Ethiopia and the two Abays. By Yilma Bekele

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In todays’ Ethiopia the word Abay has become a source of worry for a few and brings despair and anger to the many. We have two Abays that are in the news and they are both causing us internal and external problems. Abay the river አ ባ ይ ወ ን ዝ is as victim as the rest of Ethiopia. Poor Abay nurthurer of Egypt and the great pramids, the longest river in the world and a name that evokes greatness and pride among Ethiopians is reduced to becoming a prop for Woyane ponzi scheme.

The Dam that will never be built has emboldened Egypt, created a military alliance between Egypt and Sudan and made Ethiopia look weak by submitting to Egyptian demands of how we use our own resource.No long term damage would come of of the current digging orgy carried by Woyane. It is fair to say the mighty Abay would not negativly be affected by the little ditch Woyane is playing with. The human Abay is what is doing the real damage to our country and people.

I am reffering to his Excelncy Ato Abay Tsehaye currently Policy Study and Research Advisor Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Office of the Prime Minister in other words the real power behind the throne. This is the Abay that has been creating havoc in our country for the last forty years. He fought the Derg but for all the wrong reasons and he has been proving that since TPLF took power.

Abay Tsehaye is the founding member of TPLF and is a long time Head of the Political Committee of the infamous organization. It did not take long for Meles to usurp power make a puppet out of Seyoum Mesfin and Abay Tsehaye. They acted as loyal solders to make Meleses dream come true no matter how vile. It must have been the many years of built up resentment that made Abay take side with the losing Seye group during the internal upheaval of the mafia organization. It did not take long for Abay to switch. True to form Abay was one of the first to knell down and ask for forgiveness and swear allegiance to Il Duce. Meles must have been delighted to have his toy back on a shorter leash. Abay has been a model servant ever since.

He was assigned the Federal Affairs Job including the police, Addis Abeba plus baby-sitting all Kilil leaders. Abay was also what was known as the Sugar Minister. It is empowered with such authority that Abay fired all three hundred workers of Wonji Sugar without notice. He is that crazy and void of empathy. Abay is also the mastermind behind the insane idea of farming on Holy Waldeba Monastery Land. Waldeba is one of the holiest places in our country and instead of preserving and protecting our national treasure this TPLF Cadre decided to hire an Italian outfit to bulldoze Waldeba and grow sugar.

His Federal Affairs Ministerial rank is what gave Abay the real power today. During Meles time he was doing what the boss wished and his really dark side was under control. Today Abay is freelancing. He considers himself as the last guard to carry the torch of destroying Ethiopia from within. I believe one can say he was among equals in the TPLF Politburo until about a month ago. I am not sure about that today.

Meles and Abay raised all Kilil heads some from infancy. Kuma, Aba Dulla, Teferra and Addisu occupy a special place in their heart. They are family. Kuma and Aba Dulla both were peasant solders in the Derg Army and were taken prisoner by the Eritreans who handed them over to TPLF. At that time TPLF was becoming a force and has already mastered running prisons by condemning its own members. The TPLF designed a way to use the prisoners as messengers of TPLF ideology of ethnicity and obedience to a greater force. They were programmed to obey. Abay was assigned their boss and he made sure they stayed on message. Abay is elusive like a shadow doing everything from the background and is considered not merciful and is equipped with a sharp tongue like Il Duce.

Since the death of Meles Abay has been flaunting his new power. Of course he has the backing of Sebhat Nega another dinosaur brimming with hate and fear. The Oromo uprising is costing Abay dearly. He is being shown to be an emperor with no clothes. Losing OPDO that is the biggest and juiciest prize in TPLF basket is causing him lose legitimacy. Are the rumblings from the Amharas Kilil harbinger of things to come is what his friends are thinking? Does the Taxi drivers’ victory in Hosaena another crack in the system? How much should the rest of the Politburo stick with him and what becomes of stripped down Abay? Can he be used as an escape goat? They must have said to him ‘well Abay, the ball is on your court.’

