Fixing Oromo-Ethiopia relations and Addis Ababa Master Plan By Teshome Borago

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The last few days have been very promising in Ethiopian politics. Despite our families being busy with the holidays, two major events are taking place. First, many Oromos are awaking up and challenging the current regime in Ethiopia. Secondly, various Oromo politicians and Oromo writers are using Ethiopian nationalist media outlets (like to express their views on Ethiopian history, politics and current events. Both are good and encouraging developments.

The original and full title of this article was actually “Ethiopia can not reform without compromise on the past and consensus on the future”

I said “compromise on the past” because we obviously do not seem to agree on the past history of our great country or how it evolved. And i said we need “consensus on the future” because currently, most Ethiopianists clearly disagree with Oromos on how the future of Ethiopia should look like. That is why Ethiopia is stuck today in a “no peace no war” situation. So i would argue that the preconditions for a successful democracy and lasting unity inside Ethiopia are (1) compromise on how major competing factions interpret Ethiopian history and (2) consensus on how we go forward as a nation. Why do we need to do all this? I believe without major groups in Ethiopia compromising and uniting, there will never be long-term solution to the Ethiopian crisis. Organizing protests here & there or having revolutions in one part of the country will not bring real and nationwide solution. So let us dig into the two topics.


Having read the recent articles on Ethiomedia written by the likes of Olaana Abbaaxiiqi, Gabisso Halaale and Awol Allo, it is clear that some Oromo politicians and other tribes see the world differently from most Ethiopians. For example, we view Emperor Menelik I positively as a black hero and Ethiopian patriot for uniting all Ethiopian tribes to defeat the European colonialists. However, some Oromos view Menelik as a genocidal killer and as a colonialist himself.

Also, for many Ethiopian students of history, the earliest recorded contact between northerners and Oromos happened in the 1500s during the Oromo expansion. But Oromo politicians reject this historical account and they believe Oromos lived in present-day Amhara and Tigray regions for thousands of years. Thus, Oromo politicians say that Oromos lived in this Ethiopian region before Amharas/Tigres/Gurage even arrived.

So, one wonders, how do we compromise on such historical differences?

SIDE NOTE: On my last article, i suggested that politicians should respect all sides of history. Unfortunately, some Oromo writers wrongly accused me of being Amhara. For those people who know me or have read my previous articles, they know that i am not Amhara. I am mixed-Ethiopian and i trace more than two tribes from my ancestry; including Welayta and Oromo. My ethnicity is Ethiopian.

To continue, another conflicting theory promoted by Oromo politicians is that all Ethiopian historians are bad and European historians are always good. Strangely, some Oromos like to discredit widely respected Ethiopian historians like Bahrey, just because he had one wrong theory about Oromo origin from Madagascar. Mind you, famous scholars like Herodotus and even Socrates once believed wrongly that earth is flat but nobody dares to discredit the majority of their work. The same way, I truly believe nobody should completely reject diverse angles on history. But Oromo politicians completely reject historical accounts that they don’t like.

Not only Ethiopian historians, but first-hand books written by respectable Arab and even somali historians like Muhammad ibn Azhar ad-Din are also rejected by Oromo politicians just because their textbooks prove that Oromos raided and expanded north into Abyssinian and Somali territories. So, instead of first-hand accounts, Oromo politicians now prefer secondhand accounts written by Western historians. How do we compromise on such contrasting school of thought? This is another big challenge we must face.

Since the famous Wallelign student movement began in the 1960s, many Ethiopians have counter-argued that our ethnolinguistic identity is a fluid and adaptive trait that is not even skin-deep and has evolved over the centuries. In addition, many Ethiopians, including notable Oromos like Dr. Merera Gudina, have admitted that the northern Raya and Yejju Oromos in the 1700s have ruled Abyssinia for decades, as accounted by renowned historians like Paul Henze. In fact, those Oromo past rulers imposed Afan Oromo on other tribes three centuries ago. So Oromiffa actually used to be the official language of Ethiopia at that time, but it was later replaced by Amharic due to its lack of native alphabets used by the dominant Orthodox religion. Again, modern Oromo politicians ignore this vital part of Oromo-Ethiopian history and they pretend like these ethnolinguistic groups never met each other until Emperor Menelik showed up. For many of us Ethiopians, world history does NOT start in 1890s but Oromo politicians want to hide pre-Menelik history. So, Why do Oromo politicians ignore such history? And how do we reconcile such conflicting details of our past?

Lastly, some Oromo politicians confuse the “Kush” kingdom with the label “cushitic” which was randomly given to Oromiffa speakers, out of mere convenience by 20th century European linguistics like Joseph Greenberg. It would be crazy to believe that Mr. Greenberg labeled Oromiffa as “cushitic” because he magically traced back Oromo genetics to the grandson (cush) of biblical Noah or because he thought Oromos came to this land before Amharas. That seems unrealistic. Unfortunately, Oromo politicians use such wild syllogism to claim that Oromos were the original people who lived in western Eritrea/eastern Sudan areas (better known as Kush/Meroe. ) So some Oromo politicians believe their people lived here for millennia and the Amharas recently arrived to Africa from Yemen. Well, Many Ethiopians disagree with this theory of Oromo origin.

So again, how do we reconcile such polarizing and contrasting views of the past? The answer to all these Oromo questions will be one of the keys to the future of a democratic and peaceful Ethiopia. These questions are important because land ownership is shaped by history. This is important because we will never have democracy in Ethiopia unless there is consensus between the two largest groups: Oromos & Amharas. Whether we like it or not, Ethiopian history is complex and highly disputed. The question of land that is at the center of today’s politics revolves around the historical disputes we had about which group lived where first or settled where and when. The TPLF ignored this complex and disputed history and recklessly drew ethnic boundaries in 1990s to satisfy its “ethnic federalism” concept. This is why there is sporadic violence today in modern Ethiopia.


I described above the various disagreements we have regarding our past history and how those issues impact the present. Now let us analyze the disagreements we have about the future.

When it comes to the future, many intellectuals have written on how the Ethiopian economy should be set up and on the federal arrangement. Some people say we should have a unitary centralized system while others seek provincial and ethnic-federalism, with varying degrees of regional autonomy.

In 1991 and 1992, several conferences were held during the transitional period after Mengistu Hailemariam regime was overthrown. The most important were the London Conference and the Addis Ababa National conference, including the “Convention of Nationalities.” These conferences were not inclusive because they did not allow Ethiopianists to participate. Only “national liberation movements” were allowed to participate and that was the first recipe for disaster. Only OLF and TPLF (with its affiliates) participated in the conventions. There was no diversity. So everybody who participated then defined Ethiopian people as “nations and nationalities.” Therefore, they concluded that the only future of Ethiopian state is an ethnic-federalism arrangement, with no respect for individual rights.

Ethiopianists from all ethnic groups were banned from expressing their interests in those conferences.

To be blunt, the 1992 conferences excluded the interest of atleast 3 major groups: the Ethiopianist Amharas/Gurages, the mixed-Ethiopians and other Ethiopians who reject tribal/hyphenated identity (which i call “Gosa-blind” or colorblind Ethiopians). Basically, around half the Ethiopian population was not represented in those early 1990s transitional conferences. This means the constitution drafted and set up in the 1990s does not represent the voice and the will of about half the country. So it was not a surprise that following those controversial conferences, thousands of Amharas and mixed-Ethiopians living in the south were massacred everywhere. Especially in semi-urban areas of Oromia and Somali, there was a witch-hunt of mixed-Ethiopians and Amharas. Even full blooded Oromos who spoke Amharic only or did not support OLF & OPDO ideology were hunted down like wild animals.

