Violent clashes in Ethiopia over ‘master plan’ to expand Addis

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Extending capital into surrounding farmland is part of ongoing discrimination against Oromo people, say protesters. Global Voices reports.

At least 10 students are said to have been killed and hundreds injured during protests against the Ethiopian government’s plans to expand the capital city into surrounding farmland.

According to Human Rights Watch, the students were killed this week when security forces used excessive force and live ammunition to disperse the crowds.

The students were protesting against a controversial proposal, known as “the master plan”, to expand Addis Ababa into surrounding Oromia state, which they say will threaten local farmers with mass evictions.

According to the Ethiopian constitution, Oromia is one of the nine politically autonomous regional states in the country, and the region’s Oromo people make up the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia.

However, rights groups say the Oromo have been systematically marginalised and persecuted for the last 24 years. By some estimates, there were as many as 20,000 Oromo political prisoners in Ethiopia as of March 2014.

It’s not the first time the security forces have reacted violently to protests in support of the group. At least nine students were killed in May 2014 while defending the rights of famers in the region when the “master plan” was first announced.

In response to the violence, Amnesty International issued a report on government repression last year, noting that “between 2011 and 2014, at least 5,000 Oromos [were] arrested based on their actual or suspected peaceful opposition to the government.”

The human rights organisation found that in numerous cases “actual or suspected [Oromo] dissenters were detained without charge or trial, killed by security services during protests, arrests and in detention.”

The ruling elite and members of government are mostly from the Tigray region, which is located in the northern part of the country.

Social media

The Ethiopian media has paid little attention to the protests. Demonstrators have been taking to Facebook and Twitter to report the clashes, with additional coverage coming from diaspora media.

“The Oromo youth are a powerful political entity capable of shaking mountains,” one Facebook user, Aga Teshome, wrote in support of the protesters. “This powerful political entity is hell bent on exposing the [ruling party] EPRDF government’s atrocious human rights record and all round discriminatory practices.”

Another user said more should be done to shine light on the movement: “The silence has truly been deafening. We need to see and hear the inspiring actions undertaken by huge numbers of ‪#‎Oromo‬ in ‪#‎Ethiopia.”

Desu Tefera echoed the calls for better media coverage: “We call upon the media to investigate the conditions that these students died trying to expose and resist,” he wrote.

“Oromia needs a new kind of reporting by the international media, which gives voice to the voiceless Oromo people, who for a very long time have been killed, mistreated, abused, neglected and repressed in Ethiopia.”

Dubious development

For many Ethiopians, this week’s clashes show that the issue of Oromo rights refuses to go away.

Protests against the master plan for expansion first began in April last year, when students from outside the capital argued that if the proposal was implemented, it would result in Addis further encroaching into the surrounding territory, allowing the capital to subsume surrounding towns and leaving informal settlements vulnerable to government redevelopment.

The government rejected the accusation, claiming that the plan was intended only to facilitate the development of infrastructure such as transportation, utilities and recreation centres.

The unrest halted the development until now, but in November resentment boiled over again when it became clear the government had resumed its plan.

Since the highly contested 2005 national election forceful evictions and urban land grabbing have become frequent in Addis and its environs, opposition groups say. The city’s rapid growth has resulted in increasing pressure to convert rural land for industrial, housing or other urban use.

The population of the capital is estimated to have grown at a rate of 3.8% per year since 2007, but the repurposing of land in order to accommodate the expansion has been a particularly contentious issue.

Ermias Legesse, a high profile government defector, has argued that since 2000 the Addis Ababa city municipality, with the support of the federal government, has enacted five different pieces of legislation to “legalise” informal settlements, allowing them to be sold on to private property developers.

“Sometimes the informal settlers are given only a few days’ notices before bulldozers arrive on the scene to tear down their shabby houses and lay foundations for new investors,” Legesse said in an interview last week.

