia has recognized multiple opposition parties, even if it has restricted their activities to what it deems tolerable. While the general rule for dictatorial regimes is to ban opposition parties altogether, the Ethiopian regime recognizes them except that it does not want them in the parliament. Since in both cases the result is the same, the behavior of the Ethiopian regime may become intelligible if we get hold of the reason why even dictatorial regimes that ban opposition parties organize elections.

Where no opposition parties exist, the purpose of election cannot be the achievement of victory. As there is no contest, the claim of victory would be simply surreal. By contrast, single-party regimes are concerned with the number of people who come out to vote, the issue being to get out the maximum number of voters by all means necessary. Clearly, the objective is not to gain the majority of votes; rather, it is to demonstrate force. Elections are meant to show the extent of the control of the government and the ruling party over the people. The less the people like the regime, the higher is its need to show the maximum electoral score, thereby displaying its invincibility. The message is then clear enough: even if you do not like the regime, there is nothing you can do about it. As such, it is a celebration of defiance, a parade, a showoff of political force.

It seems to me that the TPLF has perfected the meaning of election under dictatorial rule: unlike one-party dictatorships, it recognizes opposition parties, allow them some freedom of maneuver, only to deprive them of even one seat in the parliament as a manifestation of its absolute hegemony. This is none other than an extreme form of political bullying, as in the case when a child donates his toy to another child and takes it back after some time as a way of showing his dominance by aggravating the frustration of the other child.

The ultimate goal of this political bullying is, of course, the inculcation of submission through the sense of hopelessness. While in democratic countries, elections establish the legitimacy of states through the exercise of popular sovereignty, in dictatorial regimes, like that of the TPLF, they are periodical rituals displaying the submission of the people. To the extent that these elections raise and then dash hopes for change, they renew the sense of hopelessness of the people, and so deepen their resignation.

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Prof. Messay Kebede, you should realize that the election was lost due to the unwillingness to share power with its own mirror image OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre back in 2010 to occupy the parliament in a bicameral chamber of the parliament with ethnic agenda with ideologies of “System of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism that denies the silent majority of Ethiopians free market capitalism at least in terms of private ownership of land to make them feel this land is my land from East to West and from North to South, with individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, while shutting up those for Ethiopian Nationalism for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. That same circumstance still prevails to 2015 election, where the contestant for share of power with Medrek, with goals for respect of ethnic rights, rather than individual rights, respect for human rights and bring about democracy super imposed over ethnocracy which is dejavu all over again even if they win a sizable seats in the parliament, does not mean tipping the balance from the negative forces of disintegration to the positive forces of integration, that of restoring Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in a liberal and/or social democracy but not ethnic dictatorship of ethnic minority now and ethnic majority in the future.

    Not knowing that the TPLF/eprdf regime has the constitution on its side as its blue print of a divide and rule policy with non-independent parliament and non-independent election board and observers and coercion and intimidation of its opponents with followed up incarceration, the complaints in these article is failing to understand the inevitability of the outcome beforehand.

    The proactive solution, following the 2010 election would have been for all opposition parties to coalesce around the common goals with the
    national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, with strategies to achieve those goals and form democratic parties along the national agenda to develop the country as a whole.

  2. Dawi
    | #2

    In Addis Ababa we understand 35 percent of the vote went to the opposition so EPRDF didn’t win 100%.

    Not withstanding the “repressive and fraudulent means to eliminate the opposition”, such outcomes in an election are not unique in “developmental states” as I am sure Prof. Messay realizes; countries like Singapore have a similar situation. They have election every 4-5 years but are criticized for not having opposition parties in parliament.

    The government of Singapore, introduced two new types of MPs; non-constituency members of Parliament [NMPs] and nominated members of Parliament [NMPS]. NWPs are not elected but are appointed as MPs. NMPs are not part of any political party but are appointed by the president for 21/2 years. These people have limited powers.

    In other wards, violence don’t have to be the only option for us.

  3. Zenebe
    | #3

    The opposition in Ethiopia have been cooperating with the TPLF and some reward for it is to be expected. I believe this time that the TPLF will give the opposition some consoling seats in its assembly. The TPLF will not be 100% greedy and mean. The donors also expect the TPLF to offer some seats to opposition for their own diplomatic and political purposes. Both the donors and the TPLF know that the opposition groups have taken part in the sham elections to get some seats from the TPLF.

