I cry for my People By Teodros kiros

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All that I can do is cry, for I have no power to change the unraveling tragedy in my Beloved Ethiopia, which I love from the nerve centers of my being.

I cannot stop crying when I see the flagrant violations of the existential rights of our mothers, whose children are being killed in broad daylight. Imagine that you the parents of any Ethiopian who love your children for whom you live and for whom you labor from dusk to dawn are bombed, maimed, and crippled right in front of your eyes.

This particular regime came to power to correct the mistakes of the line of regimes, which preceded it, and the people hoped and dreamt that the cycle of oppression would end once and for all.

Now the same regime is returning to repeating the same mistakes.

Why should this be? Is this the iron law of history that the regime is snared in?

The issue is not that the regime in power should be paralyzed when the country is being destabilized. Regimes must respond to situations, which justify action, but always guided by reason and proportion. Where is the public reason of our leaders when they violently respond to existentially propelled actions of Ethiopians who do not want their lands to be taken away from them in the name of development?

The demands of the people are reasonable and should have been handled reasonably. They have constitutional rights to ask for regime change up and including the right to secede from the prevailing regime arrangement. It is under standable that the people feel ignored, famished and disappointed that the developmental glitter did not reach their lives. That they remain poor, as if that is not enough, they are now being massacred on the streets and they too, if they can, will do the same.

I cannot help but cry with the mothers who are burying their children whom they raised amidst unbearable poverty by working away at odd places and sometimes even selling their bodies to send their children to schools, so that they could one day support their own parents.

Where is the joy in shortening these miserable lives, when the young voices of hope are asking for a peaceful regime change?

This cycle of violence by the regime and those who must respond must end. I counsel the opposition not to stoop down to the level of the arrogant regime and settle things on the streets of democratic dialogue by all Ethiopians through the articulation of a common good.

Our mothers and father should not cry. They should not be seen despairing and wishing that they too should die.

Let reason prevail and let the opposition also restrain itself from playing the game of violence and stop using the young voices so that they could come to power. This is the vicious circle from which my people should be freed. The people are not toys that power mongers can use when they need them. Regime change is the activity of the people in concert guided by a new understanding of Ethiopianity.

I say to the regime listen to the people’s demands and handle them lovingly and justly and I say to the opposition stop using the young voices to advance your will to power by any means necessary.

Let the people decide through the new lens of Ethiopianity cleansed from the corrosive effects of ethnicity. The Ethiopian people must decide the fate of Ethiopia as Ethiopians and not as members of ethnic groups and privileged classes.

  1. yilmab
    | #1

    Interesting artice by someone that has been enabling the ethnic based mafia in power for no other reason other than being from the same group. They have been doing that for the lasr twenty years or do we only show sympathy when they do it in open day light? The author has been a cheer leader when they cheated and won 100%, pretended not to notice when fake statistics was presented to prove double dighit growth and celebrated with the few when they exclude others, sheding tears is not approperate suporting those that are defying to submit looks to me to be winning idea. It is never too late to day no to dictatorship.

  2. dodo
    | #2

    kkkkkkkkkk የድል አጥቢያ አርበኛ ለመሆን ነው? Please go back and read what you have been saying EVEN on this website. Tour Hero the butcher and tyrant Zenawi has gone. He will turn in his grave when he discovers that you have become a turncoat

  3. negga
    | #3

    unfortunately Tigre people liberation front are not , by nature, able to understand reason. tplf thugs came to power by violence and murder and see the gun and violence as the only answer to any problem they face. murder, arrest, torture ,kidnapping, corruption are all the hallmarks of Tplf. tplf are not accountable to anybody, no body elected them and democracy,freedom and justice cannot be expected from tplf lawless thugs who even break their own laws before the ink it is written with has time to dry up.

