Demand Regime change in Ethiopia! By Yilma Bekele

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I wrote a very nice article regarding the current peoples uprising in our country and I was really satisfied with it and decided to go over it again the next day before sending it out for publication. I read it again and found out it was more of the same thing and it was not appropriate for the current upheaval taking place in our motherland. I felt my piece was more of the same and did not reflect my true feeling. The article was very timid and lacked flare. I was very happy I did not send it out. It was cute but not bold and that is the last thing we want to read at this defining moment in our history. Here is the rewrite.

This is the second time our people have risen up to demand justice, fairness and peace of mind. The questions raised by our people are not earth shaking or considered outrageous demands by the rest of humanity. We are asking for things that have been settled by others for a long time now. Peace, justice, respect for human rights and self-determination are yesterdays news for the vast majority of humanity. As an immigrant most of us Ethiopians are enjoying the fruits of those victories achieved by others.

In our travels outside we are witnessing what could be achieved when people are left alone to soar high like an eagle and determine their own future. There is no power as big and powerful as a free person left to use his/her potential to pursue life liberty and happiness. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is what the founding fathers of America fought for and achieved for their children.

Today in the year 2015 that is what our people are asking in their own way. Like King George of England that fought the American colonies to deny them those important values our own TPLF Woyanes are resisting our people’s demand to be free and are using every means at their disposal to continue our enslavement.

The first time this question was raised by our brave people following the banner of Kinijit. The year was 2005. The dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, may he burn in hell, killed our hope but was not able to extinguish the fire. We are at it again. Meles Zenawi left his disciples like Debretsion, Abbay, Getachew, and Sebhat to continue on his footsteps.

What was lacking in 2005 was the unity of our people. Today that deficit has been corrected and our renewed quest is showing fruits even for an uprising that is only a few days old. You can’t help but feel the positive vibrations from all sectors of our society. Our Oromo people ignited this fire and we owe them a heartfelt gratitude. They have woken up the sleeping giant and stirred that deep sense of love for country and brotherhood in Ethiopia’s children.

The mafia regime is of course trying all they could to extinguish the fire. Their main weapon of dividing us that has been doing wonders is nothing but a Woyane dream now. The destructive gene they cloned and inserted in Oromo DNA is not responsive no more. They are mightily trying to revive the mutant virus in the Amhara community but it is not showing signs of life at all. The two groups comprise 65% of the population. Needless to say without them there is no Ethiopia. This is not meant to undermine the rest but if there is no justice in Oromo and Amhara land it would be futile to expect the rule of law in the rest of our country.

The recent audio of puppet OPDO meeting obtained by ESAT is making it clear that TPLF is using its mercenary force to kill our children in a Kilil that supposedly is set up to administer its own affairs. Our Oromo officials are finally asking who is in charge here. Our Amhara puppet are shaking in their boots because they will be forced to answer the same question when the mercenary force shows up on their door steps.
This conflict has shown the true color of Woyane TPLF. As we can witness their main right hand party OPDO is shown to be nothing more than a window dressing with its weak and servile leaders being forced to make speeches supporting the killers of their own children. Our war is with TPLF consisting of a few degenerate Tigreans not ashamed to use their own people as a shield no matter the consequences.

What is more is the fact that twenty years of dictatorship has taught us a few lessons. As Dr. Berhanue said our war with the mafia group is all encompassing. We have fought them diplomatically in the European Union and the US Congress, we have used the diaspora political muscle to appeal to the rest of the world by showing the fascistic nature of the minority regime and our children have shown their disgust by leaving their home behind despite the danger faced travelling without paper, without money and no marketable skill.

Today things look different in the eyes of the Habesha lions. Victimhood is out sacrifice is in. Sobbing is so yesterday and striking back is what is hip and now. We have a people’s army in Arbegnoch G7 that is itching to show Woyane what we are made of. They are smart, lethal and as cunning as our forefathers. Our population has also moved the fight against Woyane to a higher level. From what we can witness a few of their weapons are doing wonders to the morale of our people.

