The final days of evil Woyane. By Yilma Bekele

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We are entering a new and turbulent phase in Ethiopian politics. This is the first time our country has gone for long without a ‘strong’ Leader at the center. Dear old Meles is the last of the ruthless breed that left our country saddled with poverty of mind, education and void of a positive outlook on life. How do we wean ourselves from this dependence to be bossed around and be humiliated by self appointed leaders is a good question.

Today the TPLF core is in disarray. The house of cards they built is crumbling down from the inside. Famine, unemployment, inflation are decimating our people. On many occasions brave Ethiopians have attempted to take matters into their hands. We have sacrificed plenty of beautiful Ethiopians to Woyane killers. Like most us I can recite names and places where our friends, leaders and righteous Ethiopians have fallen to Woyane professional killers.

We are still working hard to liberate our political prisoners in Woyane dungeons public and private. Again I can recite the names and years my Ethiopian brother and sister are kept in the dark even not allowed visit by family and friends.

Today I am not lamenting over the thirty years of atrocity by a few criminals that assumed power under murky condition. I have no time to dwell on that. There always is a time and place for everything.

I have been watching the deteriorating condition in our motherland. I am both happy and saddened by the news. I am sad because so many of our young people are getting killed by Woyane troops. Our towns and villages are in turmoil affecting the peace of our people. It is a very stressful moment for our family that live from day to day.

I am also empowered when I see the gallant students standing up for the cause they believe and doing it in such a graceful way. Our Oromo brothers and sisters are doing what is expected of a conscious human being – saying no to injustice. Woyane philosophy, Woyane logic, Woyane propaganda has at last hit a brick wall.

People hare taking power away from Woyane appointed thugs. In Oromia region of Chelia OPDO cadres and the police have removed their uniform and joined the people. This is just one instance. It is exactly why the Woyane regime is using helicopters to transport troops because trust with the local officials is no more. May I remind you that the regime did not use any helicopter to transport food and medicine for people in dire situation due to lack of food. This in a nutshell is the character of the Ethiopian dictators.

Woyanes are reduced to house imprisoning their junior partners and confiscating their phones. The Kilil bosses are at a loss. The Oromo and Amhara anointed leaders are squirming like the rat they are. Reminds one of South Africa during its dying days. The Bantustans were where the fear of retribution was felt the most. It is curious the President of Oromia has nothing to say while his Kilil is burning. What do you expect for a person that owes his position to no other than our billionaire Sheikh. Like the infamous Ugandan dictator Idi Amin I see Muktar in Saudi Arabia when the time comes.

The famine is showing what a farce Woyane TPLF played on the world with their hollow elections and phony growth statistics. It is a cruel and inhuman game that was played with the lives of our people. Today Woyane would rather have millions suffer than admit ‘in one of the fastest growing economies in the world’ human beings are dying due to lack of food. Famine does not distinguish ethnic afflation.

Some like puppet Muktar would like to reduce the current movement into a simple issue of disagreement over the so-called ‘Master Plan.’ That is not true friend Muktar. The “Master Plan’ ignited the deep resentment that was boiling and churning all over Ethiopia. Woyane has been stealing land since they assumed power and much more aggressively since the 2005 Election. So you see it is not just about land. It is about power if you really want me to say it out loud. Who has it, how was it acquired and how is it used is the fundamental question here.

Right now TPLF has the power, it was acquired illegally by manipulating elections and is being used to take land away and reduce people to second-class citizens in their own land. That is what the Oromos and the rest of Ethiopians are asking – the power to decide for themselves. Today is a beautiful day in Ethiopia. Our people are asking this question in a loud manner. Our children are dying for asking this question.

There is more good news. Ethiopia’s children on the outside are working together to challenge dictatorship more than ever. Attack on one is considered as attack on all. All Ethiopians are incensed about the use of lethal force on peaceful students and their families. They are marching in protest in all major Metropolitan areas. We have learnt from Gambela, we saw what happened in Gura Fereda and we witnessed Beneshangul. We recognized our silence emboldened the rude regime and we are saying no more.