So 10 years later, it was not a surprise that the CUD Ethiopianist opposition party easily won the first ever multiparty national election in 2005. In some places, the CUD won 99% of the vote, which symbolized the people’s rejection of not only the TPLF & OPDO, but also the public’s disgust with opposition parties that shared any similarity to TPLF’s ideologies.

Unfortunately, the government decided to overturn and rigg the election results in 2005, according to EU election observers, so today we are still in a political crisis.

Now, what can we learn from these events?

I believe the first mistake of the TPLF was excluding the voice of half the Ethiopian population during the national conferences and conventions in 1992. This is why there is no consensus in Ethiopian politics today and TPLF still has no mandate to govern Ethiopia. TPLF’s constitution (with the support of Oromo politicians) rejects individual rights, in favor of group rights. Then TPLF crafted a system of ethnic-federalism and self-determination, but forgot to define who is really the “self” in self-determination. Does one need common language, religion or cultures to utilize the self-determination concept? What about economic entities with common political psych and what about mixed-Ethiopians? Or at what stage of an ethnogenesis one need to be at? And who really gets to award ethnic labels to people; due to self-identification or outside identification? The TPLF gave no proper answers to any of these questions. I remember when my mother once joked about this, telling me, “you need woyane’s blessings to enjoy self-determination.” Maybe she had a good point because in the constitution, it says Addis Ababa’s “ethnically diverse people have a right to self-government,” which means, on paper, Addis Ababa can declare independence from Ethiopia, as weird as that might sound. But nobody gave those “ethnically diverse people” of Addis ababa the chance to draw their own borders from Oromia. So today, we have this meaningless and oxymoron border dispute about the Addis Ababa master plan vis-a-vis Oromia. The fact that evicted farmers should get proper compensation…that is a nobrainer. But what is legitimately debatable is whether or not Addis Ababa has the right to expand and grow.

Let us be honest that the “Master plan,” by its nature, is not really a “plan.” It is not a choice. It is triggered by supply & demand, in terms of land. Addis Ababa has been growing already. The TPLF was naturally forced to grow the city boundaries because of urban population growth and to advance the economy. But it was ironic, that the same TPLF that gave Oromia their boundaries is the one actually breaking it up to expand the Addis Ababa city borders. So I believe the Addis Ababa Master Plan and the mass protests by Oromos is in essence the biggest symbol of how ethnic-federalism on paper is inapplicable on the ground. Indeed, when the TPLF violated its own ethnic-federalism based borders, it showed the whole world how its ethnic-federalism policy is impractical and has failed miserably. Even TPLF’s allies cried foul. For example in October, the pro-OPDO Professor Milkessa Midega of Dire Dawa University accused the EPRDF/TPLF leaders of imposing the Master plan. He said that the master plan runs counter to the policies of EPRDF and there is controversy on who actually created the plan. And last week, the OPDO’s top leader Mr Abadula Gemeda criticized TPLF radio stations for attacking Oromos. He later said that Oromo students were right to oppose the Addis ababa master plan. It is interesting how time exposes everything.

All these current issues are the negative consequences of the undemocratic and exclusionary policies, laws and conferences that took place between 1992-95. The future of Ethiopia has been decided by a selected few. We went from one extreme system where the Amharas, the mixed and the urban Shewan Ethiopianists benefitted; to another extreme system where only the other half benefit. Somehow, we have to find a middle ground where all Ethiopians benefit.


There is no one cure all solution yet, but we should not shy away from trying to find one. I believe the crisis we have today can be gradually solved if all stakeholders are allowed to participate in interpreting the past and deciding the future of Ethiopia. This has never happened in Ethiopia. Sometimes we might have to agree to disagree. But I believe all stakeholders and all political camps being involved in the problem solving process is as powerful as the solution itself. Meaning, just the spirit of a constructive all-inclusive national dialogue itself can benefit the country even before we actually find a solution.

When it comes to disputes on our past history, Amharas and Ethiopianists should not impose their version of history on others. Similarly, Oromos (et al) should avoid imposing their version on others and they must recognize the millions of mixed-Ethiopians who are byproduct of the Ethiopian state evolution. I think Ethiopia is suffering not only from zero-sum politics but also from zero-sum history. This suffering must end. One of the ways forward is for all groups to respect each other’s cultures and languages. No matter how or when we migrated to this region we call Ethiopia, we are here. We should give more emphasis on the positive parts of our joint history; like the victories we achieved against Egyptian, Italian and other foreign invaders. We should also be proud of the unity and patriotism of our forefathers during those wars. We should be proud of our pan-African role in leading all black countries to unite and our nation being the source of honor for blacks in the Caribbean & worldwide. We should all be proud of our country’s rich natural resources, archeological history and ancient heritages of all religions; a combination unmatched anywhere in the world. There are many reasons to be proud together.

I also recommend that we should compromise on the type of government structure. One of the reasons that the coalition party MEDREK fell apart last year was because they could not compromise on federalism and language policy. Unlike some unitarists, I don’t think the complete reversal of the current federal system benefits the country. I believe every rural region should self-govern and use its own language as official and working language. But every urban area must promote bilingualism. Under the current TPLF system, many educated Oromos are suffering from unemployment because they do not speak Amharic. Not only in Addis Ababa, even in cities where Afan Oromo is official (like Adama, Bishoftu and Jimma) many educated Oromos are underemployed while Tigrayans and even Welaytas from Awassa come to Oromia cities and take most of the jobs. This shows that politicizing language did not benefit Oromos.

As a compromise, I believe the current ethnic-federalism arrangement created by TPLF and OLF can be saved. But we can add new mini-states and adjust the system so that urban Ethiopians from every ethnicity as well as the millions of mixed-Ethiopians can be comfortable to live in multilingual commercial centers nationwide without feeling like they are foreigners. Today, Oromo students in Mekelle schools are being discriminated against and Amharas in Jimma are treated like foreigners. We can change this sad reality without removing ethnic-federalism. One possible solution is creating new and independent multilingual metropolitan regional states (MRSs) inside the urban portion of every current regional states. These MRSs will enjoy the same rights that the current regional states have. Basically, they will be multilingual economic centers. For example, a Dessie metropolitan regional state (MRS) would self-govern and be fully independent of Amhara state. It will have no obligation to mirror the cultural or linguistic character of Amhara state; thus liberating it to advance, to embrace all Ethiopians and to be a local bridge toward global economic integration. I believe creating such MRSs will reduce the burden on Addis Ababa to expand more than it needs to. This means more urban population grows locally inside pre-existing regional states, instead of everyone crowding or moving to Addis. If Addis Ababa has less strain or less burden to expand, it will hurt less rural Oromo farmers surrounding Addis Ababa. For example, with the Amhara regional state disowning Dessie MRS, no ethnic group can claim ownership of this MRS, thus reducing ethnic conflicts, triggering population growth, diversifying the area, increasing regional employment opportunities and making it a direct gateway to the global market. We can create more MRSs around Awassa, Gondar, Adama, Dire Dawa and Mekele. These MRSs can compliment the pre-existing regional states (RSs) like Oromia, Amhara, Tigray etc. I believe this can be one possible way that unitarists and ethnic-federalists can compromise and find a consensus on the future of Ethiopia.