  4. ግሩም
    | #4

    The 100 % victory of TPLF.Well it makes sense and also it is so bizarre that it does not make sense.Some months ago in advance I did post a comment about the recent election before it would ever happen calling it “አማራጭ የሌለው ምርጫ፣አማራጭ ያጣች ሀገር”
    However, I would like to say something about it. What is the message of the process and results of recent election? On one hand it is an indirect admission of TPLF cabal that it is actually defeated 100 %.Yes it is an indication that TPLF is actually 100 % rejected from the minds and hearts of majority Ethiopians as a legitimate positive force. Declaration of 100 % victory is an indication of over-compensation of psychological defeat of TPLF itself. It is an indication of admission that this force is criminal and illegitimate since time of immemorial in its inception. One’s cowardice breads cowardice in the neighborhood, confidence breads confidence, trust breads trust, bravery breads bravery in the neighborhood. TPLF is in anxiety of loosing its hegemony and likewise desperately thrives to propagate its own image of anxiety throughout the society. Any sane power derives it legitimacy and righteousness mainly from two sources. One is from the consent of the peoples it rules. The second is from God as the previous aristocracies do. The 3rd alterative of deriving power by coercion having no attachment from the first two is totally criminal and illegitimate.
    However TPLF is uniquely deriving power by another 4th alternative, as we see it, which makes it even not only criminal and illegitimate but also a uniquely chronic psychopath and sociopath devoid of moral values. TPLF invites, without even formal request from majority Ethiopians, elections and then to the contrary directly or indirectly forces/blackmails Ethiopians to elect TPLF itself. This is the ultimate manifestation of stupidity and mental disorder. TPLF and EPLF cling to power at the same time. EPLF leader Esayas, though a dictator, does not do such election fiasco/bizarre and he is by far better than TPLF in a sense of personal integrity and honesty. Why I say TPLF invites, without even formal request from majority Ethiopians? When TPLF came to power in 1983 did Ethiopians go to streets demanding TPLF democracy and election? Never ever. They just waited to see what TPLF would do. From the very inception TPLF (including EPLF) was the creation of foreign powers and hence it is for the sake of foreign powers good will that TPLF has been undertaking Elections. Foreign powers helped and brought TPLF to power as their stooge and to compensate/cover the symbiotic mutual evil conspiracy between them, they just orchestrated fake elections as appeasement for Ethiopians especially to the naïve and gullible Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals.
    The majority of innocent Ethiopians never expected democracy from TPLF who fought for 17 years with Derge and then who rendered Eritrea separated and Ethiopia landlocked and the military dismantled. How comes the majority Ethiopian ever trust gorilla fighters who cling to power by force? Well the majority of naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals have unchecked love affair with the West and Western style democracy just because they saw the showy electoral events in the West. So how such Ethiopian intellectuals view TPLF? As a dictator that failed to bring the promised democracy? How the majority innocent Ethiopians view TPLF? Sometimes as a bizarre, psychopath, sociopath.Sometimes as a sheer liar. What I am very much sick of TPLF deeds is, let it cheat ballots in any way it likes and then declare victory, but why it additionally blackmails/forces peoples to elect TPLF? That is the reason why the majority of Ethiopians, not spoiled by dirty politics, have by far better respect and trust for previous regimes including Derg than TPLF.Why? Because the previous regimes are not as hypocrite as TPLF.TPLF ‘cheated’ its Western masters and naïve and gullible Ethiopian intellectuals and never ever the rest innocent Ethiopians. Why? Because the majority of innocent Ethiopians never ever expected democracy from TPLF from the very beginning of its cling to power. How comes one expects a honey from a fly? How comes one expects from NEBE=bee=TPLF a fair and free election. Never ever.Well then who is a mockery? Western democracy?Western Governments who support TPLF as ally? TPLF ? Oppositions? Tigrean Elites? Non-Tigrean Elites? Ethiopian intellectuals? Majority inncoent Ethiopians? Uneducated innocent Ethiopian farmers? Or this unlucky country called Ethiopia? Why the so called democracy with regard to Ethiopia is rendered or doomed in to mockery? Well I can dare to say one thing.The majority of innocent Ethiopians are ‘ignorant’ of Western style democracy? And here comes the saying ignorance is a bliss. They never ever expected Western style democracy as they do not know it in the first place. So there is no guilt of consciousness in such part of our society whether democracy is a mockery or not. An Ethiopian farmer evaluates you based on your words of promise.ቃል ከሚጠፋ የወለዱት ይጥፋ እንደሚባለው ማለት ነው፡፡ላለፉት 24 ዓመታት ለኢትዮጵያ ገበሬ ዲሞክራሲ ማለት ወያኔ ማለት ነው፡፡ዲሞክራሲን የሚያየው በወያኔ መነፅር ነው፡፡በቅጡ ማንበብ መፃፍ የማይችል አንድ የኢትዮጵያን ገበሬ እኔን ካልመረጥክ ማዳረበሪያና መሬት አታገኝም ብለህ አስፈራርተህ እንዲመርጥህ ስላደረግህ ገበሬውን አታለልኩት ማለት አትችልም፡፡ወይንም አንድ የከተማ ድሃ እንደዚያ ስላደረክ አታለልኩት ማለት አትችልም፡፡የታችኛውን ህብረተሰብ በሚመለከት በምርጫ ዲሞክራሲ በሚሰራው ቁማር ወያኔ ያታለለው እራሱን ነው፡፡አንድ አገዛዝ በመሳሪያ ሃይል ስልጣን ላየ ከወጣ በኋላ አገዛዙን አምኖ የተቀበለን ህዝብ መልሶ በሃይል እያስገደዱ እኔን ምረጡኝ ማለት ጤናማ አእምሮ ያለው ሰው የሚያደረግው ተግባር አይደለም፡፡ወያኔ እራሱንም ሆነ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ እንደዚህ አይነት ተቃርኖ(paradox, oxymoron) ውስጥ የሚከተው ለምንድን ነው?
    በሃይል ስልጣን ላይ የወጣ አገዛዝ ህዝብን በግድ ካልመረጣችሁ ብሎ ካስገደደና ህዝብ ደግሞ እንደዚህ ካልክማ ጥንቱንም ስልጣን ላይ የወጣኸው በሃይል ነው የእኛን ፈቃደኝነት ከጠየከን ግን በድምፃችን አንፈልግህም ካለው እየመረረውም ቢሆን ይህንን አምኖ መቀበል ነው ያለበት፡፡ስለዚህም አብዛኛው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በተለይም ገበሬው ይህ አይነት የወያኔ የለየለት የተቃርኖ እብደት አይመለከተውም፡፡የኢትዮጵያ ገበሬ እንደዚህ አይነቱን እብድ ፀበል ውሰዱት ነው የሚለው፡፡ምናልባትም የኢትዮጵያ ገበሬ ስለወያኔ ውስጡ የሚነገርው 17 ዓመት ሙሉ ለወያኔ/ሻእብያ ጦርነት የገበረው የልጆቹ ህይወት ነው፡፡ Why the so called democracy with regard to Ethiopia is rendered or doomed in to mockery? የሚለው ወደ ተማረውና ፖለቲከኛው የተቃዋሚው ጎራ ስንመጣ ግን ሁኔታው የተለየ መልክ ሊይዝ ይችላል፡፡የውጪውን አለም አይዲኦሎጂ በቅጡ በጥልቀትና በስፋት ሳይመረምር እንዳለ ተቀብሎ ላለፉት 40 ዓመታት ያህል እንደበቀቀን እያቀነቀነ አውቆም ይሁን ሳያውቀው የባእዳን ሃይሎች መሳሪያ በመሆን ንጉሱን ገልብጦ ኢትዮጵያንም እዚህ አይነት አጣብቂኝ ሁኔታ ውስጥ ስለከተታት ምናልባት በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ ከፍተኛ ሃፍረት ወይንም guilty consciousness ሊሰማው ይገባል ወይንም ይሰማዋል የሚል ግምት አለኝ፡፡እኛ ተዋርደውና ተገፍተው የተገለበጡት ንጉስ እውን ዛሬ ከመቃብራቸው ተነስተው ይህንን ክስተት ቢያዩ ምን ይሉ ይሆን?እውን ኢትዮጵያ የዲሞክራሲ ገነት ሆነችን?ነው ወይንስ ሉአላዊ ግዛቷን አስጠብቃ ኖረችን? ነው ወይንስ ልጆቿ በሀገር ውስጥም ሆነ በውጪ ሀገር ተከብረው ኖሩ? The motive/nature of human deceit sometimes originates from the perpetual strive to escape from truth and its accompanying guilty consciousness. And well such type of deceit can be sometimes manifested through mockery, deliberate confusion and even conspiracy.
    21st century is not only an information age but also a time of sophisticated deceitful brainwashing and indoctrination full of hypocrisy and conspiracy beyond the imagination of ordinary peoples. Well democracy in Ethiopian context has become a farce, eventually doomed to be a mockery after TPLF’s 100 % victory, in the domain of Ethiopian political and intellectual elites. It is their home-work to unravel its mystery. On the basis of TPLF vs Opposition vs Foreign Powers they may accuse or compromise one another why democracy is doomed to be such a mockery in the Ethiopian context. There might be some sort of guilty consciousness in that domain. However the majority of innocent Ethiopians do not have any clue of the reason behind such farcical democracy in Ethiopia. But generally they just have lost faith in the system. They just only want to live their daily life believing in God that some day a better future may come. However the majority of Ethiopians have become politically motivated for their true freedom, not that much because of the failure of elitist farcical democracy, but mainly when things started to become a matter of survival. And those decisive moments of survival. among others, are when around 30 thousand Amhara farmers are savagely displaced from southern Ethiopia(Guraferda) and their property looted, when ISIS massacred 30 Ethiopians and its news propagated all over Ethiopia. Such significant events have sparked a very great consciousness among the majority of ordinary Ethiopians regarding the legitimacy of the incumbent TPLF regime. So the irony of 100 % victory for TPLF is to the contrary an indirect psychological compensation of 100% defeat of TPLF. Well as I said before neither do the oppositions deserve the victory vote of Ethiopians. Really they do not deserve. The poor psychology of the oppositions that the populace has to vote them just simply because the populace opposes TPLF is absurd and a silly.
    They have failed to become a dependable and trusted alternative force.
    They have failed for themselves and they have also failed Ethiopia.
    In the first place does Ethiopia need more than 70 political parties?
    Well congratulations TPLF and enjoy your 100% victory until time allows you to stay in power. However, finally I want to say that the confidence, integrity, dignity and good spirit of Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopians shall not be spoiled and crushed by making Ethiopians a mockery of democracy. We must not feel confused,dispirited, ashamed, disgraced and discouraged by TPLF’s claim of 100% victory. One of the insidious plot or conspiracy of TPLF and its foreign backers is to emasculate and crush the confidence, integrity, dignity and good spirit of Ethiopiawinet that has repeatedly manifested itself by resisting foreign aggression and colonialism. They want to make us a mockery of democracy. But I again tell those humble and disciplined Ethiopians that you have actually defeated TPLF by just accepting the 100 % false victory of TPLF and not making any sort of destructive violence about it. You do keep calm just because you know well from your heart that you rejected TPLF 100% long ago in 1997 election. So it is TPLF who is 100 % defeated even though it claimed with out shame a 100% victory.
    God Bless Ethiopia !!!

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Prof. Messay Kebede, you would find the narratives to the last paragraph in satellite broadcast.

  6. Dawi
    | #6


    EPRDF has learnt from the experience of S. Korea; they are growing faster than them already because of that; the just completed “election” is also not in vain as you’re trying to portray it. S. Korea paid a price for being fully “authoritarian” as a “developmental state” for close to 20 years. The learning curve took them years to overcome because the state had to re-learn basic functions [forms] and all of “democracy”. Many citizens perished going through that.

    That is why Meles called his vision a “democratic developmental state”; the “democracy” is work in progress.

    The election is an education necessary to become an able democratic state; it is being refined every time. This time the “form”is seen an exemplary by many (looks better than even the West) as we saw it; the orderly Ethiopians going through voting polls peacefully in cue is fascinating to watch. The system served 37 million? Can you imagine that? I give credit to the election board who are probably 2nd to none in running a system of such type. It is indeed extra ordinary!

    Don’t get out of shape because I am only talking about the “form” here but, one shouldn’t discount such proficient transferable management skill to nothing besides, you don’t practice “democracy” over night. When the time comes we have a system to do the job. Let us continue to build on our strength. That is what we do in an individual level why not as a nation?

