TPLF in Disarray and the Remaking of National Unity By Messay Kebede

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That in less than six months after announcing a 100 percent electoral victory in national elections the TPLF faces a formidable uprising in Oromo regions and in a lesser scale in some parts of Ethiopia constitutes the mother of all irony. Unsurprisingly, the only response known to the government to the popular unrest is massive mobilization of security forces, including the army, and violent crackdowns resulting in deaths, severe beatings, and arbitrary imprisonments. This time, however, there is a difference: the TPLF is badly wounded by the protests and uprisings and seriously weakened.

This is shown by the fact that the TPLF was compelled to publicly drop the Addis Ababa Master Plan in an attempt to quell the unrest. I give no credence to what the TPLF says or promises and remain convinced that it will implement the Plan in one form or another. Still, that the TPLF was forced to back down in the face of popular opposition is the first in kind since it seized power in 1991. No doubt, the official announcement of a retreat was an extremely difficult one in view of the too familiar and boundless arrogance of the TPLF. Like an injured animal attacks left and right, one should, therefore, expect the intensification of repression and a tightening of the control systemfrom the enraged arrogance.

Another manifestation of a weakened TPLF is the surrender of Ethiopia’s exclusive sovereignty of the so-called Renaissance Dam. Despite denials of the Ethiopian government, the recent agreement does stipulate that the filling of the dam requires a prior consensus with Egypt and Sudan; it also specifies that the latter will be given priority for the electricity generated by the dam. One must be a fool not to see that these conditions establish a de facto co-ownership of the dam by the three countries. The surrender is just a confirmation of the TPLF’s conviction that it does not have the national support that it needs to withstand Egyptian demands.

In my view, the current popular revolts are bound to have consequences that will deepen the weakening of the TPLF. Among these consequences, three major onesparticularly stand out. The first has to do with the cohesion of the EPRDF itself. As a major partner in the ruling coalition, the OPDO has been humiliated and seriously rebuffed by the uprisings in Oromia. Non-Oromo security forces had to be called to repress the popular protests, obvious as it is that Oromo security personnel were either reluctant to crackdown or the TPLF could no longer trust them. We even heard some TPLF members accusing the Oromo forces of gross incompetence, worse yet, of secretly supporting the protesters. Whatever the interpretation, one thing is sure: a rift that would be difficult to bridge is now visible within the EPRDF.

Another major consequence is the end of the myth of Ethiopian stability under the hegemony of the TPLF. Some such outcome is likely to be of great concern for Western governments and investors as well as for the growing Chinese involvements in Ethiopia. Western governments had so far turned a blind eye on the gross violations of human rights in Ethiopia as a ransom for the guarantee of stability and economic development in a continent too prone to political turmoils and violent conflicts. But when unrests multiply, especially when they come from the Oromo who are supposed to have most benefited from the liquidation of Amhara hegemony and the establishment of federal system of self-rule, they reveal a deep crackin the very foundation of the regime.

The impact of the collapse of the myth of stability is already visible in the recent declaration of the American government expressing deep concern over government’s crackdown on protesters and calling for a “constructive dialogue to address legitimate grievances.” Another possible expression of discontent of the US could be the precipitated shutdown of American base for drone operation in southern Ethiopia: even if military factors must have been the real reason for the decision, its official announcement at a time when the TPLF is losing face in the eyes of the international community looks like a betrayal of an ally that has no longer faith in the regime.

Last but not least, the uprising and the violent crackdown invite a rethinking among opposition forces, notably a heightened awareness of the need to counter the divide-and-rule strategy of the regime by going past ethnic alignments. Many observers are wondering why other ethnic groups, especially the Amhara, are not joining the Oromo uprisings, all the more so as it is but evident that the TPLF would be unable to suppress if the uprisings extend to other regions. Indeed, expanding these protests into a national movement, by which alone other ethnic groups can be coopted, is the sine qua non to defeating and overthrowing the TPLF.

The good news is that appeals for rapprochement between the various groups are being heard here and there and in some places––still very limited––we see a debut of implementation, as in the case of Medrek and Semayawi parties agreeing to work together. There is no doubt that it would be difficult to overcome the descending path created by decades of divisive politics and mutual suspicion, but the spectacle of Oromo protesters abandoned to the violent fury of the TPLF should give us all a pause. The crackdown onOromo protestersunder the eyes of other groups acting as bystandersis simply the spectacle of a people made powerless by its own divisions.