Indeed, without securing nationwide consensus, nobody can democratize Ethiopia even post-TPLF. Last week, I met a pessimistic Ethiopian in my church in New York and we discussed the current events in Oromia. I told him how hopeful i was feeling about Ethiopia but he explained to me that the TPLF’s homogeneous army is not like Mengistu’s relatively diverse army because all key positions in the current military are fully controlled by Tigrayans. So, in hard times of crisis like today, the TPLF will easily survive because it is not worried about mass defection of its military. He said that such nationwide Oromo protests and revolts actually give the TPLF even more justification to keep the military exclusively Tigrayan and loyal.

I was forced to agree with my Ethiopian friend because as long as the TPLF regime feels like it does not have the support of the Ethiopian people, it will stay undemocratic, unrepresentative and brutal for many more years to come.

The truth is, whether it is TPLF or any future government in Ethiopia, without a consensus and a mandate to rule, all future governments are forever doomed to be undemocratic. Therefore, the only way forward toward a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Ethiopia is a compromise and consensus between all parties, all ideologies and all political groups of the country.

  1. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth. Korrektiv Therapeut
    | #1

    ኹሉ ጊዜ ምስቲ ናይ ቤተኽርስቲያን ዓርክኻ ተራኸብ ምእንታን realistic ዝኾነ ስእለ-ኹናተ ኢትዮጵያ ክነብረካ!

    ሲመስለኝ ደግሞ እነዚህ ወያኔዎች ትግርኛ አይገባቸውምን!? Ha..Ha.. Ha….! ቢገባቸውማ ኖሮ ዓደርቃይን ከክልለ ማይፀብሪ ለይተው አይበድሉትም ነበር! ቁንፅል ስራን ማካሄድ ይወድላቸው የለ! ለማንንኛውም በፈለገውም አይነት መልኩ የፅዮን ጥብቅ ግዛትዋ እስከ አዱሊስና እስከ ጥስ-እሳት ሲሆን, መላ ኢትዮጵያን ደግሞ በፈደራል ዴሞክራቲና የሰው ልጆች እኩልነት በመጠበቅ የምታስታዳድርበት ቀን ያምጣላት!

    ለመሆኑ ይሄን ሁሉ የኮረጅከው ፕሮፈሰር አስራት ብሄራዊ ትያትር ውስጥ ከመለስና ከኢሳያስ ጋራ ስብሰባ አካሂደው ሲያበቁ, ከዚያም ካባቸውን ለብሰው ወደ ደብረ ብርሃን ብቅ በማለት “A እና O አብራችሁ እነዚህን ጥቂት …..” ብለው ከሰጡት “ዲስኩር” ነውን!??? ያ አባባል ብዙ መተት አስከትሏልና እባክህን ደግሞ ሌሎች መተቶች እንዳይከተሉብን አረፍተነገሮችህ ማማራቸውን ብቻ ሳይሆን ይዘትህንም እያስተዋልክ!

  2. Degu
    | #2

    Dear writer, thank you for trying to find solution for mama ethiopia.
    #1. Your idea of metro region is only good if the tribalist agree but if you keep the same oromia state how can adama metro form
    #2. OLf elites want independence bc of powerhunger

  3. Tadele-Out-of the box thinker.
    | #3

    hi boy, fixing Oromo-Ethiopa r/n ship? Fixing Oromo-Government r/n ship. that is is it.

  4. daraso michile
    | #4

    Thank you for analysis of current Ethiopian politics. your point is very interesting but I would like to ask you why did you not mention the role and function of current federal state of Ethiopia in your analysis ? do you believe that, principles of federalism implemented in Ethiopia? interestingly you suggested to establish metropolitan regional state (MRS) in all region? what scientific proof do you have for your suggestion? can you give me unexample of any country in the world who are practicing such ideology? I agree on invitation for all opposition political parties for discussion on the future of Ethiopia.
    Thank you.

  5. Sam
    | #5

    Teshome usually writes thought-provoking articles. This one is not different. However, I have a hard time understanding the title. What is this fixing “Oromo-Ethiopia relations” really mean? His using of the hyphen even makes it more difficult to understand what he has intended to say. As for some Oromo historians being averse to accept history that is not to their liking, I do not see it as a problem. I see it to be a problem if the majority of Oromos share their beliefs. I think it is time to stop defining what oromos are believing or not based on what a few self-appointed “speakers of the Oromo’s cause” say.

  6. Dawi
    | #6

    [[..But it was ironic, that the same TPLF that gave Oromia their boundaries is the one actually breaking it up to expand the Addis Ababa city borders. So I believe the Addis Ababa Master Plan and the mass protests by Oromos is in essence the biggest symbol of how ethnic-federalism on paper is inapplicable on the ground. Indeed, when the TPLF violated its own ethnic-federalism based borders, it showed the whole world how its ethnic-federalism policy is impractical and has failed miserably...]]

    But that was then and now we are in different era; what all of you seem to miss is there was a policy change a long time ago; EPRDF’s present dogma is Democratic Developmental State. You are far behind and repeating what Dr. Negasso found out a long time ago.

    When former President Negasso decided it was time to walk out of the ruling party, the main reason for this decision was the ideological difference he witnessed between the EPDRF dogma and the practice. “My understanding was that, using revolutionary democracy as a bridge, we will take the country to socialism. However, in one occasion Meles Zenawi said the ruling party is following pure capitalism. He said “That was the most shocking thing I have ever encountered in my political life.”

    Dr. Negasso says he was flabbergasted when he heard Meles say, “We have put socialism under a table, in order to get the Western nation’s assistance and also win heart of Ethiopians who have come to regard the system in a negative light because of the Derg.” Negaso feared ethnic groups including the Oromos would have no place in the capitalist system as they have not accumulated capital yet. When Negasso confronted Meles with the issue, his response was typical, rude and dismissive. “Anyone who failed to notice the policy shift in the 1992 program was an illiterate person who can’t even work out that two plus two make four.”

  7. taddesse
    | #7

    Fixing oromo-Ethiopian relations. Hmmmm! what does it mean actually. this sounds like the politics of olf ites.
    how is this different from saying ‘fixing eritrea-Ethiopian relations’ or for that matter ‘fixig somalia-Ethiopian relations’

    you see the problem with olf politics is that they thnk they are outside Ethiopia, they exclude themselves from Ethiopia and at the same time want something from Ethiopia. one foot is in Ehiopia and the other foot is in their fantasy land.

    we have to agrre about history of Ethiopia, hw laughable one can get. The history of a country is not something that a group of people or ndividuals can fix by talking and shouting at each other aroud a table. History is something that is made, many a time with blood and sweat. Etiopian history is made ,like the history of all other nations. however hard you argue you cannot change a history that is already made.

    olfites say Meneli is a colonialist, etc and tplf have erected a statue of amutilated body of a woman in Arusi to ‘remind the oromo,what the amhara did to them in Menelik’s time”. Is this how you make history?

    olf, you have already made up your mind that Menelik is a genocider and erected a statue to prove it and to convince yourself. so what is the discussion about Menelik and past history for any way?

    Olfites say,because of their perceived ,twisted, distorted, fabricated story about the past they do not want o associate themselves with Ethiopia. and I say, why should they be forced to do so. Their intetion has always been to carve out an ‘independent oromo republic’. they do not know got a surprise inaiting. it is not as easy as doing idle talking. breaking up Ethiopia is oing to be a bloody undertaking

    this guy also said oromo has lived before anybody else in the present day
    Ethiopia. he almost said GOD first created an oromo on earth. which history book is he reading from? te book I read said oromo migrated to present day EThiopia from southern Africa. who are we to believe. You believe yours ide of story by completely ignoring everybody else and put this as a justification for your secesionist agenda. LUDICROUS!!!