We are going to ask foreign governments that sell such lethal weapon to the rouge regime to use their influence and stop dictators from using it on our people. We are going to write our representatives in Congress to use the power of foreign aid to curb the blood thirsty regime from using donated weapon, troop carriers and other war stuff on our people.

Right now the Ethiopian people are on the move. We ask their children not to go to Ethiopia this holiday season. We ask our friends, family and supporters to stop feeding Woyane killers’ hard currency. The so-called ‘Master Plan’ is a scheme to take land away from ordinary farmers and sell it to the Diaspora. Buying that land is as criminal as the original robbery. It is a morally bankrupt deed. It is also a fool’s decision because there is no guarantee it would be there tomorrow. If you really think the poor farmers is going away that easy then you got some reckoning to do not in the distant future.

The Woyane regime is busy inciting conflict between the children of Ethiopia. There was a time that used to work. That is not true today. We know siding with Woyane thugs only demeans ones soul and makes one hide from family and friends. There are a few among us disparaging the struggle of our children and splitting hair about the kind of flag we carry and the language on our placards. That is what is called missing the point. Today Ethiopia’s children are working for the common goal of freedom and democracy. Those two concepts don’t come with color, ethnicity or gender. Let us all focus on the main issue – ending thirty years of hell on earth for our people. We shall overcome.

  1. Haftom B
    | #1

    No for those day dreamers & opportunists we are still with our spirit & courage.

    From Mekelle

  2. Dawi
    | #2

    Most “..who declare solidarity with the protestors are understandably cautious not to align their support with the protestors’ questions, for that in effect would mean to endorse TPLF’s ethnic policy. …. such support is based mainly on a utilitarian calculus- a misplaced hope that the protest may metamorphose into an all-out revolt that may end TPLF… there are some (all of them ethnically-minded, one must add) who espouse the protestors’ demands. Some even claim that the Master Plan is unconstitutional…”

    The fact is Bro. Yelma, for an Ethiopian with any sense, “the Master Plan” will be taken as constitutional because as quoted by a Dr, Desta (who wrote an excellent piece on this subject) “Article 40 (3) of the FRDE constitution declares: ‘Land is a common property of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia… That is, no ethnic group is entitled to a particular piece of land,.” Amen!

    For one, expropriation of land is not unique to Ethiopia as you and others make it sound like. In most Western countries, Governments can legally expropriate land for the public benefit. The State may forcibly evict occupants and extinguish the rights of owners and tenants upon payment of compensation. There is a presumption in the West that any increase in the value of the land due to changed conditions should be received by the land-owner.

    In Ethiopia and countries like China that is not the case; the economic benefits of the increases in the value of the land is received by the people of the country not by the farmer. We all agree Proper compensation should be given however, most of the windfall of the land shall end up in redevelopment of the state according to the law.

    Yelma is supporting separatists for opportunist reasoning in my view.