Highways and roads are denied to Woyane mercenaries by the simple use rocks. Fire seems to be a preferred weapon of the disposed. Woyane owned business have become legitimate targets to our gallant youth. Selam Bus bought with stolen money used to amass wealth for the few is a moving hazard at the moment. High rise buildings in Addis are in the cross hairs of our young militants. Woyane command and control centers like the communication department, security headquarters and Woyane warehouses are being mentioned by some as ripe for liberation.
Would this current uprising falter like the ones before is a good question to ask. Anything is possible but somethings are unlikely. This time around the possibility that Woyane can weather this storm is a fools dream.

The issue that started the current upheaval has morphed to something more than a simple scrapping of the so called ‘Master Plan.’ Today what is being asked is regime change. There is no other solution than that. Woyane cannot be rehabilitated. The only cure for cancer is chemotherapy. There is no guarantee it would work. The only therapy to get rid of Woyane is total removal by any means necessary. Slight adjustment, a little fine tuning is not considered an option with this sickness that has been sapping our strength, sucking our blood and threatening to leave us weak and vulnerable to outside powers to do to us what they have done to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Our call is for a care taker government that would prepare our motherland for a brand new day where we use our time and money to build a place where we can all live in harmony. As long as Woyane is around there is no harmony in our land. We will not settle for nothing less. No amount of fear mongering about the danger disintegration, talk of Oromo or Amhara supremacy or any other evil that would befall us in the absence of Woyane is going to work. We believe the attempt to get rid of this varmints is in the interest of all of Ethiopians and it is fair to say we have nothing to lose but our chains. Long live Ethiopia.

  1. the truth
    | #1

    papa don’t preach, you know deep in your heart no good can come out of what you wrote…BOO…

  2. Densa
    | #2

    These are times that call for much wisdom amongst our people. In deed, provided we obey our conscious it is not hard to see the demand of all Ethiopians is a just demand for fair employment, is a demand for respect of citizens basic right such as un law full eviction, is a demand for a right of ownership of private property and in one word it is demand for human dignity and freedom. However, as usual, some will have problem to adjust their political agenda. Those who adopt an inflexible posture to their particular political interest will not bring help to the table that is needed to give shape to the current uprising.

    For this reason, may be the best we can do ignore the some irritating statements instead show respect, and consideration for each other. Give no room for suspicion and parochial politics .And only focus on the major event .Beside we really need a work of an effective political agitation in the rest the nation to join the uprising. Such work is needed to ease the burden on the people of the South. Only a well organized national uprising is the answer to overwhelm the regime .TPLF need to know through practical means that the hearts and minds of all Ethiopians are one and are demanding freedom. The urge to be free is now a national agenda. TPLF has no other choice but to answer the demands of the people.
    This moment is also need to be a concern at least for some members of TPLF. They are expected to raise critical questions concerning the short sided policy of killing innocent protestors. It is never too late to change course. Stop killing Ethiopians!

  3. Alebachew
    | #3

    Where is the leadership? How to coordinates the struggle with Amharas and oromo and other communities in Ethiopia? the questions is, somebody need to arm these youth? they need to learn how to ambush and disarm the woynes soldiers, you see the amahras the oromos are ready but no leadership and no coordination, it is clear that is destined to be stop by woaynes, this spontaneous and uncoordinated struggle have to be stop, and let’s stop talking lets act!

  4. Freedom
    | #4

    Mr. Bekele, excellent article. Thank you for your willingness to use your valuable time to educate and inform us. As the saying goes, time is money. I encourage all patriotic Ethiopians to commit some time each week to read and comment in patriotic website such as this one. Your views do manner and will most likely benefit other Ethiopians. I know most of us are too busy with work and family affairs. Nevertheless, we ought to prioritize our life. The welfare of our homeland should be a priority unless we are resigning to the thought of being a refugee and/or European/American forever. If so, over time it will for sure lead us into negating our Africanness. Currently, some of the original black people in America whose ancestor came as slaves prefer to be identified as Black Americans and not as African Americans.
    I hope most of are willing to return to our homeland once it becomes a land for all not for few. In order to make it a fair and just land we all need to make a contribution using our God given talents. At this time Ethiopia is in crisis because of the corrupt and murderous people that are misleading/looting/raping the country. They have to be forced out with use of military style force. All patriotic Ethiopians have to be armed and train themselves as individual or in group to use a weapon. Those in diaspora, among other things, need to generously contribute money for the acquisition of weapons. FREEDOM AIN’T FREE. TRUE FREEDOM CAN ONLY BE GAINED WITH LOTS OF SACRIFICE WHICH MAY INCLUDE ONCE LIFE. WHEN AMERICAN DELCARED WAR ON ENGLAND IN 1776, AFTER CENTURIES OF ABUSE, ENSLAVEMENT AND LACK OF REPRESENTATION BY ENGLAND, THE THEMES WERE, “NO TAXATION W/O REPRESENTATION AND GIVE ME FREEDOM OR DEATH.” If we start with the same spirit as the Americans of 1776, there is no doubt in my mind that Ethiopia will not only be free of begging/prostitution/corruption/looting/discrimination but also be one of the top nations in the world.