  8. aha!
    | #8

    Sam @5, I am as puzzled as you are what the topic: Fixing Oromo Ethiopia relations” is referring to. I am waiting to see how he clarifies the topic. I am inclined to think he is trying to explain the confrontation between Oromia Killil Astedader and the federal republic of Ethiopia also known as the TPLF/eprdf regime a coalition of ex-liberation fronts in relation to Master Plan to expand Addis Abeba into the surrounding towns of the “Oromo Killil Astedader”. He uses as the background who inhabited Ethiopian land Mass first Amahara/Tigre or Oromo. Again I failed to comprehend what that has to do with the current protest over the Master Plan and the need for fixing the relationship.

    As I understand and inclined to think the major confrontation between Ethiopian Nationalism versus Ethnic Federalism, Secessionism and Totalitarianism and/Developmental State Capitalism, where democracy is a work in progress by the TPLF/eprdf regime, which denies free market capitalism at least in terms of private ownership of land anwhere in Ethiopia. Further more ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by settlement, languages, and identity” as described Tsegaye Ararssa, PhD, which serves as a prelude to ethnic secessionism, current boundary conflicts, ethnic cleansing and the current conflict over the Master Plan between FDRE and the Oromo Killil Astedader, in which Addis Abeba City Government of multi-ethnic society is considered is a government unto itself and a seat for the federal government and considered as the capital city of Oromia, a small section of Addis Abeba is called “finifine” in Afan Oromo in the surrounding region.

    I suggest by way of resolving the conflict, the major Master Plan, the Constitution be ratified with respect to art. 46 and revert to the Original provincial boundaries with assorted ethnic groups as autonomous federated states of Ethiopia, as to nullify ethnic nationalism in the same manner the City Government is autonomous City government, the expansion of which will debated in an independent parliament, with people rather than ethnic oriented government in a liberal and/or social democracy, where the governing body governs by the consent of the governed with individual freedom front and center of the constitution in which democracy, a rule by the people, for the people and of the people prevail, rather than ethnic rule and/or ethnic dictatorship by the current minority ethnic and future majority ethnic rule, neither which are compatible with democracy and do not afford individual freedom nor free market capitalism to the majority of Ethiopians.

  9. aha!
    | #9

    CTD from #8, the author has confirmed of the implicit support of the constitution by OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre, serving also as prelude to ethnic secessionism/ethnic nationalism stipulated in the statement of a solution (kassa). It reads “As a compromise, I believe the current ethnic-federalism arrangement created by TPLF and OLF can be saved”. This statement reasserts that the ideologies of ethnic federalism, ethnic secessionism and totalitarianism and/or developmental state capitalism that denies individual rights in preference to group rights by his own assertion with TPLF as the architect of the constitution drafted in collaboration with Oromo elites is presented as compromise solution to keep ethnic federalism art 46, a precursor to ethnic secessionism, ethnic boundary conflicts, ethnic cleansing and current conflict between “Oromia Kllil Astedader” and FDRE (federal republic of republic of Ethiopia, a confrontation that has no bearing on Ethiopian Nationalism, supported by the positive forces of integration rather than ethnic nationalism, supported by the negative forces of disintegration of Ethiopia, including the TPLF/eprdf regime, which had been engaged in the perpetration of human rights, economic, political and environmental crises with the support of teletafi parties, killil administrators, security, federal and Agazi forces for the last 24 years. Against these background the author is offering as a compromise the above mentioned statement regarding the historical perspective between the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups that have evolved from the Nilotic, cushtic, hametic and semetic races over thousands of years and later by the intermixing among ethnic groups by marrying among each other and Zemecha and internal migration of ethnic groups into another part of Ethiopia along with their cultures and languages.

  10. dodo
    | #10

    “fixing oromo-ethiopia relations? what a dellusion; what a pipe dream; This is the type of person that TPLF has created from scratch.A tribalist to the core. It is impossible to conduct a dialogue (discussion) with such a person, he is immersed in in his monologue – so let it be.

  11. Garo
    | #11

    We are not the first people to have different understanding of the past. If one asks a native Americans about the past, their views may be different from the white majority. That difference is going to be there probably forever. There is a different understanding of the American civil war. To this day there are people who believe the war was not about slavery but about states rights.

    The writer is trying to convince the Oromos that their understanding of their own history is wrong and that’s okay although I believe the Oromo identity of who they are need no lecturing from other people. This kind of attitude of I will tell who you are and you will have to accept no matter what is not going to convince a lot of Oromos if the article’s intent was that.

    It does not matter a bit who is writing the article but it matters what’s in it.
    I can care less whether somebody is of mixed ethnicity or not. what matters to me is on which side of the issue one stands. Reading this article I find no new facts to persuade the Oromo people that don’t agree with the Abyssinian narrative of who the Ethiopian people are and how Ethiopia came to be.

  12. Anonymous
    | #12

    killing is not the salution ,freedom 1st before free market

  13. dima
    | #13

    all of us belong to one Ethiopia. Let us thing on that line. For Ethiopia for us all.

  14. lemma
    | #14

    ethnic killil /ethnic federalism/ ethnic autonomy/ is a system designed by tplf fascists to divide and rule THE PEOPLE. ITALIAN FASCISTS DID EXACTLY THE SAME thing.

    we have seen ethnic cleansing taking place. we have seen ethnic conflicts , we have witnessed ethnic hatred developing, we have seen people alienated from each other. tplf wanted such a situation to exist so that the people will be eventually at war with each other.

    we have witnessed in Benishengul , tplf local cadres threatening amharas , killing amharas and telling them to go home.
    we have seen the tplf henchman shiferaw shigute forcing out the amharas from the south,
    we have seen ethnic cleansing and genocide in horrifyig proportions.
    we have seen tplf trained cadres in every region inciting ethnic conflicts. there are some groups sayig things like ‘this is our territory , go to your own country’. that is what ethnic killil has produced.

    surely this is not a country we want to live in. the tplf ethnic killil has to be buried with tplf.

  15. Anonymous
    | #15

    Oromo is on the way to free itself by the blood of its people and will continue to do so. Come and join and let us be free all technically Ethiopia is like big prison for all!

  16. gutta
    | #16


    Your comment is the same as saying let’s break up and have 88 banana republics and then destroy each other.

    Let me tell you this. Even if you break up and have say an oromo republic, you won’t have any freedom at all. Immediately after you do that ,you are at war with all the other ethnic groups that live in and around where you are.

    As a STARTER, any group that wants to break up won’t be sustainable. just look at south sudan, eritrea etc . these two countries are hardly a model of ethnic /social freedom. they are more like prisons.

    secondly, south sudan or eritrea are play ground for other countries who directly or indirectly control what is going on in these places. arabs, other african countries , westerners are feeding on a war cycle that s daily claiming many lives in south sudan. the people even do not want to live in eritrea. they have been leaving the place in millions in the last 24 years.

    there fore do not talk fantasy of creating another banana republic. be a realist.

  17. ali
    | #17

    “Oromo politicians is that all Ethiopian historians are bad and European historians are always good”.

    It is only Oromo who think Ethiopian history is whrong.No all the southern nations believe it is not correct.History depends on who writes it.In this case,the winner has written his hisotry not the history of the conquest and deafeted people.
    In the somali region the history of Sayid Moammad Abdulle Hassan (a somali hero) who fought the coalition of abyssinian and europeen in Ogaden is just written now.A statue was built 2 years ago in Jig jiga.

