Eritrea confirmed fighting on border with Ethiopia

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The Eritrean government has just issued a statement confirming the heavy fighting on the border with Ethiopia.

Fighting broke out between Ethiopian and Eritrean armies on Sunday.

The conflict is on Tsorena area, though it expanded eastwards later in the day.

Statement from Eritrea ministry of information.

TPLF Regime launches an attack
The TPLF regime has today, Sunday 12 June 2016, unleashed an attack against Eritrea on the Tsorona Central Front. The purpose and ramifications of this attack are not clear. The Government of Eritrea will issue further statements on the unfolding situation.

Ministry of Information


  1. Mezmur
    | #1

    If a full scale war breaks out between the two cousins EPLF and TPLF, all non-Tigrayan Ethiopians should be urged to stay out of the conflict. The TPLF will externalise the war and use the non-Tigrayan Ethiopians as its cannon fodder this time also. Around 120,000 mostly non-Tigrayan Ethiopian lives have been sacrificed for nothing in the 1998-2000 war between the two fronts. This war can be a blessing in disguise for Ethiopians as it may lead to the collapse and downfall of the racist rule of the TPLF. The Tigrayans who are eating Ethiopia alone should be let to fight their war alone.

  2. Anonymous
    | #2

    The Ethiopian army serves the interest of TPLF. It is Ethiopian in name only.
    The new fighting is not to protect the sovereignty of the country. It is just a diversion.

    Ethiopian army knows the Red Sea is a natural border of the country, and it does not allow Ethiopia to be landlocked, but a TPLF’s army fights to protect a colonial border.

  3. Freedom
    | #3

    Question: Who started the border clash b/w Ethiopia and Eritrea on June 12, 2016?

    Answer: Desperate mafia/criminal – TPLF

    Question: Why did TPLF soldiers illegally crossed Eritrea an attacked Eritreans?

    Answer: 1. TPLF is in dire straits. Ethiopians from all ethnic groups are standing up against TPLF as each one have being brutally looted, enslaved and maimed by them. Under their stewardship, ethiopia’s economy is and has been falling down the drain. The country is not even generating enough economic growth to feed its people. Consequently, for close to 1 year and counting about 20 million Ethiopians are going to bed hungry every day. Over 95% of Ethiopians want TPLF to surrender power to Ethiopian people effective immediately and opposition forces are gaining momentum every day and are getting closer and closer to overthrowing TPLF. Therefore, in order to distract Ethiopians from focusing and working on their # one issue; getting rid of TPLF, it launched an attack on Eritrea by falsely claiming that it was attached by Eritrea. TPLF knows that some Ethiopians are still angry that Eritrea is an independent country and its independence made Ethiopia landlocked. TPLF is trying to win friendship from some Ethiopians by using the ancient proverb, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” TPLF is telling some Ethiopians since Eritrea is our common enemy we must be friends. Let us forget about the thing that divide us, almost everything, and focus on the one thing that unite us, animosity towards eritrea.

    2. For TPLF, more than Eritrea and eritreans the Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea is its main target since they are the ones who are aiming to kick TPLF out of power and take over. TPLF is perhaps doing war gaming to test the capacity, strength and weakness of TPLF’s and the enemy’s soldiers.

    Question: Whose side should the Ethiopian people and opposition parties stand?

    Answer: 110% with Eritrea since it is the only country on planet earth that is supporting Ethiopian patriotic opposition who are working day and night in order to utterly and completely destroy TPLF dictatorship and replace it with a free and democratic form of government of the people, by the people and for the people. So, TPLF soldiers should desert to the opposition in huge numbers and those unable should participate in insider attack. Insider attack should be subtle in order to save the attacker’s life and maximize the damage and focus on key TPLF leaders such as commanding officers. When the commanding officer goes down, the fighting unit under his/her command will be in chaos and eventually falls apart.

    Question: How do you solve the long standing Ethiopian and Eritrean border issue?

