Do we think the TPLF does not like the current- the Oromo ethnic mass uprising? By Tatek Menji

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Prior to writing something on this issue, I want to express my feeling. I am very sad and touched by those who have been killed while dissenting peacefully in various Oromia regions, in Gonder and at the Anwual Mosque in Addis – by brutal TPLF forces. Since then,I am distressed and have a tragic feeling. In particular for those junior and senior school kids. killing infants at their home and in streets has had been the TPLF`s political culture; they did it so many times. The 2005 (1997) massacres at residential homes and in Addis streets – is still our horror. Hence, I would like to convey my sincere and deeper commiserations to the families who have lost their loved ones and to all Ethiopian for those our dear children, brothers and sisters loss.

I am writing this frivolous article to share my view with Ethiopians living in dispersion and if possible Ethiopians in Ethiopia on the Oromo ethnic mass protests in various Oromia regions for the last three – four weeks against being evicted from their land due to urban master plan and in defences of their ( Kilil right).

No matter how, the Oromo ethnic revolted for bogus (Kilil right), I applaud to them for standing against unlawful eviction from their domain . As a matter of fact, ethnic language based federal administration or (Kilil astedader) hasn`t been real or democratic from the very beginning, ‘falsehood is implicit in ideology and in policy’. Instead, this had been fabricated and designed to artificially appease and be subservient to the TPLF regime. To generate fear, conflict, hate and animosity among Oromo ethnic and other ethnic Ethiopian – to divide and conqur. Each to portray that one is the other.To mean, to represent that the Wollayetas the Kembatas the Gurages etc. are enemies of Oromos, they are threats for Oromos.

The Oromo ethnic brothers and sisters pain is other Ethiopians pain. The Oromo ethnic brothers and sisters unlawful eviction from their domain is other Ethiopians eviction. Other Ethiopians feeling on this matter and on other TPLF inflicted injustices upon the Oromo people is not a faint less than their feeling. Their cry is other Ethiopians cry, other Ethiopians cry is their cry. What have happened to you now –have had been happing to other ethnic Ethiopians for the last twenty five years – the Amhara,the Agnwak,the Beneshangule,the Woleqat Tegene etc. went through the same experience. As we all know the cause is we have dysfunctional and gun dependent political system.

Our common enemy is the existing system of power. We don`t have to preserve our common enemy by antagonising one another.We need strengthen our traditional civil and national bonds. We Ethiopians are the national community. “The national community possesses a strong collective identity based on the bonds of comradeship,loyality and duty” (Heywood, Andrew, 2003 ,Political Ideologies). Yes, our social and national bonds are greater than our differences. Our differences have to be identified, addressed and discussed. Some backward chauvinist nationalist elites believe in ‘biological essentialism’. To mean, all citizens of a given nation have to have a chain of blood relation for to live together. According to the 21st century anthropologists and Sociologists, this way of thinking is obsolete or outdated.

We don`t want to see the EPLF and the TPLF (1991-2000) sadistic scenario again. They sliced body (Akal Mesnteq). They bisected a family bond. Eritrean father with his child/ren had to go to Eritrea, an Oromo or a Gurage or an Amhara …mother/s had to go to her/their ethnic base .During their honey moon, Shabia and Wyane were super surgical doctors to detach and to disintegrate a family unit. It also has an Eugenic nature- race filtration,(Michel Foucault) call it ‘biologization of race’ . We don`t want to happen this in our country again.We need to think as how to advance a (prosperous, healthy and peaceful Ethiopia).

Having said this,let me come back to my topic. To me,TPLF/woyane likes such (Kilil Right) protests as long as those gripes do not topple it down from power. The TPLF wants to see many protests to become . It will continue deliberately gerrymandering counterfeit boundaries to provoke ethnic centred communities- providing those objections do not remove it from power. Exclusive ethnic oriented uprises such as this will assist woyane to divert or to disempower nation focused democratic moments.

Even if they cause the demise of the TPLF from power, they still will serve for the TPLF agenda .They will serve for the segmentation and the disintegration of our country . After all it is – its own making for such purpose and to prolong its power.It is, too obvious for all politically conscious Ethiopians

May the current strikes achieve their goal? If the TPLF regime sticks with its statement, yes .it said ”The Master Plan is Dead”,17 December 2015.Therefore ,it seems those walkouts achieved their target. Have those protests had or may have secondary objective with their current movement ? Such as broadening and interlinking their movement with nationwide other movements. Inclusive slogans such as : land right for all Ethiopian! democratic rights for all Ethiopian! Human rights for all Ethiopian! Religious rights for all Ethiopian! Carrying Ethiopian flag alongside their one, calling all Ethiopian for unity – to stand together against the TPLF tyranny. Many Ethiopians disappointed for not seeing all-encompassing aspiration with those upheavals. I know that nationalism breeds rational and irrational beliefs. Has it been the non-rational or the emotional side of nationalism?

Can or may- ethnic centred/nationalist political movements – contribute to nation centred -democratic political and social movements?
For the affirmative

Yes :

-If they fail to achieve their objective by themselves – in other words if necessity obliges them, may seek alliance
- If Potent ongoing discussions take place with the moderate wing leadership
- If their strategic goal is for the national unity
- If their strategic goal is for the collective or the common good
- If their ethnic politics is used for a tactical mass mobilization etc..

For the negative
In the absences of such substantive strategies – nationalists’ movement :
- can and will hinder unified, nationwide and democratic anti TPLF/woyane movements
- Can and will create clashes and conflicts with- pro one Ethiopia and pro democratic political and social movement activists
- Hence, will further empower the TPLF regime.

On the Perspective of the Oromo Nationalists

In my area or where I am living, there are two categories of Oromos with opposing views on the question of ‘we are Ethiopian VS we are not’. The moderates and the diehards. The moderates saying “we are Ethiopian –Ethiopia is us”. We grew up together, we went to school together, we lived together, we intermingled in marriages and in social life, we shared cultural and historical values, our fathers and forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives for this nation – we want to live as an Ethiopian, so long as : democratic – political, cultural, economic, social etc.(rights) and fair social justices- are equally shared with other Ethiopians .

The diehards such as Jawar Mohamed devotees – saying we are not Ethiopians, we are Oromos,our country is Oromia,we were colonized by Ethiopia,we want our freedom. This anti- Ethiopian unity Arab and westerners oriented (Jawar) with pompous and exaggerated political personality- has been promoted as a’ hero’ by some privately owned and community media host Ethiopian journalists.

Note: why I didn`t use the abbreviated (EPRDF) in this article is that the other political groups used for this political acronym are – the tools and the bodyguards of the TPLF. They are –feeble,spineless,puny …. so why should I recognise them .

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