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    Jawar Mohammed has decided to travel to Ethiopia to join the struggle. Just like Dr. Berhanu Nega of Ginbot 7, Jawar said the time has ripen for armed struggle. He said he would first to travel to Asmara, Eritrea to meet OLF leaders. According to the Muslim custom, he said if he dies during the armed struggle, his wife would marry his younger brother.

  2. Lessons to learn
    | #2

    Thank you the writer of this informative article about the causes of the clash between the government forces and the protesters. It is clear that the unlawful land-grab and inhuman treatment of protesters in the pretext of development program by Woyanes claimed lives of many peaceful protesters. it has to stop and those responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people should be prosecuted.

    Thank you.

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    Suma summarum: ይመለከተናል፣ ዜጎችም ነን ባዮች ሁሉ፣ የሃገር ጉዳይ ሲነሳ ሃይማኖትን ለግል መገልገያነት ብቻ ብታዉሉት ምን ይመስላችኋል!!??

    The Abugidaዎች፣

    We say in Tigrigna: „ሓምሊያ ብዘኽረመስ ድባ ቀውዒ ፈከረ!“
    What was happening yesterday? ስር ነቀል enlightenment ማካሄድ አለብን:: ገና ለገና የማንም አጋስስ ያኮርፋል ተብሎ በመስጋት ከሃቅ ልንሸሽ አይደለም!! በ‘asozial ጎዳና ለመበሻቀትማ ከሆነ እነዚያ እንደ ማደርያ የላቸው የLagos ወይንም Nairobi ውጭ አዳሪዎች ከእንቅልፋቸው ገና ሲነሱ የሚፀዳዱበት አይነት ታላላቅ slum-ጎድፍ„ዌቦች“ አሉ አይደለም እንዴ!!
    ነጋ ጠባ ምንነቱ ሳይገባን የምንጮህለትን ዴሞክራሲ እኮ የምእራቡ አለም፣ ከ‘Kritik der reinen Vernunft ተነስቶና በነ Kritik der Instrumentellen Vernunft አልፎ እስከነ Kritik der Kommunikativen Vernunft ሁሉ በመደረስ ነው እንጂ, በመበሻቀጥ የታጨደ ጎድፍ አይደለም! እና እኛስ ኢትዮጵያውያን ስንባል ይሄንን እንኳን በተግባር ለማዋል ችግር ቢኖርብንም፣ ግን ቢያንስ ማለምም እንኳን አንችልም ማለት ነውን? በእናታችሁ እንደነ አቡነ ተክለሃይማኖት ባለንበት ሰባት አመታት በአንድ እግራችን በመቆም ሳይሆን፣ ምንነቱ ሳይገባን እየተጠቀምንበት ባለነው ኢንተርነት ክፍለ ዘመነ ደርሶበት ባለ ፈጣን ንቃት እየተንቀሳቀስን እኮ መሆን አለበት:: ጧት ተነስተው ዛፎቻቸውን በቅቤ ከቀቡ በኋላ ወደ ምሳ ስዓት አካባቢ ደግሞ ይገለጥላቸውና ጣኦቶቻቸውን እየተማፀኑ ከህብረተሰብ ጋራ የሚናከሱ ነገሮችን የሚያስደስት አይነት አስተዋፅኦ ካላቀረብክ ውጭ አቁመን ደጅ እናስጠንሃለን የሚለው አቋም የለሹ አወሳሰናችሁ ሊገባኝ አይችልም:: የማይገባኝን ነገር ደግሞ ዝም ብሎ አንጠልጣይ ብሆን ኖሮ፣ ሆዳቸው በስነ ስርአቱ ሳይጠግብ ዛፎቻቸውን እስኪጠግቡ ድረስ ቅቤ ቀቢዎችን አልጠብቅም ነበር:: እንዲህ አይነት ነገር ብሆን ኖሮ ወያነ ሰው አጥታ እነሱን በምትለቃቅምበት ጊዜ ከ35 ዓመታት በፊት ህ.ወ.ሓ.ት.‘ን ተቀላቅዬ ሳበቃ ዛሬ ቻይና እና ማለዥያ አካባቢ አካውንቶችን ከፍቸ ሚልያዶች ዶላሮችን አስቀምጨ ሳበቃ፣ ግን ውስጤ ፍርሃት-ፍርሃት እያለውም እያለ በቀን በሚልዮኖች የሚጫወት እንጂ፣ ሂሊናውን ያልሸጠና ደረቱን የነፋ የጀርመን ለማኝ ሆኜ እቀር ነበር እንዴ!!??

