The International Criminal Court saves lives Belayneh Abate

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It is encouraging that a South African court decided to hold the Sudanese dictator in South Africa. African dictators are chronic public health disasters. These dictators are not just mass murderers but also the reason why starvation, malaria, tuberculosis, flea and lice borne diseases still kill the African people. In this 21st century, Africans were not supposed to die from starvation, migration, and preventable communicable diseases. As the universe understands, these preventable diseases are the major causes of Africans’ deaths. In other words, the root causes of death in Africa are African dictators. Therefore, the issue of African dictators should be seen, not only from the angle of justice, but also from public health perspectives.

In order to control or eradicate public health disasters, one has to target the root causes of death. Although many doubt their claimed missions, international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, IMF, World Back, Care, Oxfam, World Vision, Bill Gates, and so on throw money to mitigate starvation and communicable diseases in Africa. In reality, where does this “aid fund” go? Obviously, most of the fund gets in to the dictators’ and corrupted “business” men’s pockets. These disgraceful citizens steal and deposit it back in the European and African Banks. This means “donors” feed the bugs to boost their disease causing capability (virulence), not the victims to strengthen their defense mechanism (immunity). The so called “donations” have never been and will never be effective in Africa unless they target and eradicate the root-causes of African miseries-the bug dictators. In fact, had Africa had responsible leaders, it should not have received embarrassing baloneys from other countries in the first place.

Dictators may look fearless when well- fed generals and loyal soldiers stand behind them. However, tyrants’ pants get wet when they are confronted by any responsible establishment that promotes accountability, justice, freedom and so on. Have you ever seen how ants react when you spray pesticides to get read of them? Dictators act in a similar fashion when they are challenged by any institutions designed to advance justice, accountability, humanity and freedom. Unfortunately such institutions do not exist on Africa soil.

The only effective existing international tool to save lives in Africa today is the international criminal court (ICC). ICC may not stop corruption, starvation, and diseases but it has the power to mitigate genocides and mass murders. We may underestimate the contribution of ICC as counting events that did not take place is challenging. For example, counting the number of people who died from measles is relatively easy. However, estimating the number of people saved because of measles vaccination is very difficult. With the same token, we may easily count the number of people slaughtered by dictators; however, estimating the number of mass murders prevented by the very existence of ICC may not be easy. I believe mass murder in African has decreased significantly since ICC starts to hold murderers accountable. No vaccine exists without adverse effects. However, since the benefits outweigh the side effects, we proceed with vaccination. Similarly, ICC may have some adverse effects but it is an effective vaccine for fatal psychopathic diseases such as mass murder, crime against humanity and genocide. Therefore, ICC should be promoted and its mandate expanded.

As some clever germs thrive to develop resistance against antibiotics, the blood-thirsty African Germs (they call themselves leaders) are trying hard to develop resistance against ICC. One of these resistance mechanisms is blackmailing ICC as unjust institution, which does not treat mass murderers equal. You see! The African dictators are concerned about mass murderers (themselves) not about the people they slaughter. These ruthless murderers claim that they will establish their own version of African ICC. How you heard of criminals establishing courts for their own trial? No! No! No! This will never happen. It is just part of their day- to- day big lie and mischief. We already know what their Kangaroo courts do in Africa! Their puppet “judges” send dissents and other victims to dark-infested prisons and torture chambers following the commands of the shameless dictators. These dictators even kill the parents of dissents and send their children to prison so that the children would not be evidence sources for the crimes. Do you still think these kinds of heinous criminals would set up African Criminal Court? Do you believe wolves would establish a court that would save the lives of sheep herds?

When bugs get clever, people should get smarter. Wake up the People of Africa! The beasts are in South Africa not to discuss mass murder, crime against humanity, genocide, starvation, migration, diseases, or other atrocities that take away the lives of your loved ones. They are lodging in luxurious hotels to discuss how to defend their crimes and condemn ICC that hunts genocide committers and mass murderers. It appears that African despots are determined to continue killing you, your children and grand children. Even the sheep come together to defend themselves when they are approached by merciless wolves. Cry in Unisom Africa for the existence of ICC so that mass murders, crimes against humanity and genocide can be contained. No doubt! Even with its own limitations ICC saves lives. Therefore, ICC should be saved, promoted and expanded. Thank you.