  7. ግሩም
    | #7


    This shall be my last response for you regarding your/TPLF misleading hype of the terms “Developmental-State”. And the reason I give you response is just because I respect you because you are so polite in the mannerism of arguments. However from now on wards I do not take it even seriously in what you talk as “Developmental-State”. This phrase is something you have fabricated from thin-air. This phrase “Developmental-State” as illusionary as what we call democracy under TPLF rule. This two hyped newspeak of hypocrite TPLF, not hyped by former genuine regimes, are just created to cheat the populace and it is just a sheer PR. The two words democracy and development were not as such hyped by the previous regimes. However it does not mean that the previous regimes were less democrat and less developmental states as compared to TPLF just because they do not make market advertisements of these concepts like TPLF day and night. They did their best effort genuinely in both respects when compared to TPLF.
    Specially the previous regime of Emperor Hailselasie was by far better democrat and developmental-state compared to TPLF.TPLF is in short a stooge client- regime of global-capitalism and its neo-liberal and neo-colonialism imperialistic projects which is totally against the general interest and wellbeing of majority Ethiopians. And hence TPLF has received ample foreign aid and loan and other support from foreign powers to advance this project. It is an open secret well known by every Ethiopian intellectuals and politicians and even ordinary peoples. No body denied that Ethiopia, under TPLF, has registered an artificial economic growth in a neo-liberal economic paradigm/sense. But who are the main beneficiaries of this growth? Well known by the whole world and they are TPLF, EFFORT, and Tigreans in the food-chain. The remaining majority Ethiopians have been systematically marginalized and have been doomed to languish in abject poverty. TPLF is TPLF in reality and stands for Tigreans and Tigreans liberation and prosperity at the loss and misery of other Ethiopians. So under my 3 yardsticks TPLF is against the general interest of the majority Ethiopians.Territorial integrity of Ethiopia, economic development and good governance/democracy. Tell me a single non-Tigrean (especially Amahara, Oromo, Gurageie) making a single business under the soil of Tigray. No one.ድሮ ኤርትራ/ትግራይ የግላችን ኢትዮጵያ የጋራችን ነበር የሚባለው፡፡አሁን ግን ኤርትራ/ትግራይ የግላችን ኢትዮጵያም የግላችን ነው እየሆነ ነው ያለው፡፡ትግራይና ትግሬ እስኪለማ ኢትዮጵያ ትድማ እንደተባለው ነው፡፡
    ትግሪኛ ተናጋሪው የሰሜኑ ክፍል ጥንቱንም ዘረኝነት በጣም ያጠቃዋል፡፡በአፄ ሃይለስላሴም ዘመን ብዙ የስልጣን ቦታዎች ሲሰጣቸው ቅድሚያ ተጠቃሚ የሚያደርጉት የራሳቸውን ወገን እየመረጡ ነበር፡፡ንጉሱ በዚህ ከፍተኛ ቅሬታ ነበራቸው፡፡ይህ አይነት ዘረኝነት በተቀረው ማህበረሰብ ዘንድ አመኔታ ማጣትንም ያስከትላል፡፡የትግሪኛ ተናጋሪው ልሂቃን በአብዛኛው ሀገር በማስተዳደር ደረጃ ሊሳካለት ያልቻለውም አንዱ ምክንያት ለዚህ ነው፡፡አማራ የሚባለው ብሄር 100 ዓመት ሲያስተዳድር ዘሩን እየመረጠ ሀገር የሚመራና የሚጠቅም ቢሆን ኖሮ ኢትዮጵያ የምትባለው ሀገር አሁን ባልኖረችም ነበር ምክንያቱም ወያኔ በ24 ዓመታት ውስጥ ምን እየሰራ እንደሆነ እየታየ ነው፡፡ስለዚህ ልማታዊ መንግስት ልማታዊ መንግስት እያልክ የምታወራው ነገር ከልክ በላይ ስለተደጋገመ ቀልድ እየመሰለብህ ነው፡፡ልማት የማያለማ መንግስትና ግብር የማይቀበል መንግስት በአለም ታሪክ ላይ የለም ብዬ ከዚህ በፊት መልስ ሰጥቼህ ነበር፡፡አይ የለም ካልክ ደግሞ አዎ ወያኔ ልማታዊ መንግስት ነው ነገር ግን ህዳሴውም ልማቱም በአብዛኛው በእርዳታና በበድር ለወያኔ እና ለትግሪኛ ተናጋሪው እንደሆነ በገሃድ የሚታወቅ ነገር ነው፡፡አዎ ትግራይ ለምቷል የራሳቸው የትግራዮች ክልል ስለሆነ፡፡የተቀረውም ሀገር አደገ ከተባለ ቢዝነሱን ልማቱን በአብዛኛው የተቆጣጠሩት ትግሬዎች ናቸው፡፡ሌላው የበይ ተመልካች ነው፡፡ሰአቱ ሲደርስ ዲሞክራሲውንም እናመጣለን የምትለውን አባባልህን የተራዳሁት ኢትዮጵያን እየዘረፍን አዳክመን እራሳችንን አቋቁመን የምንፈልገውን ካሳካን በኋላ ስልጣኑን እንለቃለን እንደማለት ነው፡፡ትግራይና ትግሬ እስኪለማ ኢትዮጵያ ትድማ እንደተባለው ነው፡፡ለማንኛውም በደርግ ዘመን እና በሃይለስላሴ ዘመን የነበረውን ሁለት ነገር እንደሚከተለው አንብብና ወያኔ ስልጣን ላይ የወጣው ለብዙሃኑ ህዝብ ዲሞክራሲና ልማት ሳይሆን የራሱን ጠባብ ብሄር አጀንዳ ብቻ ለማራመድ መሆኑ መረዳት ይቻላል፡፡የተቀረው ኢትዮጵያዊ ሀገሩን በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ ተነጥቋል፡፡ብዙሃኑ ኢትዮጵያዊ ወያኔ ስልጣን ላይ እስካለ ድረስ የተሻለ ህይወት ይመጣል ብሎ ስለማያስብ ተስፋው ተሟጧል፡፡ባእዳን ሃይሎች እና ቅኝ-ገዥዎች በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ሊሰሩ ያሰቡትን መጥፎ ነገር ሁሉ በወያኔና በሻእብያ አማካኝነት በረቀቀና በተቀነባበረ መንገድ እያከናወኑ ነው፡፡የወያኔ ዋና የልማት ምንጩም ባእዳን ሃይሎች ወያኔ ለሚያከናውነው የቅጥረኝነት ተግባሩ በሚከፍሉት እርዳታና ብድር ነው፡፡ወያኔ ስልጣን ላይ ከወጣ ጀምሮ ሀገሪቱን እንዴት እንደሚዘርፍና ህዝቡን እንዴት እርስ በርስ እንደሚያናክስ እንደሚያዳክም 24 ሰዓት ሲያስብና ሲታክት ነው የኖረው፡፡እንዲያው ወያኔ ቢሳካለት ከትግሪኛ ተናጋሪው በስተቀር የተቀረው ኢትዮጵያዊ ሀገሩን ለቆ እንዲሰደድለት የሚፈልግ ነው የሚመስለው፡፡እንኳንስ በኢትዮጵያ በአፍሪካም ሆነ በአለም ታሪክ እንደዚህ አይነት አገዛዝ በ20ኛውና በ21ኛው ክፍለ-ዘመን አልታየም ለማለት ያስደፍራል፡፡እስራኤል ፍልስጤማውያንን በምታይበት አይን ነው ወያኔ የተቀረውን ኢትዮጵያዊ የሚያየው ለማለት ያስደፍራል፡፡በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ሶስት ክስተቶች የወያኔን አገዛዝ እውነተኛ ምንነት ፍንተው አድረገው ያሳዩ ነበሩ፡፡በተለያየ የህብረተሰብ ከፍልም ውስጥ ሆነ በውጪውም አለም ትልቅ ጥያቄን ያጫሩ ነበሩ፡፡
    አንደኛው ክስተት በጉራፈርዳ 30 ሺህ የሚሆኑትን አማራ ናቸው የተባሉ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ንብረታቸውን ተቀምተው በግፍ በወያኔ ሲባርሩና ሲንከራተቱ፡፡ሁለተኛው የአፍሪካ ህብረት የተመሰረተበት 50ኛ አመት ሲከበር የአፍሪካ አባትና መስራች ለሆኑት አፄ ሃይለስላሴ ወያኔ በዘረኝነት ስሜት ሃውልት ሲነፍግ፡፡ሶስተኛው 30 የሚሆኑ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሊቢያ በረሃ እንደ ከብት ከታረዱ በኋላ በኢትዮጵያውያን ላይ የተፈጠረው ስሜት እጅግ መሪር ሀዘን ነበር፡፡ኢትዮጵያውያን እውን ሀገር አለንዎይ እውን ኢትዮጵያዊ የሆነ አገዛዝና መንግስት አለንዎይ ብለው ከባድ ጥያቄ ያነሱበት አጋጣሚ ነው፡፡ስለወያኔ አገዛዝ ያለው እውነታው ይህ ነው፡፡ከዚያ ውጪ አንተም ሆንክ ወያኔ እየደጋገማችሁ ልማታዊ መንግስት ልማታዊ መንግስት የምትሉትን ነገር ህዝቡ ከቁምነገር አይቆጥረውም፡፡ወያኔ ካለማው ያጠፋው እንደሚበልጥ ሁሉም በቅጡ ይረዳዋል፡፡ልማት የሚባለው ነገርም የትግሪኛ ተናጋሪውን በሚመለከት እንደሆነ ተደርጎ ነው የሚወሰደው፡፡ወያኔ በሚያካሂደው ልማት አሰሪውም እራሱ ወያኔ ነው ኮንትራቱንም የሚወስደው እራሱ ኢፈርት የተባለው የወያኔ ድርጅት ነው፡፡ልማቱም ተገቢውን የጥራት ደረጃ ያልጠበቀና ኢፈርትንና ተያያዥ ድርጅቶችን ለመጥቀም ተብሎ እጅግ በተጋነነ ዋጋ የሚከናወን ልማት እንደሆነ ሁሉም ተረድቶታል፡፡የዚህ አይነት ልማት የጥቅም ሰንሰለቱም በአብዛኛው ትግሬውን እንዲጠቅም ተደርጎ የተዋቀረ ነው፡፡ሙስና እንዲስፋፋ የተደረገው በአጋጣሚ አይደለም፡፡ሆነኝ ተብሎ በራሱ በወያኔ ነው፡፡ወያኔ እራሱ በሙስናና በማጭበርበር ላይ የቆመ ስርአት ነው፡፡ይህንንም ሁሉ የምናደርግበት አሳማኝ ምክንያት አለን ካላልክ በስተቀር፡፡የሚገርሙት መለስ አንድ ወቅት ስለ ኢትዮጵያና ህዝቡ ፍቅር ሲጠየቁ ለእኔ ኢትዮጵያ ማለት ዋናው ህዝቡ ነው መሬቱ ተራራው ወንዙ ሸንተረሩ አይደለም ዋናው ህዝቡ ነው ብለው ነበር፡፡ቅኔው ግን ተቃራኒ ሆነብን፡፡ዛሬ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በሀገሩ አጠቃላይ የምጣኔ ሀብት ላይ ምንም መብት የለውም፡፡በመለስ ፍቅር ብቻ ነው የሚኖረው፡፡መሬቱን ተነጥቆ ሀገር አልባ እየሆነ ነው፡፡ወያኔ የሚወደው ቅድሚያ ህዝቡን ብቻ እንጂ መሬቱን ተራራውን ወንዙን ሸንተረሩን አይደለም፡፡ስለዚህም ወያኔ መሬትና ተራራ ለህዝቡ ምን ይሰራለታል ብሎ ህዝቡን እያሰደደ መሬቱን በሃራጅ ለውጪ ኢንቨስተሮች እየቸበቸበው ነው፡፡ምናልባትም ከትግሪኛ ተናጋሪው ውጪ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሁሉ ተሰዶ ቢያልቅም ወያኔ ለህዝቡ ግድ ስለሌለው ኢትዮጵያ አደገች ብሎ ከማውራት አይቆጠብም፡፡እንደመጨረሻ አስተያየት ምናልባት ስለልማት ስታወራ ከትግሪኛ ተናጋሪው ውጪ ያለው ሰው ኢትዮጵያዊ አይደለም እርሱን አይጨምርም ካልክ በዘመነ ወያኔ ስላለው ልማት የምታወራው ነገር ያስማማናል፡፡ምናልባት በሊቢያ የታረዱትን 30 ኢትዮጵያውያንን ወያኔ ኢትዮጵያዊ መሆናቸውን ላጣራ ያለው ቅኔው ምን ይሆን?እውን ወያኔ ሳይዋሽና ሳይዘርፍ ለደቂቃ መኖር አይችልም ማለት ነው?
    Dawi please add a new word in English dictionary which says: Developmental-State: According to TPLF and Meles it is new terminology in 21st century which is a good way of cheating the mass for staying in power. Then we can agree on it.

