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As an ordinary citizen I watch the news on TV, and read about it on the papers. A new Presidential election has started in a world that is changing in many aspects of national and international life. Scientific and technical innovations have also transformed the balance of power with a new array of political and economic forces. The whole political debate on both the right and left sides seems to be muddled, Sen. Sanders advocating a highly socialized program and by the Trump explosion on the right. There are some points in their announced programs that I could support, what worries me is their applicability in the real world.

From the Democratic Party I can’t visualize how the US can be turned into some sort of pseudo-socialist state or with what electoral majority could this be achieved? With the confused and angry political mood prevailing in the country, I doubt if the country is ready for such radical change. A democratic party coming to power may continue to enact some of the progressive social measures that have been introduced by the Obama administration. It will be a continuation of present policies with probably some innovations, but nothing revolutionary.

Ms Clinton, the eminent candidate of the Democratic Party, could have been more aggressive and less hesitant in explaining herself and her policies. People are frustrated and dejected by all the political shenanigan and gerrymandering taking place in Washington; that has given undue influence to narrowly based rightists groups. There is no doubt that the country needs a mature, pragmatic and dynamic leadership that will bring the political establishment out of the antagonist squabble that it has paralyzed the nation. Ms Clinton and the Democratic Party must show vigorously a vision that will inspire and motivate people to counter the vicious campaign directly against her. It might also be worth to look for other candidates.

From the Republican right I find Mr. Trump’s programs simply fascinating when it comes to their implementation. Hereunder some of the problems I foresee:

1. He wants to deport all the ii (11) million, almost 34 million by Mr. Trump counts, illegal immigrants with their families with their belongings, for which compensation may have to be paid or be legally confiscated by a congressional act. Then the eleven million must be found and collected somewhere in appropriate well guarded camps around the country. After which they will have be identified and sorted out by nationality, and then transported to their home of origin. To this end a large logistical apparatus must be put in place, probably equal to ten army divisions with all the necessary paraphernalia.

2. At this point the countries to which the US intends to send them back, will certainly not recognize them as their citizens and will refuse to accept them. They have plenty of unemployment and poverty of their own without adding re-immigrant from the US. In which case the options left for Mr. Trump would be: a) to declare war to those refusing countries and invade them, or: b) pay trillions of dollars to settle them wherever possible, to the great satisfaction of the American tax-payers who will foot the bill. On the domestic front the substantial role of the illegal have as workers and consumers will leave a gap that will have to be replaced, hopefully without disastrous shortcomings.

3. A deadly problem, even bigger and more harmful to the health of the nation is the 200 hundred billion $ drug trade, a problem that Mr. Trump or any other candidate finds worth mentioning.

4. As to the problems in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Isis, terrorists and the kind Mr. Trump solution is simple, he will send the army to wipe them out of existence and replace them with some US dictated order to the Muslim world.

5. Ukraine – ditto, he will build up the US military presence in Europe, get the EU and NATO to shape up and tell Putin and his Mujiks to get out of Crimea and withdraw from the Ukraine? Concomitantly he means to withdraw the army from i.e. Europe, Korea, Japan Middle East, and Africa, on the other hand he wants to send the army to Iraq/Syria and wipe out ISIS. He wants to reinforce the armed forces, and then he says that he wants to reduce US military commitment around the world.

6. China – Mr. Trump will bring back all the US jobs lost to China. How and by what means? Chinese labor cost at best 85 percent less than US labor. Will US labor work with similar wages? Will US raise import taxes on Chinese goods? China trade and economic presence, including large investments and projects is worldwide and expanding, is a trade embargo feasible? US owe China 1.4 trillion dollars, how is that to be paid? What are Mr. Trump solutions for these issues?

7. About women having been marries three times, he has certainly a lot experience on the subject. He can be trusted to handle the issue “judiciously”.

8. On immigration he talks about expelling first the illegal that commit crimes, and give the police free hand to do it. With a police that is already
militarized and that has shown prejudice and violent hostility against minorities and sundry parties, chasing “illegal” will be tantamount to unleashing all sorts of violations of the law and legal practices.

9. The wall he will build will be twenty feet high, beautiful and impregnable. However, it is most likely that the “illegal” entrepreneurs will not try to climb over it; instead they will be using the sea shore as new routes. Which means setting special naval forces to guard the US coast from South to North along the East and West shores? Not an easy task considering the amount of space and distances involved.

10. Mr. Trump has radical solutions for everything at home and abroad, one thing for sure is that we are going to have another world-war. There is also the danger that Trump maybe carried over by his own rhetoric and end up with some sort of fascist dictatorship. It reminds me of the rise of Mussolini and Hitler to Fascism/Nazism, extremism gives birth to extremism.

11. He wants to take back the country, from whom? He wants America to be great again! We all agree about that. However, the problem is that the US has the biggest economy and most powerful military in the world. It is still the most free, advanced and innovative nation in the world. What is the new greatness to be? A world domination?

12. Mr Trump is a very intelligent man, he did not build up a fortune by being stupid. He says that he is a deal maker and that he is flexible, which leaves a lot of room for anything and everything.

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