  5. bekele
    | #5

    OPDO dogs have to wake up now after 24 years,before fascist woyane cosumes them.
    opdo have been created by the woyane just to do the dirty work of woyane gujile. after they kicked out olf in 1991,tplf quickly set up opdo , which continues to serve them loyally up until today.

  6. ffozinn
    | #6

    Our enemy is not a sitting target; yes, it is the principal target to aim at it; it has no people with it but guns and bullets.

    We have solidarity amongst our people; We have people in millions; we have leadership and patriots in the fore front. What is that we have the enemy doesn’t have? We have achievable goal, democracy. We have God, patriots in the fore front, and the millions supporting this historical struggle against the Fascist Woyanae. The enemy is done. Ethiopians, finish it off.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    Bekele said:

    [[..OPDO dogs have to wake up now after 24 years,before fascist woyane cosumes them. opdo have been created by the woyane just to do the dirty work of woyane gujile. after they kicked out olf in 1991,tplf quickly set up opdo , which continues to serve them loyally up until today...]]

    With all due respect, listening to Lencho Leta on ESAT, OLF was in a very weak position to begin with and besides suggesting the “ethnic federation” and possibly writing the constitution with article 39, they didn’t have anything else as documented. OLF’s intellectual power is no surprise because it is the most educated with bunch of PHD’s unlike EPLF/TPLF. Off course there is no question Meles was a genius.

    Didn’t one newspaper just gave Isayas an award for being the least educated president? :)

    I have to say I am impressed with OPDO’s Aba Dula’s comments thus far. Regardless of his questionable degrees, he is grounded and understands our situation 2nd to none in that nation. He knows deep in his heart that Oromo/Amara built the contemporary Ethiopia. I have a high respect for him.

    Listen to his latest interview and look at Ethiopian Review video “Abadula Gemeda rebukes Mimi Sibhatu for insulting Oromo protesters” and you will see what I mean.

  8. urrihun
    | #8

    Mr. Dawi, you, yourself is questionable in almost everything; listen, have you not known that Abdula Gammada has lost his manhood? If he was a real man, he would have invited Mimi Sibhatu to a box ring, not to regain his manhood, but gain a minimal respect before Mimi’s eye; that is it. Not only Abadula Gamada, the Diploma Mill graduate low in human index growth, you too are as well; Abadula lost his ground in front of the millions for the years that he has been made to talk, serve, and live by his cruel masters, the woyanaes. when you get a chance, discuss things of your and his in detail; for now, disgraced you are as Abadula has been.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    From the perspectives of the two ideologies and the political models emanating from them, here are the criteria for Ethiopian Nationalism:
    * Ethiopiawinet before ones ethnicity,
    *Ones national interst before ones self interest,
    *ones locality to the silent majority tax payers, who taught all Ethiopians than ones party affiliation,
    *Ones party alignment with the national than with ethnic agenda in order to put in place party /ies in place that rule(s) by the consent of the governed in people than ethnic-oriented government in in a constitution where individual freedom, liberty and equality precedes ethnic and secessionist rights along with the ratification of the constitution for Article 2, the Ethiopian flag, Article 46, ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by major languages and ethnicity, a prelude to ethnic secessionism/nationalism, future boundary conflicts, ethnic cleansing, outmigration under the TPLF/eprdf regime or any of its mirror image party in order to advance liberal and/or social democracy with the private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia, so that Ethiopians feel and believe this land is my land from East to West and North to South, rather than being confined/defined by Ethnic Federalism, Ethnic Secessionism and totalitarianism and/or Developmental State Capitalism, supported by crony capitalism by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land lease having political, and economic of the counties resources and the silent majority of Ethiopians much like the ex-apartheid of South Africa. I believe your statements: “There is no power as big and powerful as a free person left to use his/her potential to per sue life liberty and happiness”. “Our call is for care taker government ….”, a government that takes care and protects the country and its people as a whole with eminent domain to acquire land and properties for public use including recreational sites, both of which the above criteria under Ethiopian Nationalism with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality super cede ethnic and secessionist rights and by resorting to the original provincial boundaries to nullify ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism into a ones nation state of multi-ethnic nation, where the individual is the basic unit of democracy and freedom.