  4. Buye
    | #4

    I expected a more nuanced and thorough analysis from professor Quiros than this. By the way, you should spell your name Quiros than Kiros – I know it is your fourth grade English teacher to blame for telling you how to write your in English first-:(, but I digres – How about explaining the root cause of all this disaster first? Why did all this happen at this particular time? What should be the role of a government during such crisis-es? First and foremost we need to give kudos to the brave security forces for keeping the peace to the majority. Keeping the peace is the paramount job of any self respecting government – in that regard the government made the grade with flying colors. In a perfect world, I wish it didn’t come to loosing a single life – but, unfortunately, we live in Ethiopia not Utopia. If the good professor thinks for a minute that elementary students have the political sophistication to protest in that matter, then I rest my case. This protest was not about venting frustrations against the government – far from it – it was rather a coordinated plot to undermine/overthrow a “legitimately” elected government. I expect our intellectuals and elders to appeal to our intellect than to our emotions – for that we’ve many useless extreme Diasporas. By that measuring stick, I give the good professor a failing grade. Other than that, I enjoy reading your articles. Keep on writing and ask a foreigner which name sounds more like your mom intended it to sound? I say Quiros!!

  5. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #5


    Once naive, you are always naive! እንዲህም ሆኖ አይዞን!

  6. koster
    | #6

    It is all the mistake of elites particularily Tigrian elites who failed to understand the consequences of what the fascists are doing in the name of TIGRAI and TIGRIANS. Ethiopians or the oppositions although disunited tolerated the fascists for the last 23 years but TPLF arrogants are going from bad to worse. Now there is no other choice than to unite and dismantle the home grown fascists, build a free and democratic countries without any ethnic or religious supermacy. Tigrians including the writer for sure do not want that the fascists loose the looted economic supermacy. No compromise like South Africa which lets the aparthied/TPLF fascists keep their economic supermacy and monopoly by giving the political power to the opposition.

  7. Dawi
    | #7

    Bro. Yelma,

    If you look at history huge economic miracles happened under authoritarian governments. These countries are one-party systems who take harsh actions against opposition who impede a going development which is prerequisite for democracy.

    One of the fastest growing countries in the 1970 was the military ruled Brazil. Off course the economic Tigers of the 1980 were the authoritarian South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. In the 1990 China was the leader.

    Such amazing, spectacular and mind boggling success planted the seed in the minds of even to the most faint-hearted democrats. So leave Prof. Kiros alone because he is not the exception.

    Any one who is serious about change needs to understand how other countries successfully developed. If not you’re just repeating the same old uprising; If the unorganized bunch of today take over, more lives are going to be taken. What do say to that?

    I don’t know what kind of freedom you have in mind. Those who talk about freedom of speech? What makes you think Ethiopians want “free speech” above everything else at this juncture?

    One former Singaporean Foreign Minister asked: “How many Singaporeans really want free speech anyway? They want orderliness, a decent living”. I concur.

  8. No yilugnta
    | #8

    Dr. Kiros,

    what about your the useless article titled “The unfinished modernization of Ethiopia by Meles Zenawi”? No yilugnta, right?

    The killings of Oromos are parts of the unfinished modernization of Ethiopia. So, why are you trying to tear crocodile tear? No yilugnta or conscience,right?

  9. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #9

    በ80ዎቹና በ90ዎቹ we had those አለማሾች, አምለሰቶች and በላይነሾች:: ፊደል በቆጠሩ -ዎች እየተቀየሩ ለመሆናቸው እየተገነዘብን ነው:: ክፋትም የለውም, ግን መች ይሆን ኢትዮጵያ በፍጥነት በሚላላኩ ብቻ ሳይሆን በራሳቸው በሚተማመኑ ልጆችዋ ደግሞ የምትታጀበው!!??

    ግን ያው እንግዲህ አኩራፊዎችም ብቅ-ብቅ ማለት ጀምረዋልና, ምናልባትም የተከወሉት በራስ ተማማኞችም የበርበሬ ቀንጥሱ በአላት ከመድረሱ በፊት publicly ኢትዮጵያን እንደሚያጅቧት በተስፋ እስኪ እንደር!

  10. Garo
    | #10

    The last time I checked the democratic countries are also the richest countries, hands down.
    most of the money that is funding the so called development in Ethiopia is still coming from the west although most of it is being stolen by corrupt TPLF officials. These people are not like the leaders from those countries you are talking about and no matter what they claim they are corrupt dictators and they can not bring prosperity to the peoples of that country.One can get a clear picture if one just look at the amount of money the country got as loan or donation and what has been done with it. When you have billions of dollars spent on a few shoddy project and being hailed as a major achievement then you really have a problem. The TPLF can never lead Ethiopia to any kind of development because it is a corrupt dictatorial regime and no corrupt government can achieve prosperity you are referring too.