  18. Kaleab
    | #18

    It is important to have private discussions with Tesfaye Gebreab (Gaada) to understand the mentality and psychology of the Oromo elite and intellectuals.
    Tesfaye Gebreab considers himself as the expert on the Oromo physic and mentality. In private conversations on these issues, he would tell you that these elites and intellectuals are very emotional and easy to manipulate and abuse them for any political agenda. He (the Gaada) would tell you that they suffer from lack of self confidence and that is what and where he is working hard to help them overcome. He believes that the oppressive Amhara rule has demoralized the Oromo elite and intellectuals and made them lose self confidence.

  19. aha!
    | #19

    All the TPLF/eprdf regime has is the constitution, which Dr. Tesgaye Ararssa considers as the “Supreme Law of the Land” and Abo Sibhat Nega stands for by saying “yichin yandinetna yetwtiopiawinet milkit yehonew hige mengist hige mengist yemitarer binor tor ingetimewalen”. Does the current confrontation between the Oromo Killil astedader and Federal republic of Ethiopia/TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is the Politburo ruling the country with the support of the teletafi parties, killil adminstrators, security, agazi, and federal police forces and along with crony capitalism by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land leases, rise up to the national agenda with goals for unity, territorial integrity sovereignity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to challenge the threat by Ato Sibhat Nega. If the current confrontation does not embrace the national agenda, rather than ongoing stance on “respect for ethnic rights, respect human rights, a common denominator, and individual rights the TPLF/eprdf regime is in violation over any type of peace full protests for the last ten years and/or negotiations and or debates in the parliaments did not and do not produce results. Since the confrontation in Ethiopia is between Ethiopian Nationalism versus ethnic federalism, secessionism, and totalitarianism and/or Developmental capitalism, it is not only a protest rally by a coalition of civic, religious organization and parties with ethnic agenda but also a consortium for all parties and civic and religious organization to coalesce around the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights in order to make a stark contrast with the TPLF/eprdf regime and its mirror images to save Ethiopia from disintegration to reestablish Ethiopia as one nation state of ethnic groups living together in harmony in the original provinces of assorted ethnic groups as autonomous states, rather than the current configuration of ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by “settlements, languages and ethnic identity by ratifying the constitution in terms of Art. 2, the flag, Art. 46, ethnic federalism, art 39 (1) ethnic secessionism and Art. 8 the sovereignty of Ethiopia, art. 10 (1&2),among others to initiate people oriented government that rules by the consent of the governed (yehibawi Mengist the EPRP has been fighting for with the Derg Military Dictatorship and now with the ethnic minority dictatorship now and ethnic majority dictatorship in the future, which may not be compatible with Ethiopian Nationalism if the current constitution (the supreme Law of the Land” remains in tact.

  20. Freedom
    | #20

    Author said, “As a compromise, I believe the current ethnic-federalism arrangement created by TPLF and OLF can be saved.”

    I say you are dead wrong. Ethnic-federalism policy has resulted in the murder and looting of thousands of Ethiopians, wide spread genocide and ethnic cleansing. Therefore, it should be totally dismantled immediately.

    Author said, “I also recommend that we should compromise on the type of government structure. One of the reasons that the coalition party MEDREK fell apart last year was because they could not compromise on federalism and language policy. Unlike some unitarists, I don’t think the complete reversal of the current federal system benefits the country. I believe every rural region should self-govern and use its own language as official and working language. But every urban area must promote bilingualism.”

    I say you are dead wrong again. I believe Ethiopia should have a national language. It should be Amharic and English since Amharic is the most developed language in Ethiopia and English in the world. Even, in the current Ethiopia Amharic is a dominant language. As per your admission educated/brilliant OROMOs were not able to find a job b/c they did not speak Amharic. In other wards knowing Amharic gets you a secure life with good job and prestige. I arrest my case. For the record, I do not have a single Amhara blood.

  21. G. Mequanent
    | #21

    The Oromo as a nation had suffered under the oppressive and brutal Amhara rules in the past. Now the EPRDF has liberated them and the other oppressed nations, nationalities and peoples and are enjoying their full constitutional and democratic rights which include self rule and determination. That is why the great majority of the Oromos support the politics of the EPRDF and all of them vote for it.

  22. ዘውዱ
    | #22

    Ethiopia was ruled by multiethnic Ethiopians-not by Amharas as some would like us to believe.
    For example, MenelikII, Haile Selassie Mekonnen Wolde Mikael Gudina and Mengistu Haile Mariam Wolde Ayana were multi-ethnic Ethiopians who ruled without any bias or favouritism to any group except their class.

  23. Dilwenberu
    | #23

    The writer of the piece above Teshome Borago appears to be a confused person trying to confuse others. The Oromos were liberated by gallant forces of the EPRDF in 1991 and expressed their free will to be part of the federal Ethiopian democratic republic. However some fringe ill informed Oromo groups and the Amharas have been attempting to abuse the Oromo public for their destructive aim of destabilizing Ethiopia. These groups are terrorists organized,led and financed by Shabia and the Oromos reject their political agenda. The Oromos will never compromise over their hard won freedom. democratic rights and prosperity and will work with the democratic EPRDF government they elect every time.

  24. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth.
    | #24

    “multiethnic Ethiopians”!?

    ገና እናቶቻቸው ሆድ ውስጥ እያሉ ለስልጣን ሲባል ከእናቶቻቸው ዘንዳ ስለተነጠሉና ተወልደው ሲያበቁም የእናት ፍቅርን ሳይቀምሱ ብቻ የሆነ ስልጣናዊ የዘር ግንኙነት አላቸው ተብለው ተገንጥለው ያደጉ ሁሉ ስልጣንን እንጂ ሌላ የሆነ የወገናዊነት መንፈስ አይኖራቸውም:: ከዚህም በመነሳት ምናልባት ሁሉንም ነገር ምናልባት INSTRUMENTALIZED ያደርጉት ይሆናል:: And this was the case with your three some how connected to Ankober የጎን ተወላጆች:: የንጉስ ሳህለስላሴ ንጉሰ ሸዋ የፅዮኑ ልጅ ባለቤት, ልጃቸው የቤት ሰራተኛቸውን እንደተጋሰሰ በሰሙበት ስዓታት ላይ, ባርያቸውን አስጠርተው “አንቺ ይሄ የምሰማው ያለሁት ነገር ትክክል ነው እንዴ?, ደግሞ ከልጄ ፅንስ ያዝሽ እንዴ!” ብለው ሲጠይቅዋትና የቤት አገልጋያቸውም, አዎን ልጅዎ ስለከጀለኝና ስለፈለገ ምንም ማድረግ አልቻልኩኝም የሚለውን መልስ ስትሰጣቸው, እርሳቸው ደግሞ, በቃ ይወለድ እና ልጁን ራሴው አሳድገዋለሁ ሲልዋት, አርጋዥ እናት የተሰማት ድንጋጤ ለልጁም ተስተላልፎ ሲያበቃና እንደተወለደም ከእናቱ ተነጥሎ ያደገንና ከዚያም በራስ ዳርጌ ፈቃድ ለንጉስነት የበቃን ከአንኮበር በስተቀር ሌላ ምንን ያውቃል ብለህ ነው የዋህዬ እኛን ልታወናብድ መንደርደርህ!? ከዚያም ደግሞ መላ ኢትዮጵያ የሚወያይበት ጉዳይ, ማለትም አፄ ምንሊክ በጎን የተወለዱ የፅዮኑ ልጅ የሃይለመለኮት ልጅ ከሆኑና, ደጃዝማች ከበደ ደግሞ በጎን የተወለዱ የአፄ ምንሊክ ልጅ ከሆኑ, እንዲሁም መንግስቱ ሃይለማርያም በጎን የተወለደ የደጃዝማች ከበደ ልጅ ከሆነ, ሃይለስላሴም በጎን የተወለዱ የፅዮኑ ልጅ የራስ መኮንን ልጅ ሆነው እያለ, ምን ይሉታል ታድያ እንዲያ አይነት ፀረ ፅዮን ፖለቲከኞች ሆነው ሂይወታቸውን በሙሉ ማሳለፋቸው!!?? ግድ የለህም እነዚህ የምትጠቅሳቸው ያለሄው በሙሉ ከሆነ የመንፈስ መታወክና ጭንቀት ተነስቶ በአንኮበርነታቸው ብቻ እንጂ በሌላው ማንነታቸ የማይተማመኑ ፍጥሮች ስለነበሩ, እነሱው ይፈልጉት እንደነበሩትና, አንዳንዶቹም ገና በሂይወት ስላሉ በሚፈልጉት ፀረ “ትግሬነታቸው” አንኮበርነታቸው ብቻ እንቀበላቸው እንጂ, አሁን እንዳው ዝም ብለን ለየዋህነት ፖለቲካችን መጠቀምያ ለማዋል ስንል multiethnic እንታዶስ ከመስዶስ የሚለውን ነገር ባንለጥፍባቸው መልካም ይሆናል, እነሱን ይፈልጉት በነበረው ወይንም አሁንም ያሉት ቢሆኑ በሚፈልጉት ማንነታቸው ብንቀበላቸውና የወደፊቱን ፖለቲካችንን ግን በየራሳችን በመተማመን ብናራምድ መልካም ይሆናል, ያምርብናልም! እስከ ሀይለመለኮትና ራስ መኮንን ድረስ ያሉትን እንደ የፅዮን ልጆች ስንወዳቸው, ሌሎቹ አሳልፈው ለባእድ ሻጮቻችንንና በምንትሴአችን ሳንጃ ከታቲዎችን ግን bias ብቻ ሳይሆን ሌላም ……!