  10. bizou
    | #10

    The leadership that leads and takes the mass to people’s movement in the struggle against the invading Fascist Woyanae has shown its collective intelligence in leading the people with a clear objective to attaining the shared goals of getting rid of the enemy from the lands it occupied by force in 1991. This is the trusted leadership in action for the establishment of a democratic Ethiopia for all.

    It has been crystal clear to all Ethiopians that the enemy has been armed itself to its teeth and used guns and bullets to murder Ethiopians for the last twenty five years. with participatory people’s movement and uprising against the enemy throughout the country have gathered momentum with a built in synergy among citizens leading to a powerful energy to change and transform the enemy into a lump of dung to mill it into tenuous dust. On its final breath, the enemy might do anything that hurts people and our country while gasping for air; being vigilant and on a standby, every citizens must actively keep an on the dying enemy and make sure it dies multiple times.

  11. Dawi
    | #11

    urrihun said:

    [[..yourself is questionable in almost everything; listen, have you not known that Abdula Gammada has lost his manhood?..]]

    If you are talking about traditional masculinity, it holds disrespect to men in general by assuming we are after all animals. So if Aba dula is not prescribing to your standard of manhood of poor impulse control and need for violence it is too bad. Intellectual and emotional comprehension is the trait that make one a winner.

    If you have clarity and knowledge as Aba Dula does, that Contemporary Ethiopia is the creation of Oromo/Amara of Shoa, you are not afraid of being part of EPRDF regardless of the historical coincidental role of Woyane leadership; it is only temporary and sooner or later majority rules; that is qualitatively different from you & Yelma’s wishful thinking & dream/hope that allying with sworn enemies/separatists of Ethiopia to take over the government of today because there is a good chance that you will repeat the mistake of EPLF/TPLF coalition of the past.

    As far as Education, I have read somewhere that if you’re smart enough to earn a PHD you’re smart enough not to pursue it. :-)

  12. aha!
    | #12

    Ctd. from #9, if resorting to the original provinces into a federated states nullifies ethnic nationalism, the ratification of the current constitution as the Major Master Plan changes the dynamics on the Master Plan to expand into the Oromo Killil, the Anti-terrorism Law, the organization and association of the civil societies, party formations based on national agenda under a independent branches of government and independent election board in a people rather than ethnic oriented society established by the positive forces of integration of Ethiopia.

    These summary notes should therefore serve as proposal to save Ethiopia from disintegration and to restore Ethiopian Nationalism with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals by the silent majority of Ethiopians of the positive forces of integration (“yeandinet hayloch”) in a non-violent uprising to freedom supported by armed struggle with the same goals stated above.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    Ctg from # And the already interrelated language, music, food, religious etc. cultures may develop in hyperspace to reflect the diversity and mosaic nature and strength of Ethiopia but not for setting up ethnic enclaves as prelude to ethnic cleansing, ethnic nationalism, etc.

  14. Dawi
    | #14

    aha said:

    [[..Ones party alignment with the national than with ethnic agenda in order to put in place party /ies in place that rule(s) by the consent of the governed in people ..]]

    How do you do that? You will still have to use some kind of coercion to achieve it. I think helping transition what we have now can move us forward to where you want to go.

    HD on his latest answer to Parliament questions regarding dispute resolution of Kemant & Amara, he mentioned of the vast experience EPRDF has in conflict resolutions of such type of issues. He is confident of finding satisfactory resolution for such problems because his party has resolved thousands of similar issues in the past.

    That brings us to the latest video of Walkait/Tegede public discussions taking place in the present TPLF domain; the discussant don’t seem to have any fear of harassment. That is probably what HD is talking about; maybe we can take his word that EPRDF is a mature organization that can resolve such issues without any violence. So maybe the diaspora politicians should stop fanning conflict among the people back home. Maybe aha should stop asking the country to “.. resorting to the original provinces into a federated states nullifies ethnic nationalism..”?