Abay did not wait to find out further cracks in his fake armor. He went on the offensive. The media he chose to redeem himself is itself a riddle inside a mystery. He gave his interview to Horn Affairs a Party (TPLF) sanctioned outfit with a presence on Facebook and nothing of redeeming value other than making random childlike noise. He could have gone to ETV or EBC but he wanted to give this new upstart a leg up and strip it of any legitimacy to the ethics of journalism and conducting interviews.

Daniel Berhane the TPLF Blogger was given the honor of channeling Abay. He was being interviewed to set the record straight and restore his name and honor. What was he denying is a good question? Right around Christmas the Oromo Media Network (OMN) received a secretly recorded media of a meeting Abay Tsehaye attended with the group he is shepherding. The audio recording is clear and Abay Tsehaye’s voice, manner of speech and choice of words is hard to miss. He said some harsh words to the assembled ‘officials’ at that meeting. He threatened them and drew a line in the sand. It is not a pretty picture.

OMN shared this wonderful expose with the Ethiopian public. The issue he was stressing on was the famous ‘Master Plan’ to take land from the tillers. The Oromo people had already expressed their misgivings about the plan. The local people were becoming hip to TPLF’s plan of displacing them and making them part of the urban poor. The hidden ‘voice recording’ showed the people their government is a sham and OPDO was nothing but a foot solder to TPLF thugs. It is nothing new but hearing it like that makes one cringe with shame and boil with anger. To listen to the six million ordering and humiliating the thirty four million is always a little discomforting. The heroic stand by our young Oromo activists is what is why we are speaking of #OromoProtest and Abay’s role in this criminal act.

The interview with Abay by Blogger Daniel serves two purposes. He is deflecting attention from the TPLF while warning all collaborators the kind of defense his group will use if necessary. The video interview is a gem. We see this old and senile cadre squirming to make himself look reasonable and honest. He whispers and does not dare look straight into the camera or the interviewer because he knows his face betrays his heart. He sits side ways to hide his discomfort and the soft lighting makes him look weak shallow.

Needless to say he denied everything that was heard on the recording but he used the same words and sentence structure to deny it. That is how stupid Abay is. He asked where is the video? Really Abay, what do you think the idea of recording you in secret is about? I doubt you would rant like that on TV. Instead of saying that is not my voice, I did not say that Abay decided to argue about the location where it was recorded. Lord have mercy upon us for we are being tested.

The second message was to HMD and the remaining puppets regarding their role in this criminal enterprise. Here in America it would be appropriate to say ‘Abay threw OPDO under the bus.’ It is said when one sacrifices others to escape punishment or blame. Abay threw Kuma, Keder, Aba Dula and others under a moving bus regarding the Oromo land grab fiasco. It also means the puppets are responsible for the hundreds of people killed and thousands in prison. It is their Kilil and their business and the Constitution supports him of that assertion. Never mind the idea originated from TPLF and OPDO just implemented the directive but you see TPLF did not leave any fingerprint behind.

Abay is the true incarnation of Meles. In this situation of great significance where citizens have been killed, young ones are being imprisoned and families are being put in a very stressful situation Abay is just thinking of himself and no one else. Not his comrades, not his people and certainly not his country. A statesman would have come out to calm the situation get everybody to settle down and start a period of healing and finding the cause. That is not the TPLF style. He was willing to set the Oromo people against OPDO his own creation until he could find another solution. It is the usual band-aid approach. The veil is coming down.

It is another wake up call to the other Kilil officials that survive by the good will of Woyane. The Amhara, Southern Nations, Afar, Ogaden, Gambela are being given a warning if they are paying attention. Abay, Sebhat, Debretsion, Getachew and others are not there to protect you or share the crime. You are grown up boys read the writing on the wall and save yourself is what Abay is telling you.