  4. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #4

    I say full steam ahead with the industrialization!!! Full speed ahead!!! This protest has all the fingerprint of an emotional outburst enticed by individual with evil intention, with someone gripped with daytime dream fantasy. It is being fanned by those who have gone to bed with a sworn evil groomer in Asmara along with a bunch of evil cobbers aimlessly walking around in the deserts of Eritrea. All this ‘gallant’ exploits we hear about the ‘Dawuds’ and ‘Jawaars’ these few days is nothing but something hatched to pitch the youth of that nation with a well trenched opponent. What they want to do is to carve out a territory so they can do whatever they want and work off their deep-seated hatred toward other ethnic groups be it Amharas, Tigrayans, Afars and Somalis. But they are not telling the truth that those ten Oromo youths were not cut down by bullets fired by Amharas and Tigrayans. They are all Oromo soldiers. People would tell me what these bigots are telling every Oromo gathered to listen to them these days. They tell their audience that the Neftegna issue is not resolved yet. On one occasion one of them was telling the audience that when TPLF forces led by the late PM Meles entered Addis(Finfine), they were very progressive and supporters of an Oromo Republic. But after a few years of indoctrination by the Amhara elite with the Neftegna doctrine, Meles and his front have transformed to be the new Neftegna. The solution of Oromia issues hinge solely on the resolution of the Neftegna problem, that is, the Amhara way of thinking must be eradicated. Now imagine this proposition. That was what I used to hear similar bigots lambasting during the years leading up to the massacre their fighters perpetrated in the early 1990’s upon poor farmers and small town residents. They are triggering destructive rage. I am holding them responsible for the deaths of the cream of the society as I am holding those incompetent leaders of EPRP of the 1970’s who enticed the youth of that society into a waiting inferno. It has taken the youth more than a quarter of a century to recover that ruthless slaughter let loose by none other than the bloodthirsty Mengistu. And now this? Let’s assume that the Dawuds and Jawaar languid groupings managed to carve out a fiefdom to call it their own. Where will they erect factories? In Minnesota? Or are they going to drive everyone into a village lifestyle? What they don’t care about is the fact the Afars are watching. The Somalis are watching. The people of the southern region are watching. And Kenya is also watching. These are criminals not ‘freedom’ fighters and should be held responsible for marching the youth into a furnace just to make news. That is a bona fide crime, a crime against humanity. Full Stop!!!!

  5. aha!
    | #5

    Unable to locate the origin of this article from, taking into account of Itu aba ferda’s @#4 from the stand point of the teletafi parties into account, and not supporting the excessive use of force by any form of protests in any democratic government over the Master Plan to expand Addis Abeba into the surrounding towns and farmlands of the Oromo Killil.

    Looking at the politics in Ethiopia from the ideological perspectives, we have Ethiopian Nationalism, Ethiopia as one nation state with eighty ethnic groups living in the original provinces with assorted ethnic groups, where the languages and cultures are interrelated and inseparable to be demarcated by major languages and ethnicity, bound under the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights as a prerequisite to form a truly democratic, people oriented than ethnic-oriented government, where party alignments is along the national agenda rather than ethnic agenda and a government with independent branches: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.