  8. Kassu
    | #8

    THANK YOU EPRDF !!!!!!!

    Prior to the arrival of EPRDF leadership that Ethiopia used to be known for its endless civil war and mass starvation, today of course it is totally different story, Ethiopia is the land of peace and harmony, and the land of economic opportunity. Ethiopia is the top fast growing economy in Africa and number twelve fastest growing economy in the world stage. Of course this data can be found in IMF and World bank.

  9. Ethio-Tazabi
    | #9

    Whatever development TPLF are talking about, it is only helping TPLF and a few hodams that have sold their souls to the Devil, such as the puppet Prime minister and the likes. People cant chew on skyscraper buildings — the highest majority of Ethiopians can’t even aford their daily meal, let alone to buy a car and drive on the new cheap Chinese-made roads.
    As someone mentioned above, regardless TPLF claim the winning by 80% or 100%, it is not going to make a bit of difference. Even they let a few people get in the parliament, they will be ignored, intimidated, harassed and even threaten by the the ruling regime. No where in the world, a 100% of winning is possible in a multiethnic country like Ethiopia. But as usual, TPLF will claim a 100% again for the 5th time, just to show their over the scale arrogance and of course, their disrespect and hatred of Ethiopian people. Nowadays, everytime I step on an insect to kill it, I think of my fellow Ethiopians that are being stepped on and squashed by TPLF. TPLF see Ethiopians like useless ants and harmful mosquitoes.

  10. Shemsu
    | #10

    The woyanne or hodam Dawi;
    You are mixing apples and bombs in your valueless arguments to justify the crimes and deceptions of the TPLF here. Your reference to Asia (South Korea and Singapore) are not relevant here. Journalists and activists are not being sent to prison in these countries. Besides, they are ruled by politicians that identify themselves as Singaporeans or South Koreans and have developed their countries. They do not steal,cheat, kill and lie as your TPLF leaders do. The economic developments they have achieved are marvelous, inclusive and their citizens are enjoying equal opportunities without discrimination and exclusions of any kind.

  11. Anbabi from Dallas
    | #11


    It is truly incredible and hard to fathom that you think the farcical “election” was exemplary; and the TPLF hand-picked functionaries in the so called election board deserve commendation. You obviously are entitled to your twisted opinion. But, the facts are very clear to the rest of us. The TPLF has closed all the peaceful means of political participation. Ethnic totalitarianism dominated by the TPLF, which controls nearly all institutions in the country is here to stay unless the people rise up and push ‘em out by any means necessary. I don’t think you will find any fools to buy your tricks of so called “development” bla, bla, bla … which does not really exist for most of Ethiopians anyway. The fatenning account of TPLF generals, cadres and functionaries is not a development to most Ethiopians.

    The objective of the struggle from now on should be the removal of TPLF/EPRDF. Everything else is secondary that can wait till after the removal of the thugs.

  12. aha!
    | #12

    Please add to that of #5, the narratives about democracy, particularly social democracy @ o5EVE_Hr2B in a people oriented than ethnic oriented government and democracy of the people by the people, of the people and for the people. This line of thinking is in line with Ethiopian Nationalism in contrast to the current ideology of “system of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, ethnic secessionism and totalitarianism as carry over from the Derg Military dictatorship and developmental state in collaboration of crony capitalism by TPLF/Political TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations engaged in exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians, whose voices is guttered by the TPLF/eprdf regime directly supported by security and federal police forces, teletafi parties and indirectly by coalition parties in OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre, whose objectives are respect ethnic rights rather than individual rights as basis for democracy, “yekili Mengistats Iqulinet Mebit mekeber”, respect human rights, a common denominator and democracy to be superimposed over ethnocracy, with an opening for political space, in a power sharing mentality with the TPLF/eprdf regime, which was a disaster in 2010 election is now repeated in 2015 election.

    For the opposition parties to defeat the TPLF/eprdf regime of ex-liberation fronts which fought the previous regimes over the oppression of nations and nationalities with idea that they were colonized by Minlik II sets a precedence ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism, which the TPLF/eprdf regime put into its constitution. It also sets off the process for disintegration of Ethiopia as a one nation state. It is against this frame work of the constitution Dawi is claiming a “democratic?” developmental state”, with “democracy as work in progress” for 24 years, where free market capitalism and democracy is only available to the above mentioned entities of the TPLF/eprdf regime. What is the stake of OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre except ethnic federalism/ethnic homelands with nominal autonomy.

  13. Dawi
    | #13

    cont’d to ግሩም:

    In a recent interview at Heber Radio (Merera slams opposition parties for failing to put house in order), the Dr. suggested to put all differences aside and unite on “democracy” in the future; it is a similar idea to G7- Dr. Berhanu, as he said in that conference that opposition parties have lost trust or “social capital” in the country meaning all “those tangible assets [that] count for most in the daily lives of people: namely goodwill, fellowship, sympathy, and social intercourse among the individuals and families who make up a social unit” is non-existence. It has to be indeed a sad statement for him to make; he goes on to say the only way future election can be believable is if only some foreign observers from some Scandinavian country are in charge doing it for us. The problem with such approach is not only sacrificing the sovereignty of the nation but international observers can’t replace a loss of “social capital” for us.

    International election experts who looked at Egypt said the same thing. —-”..groups like the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the International Republican Institute and the Carter Center, have expressed concern, shared by many in Egypt, that their participation might offer false legitimacy to an inherently flawed process…”.

    So there is no short cut to building “social capital”; who ever comes to observe our election won’t save us from our “inherent” problems. The present exercise therefore, is for our own good.

  14. Jokilla
    | #14

    South Koria, from where it started to where it is today had been unique a success mainly because it had invested a good deal of nearly everything on its citizens development so that everything else would anchor on that and success would follow hence forth. The mafias in Ethiopia have been looting resources and wasting human minds because when our country deprived educated, skilled, and knowledgeable citizens, the robbers would have little or no thinking minds to question them.

    The robbers, there has not been anything that they did not rob off citizens and the lands that they presented themselves in for the last 24 years, be it national treasure or national resources; human flesh or blood; human dignity and respect. The processes and the outcomes of the so called election were illegal and uncounted simply because it was planned and set up in such a way the robbers would steal votes from the citizens that they crushed them to their utter defeat, previously. Well, having being sure the same fate would the robbers encounter as they did in 2005, they just blindly and anxiously emptied out citizens vote from ballot boxes and declared they defeated millions of voters, this is typical of being anti-democracy. Prior to being condemned for being notorious criminal on account of their past filthy history rob-and-lie, something fishy happened. Who could possibly forget what they did to Wendy Sherman on that fateful day of hers when she became a eureka for them and a disgrace on Americans? She ignored a stern, yet genuine suggestion and warning from citizens and public and when she straight into the hands of the robbers and was thoroughly and rigorously engaged her on many-to-one conversation misdirecting her mind’s compass to a wrong direction leading her to making wrong decision and weird utterance and lies, which this later on resulted her in being stupendously unsophisticated, which later was she forced to disappear from the view of global community knowing something more fishy things would hunt her down to where she was hiding inside. As she feared, editorial comment on newspapers exposed her cheap and unpolished politics she practices and exhibited far away from what she calls home to resign and retire. She could not handle what came on her; she tacitly declared herself a failure and scribbled something and sent to the editorial to hopefully gain some credit but she failed twice; no choice but to resign and withdrawn. The robbers dumped her into bad history. why did she trust them, in the first place?

    Well, Wendy Sherman should not let go her being disgraced as a result of being associated with Fascist TPLF, all she has to do is that her praying for her longevity and witness and see all those robbers being herded straight into people’s court for an wavering and absolute judgment handing down to them; that day, Wendy Sherman would say something in public; what would that be?