The rest of us we stay the course. Woyane is being bankrupted everyday and they would run out of money to sustain their criminal enterprise. They cannot print money since the inflation that exists now has already made life unbearable for our people. The Diaspora has to cooperate in denying foreign currency and sharpen the boycott to help our people have a fighting chance. Let us act as concerned as the European Union that is forcing the mafia regime to stop and think. Do not let them laugh at our lack of spine and empathy.

  1. KIROS
    | #1

    You said : Abay is the true incarnation of Meles. In this situation of great significance where citizens have been killed, young ones are being imprisoned and families are being put in a very stressful situation Abay is just thinking of himself and no one else.
    Brother Yilma This is how incarnation amazingly works in this world.

  2. guest
    | #2

    So what do you mean the dam will not not being built?? I mean, that is ridiculous thing to say. You can hate TPLF/EPRDF all you want but you can make outright lie. And your assertion that it emboldened Egypt and Sudan and create military alliance, that is, I mean … they are in military alliance since their 1959 agreement to divide the Nile between the them. Beside Egypt has been dominant force in on the Nile basin due to, in part, their recognition and peace treaty with Israel. That is why Haile Selassie couldn’t build any dam and DERG couldn’t build any dam. And for the first time in Egypt’s history, they sign an agreement with Ethiopia and Sudan the explicitly recognizes the right of Ethiopia and Ethiopians to use the Nile. This doesn’t happen because they are emboldened!!! I don’t know your real motives or intentions for the people of Ethiopia, but I assume you are some sort of nationalist and want to change the current regime, … I wish you luck in achieving the noble idea of creating an inclusive and democratic Ethiopia (if that is what you really want). When you do that, you will have this new agreement with Egypt that you can use to Nile for the benefit of your constituency, you will have the dam that generates electricity along with other benefits, but most importantly you will have young Ethiopians proud and with a can do attitude, engineers that pulls of one of the most impressive engineering marvel in Africa and certainly in Ethiopia. We are seeing it, irrespective of the politics in Ethiopia, we are seeing the dam from the ground up to its current more than 50% of the total construction. We are seeing how Egyptians are moving in a concerted and strategic manner to stop the dam, a strategy that involves Ethiopians to some extent. People like me (there are many) are not involved in politics right now, we are just sitting on the side lines and watching two extremes (EPRDF on one side and the diaspora+opposition at homeland on the other side) fight for power. Stopping construction of the dam from EPRDF side will be one factor to drive us to the forefront of the Ethiopian political arena, in Ethiopia or outside Ethiopia. From the diaspora+opposition side, if you succeed strategies like drying remittances to Ethiopia making our families life more miserable than it already is for your political success, that will be another factor that will bring us to the forefront.

  3. Dawi
    | #3

    Brother Yelma,

    In case you didn’t see it; Did you read why Meles started the Renaissance Dam?

    Isaias Afewerki in his January 2016 interview with local journalists broadcast on Eri-TV recounted how in 1993, while attending the OAU Conference in Cairo a high ranking Egyptian official by the name Omar Suleiman in particular had dismissed the late EPRDF Chief by saying “Who do you think you are?” when Meles tried to bring up the Blue Nile issue with the Egyptian authorities.

    In a not-so-subtle reference to the politics of water, the late Meles Zenawi had vowed to Isaias then that he was going to “show the Arabs” just as “Turkey had brought Syria and Iraq down to their knees.”

    And he did it OR about to do it to them! Way to go!
    Was that Meles’s Ethiopian Nationalism or what??

    You said:

    [[..Kuma and Aba Dulla both were peasant solders in the Derg Army and were taken prisoner by the Eritreans..]]