    On the other side of the spectrum we have the idiologies of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism, a carry over from the Derg regime and/or Developmental State Capitalism that denies free market capitalism to silent majority of Ethiopians at least from private property ownership of land as one of the means of production central to Ethiopian society, simultaneous with the struggle for land reform and workers rights. Furthermore these ideologies are built into the constitution in terms of article 2, 46 39 (1), 8 and 10 (1&2), that served as prelude to ethnic secessionism, future boundary conflicts, ethnic cleansing etc. under the TPLF/eprdf regime of ex-liberation fronts which fought fought the previous regime against opration of nations and nationalities, but not class struggle, with TPLF as the politburo ruling the country with the support of the teletafi parties, security and federal police and Agazi armed forces, killil adminstrators subservient to the TPLF Politburo and crony capitalism by TPLF/political, TPLF/EFFORT, and TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations engaged in exploitations of the natural resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians, to say the least about corruption and eviction farmers and city urban settlers their property in the name of development acting as City Planner and Real Estate Developer to pass on to the crony capitalism that is already in place.

    These ideologies built into the constitution has served as the Master Plan has a coalition of teletafi parties in the parliament and administration with implicit support by the loyalist opposition parties that formed a coalition as OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre, with ethnic rghts, Yekilil Mengistats iqulinet mebit mekeber”, democracy super imposed over ethnic rule and human rights a common denominator for all ethnic groups, tauting for consociational democracy over the existing ethnic boundaries in contrast to the struggle for Ethiopian Nationalism, by resorting to the original provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups , forming state federalism, rather than ethnic federalism by ratifying the constitution with respect to article stated above to form the united states of Ethiopia.

    The foreign correspondent reports the protests from what he sees on the ground over the Master Plan by the placards carried by the protesters and internet media commentaries by individuals. What needs to be put into consideration is the input of Itu Aba Ferda #4 from the vantage point of the teletafi parties for the source for the protest based on ethnic nanationalism instigated by ethnic secssionists and Dr. Merara Gudina contention of the Government reneging on the federal structure based on ethnic federalism, on encroaching into Oromia and the fake autonomy of the region, where neither of the two contentions has the national agenda in mind, to put it in context as national agenda for the contention of ceding the western border to Ethiopia and the “Master Plan” of the expansion of Addis Abeba from with the Province of Shoa, for the independent parliament to ponder on, once the Original master Plan is fought through a non-violent struggle, supported by armed struggle under Ethiopian Nationalism, with the goals for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals in both aspects in a closed consortium of all political leaders on the opposition to coalesce over the common objectives and strategies with EPRP as the major component to save Ethiopia from disintegration.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #6

    I may add the following also:

    These young people are being misguided are trying to stand in a way of something the entire West expects to be done. I am counting on industrialization to do away with all the ills and evils that have been holding back and tormenting those people. I am banking on industrialization to wean off that backward living lifestyle called agrarian subsistence. I do not care, give a flying hoot who does it as long as the West with all its industrial might plays a part in it. I had said this so many times before and I will say it again. I want to see that place turned upside down industrially from east and north to south. I want to be a witness when those women are dragged out of their prison homes and herd into factories so they can show their lazy bum husbands how to bring the real dough home by working hard. I want to see those women running machines, as team leaders and what the heck running factories and while they are at it running companies all the way to the top of running the entire country. Industrialization when sustained is the ultimate killer pesticide in sniffing the lives out of despots and religious/ethnic extremists. International investors have their eyes on that country and which is a rare opportunity that does not come by often. That requires bringing up-to-date existing infrastructures and constructing new ones. Expansion some of them is part of the requirement. Investors need services at airports to be up to the qualities of other modern airports. And that airport needs to be expanded and that is all to it. Get with it!!!!!

  7. Sam
    | #7

    The article reads “this week’s clashes shows that the issue of Oromo rights refuses to go away.” Give me a break. Why is always some people feel the Oromo “rights” should be judged differently than any other ethnic groups? I do not get it. In present Ethiopia the Oromos do not have less rights than any others. As for the master plan, it was not intended just to evacuate the Oromo peasants just to deny them their rights. It happens the Oromo farmers are living where the master plan is implemented. Had been Amharas who live there, there would have not been any change to the implementation. While I am not opposing the master plan, I am aware the compensation given to the farmers is not enough. Those farmers have families to feed. With the skyrocketing inflation in the country, the compensation should be much higher than it is. Furthermore, the master plan goal should not only be to make rooms for those who are fortunate to build villas. It should primarily be to create manufacturing industries in which some of the displaced farmers might find a new way of making a living.