    Using peaceful means. PERIOD. Haile Selassie and Mengistu tried 100 % military force and 0 % peaceful means and both failed 100%. TPLF reluctantly allowed Eritrean independence in 1993 since EPLF played a very significant role in the coronation of TPLF as rulers of Ethiopia. 5 years later in 1998, TPLF partially attempted to undo Eritrean independence by starting an all out war with Eritrea and failed 100%. Cautious word and warning to current Ethiopian soldiers. Those who participated in the 1998-2000 war were never compensated nor remembered. As soon as the war was over, they were discharged from the military and were told to fend for themselves including the injured. The family of the over 100,000 who died never got a penny. The only exception were soldiers of tigrai origin who were given fertile land in Humera, the land stolen by TPLF from the Amhara people. As the saying goes, History repeats itself. The most fascinating development is improvement of Eritrean leaders and people and Ethiopian people and opposition leader’s relationship. The leadership of patriotic ginbot 7 had said over a 1000 times that the Eritrean leadership and people treat them very well. Moreover, when the war starts Patriotic Ethiopian opposition and Eritrean sawa warriors will be side by side battle buddies fighting TPLF. The bond between battle buddies is the one of the strongest bond as a soldier’s life is in the hand of his/her battle buddy who will shoot the enemy who is trying to kill him/her and carry to safety and treatment when wounded. They are sowing the seed for a genuine and peaceful future relationship based on trust, equality and respect. With that as a basis, the opportunity to pursue unity and cooperation is fertile. As a pan Africanist, I envision and aspire for a one nation called East Africa comprised of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti to start with and years down the road include kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. If Europeans can unite after centuries of fighting each other, so can we. Individual European countries before unification were in a very poor economic condition and the vast majority of them were trying to immigrate to USA by any means necessary. After unification the mass immigration of Europeans to USA went the majority to almost zero.

  4. Ensiqiila
    | #4

    There are many ways in which our enemy, Fascist woyane is preparing itself to perish to its eternal death. One among the many is, digging its own grave to burry itself in the war it triggered so that thousands of solders the enemy would like to push into fire as it did before. In this upcoming war that the enemy thinks would help it to cling to power by sending the children of Ethiopia in the killing zone so that when mothers continue mourning the death of their sons,the enemy will prolong its invasive stay in our country while intensifying looting and murdering citizens.One way the other, the enemy will perish soon.

  5. enquzatish
    | #5

    Make no mistake. No single life of any Ethiopian shall be wasted for the sake of saving the TPLF from its down fall. If it wants fire to get burnt, we say to the enemy, go ahead. Even, a day life for the enemy is a big deal and it prays for it as long as it sustains its life on killing Ethiopians; however, we won’t let the enemy to prolong its life on the cost of the lives of Ethiopians.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda
    | #6

    Well, well, well!!! This justifies Al-Toweel’s argument that his national military service should remain perpetual with no end. Doesn’t? Boy, he knows how to play the world public opinion. He goes…’You see what I mean? Ethiopia remains a close and immediate danger. Ethiopia has and will continue to have this mad ambition to invade and take away Eritrea. That is why Eritrea needs a permanent national service until this threat is gone. I have a historical mission to liberate Ogadenians, Oromians and now Amharians. Period!!! Get it? Period!!!’. Now what is the gossip I am hearing about the G7 folks circulating a document to have every member of the Diaspora sign pledging allegiance to defend Al-Toweel’s Eritrea? Is that true? What is content of the document? I appreciate if someone sheds a light on this one. What is wrong with these PHD’d like Nega of the G7′s and others like him? What is the matter with them? I know those in and around OLF are stricken with a heavy dose of vertigo. Someone who used to be one them told me the other day that even the Wahhabis are not interested in OLF because they believe there is too much missionary work in it. They rather like those who make themselves fools by shouting this ‘Ethiopia out of Oromia’. That is why funds are flowing to them ‘Ala-gumb’. You see what I mean? Some one told me before that at one of their charged up majlis, someone was lambasting ‘Ethiopia out of Oromia’ so many times that he ended up blubbering out loud ‘Ethiopia out of Ethiopia!!!’. That was hilarious.
    So Al-Toweel may think he got what he has been looking for. And the Sebhat Nega’ in all may also take this as a grand opportunity to rehabilitate!!!