  3. ho
    | #3

    Silly shallow analysis .Business will go as usual in few weeks time

  4. ዳኒ
    | #4

    ትግላችንን ኣስተባብረን ‘ወያኔን ከጣልን በሁዋላ’ ስለሚቀጥለው በሁዋላ አናስብበታለን የሚለው ኣካሄድ ችግሮችን ለነገ ከማስቀመጥ ባሻገር ሁኔታውን ተጠቅሞ የተወሰነ የፓለቲካ ህይልን ለመጥቀም ይመስላል።
    ዛሬ በሀገራችን የጎጥኝነት አንቅስቃሴ ተንሰራፍቶ ኣንድ ትልቅ ኢትዮጵያዊ ማህበረሰብ የመገንባቱ ህላፊነት ሆን ተብሎ ተዝንግቶኣል።
    የኣዲስ ኣበባ ማስተር ፕላን ጉዳይ ‘ተቀዋሚ’የኦሮሞ ወኪል ነኝ ከሚል ፓርቲ ተውካይ ኣንድ የውጭ ሃገር ወራሪ ከሚያደርገው የድንበር መግፋት ባላነሰ መልኩ ሲያስረዱ ተስተውልዋል። ሌላው ቀርቶ የኦሮሞ ተማሪዎች አኢትዮጵያን ብሄራዊ መዝሙር ኣልዘምርም በማለታቸው ጥቃት ደረሰባቸው በማለት በቁጭት ሲናገሩ ተሰምቶኣል።
    የኦሮሚኛ ቁዋንቁዋ የፈዴራል ቁዋንቁዋ አንዲሆን ከፍተኛ ግፊት በመብት ስም አየደረገ ሲሆን በራሳቸው ክልል ግን ቀላል ቁጥር የማይባለውን ማይኖሪቲ ጥቅም ለመጠበቅ ሲባል የፈዴራሉ ዋንቁዋ ሁለተኛ የክልል ቁንቁዋ አንዲሆን ኣልተፈቀደም.
    በተጭማሪ የፈድራል ቁዋንቁዋን ኣውቆ ኦሮሚኛ ባለማውቅ ብቻ አንድ ቢሾፍቱ ባሉ ከተሞች ኦሮሚኛ ዋና የመግባቢያ ቁዋንቁዋ ባልሆነበት, ዜጋው መሰረታዊ የመመረጥ መብት, ልጁን በፌዴራል ቁዋንቁዋ ማስተማር መብት .. ወዘተ ተነፍጎታል።በማንኛውም በፌደራልም ሆነ በሌላ በተዋቀረ ህገር የክልል አና የፈደራሉ ቁዋንቁዋ በኩልነት ጎን ለጎን ነው የሚሄዱት። በሀገራችን ያለው ኣሰራር በማንኛውም ኣለም ተሰርቶ ታይቶ ኣይታወቅም።
    አነዚህና የመሳሰሉት ጉዳዮች አየጠሩ ካልሄድ የደፈና ትግል ድሉን ገና ላልተገራ ጎጠኛ ቡድን ማስረከብ ነው።
    ኣጉል ብልጣብልጥነት ዘላቂ መፍትሄ ኣያመጣም።

  5. yilmab
    | #5

    Dear Dawi please do not use scare tactics to cover up Woyane failure in all areas og governance. The econmy is fake, the ethnic division is crumbling and our young people are tired of false promises. What is going to happen is Woyane Constitution is going to be scrapoed and we start a new. The Constitution is garbage is what we have been telling u. The land grab by Tigrai Woyane is yesterdays news, I have no idea why you fail to see that. Now we can like civilzed people accept failure and move on to betyer things or go the way of Ghadafi and risk it all. It is up tp Abbay Tsehaye, Samora and Debretsion. Do they like their neck is a good question.

  6. Freedom
    | #6

    No to the master plan which is designed to enslave and impoverish the Oromo people. Oromo land belongs to the oromo people. PERIOD. CASE CLOSED.
    Current terrorist/woyane government is very militarized. They are spending a lot of money and treasure on Military because they know they have lots of enemies. Where else do you have so many liberation fronts; Oromo/Sidamo/Gambela/Afar/Ogaden/Amhara Liberation Fronts,etc,etc within one country. Moreover, they are rewarding their soldiers with some of the spoils that comes from the ownership of key industries by the government. For example, soldiers built the only sugar factory in Ethiopia, they are employed in the Chinese car assembly plant, they are building the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam etc etc. In otherwards, the military has a financial interest in the survival of the current government. In addition, we have unarmed Ethiopian people. I believe it is against the law to own firearm/weapons in Ethiopia which makes it difficult to overthrow the government with use of force.
    Nevertheless, the only way to overthrow the current gov is with the use of military force. Unfortunately, lives will be lost. Those of us in the diaspora are safe since we are far away from the war zone. Those who can should go join Ethiopian warriors who aspire to destroy the woyane gov. Those who can’t, ought to support them financially, morally, waging information war, etc etc.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    On a recent interview I heard a ridiculous comment by Jawar Mohammed on ESAT who complained of a huge piece of land given to the deceased Meles by Woyane? Mind you, he is talking against a designated public Park close to Addis where Parks are few & rare. I wouldn’t have said anything if his interest is to rename the Park to Jawar’s Park or something but not; It may be a coincidence but few days later I heard someone tried to burn that Park? It goes to show to what extent some of these opposition are willing to take us.