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Correction: …”ceding the western border to Ethiopia”, should read ceding the western border of Ethiopia to Sudan by the TPLF/eprdf regime.

  9. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #9

    I called back home last night and talked to relatives and a person who is from the same area I am from. Due to carelessness on the regime side by responding to the protest using deadly violence, all of them are convinced that things may have started unraveling. It is slowly turning ugly on both sides. There are casualties on both sides. It has always been my worry that 100 million-strong powder keg is slowly on the verge of being lit up into a mayhem of scripture proportions. It has been my prayer that level heads will continue to rule the day as they have done for centuries. Stubborn individuals sitting on top with their pockets full of grafted money on one side and bigoted elements fanning the raging emotion from their safe havens overseas on the opposite side, what else should be the final result? All members of the police force who are doing the shooting are almost 100% Oromo policemen and the protestors are almost 100% Oromo youths. And they are not in a mood of asking the support/sympathy of other ethnic groups. That makes this protest radically different from the protests of the 1960’s and 70’s. The solution must come by peaceful means and using force is going to drive more and more of the youth in all directions. ISIS is not too far away from Hararghe. The Wahabis have been breathing their dragon breaths for too long. Al-Shabaab would love to have some of these youths coming into its ranks. I bet you Al-Toweel Isaias is dancing in the streets right now. Unless this raging emotion is made to calm down methodically using peaceful means, the rut and the violent protest is going to come to larger towns and cities. That would not be a pretty sight and something to hope for. And I don’t want to see the army coming into this conflict. Another Mengistu? Not again!!! Never again!!!!

  10. Dorccisa
    | #10

    This one is one of a kind and worst enemy of anything, everything, and anybody’s enemy that has ever been existed since the total crushing of the previous enemies of Ethiopia by Ethiopians. Fascist Woyane is not a petty thief that can be corrected to the right direction with a few spanks either on the head or on the ass; it is neither one ordinary thief nor is purse snatcher; it is the enemy of all and must be crushed to its complete defeat and be left to rot. Right now, this ugly and cruel enemy of ours in a total mood disorder and can react and act impulsively and harm citizens; moreover, this enemy has long been inflicted with all sorts of disorders and has had a history of consuming the blood of its victims while alive. This monster is an enemy of Ethiopians since its inception and is still deadly an enemy of the lands and the people. At this distinct moment, the enemy is quite sure that its eternal death around the corner and coming on it and corner it against the sins it has been making and the crimes it has been committing for the last twenty four years up until this very moment. Yes, for sure, the enemy will perish to its nothingness as that of one the deadliest robber vanished into his dark grave several miles below the lands it has lived in for the last twenty two years while consuming citizens’ blood in gallons. All Ethiopians stand firm against the enemy until you see it being crushed under your feet to its complete defeat in unending death.

  11. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #11

    “Wie viele Divisionen hat der Papst?”, አለ ይባላል Stalin.

    እኛስ ላይ ውሃችንና አፈራችን ምን ያህል ሃይልና ጠላት አሰልፎብናል ለመሆኑ!?

    ወይንም በሌላ አነጋገር, ምን ያህል እንደ የ1960ዎችና-70ዎቹ ጀብሃዎች አይነት ሸርሻሪዎች አሁንስ እየተደገፉብን ነው?

    ከመታኮስ በፊት መግባባት የሚባል ባህል ኖሮን ቢሆን እንዴት ባማረብንና ጀግኖችም በሆንን, በቀዳዳው በራችን በኩልም ተናካሽ ውሻም ባልገባብን ነበር!

    ጥቁር ዳመና ይታየኛል ያለው. ጥቁሩ ዳመና ባይዘንብና እኔ ውሸታም ሆኘ ብገኝ እንዴት ደስ ባለኝ!