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Note: This article was first published in October, 2013

  1. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #1

    Dear Bleayneh Abate
    Thank your for brining to discussion the issue – ICC request to hand over Bashir.

    I do not mind any crimininal being in prisioned or sentenced to death.

    My disagreement with you is based on the double standards played by ICC, IMF, World Bank, WHO, UN and so on. These international orginastions are funded, run, directed controlled by rich countries. the beneficators are the rich countries. it does not include even BRIC countries.
    These international orgnisations chase poor countries leaders or individuals who turn their back on the rich countries

    For that reason alone I ask you not blow their trumpet. They could do it better than you. they have their media outlets, journallists, advocates,

    Woyane is eating from their hands but they tell us differently as if they care. Aparthaied is supported by these organisations. IMF and World bank do not give a toss to human tragedies, human rights abuses,
    ICC will not go after rich countries leaders. show me evidences if I am no wrong.

    UK government did not give Chile leader to ICC. Thatcher and her experts defended him and went back to his country.
    So why do you expect South Africa to do it?

    Thank you.

  2. Sam
    | #2

    In this case, I have a hard time agreeing with ICC, and by extension with the writer of the above article. Let us agree the president of Sudan orchestrated genocide on Darfur people. But who has the sole authority to define genocide? If significant number of Iraqis claim the invasion of their country by America was a prelude to genocide, and genocide had happened, how does ICC evaluate their claim? True, the Americans did not go to Iraq to systematically wipe out every living Iraqis. They went there to done with the leader of the Iraq. But the invasion ignited and brought once a dormant animosity among Iraqis based on sectarian religion to the forefront. Still today the ill-advised invasion of Iraq breeds dire consequences. Does the ICC consider the political decision by the Bush administration constitutes genocide? Although the American invasion did not intend to encourage genocide among Iraqis, what is happening today in Iraq is close to genocide. Because America stirred the dormant animosity to have its own life, does Bush be called to face the ICC justice? when the African leaders say there is a double standard, they might have a point. I am not here to defend genocide, but I write because I do not believe the ICC should have an absolute monopoly in defining what is genocide or not because the definition is tailored to satisfy the Western audience. Not everybody, however, is a westerner.

  3. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #3

    I hope our own butcher of the 1970′s Mengistu faces the same fate sooner if not later. He is now somewhere in Zimbabwe worrying instead which filet mignon he will have at the dinner table tonight when mothers, fathers and loved ones of tens of thousands innocent victims he callously butchered without an iota of due process in a court of law and when the blood of millions of our brothers and sisters in Eritrea, Tigray, Gojam and many parts of Ethiopia he mercilessly slaughtered throughout his tenure as the head of the State. I hope I will live long enough to see that day.

  4. Kahsay
    | #4

    The TPLF leaders are among the worst perpetrators to face justice
    in the International Cort of Crime in the Hague. The atrocities the
    TPLF leaders have been committing in Ethiopia include etnic cleansing targeting the Amharas and genocide targeting the Anuak and Somalis in teh Ogaden. The atrocities the TPLF leaders have been commiting are similar to those General Al-Bashir of Sudan is accused of committing in Darfur. The difference is that the TPLF leaders are enjoying the protection of the western powers (USA) at the moment. The TPLF is a fascist and racist organization. These are all crimes against humanity and come under the juridiction of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Althouh the supreme leader of the TPLF has passed away,the remaining leaders should face justice for these crimes against humanity.

  5. Semere
    | #5

    This discussion is interesting because the TPLF leaders are among those that are committing heinous crimes such as genocide and ethnic cleansing. The Commentator above `Sam` is trying to defend the TPLF by injecting irrelevant issue related to the powers of the ICC. Genocide and Ethnic cleansing have already been defines and agreed upon before the establishment of the ICC. We know that the TPLF leaders are living in fear and will do everything they can to undermine the court using the race card. The court is the night mare of the TPLF criminals. The same argument has been used by the TPLF to undermine this court of International justice. The court may have some limittions or weaknesses but is doing a superb job in prosecuting the criminals.

  6. Read before you comment
    | #6

    All commentators EXCEPT Semere have lost the message of this article or trying to divert the attention to something irrelevant in support of those who will face justice such as woyane.