  15. ግሩም
    | #15

    The political/economical/psychological/social/cultural/religious lower level realms have lost insight of upper level realms of spiritual/metaphysical/philosophical ones. Therefore, if we are to have some sort of relief/solution/ to get out of the entrapments of lower level realms of our multifaceted and deep-rooted human dilemma/confusion/problems we better embrace those upper level insightful realms. So the main role of intellectuals of higher caliber endowed with wisdoms of upper level realms of spiritual/metaphysical/philosophical ones is to shed light and show direction for a confused/hopeless/oppressed society in times of trouble. Such personalities must have the wisdom to shed light on lower level realms and give gnosis (consciousness and meaning) of higher level realms. I do not worry that much about mob-rule fantasy/illusion in what we call as democracy. And I do not care that much who rules as far as it is endowed with intrinsic virtues. And I have said before that let virtue rules. We all know about the prevailing politics of deception and the deception of politics we are spoiled with and the ensuing human dilemma and misery. So we have to get out of this sort of entrapment. I was wondering asking questions like “When did the politics of deception begin?’’ pertaining to humanity. What comes to my mind is it is since time immemorial of the creation of humanity. And it was beginning very very long ago at the garden of Eden.
    It was beginning since then as a weed seed and has perpetuated it self until now.So real freedom of humanity is achieved through proper awakening and enlightenment of those upper level realms of spiritual/metaphysical/philosophical ones at least with in the high level hierarchy of governance. It is also very important to envisage the cosmic battle to have dominance one over the other. As some spiritually farsighted intellectuals say the current era is a time of quantity (the material world per se) acquiring dominance over quality (virtues).Here virtue means divine virtues of God like love, beauty, justice, truth, liberty, blessing, innocence and others. When TPLF claims that I am a developmental- state and my governance is in that direction and hence do not talk about democracy/freedom it is indirectly an indication that the world of quantity (material one) has dominance/priority over quality (virtues).It is like a cosmic battle between the two realms. It seems that men of quality (virtues) have been temporarily defeated by men of quantity (material one). በቅዱስ መፅሀፍም ውስጥ ዛሬ ሳማዩ ቀልቷል ይዘንባል ትላላችሁ ደግሞም ሳማዩ ብሩህ ነው አይዘንብም ትላላችሁ ነገር ግን ሰማዩን የምትመረምሩት እናንተ ዘመኑን የማትመረምሩት ለምንድን ነው የተባለውን መረዳት ጥሩ ነው፡፡ወርቅ ይረክሳል መዳብ ይወዳዳል የተባለው ቅኔው ምንድን ነው?
    ፍጥረት ለከንቱነት ተገዝቷል ሲባልም እንደ እኔ መረዳት የስጋ ፈቃድ ፍሬዎች(quantity) በመልካም መንፈስ ፍሬዎች(quality)ላይ የበላይነትን ተቀዳጅተዋል ማለት ነው፡፡Therefore those innocent peoples of quality(virtues) engaged in today’s world politics (an era of quantity mainly filled with and dominated by the politics of deception and the deception of politics) must not feel confused/desperate/resentful and become hopeless. When TPLF declares 100% victory I know how it feels/sucks especially when it happens after 24 years rule of same TPLF staying in power under the disguise of bogus democracy and developmental-state. Once up on a time while I was making arguments with Dawi he said that if a person is in poverty (material) he is already dehumanized. The deconstruction of this type of view is that humanity is mainly measured/valued by quantity(material) rather than quality(virtue).Well Dawi is a very pragmatic person(political pundit) and he is ‘right’ from the perspective of the current national and worldwide paradigm setup. But my point is to what end-game direction does the reign and dominance of quantity over quality take us? Even the paradox of the subject matter is that it is not always quantity is reigning over quality because democracy (mob-rule) has become a mere bogus modus-operandi to cling to power for the crafty few and is not working either as is claimed. What I mean is that few crafty elites rule the mass under the disguise of democracy. Only the provision of its fantasy and illusion is realized for the beast (mass) to quell its agitated unbridled desire for the inculcated utopia of freedom. TPLF backed by the support of foreign powers is exactly doing this.ሌላው ስለነጻነትና ባርነት ትንሽ ለማለት እፈልጋለሁኝ፡፡በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ከዚህ በፊትም አመራጭ የሌለው ምርጫ አማራጭ ያጣች ሀገር በሚል አስተያየቴ ውስጥ አንድ ነገር ብዬ ነበር፡፡ይኸውም ነፃነት ማለት እንደ ወያኔ አይነት አገዛዞች የስልጣን ዘመናቸውን ለማራዘም ሲሉ በየአምስት አመቱ እንደ ውሻ የሚወረውሩልን የተጋጠ አጥንት አይደለም፡፡ነፃነት ወይንም ባርነት ያለው ቅድሚያ በራሳችን ማንነት ውስጥ ነው፡፡ሌላ የትም ቦታ አይደለም፡፡በራሳችን ማንነት ውስጥ ያለውን ነፃነት ወይንም ባርነት ደግሞ ማንም ሊሰጠንም ሆነ ሊከለክለን አይችልም፡፡ይህንን መረዳትና ማመን አለብን፡፡አንድ ወቅት ላይ ናፖሊዬን እያንዳንዱ ቤቱን ቢያፀዳ ፓሪስ በሙላ ፅዱ ትሆናለች እንዳለው ነፃነትን ወይንም ባርነትን ቅድሚያ በእያንዳንችን ውስጥ መፈለግና ማግኘት መቻል አለብን፡፡እራሳቸው ነፃ ያልሆኑ ሰዎች ለእኛ ነፃነትን ሊሰጡን አይችሉም፡፡በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ እኮ ሌሎችን ነፃነት የመግፈፍ የመጨቆንና የራስ ባሪያ የማድረግ አካሄድና አስተሳሰብ ከጥንስሱ በራስ ውስጥ ነፃነት ከማጣት የመነጨ ነው፡፡ሌሎች ሰዎች ነፃነታችንን የሚገፉን ወይንም ሊገፉን የሚፈልጉት ቅድሚያ እራሳቸው በራሳቸው ውስጥ ነፃነትን ለማግኘት ስላልቻሉ ነው፡፡በአለም ታሪክ ውስጥ መረዳት ያለብን ነገር ትናንሽ ጣኦቶች/የውሸት አምላኮች(gods) እራሳቸውን በላያችን ላይ በአስገዳጅነት ለመጫንና እንደ እውነተኛ አምላኮች በራሳችን ላይ ነግሰው ለመመለክ እንደሚፈልጉ ነው፡፡ነገር ግን እነዚህ ትናንሽ ጣኦቶች በዘላቂነት በእኛ ለመመለክ የሚችሉት ቅድሚያ የእኛን አንድ የሆነ መነሻ ፈቃደኝነት እስካገኙ ድረስ ብቻ ነው፡፡ስለዚህም አንድ መረዳት ያለብን ነገር ወያኔ ያን ያህል የእኛን ነፃነት ሊነፍገንም ሆነ ሊሰጠን እንደማይችል አስረግጠን መረዳት መቻል አለብን፡፡False gods always aspire to be worshipped like the true GOD and their main a priori instrument of servitude is deception and confusion of the mass.ብዙውን ጊዜ የትግል ስልታችንን እንመርምር ይባላል ጥሩ ነው መመርመሩ፡፡ነገር ግን የትግል ስልት ሲባል ብዙውን ጊዜ ሰላማዊ ይሁን ወይንስ በመሳሪያ ሃይል ይሁን የሚባል የተሳሳተ አመለካከት አለ፡፡ነገር ግን የትግል ስልት ሲባል ከሁሉም በፊት መቅደም ያለበት ነፃነት ወይንም ባርነት ያለው የትም ሳይሆን ቅድሚያ እራሳችን ውስጥ መሆኑን እና በውስጣችን ውስጥ ያለውን ነፃነትም ሆነ ባርነት ያን ያህል ሌሎች ሰዎች/ሃይሎች ሊሰጡን ወይንም ሊከለክሉን እንደማይችሉ መረዳትን ይጨምራል ማለት ነው፡፡ስለዚህም መለወጥ አለባቸው አልተስማሙንም ብለን እንደ ወያኔ ካሉ አገዛዞች ጋር የፖለቲካ ትግል ውስጥ ስንገባ ቅድሚያ በራሳችን ውስጥ ያለውን ነፃነትም ሆነ ባርነት መርምረን ሳናገኝ ወይንም ሳናስወግድ ከሌሎች ውጪያዊ ሃይሎች ጋር ትግል ውስጥ መግባት ዝንተ-አለም የማያቋርጥ አዙሪት ውስጥ መግባት ነው የሚሆነው፡፡እያልኩኝ ያለሁት ትግሉ ከውጪያዊ አገዛዞች ጋር ብቻ ሳይሆን እንደ ሰውም እንደ ማህበረሰብም ከራሳችንም ውስጣዊ ማንነት ጋር መሆኑን መረዳት መቻል አለብን፡፡አገዛዞች እኮ የሚያስተዳድሩትን ማህበረሰብ ፈቃደኝነት ጭምር ይጠይቃሉ፡፡አንድን ማህበረሰብ ያን ያህል አስገድደህ ነፃነት ልትሰጠው ወይንም ባርነት ልትጭንበት አትችልም፡፡የተፈጥሮ ህግ የሚባል ነገር አለ፡፡ስለዚህም የተቃዋሚ ጎራ የሚባለው ሁሉ በአጠቃላይ እራሱን ወደ ውስጥ መመርመርና መፈተሽ መቻል አለበት፡፡ሌላው ነፃነት ሲባል ስለነፃነት አንዳንድ መሰረታዊ ነገሮችን ማንሳት ግድ ይላል፡፡ነፃነት ምንድን ነው?ነፃነት እስከምን ድረስ ነው?ነፃነትን የሚሰጠንም ሆነ የሚከለክለን ማነው? ነፃ የምንወጣውስ ከማነው?ነፃነት የሚያስፈልገን ለምንድን ነው?ምን አይነት ነፃነት መቼና የት ያስፈልገናል? ብሎ መጠየቅና መመርመር ግድ ይላል፡፡ሌላው ጊዚያዊ ችግሮችና ጊዚያዊ መፍትሄዎች ዘለቄታዊ ችግሮችና ዘለቄታዊ መፍትሄዎች ብሎ ለይቶ ማስቀመጥ አስፈላጊ ነው፡፡ሌላው እኔ እንደተረዳሁት ከሆነ በምርጫ ሰሞን የሚደረግ የፖለቲካ ፖርቲዎች ግርግር እጅግ አሳፋሪና አሳዛኝ ነው፡፡አንድን ሀገርና ህዝብ ማስተዳደር ምን እንደሆነ ግንዛቤውም ያለ አይመስለኝም፡፡አንድ ጎበዝ ተማሪ በፈተና ወቅት ለማጥናት አይጣደፍም በፈተና ወቅት ያጠናውን ለመፈተን የሚዘጋጅበት ወቅት ነው እንጂ፡፡የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች ቅድሚያ ማድረግ ያለባቸው ለራሳቸው የሚመሩበትን የሕይወትና የፖለቲካ ፍልስፍና ሳይንሳዊ በሆነ መንገድ በትክክል ጠንቅቆ መመርመርና መፈተሸ ከዚያም እራሳቸውን በዚያ ዙሪያ ማስባሰብና ማደራጀት ነው፡፡የሌላውን ህዝብ ንቃተ-ህሊና ከማዳበርና ሌላውን ነፃ ለማውጣት ከመሯሯጥ ይልቅ ቅድሚያ የራሳቸውን ንቃተ-ህሊና ማዳበርና እራሳቸውን ነፃ ማውጣት ነው ያለባቸው፡፡በመቀጠል በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ የምርጫ ወቅት ሳይጠብቁ ዘወትር የህዝቡን ንቃተ-ህሊና በተለያየ መንገድ ማዳበር ነው ያለባቸው፡፡ንቃተ-ህሊናው የዳበረ ህዝብ ማንን መምረጥ ማንን አለመምረጥ እንዳለበት ጠንቅቆ ይረዳል፡፡ይህም ብቻም አይደለም ንቃተ-ህሊናው በቅጡ የዳበረ ህዝብ እውነተኛ ነፃነቱን በምርጫ ዲሞክራሲ ሳጥን ውስጥ ብቻ አይደብቅም ወይንም እውነተኛ ነፃነቱን ከምርጫ ሳጥን ውስጥ ብቻ አገኛለሁ ብሎ አያስብም፡፡ፈጣሪ ነፃ-ፈቃድን አጎናፅፎ የፈጠረን ክቡር ፍጡራን ነን ስለዚህም አስቀድሞም ቢሆን ነፃ ሆነን የተፈጠርን ሰዎች ነን፡፡ፈጣሪን በፈቃዳችን እንድናመልክ የተፈጠርን ከቡር ሰዎች ሆነን ሳለን እንደ እኛው የተራ ሰዎች ስብስብ አገዛዞችን እንደ ጣኦት ልናመልክ አልተፈጠርንም፡፡ወያኔ ከ24 ዓመታት አገዛዝ በኋላ መቶ ፐርሰንት አሸነፍኩ ሲለን ቅኔው ከእኔ ውጪ ሌላ አማራጭ የላችሁም ስለዚህም እጣ ፈንታችሁ እኔ ብቻ ስለሆንኩኝ እኔን ብቻ እንደ ጣኦት አምልኩኝ ነው፡፡ሰለዚህም እንደ ግለሰብ የምሰጠው አስተያየት ለእውነተኛ ነፃነት በምናደርገው የትግል ሂደት በዚህ አይነት የወያኔ አካሄድ መበሳጨትም ሆነ ተስፋ ምቁረጥ የለብንም፡፡እውነተኛ ነፃነታችን ደግሞ ያለው በራሳችን ማንነት ውስጥ ነው፡፡ይህንን እውነተኛ ነፃነት በራሳችን ከውስጣችን ፈልገን እናግኝ፡፡መላእክቶች እውነተኛው አምላካቸው እግዚአብሄር ሲሰወርባቸው በምትኩ የመላእክቶች አለቃ የሆነው ሉሲፈር ፈጣሪያችሁና አምላካችሁ እኔ ነኝ ብሎ የመንግስት ግልበጣ ለማድረግ ሞክሮ ነበር፡፡ገብርኤልና ሚካኤል ግን እውነተኛው አምላካችን እስኪለፅልንና እስክናገኝ ድረስ እንፅና ነው ያሉት፡፡በሰው አእምሮና ልብ ውስጥ በማጭበርበርም ሆነ በሃይል እራሳቸውን እንደ አምላክ ለማንገስ የሚፈልጉ ሃይሎችም ወይንም ጣኦቶች መጨረሻቸው ጥፋት ነው፡፡ይህንን አይነት አስተያየት እንድሰጥ ያስገደደኝ ወያኔዎች ስልጣናቸውን ወደ ማምለክ እና ሌላውም የእነሱን ስልጣን እንዲያመልክ ወደ ማድረግ ደረጃ እየተንደረደሩ ወይንም እየዘቀጡ እንደሆነ ስለተሰማኝ ነው፡፡ሀገሪቱ በምርጫ ዲሞክራሲ ሽፋን የማይሆን ቀውስ ውስጥ እንደትዘፈቅ አብዛኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ አይፈልግም፡፡ይህ ማለት ግን አብዛኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ ወያኔ እንደ ጣኦት እየተመለከ እንዲቀጥል ይፈልጋል ማለት አይደለም፡፡ወያኔም እየተከተለ ያለው አካሄድ እኔ ከሞትኩኝ ሰርዶ አይብቀል እንዳለችው አህያ እኔ በስልጣን ላይ ከሌለሁኝ ሀገሪቱ ትበታተናለች እያለ ማስፈራራት ማስጨነቅና እና ማወናበድ ነው የያዘው፡፡ወያኔ እያለን ያለው እኔ ከውጪ እርዳታና ብድር እያመጣሁኝ ነው ሀገሪቱን እያስተዳደርኩኝና እያኖርኳችሁ ያለሁት ስለዚህም እኔ ስልጣኔን ስለቅ እርዳታና ብዱሩም ልማቱም ይቀራል እያለን ያለው፡፡ወያኔ እያለን ያለው እኔን እንደ ጣኦት እያመለካችሁ ከመገዛት ውጪ አማራጭ የላችሁም ነው፡፡አጠቃላይ የትግል ስልቱ ግን ምንም ይሁን ምን ዋናው ቁምነገሩ ግን ይህንን ግምት ውስጥ ያስገባ መሆን እንዳለበት ይሰማኛል፡፡ከምንም ነገር ቅድሚያ ባርነትም ሆነ ነፃነት ከውጪ ከወያኔ ወይንም ከሌላ ሃይል ሳይሆን ከራሳችን ከውስጣችን እንደሚጀምር እራሳችንን ማሳመን አለብን፡፡ወያኔ መቶ ፐርሰንት አሸነፍኩኝ ስላለ ብቻ ወያኔ እኛነታችንን መቶ ፐርሰንት እንደተቆጣጠረን አድርገን ማሰብ የለብንም፡፡ያ ማለት እንዳልሆነና ስንፈጠር ነፃነት ያለን ሰዎች መሆናችንን ወያኔ እንዲረዳ ማድረግ እንችላለን፡፡ወይንም ወያኔ በድርድር ለተቃዋሚዎች የተወሰነ መቀመጫ ለፓርላማ ስለሰጠ በዚህ ልንደሰትም ሆነ ልናዝን አይገባም፡፡ለእውነተኛ ግለሰባዊ ዜግነታዊና ሀገራዊ ነፃነት የሚደረገው ትግል ከጊዚያዊ ከምርጫ ክስተት ጋር ብቻ የሚያያዝ ስላልሆነ ህይወት ቀጣይ እንደሆነው ሁሉ የፖለቲካ ትግሉም ቀጣይ ነው የሚሆነው፡፡የአስተያየቴ ዋና አላማ ወያኔ መቶ ፐርሰንት አሸነፍኩ የሚለው አጠቃላይ ትርጓሜውንና አንደምታውን ለማመላከት ነው፡፡በተለይም የአለም ውስብስብ ሁኔታ የፈጠረው የፖለቲካ ቁማር ገና በቅጡ ላልገባቸውና ንፁህ ህሊና ላላቸው ለውጥ ፈላጊዎች በተለይም እንደ ሰማያዊ ፓርቲ ውስጥ ያሉ ወጣቶች ስሜት እንደሚጎዳ ስለምረዳ የዘመኑን አጠቃላይ ሁኔታ እንዲረዱና እንዲፅናኑ ስለምፈልግ ነው፡፡ፖለቲካው፣ኢኮኖሚው፣ማህበራዊው ወዘተ በራሱ ትክክለኛ መንፈሳዊና ፍልስፍናዊ እይታ ጎድሎት የተንሸዋረረ ስለሆነ እንጂ በመሰረቱ አሸናፊና ተሸናፊ የሚባል ነገር ያን ያህል የለም እንደ ሀገር እንደ ህዝብ አሸናፊውም ተሸናፊውም እኛው እራሳችን ነን፡፡
    Blessed are those who are innocent and humble. The hubris of absolute power is eventually doomed to inevitable absolute failure.