    Not just that Jawar went on further ridiculing folks who work with their hands paving the road with cobblestone; he declared Oromos won’t be doing that! In other words, Oromos should live as Land Lords renting “their” land to others while he manages it for them? I guess as he does OMN today; BTW, did he settle the $280,000 missing with the board of OMN? :)

    Jawar’s new coalition partner Yelma here is telling the Diaspora not to fly Ethiopian, buy Condos etc. in that country. He advices all of us not to send a dime because that will hurt “OLF” and associates by giving Woyane the needed foreign currency? It is laughable if he wasn’t serious.

    For him it doesn’t matter Diaspora’s money helps create the much needed jobs so that families overcome poverty. Oh no, that has to wait until his friends are in charge of Arat Kilo. Insane!

    Such thinking is ridiculous and is not expected from a serious Ethiopian.

  8. Dorccisa
    | #8

    You are far from the reality, Dawi; China, the Chinese government and Ethiopia, the Woyanae junta mafia are the fraternal twins and are on the same scale of violating human rights. The Woyanae mafias never had done anything without first benefiting them, and will never do anything for the benefit of Ethiopians in the remaining span of their life; Dawi, continue to be with them with your prayers. Dawi, don’t fool yourself with your own unrealistic assumption of the theory that does contradict with the existing reality on the ground. How, do you think one expects compensation from the outlaws that have been looting the resources of citizens in millions for the last twenty five years, when the real and legitimate demand of the millions is all the looters and the criminal to stand trial for all crimes and the injustice they have doing to Ethiopians.

    Today, everything and anything that is available above and below the lands is owned, controlled, and run by these, same robbers who are murdering citizens on a daily basis, and who knows how many are being murdered on an hour basis. Since the invaders came into Ethiopia with a lot guns and bullets what they have been doing was killing and looting the nations and never have stopped committing assortments of crime as we speak, today and at this very moment. Dawi, how well have been prepared to read the ulogy at the funeral of the Fascist Woyanae, and how is the reserve of your tears is enough to shed it on that final moment of Giate Maret?

  9. Simple Solution
    | #9

    Respect Constitution.
    Respect the society.
    Respect self rule.
    Don’t try to be caretaker. Make others able to do things by their own. Because that is the sign of true leadership.
    “Ene Kemotku Wedya Serdo aybkel” bihil will lead the whole Ethiopia to total destruction and there will be no more “Kererto and Shilela” if all of us don’t say no to total injustice!

  10. Freedom
    | #10

    All Patriotic Ethiopians should unite, arm themselves and destroy the TPLP regime. The only way to destroy the TPLF regime is to use fire arms, the more lethal the better. Unfortunately, most Ethiopians are not patriotic. They are selfish, consumed mentally, physically and psychologically in pursuit of self aggrandizement. Self centered Ethiopians spend almost all their time trying to makes themselves and their family look good with respect to other ethio families. They are in constant competition with other ethiopians. If a fellow ethiopian gets a good car they spend lots of time and treasure to get a better car. That goes with house, electronic gadgets, kids school etc etc. Most of them invest in a corrupt, ethnic discrimination infected and genocidal Ethiopia. Most of the money goes to TPLF run mafia organization. Hence giving direct support to the TPLF terrorists. NO MORE HOUSE BUYING AND INVESTING IN ETHIOPIAN. PERIOD.