Needed, therefore, is the remaking of unity through the dialectical process of negation and negation of that negation. The original unity was abstract, homogenizing; it was negated by divisions and ethnic fragmentations. The TPLF is trying to solidify the movement of fragmentation. We have to say no by negating the fragmentation, but this time to obtain a synthetic unity, the unity that integrates diversity conquered through the first negation. This is called development, as opposed to fragmentation or secession.

  1. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #1

    I see that many folks among the Diaspora think or adamantly believe that the killings that happened during the recent violent confrontations between the demonstrators and the gendarmes were carried out by the TPLF. From my own investigations, such forceful and deadly steps were enthusiastically carried by Oromo members of the police force be it regional or federal. That is the reality on the ground. Unless all opposition groups decry the action in stead of reciting the same old way blaming ethnicity, I don’t think their endeavor will cut the mustard. Didn’t we complain about stereotypes of all sorts? Should we blame all African Americans for the looting and gang related killings raging in certain corners the US cities? Should we? The reality back home is this. In every village of Oromia including that small village where I was born in Western Hararghe every government official and member of law enforcement is an Oromo with 99.9% of them locally bred and indigenous. That mean he/she is ether from the local Itu or Alaa, Nole or other Oromo clan. Some are Oromos from Showa but born places like Baddeisa, Harbaa Rakaiti, Galamso or Ciro. Not one Amhara or Tigrayan can be found running the local affairs. That is why things did not get out of hand. Oromos are shooting and clubbing stone hurling young people who are incited by irresponsible individuals and groups from their comfy homes here, at the dumpsites in Asmara or the legendary harems of the Arabian Peninsula. This reality on the ground back in the old country begs for the need of an all inclusive united front to work for a more democratic system. Liberation front of this or that ethnic group will not go anywhere unless the motive is to perpetuate sheer hatred toward other ethnic group. That is disgusting and now is the time to press such ‘liberation’ fronts to mend their ways. If they don’t, then they should be condemned and alienated. Their dream of carving out a territory that they will call their fiefdom is just such dream, a pipe dream and pie on the sky fantasy. And don’t even dare call me this or that name!!! Don’t even think about it!!! Full stop!!!!

  2. Soboqa
    | #2

    The Oromo uprising against the fascist and racist rule of the TPLF is legitimate and deserves the solidarity and support of all non-TPLF Ethiopians. The uprising has significantly weakened and neutralized the surrogate and proxy rule of the TPLF thorough its appendage known as the OPDO.The failure of the OPDO to contain and crush the uprising demonstrates that the other surrogates and appendages of the TPLF in the other regions are not strong enough to do the job for their masters. They can crumble in the face of the uprisings. Thus, the task ahead for all the non-TPLF Ethiopians is to coordinate their forces and ignite similar legitimate and popular uprisings in the whole country. The TPLF had been able to thrive on the division and suspicion existing between the Amhara and Oromo elites. It is on the basis of this division that the TPLF has made its political calculations and planned to cling to power in Ethiopia for an indefinite period of time (as long as it can rule and exploit all). Therefore, all of us must deny the TPLF all divisive political maneuvering rooms it needs and uses to stay in power.

  3. Mezmur
    | #3

    The weyanne regime and rule are cracking because its servants such as the OPDO in the Oromo region, ANDM in the Amhara region and Hailemariams in the South are being rejected by the misruled.

  4. Dawi
    | #4

    Prof. Messay said:

    [[..Needed, therefore, is the remaking of unity through the dialectical process of negation and negation of that negation. The original unity was abstract, homogenizing; it was negated by divisions and ethnic fragmentations. The TPLF is trying to solidify the movement of fragmentation...]]

    Great analysis by Prof. Messay but, I have a couple of questions.

    I like to know how “TPLF can solidify the movement of fragmentation”? Particularly, when TPLF/EPRDF more or less follows former PM’s key thesis that neoliberalism is a dead end, and developmental state is the way forward?

    I am sure we all recognize that thesis is widely accepted as the policy of the government. If there was any doubt, Arkebe Oqubay new book “Made in Africa” has solidified that thought.

