Speeches By Dr. Berhanu Nega, Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa and Artist. Tamagne Beyene

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Speeches By

Dr. Berhanu Nega


Wzt. Birtukan Mideksa


Artist. Tamagne Beyene


  1. | #1

    Berhanu You are the real hero next to king Menilik

  2. tig
    | #2

    i agree

  3. berew
    | #3

    I was luckey to be one of the participants of this meeting. It was the most sensational 4 hours of my life . I’ve witnessed the ressurection of our motherland “ETHIOPIA” and it’s people in “KINIJIT’S RAEEY’. GOD BLESS OUR LEADERS AND MOTHER “ETHIOPIA.”

  4. almaz addisu
    | #4

    These people seem to repeat the mistake they committed earlier.They have not yet succeeded in liberating themselves from the extremism of the diaspora politics.They are doing and saying contrary to their pardon commitments.I am afraid we will witness another round of betrayal to the peace loving ethiopian people


  5. leul
    | #5

    The audios clips don’t work for me.Can you please fix it?


    | #6

    I have the same problem. The audios MP3s don’t work.please fix it?.


  7. YESNO
    | #7

    Please fix this thing so we can hear the speech, did you take it down on purpose?

  8. SELMA
    | #8


  9. Sittina
    | #9

    the audios still not working!!!

  10. Daniel Gobezu
    | #10

    I just wonder to know about The so called EPRP.To surprise you i thought the website, http://www.ethiolion.com was belongs to EPRDF.Because most of their articles abuse and haras the opposition groups.Some one from U.S.A call me this morning and told me that,”YE LENENI LEJOCH NEAW”.Oo my god.How stupids you are ? better to change your name from Ethiopian peoples revolutionary party to EVIL PEOPLES RUDE PARTY.

  11. Leoul
    | #11

    Yes, the audio’s are not working. An error message saying “Error opening file”.

  12. arada
    | #12

    Shame of you Berhanu nega and his dogs Bertukan we know you both of you should return back to jail viva Meles . we don’t trust you no more

  13. mechal
    | #13

    Dr.Berhanu! you are great&true man.
    Ethiopian want like to you.

  14. | #14

    Pleae, please, please… fix the error, I have difficult time to hear the speech….

  15. Tesfish
    | #15

    Thumbs up both for Bertukan and Berhanu. What a wonderful speech!!!

    You two are great and keep moving!

    God bless U!!!

    Cheers and have a pleasant working visit in the US.

  16. fiseha
    | #16

    Same old rhetoric. What is this barrage of “democracy”? Why doesn’t she tell us about what she wants to do and how she will do it if she gets power? What is she going to do about famine, unemployment, education, defence, HIV Aids, health, transport, inflation…?

  17. alay
    | #17

    This is a nice message that we demand democracy to Woyane who belives poor people do not deserve freedom of thought. All Woyane supporters please think the relashionship between freedom of thought and developemnt before you open your mouth.

  18. yikerbelen
    | #18

    this is a speeches of the millinium

  19. | #19

    I agree Berhanu You are the real hero next to king Menilik

  20. | #20

    I agree

  21. | #21

    It is amazing that how you trying to compare Dr. Berhanu to Menilik, Dr. Berhanu is modern educator and democrate individual. He is a modern Ethiopian not Savage menilikian. I don’t want to think back 100 or 1000 years. Menilik had done good and bad mostly. Let you stop your barbarian thinking & get civilized. We can’t afford to cary you forward into or within new Ethiopia. Only, Only respect can do democracy. To stop you, new Ethiopia will re-engineer your DNA with new ideas-united with respect,love, friendship,above all repect for God-love your neighbor as yourself.
    Birtukan and Berhanu …May God bless & give guidance. I hope and pray you will bring different way of thinking to this country.

    With love.

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