    እግዚአብሄር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ!!!

  16. Dawi
    | #16

    Thank you ግሩም. I do respect your views.

    I will try to explain the reasons behind my views.

    My take is after Meles stopped the war with Eritrea and accused by his comrades of being soft on Eritrea, he officially departed from the old “TPLF” group; “selling his revolutionary soul to imperialism” as Dr. Teodros conveyed in his write up. After wards, he clearly stated that the EPRDF’s mission is to build a capitalist state. He won by 2 votes in the CC of TPLF; Seye and others walked out; thereafter, 2000 – 2001 was his time to implement the theory of ‘democratic developmental state’.

    As the TPLF core were the MLLT group, it had exposure to Marxist Leninist thought from the beginning; as Prof. Messay pointed out in the conference “class struggle” is something to re-consider again and Meles was a convinced one on that subject.

    The progressive ethnic party TPLF, led by “class struggle” thinkers was the horse Meles came to power with; that was the country’s circumstances therefore, its make up is what it is; as long as this group embraces the theory of “developmental state” concept which it does and was effortless for the leaders to implement the first “developmental experiments” in that region? Why not? It is scaling up to the rest of the country anyway. Isn’t it? What is the problem with developing “Tigrai first” then? We know development is not only taking place there but even if it does it shouldn’t be an issue. It is in the same country. We don’t need to wait ideal for the TPLF to fully dissolve? Why should we? That may take some time but, regardless, after 2000 – 2001 EPRDF was led by group of Ethiopians different from the original TPLF. HD is the product of that; so those who only talk about the legacy of TPLF in general and completely rule out Meles’s departure, I think are left behind.