    After all, “Article 40 (3) of the FRDE constitution declares: ‘Land is a common property of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia… That is, no ethnic group is entitled to a particular piece of land,.”

    With that in mind, it doesn’t matter when a group chooses to belong to one State or the other peacefully for cultural or other reasons.

  15. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #15

    Tolossa said on the other ድረ..:
    “እዚህ ላይ ባድመ ይታወሰናል። ባድመ ባድማው ደረቁ መሬት”

    ያላመለጠውን ሳያንቋሽሹ ሊያመልጥ ለከጀለው መሳሳት አይቻልም እንዴ Mr.Bigot Aka “patriot” ነኝ ልበላችሁ!!?? የባድመ ጦርነት ደግሞ ለባድመ ወርቅ ብቻ ሳይሆን በጠቅላላዋ ኢትዮጵያ ላይ ማን የበላይነት ይኖረዋል, ለዘመናትስ ማን እያንገላታ ይዝረፋት በሚለው ፉክክር ላይ የአክስት/የአጎት የፅዮን ልጆች የበላይነት የስልጣን ጥያቄ ነበር/ነውም!! በዚያም ሆነ በዚህ ባድመ ከእጃችን እንደማይወጣ “ካምፕ ሕንፃፅ” ይመስክር እና!

    ለማንኛውም ደረቁ ጭንቅላት ላለማለትህ …….!

  16. aha!
    | #16

    Dawi! It is an established fact that the TPLF/eprdf regime is a coalition of ex-liberation front which fought the previous regimes against oppression of nations and nationalities rather than the struggle for land reform and workers rights of all Ethiopians supported directly by the teletafi parties and implicitly by OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre. This had been the main contentions among others, which gave rise to the constitution, with the ideology of ethnic federalism, secessionism etc. built into it, with TPLF as the architect of the constitution of ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by major ethnic groups and languages rather than leaving the original provinces in tact. This had been the major contentious point of a divide and rule politics and/or policy, serving as a prelude to ethnic nationalism/ethnic secessionism referring to the disgruntled ex-liberation fronts now engaged in a war like skirmishes to put article 39 (1) into reality. That concept of ethnic nationalism ddoes not in anyway refer to the conflict between the “kimant” and the Amhara? in the Amhara Killil, incited by the TPLF/eprdf regime, as far as I got from news reports. It has nothing to do with the contentions between Ethiopian Nationalism versus Ethnic federalism bla, bla.

  17. Eyola
    | #17

    Mr. Dawi, though one can not for sure say that you have, charisma, charm and good thinking, you must have had plenty of time to waste and thereby waste others’ people time. Laughingly to remind you, when one, such as Abadula lost all the credibility and could not be trusted on anything that he said and did while being a tool for his makers, obviously, he must have lacked intelligence. Manhood is comprised of civility and gentleness, as Mr. Abadula has possessed none of them; when you blatantly labeled the wasted regime a government, that was when you lost your little reserve of credibility. Listen, why criticizing abadula while you, yourself don’t have clarity and good judgment? Don’t you know Abadula and Hailemariam Desalegn are two different objects when you compare and contrast them as both them are the possession of their makers? Your saying of masculinity describing Abadula, as such is so ridiculous that you might also incline to say Hailemariam Desalegn as herculean; Mr. Dawi, bullshit and bullshit?

  18. Dawi
    | #18

    aha said:

    [[.. the conflict between the “kimant” and the Amhara? in the Amhara Killil, incited by the TPLF/eprdf regime, as far as I got from news reports. It has nothing to do with the contentions between Ethiopian Nationalism versus Ethnic federalism bla, bla...]]

    What about Welkait/Tegede issue?

    What I am trying to say is going back to the “old provinces” is an uphill battle but, moving forward from where we are now is not as demanding.

    Even if we may agree of the possibility that majority Ethiopians do not embrace the present ethnic identification it is better to go along and wait for the Developmental State get a strong foot hold in the country. Poor “Economic factors” rub salt in the wound of ethnic tensions but, reaching middle income with DDS would help us avoid that.

    It is well documented that the collapse of failed communist federation states was inflamed by their lack of ability to provide resources to their citizens. Ours is in a much worst condition than the collapsed communist federations.