    But in the midst of all this fracas, the death of the young soldiers on both sides leaves me with a heavy heart. Once again, the cream of the society in both countries is being made targets of killing machines. Once again, many mothers and fathers will be left with no one to look after them in their advanced age. The real expendables!!! Woe!!! Woe!!! Woe!!!!

  7. Tesfa
    | #7

    The so called Tigray People Liberation Front’s days are numbered!It is numbered because Ethiopians have said enough!For six months ,now, there has been constant protest in various parts of the country against this unwelcome regime.And the unanimous voice of the people has been:Tigry People Liberation Front we have enough of you. In fact, the people of Ethiopia have vowed to throw the real terrorists to the dungeon. It is at this junction and when TPLF is under domestic pressure that she begin the current crisis with Eritrea.

    The Ethiopian people have spoken:enough.from this point on they will never sleep until they see the desire of their mind:national liberty.The only question is a time factor how long will this regime will be able to linger around? TPLF, whether she new it not, has entered in to a political crisis that she will never extricate herself.As far as wining public trust is concerned it has irrecoverably gone.

    How is this the 11th. hour rambling by TPLF and her sponsors against Eritrea to be understood? The powers to be ,along with their sponsors,are determined to lead humanity in to servitude.The Ethiopian people are also determined to secure the long standing freedom they lost under TPLF. It is yet to be seen how far and how long the powers to be will go in defense of the tattering TPLF political dynasty? One thing is sure the Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea is flanked by the majority of Ethiopian mass.And it will be a far cry to crack the strong bond of the unity of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.I don’t expect to be a full scale war.But if it comes to this TPLF will lose many of her soldiers because they will not fight for mercenary regime. Beside,I think,Eritrea will easily win the Air warfare with the help of some Ethiopian pilots.

  8. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮንThe Eth.
    | #8

    THE ዓንሰብ,ብዙ ስሞችን አታንሸባርቅ!
    በአንድ በኩል ሻሸሜኔን እያረስክ መጥገብና በሌላ በኩል ግን 60 ዓመታት ሙሉ ለግብፅ, እንዲሁም 40 ዓመታት ሙሉ በአለሙ ውስጥ አሉ በሚባሉት የግፈኞች ቤቶች ሁሉ እየገባህ በየአንዳንዳችንና ባጠቃላይም በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ያቃጠርከውን ያህል, እስኪ አሁን ሲደርሱልህ እናያለን! ወይንስ ያው እንደተለመደው ኩላሊትህን ግብፆቹ (ሲናኢ) በመሸጥና ግፈኞቹም (rich westerners) ይንኑን ግብፅ ለገበያ ያቀረበችውን ኩላሊትህን በመግዛት ብቻ ነው በመጨረሻው ክንዋኔህ ላይ የሚያጅቡህ!? And is that TEMBEN going to stay on his “throne”!? መሃረነ!

    ዓንሰቤ ሆይ,
    ወስላታ ጉድህን አየንልህ, እውነት ትዘገያለች እንጂ አትሞትም ተብሎ የለ ……!!

  9. Boru
    | #9

    Eritrea should punish the detested TPLF and remove it from power. It was Eritrea (EPLF) that brough the TPLF to Power in Ethiopia and should undo its previous decision. The Oromos who fought the 1998-2000 war against Eritrea will turn their guns against the TPLF this time around. The secret plan of the TPLF is to train,arm and deploy a purely Tigrayan force to Counter the imminent punitive military actions the Eritrean gvernment will likely take. But this TPLF strategy will fail because the regime is not in command of the trust of all Tigrayans.

  10. taffa
    | #10

    Tigre people liberation front is in desperado!. this is the final descent to its burial pit. no Ethiopian soldier will be willing to sacrifice his life for these mindless thugs who have been plundering, raping, looting and selling Ethiopia to arabs, indians and chinese in the last 26 years.

  11. enquzatish
    | #11

    After the vanguards beat the enemy in the southern front, the enemy got disoriented and moved northwards in panic;there, it pulled the trigger rang shots haphazardly beyond its visual zone. Got banged!

    We knew in advance citizen intelligence squads have penetrated into the enemy’s army divisions,security headquarter, branch offices that have been operational 1991. The enemy is counting its own big boys who picked up death.