  11. kinatuwa
    | #11

    Of course, the enemy has deeply hurt us. We lost our children to the woyanai mafia’s shipping them to the customers in the middle east and else where for sex and services; the woyanai mafias evicted and disowned famrmers and their families from their livelihoods; the woyanai mafias broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families leading to thousands and thousands children homeless; the woyanai mafias demolished thousands and thousands homes made disappear nearly millions into unknown; the woyanai mafias imprisoned, beaten, and murdered hundreds and hundreds of citizens; the woyanai mafias have put our country on sale. We were saddened, we were hurt, we were angered; and then we cried blood. But, we will make the enemy die; when it dies, it will die perpetually.

  12. Kilqil
    | #12

    You, Buye! Do you really know the difference between definite and indefinite articl, do you really, really know when, where, how to use both or either of the articles, which one is the modifier, who thought you, your broken English, how much did you speak and you wanted to digress from the topic, do you really, really know the meaning of digress, what should be done about you? Don’t bother to answer; just smack or wake, or spank your idiot head with Woyanai’s egged-ball.

  13. Schizo
    | #13

    Read what Kiros once wrote on Tigraionline

    Meles Zenawi and the Unfinished modernization of Ethiopia.


    I do not understand where this man stands?

  14. ssossola
    | #14

    Ato Dawi, only God makes a miracle; our dear lord, God creates us clean and free. For instance, God must really be blamed for Hailemariam Desalegn being a prisoner of his choice?

    Dawi, don’t use God’s word, miracle as jargon; God, doesn’t speak jargons; you do. Did you see any creativity in Professor Samura Yenus, or , Abdula Gamada? you see, the fake professor Samora and the idiot Abay never have thought of the WHAT IF scenario to where their fate leads them to. You see, when you are in doubt, examine your thought process. If you are not free to think or write freely, then, you must be or you choice to be one of or all of the above mentioned faulty creatures. When one is free to express his or her thought, just like you do, simply put, the sky is the limit; Look India, the largest democracy in the world, third in military technology and power; is that a miracle?

  15. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #15

    Schizo #13,

    How many Comical Ali “Saddam’ሞች” do you think can Ethiopia ……….!?

    Thank you for the hint!

  16. Tesema
    | #16


    Please before criticizing one’s ability to write in English, at least make sure you don’t make a silly and nonsense mistake yourself. Go back and re-read your statements – assuming you are the author of that. I don’t see where and how the guy misused the word digress to cause your irritation. It shows a lack of winning argument on your part to criticize someone’s second language fluency – he must have hit a nerve? When there’s no message then attack the messenger? I’m disgusted by people like you, which are keen to bring down people instead of advancing a conversation. @Buye, I hope you don’t get discouraged by those losers who have no clue to engage in a thoughtful conversation.

  17. Anon
    | #17


    I think it was much appropriate for you to just admit the obvious: Namely you have been wrong for lauding TPLF in the past. Though you titled your comment as a personal lamentation you have hard time keeping the thread of thought in line. Instead you end up introducing two erroneous points. One,you still wrongly believe TPLF came what you termed ‘to correct the mistakes of past regimes’. Two, it occurred to you the regime resorted to violence just at this moment . With the approach you chose how can people forgive your flip flap? It becomes obvious then, not for lack of information but preference for self interest is why you are in support of the regime. Ethiopians clearly know TPLF has run its criminal enterprise over 40 odd years.The rest of us clearly know TPLF seized state power for one and only one purpose: to destroy the land and country we love. I suppose

    If you dis agree with this assessment, I ask you what have you done to the most valuable information dispersed amongst our people by Gebremedhin Aray and Asegid Gebreselassie, I suppose respectively, TPLF founders and insiders?

    Here is one such information.


  18. Dawi
    | #18

    Garo said:

    [[.. When you have billions of dollars spent on a few shoddy project and being hailed as a major achievement then you really have a problem. ..]]

    You all say that but, “shoddy” by what standard? Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC? C’mon!

    EPRDF tops the chart for jailing “journalists” and their over all human rights records is nothing to sing about but, economic performance, and its ability to manage large scale infrastructure projects is appraised high.

    Last time I checked “of the 3,220 Chinese citizens with a personal wealth of 100 million yuan ($13 million) or more, 2,932 are children of high-level cadres.”