    Was that a contempt to the “peasantary”? Just wondering? :)

    Having said that, I have to admit, your jokes on this write-up has really cracked me up. …

    I will stop by saying keep up the good work this time. :-)

  4. Megersa
    | #4

    All the signs and indications are that aite Abay Tsehaye has succeeded the late Meles Zenawi and is in command with HMD as his mask. The TPLF leaders have sworn to and promised their members and followers that political and economic powers will never slip out of their hands.They openly say that they have shed their holy blood of the Tigray people to liberate Tigray and ascertain their supremacy and rule over the rest of Ethiopia.The superficial federalism they have put in place has been designed to consolidate their powers and exploit the rich resources of the others. The so called Millennium Dam on the Abay River later baptized to the Renaissance Dam is among the scams the TPLF (Tigray people`s Looter Front) has hatched to loot the country`s resources. The looter front is not only helping itself but is also rewarding one of its former sponsers and backers, Sudane with rich and fertile lands.

  5. Ensiqiila
    | #5

    No one on this heavenly beautiful Earth Will mistake Kuma Damaqsa for Abadula Gamada and vise versa; both have unique birth marks, but Abadula is quite distinctive with being red-eyed as Sibhat Naga is red-tongued serpent. No doubt Sibhat Naga is the undisputed Askari; well, when, Kuma and Abadul came out from their hideouts, they landed in the hands of Sibhat Naga and were made to the likes of the masters they serve today.

  6. yilmab
    | #6

    Dear Dawi what you are telling us that Meles decided to dam the Nile because an Egyptian official offended him. That is not actually true. Meles started talk of Dam on the Nile during the Arab Spring to deflect attention by changing the subject. That was the time he was freaking out and imprisoning left and right. Eskinder and Andualem were kidnapped at the same time. Your friend above yap yapping should try to get hold of the recent agreement Woyane signed. They are now going to study the impact of such a dam and how much Sudan and Egypt will be affected and no water would be stored until they all agree. Describing Kuma And Aba Dulla as peasant solders is nothing to apologize. They were simple farmers from a villages and were picked by the Derg to fight the war with Eritrea. Why you pick on that is not clear to me but we know they both served as front men to give legitimacy to TPLF hegemony.
    Abay a member of TPLF Politburo, a person not elected by the people is today in charge of our country and sends Federal Troops to kill our children. This is the person and the party you support. They are criminals. They will be brought to court of law soon.

  7. Kadiro
    | #7

    I think TPLF supporters have run out of arguments. Accusing Yilma of contempt for the peasantry class in Ethiopia is laughable. There is no political entity, including the feudal regimes, which showed more contempt for the Ethiopian farmers more than the TPLF-led regime. It’s the regime’s contempt for the Ethiopian farmers (peasantry) that woke up the sleeping Shewa Oromos to lead mass resistance against the regime. The regime’s contempt for farmers actually covers all part of Ethiopia from Gonder to Benishangul to Gambela to Oromia to Omo Valley, with widespread human crisis and ongoing farmers resistances.

    Gone were the day when TPLF/EPRDF regime used to claim that it’s a party that stands for Ethiopia’s peasantry and Ethiopia’s poor class. The regime has become the enemy of the poor in rural areas as well as urban areas. The regime takes the meager property of the poor and evict them from the areas they lived for generations. How many poor residents of Addis Ababa alone, where they can make-ado some kind of livelihood favored by central location in areas like Piazza and Arat Kilo, were thrown out into the periphery of the city to enrich TPLF-led affiliates and supporters? The urban dislocation alone counts in hundred of thousands, and it is still ongoing. TPLF-led regime is not pro-poor at all. As Abay Tsehaye stated in one of his interviews, TPLF’s agenda is creating oligarchy (business class) that will control Ethiopia’s economy and rule Ethiopia for long time to come.

  8. Buffa
    | #8

    As is well known the pro-weyanne person using the alias Dawi is lying here too. It is habitual for him and his likes to live on lying and cheating. Here again he is caught lying. He is presenting citing his dubious or false source to present the late Tigrayan ethnic chief Meles Zemnawis as the defender of Ethiopia national interests including its rights to the use of the Nile waters. It had never been in the nature and politics of the late Zenawi to do so. The secretive land for peace deal with Sudan he struck with Sudan is a living example of the treasonous acts and politics of Zenawi and his TPLF hunch men. The deal hands over to Sudan a chunk of fertile Ethiopian lands as the pay back to the latter`s favour.