  12. Baijenqu
    | #12

    In short, short, to make the long story short,does the enemy know Ethiopians well! The enemy is the victim of itself being in a wrong place at the wrong time. Under no circumstance we shall not allow our common enemy to rot on the shelf; rather, we will throw it away either to break or die. True, the dead and wounded have been shuttled back and forth to no avail because the wounded left unattended crying, moaning, and yelling; the dead left locked up in broken freezers. No burial for the enemy; the cost of being woyane.

  13. aha!
    | #13

    Between June 11 to June 18, 2016,there are more than nine article posted on Ethiopia-Eritrea border disputes in Ethiomedia website. Out of these articles: A wake up call for Eritrea and Ethiopia shades some light into the causes of the border conflict/re-ignition of the border conflict more than the current article. How ever this bonanza of media blitz is diversion of the existing struggle between Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or totalitarianism, built into the constitution of the TPLF/eprdf regime, which supported by the teletafi parties, security, federal police and military forces along with implicit support for the constitution by OPDO/EFDF/Medrek/fdre party with the goals for respect of ethnic rights: the rights to ethnic self-rule and ethnic self determination, both of which are in direct conflict with Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state of multi-ethnic groups as integrated part of Ethiopia, but not as multi-nation states by coalescing around the goals for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual freedom/rights to super cede over ethnic and secessionist rights with strategies to achieve those goals. It is against this gathering momentum, however not well consolidated that the demarcation of the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea came the surface as re-ignition of the border conflict of 1998-2000, I presume.

    The conflict came about long after the secession of Eritrea up to independence along with the two ports at the behest of the TPLF/eprdf rgime, after the mass expulsion of Eritreans from Ethiopia, of not being able to exploit Ethiopia together as master and servant, which according to one TPLF member described that thieves agree when they steal, but disagree when they share, I paraphrase. This notion boils down to reverting these two premises that there will be no border disputes if Eritrean Province settled as one of federated provinces of Ethiopia, under Ethiopian Nationalism with people rather than ethnic-oriented government, there will not be any competition for exploitation of Ethiopia by TPLF and EPLF, and there will be no conflict about the borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and there is no rational for Ethiopia to be land locked, even if Eritrea secedes and there is no reason for Ethiopia to loose its grandeur position as beacon for the freedom for African Nations from colonial rule into a democratic rather than ethnic rule in people-oriented than ethnic-oriented government the leads to the disintegration of Ethiopia.

  14. aha!
    | #14

    The frame work of the constitution under Ethiopian Nationalism advances individual freedom, liberty and equality to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights with languages and cultures to be developed in hyperspace with a common Amharic Alphabet indigenous to Ethiopia as a basis for integration and Ethiopiawinet before ones ethnicity.

    To the contray, the frame work of the constitution of ethnic federalism, sessionism as political model and totalitarianism and/or developmental state capitalism as an economic model fosters ethnic and secessionist rights ahead of individual rights and serves as a prelude to ethnic secessionism (art. 39 (1)), ethnic cleansing and out migration of Ethiopians to slave labor and future boundary conflicts, because of the demarcation of Ethiopian land mass by “settlements, languages and (ethnic) identity” (art. 46), rather than leaving intact the original provinces of assorted ethnic groups and developing the natural resources by ecological regions in people rather than ethnic-oriented rule/government defined as TPLF/eprdf regime, where TPLF is the Political burro ruling the country, supported by crony capitalism of TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations particularly in terms of land leases.