    እባካችሁን ንቃት በጎደለው ህብረተሰባችን አንጫወት! ለየጥቅማችንም አንጠቀምበት!

    ተመሳሳይ አስተያየት ያለው ካለ ይደውልልኝ!

  12. Tesfa
    | #12

    The writer of this article wants freedom yet does not call all Ethiopians to rise and demand their freedom instead he dwells only on the Student movement as related to the master plan. it is clear more is said above ,about media coverage or the lack there of, and very little about the need to coordinate this event with the rest of our people.

    No matter how one sees this the core question of the people of Ethiopia country is freedom. Unless we are convinced that the majority of the people are without freedom to say so in the political process of their country we can be sure isolated movements won’t take us any where.It is for this reason we need , at this moment,not patrician politics, or fringe politics but common goal to take the center stage. For instance, common goals such as ( the need for freedom from tyranny, common survival, and peaceful resolution to this crisis) can be used as a platform to crystalize ideas among all the political spectrum. I believe we need to come up with timely and appropriate response to this event. Crying and moaning as Ittu Aba Farda does ,and accusing the defunct EPRP for this event is a reaction of TPLF investors and cadres trying to transfer responsibility from TPLF to others.

  13. Anonymous
    | #13

    ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut :
    “Wie viele Divisionen hat der Papst?”, አለ ይባላል Stalin.
    እኛስ ላይ ውሃችንና አፈራችን ምን ያህል ሃይልና ጠላት አሰልፎብናል ለመሆኑ!?
    ወይንም በሌላ አነጋገር, ምን ያህል እንደ የ1960ዎችና-70ዎቹ ጀብሃዎች አይነት ሸርሻሪዎች አሁንስ እየተደገፉብን ነው?
    ከመታኮስ በፊት መግባባት የሚባል ባህል ኖሮን ቢሆን እንዴት ባማረብንና ጀግኖችም በሆንን, በቀዳዳው በራችን በኩልም ተናካሽ ውሻም ባልገባብን ነበር!
    ጥቁር ዳመና ይታየኛል ያለው. ጥቁሩ ዳመና ባይዘንብና እኔ ውሸታም ሆኘ ብገኝ እንዴት ደስ ባለኝ!
    እባካችሁን ንቃት በጎደለው ህብረተሰባችን አንጫወት! ለየጥቅማችንም አንጠቀምበት!
    ተመሳሳይ አስተያየት ያለው ካለ ይደውልልኝ!

  14. Koliccho
    | #14

    There is absolutely no way out for the criminal Fascist Woyanae from the crimes that it has been committing for decades against the millions; no way out to no where, it is only going to people’s court to face the justice that has been awaiting so patiently and gracefully along the millions who suffered under the stealing and murdering hands of the blood robbers to deliver the right and just punishment to those who have committed untold crimes on the millions since and before 1991. Death and imprisonment is not the only punishment that the criminals receive; it is more and beyond that to the extent the criminal would condemn their having come into Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullet and hatred.

    We shall not budge an inch from keep going this historical struggle of the people until every single criminals including the dead robber surrender to Ethiopians from wherever they are residing and hiding or burried before running out of time and being hunted down like desert rat, pig, dog, and snake and face the untold volcanic punishment tantamount to the horrendous crimes that they have been committing on the millions for the last twenty five years.

    The assortments of crimes that have been committed by the Fascist TPLF have been witnessed by the citizens, rivers, mountains of the lands and recorded on a charge sheet for historical court deliberation, hearing, and sentencing of the fascist criminals to the desire of the people and the court without a delay inking the final words of the victims and the victimized citizens under the hands of the blood robbers in the Fascist organization, TPLF.

    Being dead and sealed hermetically inside a coffin can not be used as excuses to bypass the just punishment. All criminal fascist woyanaes, man and women shall be equally punished before the millions in court.

    Make no mistake, dead or alive, all Fascist Woyanaes and their partners in crime shall for sure stand trial!!!!!!!

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