  9. Dilwenberu
    | #9

    His excellency ato Abay Tsehaye is one of the veterans of the EPRDF and had played a significant role in abolishing the oppressive Amhara rule in Ethiopia. He is among the living icons and liberators of the previously oppressed nations, nationalities and peoples in Ethiopia who hold him with a great deal of esteem. The EPRDF is also producing new young and visionary leaders that will carry on the astounding development and good governance achievements of the party. The doom day tellers particularly the Amhara elites are frustrated and increasingly isolated both in Ethiopia and the Diaspora. Here in the UK many are attracted by the admirable achievements of the EPRDF and joining us to score more victories against poverty in Ethiopia.

  10. Anonymous
    | #10

    the port and abay is the problem for ethiopian you can say all you want the arbs and all western countries including usa and russia are interested to control red sea and ports but of course they make it religion issues or color issues but behind all that it is trying to steel the resources. read what kissinger wrote to dismantel east african was design to divided and kill each other. to make sure to destroy slowly but surelly. my people teach your people prepare your people tell it as it is. preach unity.

  11. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #11

    Obbo Yilma:

    Overall your article is plausible and somewhat interesting. The one I found very interesting is his assertion that the dam being built on the Blue Nile will not be completed or happen(The Dam that will never be built). Is there a plan he knows and we don’t know that he used as material to come up with such bold conclusion? The river belongs to the people of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people have the first dibs in using it as their bona fide property. But with a catch. We Ethiopians are and have been compassionate and generous people since the antiquity. We see 130 or so million of people who live alongside this nurturing river to be our good neighbors and who we share a common history. And that is all about it. Wabi Shabale, Genale and a few other rivers that have been lifelines for more than 12 millions Somalis never lost in the minds of the Ethiopian people. All these rivers originate in our ravines and back alleys. We own them but we generously share them with all our neighbors. We never charge them one red penny because we are very compassionate and generous people. And that is all about it.

    But I found one of his lines to be somewhat discomforting and also insulting. This one:”Kuma and Aba Dulla both were peasant solders in the Derg Army and were taken prisoner by the Eritreans “. Does being from a peasant background makes some one less of a humanity? I am from a bona fide peasant family. Does that make me less of a human? Am I a sub human then? Am I? I am sure the writer as everyone of us was raised on the milk, meat, butter, oil and all other food products produced by the blood and sweat of the Ethiopian peasants. He might have received his education free of charge paid by the tax money collected by millions of peasants like my own family. I wish he takes such vile statement back. Lets criticize the character not the background of an entire population. By the way, would it make those ‘founders’ of OPDO better men if they were not from peasant families? You see, we have to be careful in our choice of words even describing those ruthless dictators who are in the ruling circle of that country.

  12. ho
    | #12


  13. Freedom
    | #13

    TPLF is a communist organization. Communists do not believe in God. They believe religious people are superstitious freaks and it is ok to enslave, manipulate, rape, murder and destroy them for the sake of MONEY and POWER. For them killing, cheating, raping, looting, begging, lying, back stabbing, unlike the vast majority of Ethiopians who are either Christian or Muslim, is not a SIN. Therefore, TPLF and company are alien to the Ethiopian culture, history and religion.
    Therefore Ato Abay Tsehaye, true to his TPLF Devil/power/money worshiping origin, would have no problem destroying one of Ethiopia’s holy site, WALDEBA MONASTERY for the sake of building as SUGAR FACTORY in order to enrich the coffer of TPLF BANK ACCOUNT.
    My best medicine for old fart, Abay Tsehaye,is to hit the road, run, hide b/c patriotic/warrior Ethiopian are coming VERY VERY SOON to kick your PROSTITUTE ASS.