    If anything then, “ethnic fragmentation” is a contradiction; an antagonistic one at that to “developmental state” in my view.

    Today’s Oromo uprising can be traced to the disintegration of farms as people are forced to leave their farms to factories, light manufacturing, horticulture etc. of the surrounding “developmental” city centers.

    A new identity of unity is in the “re-making” but, still has not fully materialized; that is why as you have said in your last write up the name “Ethiopia” is not mentioned in the uprisings and other Ethiopians are too much excited [with the exception of Jawar/Yelma :) to join the movement.

    Having said that, the developmental state is accelerating the pace of the “renewed” identity of folks who do not see themselves as just “Oromos” but Ethiopians, Africans etc.; when developmental state fully gets hold of the country a national political organization you are calling shall be inevitable. Thwarting the developmental state now before it fully develops is too risky and no one can guarantee what the outcome is going to be.

  5. aha!
    | #5

    I share much into the press release by Exiled Kidus Sinodus of the Orthodox church, which has a bearing on Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, since the confrontations in Ethiopia for the last 24 years is between Ethiopian Nationalism vs ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or developmental state capitalism of which of which OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre is a mirror image of the TPLF/eprdf regime with direct support of ideology and implicit support of the constitution. What is needed to oust the TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is the architect of the constitution with Oromo elites drafing the constitution, to make Addis Abeba (finifine) the capital city of “Oromia” as well as the seat of the Federal Government of multi ethnic groups designated as self government along with ethnic federalism, a division of land mass by settlement, languages and identity as Oromo, etc, rather than Ethiopiawinet, which set the precedence for ethnic secessionism/nationalism and lately as the basis for consociational democracy, with future boundary conflicts and an on going ethnic cleansing, rather retaining the previous provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups like Addis Abeba to create autonomous federated states with individual freedom front an center in constitution, not ethnic rights for true democratic government to have a foot hold with party alignment along the national agenda stipulated above. For the preset 14 coalition of parties and civil organization tto have an ipact against the TPLF/eprdf regime, the coalition in Medrek, need tocoalsce around the national agenda with the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, rather than holding to a failed ethnic agenda with goals for respect of ethnic rights, “yekilil Mengistats iqulinet mebit mekeber”, human rights, a common denominator and democracy to be supper imposed over ethnic rights/ethnic rule with the implicit support of ethnic federalism, a master plan that entitles the major ethnic groups of self governed ethnic enclaves, as the “Supreme Law of the Land” as Dr Tegaye Ararssa depicts it in his analysis of the constitution in relation to the Derived law of the constitution the “Master Plan for the Expansion of Addis Abeba into the surrounding towns of the “Oromia” as flashing point for conflict between Oromia and Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia/ the TPLF/eprdf regime, a coalition of ex liberation fronts which fought the previous regimes for the oppression of nations and nationalities, which is not a class struggle based on the national agenda. I believe the solution to the political, economic, environmental and human rights crises perpetrated by the TPLF/eprdf regime with TPLF as the ruling Politburo, would not go away unless the opposition parties form a merger but not a coalition as the case is right now the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians geared towards ratifying the constitution as indicated before.

  6. Dawi
    | #6


    Developmental State creates a highly centralized state. That is why it is by nature anti “ethnic fragmentation”. Where ever it is implemented such us in the East Asian countries, it has created a centralized state consequently an ultimate unitary state.

    Olaana Abbaaxiiqi in his recent write up criticizing TPLF/EPRDF puts it in the following manner:

    “..As a precondition for its success, developmental state policy presupposes the concentration of power in the hands of the centralized autonomous bureaucracy and a dominant party. It is a system suitable to be implemented in a centralized way by the state or bureaucratic elite. Because of this, developmental state policy is by its very nature inimical to federalism that presupposes decentralization and devolution of power to regional states. The existence of all dominant party, which is component of developmental state theory, inevitably means the concentration of power in the center, which necessarily undermines the authority of the regional states. Thus, developmental state theory and federalism are incompatible…”

    When Prof. Messay says “negation of the negation”, he must mean development carrying the past into the future, remaking it in the process. Regardless of once ethnic origin, when one participates in a “developmental state”, s/he works for money in factories in cities with others demanding better condition like the right to belong to trade unions etc., that person becomes very different from his/her grand mother who lived in tribal community farming. “ethnic fragmentation therefore is no more. United Ethiopian demands will be coming in the forefront; the new person carries over what is healthy and democratic discarding what is backward and reactionary.

