How Can the World Achieve Peace While Lies Defeat the Truth? Belayneh Abate

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No one has witnessed the physical appearances of Satan, God and even Evolution. However, the wills of these spiritual powers have been well described. God’s and Evolution’s wills intersect at certain points; however, Satan’s and God’s wills run parallel and reside at the opposite poles. What Satan likes is despised by God, and what God creates is destroyed by Satan. Satan likes money; God despises it. Satan encourages bloodshed; God prohibits it; Satan proclaims terrors; God preaches peace; Satan clings to the lies; God sticks to the truth, and so on.

Satan and God have been at war since the creation of the universe. I do not know about the past, but in this 21st century, Satan holds the upper hands. As a result, love for money, not for family, friendship, citizenry or humanity, is flourishing. Terror, not peace, is expanding; lies, not truth, is ruling.

Most African dictators promote the wills of Satan. These dictators crave for money although they stockpile billions in Western banks; they insistently lie although responsible journalists expose their lies; and they massacre their tax payers although they claim they stand with Mr. Obama for peace.

To the dismay of international community, Mr. Obama declared the Ethiopian tyrants “elected governors” to promote his interests. Even these tyrants might have laughed behind his back when he said “democratically elected” since they know Samuel Awoke and other victims of this fake election have not fully decomposed in their graves. Why Mr. Obama departed away from the truth while these victims’ families were still in tears and dark clothes? Is not telling the truth better than running away from it to promote self-interests? Are self-interests incompatible with truth?

In fact, truth is strongly related to long standing self-interests as it is strongly associated with long lasting friendships. Had Mr. Obama had told the truth about the Ethiopian tyrants, not only the people but the rivers that drain the blood and tears of innocent Ethiopians would have stood behind him. Furthermore, other peoples who suffer from similar dictatorships would have listened to him. The charismatic preacher of freedom, Mr. Obama, was unable to deliver the truth because the Satan that dwells in the tyrants’ skulls snatched it from him.
Whether we believe in their existence or not, God and Satan or the Truth and the Lies govern our lives. Unfortunately, Satan holds the upper hands and we continue to spread lies and play games on peoples’ lives. At any rate, the Truth always resurrects no matter how deep and how long we bury it. In the meantime, people will suffer from irksome lies and tyranny induced terrors although Mr. Obama preached peace standing with criminal despots. How can the world achieve peace while lies defeat the truth, and world powers continue cuddling heinous dictators?

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