Indian Leaders Buy Literacy Kits While Ethiopian Idiots Purchase Illiteracy Weapons Belayneh Abate

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New York Times reads “Silicon Valley to Give India’s Modi Rock Star Treatment”. Silicon Valley is the technology Capital of the world. This technology capital harbors Google, Face book, Adobe, Cisco, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, and many other technology giants. Attracting these technology giants, the Indian leaders vow to interconnect and educate their billion brains.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian idiots attract hackers and blockers to lock down ninety million brains and sense organs. These idiots have trapped Ethiopians in one-to-five interwoven nets to spy each other and stop internal and external communications. estimated only 1.7% of Ethiopians are connected to internet although the actual proportion could be far less than this estimate.

Indian leaders buy educational kits demonstrating visionary leadership, well-educated people, large and united population as down payments. On the other hand, the Ethiopian idiots purchase illiteracy weapons with cashes. To amass these cashes, the idiots sell refugees, home maids, soldiers, land , natural resources, and serve the West and East as servants. Last July, the Guardian reported the Ethiopian idiots paid one million dollars to an Italian hacking team. The Guardian did not report the dollar amount these idiots pay to Chinese information blockers and telephone spies. However, Ethiopians know the payment ranges from bulky natural resources to ripping down of Ethiopian prides and lives.

The Indian leaders use the educational kits to strengthen their education system and foster communications and business among their people and the world. On the contrary, the Ethiopian idiots use the illiteracy weapons to block information and knowledge channels, to spy their citizens, to turn educational institutions to cadre factories, to install miscommunications and mistrusts, to spread fears, to ignite ethnic fracas, to advance displacements, to promote migrations, to dispel intellectuals, and to torture and slaughter citizens.
While the Indian leader receives feedbacks from 30 million face book and 15 million tweeter followers, the Ethiopian idiots gather lies from thousands of spies assigned to harass, torture and kill citizens that speak up their minds.

History teaches India achieved its independence in 1947 after 300 years colonization; whereas Ethiopia maintained its independence since Genesis. Unfortunately, the 4000 years old independent Ethiopia has fallen under neo-colonialism while the 68 years old independent India has risen to global stage since 25 years ago. India rose to global stage because of visionary leadership and state-of-the art education system. The Ethiopian education system has been totally dysfunctional for more than 20 years like any colonized countries education system. The current Ethiopian “education” lacks depth, focus, cohesion, coherence, authenticity, ethics, morality, dignity, national sentiment and pride.

Thinkers such as Socrates have taught knowledge as the highest form of good and pleasure. The Indian leaders have listened to these sages whereas the Ethiopian idiots listen just the rumbling sounds of their bellies. Because these idiots connect the highest form of pleasure with stuffed bellies(not brains), Ethiopia is descending back to the caves (forget the idiots’ buildings, and the roads World Bank paved to advance Western interests) while India ascends towards mars. To reverse this descending course, Ethiopians should strengthen the existing information channels and invent new ones to rip down the idiot-made illiteracy curtain and sparkle flickers of knowledge, knowledge that transcends generations.

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