  7. Long live Ethiopia
    | #7

    It looks like every group has to reach at some stage of learning curve before it knows how effectively able to remove the TPLF gangs from power. It is the failure of the leaders to have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish this goal .A mishmash of shortsightedness and failed strategical thinking of the political leaders, specifically those in the ethicist political enclaves , continue to make a blunder after blunder , costing the people both in opportunity and bloods. This repeatedly happened starting form Eritreans, then the Ethiopian-Muslims then now the oromo-Ethiopians, and also many multinational political organizations also has been making the same mistakes.for now we need to focus on oromo political leaders. Their strategy to simple hold on Mele’s Oromia map as a base for secessionist aspiration, make a claim they vs other Ethiopians work with other Ethiopians as long as it furthers their political end but still make pronouncement that their struggle is not the same like other Ethiopians.This strategy which is being perused by separatist Oromos is not hard to decipher by other Ethiopians including Ethiopian-oromos. That is why the Ethiopian people support the demand by ormo-Ethiopians for just society, but will not be used as a proverbial torjan horse for their narrow agenda. Oromia is Ethiopia and all Ethiopian politics will be solved by coming together of all stockholders regardless of ethnic or political groups they came from. There is not going to be a marriage between of Meles’s ethic stratification system and true democratic federalist system that anchored on justice and equality. The separatist oromo leaders has to derope thier narrow vision and embrace a vision for all Ethiopians. Till they do that they are going to prolong the suffering of Ethiopian people in genreal and the oromo-Ethiopians in particular.

  8. Anonymous
    | #8

    You are an honest true Ethiopian. May Allah bless you. You have a clear conscience for writing the truth.
    on the contrary, many so-called educated Oromos write fabricated stories about the rulers of Ethiopia having been Amharas and holding them responsible. That is disingenuous to say the least.
    If we examine who is who from Menelik ii on we find everybody who was somebody had Oromo blood.
    Menelik ii was Oromo from his mother side, Ijigayehu. That was why Ras Ali of Wollo, later Negus Mikael, helped Menelik ii escape from Atse Tewodros.
    Itegue Bitul was an Oromo through her father Ras Bitul.
    Haile Selassie’s funame is Teferi Mekonnen Wolde Mikael Gudina.
    Fitawrari Habte Giorgis was an Oromo.
    Ras Gobena, Ras Abebe Aregay And Ras Mesfin Sileshi were Oromos.
    Las but not least, Mengistu Haile Mariam Wolde Ayana also had Oromo blood.
    When the facts are these, why are Amharas are b @Soboqa

  9. Freedom
    | #9

    The author is basically saying that it is imperative that all peace/freedom/justice and democracy loving people from all regions of Ethiopia need to unite in order to get rid of the Criminal TPLF/OPDO/ANDM dictators. UNITY under the BANNER of Ethiopiawinet is the key word. It is the antidote for the DIVIDE AND RULE, creating division/hate/back stabbing among the various ethnic groups in Ethiopia, POLICY. It is all about WE THE PEOPLE vs the Elite Dictators in every region. Tigray people are oppressed/enslaved by TPLF ELITE. Oromo people are oppressed/enslaved by OPDO Elite. Amhara people are oppressed/enslaved by ANDM Elite. etc etc. The everyday people in every region aspire for the same things in life such as freedom, security, good jobs, good healthcare, quality education, happiness etc etc. Therefore it is crucial that all opposition parties and liberation fronts start having serious conversation, starting immediately, with the ultimate goal of coming up with one UNITED PARTY (united opposition parties) and military (united liberation fronts). ONE PARTY and ONE MILTARY to get rid of the current terrorist government. There is ample time to form various political parties after the NEW UNITED OPPOSITON PARTY TAKES OVER POWER. Fortunately, there has been some movement towards unity. For example, according to the author MEDREK and SEMAYAWI PARTY are agreeing to work together. Moreover, OLF, Ogaden Liberation Front, Afar Liberation Front, Sidama Liberation Front, Gambella Liberation Front and others signed a cooperation agreement.