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    Dorccisa said:

    [[.. the Chinese government and Ethiopia, the Woyanae junta mafia are the fraternal twins and are on the same scale of violating human rights...]]

    Wow! I didn’t think EPRDF is that good but if you say so I will take it. :-)

    On the point of political freedoms you all seem to preoccupy though, yes, it is desirable feature in a society but they are not the notion of development, in fact they undermine sustainable development in terms of education, health, income and security. It is because it gives improper incentives in democratic decisions making; we are witnessing that in our country where folks are opposing the “Addis Master Plan” blindly because they have the right of freedom to do it? Sadly, the lack of development of countries like ours is so low, frankly speaking people are incapable administering any political liberties of such kind in a productive fashion.

    On the other hand, when people have their basic needs met then they start valuing political freedoms over further development; so you and the “Freedom” fellow should understand that the fastest way to development is DDS with an authoritarian twist if you may add; I say it is a prerequisite for a sustainable liberal democracy.

    That is what made China where it is today and if Ethiopia is a “fraternal twin” she has a lot of catching up to do.

  12. jaammamu
    | #12

    Mr. Dawi is for sure terribly scared of losing his dear take carers just like that, flying away like tenuous dust into the thin world. Ato Dawi, too late for every bullshit that you have spitting out in vain. Listen, what is that eating your stomach to the level of being totally desperate is your being helplessness to not able to safe the fascist woyanae from its downfall into a death trap that has been set up by brave Ethiopians all over the country. At this very moment of the movement of the Ethiopians from tip of the country to the tip of south east and west the nations are in solidarity and in the mood of synergy that has been built gradually with full plan of getting rid of the fascist woyanae from the lands that it has been looting and murdering the resources of citizens and the country. You have nothing left to it is mine, it is mine; what will be left for you to cry over is the dead fascist robbers in your stealing hands and bleeding heart. That is it.

  13. zoid
    | #13

    Hey, dawi; what has it been that thing you are on, is it arak or cigar or what is that making your head spin irregularly to the point you have just become irrelevant like Mr. Obama. Take a pause and think properly to see where your masters fate leads you and them. Do not you get fed up with being you are, and who you are and who you will be in the very near future, when the house of blood robbers crumbles over all of you in the woyanae camp. do not fool yourself and make your soul feel like an idiot.

  14. ésaru
    | #14

    As per opinion given about Dawi has been essential and a requirement to further elaborate on the views and opinion hereafter; who is Dawi is not a mind boggling thing to waste brain cells on. Dawi clearly veered from whatever he was travelling on along with the soon to be forgotten robbers. Collectively or individually, all the mafias in the camp of the robbers have been in great shock and jolt resulted from the mass movement that had been transformed into the mass marching on in solidarity singing the songs of freedom in unison with clear collective and shared goals to remove the parasites and their breeders from the surface of Ethiopia. Dawi, is it not scary! May be you do not need exit door to dump the mafias and run with what you have to somewhere. But, do not fool yourself by assuming that the mafias will survive the burning flame and stay to babysit you and enjoy the loot; if you think this way, you are dead wrong from head to toe or ass.

  15. Hailu
    | #15

    We are counting down. Banda Woyanies are at the 11th hour!!!

    Viva Ethiopia

  16. Adam
    | #16

    For any unrest people should protect every onece property shcools,hospitals,
    ethnics, forighners, we have to be responsible for whats going to happen
    specialy oppositions or any aprlament member get out and shout out .

    people are suffering make a history be peoples voice so whats the point
    you are in the parlament sitting there.

  17. jimayma
    | #17

    As the mass protest against the brutal Fascist regime of TPLF-Woyane goes on and spreading out like a flame, with the strength it gathers moment by moment, citizens of all ages lit the torch from the flame that it shoots up and side ways, passing the torch on from region to region with a final goal of engulfing the enemy in the burning flame to its death.