  17. ሽማግሌዎች
    | #17

    It is comedy and tragedy.
    አንዳንዴ የኢትዮጵያ ጥራዝ ነጠቅ ፖለቲከኞች ጉዳይ ግርም ይለኛል፡፡
    ላለፉት 24 ዓመታት ስለ ዲሞክራሲ ከልክ በላይ ሲያራግቡ ኖረዋል፡፡
    ነገሩ ግን የቆጡን አወርድ ብላ የብብቷን ጣለች ነው፡፡የወያኔንና የእነዚህን ፖለቲከኞች ጉዳይ ሳስብ አንድ የድሮ ቀልድ ያስታውሰኛል፡፡
    ሁለት ጓደኛሞች አውላላ ሜዳ ላይ በድንኳን ውስጥ ይኖራሉ፡፡ከእለታት አንድ ቀን ሌሊት ላይ ድብን ያለ እንቅልፍ ላይ ሳሉ ድንኳናቸው በሌባ ይሰረቃል፡፡ታዲያ አንደኛው ቀድሞ ከእንቅልፉ ሲነቃ መሰረቁን ያይና ጓደኛውን ቀስቅሶ አንድ ጥያቄ ይጠይቀዋል፡፡ ስማ ሰማይ ላይ ስትመለከት ምን ይታይሃል ብሎ ይጠይቀዋል፡፡ተጠያቂውም ቶሎ ብሎ አቤት እንዴት የሚያማምሩ ከዋክብት ይታያሉ ብሎ በአድናቆት መለሰለት፡፡ቀጠለና ጠያቂውም ተናዶ ይህ ብቻ ነው የሚታይህ አንተ ደደብ ጅል ድንኳናችን እኮ ተሰርቋል ብሎ አረዳው፡፡አትኩሮቱን ከሰማይ ላይ ከዋክብቶች ወደ ድንኳናቸው ሲያደርግ እውነትም ለካ ድንኳናቸው ተሰርቋል፡፡ደነገጠ፡፡ወያኔ በ1983 ስልጣን ላይ ሲወጣ ብዙዎቹ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሀገራቸውን በዘዴ መሰረቃቸውን አልተረዱም ነበር፡፡ብዙዎቹ ምሁራን አትኮሮታቸው ስለሚያማምሩት የሰማይ ላይ ኮከቦች(ዲሞክራሲ) እንጂ በሌባው(ወያኔ) ስለተሰረቀው ድንኳናቸው(ሀገራቸው) አልነበረም፡፡ከ24 ዓመታት በኋላ ግን አሁን ድንኳናቸው(ሀገራቸው) መሰረቁን ከእንቅልፋቸው ትንሽ የነቁ ይመስላል፡፡
    ህፃናት የሚያብለጨልጭ ነገር ደስ ስለሚላቸው በቀላሉ ይታለላሉ፡፡ኢትዮጵያውያንም በሚያብለጨልጩ ከዋክብት(ዲሞክራሲ) እየተዝናኑ ነው፡፡ምን መዝናናት ይባላል እያነቡ እስክስታ ለምዷል ትከሻዬ ነው ነገሩ፡፡ሀገር ሳይኖር ስለዲሞክራሲ ማውራት አይቻልም፡፡ሀገራችንን ደግሞ ወያኔ ከውጪ ሃይሎች ጋር ተመሳጥሮ በዘዴ አታሎ ሰርቆናል፡፡ምድረ ልበ-ቢስ ደንቆሮ ሁሉ ወያኔ ድምፃችንን ሰረቀን እያላችሁ አትለፍልፉ፡፡አስቀድሞ የሰረቀን ሀገራችንን ነው፡፡እውነቱ ይኸው ነው፡፡እኛ ሽማግሌዎች የሌሎች የሽማግሌዎች ተንኮል ቶሎ ይገባናልና ለህፃናት ልጆቻችን በተረት ተረት ማስተማር ይገባናል፡፡አንድ ተረት ልጨምርና ይብቃኝ፡፡ድሮ ሶስት ኮርማ በሬዎች አብረው ይኖሩ ነበር አሉ፡፡አንደኛው ቀይ ሁለተኛው ጥቁር ሶስተኛው ነጭ በሬ ነው፡፡ከለታት አንድ ቀን ጅብ ይመጣና ሊበላቸው ሲል ሶስቱ ቂጣቸውን በአንድነት አጋጥመው በቀንዳቸው እየወጉ መፈናፈኛ አሳጡትና አሸንፈው መለሱት፡፡በሌላ ቀን አያ ጅቦ አንድ ዘዴ አሰበ፡፡የምፈልገው አንደኛውን ብቻ ነው ብዬ አታልዬ ለምን በየተራ አልበላቸውም አለ፡፡ከዚያም በሚቀጥለው ቀን ድጋሚ ሲመጣ እኔ የምፈልገው ጥቁሩን በሬ እንጂ ሌሎቻችሁን አይደለም አላቸው፡፡በዚህ ተታለው ሁለቱ ጥቁሩን በሬ አሳልፈው ሰጡት፡፡እርሱን ቁርጥም አድርጎ በላ፡፡በሚቀጥለው ሲመጣ ደግሞ እኔ የምፈልገው ቀዩን በሬ እንጂ አንተን ነጩን አይደለም ሲለው ነጩ በሬ ቀዩን አሳልፎ ሰጠው፡፡በሚቀጥለው ነጩ በሬ ለብቻው ቀረና እርሱን ቁርጥምጥም አድርጎ በላው፡፡ነገሩ መቋእለ መሆኑ ነው፡፡ተረቴን መልሱ አፌን በዳቦ አብሱ፡፡ወያኔ ሀ-ብሎ ወታደሩን ሲበትን በሂደት የሌላውን እያንዳንዱን ቤት እንደሚያንኳኳ ልብ ያለ ማን ነበር?እናንተ የወያኔና የባእዳን ሃይሎች ተንኮል ያልገባችሁ ህፃናት ኢትዮጵያውያን ሆይ እስኪ “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” የሚለውን አንብቡት፡፡የሽማግሌ ምክር መስማት መቼም ጥሩ ነው፡፡በወያኔና በባእዳን ሃይሎች በኢትዮጵያ ላይ የተጠነሰሰው ተንኮልና ሴራ እንኳንስ ለህፃናት አእምሮ ለጎልማሳና ለሽማግሌም የሚከብድ ነው፡፡የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ ይህንን የጉግማንጉግ ዘመን በቸርነቱ በቃ ይበለን፡፡

  18. dinqqila
    | #18

    Dawi has for sure been in anxiety mood, doesn’t know when to opt for the exit for his choice is now slim and dark, just waiting he the fate of his masters coming into the hands of Ethiopians, and then he would have no choice but to face the eventuality of the reality. Everything is moving against the survival of the blood robbers; anything and everything is charging like a ferocious hurricane with its tremendous demolishing capacity to flatten the house of the robbers.

  19. NATI
    | #19

    Dr Birhanu Nega is right about social-capital.
    In today’s world money-capital governs against social-capital and all other.
    If we do not have social-capital we can talk about our common survival.
    Because human-beings are by nature social animals.
    One of the aims of globalization is to destroy the social-capital of human beings.
    Globalization is a cover to facilitate things for satanic new world order.
    One of the foundations of social-capital is family.
    Next to the individual the family unit is the fabric of a community and the foundation of any nation. One of the aims of globalization to establish its satanic new world order is to destroy the four pillars of an individual.
    2)true religion
    3)culture and race
    4)nation state
    To destroy family fomenting gender war is the tactic used by the global elites. Feminism, sodomy, prostitution, porn and others are used to subtly produce moral degeneracy in society and cause breakup of family. One of the tactics used by those satanic global elites for breaking up family unit is to spoil women and the younger generation. As we know younger females and younger generation are easily tempted and mislead by fashion, cosmetic and other superficial things as if it is real civilization. It is false modernity.
    My understanding is that it is even considered as a taboo to discuss this in such forums.
    And this is because of our shallow understanding of the general situations in our country and the world in general. Scholars please write on subversion and cultural and moral decay in society. However, the West is so systematic in subtly inducing cultural subversion in the developing world. Actually the West is in turn in its own cultural subversion due to the international Zionists who are guided by their Judo-Talmudic book.
    Communism in deed, not in its beautiful theory, is by it self a cultural and religious subversion invented by the international Zionists. The mainstream media and the movie industry including Hollywood in the West is mainly owned and run by the international Zionists. The aim of cultural subversion is to destroy the cohesive unifying factor of a society. If there is no harmony and unity a society fails to standup in unison for its right and freedom in case of oppression and foreign aggression. Most Ethiopians do not understand the ravaging moral decay of our society. Most of the oppositions concern is usually about election and political power. They do not care about the moral decay of their society at the grass root level. It is time to wake up and understand what is going on. TPLF’s concern is only about money. TPLF does not care about our society as long as it loots the country and as long as it stashes money from donor countries. Donor countries know the nature of TPLF. What they need to spoil Ethiopian society is to give money to TPLF. The role of most NGOs in Ethiopia is for this purpose. They work undercover cultural and religious subversion at the grass root level. Even I am afraid that Ethiopian Orthodox church is under religious subversion who infiltrate it. Infiltration is the main tactic for subversion. TPLF is known for infiltration. Ethiopian Orthodox church is the vital unifying factor for nurturing and maintaining culture and morality of Ethiopianity. By the way do not trust TPLF. It is a mafia thug. Always what it talks officially is different from what it actually does in the open or in closed doors. TPLF sells off Ethiopia for money. Please all Ethiopians beware that our society is gradually fracturing and dying. No party politics with no common language to talk together.

  20. Dawi
    | #20

    My take cont’d:

    As I pointed out HD is one of the new generation EPRDF leaders that came about after Meles departed from the previous order and became fully in charge of EPRDF. The torch was passed to HD; as far as a full authority of the party is concerned, it is something that needs to be earned by the individual who is in power now and in the future. HD has all the potential to establish a great legacy of his own as his predecessor. No one is going to take that away from him. Off course, folks such as ግሩም may disagree with HD having “real power” or Meles’s “democratic developmental state” vision as a great concept and may even dismiss it as bogus altogether but no one can deny the vision was a serious attempt to fight poverty with a developmental philosophy that is rooted in the African setting. One thing was crystal clear, that is before he passed away Meles renewed EPRDF as an organization, besides creating new generation leaders, his polices showed results; Ethiopia grew faster than ever, infrastructure boomed extensively and so on and so forth. It seems his policies are still producing results.

    Having said that, my wish is opposition not ruling him out but giving critical support to HD; with that Meles’s transformation will continue for a long time to come. Lastly, I also hope the following Messay’s analysis that started with “Tecola’s rational”, corroborated with Rene Lefort’s prediction won’t be realized.

    “Classical developmental notion”

    [[..The case of Ethiopia took a reverse direction, as a civilian party to which the military was subordinated first established a government that progressively evolved into a regime of a military type..]]