  10. dodo
    | #10

    always a fence sitter. If the Prof. has any convictions can he show that courage by articulating it instead of his usual mumbo- jumbo. What negotiation? when did he realize the fragmentation that follows ethnic apartheid?

  11. Brukk
    | #11

    Tigre people liberation front are working day and night, to break up our country into ethnic based mini states that will result in blood shed and end our survival as a country. that is the mission of tplf.

    2. Ethiopia is indeed the only country in the world where people are segregated according to their ethnicity.

    3. divide and rule is the instrument tplf use to stay in power and loot the country.

    4. by inciting inter ethnic violence and preaching hatred tplf has made the Ethiopin people to see each other as enemies.
    we have to remember that tplf forced opdo officials to erect the statue of a mutilated body of a woman in Arusi and telling them that this would remind the oromo what the amhara did to them. this is how tplf fascist thugs rule the country. promoting hate and violence based on fabricated stories and lies which they themselves made. tplf are known for their ability to fabricate make believe stories and to dramatize their lies.

    5. tplf fascists deny history, fabricate stories and tell their white lies again and again. TPLF follow the old tactic of fascists – ie if you tell a lie a 1000 times people will in the end believe it is true.

    how did these street thugs and and fascsits manage to be where they are today and to cause so much damage on the innocent people of Ethiopia. perhaps we deserve this kind of treatment!!

  12. Anon
    | #12

    [Ittu Abba Farda]

    Hey bro, I know you support this regime under the guise of development. But there are other areas where you and me can agree on how to end the agony of the present moment, and still find common ground how to tackle the future. I agree with you in that the so called liberation movements need to take back sit row. The are seem bent on fueling the present situation just to shore up their 40 plus years flip flap and not getting any where. The only way for ward is to empower the young people to sit down and dis cuss events with their Ethiopian stake holder brothers/sisters. they can do it alone they don’t need the remote guidance of the big mouth and noisy LFits from diaspora.

    If you think about it the OLF and others just want every one to get along now with out precondition. I say this approach to the present situation best the fringe LIfits can do is this. They can come in the open and announce they are not to be a part of the transitional government other than playing the role of facilitators for the civilians. I am for liberty individual freedom and democratic governance. Never again will I trust angry old men from Lfites who have failed to come in to terms about their PAST. You as well as I know these individuals have unresolved emotional baggage from their past. If given chance they will use this occasion to set our house with fire. You know it is like ‘my way or the high way’ and no other way of mid way.

  13. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #13


    What do you mean by ‘Hey bro, I know you support this regime under the guise of development.’? I am afraid that you did not take the time to read my current and previous comments on this and other websites with undivided attention. I don’t say things in disguise. Yes I have applauded the progress I have noticed in regards to the infrastructures and industrial development. I am not alone with this one. But I vehemently opposed many of the steps taken by the regime against dissent politically. I am not alone on this one either. Even in my applause to the progress achieved in the economic area, I never sang to the tune of the regime’s fanfare but my kudos went to those unsung heroes working as engineers, planners and thinkers working under the radar at the lower echelons of the state. I am not alone on this one ever either. So I appeal to you to go back and read my comments.

    But at the moment I am very sad and at the same very upset, not at you, but at the loss of youthful lives. Here again, the priceless lives of the young, the future of that country have been mowed down by the henchmen of the regime. The youth has been incited and aroused to throw itself into the conflagration laid down for them by one of their own. These days violence seems to be the romance of the day for every one over there. It saddens me to the core when I read a story where one Oromo killing one of its own, one Amhara killing another one of his kin, a Tigrayan killing another Tigrayan just someone decided to run against the former PM and a Somali ‘Liyu Policeman’ cutting down the lives of his own people in droves, that makes my very sad and angry. During such unwanted mayhem, you will witness a bunch of hideous groups fanning the fire from their comfy homes here or at the dumpsites in Asmara just hoping that things will go out of hand and during the chaos that will follow so they can walk in there to carve out a territory as their own fiefdom. These ‘liberation’ fronts are still spewing around venomous diatribe behind the scenes in the ‘hoods’ of their ‘followers’ to create and perpetuate animosity among historically harmonious people. They are still doing that in full force. In the meantime, they are busy in dipping their habitual hands into the coffers of certain entities they created as their cash cows. They are living upper middle class lifestyles when tens of thousands of their ‘followers/worshippers’ scrape a very hard earned livelihood. I hope IRS will catch up with them soon.