    The Drama with respect to the second ABAY is unbelievable.
    As Eritrean President mentioned it started with an EGO TRIP. In 1993, his idea of using BLUE NILE, for the interest of Ethiopia, was dismissed by Egyptian officials. Consequently, he felt disrespected/belittled which sowed the seed for a revenge TPLF STYLE. Probably he was thinking one day when I get more power I am going to do whatever I want with BLUE NILE and won’t give a shit about its effect to Egypt and its people. THAT IS WHAT YOU GET FOR DISRESPECTING THE BEST THING SINCE SLICE BREAD, AT MELES.
    Fast forward decades later, he kept his word and started to build a dam called GRAND ETHIOPIAN(TPLF) RENAISSANCE DAM.
    The biggest problem with the dam is the extremely huge lack of transparency. It was conceived, designed and developed in secret. DECEPTION, the way TPLF does everything, was practiced to its highest magnitude. Neighboring countries Egypt and Sudan, who are more dependent on NILE WATER, were never told, consulted about the details of the project and how they may be affected. The Ethiopian government started to talk to Egypt and Sudan after construction of the dam was started. A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF PUTTING THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE. Normal Government would have held discussion, consultation, shared research regarding the positive and negative consequences of the DAM starting years before the beginning construction.

  14. Freedom
    | #14

    1. Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is being built to enrich TPLF and company not the Ethiopian people. All TPLF and its cadre are talking about is how much money they will make, for purpose of buying weapons in order to oppress, kill and enslave Ethiopians and neighboring countries, by selling power to neighboring countries. They are not talking about electrifying Ethiopia and bringing electric power to every Ethiopian first and foremost.

    2. GERD is a perfect example of how selfish, greedy and unfriendly neighbor the TPLF government is. It is all about my way or the highway. No effort whatsoever in reaching a WIN-WIN situation. TPLF does not care about the wellbeing and future of people in neighboring countries. It does not care if Egyptians die due to lack of water.
    In fact TPLF is such as bad neighbor that it is directly responsible for mass starvation and death of thousands of people in neighboring countries. AL SHABAB, in Somalia, was created after TPLF forces invaded SOMALIA. Since Al SHABAD creation thousands if not millions of Somali had died either by starvation or bullets.
    TPLF aggressively pushed for a very expedited secession of South Sudan from Sudan. Per TPLF calculation, South Sudan as a new nation will be virgin for everything except OIL. That is the country will be lacking adequate buildings, food, medicine, roads, etc but would have money due to OIL. Therefore, by sending TPLF companies in South Sudan ahead of any other country it wanted to secure lucrative business deals. The scheme worked for a while until the shit hit the fan. As saying goes, “HASTE MAKES WASTE.” War broke up first with Sudan then a civil war. Had the country taken its time to address and settle all contentious issues with SUDAN and among its people prior to declaring its independence, it could have been a peaceful and successful country.
    Last but not least, TPLF declared war on Eritrea which resulted in the death of thousands of people in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ever since the war life in Eritrea had been bad due to NO WAR NO PEACE SITUATION. ERITREA has to be in a WAR FOOTING in order to thwart another TPLF invasion that may come UNPREDICTALBY, UNPLANNED OR EGOGISTICALLY TPLF STYLE.

    In conclusion, it makes sense for Ethiopian opposition forces to side with Egypt on this issue. Siding with Egypt in exchange for weapons and other logistic support, for Patriotic Ginbot 7 Warriors, is a reasonable course of action. As the proverbial saying goes, “An enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Both Egypt and Patriotic Ethiopian Warriors have a common enemy, TPLF and company. Once TPLF and company get a humiliation ass whipping and complete defeat, the New Ethiopian gov, after consulting with WE the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE and getting their consent, will negotiate a fair and square deal in the spirit of African Union and WIN-WIN principle.

  15. Adamu
    | #15

    The question is, what is the status of G7-Arbegnch’s all rounded war from Eritrea? By now it must have battled back Bege meder and heading towards Gojam. Hhm.

