Haregeweyne Mesfin: A model Ethiopian by Teodros Kiros

January 20th, 2016 Print Print Email Email

Death does not spare anyone of us. We are born to die. Our very first appearance on this planet is impregnated with the possibility of death. Indeed, what we call life is nothing more than a constant movement towards death.

Death then has taken one of our heroines, a model Ethiopian of moral seriousness and Ethical vision. Her days on this planet were marked by a series of exemplary moral actions, actions, which would put most of us in a mood of shame, for, we cannot possibly move to the heights of her human extraordinariness.

She was a blend of vision, selflessness, courage, and relentless effort to succeed against obstacles.

I use to marvel at the range of her actions. She was the first Ethiopian who opened a church to serve the Ethiopian community, the first Ethiopian woman to drive a taxi, the first Ethiopian woman to open a restaurant, and among the Ethiopians to have successfully raised three intelligent children who went to reputable colleges, graduated and are now employed and supporting themselves, and like their mother, serving others.

She fed, clothed and sheltered many Ethiopian immigrants in her own home, until they could stand on their own feet and move on with their lives. How many of us could claim such actions of self-lessness and love in a demanding culture, which does not encourage self-lessness, because time is such a rare commodity.

Mrs. Hargeweyene managed to balance the satisfaction of her own needs with that of others, seamlessly and quietly. She spoke softly but penetrated our souls deeply with an exacting wisdom and piercing effects.

Mrs., Haregeweye lives inside all of us. Her death has drawn Ethiopians from all walks of life to the hospital in which she died in overwhelming numbers wailing and crying and for days and nights Ethiopians congregated on a church basement comforting the family until late at night.

Our hero lived courageously, counseled unconditionally and fought to live to the bitter end.

The Transcendent has now recalled her to his place, where there is no pain but eternal joy and bliss.

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