    So why push our luck as you seem to be doing?

  19. ah!
    | #19

    Furthermore, I would like to introduce the review and analysis of the Constitution in terms of the protesters against the Master Plan to expand Addis Abeba into the surrounding towns of “Oromia State/Government” in an article entitled: “Why resist the Ad Masr Plan – A constitutional-legal exploration in Dec. 25, 2015″.

    To begin with the Master Plan for the expansion is a derivative of Ethnic Federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or Developmental State Capitalism rather than Ethiopian Nationalism with liberal and /or social democracy, much like the Anti-terrorism Law, Civil Society Organization Law, Law Governing Independent Election Board, etc., in which Ethnic Federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by “settlement, language and identity” (major languages and ethnic groups), where identity refers to ethnic identtity (gossa) card and becomes synonymous with ones Ethiopian identittiy, but in reverse order and designates illlillil
    tto be contillilnuedlll

  20. Shewaye
    | #20

    You can allow Gala people to become Oromo , Oromian or whatever they want to call themselves.

    You can also allow Galas to write using Latin , Arabic or whatever sophisticated style of alphabets they can think of to choose.

    You can allow Agames to become the leader by voting 99% for them and calling them in modern terms they prefer such as Tigrayans , visionaries and so on.

    but whatever you do the ungrateful Gala will not stop being Gala same as Agame will not stop being Agame .

    It is time to let bygones be bygones and put the Galas+Agames in their places so the others can live in peace. Currently the only ones living in peace within Ethiopia are belive it or not refugees from Eritrea and other foreign nationals.

  21. Dawi
    | #21

    Eyola said:

    [[.. Abadula lost all the credibility and could not be trusted on anything that he said and did while being a tool for his makers,..]]

    People like Meles are incredibly brilliant or smart and have earned respect because of that however, most people aren’t incredibly brilliant but, still earn their respect with hard work.

    Deputy Minister Ermias has told us how capable & brilliant is Abadula in organizing the people from grassroots up. He can’t help but respect him for that. That is what you call a leadership trait in case you don’t know.

    Engaging the people earned him trust; he didn’t just tell people what to do and retreat. That is why the government called on him to calm the protest today according to Ermias.

    HD is the same animal; he loves his country; he says “my country” this and that in every interview we hear. Shows passion and purpose of his organization. He seems to be open to things he doesn’t know and why not give him the benefit of the doubt? I would.

    According to Ermias Meles assignd HD to investigate the land corruption issues of ADDIS. So he knows what is going on but he is not sticking his nose into every little thing but is thoughtful and wants to make a contribution for the greater good by building his credibility & raising his profile as a new generation leader.

    But having the patience to build up that level of credibility can be frustrating and is not easy.

  22. aha!
    | #22

    CTD from #19 …. and designates Killil as “Oromo Government/Oromia under Feral Democratic Republic of of Ethiopia”, which is “anything but democratic” and embraces the constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land”, implying the direct support by the teletafi parties and implicit support by the loyalist opposition party OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre, which is in direct contrast to the ideology of Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one Nation State of diverse ethnic groups namely 80 in a free market and/or mixed economy in a liberal and/or social democracy with individual freedom, liberty and equality, with private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia; ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights as front and center in the constitution for democracy a rule by the people and of the people to take a foot hold in Ethiopia by ratifying the constitution following the non-violent uprising for freedom and /or democracy to replace ethnic minority rule now and ethnic majority rule in the future and to make Ethiopia “yegara Hagerachin”. These assertions above establishes the fact that the major contentions in Ethiopia is between the two ideologies: Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic Federalism, Secessionism and Totalitarianism and/or Developmental State Capitalism, an ideology that denies individual freedom, free market capitalism and shrouded with ethnic-oriented than people-oriented government, with non-independent branches of government, with disintegrative approach of the federal structure of ethnic federalism, a prelude to Ethnic secessionism and/or ethnic nationalism, ethnic cleansing, future boundary conflicts, etc. This ideology is supported by crony capitalism of TPLF?Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land lease engaged in economic and political strangle hold of the country’s resources and its people aligned with the ideology of Ethiopian Nationalism.