  16. Dawi
    | #16

    Bro. Yelma said:

    [[..Dear Dawi what you are telling us that Meles decided to dam the Nile because an Egyptian official offended him. That is not actually true... Meles started talk of Dam on the Nile during the Arab Spring to deflect attention by changing the subject....]]


    Well, you’re calling Isayas a lair then because that is where the post came from; if you are right this won’t be his first time and I am not going to argue with you on that.

    On the Arab spring please read an article posted on Ethiopian Review titled.
    “The unsexy truth about why the Arab Spring failed”. It tells you that “it became clear to the world that Egypt’s Arab Spring had gone terribly wrong,”. We need to learn from that.

    I remember meles’s skepticism by questioning the “structural” issue of that revolution but,was also accused of taking advantage of the timing to start the GERD. The fact is, warm blood circulated among Ethiopians for building the Dam all the time. Meles happen to capture the timing to realize it. That is one thing that unites most Ethiopians if you ask me.

    The “Freedom” guy has got it all wrong! You are out of line!

    You want the permission from those who don’t recognize you as equal? Share you resources between themselves by ignoring you altrogether? Who literally disrespect your PM by telling him in his face, “who do you thing you are to talk about the Nile?” I say it is appropriate to bring these chauvinists to their knees by doing the right thing. That was what Meles did.

    As Ittu Aba Farda made it clear, on the “peasant soldier” issue, admit it Yelma, it was an unconscious pity, dislike or contempt to the “peasant” that made you say what you wrote. A slip on the tongue! We forgive you. :-)

    On the other hand, you created a mammoth out of Abay making him look like Deng Xiaoping of China, who was purged twice from the party and came back; Abay was purged once from the party. :) He is self made always seem to have unassuming character in public. A capitalist roader? for sure….

  17. yilmab
    | #17

    Dawi how clever you are -you told some story about Meles being offended by an Egyptian blah blah and tagged something Isaiyas said with no reference where and where about Meles vowing to build a dam on Abay – don’t make sense if you ask me. You speak of ‘warm blood circulating among Ethiopians’what exactly is that supposed to mean and you said to build the dam of all times? Excuse me? Meles did not bring no one to his kness, please get that in your head. He ruled Ethiopia for all 5 seconds like Mengistu but they failed because we did not accept to be of service to no one. We are just like that. So you become a district chief and you think you are the king? That is what is called self aggrandizement or inflated view of oneself.
    Regarding the issue of Kuma being a peasant, my dear friend do you think he was a land owner and a gentleman farmer? Those were the choices those days. Majority of those that were forcibly taken by the Derg were tenure peasants. You are free to call them what you want with your new found friend but the fact remains the same. Being peasant is not a derogatory term but explains ones condition in life.
    Meles was a fake leader and you just have to live with that. Stop worshiping.

  18. G. Mequanent
    | #18

    The achievements and successes of Ethiopia under the EPRDF are immense but the Amhara elite do not accept this fact.The Grand Renaissance Dam has not been initiated to distract attention as ato Yilma and his Amhara fellows claim. It is among the development projects the EPRDF government has planned as part of its ambitious Growth and Transformation Plan. The EPRDF is moving ahead with its accelerated development plans but the backward Amhara elite will vanish.

  19. Dawi
    | #19

    Bro. Yelma,

    I meant by “Warm blood” Angry Blood circulating, “Kuchit!”, “Ye Abayen Lej Weha Temaw”!.

    After 2 decades of the “humiliation” he received from the Egyptian minster, Meles Zenawi Laid the cornerstone for Grand Ethiopian renaissance Dam of the Blue Nile, Ethiopia. [I read it on ER] It was Isayas’s 2016 interview English translation.

    Yelma – I think it is fair to give credit where credit is due even when you don’t agree with them. None of us are perfect so it can’t be “worshiping” but, respecting is the right word; we all know that Meles’s ascendancy/power was due to force of intellect; he didn’t just blabber slogans like many in the ESM but, made Marxist-Leninism relevant to the demands of winning a guerrilla war. Put out serious scholarly works on States and Markets, Neoliberal Limitations and the Case for a Developmental State. His badge of honor was intellectual rigor.