  25. aha!
    | #25

    I would like to add to last paragraph of the remarks @#20,that languages and cultures may be developed and advanced in hyperspace. Human and natural resources may be developed according to ecological zones such as Omo valley, Rift Valley, Northern and Central and South Eastern Highlands and the sub-humid tropical Highlands as a compromise to ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by settlement, languages and ethnic identity as territorial occupation, serving as precedence to ethnic secessionism, ethnic cleansing, etc. by resorting to the original provinces of assorted ethnic groups to form federated states in a people-oriented democratic government in a liberal and/or social democracy with private ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia as the only alternative to save Ethiopia from disintegration based on ethnic and secessionist politics and/or policies stipulated in the constitution, originating from TPLF Manifesto.

  26. Ethioman
    | #26

    Ato teshome borago,

    I like the way you presented both sides of the story. Can we combine ethnic federalism with derg era federalism? That is the question. Your ideas are good but it has to be planned out more

  27. Million D. H. Gadda
    | #27


    . The Ethiopian government says “any guarantee we make changes as the year changes”.

    Ermiyas Amalga returned to Ethiopia by getting an Exceptional Gov’t Guarantee in 2015 the guarantee expired in the new year 2016. The Ethiopian government says “any guarantee we make changes as the year changes”.
    IN 2016 the Ethiopian government charged him with being the main culprit inciting the recent protests denying to renew the guarantee for another year and arrested him again. .
    T. Amelga started again implementing his plans to resolve the snags of Access Real Estate (ARE) S.C started February 23, 2015 to finish his responsibilities , after the committee set up by the government succeeded in having him back to Ethiopia after an eight-month negotiation, on Thursday February 19, 2015. .
    Reports reaching from Addis Ababa say Ermias Amelga, a prominent businessman, has been put behind bars in 01/2016 . Ermias was the founder of the controversial Access Real Estate and Zemen Bank.
    Ermias was in exile for two years following charges and allegations of financial mismanagement by shareholders and investors of Access Real Estate, which was engaged in the construction of real estates and residential buildings. The government later formed a committee to oversee the matter and Ermias was swayed to go back home and conduct business as usual.
    In February 2015, Ermias went back to Ethiopia from Dubai, where he stayed the last two years, following guarantees by the government that he would not face any legal actions, according to reports.
    The government media reported that Ermias was put under custody on matters related to Access Real Estate inciting recent protests in southern regions burning down colleges ..
    Ermias is also known for pioneering the production of bottled water in Ethiopia.

  28. Abraham
    | #28

    @ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth.

    Usually you write about Zion
    I am not sure how far you know about it.
    The case of Zion is very complicated and very serious issue in the case of Ethiopia.
    The claim about it is also very ambiguous.
    But I know something about it.
    TPLF has logos like red star and this mark is printed on our flag inside a circular mark.
    May be TPLF is a Zionist agent.
    The case of Axum Zion is very serious case f you read the following link.