  15. ዘረ-ያዕቖብ ወ.ግ.ዓ.ም-ፅዮንThe Eth.
    | #15

    “Eritrean leaders claim the United States ……..” TOL,

    እናሕጉኡ (ወይድማ ዓንሰብ ከምዝብልዎ=ዓባዩ) ን’ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ ዝተኸበራ ጓል ይሓን, ካብ ዘመን ጥልያን ጀሚረን ክሳብ ሕልፈተ ሂይወተን ኣብ ኣስመራ ሰሪሐንን ግዒረንን ንብዓል ንብረትነት ዝበቕዓ ሰብ እየን ነይረን::

    ናይ ስኮትላንድ scotch whisky አምረትቲ ብኽፉእ ሽሞም ከምዘይልዓል ኹሉ ንሰን’ውን ሽመን ብ’ኣኽብሮት እምበር “ብ’አወኩሽ-ናቅኩሽነት” ዓይነት ነገር ክፅውዓ ግቡእ ኣይኮነን, ኣብ ናብርኦም ተዓዊቶም ንዝሓለፋ ወለድና ምኽባር እምበር ምንሻው ናይ ሕሊና ምልክት ከይኮነስ ናይ ትሑትነት ምልክት እዩ::

    ምሕረት ብዘይፈጥ ክርቲክስ ክጥቃዕ ዝግብኦ ባዕሉ ኣይተ ኢሳያስን ናይ ፖለቲካ ምሓዝቱ ብዓል ኤፍረም ስብሓት የማነ ገብረኣብ, ከም’ኡውን ብዓል እቲኦም “ኣውራና” ስብሓት ….., ን’ኢሳያስ ናብ ቦታታት ሽልማት ዓጀብቱ ብዓል the born to be a slave, this time staying in China እንዳሃለዉስ, ናፍተን ብኽብረን ዝሓለፋ ኣዛውንቲ እንታይ ኣመጣጠረና!? ናይ ስራሕ ሰብ ድኣ እምበር ናይ ፖለቲካ ሰብ ዝነበራ ኣይመስለንን, ነዚ በፂሕናዮ ዘሎና ካታስትሮፈ ፖለቲካዊ ኣስተዋፅኦ ነይሩወን እንተድኣኾይኑ ንኽእረም ቅሩብ እየ!

    ምስ ኣኽብሮታዊ ሰላምታ!

  16. Assasib
    | #16

    Higher number of Amaras died in Badme than allother ethnicities combined. That is why in 2016 Amaras need to control their ego and go against the Amara culture of going to an all out war sacrificing their men whenever the TPLF media claims Ethiopia is under attack . This conflict should remain a conflict not a war. Amaras need to think twice before going to war in high numbers like the 1998 war. Whether we like it or not Hailessealsie and Mengistu Hailemariam are being considered form Amara ethnicities eventhoguh they are 25% Amaras. All the people that didn’t get the chance to personally kill Hailessealsie or Mengistu are currently killing anyother Amara they find in their area for the last 40 + years until this day. The only time Amara is needed and given full privilege by the current leaders of the TPLF is when the TPLF is forced to go to war. Everytime TPLF wants frontline fighters The TPLF somehow convinces the Amara females to push their brothers , sons and husbands into going to war fighting in frontline when the Tigrayans hide in the back.

  17. ho
    | #17

    Two regiment of the three eretrian slave army (ESA ) at thorena were put out of action .
    Thousands died and only 20 got proper birial .
    10 are the dictators kins ( remember Uday , Kwasay , hamish , hanibal ?)

    Dictators will finally send their kids to grave

    | #18

    Dear ABUGIDA’S
    I like majority of Ethiopians , do not buy this fabricated history
    and propagated by regime propaganda machines of Menelik, Yohannes,
    HSI, Mengistu and/or Meles fought for Ethiopia thing. All these
    strong men were hand picked by and in the payroll of foreign and
    colonial or neo-colonial powers to put and keep Ethiopia and the
    Ethiopian people in slavery, civil war , poverty and famine for the
    service of their masters who hired and pay them for the resources
    they allow them and for the “agreements” they sign on behalf of the
    people or the country. So the history, many people call and accept
    as Ethiopian history is actually not Ethiopian history but the history
    of these regimes and their foreign masters made to be accepted by the
    people of Ethiopia.
    The true history of the Ethiopian people is so far yet of struggle and resistance until this stage of history. Those who had so far been and
    still prop up this history are actually slaves of those regimes glorifying their masters history and being proud for being slaves of it.
    The true history of Ethiopian people is on the opposite side or camp
    of this past and present regimes and their self written history taught
    to the slaves of the regimes through propaganda machine to make them
    loyal to it or to recruit them as soldiers or militias against the people
    in case opposition comes from the people by waging civil wars to defend
    them or their masters interests.
    So the true history has so far been on the side of those who were and
    still are opposing these regimes who were or are only agents of colonial
    direct rule and neo-colonial indirect rule powers.
    Thus,if you think you are one supporter of Menelik, yohannes,HSI,
    Mengistu , or Meles and/or their regimes directly or indirectly ;
    you should know that you are against the Ethiopian people and you
    may had/have been against the true history of Ethiopia by serving
    the foreign agent regimes.
    The true history of the Ethiopian peoples had been and still is
    on its revolutionary course opposing all these juntas and rulers
    for over 100 years until this time until it finally achieves its
    mission of independent Ethiopia as country & free Ethiopian people.
    So ERITREA and the Eritrean peoples have persisted in this long march
    and struggle and have shined more than the other people of Ethiopia
    who at one time or another faltered and capitulated or abdicated in
    the long struggle or sided with the agents of colonialism and their
    regimes for lack of consciousness in world politics.