    So …”..corrupt dictatorial regime..”

    Compared to who?

    The 2014 corruption rankings for 150 countries in the World Democracy Audit shows:

    Ethiopia’s rank is 90, Kenya is 123, Nigeria 114, Uganda is 119, Sudan 148, Eritrea 144..

    Reality check! The only countries that have developed are those that purposefully set about creating state capacity – If you look at Europe, developments occurred well before popular democratic elections. State-building preceded democracy.

  19. Mekuria
    | #19

    The weyanne (TPLF) intellectuals like Drs. Teodros Kiros, Gelawdewos Araia and Tecola Hagos should not be allowed to pretend and deceive at all. They do not mind and are devoid av any sympathy towards the non-Tigre victims of their ethnical fascist front the TPLF. Their anti-Amhara propaganda have demonstrated that they are the loyal disciples and blind followers of their late ethnic leader aite Meles Zenawi. It is obvious that Dr. Teodros Kiros and the other weyannes are worried by the ongoing Oromo uprising against the fascist and racist rule of the TPLF.

  20. Garo
    | #20

    a href=”#comment-158325″>@Dawi
    They are all corrupt, that is why they are still poor. Corrupt leaders will never take a country to prosperity. The standard is simple, Are you getting what your money is worth? if not why not? The answer is the same corruption breeds theft and therefore most of the money is not really being invested in the country but whisked back out of the country. That is why the work is shoddy because corrupt leaders are after there own interest.

  21. Dawi
    | #21

    Garo – You’re entitled to your own opinion but, you’re not entitled to your own facts.

    Standard & Poor gave them a “B” rating; not that shabby! that is the government’s “credit score”.

    What is your credit score? :-)

    One can’t be one of the fastest growing economy in the world without investing in the country. Be that as it may, I don’t see a better alternative right now; maybe down the line; when the opposition put its house in order.

    Dr. Dima on his latest ESAT interview proposed for the opposition to first agree whether they want a “unitary” or a “federal” arrangement for the country? Can you imagine that?

    I hope you see my point.

  22. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #22


    ወይ ሰው ብትመስሉ, ካልሆነላችሁ ግን ወደምትጠፉበት ብትጠፉ እንዴት ይመስላችኋል…..!!??

  23. Garo
    | #23

    You are the one who is twisting the facts. Standard and poor does not rate a country on corruption, So what’s your point. why don’t you say something about the transparency rating of the country. That is because billions are missing. Remember when they could not account for 10,000 something quintals of coffee and somehow Meles said the thieves were for given. Of course we know why.

  24. baqoi
    | #24

    Frankly speaking, what would Dawi get in conflict with others while there is a simple solution of giving him a little more time to gather his failed honor and come to reality. Of course, it was you, Dawi there twisting facts and entangle truths with lopsided views, opinion, and spreading faulty propaganda. Very, very soon Dawi will teach himself a hard lesson; however, we, Ethiopians will soon teach the Woayanai unforgettable lesson through which, hopefully, Dawi will learn an additional lesson.

  25. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #25

    “Urgent need to re-galvanise Woyane Tigrai” on TOL Virus ተሸካሚ ነው! ሁሉም ዘንዳ ወይንስ እኔ ዘንዳ ብቻ? አያ ማሌሊት ሆይ, የተንኮል ጉድጓዶችን ሲቆፍሩ ከማደር ይልቁንስ ራስን ለማሻሻል መጣጣሩ አይበጅም ነበርን!!??

  26. G. Mequanent
    | #26

    The Amhara elite do not admit and acknowledge the significant and visible economic and political progress Ethiopia is making under the EPRDF. The intermittent riots in the Oromia region are caused by lack of information reaching the grass roots specially the young. The EPRDF should reach the grass roots as the main beneficiaries of its pro-poor development policy.