    In conclusion, I urge you again to read my comments with undivided attention. Good night my countryman/woman.

  14. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #14

    Dear Anon:

    In addendum, I want to make sure that you have noticed in my previous comments that I am from the school of non-violent form of struggle for human and democratic rights. I want also to make sure that you have come across in a few of my previous comments where I made my conviction quite clear that the national question that needed to be answered has been amicable address since 1993. My proud Ormomo people do not need to forcibly speak a language other than their mother tongue to conduct public affairs in their places of domicile, Oromia. The one thing they have been denied is freedom of expression and other human/democratic rights just like all other nationalities in the country. They are not singled out in this aspect. Such rights can not be achieved with out the participation of all other deprived citizens of that country. That is one thing I ask you to bear with me.

    The other issue I have raised and made my stand very clear is on the history of armed struggle and the final result afterwards. I have asked others to tell me any one armed group that relented to democratic rights immediately after it ‘liberated’ a country in the last 200 years. Tell me one!!!. Vietnam? Don’t start with me on that one!!!! Eritrea? Don’t even think about Al-Toweel Isaias!! South Sudan? I am seething with anger about that one!!! Cuba? Be careful before picking that one up!!! TPLF/EPRDF? Please do not make me laugh!!! It all in there, there in that ‘Power comes out the barrel of the gun’ crackpot!!! Do you think ‘General’ Kemal Gelchu and Dawud Ibsa will go home after they liberated ‘Oromia’ from non-existent ‘Neftegna’? No!!! They will go back or continue shooting but shooting at each other this time around. Others who were seen swaggering their daggers for no reason at all here in the peaceful USA and their pseudo fanatics will try to carve out some parts of the Eastern highlands as a trophy for their Arabian Peninsula sponsors!!! What they may not know is there is a tough cookie called an Itu Alga, Qaaluu, Wocale, Gaadulaa and other kinsmen who are waiting for them to make the move. They will not make it to the next day. For now they may go on their lambasting binge and making fools out of themselves.

  15. ዘውዱ
    | #15

    ከ196 አገሮች፣ ኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ነች
    በጒሳ ክልሎች፣ የተከፋፈለች
    ከፋፍሎ ለመግዛት፣ ታስቦ እንዲያመች።

  16. ዘውዱ
    | #16

    ከ196 አገሮች፣ ኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ነች
    በጒሳ ክልሎች፣ የተከፋፈለች
    ከፋፍሎ ለመግዛት፣ ታስቦ እንዲያመች።

    The disgraced Apartheid form of government must be replaced with real democratic system whereby the government is elected by the people and for the people. Culture is fluid and it must be left to the people which culture to adopt or develop. In short,Ethiopia should follow the US when it comes to culture,i.e. it should be the melting pot of cultures.

  17. Dawi
    | #17

    ዘውዱ said:

    [[.. The disgraced Apartheid form of government must be replaced with real democratic system whereby the government is elected by the people and for the people...]]


    As aha mentioned Tsegaye Ararssa has in depth analysis of the constitution. May be you should read that.

    Guess who he thinks the genuine “Apartheid Government” is? It is no other than but, the old Ethiopian Empire!. :-)

    He said, “..Indeed, if one looks closely, there is more similarity between the structure of the logic of apartheid and the logic of the old Ethiopian empire than there is between apartheid and the Ethiopian federal system…”

    So if anything. those of you who ignore DDS being the best we got as the fastest road to “democracy” path, probably won’t get the “old empire” back but, in practice are helping the “ethnic federation” consolidate which is a roll back of DDS’s progress; “ethnic federation” may hang around much longer; my guess is it has already extended its life for decades to come.

    OPDO, “the ruling party of Ethiopia’s largest region, Oromia, announced full roll back on the proposed master plan of Addis Ababa and its surrounding towns the other day.”


  18. Dawi
    | #18

    ዘውዱ & others:

    Further more, it is not that some of us don’t have a “bleeding heart” for the “..the priceless lives of the young, the future of that country have been mowed down by the henchmen of the regime..” .

    One can’t help but sob listening to some of the best Ethiopian female singers like saliha Sami with her new protest Afan Oromo songs however, the opportunist “Ethiopianists” made our future worst in my view by fanning the protest when they are not ready with an alternative plan.