  19. aha!
    | #19

    The remarks made by Assasib @#16 touches on the predicament of the Amhara ethnic group, which sacrificed itself for the national agenda along with other ethnicities in the past and after the 1991 invasion by the ex-liberation fronts of the current TPLF/eprdf regime, which allowed for the secession and independence of Eritrean Province from the colonialist Ethiopia, is now trying to recruit Amharas from the drought affected areas to sign up for the army to serve as fodder for war along the unsettled border demarcation between Tigrai-Eritrea together with ports for the second time around. There are few precedece that come to mind, referendum based on colonialism, a referendum that does not involve the other 13 provincial governments on secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia, and creation of ethnic federalism, secessionism and totalitarianism and/or developmental state capitalism anathema to individual freedom, individual property ownership anywhere in Ethiopia in terms of free market capitalism, replaced by crony capitalism by TPLF/Political, TPLF/EFFORT, TPLF affiliated enterprises and foreign corporations, as negative forces of integration against the positive forces of integration under Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation state, like any other democratic nations. While the confrontation in Ethiopia is between the ideologies of Ethiopian Nationalism and Ethnic Federalism (art. 46), secessionism (art. 39 (1), totalitarianism (art. 40) and/or Developmental State Capitalism, supported by crony capitalism, security and federal police forces and killil administrators, where the Amhara ethnic group of the conflict between the Oromo protesters over the expansion of Addis Ababa into the Oromo killil, now defined as Oromia to give it the same footing as Georgia of Ex-soviet republic, Slovakia, and Estonia ex-soviet republic in a constitution formatted after the ex-USSR with well demarcated boundaries and at same time claiming addis Ababa (Finifine, a small village of Addis Ababa) as the seat of Oromia albeit Addis Abeba is in the original Province of Shoa. In the scenario of the expansion of Addis Ababa (finifine) into the Oromia and expansion of Addis Ababa into the Shoa into people-oriented rather than ethnic-oriented regime in a free market capitalism encouraging private ownership of land from the regime to the masses removes the resistance for the expansion of Addisa ababa into the shoa Province free of crony capitalism and totalitarianism in terms of property ownership, the role of the regime should be that of regulation for the transaction of land and properties.

    In the above mentioned confrontation, the Amhara ethnic group, which have undergone genocide, ethnic cleansing and marginalization in the past 25 years to side with the struggle for ethnic rights: the rights to ethnic self-rule and ethnic-self determination, yekilil mengistats iqulinet mebit mekeber, human rights a common denominator and democracy to be super imposed over ethnic-rule, and implicit support of the constitution against their stand along with the Oromo ethnic group for Ethiopian Nationalism of Ethiopia as a one nation State with all provinces of assorted ethnic groups in tact with individual freedom front and center of the constitution in a liberal and/or social democracy. The first is a disintegrative approach, while the latter is an integrative approach.

    Neither the resurgence of ethnic nationalism, nor the resurgence of border dispute between Eritrea and Tigrai does not measure up to the national agenda for unity, territorial integrity, sovereignty of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, where the last item refers to individual rights to super cede ethnic and secessionist rights, including the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia.

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