    I think the writer did not say ICC is flawless. What he is saying is

    1. If ICC brings some of the criminals to justice, it is OK. You commentators are saying if ICC is not bringing all criminals to justice, it should stop African criminals altogether. Are you standing for the People of Africa or for the dictators who kill Africans? It is good that the African people get justice no matter other criminals else where are not brought to justice.

    2. The writer is saying the mere presence of ICC reduces crimes because dictators are scared of ICC.


  7. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #7

    To Read before you Comment
    I want to tank you for reading our comments but I think you missed the point.

    1. ICC is founded, funded and run controlled and directed by the rich countries. Therefor it is not representative of developing countries least of all intersest of Africa.
    2. Rich countries leaders are not subject to same law. Why do Iraq people experiences this hellish situations.
    3. No one of us argued that criminals should not be punished but argued that ICC actions are politically motivated.

    For example, we witnessed rich countries support regime change by force or support oppostions which do not represent the majority of a country.

    I hope answered my reasons

  8. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #8

    To Read before you Comment
    I want to thank you for reading our comments but I think you missed the point.
    1. ICC is founded, funded and run controlled and directed by the rich countries. Therefor it is not representative of developing countries least of all intersest of Africa.
    2. Rich countries leaders are not subject to same law. Why do Iraq people experiences this hellish situations. if you have any reason then please share you knowledge why no one leader was chased by ICC for their cuelty to these people.
    3. No one of us argued that criminals should not be punished but argued that ICC actions are politically motivated and serves only the interest of the rich countries.
    For example, we witnessed rich countries support regime change by force or support oppostions which do not represent the majority of a country.
    i hope now you know my reasons but you do not have to agree.

  9. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #9

    Once that butcher of the 1970′s is in the bag, I would like to see the ICC start investigating the brutal murder of those about 200 unarmed civilians in the streets of Addis(Finfine) in 2005 especially those who gave the ‘shoot to kill’ order. To me human life is just as such, sacred creation of the Almighty. Mothers, fathers and loved ones of all those who were callously cut down in the broad day light in 2005 in the capital after the rigged election are still crying and crying for a day in court. I hope that will happen sooner if not later.

  10. Yami
    | #10

    The point is not who is funding the ICC. The rich and powerful countries contribute most of the resources to even the big international organizations such as the United Nations and have got the veto power in it. The most important issue should be the tasks and mission of the ICC i.e bringing to justice the perpetrators of genocide and other crimes against humanity. Unfortunately it is in Africa that most of these egregious crimes are being committed. That is why the African criminals are topping the crime list of the ICC. The ICC is not discriminating Africans as the TPLF guys are trying to make us believe. As a fascist and racist force, the TPLF strong men have every reason to hate and fear the ICC. They know they will end of in the court rooms of the ICC because of the egregious crimes they are committing (ethnic cleansing and genocide). Those of us who are for justice should support the ICC in its effort to uphold and administer justice. Ethiopians and the other Africans deserve justice.

  11. Yohannes Ke Dallas
    | #11

    Ittu Aba Farda,
    As mentioned above by most commentators, ICC is one of many western tools to coerce poor African leaders to be on their list of yes men to realize their interest. IMF and ICC are institutions created by those rich countries to serve as carrot and stick. When an African leader agrees to their way, that person even if he is an evil dictator, will get a life line prize from IMF, and whoever says no and went to Chinese side, then that dictator will face ICC’s indictment. Despite all atrocities and crimes committed by woyane, despite numerous human rights watch, genocide watch, amnesty international reports on woyane crimes, next month, Barak Obama the first seating US president will visit Ethiopia to attend OAU African leaders meeting in Addis Ababa and will deliver a speech. China is becoming influential on that region and Obama has to steal a light on glaring presence of China in Chinese built OAU office. OAU might disinvite Sudan’s president Al Bashir to Addis Ababa so he could not pose to camera with Obama to save face of rich country’s hypocrisy and their tool ICC. Interest is the main factor that drives governments than human rights, genocide, democracy, bad governance and all evil things summed up together. In Rwanda, nearly 1 million people died in hate crimes. Since Rwanda has not any resources that western countries were interested on they let it happen sitting and watching. They do not care about human sufferings as long as they are benefited. This is today’s world order. Two decades ago, when CIA arranged Mengistu’s departure, they might guarantee him he will never face any court for atrocities he committed, if he leaves the country on their term. The late Meles, a lap dog of westerners tried extraditing Mengistu from Zimbabwe. CIA says no, so I am afraid Ittu Aba Farda may not live long to see the day the “1970 Butcher” will face ICC or any court. You know why? They want to show that they are keeping their word and want to be credible for deals they might have in the future. They need to honor their words, and let other butchers trust those untrusted institutions. The ICC can also turn a blind eye if they reach the same deal to oust Bashar al Asad of Syria. That was a safe haven deal given to Sadam Hussien before US troops went to Iraq in 2003. But Sadam turns down that offer in 2003 and Mengistu agreed in 1991. Both enjoyed the fruit of their choices. At the end of the day, there no justice or truths, it is only interest, interest interest. ICC sits fat and happy so long as the rich donor’s interest is intact.