  29. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth.
    | #29


    TSION in the sense of በየቦታው ተሰማርተው የሚኖሩት የአክሱም ስልጣኔ ሲወርድ ሲዋረድ ልጆች በሚለው መልኩ እንጂ ሃይማኖታዊው ገፁን አያጠቃልልም:: በእርግጥ አክሱም ፅዮን ምንጩ የሆነው የኢትዮጵያውያንን ሞራልክ ኤቲክ ህንፀትንም ያጠቃልላል! በእኔ ሳብጀክትዋል አባባል ለምሳሌ እነ ሳህለስላሴ ንጉሰ ሸዋና እንደ ፋሲለደስ የጎንደሩን የመሳሰሉትን, እንዲሁም እነ ራስ መኮንን, ታላቁ Ethiopian Statesman, (እዚህ ላይ ቆቱዎችና የሃረር እስላሞች አትቀየሙኝ, ለነገሩ የሃረር እስላሞች ላይ ያንን እርምጃ ራስ መኮንን መውሰዳቸው, እርምጃ የተወሰደባቸው ሰዎች ውስጥ ውስጡ በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ከኦቶማን ርዝራዦች ጋራ ሲዶልቱ እንደሚያድሩ ስለደረሱበት መሆኑም መረሳት የለበትም) እንዲሁም እነ ታከለ ወልደሃዋርያት, ለሃገሩ ነፃነት ሲል ባቡርን በፈረስ ጋልቦ ለመቅደም ተንቀሳቃሽን ያካትታል:: እነዚህን የተከበሩ ኢትዮጵያውያንን እዚህ ላይ አሁንም ስማቸውን ደግሜ መጥቀሴ, ምናልባት የአንተ ጥያቄ የመነጨው, ከሁለት ቀናት በፊት ስማቸውን መጥቀሴ, ሰክሮ ነው ወይንስ ስሞችን ተሳስቶ ነው ብለህ አውጠንጥነህ እንዳትሆንና, ምናልባት እንዴህ ከሆነ, ግምትህ ትክክለኛ ላለመሆኑ ለመግለፅ ያህል ነው እንጂ, ከለገንደራውያን እነ ሳባ ጀምሮ እስከ በመሃከላችን የሚገኙት የቖልዓ ትግራይ ከሽረ እስከ ህንድ ውቅያኖስ ተቀላጣፊዎች እና መሪዎቻቸው, ለምሳሌ እነ ኣረጋዊ በርሀ, ሓየሎም ኣርኣያ(በመሃከላችን የለም!) እና ፃድቃን ገብረተንሳይን ከፅዮን ጋራ በማያያዝ ሳወሳማ “የየጠዋቱ ዱጋ ማርያሜ” እማ አይደለን? በዛሬው ቀን እንኳን ሌሎቹን አሽሓት የፅዮን ልጆችንማ የስንቶቹን ስም ጠቅሸ እዘልቀዋለሁኝ ብለህ ትለኛለህ!? እስኪ ሌሎች ታሪክ ተራኪዎች ያውሱዋቸው:: የሚዘረዝሩ ከተገኙ ግን, please, እባካችሁን በድጓ ውርደ-ንባብነት መልኩ ሳይሆን, Dialektikal ለመሆን ጥረት አድርጉ:: ባንዶች ኢትዮጵያውያንን አናክሰው ኢትዮጵያን ለመዝረፍ እንዲያመቻቸው በሰነዘሩትን ባንዳዊ ለከት የለሽ ስድነት “ኣክሱም ለምንትሴ ምኑም አይደል” በሚለው ቅሌታም መልኩም እንዳይሆን አደራ:: ምኞታችን ማሰባሰብን እንጂ በዜጎች መሃከል የከፍና-ዝቅ ማድረግ ስሜቶችን ለመፍጠር አንንደረደርምና:: እንዲሁም የፅዮን ዋንኛ ግዛቶችን እንደ ድባሩዋንና አዶሊስን አሳልፈው ለጠላት የሸጡትንም እንደ የፅዮን ልጆች አንመለከታቸውም:: በርግጥ ባሁኑ ስዓታት ላይ ያ-ሁሉ የሰው ልጅነታችን ጠባያችን, ከዱባይ ወደ አዲስ አበባ ወይንም ከቻይና ወደ መቐለ ስሙኒዎችን ማሸራረፍ ተቀዳሚ ተግባራቸው የሆነና ለሰው ልጅነት ምንም ክብር በማይሰጡ የዝቃጭነት-ባንዳነት አምላኪዎች ፍጥሮች ተረግጦ ይገኛል:: ይሄ በመጨረሻ የሰነዘርኩት ወቀሳ, ስልጣን ላይ ያሉትን ብቻ ሳይሆን በነሱ ቦታ ሆነው የነሱን ተግባራት ለመተግበር ህልማቸው የሆኑ “ተቃዋሚዎችንም” ያጠቃልላል:: በተለይም እነዚያን ምድረ “የግብፅ ጩልፋ ላሾችን”!!

  30. aha!
    | #30

    Dawi’s remark has teeth in it to bite into the source of ethnic federalism to be one of the TPLF Manifesto, according to anonymous bogger, that says “leoromow killineh bilen kestenew lela minim ayefeligim”. This assumption came to bite TPLF Politburro, despite the direct support of the ideology built into the constitution has a direct support by the teletafi parties and an indirect support by the loyalist opposition parties which formed a coalition as OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre, which back fired with the encroachment of the City Government into the towns of the Oromo Killil Astedader. TPLF Politbuero is also suffering a back lash for ethnic federalism, a division of Ethiopian land mass by settlement, languages, and (ethnic) identity” according Tsegaye Ararssa, PhD, as a divide and rule policy in a colonial style and in contention with Ethiopian Nationalism with the goals for unity, territorial integrity sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Since the conflict is between the Oromo ethnic group and the fdre (TPLF/eprdf rgime) over the Master Plan, it has no bearing on ethnic federalism as stipulated in Art. 46, which serves as pretext for Art. 39 (1) by which and the ethnic federalist and ethnic nationalists depend on and the teletafi parties in TPLF/eprdf regime directly support the former and reluctantly resist the latter. Ethnic federalism also serves as pretext for consotiational democracy of proposed constitution as a redress to to ethnic federalism, secessionism, totalitarianism and/or Developmental capitalism, that denies individual freedom, free market capitalism at least in terms of property ownership of land anywhere in Ethiopia as a basis for liberal and/or social democracy with individual freedom front and center in the constitution.

  31. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #31

    Here is the way I see it.

    The protest in various parts of Oromia has many facets. Those who live close the capital have legitimate reasons to be upset. The anger comes from the way transfer of ownership of lands took place during the last decade or two. The capital was and still in some areas is surrounded by small farming families who have been making a living on small plots of land. They have been raising families on such small plots for generations. As the capital city continues to grow and grow it came closer and closer to these small plots. Then came developers with deep pockets to entice these small farmers with offers that seemed lucrative to them at first. Most of them have never seen money in many hundreds or even in thousands for that matter in their possessions during their entire lives. The savvy developers sent their dubious ‘brokers’ and managed to gabble up huge tracts of farmland and started erecting high rises and villas. The farmers tried to put the money they got for their plots to use but it did not get them any where. Many of them have become homeless along with sizable families. Some of them managed to get into small business of street vendors and transportation such as taxis using the most common 3-wheel vehicles. They did all that all alone. The local government did not come up with a retraining programs and other secondary financial assistance so the farmers can go through the transition from farming into modern free enterprising. It took a while for the farmers to recognize that they have been had by the swindling brokers. In the meantime, they started seeing high rise condos, fenced villas and some places huge mansions in the place of their former farmlands. Some of them see factories mushrooming around them overnight. Now they are unemployed and their entire families are in disarray. Anger starts to set in and has been simmering for quite sometime. So when the wolves started coming home, then you have this. In the meantime, these unfortunate farmers began to hear from one of their own ‘scholars’ that such conniving is not new to people like them. Such ‘scholars’ have been delving in books written by some western ‘scholars’ and ‘travelers’ a century or two ago. This served to be a fuel for the simmering anger. As I have said so many times before, that country is sitting on a 100 million powder keg and all it needs is someone to make the wrong move. And that wrong move happened to be the harsh treatment of the initial protesters by none other than the security forces of the region of Oromia. We should all accept the fact that the Sebhats and Abays of the Maoist former rebels have been extremely successful in recruiting people of similar ideology and convictions from almost every ethnic group so they would not do it all alone. You have heard every one of them on VOA, DW and other media. Just like the well connected Sebhat family, those in and around OPDO have a lot to lose on this one. Therefore, they will kill, maim and jail like there is no tomorrow. That makes it much more tantamount that any opposition that strives for a more inclusive governance must first and foremost be all inclusive itself. Ethnic ‘Liberation front’ or that will no go anywhere unless the ultimate aim is pitch one ethnic group against another and in the chaos that will follow to slice up a territory to claim as a personal fiefdom. That is no matter how such ‘front’ is led by former diehard collaborators of the ruthless Mengistu or the ‘big mouthed’ Siad Barre(Afe Woyne). So the opposition must clean up its nose first. The problem in Oromia can not be resolved by Oromos themselves. The problem in the Amhara region can not be resolved by some bravado groups hailing from Asmara either. It is all intertwined and very complex. In my blessed long septuagenarian life I came to a conclusion that any ethnic ‘liberation front’ is laden with a heavy dose of bigotry toward others. I heard enough from my own ethnic groups and I am still hearing some of the so-called ‘scholars’ and ‘elites’ spewing around vicious racist attacks against innocent people. Their incessant diatribe laced with hatred toward others has born fruits. You and just like me have heard how some innocent poor farmers lost their lives and property during such misguided protests. Nuff said.