  21. aha!
    | #21

    NAT @#19, without disregarding your comment to Dawi about Dr. Berhanu Nega’s reference to “social-capital, which is out of context with respect to this article, I took note of the fact of your interpretation of “social-capital”, where you stated, “One of the foundation of social-capital- is family”, which I would like to suggest in terms of ecological /social order as:

    1) individual
    4)Society and/or
    5) nation-state of various ethnic groups, in which the development of a one nation-state requires human capital (labor and technologies), capital/finance and private ownership of land, properties and businesses
    at the level of the individual and businesses and industries and eminent domain and stewardship at the level of the government as a means of production to contribute to GDP in a free market capitalism.

    This notion of human-capital, which defined as “social-capital”, in this commentary is encapsulated in the movement of Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation-state with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item rfers to individual rights to exceed ethnic and secessionist rights as a bases for a democratic rather than ethnic rule, now prevailing, for a democratic government to rule by the consent of the governed, in which parties are aligned along the national agenda, the constitution is ratified, independent branches of government and an election board established in the constitution centered around individual freedom, liberty and equality before the supreme law of the land, overcoming globalization and the current ideologies of “System of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism with strategies to achieve the national goals in a non-vilent uprising to economic and political and economic freedom.

  22. aha!
    | #22

    Shimaglewoch @#17, you remind me of the same statement I made about UDJP soon after the split of Kinijit in 2005 adopting the objectives for democracy and justice and the formation of Ginbot 7 as a revised version of AFD1. add to that of what one Ethiopian lady said in Ethiopiawinet radio about Mederk before the 2010 election, “kengideh wodih mircha yemibal neger waga yelewim; inezihma yalew mengist gilibach nachew”, talking about the TPLF/eprdf regime and/or party in a subversive and deceptive politics continuing to these day, where the opposition were struggling for political space to achieve their goals in OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre, which achieved a one seat to a maximum of 50% seat in the parliament of TPLF/eprdf regime in a power sharing mentality with the TPLF/eprdf regime, does not amount to a peaceful struggle to replace the TPLF/eprdf regime. As such, I was always under the impression that UDJP raise its objectives one notch higher, and the OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre to undergo a reflective thinking to save Ethiopia from disintegration as well the prelude for ethnic secessionism, ethnic cleansing and future boundary conflicts over the newly demarcated ethnic homelands by coalescing around the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  23. aha!
    | #23

    For the narratives to #22, listen to

  24. Development without Freedom
    | #24

    The economy is growing so fast, TPLF got 110% of the vote, not as many assume, 100%.

  25. Development without Freedom
    | #25

    Since no one has congratulated the Prime Minister for his election ‘victory,’ let us be the first to congratulate him.

  26. Alemneh
    | #26

    Sorry that we are using here a ferenji language, our goal as Ethiopians and Africans and if we are supposed to follow the African nationalism trend on the continent should be to free Ethiopia and Africa from ferenji languages.
    That said TPLF and its sponsors USA, UK and EU are agents of ferenji supremacy and need to be fought.
    The ferenji should not be allowed to spread his alien culture in Ethiopia unchallenged as before. And raising the people’s awareness to this ferenji threat will help a lot. So far the opposition was silent about this ferenji threat and that should change. TPLF is an enemy no doubt about that, but the ferenji is behind it.

  27. Alemneh
    | #27

    One often wonders why key issues involving ferenjis are not discussed.

    1. Ferenjis and TPLF have been waging a demoralization campaign against Ethiopians the last 24 years or so. Targets are Ethiopians both at home and abroad, and the campaign is particularly against Ethiopiawinet or Ethiopian nationalism. The ferenjis and TPLF have used for this purpose western NGOs, adoption, maids, refugees, studies, international meetings and other circuses. The so-called learned Ethiopians failed to warn Ethiopians of this danger and campaign. What is more, although every casual observer could see that ferenjis and TPLF are waging war against Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian culture diaspora people kept repeating the lie: “the west supports TPLF because of the “war on terror” “.

    2. USA and company have intensified their anti-Ethiopian propaganda after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The day is an Ethiopian New Year. We must conclude that the USA and company link Ethiopia with the attacks of September 11, 2001 simply because of the anti-Ethiopian propaganda by the west after 9/11. That is rather funny because according to our information Ethiopians were not involved in the attacks. Does the USA have other information ?

    3. Claims that TPLF alone landlocked Ethiopia and imposed tribalism in the country are not credible because TPLF is ferenjis’ puppet and ferenjis would not have brought it to power before carefully studying it’s policies and plans. It is even likely that those TPLF policies and plans were dictated by ferenjis. After all fascist Italy had a similar plan and the ethnic german Austrian Baron Roman Procházka had suggested a similar plan in the 1930s in his book Abyssinia: the powder barrel.

    4. Key points about developments in Ethiopia in the last 50 years or so are not told. Individuals and broadcasters like G7 radio and ESAT even choose narratives that put USA out of the picture. They say for example “TPLF beles qentot silTan yaze”, the truth is “TPLF came to power because of USA support” or “USA put TPLF in power in Ethiopia.”


  28. aha!
    | #28

    In reference to coalescing around the common goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, whereas if the individual rights are respected the group rights follow, please listen to 13EVE_Hr2B broad cast. However, the broadcast addressing the opposition parties call for “legara hagerachew begara Mekom alebachew”, by setting aside each others differences, a slightly different approach from the above stated goals, even though implied. The above stated objectives stipulates the purpose of being united has to do with coalescing over the goals over Ethiopian Nationalism or “system of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism that denies individual rights and free market capitalism to the silent majority of Ethiopians by not resorting to the original provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups, with only division of Ethiopian landmass of Ethiopia allowed is by ecological regions, not by ethnic zones of which there are 80 for purposes of development of human and natural resources, whereby the ethnic groups in each of the regions are the products of the interaction of their genetic makeup and the environment of the region as a pragmatic solution to counter ethnic and secessionist politics, policies and ideology prevailing in Ethiopia for the last 24 years.

  29. aha!
    | #29

    Here is the last item worth listening broadcast about federalism and dictatorship by TPLF with slightly different perspective to that of “system of political ethnicity”, ethnic federalism,and secessionism built into the constitution, instead of federation of the original provinces without focus on “ethnic federalism” as a prelude to ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism, a prelude to ethnic cleansing and future boundary conflicts and denial of free market capitalism to the silent majority of Ethiopians, with nominal autonomy of ethnic federalism/ethnic homelands in terms of the political model as TPLF/eprdf and the ideology stipulated above to say the least about the economic model that of totalitarianism and/or state capitalism, supported by crony capitalism engaged in exploitation, political and economic stranglehold of the natural resources of Ethiopia not taken into consideration. Against this background the narratives in this broadcast assumes it will bring freedom, democracy and justice leaving ethnic and secessionist and its ideologies in tact.

  30. aha!
    | #30

    Having said about the political and the ideologies built into the current constitution, here is the narratives to the current economic model of totalitarianism and /state capitalism, supported by crony capitalism looked at from the perspective of global capitalism affecting the developing countries To my understanding global capitalism has affected the middle class by outsourcing manufacturing industries to other countries, in partly the same way the multinational corporations dump GMO seeds and fertilizers to the developing countries, coupled by exploitations, political, and economic strangle hold of the natural resources by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations to the exclusion of the silent majority of Ethiopians at least in private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia as one of means of production as a basis for a free market capitalism, taking center stage on the economic model leading up to liberal and/or social democracy from the current ethnic rule/ethnic dictatorship minority now and majority in the future.

  31. aha!
    | #31

    Correction: While leaving in tact the June 18EVE_Hr2B internet radio broadcast as reinforcement to the to the narrative a@#29, the narratives to @#30 is found in 16EVE_Hr2B internet radio broadcast. In retrospective I agree to most of the narrative put forward about global capitalism and free market capitalism, despite the lack of alternative path has not been presented.

  32. Alemneh
    | #32

    It would perhaps be helpful if we have a common and of course truthful narrative regarding the run of events in Ethiopia say since the late 1950s. And important players like Kassa Kebede, Mengistu Haile Mariam, leading figures of EPRP, EPLF, TPLF and others should help in this matter.

    It is very likely that the USA and its western ferenji allies regarded Haile Selassie as “anti-West” as early as the late 1950s, due to support for African liberation movements, perhaps support for the civil rights movements in the USA and efforts to create the OAU. And later in October 1971 due to UN voting in favour of China.

    In response to that the USA and company started a covert operation against Haile Selassie in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The coup de etat in December 1960 was likely part of that covert operation. As it failed the USA and company decided to overthrow Haile Selassie through an uprising. That uprising was then incorrectly called “the Ethiopian Students Movement” and “the Ethiopian Revolution” instead of American or Western Subversion.

    That means the leading figures of the Ethiopian Students Movement and the Ethiopian Revolution were ferenji or CIA agents. Indeed it is a fact that both Isayas and Meles were CIA agents. Mengistu Haile Mariam and Kassa Kebede are also suspected to be CIA or Mossad agents. As we know CIA, Mossad and MI6 cooperate closely. Germame Neway, a graduate from a USA college, is also suspected to be a CIA agent. It is also a fact that the Ethiopian Students Movement was started by Eritreans, some of whom might have had CIA links.
    Regarding EPRP and Meison little is known about their links with ferenji agencies but they were founded abroad.

    Many of those ferenji agent Ethiopians including Mengistu may have now realized that they were used as tools in the West’s broader geostrategic scheme. It is never too late, they should confess as many around the world have done in recent years.

  33. aha!
    | #33

    Here is the narratives of the call of the opposition parities to unite over the common goals and common country 25EVE_Hr2B, which is line with the consistent call I try to make for the opposition parties to unite over the common goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights under the ideology of Ethiopian Nationalism to stand in contrast to the negative forces of disintegration under “system of political ethnicity, ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or state capitalism, supported by crony capitalism by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in terms land lease engaged in exploitation, political and economic strangle hold of the countries resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians.

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