Ethiopia: TPLF’s tribalism policy is unfolding in front of our eyes. Showing Solidarity is the answer! By Ewnetu Sime

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The Tigray People Liberation Front’s (TPLF) master plan that was designed without people participation has faced strong opposition in Oromia region. For past several weeks, the vast majority Oromo students have displayed peaceful legitimate defiance to the plan. The TPLF’s agaize troops and local riot police reacted with full force. They opened fire on peaceful protestors committing killing, in discriminate beating, torturing and arresting in attempt to crash the protest. Despite to this horrific situation a series of anti-TPLF rallies has continued in several places. Calling to disban the master plan implementation, to stop the ongoing land grab policy immediately, a transition to democracy and end to tyrannical single tribal rule are some of their demand. The regime brutality response to unarmed protestors shall be condemned by all freedom loving people.

Regrettably, during this time some elements of diaspora community are occupied in different mission. As seen on social media they are busy in injecting anti Ethiopia unity rhetoric to misguide the protestor’s goals. The participants of this on line activities, they claim to be from “Oromo origin”. They have been engaging in one ethnocentric sentiment spreading hatred to other ethnic group rather supporting the current protest in a solidarity sprit. Are they the regime agents working hard to break the momentum of the protest or bunch of hardliner fanatics advocating ethnic ideology as answer for Ethiopia political problem? Are they using this opportunities to reap the benefits from student protest? If their messages are unchecked, it is a threat for solidarity and freedom of Ethiopian people. The peaceful majority cannot afford to sit back and let it happen. Who can forget the crime committed by TPLF’s ethnic policy in displacement of several people due to their ethnic origin from several places in the past 24 years? We must pay attention to these very few fanatic people that are systematically poising the current protest in the name of ethnic rights. We should not allow their intention to expand. The responsible free media and Ethiopian elites should continue providing clear views on ethnic rights and Ethiopia nationalism.

At this critical time any attempt to exploit the current defiance by hard liner of tribal proponent to rise to power must be rejected. Regardless our ethnic origin we should align with the protestors and show our outrage on the going brutalities. The focus must be to bring an end to ethnic based ruling regime from power. No one wants to see a repeat of the TPLF’s regime ethnic policy by its successor. The tribal elite campaign on line could pose trouble as they become an instrument of hate to other ethnic groups. Even more intriguing as they are attempting to rewrite the Ethiopian history, censuring Ethiopian flag on protest sites, exchange slurs etc…Ethiopian flag is a symbol of freedom, hope and unity to all Ethiopian people. It is a pride and honor to have a national flag. If the hardliner grip to the state power, they may be more ruthless than TPLF regime. They will be accomplices of TPLF’s tribal policy. Their deconstruction approach to divide Ethiopia must be exposed and condemned.

It is clear that these Oromo hardliner don’t speak for the majority. The majority is looking for genuine democracy, liberty and social justice for all. We should fight for interest of the oppressed mass of Ethiopia people. Tribalism should have no place in the country. Many of us we are dismayed and appalled as we see the ethnic rights principle is used as camouflage to distort the current protest. Oromo people are oppressed like the rest of ethnic groups with tyranny rule.

The TPLF troops are cracking down and committing mercilessly killing of young boys, girls, and peaceful by standers. It is a desperate attempt to brutally crash the protest and same time terrorize the public at large. This action is similar to the red terror dark period of Ethiopia history. At this horrific situation, it is important for us to stand together with the protestors.

It is no brainer encouraging narrow ethnic politics will further cements TPLF grip in power. Ethnic based extreme ideology brings nothing and will have no positive impact for the society peace and progress. Addis Ababa University students and the recent protest at Washington, D.C. area have demonstrated solidarity and should be encourage and joined by all freedom loving people. It is a fact that the opposition parties at home are prevented to have solidarity rally with protestors. TPLF’S policy has being played out the ethnic division rule the past 25 years. That is enough experience. Let speak out with one voice against divide and rule TPLF’S policy.

It is unfortunate to see TPLF’S tribalism policy ruining our beloved motherland. Unless it is countered by pro-democratic forces, it is bound to more tragic event. What we wish to see is all inclusive voice and then to turn around the defiance to lead it to de facto freedom. We should not only support the protest but also agitate for freedom, equality, and unity among Ethiopian people. The on line media should be used to galvanize the aspiration and interest of Ethiopian public opinion. We must learn from TPLF failed policy to prevent the rise of another version TPLF rule.

  1. let us remove the cancer
    | #1

    Let us remove the cancer and heal Ethiopia before all are infected and ultimately wiped out turn by turn.

  2. Borsamo
    | #2

    he divide and rule tactic the TPLF has been applying in Ethiopia has created a wide rift and mistrust between the Amhara and Oromo elites. This has paid off to the TPLF and it will continue to exploit it unless the two elite groups come together,build confidence and bridge their gap. The Oromo elite espousing independent Oromia should abandon/reform their politics and take the first confidence building steps for a common goal. The forces of unity should also move some way to meet them. The TPLF leaders are aware that their days in power will be numbereed if the two elites manage to forge a common front against them. Therefore, they will do all they can to thwart any effort by the two join forces against them. If they feel that they are losig power, the TPLF leaders will also use article 39 of their constitution to declare independent Tigray. Generally any rational and concerned Ethiopian force should not believe that the TPLF is the guardian of Ethiopia and its fall will lead to disintegration and chaos. This is one of the make believe stories the TPLF leaders spread to maintain the status quo, create fears and uncertainities. I have a neighbour who has sold his soul to the TPLF for a plot of land in Addis Ababa. His main concern or fear is that the Oromos will drive out the non-Oromos from the area. This guy is among those the people call the greedy or Hodams. At the same time the pro-TPLF guys or weyannes who are the primary beneficiaries of the urban land grab in and around Addis Ababa characterise and condemn the legitimate Oromo resistance and protest against the displacement of poor farmers as terrorism incited by the Eritrean regime and its agents in Ethiopia. The anti-Amhara feeling prevailing in the Tigrayan elite is the other cause for polarization because the Tigrayans see the Amharas as the main threat to their unfair and exclusive economic benefits and privileges in Ethiopia. They justify the wealth they loot and accumulate in unfair ways with the immense sacrifices of what they describe as their `heroes and martyrs of Tigray`. According to them `heroism and martyrdom are the shortest ways to power and wealth

  3. Ganiibuya
    | #3

    The enemy has been looting the country and its citizens in billions of dollars and murdered people in greatest quantity since its arrival in Ethiopia. This enemy of the all, so extravagant on the loot it accumulated and so drank on the blood of its victims, it has completely forgotten or overlooked and undermined the power of justice that the public delivers on that day and hour when the justice prevails.

    right now, the enemy is shocking mood and can be impulse at any moment when realizes its life is on a string. to shorten the life of the enemy it must have its throat chocked on its own tenuous breath and let it die indefinitely.

  4. Anonymous
    | #4

    Inaante sinti gize newu tiri yeminadergilachewu.Amharochu cikona bezabini iyalachewu sitaleksu nebere,bezi gize kaltenesachewu mechemi bichachewuni ayisakami .yiheni agatami metekemi bilhineti newu.tenesi kecafi iskecafi.Gibxi yaderegechewuni astawusu.yegna gini kelali newu.Sidamochumi tenesu.Zare kecafi iskecafi hulumi yinesa bileni xiri adirgenali.

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