  27. Mezmur
    | #27

    Standard and Poor is a credit rating agency and does not have any thing to do with corruption and transparency. The rating the weyanne corrupt regime gained from this agency is comparatively risky and not favorable. It means the weyanne regime has to borrow at higher rates or the loans it gets are more expensive. However, this is a pie the weyanne cadres and beneficiaries such as `Dawi` can collect some crumbles from. The Ultimate payers are the Ethiopian poor. With the present instability in Ethiopia, I think the weyanne regime will not be able to secure loans from the International Capital Market at all

  28. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #28

    I hope this clear clarion call from the US government does not fall on challenged ears. Journalists by the true definition of their profession are the eyes and ears of the over looked. They are the sounding board of all areas of the society. They will always report, report and report. And when they do things right like here in the USA, they will know what is news worthy and essential that the people at large and, when given, public officials should know. They travel to the most dangerous and farthest corners of the world getting news. They know when to self censor and when it is appropriate to publish the result of their work be it news or investigative in content. They are mostly opinionated and they should be. And when they are wrong, they will hear it from their own peers. Not the government necessarily. In a country like Ethiopia journalism is not a new profession. You name any ethnic group, there always have been a ‘talking bird’ among the people with ‘Read all about it’ attention grabbers. But they had never been treated democratically. Daring reporters never had the blessings from all rulers throughout our history. Such daring reporters had been dealt mercilessly including the clippings of their tongues. They were hanged, jailed or when they are lucky exiled to confinement in remote locations. But this the 21st century and no matter how authorities try to muffle up patriotic reporters, news will never cease to get out. Jailing is not the means or solution. Dialogue is the better way. We can take the US media and military during the two World Wars and the first Gulf War as examples. A nation with no free press is as good as dead. The problem I see with those in the leadership roles of Ethiopia is the disease that infected them way back the 1960’s, that disease of stubborn Marxist/Leninist dogmatic ideology. When you hear some of them still talking of the so-called ‘New Democratic Revolution’, it shows they still can do better than Gorbachev or even Raul Castro. They are still flapping their mouths with the long-gone, long discredited jargons from the Redbook or Mao or Lenin’s essays. What they refuse to admit is the fact that Mao had buried more than 45,000 intellectual alive during his ‘New Democratic Revolution because he suspected them of being ‘Capitalist Roaders’’. They do not want to accept the fact that more than 25 millions Chinese starved to death during Mao’s ‘Democratic Revolution’. By the way, this disease is not confined to those with Tigray ethnicity but there are numerous others from my own Oromo ethnic group along with the Afars, Somalis. Wolaitas and almost every nationality of that country. That is what you now see Oromo gendarmes shooting down another Oromo demonstrator. The leaders of that country should heed this call and release all journalists they holding in jail for this or that reason and start a civilized dialogue. I hope prisoners like Obbo Eskinder will see sunlight outside the prison walls with their families soon. That has been in my daily prayers.

  29. Dawi
    | #29

    Mexmur said:

    [[..Standard and Poor is a credit rating agency and does not have any thing to do with corruption and transparency. ..]]

    You don’t say! didn’t I already gave you the corruption rate earlier? It is lower than Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria, and Russia and so on. Is there a problem with that?

    The credit rating tells us the obligor currently has the capacity to meet its financial commitment on the obligation showing the government is responsible.

    I don’t know why you can’t accept the positive and work on other things?
    On the other hand, EPRDF admits “corruption” and other negative issues which seem to me robbing the “slogans” of the opposition.

    Notice Addis “master plan” is no more!

  30. Garo
    | #30

    according to their both long term and short term credit, the B rating comes after A and BB rating.What it mention is the conditions are volatile and there is a chance for default. Not exactly the ideal condition you want us to believe. And we also know the Standard and Poor have made a lot of mistakes in the assessment of financial situation of other countries. Who can forget what this company was saying about a lot of countries before the financial collapse of 2008.

    In the case of Ethiopia, most of the assessment of the finance of the country is based on information the country was providing and there is no independent source of information. When Ethiopia claims, these kinds of unsubstantiated growth just by claiming outrageous growth say in agriculture, without providing where these farming were located so that people could see them you know it is a lie. Moreover the measuring stick is whose growth are we talking about? The TPLF and some people from that region? That we know.

  31. Enqofeesh
    | #31

    Yes, you nailed it on the fact; Tekola Hagos, Professor, is doing comedic acting entertaining himself. Good luck!