    Against these backgrounds/settings your constitutional-legal argumented is centered around the confrontation between “Oromia Government” and the “Federal Republic of Ethiopia” in connection with the protests over the expansion of Addis Abeba into the surrounding towns of of Oromo Killil, without endorsing the killilgs of Oromo youth peaceful protestors and arresting political figures over the absence of direct negotiation with “Oromia Government and the secrecy over the “Master Plan for expansion of Addis Abeba, without endorsing the action to be taken by FDRE of the TPLF/eprdf regime, but questioning the ethnic agenda associated with it. You set out your arguments/analysis of the constitutional-legal frame work to validate the resistance of the Master Plan, a Master Plan, which preceded by Main Master Plan of ethnic federalism, which is directly supported by teletafi parties and implicitly supported by the loyalist opposition parties, which you think has now been reneged.

    Here are the four major constitutional-legal arguments/analysis against the Master Plan:

    -1) “Addis Abea (which Oromos call Finfine) is designated as the Capital City of the Federal government (art 49 (1) whose ethnically diverse people have a right to self-government art 49(2) that is ultimately responsible to the federal government (art 49 (3). It is also the capital city of Oromia”.
    -2) It is an Oromo City, which serves as the Capital City of both the federal government and the government of Oromia. As one of the nine constituent state (Killil) of the Ethiopian Government (ethnic federalism), Oromia has its own jurisdiction over its own bounded territory ethnic enclave).
    -3) According to the constitution (art 46-47) states (killils)/ethnic federalism) are formed on the basis of settlement pattern,, language,identity…”, and individuals carry identity (gossa cards).
    -4) The resistance to the Master plan, “The Master Plan leads to the violation of individual rights of Oromo farmers, the collective rights of Oromos qua oromos and the rights and the rights of the state of Oromia”.
    -According to article 12 (both the FDRE and Oromia) constitution, “the conduct of the of the government shall be transparent 12(1.
    -6)The culmination of the analysis conclusion, although aspiring for negotiations between FDRE and the Oromia government and the lack of it, also blames the government for lack of transparency which resulted with the conclusion by stating that “Coming back in resilience, Oromo nationalism refuses to die, defies, the repression, and returns to the Ethiopian scene once more”. Suffice to say, that it is hard to tell, whether that posturing comes from ethnic secessionism and/or ethnic nationalism or the point of ethnic federalism, where TPLF is the architect of that constitution, but not from the vantage point of Ethiopian Nationalism, of Ethiopia as a one nation state with goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, but not vice versa in or to establish a democratic government with individual rights front and center of the new constitution by using your statement in item #1 “Addis Abeba (which Oromos call Finifine) is designated as the capital City of of the Federal government art 49 (1) whose ethnically diverse people have a right art 49 (3)”, from your own idea of self-government of an all inclusive ethnic groups. By the same token one can nullify ethnic federalism, secessionism by reverting to the original provinces with assorted ethnic groups to establish a feral republic of the states/provinces of Ethiopia with liberal and/or social democracy with private ownership of land and individual rights as the major focal points
    free of ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies, after doing away with the Monarchy, the Military dictatorship to be followed by non-violent uprising to freedom of the individuals, rather than posturing on Ethnic Nationalism of the ex-liberation fronts that left the country in disagreements with the TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is the Politburro ruling the country.

  23. chanqullaa
    | #23

    Hey! Dawi, God don’t speak Jargon; you do. Mimi Sibhatu can actually pierce deep into Abadula’s soul, if she wants; well, you know she is heavily addicted and habituated to smoking and drinking.

    Dawi, you still didn’t get it! Mimi Sibhatu knows the ins and outs of Abadula; you don’t. Weight and height doesn’t really matter when Mimi Sibhatu measures up Abadula, from courage to manhood, to bravery, to lion-heartedness, to standing up for dignity, respect and moral. Abadula Gamada is totally a chicken-hearted fellow of his kinds, when his masters feel the right time has come, they will throw him into a garbage pit. As per Mimi Sibhatu, don’t worry; she can be dissolved into a stinky pinch of dust with a descent slap. You also spoke about the dead robber that has no a place even in hell.

  24. fiituffaq
    | #24

    We never begged the enemy to leave the lands and our people that came in to loot and murder; we never will. What we are doing crystal clear to the enemy with no ambiguity and hesitation. The enemy knows it will kiss its own death; that is what it knows, but what we know and it doesn’t know is that it will its own death that comes with varieties of flavor and many recipes in it good enough to last it forever.

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