    The enemy can never be recovered from the massive shock and jolt that it constantly received from the mass protest and the uprising of people in the lands that it came into via invasion for murdering and looting of Ethiopians. The enemy is sick and moody because it is craving for the blood of citizens, it is intoxicated, it is mad, and it is impulsive, and it is what it is today what it was on its arrival in Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets, and hatred to murder and loot Ethiopians. Baka! The fate of the enemy is eminent unending death; it is dying incrementally as the clock ticks loud in unison with the voice of the gallant Ethiopians.

    Death to the evil Fascist Woyanae!!!!

    Victory to all Ethiopians both in the motherland and abroad!!!!!!

  18. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #18

    Obbo Dawi:

    That man is a bold faced liar. On one occasion, he talked about Oromo members of the police who have refused to participate in the government actions. He even numerated that claimed incidence. He told us all that 8 Oromo with colonel ranks and another 20,000 regular Oromo policeman have also refused orders. That is his way of image building. He thinks he is too far out smarter than any Oromo alive or dead. That is not the first time for him to pull such a stunt. Once he told an interviewer from the Al-Jazeera TV the number of Oromo prisoners. He said something like 25-30 thousand. 90% of prisoners in Ethiopia are all Oromos. Wow!!! He must have open access to the chief warden’s credenza. Why does he do such things? My own Oromo friends who attended his hateful gathering are telling me with astonishment and contempt that he does that to prove to everyone he is 100% Oromo. I think he thinks people doubt him. I am an engineer by trade not a shrink by profession but I have heard people uttering the phrases like ‘inferiority complex’ and ‘insecure’. It looks that he is one interview away from lambasting ‘jihad! jihad!!!’.

  19. Biruk
    | #19

    For Ethiopians to know the survival of TPLF depends on the following facts and tactics.
    1)Deception, confusion, hypocrisy, blackmail, bribe,
    corruption, manipulation, moral decay in society
    2) Infiltration and perversion in every level and aspect of life.
    3)Foreign aid (financial, military, security, skillful advice …) because it is mainly a foreign agent.
    4)By pitting one Ethiopian against the other in every level and aspect of life. Destroying every other harmonious collective force except its own and the one against its own. Which means divide and rule.
    5)The nature of its own ethnically organized affinity as TPLF. Being ethnically organized has helped TPLF to a great deal to become harmonized, secretive and strong.
    6) Exploiting the media to brainwash the mass with useless agendas to divert its attention from critical issues.
    7) Organizing false opposition and false strength to divert attention. For example we were told that Blue party is such a newcomer strong opposition to challenge TPLF.
    8) Creating artificial problems and chaos and then appearing as a solution provider for the problem.
    9) One-To-Five organization of Ethiopians to spy and control day to day life activity of Ethiopians even to the family level. Work places, schools, universities, ,art, entertainment medias, shops, beauty salons, hotels, bars and every place is a spying and indoctrination area for TPLF. This structure is used to gather information about the strength, weakness, behavior and views of an individual. To bribe or blackmail any individual follows from such gathered information.
    10) Secrecy and hypocrisy. Do not talk what you will actually intend to do and do not do what you actually talked or promised to do.
    11) Gradually implementing your objective. First raise an issue you plan and listen or see the response from other individuals, groups and the mass. Then carry out a task and also see or listen the response again. If the response is consent then go ahead. If it is dissent postpone the issue until there exits another favorable time.
    12) Raise, advance and indoctrinate your hidden issue or agenda with a cover of another different stereotypical or comfortable known agenda or issue.
    Undertaking different meetings and festivities under the banner of different names is a good tactic of TPLF.
    13)Use other series of proxy agents to serve your agenda or task rather than directly participating in it. For example TPLF uses so many front men proxy agents when making different business in the economy. It also uses indirect proxy agents to commit murder, blackmail, and bribe. Also in the political arena it uses ANDP, OPDO and other proxy political parties.
    14) Directly officially or through infiltration and perversion exploiting every religious, civic and governmental institution for its own agenda. The agents of infiltration and perversion are the main tools to exploit every institution.
    15) Exploiting the weak side of the psychological, cultural, religious background of Ethiopians. For example TPLF exploits our boundless ይሉኝታ and ፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄር to accept every form of looting, abuse and oppression. For example it is known that Tigreans are the main beneficiary of the current system. However most Ethiopians are too crippled by ይሉኝታ to admit and declare this reality officially. However TPLF and Tigreans themselves are not ashamed of it. They are even proud of it. Second we have to be aware that God only help us if we first carry out our own share of responsibility.
    16)To de-capacitate the majority mass economically, politically, socially, morally, spiritually, culturally, psychologically so that the mass shall not have the slightest capacity to challenge its power in any way possible.
    17) Last but not least is to use brute merciless force whenever and wherever the above schemes do not work. To silence dissent force is the final solution for TPLF. That is why it never hesitates to harass, maim, jail and kill Ethiopians. Whenever TPLF boasts they rule for the coming decades do you think it is only by fake elections alone? They use all the above mentioned and unmentioned every possible means to stay in power. Only if we are aware of their tactics and schemes and use similar blowback tactics we can fight back and win. Unity under the umbrella of Ethiopianity by respecting our diversity is the final solution.