  20. Freedom
    | #20

    Bro Dawi, you said,

    “The “Freedom” guy has got it all wrong! You are out of line!

    “You want the permission from those who don’t recognize you as equal? Share you resources between themselves by ignoring you altrogether? Who literally disrespect your PM by telling him in his face, “who do you thing you are to talk about the Nile?” I say it is appropriate to bring these chauvinists to their knees by doing the right thing. That was what Meles did.”

    1. Just because one or two Egyptian officials did not recognize Meles as their equal, it does not mean all Egyptian officials viewed him the same way. Meles may have being over generalizing or stereotyping all or most Egyptian official as Egotistic RACIST. We all know every group of people have a good and bad apple. In Egypt, as in Ethiopia or any country in the world, there are good and bad people.

    2. Assuming in 1993 most Egyptian officials, especially those with decision making power, considered Meles as their inferior, it does not justify construction of one of the biggest DAM in the world and in the process spend upward of 5 billion dollar while at the same time BEG the international community on a daily basis in order to feed millions of Ethiopians. Since the formation of EPRDF around 1993, the International community has been feeding on average 10 million Ethiopians year after year. An inquiring mind want to know why EPRDF failed to perform one of the most basic duties of a Government, FEED ITS PEOPLE. The billions of dollar siphoned by the GERD project could have been best utilized in feeding our current 15 million PLUS STARVING BROTHERS/SISTER/SONS and DAUGHTERS.

    3. As a result of this very poorly planned project, Ethiopians are losing very fertile land to Sudan. TPLF and company are giving our land to Sudan as a form of BRIBE in order to secure their support for GERD project. They wanted to show the world that only Egypt has a problem with GERD.

  21. Anonymous
    | #21

    “Freedom”, You are not Ethiopian! you are Egyptian. If you are Ethiopian, it is amazing since your comments are more pro-Egyptian than pro-Ethiopian. Anyway, the hatred, disdain and disrespect of Egyptians for Ethiopians is pretty obvious. As Maghawry Shehata advisor to the Egyptian irrigation minister said “Egyptian and Ethiopians are two people that don’t necessarily like each other” …. and there are more quotes like that from Egyptian politicians, not to mention the live political consultation between Morsi and co. on the dam (no official apologies). Oh don’t want to talk about Mohamed Nasr Eldin Allam and Nader Noureddine. These are people with access to the regime in Egypt and not mere public figures. I know the officials in the regime are more seasoned politicians and don’t say stupid things out loud but these three guys and there are many many more like them gives as the true attitude of Egyptians towards Ethiopia. So disrespecting Meles is nothing different. All these Ethiopians in the diaspora and in Ethiopia who think Egypt is their friend and believe in the “enemy of my enemy is …” should think twice. By their own admission, Egyptians are not friends of Ethiopia and will never be in the future unless we submit to them. The only thing they want is full control of Nile. Now under the circumstances, EPRDF is playing a shrewd political strategy with regard to the dam, of course we are paying for it dearly. For those of us observers of Ethiopian and Egyptian politics closely, it is impossible to decouple the current protest going on in Ethiopia from Egypt. Remember they said it is one strategy at that Morsi meeting, they really said it!!! On more simple example, Egyptian newspapers/media start to complain about al-amudi (by token Saudi too, this is funny by itself) few weeks ago saying he support the dam, then this week the protest turn against him in Ethiopia, maybe coincidence but in any case. I can give few more coincidences but one can see my point. Egyptians and Ethiopians who oppose the dam, should know a healthy majority if not everyone want to see this dam finished, no matter what. Together you can remove EPRDF, power to you people for that!!! but if you think we, the ordinary Ethiopians, will give up our right to use the Nile you are sorely mistaken. We will never give up that and we will never submit to Egypt!!!

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