    As Itta Aba Farda put it eloquently, “..During such unwanted mayhem, you will witness a bunch of hideous groups fanning the fire from their comfy homes here or at the dumpsites in Asmara..”. It shouldn’t be that way.

  19. aha!
    | #19

    Zewdu @#15 &16 has struck a chord by sighting the statistics and the motive for that ideology. From that context the TPLF/eprdf regime shares the attribute of ex-Italian Occupier of Ethiopia in its divide and rule policy, but with physical division of Ethiopian land mass by “settlement, languages, and (ethnic) identity” as defined by Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa in his analysis in favor of the Oromo students uprising against the Master Plan for the expansion of Addis Abeba in the surrounding towns of “Oromo Killil Astedader”//Oromia”, which previously was within the Province of Shewa, a territorial occupation under Article 46, which sets the precedence for ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism and consociational democracy, based on ethnic federalism.

    The Master Plan for expansion of Addis Abeba is derived from the Grand Master Plan, the constitution, similar to anti-terrosim and Laws for civil organzations, which Dr. Tesgaye Ararssa, acknowledges as the “Superme Law of the Land” in his article. In his concluding remark he the protest as the resurgence of Oromo nationalism, I paraphrase. Whether one looks at from ethnic federalists or ethnic secessionist’s point of view, the conflict is between the Oromo ethnic group and Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (fdre)/TPLF/eprdf regime, a coalition of ex-liberation fronts, supporting the constitution directly and the opposition party Medrek supporting ethnic federalism and the constitution and yet resisting the encroachment of the TPLF/eprdf regime into the Oromo Killi Astedader in peaceful protest, without codoning the humanitarian crises perpetrated by the TPLF/eprdf regime over all types of protests in the past 24 years to the level of national agenda for Ethiopian Nationalism, of Ethiopia as a one Nation state with multiethnic groups as a mosaic and strength in diversity, where languages and cultures may be developed in hyperspace, rather than using the languages for territorial demarcation by ethnic groups, instead reinstating, private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia so as to make Ethiopians feel the land belongs to all and any one of them from East West, North to South with individual rights ahead of ethnic and secessionist rights in order to crate people rather ethnic oriented government/ethnic dictatorship. This trend will validate the struggles by EPRP and others for class struggle for land reform and workers rights
    together with the struggle against the Derg military Dictatorship to a Civilian Rule and democracy, I presume under Ethiopian Nationalism/”Ethiopian Unity”.

  20. Dawi
    | #20

    aha said:

    [[.. the conflict is between the Oromo ethnic group and Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (fdre)/TPLF/eprdf regime, a coalition of ex-liberation fronts, supporting the constitution directly and the opposition party Medrek ..]]

    That may be true but, where should Ethiopian nationalists stand on this issue then? On the side OLF and ONLF advocates that believe that the implementation of ethnic federalism is not deep enough? NOT.

    I prefer to side with the of the development driving force that takes us beyond the conflict and the constitutional limitations; the “Developmental State” that is!

    Ethiopia’s history of land use is full of state sponsored oppression & exploitation, a cause for revolution and war. So we need to get out of that quickly.

    When you look at what your darling the “neoliberal market” VS the “developmental state” policy pursued by EPRDF with eyes focusing on the comparative countries who has done that, been there, your choice of “private property” mantra fails to hold water of bringing us a better alternative to solve our problems.

    Many studies show the present DDS policy with all its drawbacks is a better & faster path to agricultural transformation and all other transformation humanly possible.

  21. aha!
    | #21

    Dawi @#20, when I say the conflict is between Oromo ethnic group and fdre/tplf/eprdf regime is to make a distinction of the confrontation between Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic federalism Art. 46, secessionism art. 39 (1) and totalitarianism Art. 40 (3) and/or developmental State capitalism, where ethnic federalism is directly supported by the “teletafi” parties and implicitly supported by the “loyalist” opposition, which formed a coalition known as OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre. Whether that advances your developmental state capitalism as opposed to free market capitalism, you owe it to those who are supporting it, but not to those under Ethiopian Nationalism with goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians with strategies to achieve those goals. These in no construes to condone the humanitarian, crises perpetrated by the TPLF/epdf regime over dissent and protests for the last 24 years.

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