    The heat is on reaching high in volume and intensity heating up the saliva in Tekola Hagos mouth smoothing out the rough surface on the shortened tongue

  32. Mezmur
    | #32

    The multi-mllion TPLF foreign lobby network has been entrusted with the task of presenting and selling the wrong and misleading image of the regime to the international lenders and donors. The rampant corruption specially the nepotism characteristic of the weyanne regime can not be overlooked. The regime`s deceptive propagandas of stamping out corruption within its rank and file are mainly meant for foreign donors and creditors. It is a futile public relations exercise. The weyanne as the owner and manager of mega-businesses that have dominant positions in the country`s in the country, the mother and source of the rampant corruption we witness. The business ownership of the weyanne in Ethiopia represents the most systematic and worst form of corruption even by African standards. However, despite employing the services of the most expensive western lobbyists that paint the rosy picture of the weyanne regime, it has not been able to secure cheaper loans in the International capital market. The relatively expensive loans the regime had secured will not be sustainable as it will not be able to service its debts.

  33. Jjiirraa
    | #33

    A monkey that dresses in miniskirt, wearing eyeglasses, done on her all that makes her sexy and walk a cat-walk and goofing around in the street and neighbourhood jumping from one branch to another making piercing sound, to the observers who pays attention, she still is a monkey; so also are, the woyanai goons in a pimp trendies. The woyanai mafias have been spending millions on themselves to look like what they don’t; as a result, they walked short and became a laughing stock. The following is not that they walk and talk, it will be they die and get munched on by the demons that have been awaiting them. The woyanai mafias are guilty of all the crimes that they have been committing on Ethiopians and will soon be standing trial for the final judgment.

  34. Binor
    | #34

    Reading this scribble, not knowing anything about the writer, I could come up with the following conclusions with doubt on his message about the current situation in Oromia/Ethiopia
    1. He agrees with what the government is doing and rationalizing it
    2. He does not think the ” oppositions ” are helping as well, if not opposing them out right
    But I could not understand what his take was as person. it sounds to me that if a government is killing for a reason that is justifiable (subjective), the writer is ok with it. At the same time he tried to portray himself as if he is genuinely feeling sad because of loss of life. Can some one explain to me if I am the one confused here?
    Is there as such a “justifiable killing” of unarmed protester in a country where there is reportedly a “rule of law” ?
    What is the point the writer is trying to make by ” crying for the dead” while lauding the killer ?
    Can one be on both side of the story ? I guess that may be what is called fair and balanced for him ( assuming the writer is a man based on his name)
    I hope the good, PH.D. Holder, writer will go back to his basic, unbiased sense and clear his conscious for the sake of the universal truth.

  35. ዘውዱ
    | #35

    Who brought ethnicity into play from the beginning? Is it not this same group of people in power? Do you remember how many Amharas were massacred in the eastern parts of Ethiopia and elsewhere? Do you remember how many Amharas were dismissed from their government jobs just for being Amharas? I pray your millionaire Tigrains will pay for that. Mind you, not the people that did not have anything to do with the people that brought this disease of ethnicity.

  36. Kadiro
    | #36

    I am an Oromo who lost relatives to TPLF-led regime’s barbaric massacre but I agree with Dr. Kiros on some points on the way froward. Yes, the current situation angers majority of Ethiopians. We should be able to design a political system that protects innocent civilians from the killing machines of politicians to fashion peaceful coexistence. We should avoid revenge mindset but bring the criminals to the courts of law. And then create a law and institution that protect innocent people from political killings, whether the innocent people are Oromos, Amaras, Tigres, Gurages, etc. to end the vicious cycle of political killings. We should be able to live above our anger.

  37. ዘውዱ
    | #37

    Well said Kediro.After I read your piece I came to my senses. I really thought hard about it and came to the conclusion that the best thing for our motherland is to break the vicious cycle of acrimony and revenge once and for all.
    The likes of political situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria,etc. Could come to haunt us if we do not come to our senses and work towards reconciliation based on the truth and only the truth.

  38. Zewdu
    | #38

    I agree with you on both counts,ie.reconciliation and not allowing ill-gotten properties to be kept by the perpetrators. That is the only fair and peaceful way of bringing our people together.
    Let me elaboratee why these two steps are the best solution:
    1) Reconciliation, like South Africa, will save us from an everlasting civil war. That way we can save ourselves from destructing our human capital and properties. Anyone who has seen the destructions in Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Syria on television will agree with me.
    2)The TPLF warriors came bare footed and have been in power for only 25 years but what they own now is not attainable in proper ways. They should only be allowed to keep what they would have earned at their positions of responsibilities. Nothing less and nothing more.

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