  20. jimayma
    | #20

    Intoxicated with the blood of their victims in the wild for years that they had been roaming beasts, then the blood robbers came into Ethiopia with a lot of hatreds,guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians. They then dispersed throughout the lands in the villages, towns, cities and moved into the neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families. Children became homeless. The crimes of Fascist Woyanae.

    Today, everything and anything that is available above and below the lands is owned, controlled, and run by the blood robbers. Twenty Four Years the clock running ticking; now, the life of the blood robbers is at 11 hours. Dead or alive the blood robbers shall stand trial.

  21. gudnew
    | #21

    like a border with sudan we have to send clearmessage for any country making any deal with assab weyane trying to get any support from sudan in the futuer
    if any power take place in ethiopia they went to creat greater tigrai with its sea out let ,thats why they don’t care who ever came to assab thats weyane plan.

    they hate to sea any deal any peace with eritrea and ethiopia.

  22. babula
    | #22

    On its final day, the Fascist criminals shall be reduced to the size of their cold hearts; their fate is galloping towards its final ending of the eleventh hours. The affinity of the fascist woyanes to the devil that they worshipped for years is coming to haunt them in the form of demons that have been consuming their souls and has become thirsty of their dark blood.

  23. Eyola
    | #23

    The woyanae tugs guilty of committing atrocities!!!

    The fate of fascist tplf is soon to be detrimental as how the fascists are culminating their life that has been sustained on drinking the blood of their victims. By far, of all criminals that have been existing on this Earth, the Fascist woyanae placed itself first and top on justice scale and charge sheet. when justice prevails, the amount of punishment that the fascist woyanae will receive will be something unheard of and unseen in human history with regard to punishing evil criminals. Two types crimes are looked into; crimes committed by individual fascists and crimes committed collectively by the whole crimefamily. Each punishment that the fascists receive will be unique and unbearable even for a fraction of a second; obviously, the criminals bleed from inside-out for eternity and will die perpetually.

  24. chanqullaa
    | #24

    Uninteresting how you are, Dawi. We are bored. There is a wrinkle on your mind and foreign material in your eyes. Dawi, Get straightened it and clear the dirt. Don’t bluff the readers; wakeup to the reality; don’t twist the truth. False evidence!

  25. dinqqala
    | #25

    The collective fate of the bloody woyanai mafias is going to be much worse than the fate of one of theirs, the dead robber met nearly four years ago.

    Make no mistake! Dead or alive, the blood robbers shall stand trial.

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