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  1. Siadon
    | #1

    Ay!!! Ay yenanta neger!!!! Temketen?. Why don’t leave it. Is there any computation or are you forced to celebrate it 5 days before? We are too sorry for your “kanget belay” Temeket. Why don’t Celebrate on the proper day? Denqem!!! Orthodox Christian. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo is the base of all Christians and the mother of all the so called Doctors and Professors living in USA. we could not find any one who defined the Dogma and Tradition of the church, hiding behind west civilization, embarrassing or forgetting that they were “YEQULOTEMARI”. Only! only! Celebrating to collect “Mudaye Metsiwate” for the sack of their income every time organizing celebration to pay those Menekuses to hold the false Orthodox shops. So how can we get our freedom
    inf rote of OUR LORD AND ST.MARRY? Or Do we think God do not see us?

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