  32. Abraham
    | #32

    ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth.
    The Ethiopian case has been obscured for so many years.
    The current political kids failed to deal with such serious issues.
    Only few political elders can deal with such complicated issues.
    The overthrow of Haileselassie and the then ‘revolution’ secretly engineered by foreign powers.
    TPLF’s intricate political moves for the last 40 years.
    Is it not true that Ethiopia has more than 3000 years history?
    Now it is time to reckon and reinvestigate our history.

    Most probably TPLF at the top level is a Zionist agent.
    As usual the lower rank and file is unaware of this secret plot.
    If you read the information I gave you I think you will be serious about it.
    And I guess some very few fellow Ethiopians have started to deal with such issues.
    So you better not underestimate the issue.

  33. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮን The Eth.
    | #33

    Hi ሁላችንም, በተለይም ከዚህ በላይ ድምፃችንን እያሰማን ላለነው,

    ምናልባት አማራ ነን ባዮች ከችካጎ ሆነው የተደዋወሉ አይጠፉም ይሆናል! ከዚያ አልፎ ግን ከአሜሪካ ተንደርድሮ በተዘዋዋሪ በአስመራ በኩል አድርጎ የግብፅን ጩልፋ ለመላስ የተንደረደረ አማራ ያለ አይመስለኝም! አማራ ድሮውንስ ንግድና ሸቀጥን መች ይችልና, የግብፅን ብር እያሸተቱ በግንባር ቀደምነት ወደ አስመራ የተንደረደሩት እነዝያ መርካቶ ላይ ሽንኩርትን ድንች ነው ብለው አወናብደው ቸርችረው ገንዘብ መሰብሰብን የተላመዱ ናቸው እንጂ, በርግጥ በተራ ወታደርነት ተከትሎ የተንደረደረ ከጠቅላላው ኢትዮጵያም ላይሳን ነው!

    ስብሓት ነጋ እንኳንስ ማኦኢስት ሊሆን ይቅርና, ማኦ የሚባል ሰው እዚች ምድራችን ዘንዳ ሰንብቶ ለማለፉም እስከ ዛሬ ድረስ የሰማ አይመስለኝም:: እርሱ ራሱ ከእንደዚህ አይነት ነገሮች ጋራ ለመያያዝ ጊዜ የለውም:: ራሱ ጊዜ ለማያገኝላቸውና በተለይም ደግሞ በዝቃጭነታቸው ስለሚያፀይፉ እራሱው በአንደበቱ ሊያወጣቸው የማይፈለጋቸው ነገሮችን ሁሉ ካለ ምንም ስጋኹም-ሕሩምኹም(ትግርኛ መሆኑ ነው!) ይለፍፍለት ዘንዳ ኣይተ……(ያው እንደምናውቀው!) ወደፊት አሰልፎ ሲያበቃ, ግን በመጨረሻው ደግሞ መከዳትም ደርሶበት ነበር:: እንዲህ አይነት ነገሮቹን ይባላል በሚለው መልኩ ያው ይሄው ማቹ የክርስትና ልጁ ነበር ታጠቅንና የመሳሰሉትን መፅሄቶችን ካነበበ በኋላ የሚያመጣበት! ያኛው ደግሞ አሁን ይሄው ስለሌለ ስብሓት can now concentrate on his lovely hoby: ማለትም, በተለይ በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ, ባጠቃላም በታላቋ ኢትዮጵያ ላይ ዝቃጮችንና ባንዶችን አደራጅቶ ማዋፈርን! ግን ምናልባት አይታወቅም, ያ-ስዩም መስፍን በነዚያ ለኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ በታጩት አዲሶቹ የውጭ ዘጎች ሆስቴሶች በኩል እያደረገ በኮንትሮባንዳ መልኩ ከድራጎች ጋራ እያደባለቀ ስለ ቻይና ሓበሬታታት, ስለ ማኦም ጭምር ሳይቀር ይልክበት ይሆንን? ስብሓት በገዛ ራሱው እነ ማኦ ታሪክ ሰርተው እንዳለፉ ቢያውቅማ ኖሮ መች በየፖርታሉ የታሪክ ማዥራት መችዎችን ያሰልፍብን ነበ!? ለዚያውም በገዛ ራሱ ታሪክ ላይ የማዥራት መቺ ዱላቸውን የሚሰነዝሩን! በቃ ግን ይበቃል, ከዚህ በላይ በስብሓት ላይ ወቀሳን አትጠብቁብን:: ለምን ቢባል, መተማን በማስታወስ ነዋ! የትግራይ ህዝብ ካለ አውራ አይሆንለትምና, Disaster ውስጥ እንዳንገባ ስለምንሰጋ ነው! ወደድንም ጠላንም ያለው አውራው እርሱ ነውና! ኢትዮጵያውያን በራሳቸው በመተማመን መኖርን በሚጀምሩበት ስዓታት ላይ ግን እኛም በገዛ „የራሳችን አዳፊዎቻችን አውራዎች“ የምናመልክበት ጊዝያቶች ያከትማሉ ማለት ነው! ኢትዮጵያውያን የእርስ በርስ መጠላለፍን አቁመውና ህዝባቸውንም ተፋቅረው ለመኖር ሲያበቁዋቸው… ፣ ኧረ-ወድያ……….! ለማንኛውም ባሁኑ ጊዝያቶች ተቀዳሚ ተግባራችን ከየራሳችን-ማንነታችን እየጀመርን, ዝቃጭነት-ባንዳነት በጠቅላላው አለም በሚገኙት ኢትዮጵያውያን ዘንዳ በጥልቀት ስር ሳይሰድ መታገልና መንጥሮ ማጥፋትን ይሆናል::

    ሌሎቹን የፅዮን ሃይማኖታውያንን (ተዘዋውሮ እኛንንም ጨማምሮ ማለት ነው) አስመልክቶ ግን፣ እስላም-ክርስትያን የማይለየውንና, አያቶቹ አይሁዳውያን፣ ወላጆቹ ከአይሁድነት እምነት ወደ ፕሮቴስታንትነት ተዛውረው የነበሩና, እርሱ ግን ሃይማኖት ከሚባለው ነገር ብዙም ቸር ነገር እንደማይመጣ ከመገንዘብ በመነሳት የለገሰንን የታላቁ የህብረተሰባዊ ክርቲክስ አባትን ጥቅስ አስመልክተን ብናልፋቸው ምን ትሉኛላችሁ? እንደሚከተለው ማለት ነው;
    “Die Kritik der Religion ist die Grundlage aller Kritik”!
    ተዓረ ……!

    በተለይ ደግሞ ለAbraham,

    እባክህን ለወደፊቱ ጥያቄ ስታቀርብብኝ አቅሜ የሚችለው መሆኑን እያመዛዘንክ, ስለማውቀው እንጂ ስለማላውቀው የመናገር ችግር አለብኝና!

  34. Garo
    | #34

    I disagree with people who say the Oromos can not achieve their goal without the help of others. These are may be people who don’t want Oromos to succeed because that takes away the control these groups are accustomed to when it comes to Oromo issues.The Oromos can and should work with other groups that share their goals. I am not convinced that some of the groups that are complaining about the Oromo issue of being too narrow to support have really Oromo interest at heart . If they are really for democracy that will accommodate Oromo issues, then they have nothing to worry about. But I am afraid the Oromos know too well this is just a lip service.
    Why do we need the Oromos to change their demand when we know the struggle for democracy can also battled out in the streets of Gonder or Dese or Debre Markos?
    This way all side can rise up in their areas for the things they believe in and this may build the trust that is needed to work together.

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