  12. Selamu
    | #12

    Pertinent points have been made in the previous comments. One point that is, as usual, missing: “min yettebes!” better expressed in Amharic. Please consider the following:

    Ittu Aba Farda is absolutely right when he states that former dictator Mengistu needs to be brought to justice. However, he and nmerous others expect other people to do the job for them. When will Ethiopians rise in unison to demand from the UN Security Council to establish a tribunal to prosecute the murderer Mengistu?!

    Tho same type of accusation is made against the Woyane but I see no effective action to initiate an appropriate lawsuit. What we have is a noise from an empty bottle!

    Criticisms against ICC are appropriate but is the solution to dismantle it or to fight for its overhaul so that its capacity for justice would be strengthened?

    Instead of a mere empty talk, let us please strive for a meaningful action.

  13. GEORGE
    | #13

    If Ethiopians want to understand deeply about ICC and the hypocrisy of the West read the following.

    ICC is a double standard institute of the West. Unless we read and understand such type of write-up we can not understand what is going on in the world.
    Unless the ethos the prevailing system is well investigated and understood we can not gain peace and justice in the world. ICC persecutes war criminal as long as they are are not working against the system. ICC does not persecute criminals if they are working for the system

  14. selamu
    | #14

    Dear Abugida,

    Why did you take out my remarks?!

  15. Selamu
    | #15

    Thank you, Abugida, for reposting my remarks as item 12 above.

    By the way, “George”s comments as item 13 above contain a complete contradiction in his last two sentences. What would have been more helpful was for George to point out the specific recommendations he might have for the positive changes required from the ICC. I hope “George” is not suggesting that the world does not need an international criminal court!

  16. woyane is in crisis -politically and financially?
    | #16

    To Yami, Selamu and those with similar views about ICC
    I have three points to make you consider realtiy of Africans and African poltics.

    1. Respect African leaders
    African leaders role in the fight against colonializm is something you should be proud about. African Unity or African Union was formed by African leaders to decolineze African from the yoke of slavery by the super powers or rich countries politicians. \

    African Union achieved its goals. Therefore I am asking you to know your history and show respect to African leaders.

    Aparheid was led by rich countries so do not tell us rich countries leaders are better and act from high moral ground to civilize us, to bring justice to Africans and to feed us.

    2. Revenge is not the issue. Justice is the issue
    You are supporting ICC because you wanted to revenge against Mengistu and Melese who is dead.
    If that is why you support ICC then you are not better than them.

    3. Argue with evidences
    You need to argue with evidences when you support ICC.

    Thank you.

  17. Selamu
    | #17

    Dear “Woyane is in crisis…..”,

    Your advocacy in favour of African leaders is partly worthy of support especially taking into account the cases of the commendable ones such as those of Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana,etc. leaders who have shown a modicum of respect for human rights and dmocracy. On the other hand, your suggestion that an equal respect should be accorded to those leaders who are known to be victimizing their people such as the ones heading the governments in Burundi, Ethopia, Eritrea, etc. is tantamount to a blind support of a vicious abuse of human rights and an atrocious dictatorship.

    Your allegation that support for ICC is or revenge purposes is completely unwarranted. If revenge were the basic intent one wouldn’t need to go to ICC to bring Mengistu Hailemaiam to justice. He would have deservd his own form of lack of jstice!

    You demand evidece for self-evident conclusions. Come to your senses, please.

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